seriously though we all know how the story ends

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Hey Steph! Congrats on your new job, I hope you're not as stressed anymore :) Okay so this is a painful question, what do you think could be the worst case scenario for John in 3G? I think it's pretty unlikely for him to die but I wonder how bad things could be. Moffat said in an interview that we haven't seen Sherlock broken yet, after all. But if we know he won't die, then it won't be painful or suprising, we'll just be sad about Sherlock. So I wonder how they could actually surprise us.

Hi Nonny! Thank you so much!

Worst case, is that John actually does die and Sherlock in a fit of grief offs himself; typical tragic gay love story ending. BUT. That’s not what’s going to happen… and you did ask for worst case, hah hah. I’m a horrible human being. 

Seriously, though, here’s the PLAUSIBLE worst case scenario: John “dies” and disappears for about an episode and a half, and the audience thinks that he HAS died initially, and Sherlock is broken and torn, and we watch him grieve, possibly when he gets to his anger stage he goes to find the person (Mary) who killed John. Only Sherlock gets himself into a bind and is now also in danger. John returns in a heroic fashion like in TAB’s waterfall scene to save Sherlock. Since I suspect we’re back to John’s POV in S4, we instead follow his plan to undo everything Sherlock could not; we’re getting Captain Watson in S4 and we see him following Sherlock around covertly as Sherlock thinks he’s tracking John’s killer.

Hashtag: Headcanon Fodder.

Basically, making Sherlock believe that John is dead is honestly the worst I can think of that is plausibly happening in the current narrative. It would genuinely break Sherlock, especially if Sherlock and John had confessed their love for each other before John passed away. Sherlock has FINALLY accepted that he and John need to be together to be the best, and then John gets torn away from him, especially since John has never had any major physical injury to his person? Yeah, Sherlock won’t do well with that. He’s a ridiculously emotional creature, and he loves SO fiercely. I’m so scared for his poor heart when John actually does get kidnapped next or dies; I mean, he shot CAM in the head for flicking John in the face, so I hope he can keep his head where it needs to be to solve at least John’s “murder”.

I’m so looking forward to s4.