seriously tho what a long hand

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I just think about this now but looking past the humor and the hilarious moments, khr! is a dark anime isn't it? I mean, look at mukuro, he's gone past so much to the point where he wanted to dominate the mafia world, chrome that's been a subject of her parents neglect and even wishing her gone, then there's yamamoto that (in the manga) thinks about suicide (and he was just 13/14 years old!) so I think this anime is pretty dark itself though hidden (just my two cents tho lolol)

THIS  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IS 100000000% TRUE!!!

Seriously the actual story can be so much darker than it looks at face value. I mean, we’ve got Mukuro, Ken and Chikusa were test subjects.  Chrome’s own background.  Gokudera’s living out on his own for however long and what he went through with that. The actual training of Dino and Tsuna at Reborn’s hands.  What Skull’s invincible body means he goes through. And do people really pay attention to the teenage Varia members, and what that means for them.  Lancia.  The Choice Arc.  The Arcobaleno.  

So yes, it really is a dark  story.  


Okay since Drift and Ratchet are not coming back to the Lost Light for a long time, me and @stardustblitz were talking about how Drift and Ratchet were probably married and on their honeymoon or something and I started talking about what their sparkling might look like then my hand slips…

Seriously tho, they are all alone on a ship drifting in space together I’m telling you they are married!

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Your top 10 princess paul pictures? 👑

Why do I get so many asks about Paul I don’t get this

Okay here we have my top 10 Princess Paul pics

1. I mean… the eyelashes??? The mouth??? Just??? perfect?? *screems*

2. Y’all know this one but… just look at him. That perfect quiff with the peaceful expression I mean… *melts* He looks like he fucking knows how good he looks and it’s driving me insane bye.

3. He looks so hot in this one but you can still see the Princess Paul y’know, that pouting mouth with the perfect arch of the eyebrow wow I’m gone

4. Don’t even get me started on this one I mean nnhhgghh… Yeah he always looks smoking hot when he’s smoking but the expression is his eyes is just so delicate, so girly ,,,, wow

5. Y’all know this one as well but LOOK AT THE HAND GESTURE LIKE WHAT IS THAT ?? WHY IS HE FRAMING HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE LIKE THAT ??? WHY IS HE LOOKING AT ME LIKE HE FUCKING KNOWS WHAT HES DOING TO ME ??? Seriously tho he looks like a fucking model I can see this pic in some fashion magazine 

6. I mean look at the eyes, all sparkling and shit, eyelashes miles long…. The childish smile just makes me beam with happiness. The softest hair you can imagine… Wow I’ve been staring at this pic for like two mins now.



9. …I can’t even explain this picture I have been staring it for so long may God have mercy on my soul bye

10. This picture is the definition of Paul McMuffin I’m out

Thank you for making me go through this hell anon

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Oneshots - number 8 please.. :-) “You got enough air in there?” :-)

  • Thank you so much for the request! I’ve finally finished it, so here you go! Sorry for the wait. And as always guys, sorry for any grammar errors.

Out of air:

The ocean’s waves could be heard followed by the cries of the seagulls that were soaring through the cloud free sky, as the cruise ship pushed through the waves. The Bella’s had been invited to a private cruise, after winning the Worlds it was just the kind of relaxing vacation they needed. They had just finished eating lunch inside the cabin and were now outside on the deck taking in the view.

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why seb stan is problematic #2
  • falsetto
  • seriously his voice is amazing
  • seriously
  • captain rum
  • arM LUBE
  • so gracious to his fans gosh dang
  • liPS????
  • lip biting
  • secretly a romanian vampire
  • cute lil boots!!!!!
  • does he even know how hot he is???/??/?
  • s e l f i e s
  • walks into things a lot
  • his legs are SO LONG and also sUPER NICE
  • stubble
  • so great with emotions in his acting what the heck
  • he does these THINGS with his FACE that just UGH
  • dat jewelry tho
  • soft hands
  • he smells really good???what is ur secret
  • sebastian stan must be stopped
  • he is a MEN A CE
  • part one
post season 2 Bellamy meta

so I like to wallow in heartbroken angst as much as the next fan, but…

…in all honesty I think Bellamy’s going to be just fine in season 3.

That was a pretty heary-wrenching goodbye in 2x16, no doubt. But although I may read/write dozens of fics that say otherwise, I actually don’t see Bellamy being heartbroken when we pick up in season 3. I don’t think losing Clarke will break him. I don’t think he’ll be bitter. I don’t think he’ll have burried his heart or be a broken shell of a man lost without his soulmate (though I’ve read some entertaining fics on that topic.) I honestly don’t even think he will be mad at her.

See here’s the deal with Bellamy: he’s suffered loss before. He grew up under the most incredible stress imaginable for someone living on the Ark. He lost, or never had, a father. He lost his mother and sister in a day. He lost his career as well. He lost his innocence to Shumway–twice. He has since lost his sister again, lost Clarke, lost power and self-respect, lost Sterling, lost Finn, lost various other members of the 100, and lost his sense of bodily integrity and safety. Through all of that Bellamy has constantly pushed to regain and rebuild himself. Watching Clarke walk away is fucking sad, yes, but he isn’t -losing- her. She isn’t being thrown into space or shackled to a wall or vanished in a cloud of red smoke. He’s -saying goodbye to her- because he believes she can handle her own journey, and that makes a world of difference.

What’s gonna happen to Bellamy? He’ll do what he always does–adapt and thrive. Yeah, it will suck that she’s not there. But not as much as it sucked to get beaten and blood-drained, not as much as it sucked watching his mother die. Clarke isn’t Bellamy’s tragic lost love–she’s his inspiration. And he might curse her name into his coffee every once in a while when he’s lonely or when he’s sad, but those won’t be the majority of his days. Bellamy’s going to get everything he wants next season: respect as a hero and a leader, power and a good job helping Kane&Abby, a voice that is heard in the community and a place earned for himself and Octavia. He’ll be part of something bigger than himself, and by protecting his community he’ll have a chance to make up for his past mistakes.

He believes Clarke is strong and he believes they’ll meet again. That’s better than how most of the people he’s loved have left his life. When she comes back Bellamy won’t be a lost soul–he’ll be a man who’s learned to protect his people, to adapt and grow, and when he sees her face again he’ll probably just be so fucking happy that she made it back to him.