seriously tho this is awesome

just watched Glitchtale from Camila Cuevas 
OMG guys just check it out! the animation and the story is seriously awesome!
the battle scenes tho! ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ 


my personal favorite is Yet Darker (ep. 2) and Your Best Friend (ep. 4

so have some Glitchtale! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

(if you watch it start from the first ep. Megalomaniac!) 


Gifts for the Wonderful @dryeguy! who voiced not ONE but TWO!! of my comics~<3 So Yeah, I made TWO pieces of art cause this is the least I could do as a Thank You for your awesome work!!!!! >u<)/

Seriously tho~ not only is he Super Awesome but he’s also one of the Nicest person I’ve ever meet so if you looking for Great voice acting videos and just all around Wholesome content then I Highly suggesting checking him out~<333  


Jfc bia do you even know how grateful I am for all the things you do for me? I can’t even say thank you enough gosh

Anyways here is the drawing you requested what felt like AGES ago I’m sorry for being so late ;-;

(Lookit at the taggs guys!)

Just wanted to share four out of five of my co-actors in our university’s play (It’s actually four plays in one show). We get to be female warriors who fought in the Philippine-American war. It is so awesome and they are awesome… and the whole play is one tragedy to another. 

They’re just not co-actors, though. They’re also my closest friends in the guild. I don’t know. I just wanted to show them off for some reason. I’m so glad it was these girls, in particular, whom I had to work with. I’m just so happy that we get along so well, despite them being extraverts and “cool kids”, and me, being an INTJ and a loner lol. I’ve never been sentimental before… Maybe it’s the years of being a lone wolf that got me like this?

This is not an official shot. We just wanted to take a fierce photo together hahahaha

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks


Some valentines day cards for you from the hetalia gang~

x x x x x x x x x

“You do know your ship isn’t canon right?” “You do know your ship will never get together again right?” “But one of them is dead!” or my personal favorite... “But they’re better off as friends!!”

okay but I keep thinking about davekat with aromantic dave where they vacillate pale/red (or pale/pitch I guess)

like, most of the time they’re best bro moirails who are really comfortable and open and cuddly with each other and just generally have fun together, so dave gets to have this super close intimate platonic relationship.

and then also they sometimes make out and have sex because they’re two very lonely and probably very horny teens stuck in a meteor with only each other for company and hey! sex is fun and awesome and makes you feel good! so why not have sex with your best bro and make each other feel happy and satisfied?

so they end up in this hard to define relationship that's the best of both worlds and that actually works surprisingly well. and yeah they may not be a traditional kind of couple but they sure are a stable and loving one and long story short they’re both really happy together and I’m shipper trash stop me before I write an essay on davekat holy shit