seriously tho i love this pic


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hey! i'm just wondering if you'd be up for sharing the brush you use for your lineart? you probably get asked this a lot but it's not on the 2015 post you usually link to and I absolutely love the texture to it.

Sure, it’s just a pretty simple pencil that I change a lot. Seriously everything named “pencil” on this pic is just a value variation of this one.


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics


Updated my commissions graphics with some newer work–yep, you guessed it, YE OLDE COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN.

I will not draw gory stuff, big-time sex stuff (nonsexual and above-the-belt nudity is fine, as usual), or illegal stuff. Basically, don’t ask me to draw Minnie Mouse/Steve Rogers porn and we should be fine.

I take payment through PayPal. You’ll get a nice big file of the finished artwork. Do whatever you want with it. Post it to your blog, print it on your bedsheets, mail it to your favorite politician in a scented envelope, put it on your wall, print it on your ceiling–the possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

If you want something not listed here, let me know. Just want a sketch? Just lineart? Knees-up shot? An icon or a banner or a logo or something? A little chibi? A landscape with no characters at all? Your original characters, who happen to be helicopters with sexy legs? WOWIE! NEAT! Hit me up! We’ll figure it out, I can get it done!

If you’re interested, send me an ask, or a message, or–if you’re like me, and Tumblr has a history of eating up all your asks, send me an email at

For more examples of my work, you can always check out @edgebugart, which is, you know, the blog this is being posted on. So. There’s that.


“I got two commissions from this lovely beautiful human bein’ and not only did I receive them promptly, they were absolutely gawgeous! Highly recommend, 10/10, would commission again (am broke tho).” -@jadefyre

“I would fuck that art and I’m ace” - @sp8sexual

“Edgebug did me a gorgeous pic of my rarepair with a super fast turnaround. I think my PM to @insanityrule with the draft sketch just said “*dying whale noises*” and I stand by that.” - @daisiestdaisy


“I seriously loved my commission. It was an absolute treat to get a commission done from @edgebugart. My picture was exactly what I asked for and nothing short of spectacular.” @vealchopy

“@edgebugart did a BUNCH of commission work for me for gifts to my friends and not only was all of the art produced absolutely incredible but every step of working together was a breeze and a blast! In conclusion commission all the things from this brilliant sweetheart.” - @lost-her-sheep

“100% edgebugart approved” - @edgebugart

About: Jung Gwangmin & Sungmin // [photo used] // this pic 200% describes the twins accurately tbh

  • DOB is 02 Aug. 1993, both of them…well I mean right, they’re twins
  • I feel like the most important info when getting to know the twins is knowing about their cats…
  • Gwangmin has three cats: dogie (whom we’ll talk about later), 멍멍이, and 개팬적 // just kidding, it’s only dogie idk where we saw the other two names lmao sorry
  • Sungmin is thugie’s pops, while Gwangmin is dogie’s… check out thugie’s ig & fb and dogie’s ig
  • They have a sister, not sure if she’s older or younger than them though
  • Gwangmin has done a bit of modelling work before based on his fb pics, so has Sungmin
  • Sungmin is probably a full time teddy bear bc I mean look how fluffy that boy looks
  • Gwangmin is the older twin…makes sense appearance wise, although Sungmin looks like the dependable bro who takes him home when he’s wasted
  • Seriously though, Gwangmin seems like the more rebellious and playful twin; while Sungmin is the innocent cupcake twin…they’re both still precious tho so pls love them both
  • The rest of ym seem to pick on the twins a lot, and it’s actually cute tbh considering that they’re older than some of the boys #jungsprotectionsquad
  • Some stuff from my weird facts on ym: here
  • Sungmin’s ig & fb
  • Gwangmin’s ig & fb

you can check our ym page or ask here & here for more info :-)


With that number i dont think i havw to say that ur a nerd but……..

Ok seriously tho you’re so??? Nice??????? Like literally if i ever talk abt you it immediately starts w ’ my friend _ aka one of the nicest people i know said blahblah’ bcos you’re always so sweet 💗💕😭👌🔥🔥🔥 okay also tho ur sweet af, youre also the biggest hecking nerd i know like ummmm actually doing ur schoolwork and taking pics of ur cats??? Neeeeeerd (im still proud of you tho get that degree 😩👌👌👌) your aesthetic is even the epitome of gay culture btw i think thats important to note bcos i appreciate it aaaaand even yho ur like mega nerd lvl 100 and a master lvl gay ur also a gr8 person and my friend and i love you (and tell ur cats i love them too… Again)

(mutuals should send me a number so i can compliment you 💕)

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hello i would just like to say that i get rly happy when u reblog my things (from i-l0veyou) with rly nice tags and it like ,, makes my day and i rly appreciate that and ur so nice ahh k bye

Ahhhhh 💕💕💕💕💕dude any time!! You take very nice aesthetic pics and I love them! Also you always say really nice stuff on my selfies and it makes me super happy! You’re awesome and I’m happy to love and support everything you do 😘

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I… I am so, so sorry, but I am a drama and tragady loving artist ;_; I need that.. it’s like a drug! @_@ without sad art, I am a “Nothing“. I I love storys/films with a sad end and also my mom always told me, since I am little, that I am a bit odd, because I only write/draw disturbing poems/pics. BUT I will draw funny/cute things too :3 so, don’t worry about their happyness

anyone ever notice how pete AND joe both looked at patrick?:

look at how they look at him. (also bonus for andy looking totally done in all three pics lol.) why aren’t there more love triangle fics. look at this:

look at joe’s hands. he’s literally saying “fuck you, he’s mine.”

fucking seriously. love triangle. someone write it. 

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What Peridot screencaps do the mods think are the cutest? [also dorito mod i'm in love with the way you draw peridot <3]

Oh man, I love all my screenshots of her and I think she’s pretty darn cute most of the time ♥♥ but I’ll try to narrow it down to her cutest moments ;)

Hope I didn’t steal any pics Dorito Mod had in mind! (and I also seriously love the way they draw Peridot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

- Mod Sparky

My turn! (Wow it took me like four days to get to this rofl I’m so sorry.) 

(All of Too Far, basically.) 

And thank you! <3 All I do is make her fluffier… and fall out of practice with how to draw her really fast it seems!  Oops! 

- Dorito Mod

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where can I buy artsy clothes?? like cardigans and flowy blouses and stuff like that? lol I hope u understood what I mean c:

lmao yeah I gotchu I love this shop bc its not expensive at all and they have free shipping anywhere, personally I luv their knitwear (I’ve ordered a bunch for the fall) but yeah there are lots of cute shirts too! c: also they always have special deals and sales so yeah just keep an eye on them