seriously tho i love this pic


So, my lock screen is this dude who’s really stressing me out with his… everything. It needs no explanation. I.can’t.wait.

My home screen. Same dude, longer hair. Art. It’s seriously one of my favorite pics of Harry ever. (Look at the cupcakes!!!!)

That is me. Ew. That selfie is from Christmas day. It’s my last selfie (alone, cause I have some with friends at Ed’s concert). Is it clear that I don’t like taking selfies?

Last song I listened to. I love it. Lemonade is a total masterpiece and every song is monumental and perfect.

Thank you @la-paritalienne for tagging me.

I tag @little-lion-louis-tommo , @alw4ys-you and @daggerfortherose

Feel free to ignore me, tho!


This scene had me laughing so hard!! I totally wasn’t expecting it so it took me by surprise. I mean, if you look at the last pic, he appears to be a pretty-boy shota type making a cute stuffed bear. Ah~~~ My love for Shiki (oddly) grows, lol!

Poor Rowen, tho… (。•́︿•̀。)