seriously tho i love this pic


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okay your star trek au is beautiful and all but if there's no joke about undyne and the existence of an entire species called the undine who are also hyper-violent and aggressive i will send you a frowny face

i hear amazon prime ships frowny faces overnight


Nicky I know how much you love cake, so I made you some yummy looking prints to put on your sims walls. There is more than just cake tho, some random really pretty pictures from @tinypaint tumblr page, she has this awesome web comic called Ava’s Demon so some of them are from that and the others are just her pretty pics. (she is amazing, seriously go check out her page and her comic) 

Mesh is by @pixelfolk  grab it here 

Link to the prints is here, no ads

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hey! i'm just wondering if you'd be up for sharing the brush you use for your lineart? you probably get asked this a lot but it's not on the 2015 post you usually link to and I absolutely love the texture to it.

Sure, it’s just a pretty simple pencil that I change a lot. Seriously everything named “pencil” on this pic is just a value variation of this one.

what I personally think about bts ships
  • <p> <b></b> YALL BEFORE YOU REACT THIS IS MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT BTS SHIPS OKAY SO DON'T GO AT ME TELLING ME SHIT ABOUT ME TALKING SHIT CAUSE I MYSELF KNOW THAT THIS IS PURE SHIT.<p/><b></b> SO LET'S GOOOOO!<p/><b>JIKOOK:</b> the all out affectionate couple, pda everywhere, can't get enough of each other and always makes the other jeonlous (touchy-touchy 24/7)<p/><b>VKOOK:</b> the cute and childish couple, puppy love all the way (but secretly is as kinky as jikook in bed)<p/><b></b> <p/><b>NAMJIN:</b> is the mature couple out of all but always have lovers quarrels tho<p/><b>SOPE:</b> the loud & very very supportive couple (JHOOOOOOPEE) but yall gotta be amazed at what they have (ehem ehem tougue technology , dance machine ehem ehem) SWAAAAGG<p/><b>YOONKOOK:</b> yall just want to have a dom/sub relationship here don't ya? you dirty pesks (don't worry I thought of that before too), yoongi is soft for jungkook and junkook only, LAMB KEBAB MEHN but I adore how jungkook looks up to yoongi T^T HAH<p/><b>YOONMIN:</b> the smol couple, lowky soft for each other, pretty savage (++their voices harmonized together ohmy)(but seriously tho, who is taller?), another cute couple<p/><b>SIN:</b> probs the opposites attract couple, I love it whenever jin tells one of his dad jokes and yoongi is pissed af (I find it cute why) and how yoongi can tell whenever jin does his signature (he doesn't even have to look)<p/><b>TAEJOON:</b> the aesthetics couple, has LOTS of photographs s and takes pic of each other always<p/><b>PROBS STILL FORGOT SOME BUT OH WELL :</b> -).<p/></p>

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Have you ever thought of writing a book?? It’s pretty much just a longer version of what you’re doing now, without the pics

when I was younger that was my answer to the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question, lol. tbh i love writing a lot but i’ve always sort of told myself I’m not good enough to do it seriously?? or that I wouldn’t know where to start?? all the regular kinda excuses.

I’m Briar. (She/her)transtr

I actually love your name?? so much?? like its so unique and fits you so well and i LoVe unusual names! Briar is such a beautiful name for an even more beautiful person!! seriously tho youre gorgeous! i love that skirt and those leggings it makes your legs look super feminine and brings out your hips and makes you look even more beautiful than u already are! your hair is also?? goals tbh??? not only does your outfit go with your hair but the pic u took is awesome like ?? give me? your skills?? i hope you have an amazing 2018 bc someone as gorgeous as you deserves all that and more!!!

Updated my commissions graphics with some newer work–yep, you guessed it, YE OLDE COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN.

I will not draw gory stuff, big-time sex stuff (nonsexual and above-the-belt nudity is fine, as usual), or illegal stuff. Basically, don’t ask me to draw Minnie Mouse/Steve Rogers porn and we should be fine.

I take payment through PayPal. You’ll get a nice big file of the finished artwork. Do whatever you want with it. Post it to your blog, print it on your bedsheets, mail it to your favorite politician in a scented envelope, put it on your wall, print it on your ceiling–the possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

If you want something not listed here, let me know. Just want a sketch? Just lineart? Knees-up shot? An icon or a banner or a logo or something? A little chibi? A landscape with no characters at all? Your original characters, who happen to be helicopters with sexy legs? WOWIE! NEAT! Hit me up! We’ll figure it out, I can get it done!

If you’re interested, send me an ask, or a message, or–if you’re like me, and Tumblr has a history of eating up all your asks, send me an email at

For more examples of my work, you can always check out @edgebugart, which is, you know, the blog this is being posted on. So. There’s that.


“I got two commissions from this lovely beautiful human bein’ and not only did I receive them promptly, they were absolutely gawgeous! Highly recommend, 10/10, would commission again (am broke tho).” -@jadefyre

“I would fuck that art and I’m ace” - @sp8sexual

“Edgebug did me a gorgeous pic of my rarepair with a super fast turnaround. I think my PM to @insanityrule with the draft sketch just said “*dying whale noises*” and I stand by that.” - @daisiestdaisy


“I seriously loved my commission. It was an absolute treat to get a commission done from @edgebugart. My picture was exactly what I asked for and nothing short of spectacular.” @vealchopy

“@edgebugart did a BUNCH of commission work for me for gifts to my friends and not only was all of the art produced absolutely incredible but every step of working together was a breeze and a blast! In conclusion commission all the things from this brilliant sweetheart.” - @lost-her-sheep

“100% edgebugart approved” - @edgebugart

About: Jung Gwangmin & Sungmin // [photo used] // this pic 200% describes the twins accurately tbh

  • DOB is 02 Aug. 1993, both of them…well I mean right, they’re twins
  • I feel like the most important info when getting to know the twins is knowing about their cats…
  • Gwangmin has three cats: dogie (whom we’ll talk about later), 멍멍이, and 개팬적 // just kidding, it’s only dogie idk where we saw the other two names lmao sorry
  • Sungmin is thugie’s pops, while Gwangmin is dogie’s… check out thugie’s ig & fb and dogie’s ig
  • They have a sister, not sure if she’s older or younger than them though
  • Gwangmin has done a bit of modelling work before based on his fb pics, so has Sungmin
  • Sungmin is probably a full time teddy bear bc I mean look how fluffy that boy looks
  • Gwangmin is the older twin…makes sense appearance wise, although Sungmin looks like the dependable bro who takes him home when he’s wasted
  • Seriously though, Gwangmin seems like the more rebellious and playful twin; while Sungmin is the innocent cupcake twin…they’re both still precious tho so pls love them both
  • The rest of ym seem to pick on the twins a lot, and it’s actually cute tbh considering that they’re older than some of the boys #jungsprotectionsquad
  • Some stuff from my weird facts on ym: here
  • Sungmin’s ig & fb
  • Gwangmin’s ig & fb

you can check our ym page or ask here & here for more info :-)

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are you and bananahut the same person?


jkjk but in all seriousness her and i ask the same question all the time like… technically we are separate human beings, but r we really?? i wonder…. 

stefy is my actual best friend in real life tho and i love her so much that i made this collage to represent our friendship 

here is a larger version of this pic so u can see all the juicy details like that tinder dude’s ass and her hot dad - 


Art Spotlight: I Will Be The One To Rescue You[r Art] by @lego-femslash​!

this series is really intriguing and definitely makes you wonder what the corresponding fic is about, makes you want to read it! - especially the last panel, with regina holding a heart, and her facial expression there as she sits next to emma (with her ponytail!) is really kinda cute!! … the first pic is already saying “you’re not dying on my watch miss Swan.” I love the other ones as well, they kind of tell a story all by themselves. Love this!the colouring is AMAZING. Seriously you did a beyond beyond beyond amazing job. It’s so obvious by the colouring that this is underworld - even if I hadn’t read the fic description I would have known instantly and that’s just beyond impressive… I really love this artwork even tho I’m sure the story that goes with it is going to make me super emotional but seeing this great artwork makes me so excited to read it… you did such a good job on making it look like the underworld and they’re really quite cute.

Enjoyed this art? Be sure to give back and feed the artist! A happy, appreciated artist is one who’s going to be more motivated to gift us all with more of their beautiful work.

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You know, I've always thought that Camren is over since 2016. But when that Jingle ball pics come up, that fucked me up. Like seriously, there's no way that's our delusion. It's the same fucking jacket and what's with the similar outfit. What's your opinion on tht.

I didn’t watch their jingle ball performances so I have no idea what you’re pertaining to. Sorry 😖

Tho as much as I love Camren, I also like Tyren. I think they’re cute. And even if it’s PR as most people think, I still think it’s good for Lauren rn to be expanding her world. She’s living her life, it’s what I like for her.

(Of course, if Camren is real, then I have nothing against that as well lol)

Happy belated birthday toooooooo…

@mewyuki!!!!!!!! Who celebrated their birthday the day daiya s2 end

Ahahaha anyway, to one of my fave fandom artist, I wish you more happiness and success, maturity and love, and all da best on your birthday!!! u3u

anyone ever notice how pete AND joe both looked at patrick?:

look at how they look at him. (also bonus for andy looking totally done in all three pics lol.) why aren’t there more love triangle fics. look at this:

look at joe’s hands. he’s literally saying “fuck you, he’s mine.”

fucking seriously. love triangle. someone write it.