seriously this whole video is gorgeous

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Omggg sophie did u see 5h new video for deliver 😱😱😍 they look so good and i know its just a promo video fr the album but a simple video like this is so aesthetically pleasing to watch rather than sexual ones lol i loveeddd it they look like a vintage girl group like supremes and it gives me write on me mv vibes

This video got me so fucking confused - like, how to you go from one of their most sexualized music video, that was released literally a week ago, to this? 

I mean don’t get me wrong, obviously I love this mv 100x better than their previous 3, for and foremost because they’re finally wearing full clothing, but seriously what was the point of it? It feels like they’re trying to put all their singles out there as fast as possible so they can get it over with. 

And yeah there might be some Write On Me aesthetics there but the dynamic is completely different - I’m not bored for one second when I watch Write On Me, I have a smile plastered on my face for the whole 3:56 mins of the video, but with Deliver I felt absolutely nothing, that mv was lifeless - the girls obviously look gorgeous and the choreo is cute but that video left me pretty bored unfortunately…

Tbh I don’t even know what to think about 5H anymore because their image is all over the place, they go from overly sexy kinda 90′s vibes to an orgy to the supremes - sorry for the bad vibes sweets, I’m just not understanding this 

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I think Zayn looks FANFUCKINGTASTIC right now oh boy oh boy. I remember years back before I knew much about this band (GOD I miss those days) and I saw the Steal My Girl video and I asked someone in the know, in all seriousness, if Zaynie was all right. Like health wise. Because to ME he looked not well during that era. At all. I mean he was always gorgeous but yeah. So to see him looking like he does know makes me so gosh darn freaking HAPPY because HE looks happy. And healthy :)))

Zayn has been gorgeous his whole life, but I agree, in late 2014 compared to now? Tremendous – like, my heart boob grew 18 sizes seeing Zayn emerge so  healthy and vibrant (!!!!!!11!!). 

LOOK AT HOW HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND WONDERFUL, truly the best aesthetic, 100/10 would CrowdFund again, @ Nasa figure out a way to harness this magic and use this as a new way to fuel rocket ships to my heart

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You don't regret making the Jet Pack Blues video do you? It's so beautiful and still manages to pull a tear from me every time I watch it. It's such a gorgeous work of art.

Me and Black Coat right now is more like into a “You were created by seven months ago me with immature PV skills and a whole lot of sudden passion I may seems easily upset when others mentioned you (because I am unexpected for getting this much applause due to you and I kinda internally can’t take compliments seriously) but yet if I ever found a single repost on another Youtube channel I will use all my force to report the fuck out of them immediately because you are something I made and care and I am motherfucking proud of you yes now you hear me I do am proud of you the first fan video I ever made by my original idea now don’t look at me like that or I will really kick you down in the basement just go play outside” type of relationship.

Which means I will never, never, hate my work.

WWA film reviewww.

okay so, I just saw the WWA film and… I have some things to say.

  • The interview - it’s quite interesting, especially because for the first time in AGES they are all sitting together talking about the tour and what they like. The questions are quite the same as usual but it’s interesting especially because you can see very good the dynamic of this band. Louis and Liam always talk, always take the lead, always answer first. Then here are Zayn and Niall that help a bit and then there is Harry who doesn’t speak if not when asked. I think that’s because he’s too busy staring at Louis’ soul as he talks and fonding like a pro everything Louis opens his mouth to say something. 
  • Best moments of the interview: Louis talking forever and ever, I could stay there listening to his accent for my entire life. Zayn’s too. Those close cap of Louis on the big screen made me DIE inside. Seriously. He’s too gorgeous to be human. I loved when he talked about Strong and when he joked about not getting married because he doesn’t change his underwear (featuring HARRY and his face I hope somebody gif that because HONESTLY). Oh and Harry and Louis talked during the interview when they were talking about their first gigs and they named the infamous OCEANA club but I didn’t catch the whole thing because they were all talking over each other so I need the video to see better. They are all so lovely and cut and I was dying.
  • THE CONCERT: I am so so SO Mad they cut Strong and Moments. The concert was good to hear again and it had a big impact on me because first of all it was my country they did it (hilarious scene when they tried to speak in Italian ahaha) and then because I was there in Wembley living basically the same things and I am still finding hard to realised that I had the possibility to see them live and in person. Obviously, I cried during Right Now and I lost it during TTD, I can’t wait for the dvd version to go out so I can rewatch it again. Feelings were too strong and if you have been there, you just relive the whole tornado of feelings and it’s so weird and so intense… I was happy to see it again. Too bad Strong wasn’t there, I really wanted to see it live again.
  • Nice close caps and nice scenes I have to say. They focus a lot on fans of course but that’s a nice dvd thing after all. I can’t wait for the billion of gifs the fandom is going to take it out of that.
  • Louis is his royal Gorgeousness. 
  • Zayn….I don’t even wanna comment Zayn because his seriously. His variations on every songs which I could finally hear (during the concert you literally CAN’T hear a thing!!!) were amazing, I had shivers throughout the whole film.
  • Liam is the only one who would be able to have a solo career. His presence on stage is phenomenal.
  • Niall..ahhhhh, Niall. Lovely Niall with a camera on his guitar. I loved him and his face when he saw the fan action. He was about to pass out :) 
  • In general, I enjoy that, yes. I wasn’t expecting anything special, it’s just the concert but it was a really nice… “good old memories” thing. I liked that!