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Drabble: Baby Feet - Daddy/baby fic, Rated G

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Disclaimer: Arrow does not belong me. All rights belong to DC Comics, The CW, and those persons associated in the creation of the show and comics.

A Hundred and A Thousand More: Drabbles by RedPens&GreenArrows
Chapter: Baby Feet
Fandom: Arrow
Rating: G
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thomas Queen (baby)
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (Olicity)
Tags: Family, Daddy/son bonding, Fluff, Picture prompt
Can also be read at: or AO3

Summary: Oliver has an obsession…

A/N: And my wifi is back! There needs to be better communication between the technician and the customer about when stuff gets fixed. Seriously. This fic popped into my head this morning, and I just wanted to share. Also, I found an adorable picture to go with it. For those waiting for the second part to The Benefits of Early Mornings, I’m working on it. I just need my muse to focus again. This fic is unbeta-ed, so all mistakes. I hope you all enjoy!

Oliver Queen has a secret obsession with his newborn son’s feet. Well, Oliver thought it was a secret; however, the numerous photos on Felicity’s phone said otherwise. But who was she to burst his bubble? The photos were her own secret.

Oliver couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason behind his obsession, but the rationale didn’t matter.

The feel of the soft, perfect skin beneath his calloused and work-worn hands became his personal worry stone, and leeched away the day’s stress from his body. Pressing feather-light kisses along his son’s tiny toes, Oliver smiled brightly as he watched Tommy squirm and kick his legs in an attempt to get away from his father’s amorous attack. His rough scruff tickled the sensitive souls of Tommy’s feet, and the resulting squeals and gummy grin made Oliver light up like fireworks on the 4th of July.

The sound mending another piece of his father’s marred soul.

After a long day of politics and paperwork, Oliver cherished these simple moments between himself and Tommy. His son’s joy was his own. And everyday Oliver came to accept a little bit more of the love he never thought he deserved.

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