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when you buy something used, please clean it energetically. also do that with “gifts” from people you don’t fully trust.

Whamilton Fic Recs

So, I’ve learned that the Whamilton corner of the Hamilton fandom is small but mighty. I’ve only been active in it for maybe a month now (been reading fic since last year) and have overall really enjoyed engaging with all of you. One thing I haven’t really done yet, though, is recommend a few things *I’ve* been reading. 

I’m going to try and tag some of you if I have your tumblr url but otherwise - just bear with me here. If I leave you off it’s 100% not a slight, it’s just because I’m an idiot. Honestly, going through the ao3 tags made me realize I still have SO MUCH to go through. OK here we go. In no particular order.

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anonymous asked:

I feel you on the whole drarry being hard to read lately because of everything happening politically and socially. Like a few years ago, I realized that if I knew Draco in real life I would seriously hate him because of his blood purity shit and everything but I adore him as a fictional character??? I know fantasy doesn't equal reality but that stuff is just way too similar to what's going on lmao every time I read something that glosses over Draco's racism now I can't do it

Yeah, same p much. I would find him really hard to forgive.

On one hand, that’s so much of what can make drarry fic interesting. How on earth can you come back from that? What can one do to earn forgiveness? What would even inspire someone to seek it?  The ethical questions underpinning H/D fic can be extraordinary and rich and amazing. Which in turn can make for amazing, moving, compelling stories.

It’s just that a lot of people ignore them? I think (and some other v wise folks have suggested to me) that that’s worse on tumblr, and I think there’s something to that. The prevelance of aesthetics and fan art and the popularity of fluffy headcanons make it seem at times like everyone’s forgotten where they came from and what their history is about, and how deep and really really justified and well-founded their mutual antipathy was.


  • Draco tried to kill Harry’s teammate
  • Draco almost accidentally killed Harry’s best friend while trying to intentionally kill Harry’s mentor
  • Draco didn’t intervene in the torture of Harry’s other best friend
  • Draco was a bully and a jerk, and was protected and motivated by his privilege in doing that
  • Draco genuinely believed that Harry and his best friends were inferior on account of their blood status and/or class status
  • Draco faked an injury that almost resulted in the death of one of Harry’s mentors’ pets
  • Draco’s father did something that led to deep psychological trauma for Harry’s best friend’s sister/Harry’s girlfriend
  • Draco’s aunt killed Harry’s godfather
  • Harry put Draco’s father in jail 
  • Harry tried to upset the larger sociopolitical order that assured Draco’s privilege (y’all know how privileged people panic and lash out about that)
  • Draco and Harry were on opposite sides of a war

Those are not things you can gloss over. I know they were children at the time, but still. Those are not things you forget. Those are not things you ignore. Those are not things that two people could fall in love with without addressing. They aren’t.

And yet.

So when people do - which is a lot of the time - I have a lot of trouble reading it too, and it’s become so common that I’m pretty much taking a wholesale break from it. 

(and I don’t know that I can even begin to verbalize how it feels to run across a great larry fictional war AU which, in the notes, lists among its influences “a certain feeling of nostalgia for old school HP fics,” and to realize that, as hard as I’d looked in HP, I can’t find anything new like that there - that other fandoms, with other source material, are doing a better job of this than we are.)

It’s not that I don’t want to read drarry. I do; part of why I’m taking a break is so that it doesn’t start to feel like homework, and I can pick back up, probably with draco tops, with a bit of space and perspective and less frustration.

But for Merlin’s sake, y’all.

Don’t forget who these characters are.

The ideal ship fic, in 100 easy steps:

1. Two strangers meet

2. They both think, “This person is mildly more interesting than I expected”

3. Slow Burn

4. No. Seriously. Like sloooooow burn

5. Oh, look. We’re kind of friends.

6. That’s cool.

7. Low-key flirting

8. How can they be so hot? Not cool.

9. Really. No one should be able to make normal everyday tasks look that hot.

10. Mutual pining

11. Flirting, like for reals

12. Cautious overtures

13. More mutual pining

14. Lingering glances

15. Friends rolling their eyes, starting a betting pool

16. Lingering touches


18. Fucking adorableness

19. Kissing

20. Seriously. Is this shit going to rot my teeth?

21. More kissing

22. Flirting. Still. Like. WHY?

23. Small misunderstanding

24. Kiss and make it better

25. ADORABLE fuckers.

26. Is that a tiny, tiny crack in the foundation down there somewhere?

27. Nah.

28. Smuuuuuuuut

29. Flirting and everyone being like, JESUS, STOP WITH THE ADORABLENESS

30. That looks like it *might* be a fracture, or something. Maybe a problem or two?

31. Ignore


33. Everything is GREAT

34. Raising flirting to an art

35. Skipping through the flowers


37. Oh, fuck.

38. WHY?

39. Angst

40. Hurt, but also some comfort

41. Angsty comfort

42. There’s definitely something like a fault line or a problem in the foundation or something we’re ignoring

43. NAH

44. Ignore, repress, kiss

45. Funny, sweet comfort

46. It’s getting a bit wider, that fault line. Like more a chasm or something?

47. Jump over problems

48. Land in bed

49. Sexy comfort


51. Adorableness

52. Smuuuuuuut

53. Everything is perfect and amazing and –


55. WAIT

56. No one saw that coming

57. Except, like, anyone mildly paying attention


59. It isn’t a chasm, it’s a freaking cliff

60. Plummets over the side screaming WHY ME?????

61. Everything is awful

62. Anger

63. Separation

64. Sadness

65. Mutual Pining

66. Yelling

67. Moping

68. Pulling heads out of asses


70. Oh, yeah, that stuff. The stuff you do with your mouth that isn’t kissing

71. But it’s haaaaaaaard

72. Angst

73. Tentative overtures

74. Misunderstanding

75. Moping and everyone like OH MY GOD JUST STOP IT

76. Loud outbursts

77. Lingering, eloquent glances

78. Confessions

79. Touches that are freaking loud and say a shit ton without words

80. Unplanned make out session

81. Examine problems

82. Spackle

83. Smuuuuuuuuuut

84. Spackle again


86. Promises

87. Things are not completely awful

88. Flirting

89. “You are EVERYTHING”

90. “We are everything”

91. Occasional awkwardness

92. Kissing

93. Lingering glances

94. Adorableness now tempered with HISTORY

95. Everyone else ROLLING EYES UNTIL IT hurts

96. Noticing but just not caring, because they will burn the fucking world down for each other


98. Ride or die

99. Hand holding

100. The End

Destiel College!AU Text Messages

By Cami 

Exhibit One:

Castiel: this art project is angering me 

Dean: you’ll do great, babe ;}

Exhibit Two: 

Dean: you look beautiful today 

Castiel: you haven’t even seen me today 

Dean: I don’t have to <3

Exhibit Three: 

Dean: why does philosophy have to be so hard 

Castiel: is it as hard as my dick? 

Dean: c'mon im in class! *insert laughing emojis* only for me babe

Castiel: ur the one texting me, idiot 

Dean: touche, smartass <3

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Dude I’ve been playing Pokemon moon with no set team, just leveling new pokies to full evolution then switching them out (for Pokedex reasons) and the cool thing is due to lack of HM necessity and I guess sheer OP levelling I’ve been able to

But this ADORABLE PIECE OF SHIT has seriously made me consider having a full time teammate because holy shit look at her

  • INFP expectation: sweet, gentle, dreamy cutie pies who never step on anyone's toes.
  • INFP reality: fiesty warmonger who is probably out for blood (but who is also fiercely loving and somehow still cutie pies??)

so, uh, I can think of only two explanations for the fact that Rai is, in canon, a snow leopard:

1) He has an extreme case of albinism (because even albino leopards have SOME spots)

2) No one at Nitro+Chiral has ever seen a snow leopard in their goddamn lives.

either way my imagination went wild for what I deem as a painfully missed opportunity.

I sometimes look at Jimin and say “Wow. I want to fight you.” 

Because like…. What the hell is this for? 

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It’s like he’s asking me to go and fight him.

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Does anybody else really ship Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr??

I mean come on, just look at them

They are so perfect

Look at them, you cannot tell me those aren’t the most adorable little shits you’ve ever seen

Seriously they need to stop I cannot handle this cuteness

I’m sorry

Their bromance just makes my life I can’t even THEY’RE JUST SO WONDERFUL

Nat's Carmilla Rap

Did anyone else notice how excited and shocked Amanda was by Nat’s Carmilla rap, but Elise was all chill and cool about it – does Nat freestyle regularly when Elise is around 👀