seriously this shit gets old

So Anderson gets a call from Shepard on Eden Prime saying ‘we found the beacon, can we get a pickup, everything’s fine’

then not five minutes later Kaidan rings up and goes

‘yeah so the beacon’s exploded and Shepard is unconscious, and it’s probably my fault, could you please hurry up’

Can we all stop following and supporting blogs that exclusively re-upload with zero credits now or

  • Dipper, S2 Ep1: There's something HUGE going on right under our noses. And it's time we stop goofing around and get to the bottom of it.
  • Me: Yeah okay whatever. *munches popcorn*
  • Dipper & Wendy: *fight off nightmare-inducing shapeshifter*
  • Dipper: *gets possessed*
  • Dipper: *destroys underground society*
  • McGucket: *learns he erased memories after committing unbearable acts*
  • Dipper & Mabel: *learn Soos has a deadbeat father who left him at age 4*
  • Northwest Mansion: *bleeding chanting taxidermy animal heads*
  • Stan: *almost ends the world*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...jfc.

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UM I WANNA GET YOU STARTED NOW OMG JUST HEARING YOUR IDEAS QUICKLY JOTTED DOWN I WANNA HEAR THEN AS SCENARIOS like holy shit having twins and going to the zoo OR LIKE A THEME PARK I'M DYING AT THE IMAGERY If you find the time between working on requests, you should TOTALLY work on that! Even if its just a snippet, cause FJDHDUEBJDDN IT SOUNDS. SO PRESH. SO PERF. I CANNOT HANDLE ❤❤❤❤❤

How dare you come into my inbox and give me this inspiration to write something when you know I already have tons of requests to do and— okay, you know what, screw it. You get what you asked for, you little shit but no— I really do love you with all my heart and hope you enjoy!

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Over The Garden Wall: Episode One: The Old Grist Mill

“Somewhere, lost in the clouded annals of history lies a place that few have seen, a mysterious place called the Unknown… where long-forgotten stories are revealed to those who travel through the wood.”

Fandom Exhaustion

I just get so exhausted by fandom sometimes. I come here to write, enjoy the creations of others and chat with friends who I have met through this shared interest. 

I hate that to do that (specifically on social media) I have to also deal with: discourse over who tops and bottoms (seriously we’re still having this conversation?); fellow fans/BNFs/groups acting as gatekeepers to the fandom; fans being butt hurt over who created what ship and/or who coined their ship name (news flash, you don’t own these non-original characters!); kink shaming; reverse kink shaming; being patronised and /or looked down on for writing certain genres/ships/kinks; people appropriating the ideas of others in their creations (especially when done to be petty); creation consumers leaving comments on art/fics/etc to criticise the free content that they could just skip if they aren’t interested; being bullied/harassed by other fans but feeling unable to say anything publicly or retaliate for fear of backlash from them and their friends; subtweeting (seriously that shit is so fucking childish).

I’m getting old, I don’t have time for this shit. Some days it just makes me want to delete every avenue of interaction I have other than AO3 and just keep posting there for myself. Like, seriously… this is meant to be an escape for me (which I sorely need right now because life is fucking hard), so can we just all stop being so goddamn extra and let everyone enjoy themselves?

One Step Closer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Y/N and Dean broke up over a month ago, of course they end up on the same hunt. 

Tags: descriptions of injuries, mention of smut, fluff, angst?

Words: 2503

Note: I really like this one!! Let me know what you think?

Tags: @ddean, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @mrswhozeewhatsis

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I’m rewatching “Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out” and the faces Jess and Rory are making at each other/at Logan the entire time give me life

Also, I love just how done and over it Jess is during this scene. Despite the fact that Logan starts his condescending, pretentious, alpha male bullshit not two seconds after meeting him, Jess was still trying to be polite and not start drama for the majority of conversation, for Rory’s sake, but the moment Logan asks how long they’ve known each other he immediately closes his menu like “Yep. Here we go. I’m seriously getting too old for this shit.”

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Stop spreading hate calling marvels films "sexist". Seriously stupid shit like this is all over the internet and its getting old. I'm not sexist in any way shape or form, but making literally everyone else out to be is Fucking stupid.

lmfao there’s so much i want to say in response to this dumb ass message. first of all, criticism does not equal hate. you can be critical of something and still be a fan of it, in fact a good fan should be critical rather than just praise everything no matter what. i love marvel films, but they have issues when it comes to representing women and people of color and that’s a problem you can’t ignore. that’s literally a fact, not “hate.” 

also the post you’re referring to, about cara delevingne’s criticism of comicbook films, did not once mention marvel films lol… so the fact that you automatically assume it’s about marvel makes me wonder… are you aware of the sexism in the films and just choosing to ignore it or????

some people are so fucking rude on servando’s Instagram like holy crap these are real people with actual feelings, you can’t just comment shit like that ??? I don’t give a fuck how badly you ship Talex or whatever, have some respect. it’s one thing to say stuff on tumblr, but to actually comment on people’s social media? Grow the fuck up