seriously this project was so fun


A six-page doujinshi drawn for Mob Psycho 100 Secret Santa, for @buccelatte!  You appeared to like Ritsu and RitsuShou quite a bit, so I hope you enjoy~

(please check out the fullsizes here! Tumblr’s a giant butt when it comes to uploading stuff properly.)

This is also loosely based off of an RP with a friend of mine, so bonus credit to them!

Thank you so much to the mods (@christmas-shou) and other participants of the MP100 Gift Exchange… it’s been a lot of fun and even with some chaos and reassignment, I had a lot of fun tackling a project more seriously.


Collaboration part 2~!

Base done by @hasilith

Shades and filling done by @moonphanter

Details done be me [ wonszusarts ]

That was an INCREDIBLY fun project :D I’m so happy to have such talented friends <3 Seriously! Go check out their art! You will see magic and beauty <3

Also streaming the drawing was god damn AMAZING.

callout post for jonathon ng aka eden
-needs to stop
-jawline damn
-have you seen his eyes??
-i’d fucking die for him
-i love him so much
-good ass quality fuckin music
-amazing in concert
-damn them lips.
-his hair looks fun to play with
-last name is hard to pronounce
-seriously i learned to pronounce it like a month ago
-has had 2 aliases before his current one?? um make up your mind
-his lyrics hit close to home ok

t.l;d.r: jonathon ng is a beautiful man who needs to be stopped
Devil Spy Book One
Devil Spy is a webcomic about a teenage human animal hybrid in a world where humans were wiped out by war.

OMG! The Devil Spy Book Kickstarter was chosen by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love!” SO excited!

Seriously… I’ve never had one of my graphic novel projects featured on Kickstarter. If it became a Staff Pick, I might just fall over and die, haha. 

You have all been so great so far! The book has raised almost $600!! We’re so close to hitting the $600 mark, I hope we get there by the end of the day. :) Please check out the campaign and spread the word where you can! Thank you, thank you!

Work First?

You had to do a stupid school project and being the lucky or unlucky person you are, you got paired with your crush. The pair of you were studying in your room so you had to clear it all up. 

Both of your parents were working so you had a free house and although you didn’t have any siblings, but your cousin had taken the responsibility of being an overprotective big brother. It was fun for a while until he really took it seriously and he fended off pretty much every guy within a 5 mile radius. Luckily, he didn’t know about Jack whom you have liked for a good few months…years.

You had a shower and put on some very sexy underwear underneath a fairly loose dress that had a cheeky plunge down the front, it gave you a little boost of confidence. It didn’t look too much like you had made an effort but you looked hot. After scrolling on tumblr and listening to music, the doorbell rang. Showtime.

 You opened the door and bit your lip a little. “Hi Y/N” Gilinsky says.

“Hey Jack. Come in.” You ushered him inside and you both study for a while. Although the pair of you had been studying, there was a lot of tension. Sexual tension. It was thick in the air and tempting you to do something. It was taunting you.

With a spark of courage, you leaned in and kissed him. He responded straight away and pulled you onto his lap, you wiggle a little and feel his crotch area tightening against you. Soon enough, his bulge strained against the fabric of his jeans. You broke off the kiss and started to suck on his neck and then you place feather light kisses on his jaw. 

He picked you up and lay you on the bed, unzipping the dress and throwing it on the floor. A low growl of approval left his lips as his eyes raked over your body. You reach up to kiss him again and tug at his shirt hoping that there was some indication that you wanted to see his body beneath the hoddie. He complied and started to suck on your neck whilst your hands traced over the contours of his body, all the way down to the waistband of his jeans. You unbuckled his belt as he did the same to your bra. Your bare breasts were exposed to the cold air but Jack’s hand was pinching one nipple whilst his mouth sucked at the other. The action was making you wetter and dying for some friction, you bucked your hips but his large hands held your hips down. You wimpered and he hushed you with his warm mouth over yours. He pulled down his trousers and pants at the same time then removing yours painfully slowly. “So wet already baby, just wait a little longer and see what I can do.”. You moaned at Jack’s words and at the same time, two fingers plunged into your pussy, pumping in and out, agonizingly slow, you could feel it stretching you out. You cried out in protest and wrapped your hands around his large member. Your fingers tracing the head and was instantly rewarded with some pre-cum. When you feel the vein at the base hardening a little more, you stop and he stops torturing your glistening pussy. Jack puts his fingers in his mouth and groaning at the taste, he suddenly dived inside of you, burying himself deep inside. He gave no you time to adjust and he was pumping in and out of you very quickly. You were screaming his name and digging your nails into his muscular back. His mouth captured yours and soon his pumps were getting sloppier as you both reached your climaxes. “Jack!” You screamed. “Shit Y/N you feel so good” he groaned into your neck, his teeth grazing the skin a little. 

“Round two?” He asks and you capture his mouth in reply. 

— Baguio, g or nah?

For this year’s fieldtrip, we will go to Baguio and we will travel next Thursday night and spend the rest of Friday and Saturday morning there. (January 12-14) I got really hyped up a few weeks ago because I thought I was allowed to go already but then my parents changed their mind, Ms. Eliz is also discouraging me to go because of my condition, which is sad. But I really wanted to go like for real, I just want a getaway with my friends.

And I would really miss out the fun if I won’t be allowed to go. Ahhh, the struggle is real. I want to go huhu help

Besides, our project is related to our fieldtrip so maybe I can use that as an excuse to go, aye? I’m so great, slight. Joke, seriously, I wanna come with them.

Actually, we had an issue about the bus arrangement because this school year, the number of grade 10 students is fewer than the previous batches so we can fit to only three buses yet there are four sections in our level so at first, the VP decided to arrange us alphabetically but then, we kinda protested hehe because it’s our last year yet we are going to spend the trip like that???? (Wow, feeling pinayagan agad) but anyway, we made a deal with our teachers that we should be arranged by section and since we could fit in three buses, we would have a draw lots among the four sections on which section would be divided and distributed per bus so we would only occupy three buses and luckily, our section would spend the trip together, yay.

Just one last thing, sana payagan ako.

anonymous asked:

#13 (kiss on the neck) Some rarepair with Akaashi (seriously anyone who isn't typically paired with him.)

Thank you for requesting!
Read on AO3, the rest is beneath a read more!

Konoha toed off his shoes with a soft sigh. The group project discussion had run painfully late but gone nowhere, and now it was nearly one in the morning. Admittedly, it was a weekend so that wasn’t too bad, but after a long day of school, then practice, he was exhausted, the kind that sank into his bones and made him drag. The only good thing was that his roommate was out and would stay out - perks of having a girlfriend in college with an apartment he supposed.

He shook his head and set his bag down. I’m so fucking tired I don’t even want to shower. He’d taken a quick one after practice, and perhaps that would be enough until morning, even though he still felt gross. He hadn’t had time to wash his hair or scrub nearly enough, but no one in the project group had complained at least. Not that he would have tolerated it since he was stuck doing half the work. Assholes.

He moved forward and almost instantly froze. In the shine of the light overhead the sink he could see a body curled up in his bed, long and lanky, with a familiar head of thick, curly black hair poking out from the top. Konoha smiled faintly as Akaashi shifted, pulled the blankets tighter into his chest and he nuzzled down into them. One long, slender foot poked out. His fingers fluttered for a moment before they stilled on the plaid gray duvet. So pretty. It wasn’t fair how gorgeous his boyfriend was, but he was infinitely thankful for that, and how good he looked tangled up on Konoha’s dorm bed. Though it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to get in with him wrapped up like that.

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Well he took the whole long weekend to make but here is Sans Seraphim! This was probably my favorite projects to do so far, mainly because I love to make wings. This design belongs to @tratserenoyreve from their absolutely amazing comic The Thought (if you haven’t read it yet go read it now!)

Around this time last year, I was finishing up drawings and doodles for a fun book project. Yesterday, I got a few copies of the finished product in the mail and they’re gorgeous. Seriously, besides being dead useful resources for middle schoolers, the design sense on these is just wonderful. I’m so proud to be associated with such a high quality product.

It was a weird experience for me to see my name on the inside cover. I’m an illustrator!


Satan and Me - Monsters 

Oh god was this a fun project to make.  It started out as a test/training thing for the ink effects but damn I couldn’t stop. I really liked this style of editing, it was nice and surprising enough, simple to work with, so I hope you guys like it as much as I do. 

I’ll try to control myself and not make too many similar. 

Tbh the worst monster in this video is probably Jericho. Seriously how does one girl attract so many shady types. 

flaily bullet points about The Van Gogh Job:

  • Awww, Parker actually showing kindness to this old man. She’s come such a long way. I love her
  • Eliot smiling and playing with Hardison’s face on the tablet he is sUCH A LITTLE SHIT
  • My headcanon: Eliot pretends to be much worse at tech than he actually is in front of Hardison, because he doesn’t want Hardison to know that he listened to him and learned more about computers
  • “You’ve got 84% LOL” omg Eliot what have you picked up from Hardison even
  • Charlie Lawson is so adorable
  • The actors must have had so much fun in these World War II getups.
  • But seriously, it’s really cute on multiple levels, because presumably Parker is imagining all of this as Charlie narrates it and it’s fucking adorable that she’s projecting herself and Hardison onto Charlie’s story.
  • Aldis Hodge’s French is really good!
  • Omg Nate as the sheriff in this flashback. I can’t even. And Eliot as a soldier! Feels.
  • Ouch. Eliot as the voice of expediency and harsh reality. I can see why Parker might put him in that role in the story.
  • omg Eliot knows every retrieval specialist in town, what the hell
  • Parker crying at Charlie’s story. B’awwwww
  • omg Eliot beating dudes with an organ pipe. A true artist
  • I love Eliot and Hardison’s secret handshake. They’ve done it before, haven’t they? It’s freakin’ adorable
  • Okay but I really loved the narrative of this episode because Charlie’s is a story of racial injustice and by having Hardison play Charlie in the flashbacks the episode implicitly makes the point that Hardison still has to put up with a lot of the same racism that Charlie did back in the forties. And because the flashbacks are all happening in Parker’s mind, it also implies that Parker understands the racism Hardison faces and what Charlie faced are connected. That really warms my heart.


So here it is guys! The full Felix armor that I’ve been tirelessly working on! Plus with bonus improv panel shenanigans.

Tbh I loved that it turned out at all. Seriously. I was so stressed over this whole project and it ended up paying off. A lot of people were happy to take pictures with me. (Some not so much because hey it’s Felix.) I ended up even taking pictures with some of the animators and producer of RvB! Like wow.

It was a really fun experience. I learned a lot and am already planning for a 2.0 version of this for next year. Miles even got to see this and I’m still over the top by that. Plus there’ll be GFH Felix pics soon-ish I believe. I’m sad I missed synnesai’s meet-up on Friday due to travel issues.

(Also if any of y'all got pictures with me, I’m sorry if I looked tired or anything. I was having fun but that heat is killer this year. Anyway awesome RTX!)

To everyone who has the opportunity to go to Let’s Play Live tonight……HAVE FUN!! Seriously. I’m not one of those people in the fandom who is going to project my jealously and hate on you. Anyone who doesn’t live in Texas and doesn’t have the money for plane rides and hotels is going to be jealous. But there’s no need for ANYONE to sit here and seethe over the fact. I’m one of those supportive, loving community members. I’m happy for you. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time!! And really…because of you, this thing might actually go on tour. Wouldn’t that be something? 

So go have fun! Laugh your ass off! Enjoy every single minute of it. You’re a wonderful person, this is going to be an amazing experience for you, and I love you <3 


So, for my best friends 21st I stitched this. The pattern is off etsy, and I love it. It was seriously fun to do, but it’s the first time I’ve had to stitch to a deadline, so by the last day there was still so much to do (the whole of “good”). But it’s done now.
The next plan is a big project, but I’m hoping I’ll find a better pattern before I start.

High key, can we do this again after this project is done with another song? Everyone’s having fun, we’re promoting the fuck of the album and most of the fandom is SO happy and focused.

I seriously want to start a movement for a new song for idk, the Sunday after this one. Is that too much?

people who make fun of/get irritated with ashley for crying seriously must not understand the struggles someone who has low self-esteem goes through, like it’s a constant struggle to believe in yourself and your ideas. it’s not like “oh, i’m going to feel confident today so that’s it, i’m good, i can be confident all the time”

it’s not like that at all, and honestly it’s more annoying to see people being upset at someone for being emotional when this person was literally treated poorly by others for her whole life

Something Worth Saving
  • Something Worth Saving
  • Sojustifiable feat. Peregr1ne

Note: With the new intrusive ads, if you have the xkit extension to block them, it will block this also so you have to go to it on a blog for it to work.

Here is one of my pieces for my reverb collaboration with @peregr1ne, and the one seriously collab piece between the two of us because he came down to sing Soul’s part in the duet I wrote aaAH. Super exciting. This project was so much fun to work on and I had such a great time with everyone, breaking hearts and taking names. @rae-chan-in-wonderland and @makapedia were the best authors we could hope for and it’s just been a wild ride on the pain train. 

My other song can be found [here]
Pere’s art [here]
Rachel’s fic [link to be added]
Kat’s fic [here]