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Some helenaists are seriously unbelievable. I check the account from the start. It started off nicely but when one person published it she changed name and then put "this is private if you dont know me personally dont follow". So obviously fans started bombarding her and OBVIOUSLY it was meant to stay private and she wants it private I can't believe some helenaists are so -excuse my strong words- but stupid and can't take the hint. She's not mean or rude she just wants privacy like everyone else

I know what you mean dear. When the account was first put up there were images and a little quote (”if you stumble make it part of the dance”) that she once quoted from an interview, and after while she removed the bio and the image, changed the username, then changed it back to the original and changed her bio to "This is private. If you dont know me personally, don’t ask to follow". 

Maybe she is getting loads of messages and requests, only she knows and the people sending them if so. But if that is the case, then we as fans should really just stop, if it is her, she is obviously feeling bewildered and she’s not liking it at all, so we should just respect her as fans and leave her be. It’s private for a reason and it’s not very fair on her to keep bothering. She obviously wants to keep the account between her and family and friends and that is her choice. If it’s Helena Bonham Carter, we have to remember she isn’t used to all this social media stuff, so we have to just let her do her thing. She wants the account to stay private, so it should stay private.

No no you’re completely right. I do think that some Helenaist’s are just getting a little excited. I completely understand, having her on such a big social media site is an exciting thing for us as a fandom, but I think if people are still clogging up her inbox and notifications and then they need to just take a breather and respect her wishes. 

She’s definitely not being mean or rude, a person has a right to their own privacy, do they not?

If I was in her shoes, I would of deleted the whole account by now, so if it is her we’re lucky she hasn’t already done that. Bless her precious soul, she’s not used to it. Poor little peach!

hi guys! so i recently reached 500 followers, and i just wanted to say thank you so much, i honestly can’t believe i have this many. i started out last year with like 18, so this is a really big and wonderful surprise. i appreciate each and every one of you! to show my gratitude, and also to thank my personal favorite blogs, i decided to do my first follow forever in order to celebrate! thanks for following me, and of course, thank you for loving park bom ♥. 

key: mutuals, favorite blog or person,  ♥ indicates extra favorite/friend, (so sorry if i accidentally missed any mutuals!!) 

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about person of interest

so I suppose I’ve been really annoying in the last couple of weeks, ever since I finally started watching POI, and a lot of people probably still don’t understand my obsession.

let me explain:

  • I know it looks a whole lot like your average CBS procedural drama. it isn’t. it follows the pattern of a procedural in a lot of episodes with “person of interest of the week”, but there are bigger story arcs that dominate it
  • the main themes of the show are artificial intelligence and surveillance, and the dangers they may carry
  • the two main characters who you meet in the pilot are white straight men. and then, there is another white straight man. you probably think “ugh”. except, they are all great characters with (sometimes unexpected) depth to them
  • THE FEMALE CHARACTERS. whether it’s main or recurring ones, they tend to make them awesome
  • it’s badass. which also means BADASS LADIES, and I’m always a sucker for those
  • an awesome, badass squad, made up of people who are ready to take a bullet for each other
  • great m/f friendships. 100% platonic ones. (okay, maybe except one)
  • a beautifully written, slow burn f/f CANON couple. written into the show simply because the actresses’ chemistry was too intense to be ignored (also, with the most accurate ship name in the universe)
  • also, did I mention the squad has a dog??
  • one of the main characters is a neurodivergent bisexual woc
  • one of the main male characters is disabled
  • also, that one time, the writers had the perfect excuse to kill off a queer character and didn’t??
  • the acting is PHENOMENAL
Love Your Artist

Hi folks!

Sorry for the delay, but I was trying to decide how exactly I was going to do this. I follow a ton of blogs and I haven’t had contact with every single person I reblog/like stuff from. So instead of listing every artist/writer that I follow, I’ve chosen a select group.

The Baes:

fenharels-heart: THE WIFU. Seriously, there is not enough I can say about this amazing and beautiful woman. She is everything to me. My wife, my soul mate, my sister from across the pond. I am so lucky that I found such a fantastic person such as her. <3 Lots of lovely art and writing!

katjalaroux: One of the first people I talked to when I started writing. A wonderful woman whom I can’t imagine NOT being friends with. She is kind, easy to talk to and has way too much love for Nate. (which isn’t really a problem since we can squee about him together hehe) She’s definitely helped revive my love for Nate with her writing.

rayeliann: Rachel is a beautiful soul who has so much love to give. Her art is stunning, the hard work she puts into each piece obvious. Her art is a gift that she has decided to bestow upon us and it should not be wasted. I am truly blessed that I can call her a friend. Her OCs are exceptional, particularly Hadynne Trevelyan, Nayeli Surana, and Rys Shepard stand out for me.

vitaebenefaria: Mercy’s writing is so much better than mine will ever be. She knows how to weave a story with intricate details and true emotion. I can’t imagine shipping Stroud with anyone other than her Hawke and the two of them have truly become an OTP of mine. One of my favorite people in the entire world.

yesmassdragoneffect: My smut sister and Samsonette. Madga is serious Dragon Age trash, especially when it comes to writing amazing smut for our favorite characters. Her June Surana is one of my favorite Surana’s of all time and I adore that we both ship our f!Surana’s with Anders. Totally worth a follow if you haven’t already.

inquisitor-desya-lavellan: LOVE OF MY LIFE. Ricky’s blog is gay central. Majority of it is Dorian, Iron Bull, FenHawke, Samson, and m!Shenko. If any of those sound good, FOLLOW HIM. His writing is my favorite and he is the sweetest and cutest babe ever. <3

Close Friends:

goddesstiera: While she doesn’t post her writing as often as she’d like, what I have read of Tara’s stuff is wonderful. Especially her Adaar x Harding fluff. I’m head over heels for those two!

nextcastle: Morgana is not only one of my outside of tumblrs besties, but a fabulous artist who has done nothing but amazing work of Dragon Age characters. One of my favorite pieces is art she did of my f!Trevelyan and Josie. She’s a treasure and you are missing out if you aren’t following her.

beckaliz: Bex, Oh Bex. <3 You are truly a gem. I have commissioned her so many times and each art I get makes me happier and happier. She is one person I am honored to call a friend. :D

symetrii: Cutie pie! Absolute cutie. She posts wonderful art and is one of my favorite people. Easy to talk to, has the best OCs, and is so talented!

chubbycatwhiskers: Koi/Angie is awesome. If you want to gush with someone over that damned Space bird lizard, she’s the one to go to! Shakarian trash til the end. Mass Effect arts happen here.

all-truths-wait-in-all-things: Fantastic writing and even more fantastic characters. Kaia Tabris is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read. And to think, we wouldn’t have known one another without Mass Effect Holiday Cheer. :p

Those that I admire:

// cocotingo // ottabox // siawrites // thefereldenheroisanelf // aliciawonderland // cerulione // splicerspawn // officialfemshep // helilart // esakris // noctuaalba // icamon-chan // brennacedria // wrrex // korcariwitches // arimabari // yukisamui // danya224 // benefaris // ferzeldan // carpe-cullen // agregor // themintmagician // vallasliin // taakevegg // resoan// reellifejaneway2 // calyah // brelakor // chenria // inquisitorsophie // inquisitiorherah // biotictrash // pugletto // koipepper // orokay // blackheath-art // thinkdragonage // hellaartfordays // mysweetbologna // my-hart-will-go-on // gideon-ephraim // kitteria // myothermountsaqunari // seekerofweird // alexielapril // bloodofthepen // annaiese // pixiedurango // imperialdragonborn // ummmmandy // scriptrixdraconum // sane-cat-lady // thatantivanelf // theassassinlover // fereldanrose // anoratheirin // needlesslycryptic // black-rose4 // anotherdayforchaosfay // anon-omis // farashe // continueplease // soretto // erithe // lyriumrebel // eeveevie // knightcommanderalenko // adjectivebear // maebyrutherford // exposed-mama // bugsieplusone // gaurdian9sunshine // pheberoni // a-mahariels-travels // genericbanana // queenoftheprocrastination // nennesis // theinkedoctopus // loonyloopy // vir-tanadahl // alisienna // wardencommandervakarian // chrenada // captain-tabris // sketchingsparrow // obvious-apostate // riri-chi // keelahsomethigh-art // starfleetspectre // isriana // skeletonteaparties // shutterbones // kingalistairtheiriin // 50shadesofthanekrios // allrust // wei723 // choco-minto // tarysande // momochanners //

i have noooo clue how this happened but i recently hit 2k followers!!! thank you to all those who helped and all those who follow me, i seriously love every one of you. so here’s my v cool follow forever:


wishingfortroyler, turtleeeee, wow, you’re my absolutely favourite person ever ok, you’re hilarious and beautiful and just an amazing friend, i don’t even know what i’d do if you never said hi (ur my fave and deserve endless follows ok i love you - and yes i promise we’ll meet soon)

troylerstwinkbottoms, thyraaa, you’re absolutely perfect and an amazing person inside and out and we may have only just started talking but i love you and i can’t wait to meet you one day

thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube, scarlett!! you’re an absolute queen who’s just flawless and lovely and i love you ok

phangirling-bc-of-troyler, emily!!! i feel like we haven’t spoken for ages and i’m literally such a shitty friend but i love you a lot and you’re amazing and your blog is just perfect ok ily

sweet-as-sugarpie, liz!!! you’re one of my faves and you’re absolutely lovely and amazing to talk to, just perfect and super duper sweet ily

youtubers-stepasidepeasants, maria my queeen, you’re my real life bestie and you’re the absolute best and your blog deserves millions more followers than it has bc its amazing (aND EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW HER) but yah ur perfect and i love you a lot

more of my favourite blogs:


a-boy-like-trxye, adorelester, adoringfrentus, alltheworldsaphil, ayeoakley, bryce-ashley, bubbletealester, cutiepiedan, darkpalebitch, did-i-mention-troyler, digging-troyler, fathoming-the-stars, fluffytroyler, fr3ntus, fricksivan, gladyousaidhi, happilytroye, hashtagtroye, hella-nootella, hellaradsivan, hmstroyler


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and of course….

troyesivan, my favourite ever person, thank you so much for being you and doing what you do. you make me so happy and just by doing what you do you’ve helped me meet all these wonderful people

tyleroakley, my queen, you are such an incredible person, i can’t even put it into words. just thank you for being you and bringing so much happiness into my life

sorry this is so long!!! thanks again!