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Byun Baekhyun//Dyeing To Meet You

Summary: Everybody knows that soulmates have the same hair colour - and your soulmate, wherever he is, is to be blamed for the ridiculous hair colour you woke up with this morning. - A/N: for the sake of this AU, just pretend your hair doesn’t get damaged when you dye it.
Scenario: Soulmate AU, fluff
Word Count: 3,021

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Novocaine-Chapter 10

Summary: Behold the flooooof

Pairings: Dean x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: Not one

Word count:1473

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Hushed voices surround you, a deep bass which wraps around your frazzled subconscious soothing the screaming voices in your head, a leftover remnant of losing control A warm, large hand rubs small circles into your back. It’s familiar, safe. You melt into the touch, sighing contently as the action chases away the terror the previous day brought. Your long hair is splayed wildly over the pillow, the highlights shining in the sun, casting a shadow over your face. There are eyes on you. You can feel them, assessing, worrying. Choosing to ignore it you snuggle deeper into the warm blankets, wanting just a couple more minutes

“What happened?” the first voice asks, the concern in his voice is palpable.

Your brain conjures up a shaggy-haired Sam, and you repress the urge to groan.

Sam was a worrier. If he had his way, he’d shut you in a room and wait on you hand and foot like you had contracted some horrible disease.

You smile softly to yourself. How I love Moose, your tired mind supplies.

“She had a moment. It happens, Sammy, you know it does,” Dean replies fondly. “She’ll be alright, My girl doesn’t give up that easy.”

My girl.

The sentence whispers through your mind, and to your surprise, you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.surprise you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.

Shit. Stupid reality.

The hand on your back digs into a particularly stiff muscle making you moan as it released the tension, and you stretch out cat like arching into it, cutting off their conversation rather effectively. The hand stills and you bury your face deeper into the pillow, a small sound of discontent escaping your lip. You reach out blindly, searching for the magical hand, finally coming into contact with it, placing it impatiently on your back, letting the owner know exactly what you wanted.

A wry chuckle escapes Dean when the warm feeling returns.

You want to dip yourself in the sound, coat yourself with it. Bottle it and take it out on bad days. It’s a sound that could chase away nightmares, and you desperately want to hear it again.

“I know it happens, Dean, but why did it happen? Why now? It’s not like her to lose control. She hasn’t had an episode since.,.” Sam lets the thought hang.

Never one to back down, Dean sighs. “The nightmares. I know, Sammy. When I got there Tin Man was running scared, and she had gone nuclear. I haven’t seen it that bad since we found her. Dad always knew how to talk her down,” he replies sullenly.

You crack open an eye, mildly irritated they’d found it necessary to discuss you while you were out for the count.

“You did good, Dean,” Sam says softly. “Dad couldn’t have done better.”

The silence that accompanies Sam’s words is deafening, and you know Dean has retreated into his head, beating himself up over things he had no control over. That were not his responsibility.

You’re just about to open your mouth to give them a piece of your mind and snap him out of it when Dean interrupts the oncoming tirade.

“Sam?” he asks tightly.

“Yeah?” Sam replies instantly.

“Whose jacket is that?”  

You can hear the smirk in his voice

“Uh… It’s Shadow’s?” Sam never was good at fibbing to Dean.

“She wasn’t wearing one.” Dean sounds damn near gleeful.

“You sure? I could have sworn…” Sam tries again.

“Cut the crap, Sam,” Dean interrupts.

“Dean,” Sam pleads.

“You sly dog. Little brother getting down and dirty!” Dean laughs loudly, jostling you as he does.

“No… It-it wasn’t..” Sam answers desperately.

“Was it the busty redhead or the witchy one?” Dean sports a wicked shit eating grin, waggling his eyebrows lewdly.

Having enough, you heave a loud sigh. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a little shut-eye around here?” you snap at the boys, turning onto your back to glare at them both.

“Someone’s cranky this morning,” Dean mutters, gracing you with a lopsided grin his eyes sparkling.

“You would be too if you woke up to a congregation of farm animals in your bedroom, Winchester. Sounds like clucking hens.”

Sam grins as he snarks, “Not your bedroom, Shads.”

You peer at the bedroom, the distinct lack of band paraphernalia and star wars posters confirm Sam’s statement. “Why pray tell, am I not in my own bedroom?” you ask calmly.

Dean looks down sheepishly. “I couldn’t find yours, so I texted Sam and here we are. Looks like I interrupted sexy fun time though,” he snickers, shooting a knowing look at a blushing Sam.

You stifle a giggle, putting on your best bitch face. “Are you sleeping with one of my teammates, Sam?” you ask seriously.

“Shads, no that’s not…” he begins but is cut off with peals of laughter from you and Dean, who flings himself backward on the bed, his chest rumbling with mirth. Sam stands up, grumbles something unintelligible while grabbing the jacket off the armchair and mumbling about finding coffee. He makes sure to slam the door behind him as he exits.

“Some people are so touchy,” Dean says, fondness clear in his voice.

You snort out another laugh, turning on your side to face him.

He follows suit, his green eyes shining, his plush pink lips quirked into a half smile.

Something warm twinges in your chest. You can feel the heat creeping up your neck, and you bite down on your bottom lip, dropping your gaze to the sheets, distinctly aware you were alone in a room with a man who had owned your heart and body for many years.

“Thank you,” you whisper, lifting your gaze to his, “for yesterday. I shouldn’t have let my emotions rule me. It hasn’t happened in a while.”

Dean smiles, placing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “It happens,” he states matter of factly. “No need to apologize, I’ve seen worse.”

Your heart warms, the little fire in your chest growing fiercer with each word out of his mouth. “What you said… on the roof,” you begin, taking a deep breath, “did you mean it?”

He stares at you seriously, his eyes roaming your features. “Every word, sweetheart,” his eyes soften as he looks at you, “I meant every word. And I’ll keep saying it until you believe me,” he adds.

Chewing on the inside of your cheek, determined to let the past lie, not to let it consume you any longer, you make a decision. It’s one that makes you feel lighter, more yourself, for the first time in years. “I forgive you, De,” you reply smiling widely.

Deans answering smile is radiant, and he places a soft kiss on your forehead. “Thank you,” he says simply, tracing a finger along your jawline.

You sigh contently. “I’m afraid I might have hurt Cas’s feelings.”

The things you said played into every insecurity Cas had. He tried so hard to fit in, to be like everyone else. Chuck knows how badly you’d screwed with his head. The answering silence has dread crawling up your spine.

“You saw Cas?” Dean asks flatly, and your panic kicks into full-blown terror.

“What’s going on?”  

Dean sighs. “You ain’t gonna like it.”  

“Spit it out, Dean!” You sit upright on the bed, looking down at him.

He swallows heavily, his chest rising and falling, a deep weariness in his demeanor. “Lucifer escaped the cage, hopped a ride in the president of the U.S of A and knocked up his staff manager. We got him back into the cage, but his staff manager - Kelly Kline - ran, got mixed up with a knight of hell. We roped in the Men of Letters. That went to hell like usual. Afterward, Cas got it into his thick skull  Kelly and the baby was to be protected. He’s been AWOL ever since, and now Lucifer’s escaped the Cage, again, and is jonesing for a hit of Winchester blood. Cas doesn’t return calls or listen to reason anymore, and neither Sam or I can get through to him.”

You contemplate his little monologue for a second, pushing down the terror his words inspired. Making up your mind, you nod to yourself. “What do you need me to do?”  

Dean deflates, relief coating his handsome features. “Track him. We couldn’t find a psychic strong enough, not after Pamela,” he says, guilt bleeding into his voice.

“Okay,” you reply. Determination and worry mixing together, you jump out of bed. “Let’s get moving then!” Glancing around the bedroom, you search for your shoes.

Dean sits bolt upright, worry etched onto his face. “What? You mean no breakfast?”

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@solangelo-scomiche-caleo asked if I could do a continuation of this, which you should probably read first, so here you go. Hope you like it :)

Blinking, Will sat up in the couch he’d been lying on. It took him several seconds of looking around to realize he was in Nico’s apartment, a blanket draped over him. Nico was nowhere to be seen, though.

What was he doing here?

He didn’t exactly remember how he’d gotten here, only that he had. The pain in his head didn’t really help either. He wasn’t used to drinking. He barely ever did. But apparently last night he had though it necessary. He faintly remembered thinking he had to see Nico for some reason and then nothing.

God, what had he done? He just hoped he didn’t do anything stupid, like confessing his feelings or trying to kiss him or something. Nico was his best friend and everyone knew the best way to ruin a friendship was admitting you wanted more. At least, that’s what everyone always told him, what he saw in movies, not that he had any experience.

The first time they met, through Leo Valdez, Will had though Nico was absolutely breathtaking. With his messy hair the color of the night sky and these deep brown eyes and high cheekbones. Then he’d opened his mouth to make a snarky remark to something Leo said and Will was gone. They’d talked all night, became friends, best friends and Will had slowly been falling deeper and deeper in love with him. He was almost sure Nico didn’t feel the same, though

Maybe he was freaking out over nothing, maybe he’d just arrived here and instantly fallen asleep. God, he hoped that was what happened.

He got up and walked to the kitchen to see if Nico was there. He was. Standing in front of the counter, making a cup of coffee.

Will awkwardly cleared his throat and said: ‘Hi.’

Nico jumped, almost let the cup in his hand fall to the ground. He turned around. ‘God, Will! You scared me, I didn’t hear you come in.’

‘That’s weird. You always hear everything.’

Nico shrugged, but Will noticed he didn’t meet his eyes. He was more fidgety than he normally was. So he did do something yesterday. They hadn’t been awkward around each other since the very beginning of their friendship.

He didn’t know how to bring it up, though, so he tried acting natural. They ate breakfast, bickered like they normally did, even though it felt a bit forced. There was an awkwardness underlying everything and Will didn’t know how to deal with that. Not to mention his head was killing him.

He assumed Nico felt the same, because he suddenly just said it. ‘What happened yesterday? You never drink.’

Will chewed on his lip and raked a hand through his hair. ‘I uh… needed the courage to do something.’

‘Do what?’

‘Was I – Did I say something yesterday?’

Nico flushed red. Not a good sign. ‘You kind of told me you wanted to kiss me. But don’t worry’, he quickly added when Will’s eyes widened. ‘nothing happened. I just figured it was the alcohol or something. I didn’t uh – yeah.’

‘It wasn’t.’

‘Wasn’t what?’

‘Wasn’t the alcohol.’, he quickly said, before he lost the nerve. ‘I do want to kiss you. Even sober.’

Nico just looked at him for a while. ‘Why don’t you then?’, he finally said with a smirk.

‘Seriously?’, Will sputtered, not getting the response he had expected.

Nico, the jerk, snickered at his expression, though he couldn’t hide the blush on his cheeks. ‘Yeah, Solace, seriously.’

So that’s what Will did. He stepped closer to Nico, put a hand on his cheek and softly pressed his lips against his.

He knew it was probably terrible, morning breath and all. He probably still smelled of alcohol, but if Nico didn’t mind then he didn’t either.

The kiss made stars grow like flowers in his heart.

Now that I’ve taken the time to grieve, I think I’ll be okay with Samuel and Jonghyun not making Wanna One. My ideal top 11 did not include Jisung or Sungwoon, but if I had the option, I wouldn’t replace them. They deserve those spots, and they NEED those spots, maybe even moreso than Samuel and Jonghyun. Jisung has been training for years and this was probably his last chance to debut, and Sungwoon needs to promote Hotshot as much as he can, and making the top 11 would be really the only way to guarantee attention​ for his group (if you don’t believe me, look at JJCC, OffRoad, TheEastLight, ToppDogg, etc.). Nu'est has done there job; to regain the fans and attention they once had and even if they don’t have Minhyun, they will probably have an awesome comeback once or twice and those 18 months will fly by. Samuel is still very young, so he has plenty of time to make it big, plus I think he suits a solo image more than a group (although I’m not opposed to SVT adopting him, I think he is gonna become the next BoA and make Korea shook).

The whole “mnet posting the wrong pic for top 11” thing isn’t really that suspicious, it was probably their prediction and they probably had other pics with other members ready as well. But I’m kinda glad that wasn’t the lineup, because a lineup without Jaehwan would not be sufficient for me. Jaehwan needed that spot more than anyone, and Wanna One would seriously lack in vocals without him. Now he probably has the pick of nearly every company in Korea (low-key hoping he goes to SM and becomes an NCT member…) If K-netz did anything right, it was pulling through for Jaehwan and getting him 4th.

I’m still looking forward to Wanna One’s debut, as well as all the other trainees from the show (HF already getting ready let’s goooooo). RBW and The Vibe better not fuck this up and wait too long cuz I need more Hwanwoong and Taedong in my life. Starship x Yuehua needs to happen yesterday. Good luck to all the PD101 trainees, hopefully we will all meet again soon in the future. Good luck Samuel and Nu'est, I’ll look forward to what you have in store. And for Wanna One, a big huge Fighting! Y'all deserve it! 😘

Don't let me go part 2

A/N : Hey guys ! How are you all ? Hope that you are having best days ever in your life . Hope that you are all fine . Also I hope that you have missed me .

So this was requested by @andy-blur . Thank you so much for giving me a chance to write such a thing . I don’t know if is it too long or too short or just ok . I still have a lot to write in this story so if you need more please don’t hesitate. I just hope you will enjoy it as much as possible.

Warnings: Angst / Fluff / Tragedy and sadness, but just like the last part I promise with a good end .

Summary: You are the human twin for Hope and you have a heart disease that your father didn’t know about it . You are just struggling to get love and reception from your father just as much as Hope .


It has been to weeks now since you and your father had your small adventure beside the lake . Those days were like heaven to you , you finally knew how heaven looks like and smells..heaven looks like your father and smells like him . He wasn’t there all the time , but when he was he made sure that you two would have some private time together to talk and play . He noticed that you always pick up his things and that you knew where exactly is everything that belongs to him , so he invented you a game . He would put you some of his things in the forest and then when you pick them all up you find the place you both are going to meet in .

You loved the idea so much . It was your hobby after all since he came back . You loved everything that belonged to him with all of your heart, just as much as you love him.

He enjoyed that game with you as well , he surprised you every time you both did that and he always felt happiness and freedom with you , but he would never forget about yesterday when he had and emergency call from Elijah telling him that there’s someone who is following him and Hope . He thought he would be able to come back on time , he thought he would be there before you get the last object so he just left..

You stood there that night waiting, you waited and you waited and he never came . He got back home with Hope and Elijah late at night and after he made sure that Hope was asleep he went to your room and then he didn’t find you there.

“ Y/N..” he yelled and vamp-speeded to nearly everywhere and when he was nearly tired he found you there , at the place he was supposed to meet you . You were freezing and already unconscious

“ Y/N..” he called softly getting his kneels on the ground beside you

“ What have I done ? ” he whispered to himself thinking that he have lost you. For another time he went before Hope leaving you behind. It wasn’t really about his search for power..or at least that what he hopped

Your hand started to move. It was like you had a radar that tells you whenever he is around, like you only a live just for him.

“ Daddy..” it was more a moan than a call

“ Yes , Love ! This is your daddy and he is so sorry ” he said he eyes focused on you not even blinking and then his tears fall down without him even knowing about it

“ It is ok..the most important thing that you came back safely..” you suffered to talk . Your body that was leaning on the tree now moved to fall on the ground after those few words that you said. You were already tired of everything

He got you in his hand and vamp-speeded until he got you home and that was the first time he recognized it, he recognized that no one cared . Hayley spent the whole day crying when Hope wasn’t there for a half hour, Elijah got crazy when he knew that someone meant harm to hope and they were just silent when they came about you.

He asked himself when he was getting you your medicine and putting you to bed about how many many times you talked and they told you you were a liar, how many time they thought about you as one , how many times you needed a glass of water and no one helped you to get , how many times you were sad because of them , how many times you suffered there alone without him ?!!

He was wondering about how you lived all of this time alone with your -supernatural- heart disease, hunted, and almost by yourself. When they all seemed to be forgetting about you -including him - how you were able to live , love and forgive ?

He put you in bed and then he laid down beside you . He spent that night watching over you until he fall asleep. He enjoyed the voice of your breath even it was still shallow, he was able to hear it and that helped him to feel safe .


The morning came and you woke up first. You were still feeling weak and tired , but that wasn’t what you thought about . You only thought about your dad after remembering that he came back yesterday late and find you like that . * You must scared the hell out of him * that what you thought. It was when you decided to go and find him, you only looked to see him by your side..he wasn’t letting you go . Just as he promised .

You didn’t want to wake him up . You put a kiss on his check and the you let your small hand to rest on it . You rubbed it softly as you weren’t able to fight that . The warmness of his body that what you liked the most .

He started to shift , he was waking up . He opened his eyes to find you . He smiled as he saw you innocent face . He thought that he have reached heaven as well .

Remembering what had happened yesterday made him freak out again and then he got up quickly to check on you “ Y/N! Are you feeling alright? ” he asked seriously with a worry look in his eyes

“ I am fine , Dad . I am so sorry that I made you worry. I should have came back home , but I was so worried about you . It was the first time..” You weren’t able to continue as he cut your words

“ It is ok , Love! What should I do to get forgiveness for my sins ? ” he asked feeling guilty, not wanting to remember what had happened yesterday

“ What is the most thing you want in this life ? Just ask . Your demands are orders ” he asked with passion. He really needed to know you .

You closed your eyes which were half-shut already as you were still tired and sleepy and then you answered innocently and naturally without thinking “ I want for myself the same things I want to you . To love and be loved , to live happily with the people I grew up to find as a family and with the people I will choose them to be a family, to be able to say goodbye in your arms after doing a lot of good things to you , to be able to re-born if I didn’t find you in heaven, if I am so tired of waiting and if I missed you so much I want to re-born as every person you are going to pass by , as your strong baby boy as the girl you would fall in love with..I just want to be yours ” you finished with a smile on your face and the you opened your eyes only to see your father crying. Your words just left him like that , you hit his weakness spot that he never told anybody about - even himself- he didn’t even know he had such a thing.

You just left him speechless. You buried your face into his chest when you found out he was crying “ Sorry , Dad ! I didn’t mean to make you sad . If this is so hard to be real..” you were crying as well and then he cut your words “ I promise that I would never let you go..” he was sobbing at this point and he tried to control himself but he was not able to. He got you into a tight hug and then he got his fingers through your hair “ And if you saying goodbye was a necessary thing ..I will make sure that you will have a good one with your body in my hands and if I wasn’t able to make it to heaven on time..” the sobs stopped him again “ I will make sure that I will find you when you are re-born. I will look at every face I am going to pass by in the street, I will wait to have you as my baby again..I will wait to find you as big girl that I can fall in love with..I will spend the infinite waiting for you.” Klaus was trying to control himself and to use the right words * He was trying to control this unknown part of himself *

This part of him that recognized that even the ever has an end , that goodbye can happen anytime with any person and his power can’t stop it , that force is not the only way to the throne and love is easier way to it.

“ Thank you daddy ” you mumbled still burying your face into his chest

“ No ! Thank you , Y/N ..for not letting the shadows to hunt me once more . Thanks for not letting me go for my darkest side again. As long as you can * Don’t let me go * ever , Y/N

He said rubbing your back , putting you to sleep again as he knew how tired you were and he just wanted to enjoy watching you asleep for another couple of hours..he was not able to let you go for now

recipe | jensoo

She hated parties. The loud music and many people just weren’t really her thing. Yet she had decided that being a good friend also meant sacrifice. That’s why she came to the party in the first place, to be a good friend; after all it was her best friend’s birthday we were talking about.

It was March 27, Saturday morning and the birthday of Lisa, her best friend. Jennie had just woken up and stretched her body as the thought hit her. She sighed and made herself some breakfast, thinking about how she’d survive this day. While she was sitting at the counter eating her oats, she checked again if she had all the presents for her friend. The unicorn pillow, the little notebook with quotes in it and the pink brush set- now the only thing missing was the cake. Jennie loved baking or cooking in general, that’s why a birthday cake was a big must for her, regardless of whoever birthday it was. After putting the used dishes away she went through the recipe again, checking if all the ingredients had been bought. As she had made sure that everything she needed was there she started on making a strawberry cake which happened to be one of Lisa’s favorites. She’d sometimes spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with flavors, creating new dishes or simply letting her creativity flow. Time would always pass by so fast that in the end she was almost running late for the birthday party. Shit, Jennie thought to herself as she quickly got dressed and carefully placed her masterpiece onto a cake transporter to carry it to her friend’s house. She took a final look at her cake, smiling in content before she left the house and made her way to Lisa’s place. She arrived at a little after 8 PM but the place was already crowded. Loud music was playing and and some people would sing karaoke in the living room while others were outside talking or smoking. Jennie took a deep breath before entering the house and started to look for Lisa. When she had finally found the birthday girl she excitedly ran up to her hugging her tight and congratulating the girl who had just turned 19. The younger one was happy and squealed when she saw the cake and together they’d make their way to the kitchen to get plates. Some people would follow them to also get a piece and while they were eating Jennie watched them with a pleased smile which turned into a shy one whenever someone complimented her skills. By the time it got darker she had found herself on the couch, simply watching everyone having fun. She then looked at her phone which told her it was only a few minutes before midnight. Jennie yawned and stood up and squeezed herself through the crowd to get into the kitchen. She eyed the last piece of her strawberry cake which was solely standing on the plate. Jennie didn’t feel like eating it at all, she felt sick and had gotten a headache from the loud music. The moment she wanted to put the lid onto the cake transporter a voice stopped her from doing so. “Aren’t you gonna eat this piece?” As she turned around she looked into the brown eyes of a petite girl. Her eyes were almost black and in the gloomy light she thought she could see stars in them. “Huh?” Was the only thing that she got out of her mouth before actually understanding that the girl meant the remaining piece of cake. While she was looking at her with a shy smile and rosy cheeks Jennie’s face lightened up a little. “Oh, no but you can have it,” she exclaimed and quickly grabbed a plate and placed the piece onto it before handing it out to the girl she really had never seen before. What a perfect timing, Jennie thought to herself. Now she could take the empty container and quickly make her way home. She smiled at the girl who just took the first bite of the cake, letting out a content “hmm” and then thanked her for the cake. “No, I thank you”, Jennie smiled even more. “Enjoy your cake and the party, I’ll get going now” with that Jennie left the girl behind in the kitchen before she could even say anything else. Jennie looked for Lisa and when she had found her quickly said goodbye to her, excusing herself with having a headache. The younger one smiled with an empathetic smile before hugging her tight, thanking the older one for coming and the great presents. The other moment Jennie was finally out of the door and made her way back home. There, she was greeted by Kai and Kuma her dogs. She simply removed her make up before falling onto her bed in exhaustion. She sighed in relief and curled herself up in her sheets falling asleep almost immediately.

When she woke up the other morning she was in a good mood. Since it was Sunday she’d only study a little, maybe cook some meals for the upcoming week. As she got ready in the bathroom she heard her phone beeping in the other room. With a toothbrush in her mouth she went over to check who had texted her, it was an unknown number.

Hey, do u happen to have the recipe of that strawberry cake ?

 it was seriously so good and I feel like I need more of it

 oh I’m jisoo btw the one you gave the last piece of cake at Lisa’s party yesterday

 I got ur number from her too I hope it’s okay

A smile flashed onto Jennie’s lips as the picture of Jisoo eating the cake popped up in her head. She hesitantly texted her back.

I’m glad you liked it and ofc I can give u the recipe. How about meeting at the lil coffee shop near the park at 2 PM?

Almost immediately she got an answer

yes I’ll be there ^^ 

The smile remained on Jennie’s lips as she got ready, rewrote the recipe in neat handwriting and made her way to the coffee shop.

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Thank you so much! and it’s no problem at all!

So, I would say that since she is confused and nervous, and most likely upset about their fight, the more realistic option would be for her to leave and return when she’s calmed down enough to get a clear insight on the situation. It might be best if you allow her time to figure things out, let her wrap her mind around what happened. Or to have her demand an explanation then so she can decide if she wants to leave or not.

I can also try and give you a couple dialogue prompts:

1. B: “Good Morning, Would you like some breakfast?”

A:”No, I want some Answers? What the hell happened last night?”

2. B: “Are you always this fucking cranky in the morning?”

3. A: “What do you think you are doing?”

B: “Cuddling?”

A:”Yeah; No. Not until I get an explanation for yesterday”

4. B:”Are you seriously going to walk all the way back to your place?”


B:”You’re fucking insane. Just come back to bed”

A:”How about…No? I’ll talk to you tomorrow and you better have some answers and an apology”

I hope these work, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask!

Yo I don’t like Bernie either but that tweet really isn’t a “gotcha”. It was over a year ago in reference to some of the legitimately violent rhetoric and behavior of Trump and some of his supporters. It has nothing to do with what happened yesterday and Bernie was very quick to denounce the actions of his supporter. If you want to be taken seriously you need to pick your battles wisely.

Let Me Protect You Chapter 13/?

Pairings: Chris Evans x OFC Emilia

Word Count: 1,765

Warnings: Fluffy goodness

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Self-Harm

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After Emilia’s fiancé cheats on her, she moves to California to live with her brother Eric, who just so happens to be good friends with Chris Evans.  Follow Emilia and her roller coaster life through heartbreak, love, and emotional trauma. Will Emilia choose to let Chris into her heart, or will she remain broken and alone forever?

Chris wanted to protect you. He wanted to protect you from everything.  From the harm you do to yourself, from the emotions and feelings that overpower you. He actually wanted to protect you. It was as if those words were the magical words you needed to hear.  All negative thoughts and feelings slipped away from you in that moment.  It was just you and Chris, embraced in each other’s arms.  

At this moment, you wanted nothing more than to call Chris yours.  You wanted him for yourself, and only for you.  You wanted to shower him with affection; with love.  You only hoped he felt the same way, even though he’s already told you as much.  

Fuck it, actions you speak louder than words, so you decided to take the plunge.

Looking at his lips, they were perfect.  The perfect shape to kiss, to nibble on, to suckle.  You wanted those lips on yours.

You glanced back up to his eyes, only to see he his were glanced down to your lips too.  You waited, until he raised his eyes back to yours to speak.

“I want you to protect me Chris”, you say with happiness in your voice.

He puts forth a small smile, but it’s his eyes that really say it all; relief.

You slowly start leaning your head towards his, eyes darting between his eyes and lips.  

Your lips finally reach his, and it’s as if fireworks are exploding in your chest.  The kiss is pure emotion; not rushed or hurried, but soft and sensual.

Your hands roam his chest and grip onto his shirt for support, while his thread into your hair, pulling you even closer.

You both break away panting, trying to regain your breathing.  Chris leans his forehead against yours as he asks, “does this make it official between us” with a laugh.

You can’t help but let out a small giggle at his words.  “Yes Chris, it makes us official.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for another relationship so soon?  I seriously don’t mind waiting until your ready Ems.”

“Chris, if you want to be here for me, then I’m not letting you do it as my friend.  I need you to be more than that if you are willing to help me”, you say running your fingers through his beard, loving the way it feels on your fingers.  “Plus, I’ve never felt so strongly for someone before and if I’m going to be getting help, I don’t want to have to suppress these feelings I have for you.”

He gives you a full faced smile, the kind that reaches all the way up to his eyes.  He leans in to capture your lips with his again.  

This kiss was different from your first.  The first kiss you shared was sensual and soft, this kiss was all passion.  Your lips were moving in synch with his; as if you two were matched for each other.  

You felt him part his lips and took it as the perfect opportunity to grab his lower lip with your teeth and nibble lightly.

The noise that came from his throat sent a shiver down your spine, and you wanted to hear it again. Deciding to be a bit bold, you trace your tongue along his lower lip, asking for entrance.  

Chris gladly accepts, but you immediately lose your dominance as his tongue starts to massage yours.  

A moan came from deep within you, letting Chris know just how amazing this felt.  

The kiss had started to grow increasingly intense and you were lost within it.  One of his hands moved from your head and started trailing down your body until he cupped your ass.  You broke apart the kiss with a groan, loving the feelings of his hands on you.

“Now this is the kind of distraction I could get used to”, you say with a sly smile as you lean in to peck him on the lips one more time.

“I told you I could help you”, Chris says giving you that boyish grin.  

“Don’t get too cocky babe, not everything is going to be as easy as this.”

“Babe huh?”

You playfully shove his chest, “you called me baby a few times!” you exclaim.

“I know I know.  In all seriousness now, can I make a suggestion?”

“Depends” you answer him, your eyebrow quirking up.

“I don’t want you to be spending the night alone here with what happened yesterday.  I want to stay here with you, at least until Eric comes back to town”.

You mull his idea over for a minute, trying to find any consequences, but come up short.  It would be nice for him to be here with you, seeing as it probably wouldn’t be best for you to be left alone with your thoughts.  But then you remembered, what about Dodge?

“Shit Chris!  You need to get home to Dodger!  When was the last time you let him out?? Fed him??” you ask, becoming frantic over the poor dog.

“Relax Ems!  I dropped Dodger off at a buddy’s house two nights ago. I knew the photo shoot and interview would take all day.  He’s being taken care of” he reassures you.

“Can Dodger come stay here too?” you ask as you bat your eyelashes, hoping it would work.

 Chris gives you a slight chuckle, “of course he can come stay here too.  Unless you want to stay at my place instead?”

“Your place?  You would be alright with me staying there for a few weeks?”

“Baby of course I would! I wouldn’t have asked if I thought differently.  Plus, my house is bigger than this guest house, so if you needed a little space or quiet time, there is plenty of room for you to do so.”

You give him an adoring face while reaching up to place your lips to his again.  The warmth rushing over your body is everything you had ever hoped for, but never felt, until now.  You hum in complete bliss as you break the kiss.  

“I guess I will go pack a bag so we can head out.”

“I’ll be waiting for you right here.”

You grab the duffel bag from the back of your closet and make your way to your dresser.  You grab a few bras, panties and socks and head back to the closet.  You figured things were going to be casual so you stuck with packing t-shirts and jeans for the most part.  You knew Chris had a pool as he mentioned it during one of your many talks last week, so you decided to pack your swimsuit also.  If you needed anything else, it was only a five or ten minute car ride back here.

You head into the bathroom and grab your essentials; toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hairbrush and makeup.  You hardly ever wore makeup, but it was always nice to have it handy.  

Before you head back out to the living room, you make your way to the cabinet and reach towards the back, grabbing your trusty razor.  You hoped that you wouldn’t need it, but you knew it could help you in a pinch if needed. You got out a pair of jeans from the bottom of the duffel and hid the razor in the back pocket.  Satisfied, you walk back to the living room to meet Chris.

“Ready to head out?” you ask as you make your way to the kitchen to grab your purse.

“All set.  I’m having my friend drop Dodger off right now so we don’t have to make any stops,” he says as he takes your duffel from you.

After locking up the guest house, the both of you make your way towards Chris’ car out front, hand in hand. As you reach his car, he opens the passenger door for you.

“Your mother raised a true gentleman.”

Chris chuckles at your statement, “I’ll make sure to tell my mother that.”

You had been wondering how your relationship would work with Chris, with him being in the public eye and all.  Hell, you’ve thought about it for the past week, practically ever since you met him. Relationships that were open to the public involving celebrities barely lasted, and you didn’t want that fate to be bestowed upon the two of you.

“So how does this all work?” you ask pointing your finger back and forth between you two.  “How does this relationship work with you being in the public eye and all?”

“I’m kind of a private person when it comes to my personal relationships.  And I would of course like to keep it that way, if you don’t mind?”

“No I don’t mind at all. I’m more worried about your status and losing fans more than anything.”

“What do you mean my status?” he asks a little bit confused.

“Well Eric brought it to my attention that they will probably find out who I am sooner or later, and they will probably be able to dig into my past and staying in a psychiatric ward and all.  I just don’t want to tarnish your image is all” you state.

He leans his right arm over and gently caresses your knee as he begins to talk, “Ems, fuck what they think. I don’t care if I ever get a movie deal ever again.  They are not my priority, you are.”

You couldn’t help the few lonely tears that escaped your eyes.  But this was a different type of tear.  These were happy tears.

“Thank you” you sniffle out.

“What for? Wait, baby don’t cry!”

“No!!!  They’re happy tears.  Nobody has ever made me feel important before.  I’ve never experienced someone tell me I was a priority to them.”

Chris grabs your hand and brings it up to his lips, giving it a kiss.  “You are important Ems.  I know you’re important to Eric.  But fuck, you are so important to me.  I’ve felt this need to protect you and be with you from the minute I saw you sleeping on your brothers’ couch.  It was as if there was this magnetic pull that kept pulling me towards you.”

Chris had barely put his car into park in his garage before you quickly unbuckled your seatbelt and attacked his face, kissing him hungrily.  You were becoming greedy with his kisses and you didn’t want to stop.  You two were like horny teenagers making out in a car, window fogging up.  You both finally pulled away, chests panting.

Chris smirks at you as he says “lets go see Dodger.”

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It's so true what you said about the brainwashing thing. Once PR made fans believe in that couple, everything is about them. Now her fans are hearing "mi/arr/en" things in Elsie videos that he didn't really say. According to them "Sing along with me now" is actually "Sing along, Mi/a" (it's absurd, why would he said to just one person to sing along when there are 4000 in the audience?) Then "That was for you MOM" after IDAD is according to them "That was for you, hon" to M. Where's logic here???

Anon, yesterday I had another ask telling me about the Free Fallin. Seriously had to check with friends to make sure I did not need my hearing checked. And got an Anon later with the IDAD mention that did not happen.  It is one thing to believe something that actually happens or where there is a seemingly legit story. To state that things are mentioned or said when there is video evidence to the contrary is just sad.

And again on the IDAD, why would you want that dedicated to the woman you perceive as his gf?  It is a song that is about a person (or thing) who tore his hopes apart and turned his dreams to shame. Granted, I think when he sings it, she is the person who did these very things, but that is not something to celebrate.

Again, I legitimately feel sad for those that truly believe, but at the same time, the failure to see the truth that Darren has repeatedly laid in front of them over and over and over and over again, is absolutely a symptom of ignoring the obvious because you cannot accept that the alternative.

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Hi! So glad your requests are open! Can you do a jimin smut pls? One where you guys are trying to have sex "quietly" while the me members are around?? Thanks!!

hello ^^

You sat quietly on Jimin’s bed, scrolling through Netflix on his iPad, trying to find something interesting to watch to occupy your time until the members returned. They liked for you to “dorm-sit” while they were away with a schedule, since you’d always find yourself preparing food for them or cleaning up the seemingly always dirty space. Although the work could prove to be tedious, you couldn’t help but admire feeling the need the members all felt for you to baby them.

“Is there really nothing to watch? Have I seen every good movie on here? Hmm,” you hummed, closing out of the app and catching eye of his home-screen wallpaper, a picture of you two. A sweet smile spread across your face.

Within the span of thirty minutes, you found yourself picking up dirty clothes in the room and sorting them by color to be washed. It was amazing how many dirty clothes had been produced in just three days. As you picked up a pair of Jimin’s jeans, you felt something fall out of the pocket. Setting the clothes by the washer, you picked up what you immediately recognized as an empty condom wrapper. You felt your face flush at the memory of where it came from—yesterday at the company, after a day-long practice that you stayed with them to watch, when neither you nor Jimin could wait to get home. The memory of him rushing you into the bathroom and locking the door behind you, the memory of him pressing you against the cold wall, his warm skin against yours—you hurriedly balled the wrapper in your hands and threw it away, taking note that you and Jimin would have to be a lot more responsible and have a lot more self-control.

“Ahh, I’m so tired,” you heard the voice of Jungkook say, waking you from your nap on the couch. You sat up, rubbing your eyes and looking at the members who quickly filed in.

“It’s so neat in here. Thank you, _____-noona~” Taehyung said, coming to you and leaning against you. You yawned and looked through the members until you made eye contact with your boyfriend. Jimin went immediately into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Jimin-ah, can I talk to you for a moment?” You said lightly while patting Taehyung’s head next to you. He turned to you, the water bottle still on his lips.

“Am I in trouble?”

You shook your head, and he smiled.

Taehyung leaned off of you so that you could get up and go to Jimin. As you two walked back to the room, you could hear the words of Yoongi saying, “hey… she didn’t cook? Does she think staying here is free?! I’m so hungry!”

“I missed you, jagiya. I wish you could’ve came to practice with us today.” Jimin said, wrapping his arms around you. You sighed and looked at his sweet face. He was such an angel.

“Jimin-ah,” you said, moving some of the hair out of his face. “Guess what I found in your pocket earlier?”

“Hmm?” He said, pouting a bit. “Did I leave my headphones in there? They didn’t get ruined by the wash, did they? I’ve been looking for them.”

“No, no,” you smiled. “I found a condom wrapper. The one from yesterday. Jimin, we have to be a lot more careful about when and where we have sex. Someone could’ve heard us at the company yesterday.”

While you were talking, Jimin’s face had flushed bright pink, and while it was adorable, you needed him to be serious at the moment.

“Seriously, Jimin. We were kind of loud, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone knew exactly what was happening.”

“I’m sorry,” he laughed, pulling you into a hug. “You just looked so beautiful, you know.” He said, pulling away and getting a good look at your face. “I couldn’t help myself. You would do the same if you would’ve seen yourself yesterday.”

You frowned. “What are you talking about? I wasn’t even dressed up nicely.”

“Exactly. You’re so beautiful that even your comfortable wear makes me too excited.”

You chuckled in his arms and kissed his lips. “You’re so sweet, Jimin. Come on, let’s go out there with the members. They’re probably ordering something to eat right now, and you have to tell them what you want to eat since last time they ordered without you-“

In the middle of your words, he pulled you into another kiss, cupping one warm hand under your chin as the other wrapped around your waist to pull you closer. You whimpered into the kiss briefly, being caught so off guard by the warmth of it. He pulled away and kissed you again and again, leaving soft pecks on your lips.

“You’re so pretty,” he said, finally pulling away and smiling at your flustered face. He kissed your lips again, and then your nose.

“J-Jimin, you can’t just kiss me like that. You have to at least warn me before you do that.” You said, breathing lightly.

“Why? Does it get you too excited?” He said, wiggling his eyebrows playfully.

“You’re being exceptionally rude today, Park Jimin.” You scoffed, making him laugh. He held your hand in his and sighed.

“You’re right, though. We should practice being more careful and quiet… and I’m sure the members don’t need me to help them order food…”

“I… no. Nope. Not now. Not today. Nope. It’s not happening. No sir. Nope.” You began to protest, turning away from him. He pulled you close again, pressing your back to his chest as he wrapped his arms around you and whimpered in your ear.

“Jagiya~” he cooed, whining as he left warm kisses on your neck.

“Jimin, it’s a really bad idea.”

“What? I never have bad ideas. We need the practice. Come on…” He turned you in his arms, making you two eye to eye. He looked at you solemnly, keeping your eyes connected as he touch your stomach lightly underneath your shirt. His touch, as always, was comforting, warm, and it made you want his fingers all over your body.

“Come here,” he said, pulling your hand with him until you were both by the bed. The back of your knees hit the mattress, making you fall backwards onto the box spring.

His body hovered over yours quickly. He breathed lightly, pressing his lips to yours and shifting his hips against yours, causing both of you to groan slightly. He pulled away and looked into your eyes. He could tell by your dilated pupils that he had you now. Quickly, he gripped the rim of your leggings and pulled them down, exposing your legs. You placed your hands on your chest and felt your racing heartbeat. You were so nervous. It wouldn’t be the first time having sex while the members were around, but that didn’t make the nervousness in your stomach settle.

Jimin was really something else. When you were still getting to know him, you pinned him off as an awkward, yet extremely caring, person—which he still proved to be. However, when you two were like this, he always became so much more. He became intimate, focused, and irresistible.

“Don’t be so nervous, angel.” He hummed lightly, smiling sweetly at you. “We’ll go slowly to keep you calm. Okay? Don’t worry; they won’t hear us.”

“Are you sure?” You felt so worrisome. “I mean, we can only do it so many times without at least one of them figuring out what’s going-”

“Jimin-ah,” you heard a knock at the door, and covered your own mouth with a gasp.

“Hmm?” Jimin hummed, looking down at you and sighing.

“We’re ordering food.” Jin said through the door. “What do you want?”

“Um,” he said, sitting up and pulling off his shirt. “Something really delicious.”

“There’s lots of delicious foods on the menu. You have to pick something.”

You let out a small yelp as your boyfriend pulled you close to him and lifted your shirt over your head. “Honey chicken? Honey chicken sounds really good. Can I get that?”

“I guess.” At the silence behind the door, Jimin smiled and placed one hand in your underwear. You gasped as you felt his middle finger enter you.

“Oh, right!” Jin said through the door, making you cover your own mouth again. “___-ssi, what do you want to eat?”

“U-um,” you said shakily. “Honey chicken is fine for me, too!” You said quickly, and covered your mouth again. As you heard Jin’s footsteps depart from the door, you sighed, relaxing on the bed.

Jimin laughed before kissing you, and continuing to move his one long finger inside of you as you moaned lightly.

“It’s—it’s not funny.” You breathed, not liking to speak while he did this to you. You tended to get so winded and excited so easily, so using your breath unnecessarily made your head spin slightly.

“You’re so cute,” he said, his voice above a whisper. You couldn’t help but smile at him, reaching up to run a hand through his soft hair. He was just so handsome… you couldn’t help but to soak it all in. His lips were on yours quickly, leaving wet, slow kisses on your mouth as you felt mesmerized by him. Somewhere between the time of his kiss, he’d managed to undress himself and you completely, for you were so excited and high just by his lips that you didn’t even notice.

He pulled away briefly and leaned over to his nightstand, reaching for protection. You sat up as you watched him take the condom out of its wrapper and place it slowly on his erection. You would never admit to him how badly you wanted it at that very moment. He leaned back over you, kissing your neck and burying his head between the crook in your shoulder before letting your hips connect, and letting himself enter you. You both let out soft moans, you feeling a whirlwind of sensations in the pit of your stomach.

He began to slowly row his hips over yours, trying his best to go slow to keep you two from making any noise, only he was sorely mistaken, as the slower he went, the deeper he allowed himself, pushing against areas inside of you that you weren’t sure if he’d ever reached before. You gasped heavily before letting out a small squeak of a sound, making him look up at you.

“Am I… Am I going too… slow…?”

“No, no,” you cooed. “It’s fine. Keep going.”

He nodded, placing one hand on your hips, and continuing to move his body over yours. You felt your body relax completely on the bed, except for your hips, which moved in correlation with his. You began to moan lightly in rhythm with his movements, while his plump lips parted to take in air.

Surely, no one could hear you. You weren’t loud to the least degree. You were fine—

Jimin let out a quick moan as he sped up, making you clench onto his back, biting your lip to fight more moans.

“Jimin-ah,” you cooed, closing your eyes and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“Should I slow down-“

“Please don’t!” You whimpered, threatening to cry out. You two had had sex countless times, yet the excitement and feel of it for some reason never died down. You were amazed and dazed by the feeling of it every single time.

He nodded, speeding up inside of you, losing himself in the way that you felt. You were both so immersed in the feeling of your love making; you couldn’t think of anything else but how incredible your body felt.

“Pl-please, Jimin-ah,” you panted, “I’m getting loud.”

He nodded, and pushed deeply in you. You gasped, and he thrust roughly into you again.

You let out choked moans, understanding that he was trying to let you both reach your peaks quickly to stop the moaning.

He gripped your waist roughly and the sound of his hips smacking against yours filled the room, and you both groaned as you felt your orgasm nearing.

“I’m gonna scream, I’m gonna scream,” you whined desperately, not able to stop your vocalization.

Jimin hurriedly covered your mouth and gave you final, rough thrust, making you moan out desperately into his hand as you came. The feeling of you clenching around him proving to be too much, he let out a long moan as his orgasm reached as well.

You both heaved heavily, your bodies intertwined together in warmth and sweat as you recovered from the moment you just shared.

“I… I was so loud.” You panted. He smiled lazily, kissing your cheek.

“You weren’t as loud as you think. Besides, they were probably watching TV or listening to music. I’m sure no one heard,” he said. You heard the doorbell sound.

“The food must be here. Let’s go eat.”

You all sat around the table, the aroma from the food wafting through the air. You and Jimin sat on opposite sides on the table sneaking glances at each other every now and then and smiling.

“Wow, ___,” Namjoon said as you ate your food. You looked up at him with an eyebrow raised.


“You’re eating rather fast.” He said, a small smirk on his face. “I guess you worked up an appetite?” He said quietly in English, making your eyes grow wide.

“Can you pass me the kimchi, Jimin?” Yoongi asked, and looked down at his plate. “Pl-please, Jimin-ah! Pass me the kimchi.” He snickered, making the members sitting around the table laugh with him, and making both you and Jimin flush in utter embarrassment.

i hope you liked it ~ thank you for submitting!

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First, congratulations on 500 followers. You deserve it. I love you Ambrollins posts. I have a couple fic ideas. Since Seth didn't go on the Australian tour how about some fluff with him and Dean missing each other. Facetiming or skyping with each other. Maybe Roman teasing Seth about missing Dean. :-)

need you so much closer (dean/seth) - 2.2k. - fluff, pining, first kiss, getting together (ao3 link)

This is disgustingly fluffy, so sorry if it makes your teeth rot!

It’s only been a month and that’s hard to wrap his mind around. It feels like they’ve already been doing this — all of this — together for years.

The thing is, Dean’s a creature of habit. Even though he learned long ago that he shouldn’t get too used to anything, because it could be taken away from him at any moment. Being alone is obviously not a foreign concept to him, but he’s always had trouble adjusting to sudden changes, especially now when it involves him and Seth. Because somehow, even after everything that’s happened, they still just fit together so easily and seamlessly.

So, it’s kind of messing with his head a bit. Because Seth’s been a constant presence in his life for the last few weeks and now he’s half a world away. And it’s got him all off-kilter and out-of-sorts.

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What's that 'week and march' thing that anon talked about? And why are people bugging Dan and Phil about it?

The week in March was a week where Dan talked about having a really rough time, and said in a liveshow “Ask me again in five months. Seriously. Someone mark it down to ask me about in five months.” Dan had previously said that sometimes he needs time and space to talk about something that was really rough on him, and that’s why he said if we want to know, we should ask again in five months. 

Five months later was August, so the phandom asked him in his liveshow yesterday what happened in March, and Dan, who had apparently forgotten, asked what they meant and then said, “Oh, that, ask me again in two months.”

The phandom started making jokes about Dan being a liar, but it quickly dissolved into people being legitimately angry at Dan for saying he’d tell us what happened in five months, and then asking us to give him two more months. essentially, it feels as if the phandom feels they deserve to know what happened, when really… Dan doesn’t ever have to tell us, even if he said he would?

For all we know, it has to do with a project that isn’t done yet, or it was something sad that happened in his life that he never wants to have to talk about again. 

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who do you ship with each of the boys and why?

I ship all of them with happiness. As long as they’re happy, I’m happy. But I know that’s not the answer you wanna hear so here we go:

Zach: @herronwhore kt loves Zach so much, it’s the cutest thing ever. Like she’ll make fun of him and all but at the end of the day everyone knows how much she loves the kid. They would seriously be hella cute together. And they’re my parents™ so that needs to happen like yesterday.

Daniel: @seaveyslut Kay loves Dani so damn much like wow get you a girl that stans you as much as Kay stans Daniel @avanunez13 Ava has been supporting Dani since the beginning and even though she loves the bean a lot™ I know how much Daniel means to her and I seriously hope they’ll get to meet soon @sunshineseavey my girl Charlotte and Dani would look hella good together like dayummm and they’re both the definition of a sweetheart so sign me the fricK up

Corbyn: Obviously with Christina bc mom and dad™ but also @yellowcorbyn like my dude greyson loves him so much so I had to mention him ( @avanunez13 I would ship the shit outta y'all fyi)

Jack: @whydontwetea @allmyloveavery @darlingavery @bandanaglitz I ship all of them with Jack cause they’re my best friends and every single one of them would be flippin cute with him sooooo👀

Jonah: not me lolol @jonahjunkie my girl Jen is so loyal to our mans (even though she wanted to swerve lolol fight me Jen) and I ship the shit outta them @why-d-we Ola is one of my fave ppl so I have to mention her. And because she’s freaking amazing, hella talented and drop dead gorgeous

Side note: I ship all of you with your fave, those were just the first that came to mind at this moment.❤️


To me, sugar pine seven and everyone in it, are some of the best things to happen in our lifetime. Yesterday a bunch of sugar pine seven merch was released and I saw this and started freaking out.

I seriously need this poster, but my fucking father is saying I’m not allowed to order it.
I have quite a bit of money in my bank but nope

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SERIOUSLY!! SEASON 4 needs to happen like yesterday. But I get it, it takes a long time to make quality anime and I read they may be waiting for the manga to get a little bit further on. I haven't read any of the manga because my brother from another mother and I are going to watch season 4 together when it comes out, but I know that if/when Nekoma faces Fukuordani I'm going to cry (not sure if they will because of the regions). Also, you're totally right about Tsukki and the beetle, lol!


I can’t fricken wait for cats vs. owls. ಥ‿ಥ

What is up guys!! Hope you all are having an amazing day <3 Enjoy reading new part :D And once again I am really sorry that it’s shorter part :/ 

Read previous parts here:
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 13

Your eyes were red because of crying yesterday..Jimin was already awake when you woke up.
“What happened” Jimin looked at you and you roll your eyes
“Seriously? I just woke up” you said 
“I need to know why were you crying..I’m your boyfriend and best friend” he said putting his hand on his chest
“I am not in the mood to talk about it..I’m sorry” you said and kissed his cheek

Jimin just looked at you and sigh and stand up and goes downstairs.
Everything from yesterday was repeating in your head..Why would Jungkook do that to you? Take a deal just to hurt you again.Why? 

You stood up and went to the bathroom and look yourself in the mirror.You looked so tired because you cried a lot yesterday.Also you looked really sad..Everyone can see it.

You walked downstairs and sat on the chair at the table not saying anything to the guys.They all just were looking at you wondering what is wrong with you.
“Want some cereal?” J-Hope
“I can’t eat” you look up at him
“Oh..Okay” he said

Suga looked at Jin,Jin looked at Rap Monster,Rap Monster looked at J-Hope,J-Hope at V and V at Jimin..
“What is going on with her?” Suga wispers
“I don’t know” Jin raised his shoulders

“Where is Jungkook?” V asked

Jungkook…When you heard that name it breaks you more and more inside..

“He didn’t come out of his room since yesterday” Suga said
Jimin looked at you and right away knew something happened between you two.He took your hand in his making you stand up and following him.
“Are you okay Y/N?” Jimin looked at you
“Do I look okay?” you start to cry
“What happened..Tell me” Jimin said
“He..Hurt me” few tears fall down your face
“Jungkook?” Jimin asked to be sure,you slowly nod your head starting to sob
Jimin pulled you in a hug..
“He..H-Had a deal w-with a guy..Deal was..T-to hurt me again..” you sobbed
Jimin looked at the floor and clench his jaw because he knew about that deal.
“L-like it hurts me the most because I found out about it and I feel crashed inside” you cried 
You looked up at Jimin..You couldn’t see him clearly because of the tears.He didn’t speak at all.Not even tried to calm you down no more.
“Jimin..Don’t tell me..” you said realising he actually knew about the deal and haven’t told you about it.He would always be honest with you and tell you everything.
“I..I am really sorry Y/N” Jimin tried to take your hand but you move it away
“I can’t believe that you didn’t tell me” you shout at him
“I was going to” Jimin looked at you
“You weren’t” you said and push him away from you

Suga,J-Hope,Rap Monster,V and Jin were peeking trought kitchen door and listened to you guys.
“Oh he fucked up things now” Suga said wispering
“Oh man..What is gonna happen later” Rap Monster wispered too

“I was Y/N..I couldn’t say it because you will be hurt!” Jimin was trying to explain
“I am more hurt now Jimin! You,who I had so much trust in..Lied too and pretended like everything is okay!” you cried shouting at him
“I can’t lose your trust Y/N…I..” Jimin looked at you
“You just did” you said and walked outside in the back

You sat on a chair and cry and cry..How could Jimin do that to you? You had so much trust in him and he was always there for you..He is,but at this moment he’s not.
Jungkook watched you from the balcony and listened to you crying.
Few tears fall down his cheek.
He camed back inside and opens the door and walks downstairs.
Jimin just stared at him
“I’m sorry” Jungkook looked at Jimin
“Sorry? You are REALLY sorry?” Jimin shouted at him
“Yes I am” Jungkook looked anywhere but Jimin
“Lie” Jimin shouts
“Everything is ruined just because of YOU!” Jimin pushed Jungkook,he just coldly stood there,not caring if Jimin is going to beat him up or break up their friendship.Jungkook knows he deserves anything because he caused you pain and hurt you over and over..Even now broke relationship between Jimin and you.
“I know..I am sorry” Jungkook said looking up at Jimin
Jimin in anger punches his face..Then turns around and punches a wall..
Suga and J-Hope camed right away and separate Jimin away from Jungkook.
“Stop it guys..” Rap Monster said
“I hurt her even more now” Jungkook said tearing up
“I fucking hate you!” Jimin was shouting while J-Hope and Suga pushed him upstairs to calm down
“I never meant to do that..I am sorry” Jungkook said again and Rap Monster just kept looking at him,being suprised what he is saying
“Everything..These fights..Also fights with Y/N,all because of me” he added and now Jungkook started to cry
He turns around towards where you were sitting,but you weren’t there.
“I need her” 
“Who?” Rap Monster asked
“Y/N” Jungkook said
“I know she’ll never forgive me,but I need her..I need” Jungkook started to cry and Rap Monster pulls him in a hug

You couldn’t sit anymore near the house,so you went for a walk on the beach,but not where people are..There’s a abandoned place right next to the sea,so you went there to calm yourself.

“Do you..Love her?” Rap Monster asked looking at him
“I love her” Jungkook said 
“Fight for forgiveness then my man” Rap Monster smiled at him
“She will never forgive me” Jungkook looked at the floor

Later ,Jungkook decided to look for you no matter how long it takes.He needed to tell you how he feels..He can’t take anymore of your tears,fake smiles..
He went same way as you went.,and he found you sitting on the rocks by the sea.
Slowly he walked over to you
“Y/N” he said taking a breath
You looked up at him
“I don’t want you here” you said
“Please let me-” Jungkook puts his hand on your shoulder and you move it away and stand up
“I have never been hurt like this in my life” you looked at him
“Not even breaking a bone didn’t hurt much as this..I am CRASHED inside” you cried
Jungkook didn’t want to look your way because he was about to cry too.
“I know you hate me,but I need y-”
“You don’t need me Jungkook..I will never forgive you” you cut him off
“Y/N please..I know I caused you all of this pain and I am SORRY!” Jungkook looked at you crying
“I never felt this way before in my life! I am crying right now because of you!” Jungkook points at you
“You broke me when you said you’re with Jimin,that finished me..It felt like I died” 

You stayed silent while he was talking to you.

“And when I saw how happy you were with Jimin…I wanted to go back and make everything right,not to hurt you ever again”
“You can’t-” you said
“I love you Y/N..I fucking love you with my heart!”
You stayed in shock when he said he loved you..YOu didn’t know what to do or say at that moment.He took your hand and put it on his chest.
“See?! It is beating hard because of you” he started at you

You were looking down and just feeling his heartbeat.Jungkook moved away your hand and looked at you.
“Do you trust me?” he asked
“I don’t” tear falls down your face

Not So Secret Admirer

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Not So Secret Admirer

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hi! Could you do an imagine with Warren where he knows you like him and he likes you too and he knows you’re shy, so he acts all flirty and affectionate until you’re finally like what’s up bro and he’s like I like you too.

Note: Awwwwwwww Warrennnn

Warnings: None?

“(Y/N)?” Warren asked, walking under your favorite tree in the courtyard. You weren’t there. But something of yours was. Your journal was sitting in the grass, wide open. You must have left in a rush, or perhaps it fell out of your bag.

Warren knelt down and picked it up. Written on the page in blue ink was your latest entry from earlier this afternoon.

‘I don’t know how much longer I can act like he’s just my friend. We went swimming yesterday and he was shirtless. I almost died. Seriously. I nearly melted into a puddle right then and there. God, if Warren ever knew I liked him…I need to get over this crush. It’s never going to happen. I’m not his type.

A smirk pulled at Warren’s lips. Now that he knew you liked him too, it was time to make his move.


It started in the Danger Room. It was a standard drill. A simulation.

An explosion erupted near you. You ran, and you would have been able to evade the blast on your own, but before you could, Warren swooped by and picked you up in his strong arms.

“I could have made it, you know,” you smirked, giving his forehead a little shove. He laughed.

“Couldn’t risk you getting hurt, now could I?” He touched down just as the simulation ended.

“You can, uh, you can put me down, Warren,” You gently reminded him. He blushed.

“Right. Sorry.” He set you down gently. “Hey (Y/N), have you seen the new Star Wars?”

“Yeah, why?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, well, I haven’t. So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me. But if you don’t want to, that’s cool too, I just thought-”

“I’d like that, Warren.”


“Yeah,” You nodded. “I don’t have plans tonight.”

“Meet me in the front room at 8.” Warren told you, kissing your cheek before flying off. You slowly brought your hand to the skin his lips had touched, blushing bright red. Jubilee walked over, smiling.

“What’s up with him?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I’ve never seen him act so flirty in my entire life,” Jubilee laughed. “That was cute. Really cute.”

“You think he likes me?”

“I’d say so. I mean, he’s not my type, but if you’re into the whole rocker thing, I guess.”

“I am,” you sighed. He turned and winked at you before leaving the danger room. You were surprised you didn’t melt into a puddle right then and there.


You walked down the stairs into the main room at exactly 8 o’clock. Warren inhaled a breath as he watched you. He had never seen you in a dress before. But God, you looked good. He had a single rose in his hand and was wearing a leather jacket.

“Wow, you look…you look amazing.” he smiled, his heart racing. “This is for you.”

“Thanks,” you tucked the flower behind your ear. Warren took your hand and led you out the door.


After the movie, you and Warren walked back through the courtyard of the Mansion. He stopped you in front of the fountain. A cold breeze swept by and you shivered. Warren took off his jacket, wrapping it around your shoulders before you could say a word.

“Warren,” you looked up at him.


“What’s up with you today?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re never this affectionate,” You told him. His hand grazed your cheek and his face inched closer and closer to yours.

“You don’t like it?”

“I never said that,” you laughed.

“Can I tell you something?”


“I uh, I found your diary this afternoon.”

“You what?” Your eyes widened. “You weren’t supposed to read that. Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be creepy or-”

“No, I’m sorry.” Warren grabbed your shoulders. “I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy. But um,” he smirked. “I’m kind of glad I did.”

“Why’s that?”

“I didn’t know you wanted to kiss me so bad,” He laughed. You smiled punching him lightly.

“Shut up, hot shot.”

“Do you still want that kiss?” he asked, looming over you and taking a step closer. When you looked into his eyes, you could tell he meant it. You closed your eyes. He held your face and pressed his lips against yours, his wings closing around you. “And for the record, I really like you too.”

“I figured.” you laughed.

“You look really good in my jacket,” he smirked, kissing your forehead. “You should wear it more often.”

“How about tomorrow afternoon? Picnic on the lawn?”

“It’s a date.”

The midwife took me very seriously and said my insurance sucks and probably won’t cover the medication I would normally be prescribed, so she had me order vitamin b6 and unisom supplements and sea bands. She liked that I’ve already been doing ginger and peppermint candies.

Apperently I should have gone to the ER yesterday even though I was able to eventually keep down water. I’m losing too much weight too quickly. If yesterday happens again I might need to have a hospital stay. 😰


Jin and V seriously hot taejin moment.

So I finally recovered from watching the mama Awards yesterday and I thought that THIS needs to be the first thing that was addressed.

I mean from Tae’s sexy walk up to jin

The abs flash at 0.15

Taehyung ruthlessly unleashed his sexy face on all of us. **feeling personally attacked**

V drops to his knees, unable to resist he nuzzled his face into Jin’s soft hair. V savored the familiar aroma as he reaches up to cover Jin’s eyes, while his long fingers caressed across the older man’s chest………dude! that is not fanfiction that happened.

V just basically collected all the Army panties and ran offstage into the night.

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