seriously this needs to happen yesterday

Everyone needs to chill out about what dan said during his live show yesterday. I’m sure he’s not leaving, and whatever is changing, if indeed that is what is happening, we need to be supportive. After all, it could be something really small, and we are all taking this way to seriously. Let’s all relax, there is no use fretting over something you can’t control.


so, i’ve gotten a new sketch book and i mean the proper, hardback kind - and wow, rude, it’s insanely good (especially considering where i’ve found it and it’s price)

idk if i’ll manage/can scan it so till than crappy camera photos and a lot too because none of them is quite right color-wise but i enjoy the different feels they got

first row is kitsune!Izira boi do i need that au like yesterday that’s been on my mind for months and it just needed to happen; i added some blue base for her skin though i don’t think it can be seen :(

second row is a young!Gramorr design that was kinda an older pet project (seriously what does it tell of me that the only lolirock OC(????) i have is basically the demon/supernatural being i hc Banes to be? well, besides Gramorr’s twin bc gravity falls feels) and is actually on the first page B)

and third row is actually the first sketch i did into the book and went ‘whatever’ on once Izira was finished


TWICE seriously need to get a security team & a fortune-teller now.

The girls were already troubled yesterday at Gimpo Airport, where leader Jihyo was hit by a “fan” but things just seemed to have taken a more drastic turn.

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What is up guys!! Hope you all are having an amazing day <3 Enjoy reading new part :D And once again I am really sorry that it’s shorter part :/ 

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“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 13

Your eyes were red because of crying yesterday..Jimin was already awake when you woke up.
“What happened” Jimin looked at you and you roll your eyes
“Seriously? I just woke up” you said 
“I need to know why were you crying..I’m your boyfriend and best friend” he said putting his hand on his chest
“I am not in the mood to talk about it..I’m sorry” you said and kissed his cheek

Jimin just looked at you and sigh and stand up and goes downstairs.
Everything from yesterday was repeating in your head..Why would Jungkook do that to you? Take a deal just to hurt you again.Why? 

You stood up and went to the bathroom and look yourself in the mirror.You looked so tired because you cried a lot yesterday.Also you looked really sad..Everyone can see it.

You walked downstairs and sat on the chair at the table not saying anything to the guys.They all just were looking at you wondering what is wrong with you.
“Want some cereal?” J-Hope
“I can’t eat” you look up at him
“Oh..Okay” he said

Suga looked at Jin,Jin looked at Rap Monster,Rap Monster looked at J-Hope,J-Hope at V and V at Jimin..
“What is going on with her?” Suga wispers
“I don’t know” Jin raised his shoulders

“Where is Jungkook?” V asked

Jungkook…When you heard that name it breaks you more and more inside..

“He didn’t come out of his room since yesterday” Suga said
Jimin looked at you and right away knew something happened between you two.He took your hand in his making you stand up and following him.
“Are you okay Y/N?” Jimin looked at you
“Do I look okay?” you start to cry
“What happened..Tell me” Jimin said
“He..Hurt me” few tears fall down your face
“Jungkook?” Jimin asked to be sure,you slowly nod your head starting to sob
Jimin pulled you in a hug..
“He..H-Had a deal w-with a guy..Deal was..T-to hurt me again..” you sobbed
Jimin looked at the floor and clench his jaw because he knew about that deal.
“L-like it hurts me the most because I found out about it and I feel crashed inside” you cried 
You looked up at Jimin..You couldn’t see him clearly because of the tears.He didn’t speak at all.Not even tried to calm you down no more.
“Jimin..Don’t tell me..” you said realising he actually knew about the deal and haven’t told you about it.He would always be honest with you and tell you everything.
“I..I am really sorry Y/N” Jimin tried to take your hand but you move it away
“I can’t believe that you didn’t tell me” you shout at him
“I was going to” Jimin looked at you
“You weren’t” you said and push him away from you

Suga,J-Hope,Rap Monster,V and Jin were peeking trought kitchen door and listened to you guys.
“Oh he fucked up things now” Suga said wispering
“Oh man..What is gonna happen later” Rap Monster wispered too

“I was Y/N..I couldn’t say it because you will be hurt!” Jimin was trying to explain
“I am more hurt now Jimin! You,who I had so much trust in..Lied too and pretended like everything is okay!” you cried shouting at him
“I can’t lose your trust Y/N…I..” Jimin looked at you
“You just did” you said and walked outside in the back

You sat on a chair and cry and cry..How could Jimin do that to you? You had so much trust in him and he was always there for you..He is,but at this moment he’s not.
Jungkook watched you from the balcony and listened to you crying.
Few tears fall down his cheek.
He camed back inside and opens the door and walks downstairs.
Jimin just stared at him
“I’m sorry” Jungkook looked at Jimin
“Sorry? You are REALLY sorry?” Jimin shouted at him
“Yes I am” Jungkook looked anywhere but Jimin
“Lie” Jimin shouts
“Everything is ruined just because of YOU!” Jimin pushed Jungkook,he just coldly stood there,not caring if Jimin is going to beat him up or break up their friendship.Jungkook knows he deserves anything because he caused you pain and hurt you over and over..Even now broke relationship between Jimin and you.
“I know..I am sorry” Jungkook said looking up at Jimin
Jimin in anger punches his face..Then turns around and punches a wall..
Suga and J-Hope camed right away and separate Jimin away from Jungkook.
“Stop it guys..” Rap Monster said
“I hurt her even more now” Jungkook said tearing up
“I fucking hate you!” Jimin was shouting while J-Hope and Suga pushed him upstairs to calm down
“I never meant to do that..I am sorry” Jungkook said again and Rap Monster just kept looking at him,being suprised what he is saying
“Everything..These fights..Also fights with Y/N,all because of me” he added and now Jungkook started to cry
He turns around towards where you were sitting,but you weren’t there.
“I need her” 
“Who?” Rap Monster asked
“Y/N” Jungkook said
“I know she’ll never forgive me,but I need her..I need” Jungkook started to cry and Rap Monster pulls him in a hug

You couldn’t sit anymore near the house,so you went for a walk on the beach,but not where people are..There’s a abandoned place right next to the sea,so you went there to calm yourself.

“Do you..Love her?” Rap Monster asked looking at him
“I love her” Jungkook said 
“Fight for forgiveness then my man” Rap Monster smiled at him
“She will never forgive me” Jungkook looked at the floor

Later ,Jungkook decided to look for you no matter how long it takes.He needed to tell you how he feels..He can’t take anymore of your tears,fake smiles..
He went same way as you went.,and he found you sitting on the rocks by the sea.
Slowly he walked over to you
“Y/N” he said taking a breath
You looked up at him
“I don’t want you here” you said
“Please let me-” Jungkook puts his hand on your shoulder and you move it away and stand up
“I have never been hurt like this in my life” you looked at him
“Not even breaking a bone didn’t hurt much as this..I am CRASHED inside” you cried
Jungkook didn’t want to look your way because he was about to cry too.
“I know you hate me,but I need y-”
“You don’t need me Jungkook..I will never forgive you” you cut him off
“Y/N please..I know I caused you all of this pain and I am SORRY!” Jungkook looked at you crying
“I never felt this way before in my life! I am crying right now because of you!” Jungkook points at you
“You broke me when you said you’re with Jimin,that finished me..It felt like I died” 

You stayed silent while he was talking to you.

“And when I saw how happy you were with Jimin…I wanted to go back and make everything right,not to hurt you ever again”
“You can’t-” you said
“I love you Y/N..I fucking love you with my heart!”
You stayed in shock when he said he loved you..YOu didn’t know what to do or say at that moment.He took your hand and put it on his chest.
“See?! It is beating hard because of you” he started at you

You were looking down and just feeling his heartbeat.Jungkook moved away your hand and looked at you.
“Do you trust me?” he asked
“I don’t” tear falls down your face


How does Adrien go from like signing autographs on his first day (Origins 2), to whenever many day/weeks/months later, when he absolutely hates it? (in the Dark Cupid episode)
…Is there like a backstory….Does he say something? Does Chloé happen? I seriously wanna know how he went from “Let me sign EVERYTHING =^_^=“ to “I hate this, get this thing out of my face”.
Need it…..Like yesterday need it.
-(do we still need to tag the origins as spoilers?)-

Hyuga Headcanon 2 -byakugan-
  • Hiashi: Lord Seventh, you don't need to yell, I can hear you.
  • Hiashi: Pssshhhaw, yeah right! You and I both know that--
  • Himawari: Graaaaandpaaaaaa....will you play with me?
  • Naruto: RUN! She put my chakra points outta commission yesterday!
  • Hiashi: What?! She can't--
  • (128 trigrams 64 palms)
  • Hiashi: [counters every move]
  • [Hiashi knocks out Himawari]
  • Hiashi: Okay, looks like we'll have to train her. Shit be scary, son.
  • Naruto: Seriously.
  • Hiashi: Wait...she knocked you out?!
  • Naruto: YES!
  • Hiashi: (keikaku doori)
Jungkook being upset? THE REAL REASON? MAYBE ?

Apparently, jungkook passed a test yesterday at school and this is why he was so upset for the past few days. He was probably upset at the fact that he barely had time to study because of his job.Jungkook is not much of a study kind of boy, but i believe that he still wanted to pass his midterm very well and the fact that the comeback happened at the same time as his exam just made him upset. Jeon needs to graduate this year and he’s starting to take school more seriously 💜💜💜 I’m so proud of him ❤❤❤If you watch the performance of today you’ll see that he still looks a little tired but his smile is back. THE BUNNY SMILE IS SLOWLY CREEPING BACK 😊

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Wow okay I need to rant quickly

Feel free to read this, or not. I just need to vent right now.

Most of the time I love being part of this fandom… you guys can be really lovely and I wouldn’t give up this page for the world but then there are some moments such as yesterday where I am seriously disgusted at how selfish, close minded and prejudice we can be. I know we all hope for an accurate, word for word adaptation of the books (which fandom doesn’t?) but chances are that will never happen.

A movie usually has a limited amount of time for it to run. That limit is around 2 hours because otherwise it drags on, people start to lose attention and get bored. You cannot fit every little detail into 2 hours. It’s impossible. The City of Bones movie tried to and they butchered it horribly.

With the tv series we have the opposite. We’ve gone from having only 2 hours of screen time to 13 hours and now we are left with not enough book to make a whole season out of. So what are they going to do? Add things in, change it, make it more adaptable to the screen and ensure that a *TV* (key word there. Not book fans, but fans of television) audience will enjoy it, watch it and become fans.

I will try not to rant too much about this but there are a few points that I would like to point out regarding the TV series that people have been especially horrible about.

ISABELLE’S DRESS SENSE!- “Isabelle is fashionable and usually wears a dress; Clary once even stated that she never saw Isabelle in anything other than dresses”
“She is also somewhat promiscuous”- Isabelle Lightwood’s official wikipedia page

Isabelle draws a lot of attention to herself such as wearing dresses that show off her body, flirting and dating boys she shouldn’t be and generally acting against her parents. Do you know why she does this? To protect Alec. She knows that if the Clave ever found out that Alec was gay he would get pushed aside and bullied for it so she starts drawing the attention to herself instead. It. Is. Canon. That. Isabelle. Is. “Slutty”. Early on in the books.

EYE COLOUR!- Guess what? Editing exists. Just because you see a couple of pictures showing them with a different eye colour doesn’t mean they won’t have the eye colour. Magnus now has his cat eyes added in, Dom has hinted on twitter that he will be wearing contacts, some actors might not be able to wear contacts so they might add it in using photoshop or CGI. A few pictures doesn’t show you everything.

THE SHOW HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET AND YOU ARE ALL SAYING IT’S HORRIBLE!!!!!!- well excuse my language here but how the hell do you know?!?!?! Have you read the script? Have you seen the actors in the roles? Do you know what’s happening on set? No. Don’t judge before seeing anything.

My last point is that the cast has admitted it will be different from the books. Cassie making a statement of “the movie was closer to the books” does not mean the show will be a huge disaster. It just means that they’ve had to add things in and change it to make it more appealing to a different audience because us book fans aren’t the only people watching the show funnily enough. There are millions more people out there that will be watching too and are you really going to ruin it all for them? People hated the movie and now it’s been cancelled everyone is suddenly defending it again? What hypocrisy is that?? Just be lucky we get a second chance.

Like I said, I needed to vent. I might delete this later… just too tired of it all.

oh, god. this is why i don’t go to parties. normally, i’d ask if you were okay, but i think- i genuinely think i’m dying. like, seriously. my head throbs every time i blink, and there’s a big, black hole where the party should be. in my head. like, memory. what happened yesterday? can you remember? take me to the hospital and hand me a notepad, i need to start planning my funeral with the last of my strength.