seriously this just started as a binder test that got out of hand

Study Dates (1/4)

Summary: Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker. 

Word Count: 1076

A/N: hi i’m back school is over and i was inspired by my own stress from my math class to write this. let me know what you think!! i had fun writing this :))

Part 2

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Her eyes were glued to her screen, staring at the numbers and letters stacked upon one another that read the current grade for her most challenging classes. Her brow furrowed out of frustration and her hands tightened around her phone.

PHYSICS: 85.1%


“Shit.” She cursed at herself, thinking of ways to bump her grade up. The end of the school year was creeping up and finals were right at her doorstep. Y/N knew the only way to get decent grades in these classes were if she scored really well on the upcoming tests. Being that they were the only classes she had difficulty with, she had to study until her mind is made up of nothing but physics and calculus.

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{Special} College!AU Jinyoung
  • major: ethics 
  • minor: public policy & administration 
  • clubs: he participates in a lot of demonstrations that are anti-war/anti-tyrannical government. he’s done a couple of marches and hunger strikes. he’s very into politics and goes to as many protests as possible 
  • sports: rowing team 
  • jinyoung is the sensible group friend. like all of college got7 is a goddamn mess but jinyoung is the designated driver, nurse on call, and therapist all bottled into one when it comes to taking care of his friends 
  • and it’s like he’s not sweet and sugary about it like he will not hesitate to slap bambam awake if he knocks out drunk in the wrong dorm 
  • but also jinyoung is very practical in his schoolwork and life too. like he got into ethics because his self morals are strong and he likes getting down to the real reason some people act the way they do or think the way they do
  • like he’s always got questions about wealth, power, religion, etc. in his head whenever he analyzes anything
  • and so that can make him come off as kind of pretentious because he has the insatiable urge to nitpick everything 
  • but no one can argue that he’s not a hardworker. he’s the top of his major and his gpa is perfect but he’s not like a natural genius, he’s someone that studies for hours and hours and puts effort into presentations and essays
  • and some people are just jealous of that, that’s why they call him ‘pretentious’ or ‘stuck up’ because they don’t look past the fact that yeah - he’s proud of his grades - but do you know what he did to get them?
  • jackson and yugyeom like to tease jinyoung about loosening up a bit, but jb always shoos them off because jinyoung is sincerely hoping to change something with his career
  • and that’s why he’s into public policy and administration, like he knows he needs a seat somewhere in the top to inflict real change and sometimes jb is like “jinyoung, i can’t wait till you’re the prime minister.’ and jinyoungs like ‘jaebum you know that’s not realistic’
  • BUT LIKE IT IS JINYOUNG YOU’RE SO HARD WORKING AND INTELLIGENT YOU COULD DO IT ,<– is what jb is thinking but instead he just shrugs because gotta keep it cool n chic
  • but yeah jinyoung is just a model student, but he’s outspoken and always busy with some protest organization or researching for his senior thesis that (of course) he’s started early 
  • and whenever someone mentions dating? clubbing? drinking? jinyoung just continues eating his lunch or underlying notes in his book because like Who Has Time for That
  • like youngjae has tried to ‘brighten up’ jinyoung’s college life by taking him to cooking club and jinyoung ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let’s just say it was a failure 
  • one; jinyoung can’t cook, two; he made someone cry when he said their cake batter tasted like the inside of a bleach bottle aND HE WAsNT TRYING to BE MEAN He JUSt DIDN’t know how to word it,,,right,,,,
  • and youngjae was like ‘bro hyung bro think b4 u speak….’ and jinyoung was like “of course i think before i speak youngjae that’s silly i want to be a public figure i need to think all the time-” and youngjae was like ZZZZZ HYUNG I MEANT IN REAL LIFE CONVERSATIONS THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING TASTES LIKE BLEACH i s2g….
  • because jinyoung reads like crazy, he ended up getting a part-time job at the campus book store and like school, he works his hardest at his job
  • but seriously sometimes he can’t keep his sarcastic side down especially when some kid came in and was like “im looking for the communist…….man……..mani……manfiesta? by some dude named karl marcus?” 
  • jinyoung god damn near lost his shit he was like mAnFi E S T A m …. MARCUS….lISTEN here you LIL  …..SHi t. THAT MAN -
  • and ok jinyoung was straight up about to Educate this boy before the other employee had to run over and be like “ill take this customer!!!! jinyoung go in the back and check the stock!!!”
  • for the rest of the week jinyoung couldn’t get over it he just kept whispering ‘communist….man…..fiesta……..’ to himself even jb was getting creeped out
  • but the bookstore is actually how you meet jinyoung
  • and not because you talk to him or meet him at the register it’s because you come in, after your godforsaken saturday class, just to read a passage from your utmost favorite novel
  • and you don’t buy it, you don’t have to you have a copy at home, but you just…….love reminding yourself of those specific lines and just standing in that shop for ten, fifteen minutes reading them over gives you enough energy to keep going
  • and one day, out of pure curiosity you write a note on a piece of paper you ripped from your binder and it simply says ‘do you like this book too?’ and you stick it between the pages of your favorite novel and leave
  • and only like when you’re in your dorm late that night do you realize that’s the CORNIEST THING EVER but like it’s too late and to be honest the week goes by and you forget
  • but you’re reminded when you go back in on saturday and pull your favorite book from the shelf and out falls the slip of paper and you’re like ‘oh it’s what i wrote!’ but when you open it,,,,,,,,,it doesn’t say ‘do you like this book too?’ instead it says; ‘yes. very much.’ 
  • and you’re like WAIT.
  • some,,,someone,,,,,,,,answered me???????
  • and you damn near drop the book but you’re like dkfhej ok OK do i answer back???? what do i do???? and you’re gripping the book so hard you might bend it but you’re like thinking to yourself,,,,like there’s no harm in responding right???
  • so you rip out some more paper and write ‘what line do you like best?’ and stick it back into the book
  • only to run out of the store with your hands on your face becAUSE WhaT Are you D O I NG this isn’t some romance movie 
  • but,,,,,you can’t help but feel excited for your next saturday
  • and you don’t see but jinyoung watches you run out of the store and immediately drops his clipboard to go back to the section where he’s seen you stand every saturday for the last semester and he flips through the pages of your favorite book and out falls the slip
  • and outloud he reads; “what line do you like best?” and he grins to himself and flips over the paper to write; “i like too many. my favorite chapter is chapter 6.”
  • and he’s smiling when he gets back to the register and his co worker is like,,,,yo,,,,jinyoung,,,,,did you get a 100 on your test or something//??? and jinyoung is like what are you talking abut and the co worker is like it’s just,,,,,you’re all smiley today
  • and jinyoung is like “i am? i didn’t notice, stop looking at my face and concentrate on work” and the co worker is like YIKES ok sir but jinyoung is also like,,,,,,,,,touching his lips like ,,,,,,,what’s with me
  • and this note passing between you two goes on for like two fricken months
  • and it goes from talking about the book to asking questions about your thoughts and your goals and like
  • you don’t know who this stranger is, this person who doesn’t ask your name or what you look like or who your friends are - they’re just asking you ‘what do you want to do in life?’ ‘what do you want your impact to be?’
  • and you don’t stay 10-15 minutes anymore you stay for longer,,,thinking your answer through,,,,doing your best to convey your thoughts 
  • but one day when the questions is; ‘what do you see your future as’ you write ‘that’s impossible to answer, too much can happen and change’
  • and you place the book back onto to see someone come into the aisle and take it 
  • and you see that it’s this tall boy and you’re like oH,,,,is,,,is it him but he doesn’t even look your way he takes the book out with your note in it and turns to go pay for it and you’re like
  • and you like run over and catch him at the register where jinyoung is 
  • and you’re like “um!!!! i actually really need to buy that book-” and the guys like “this? but i need it for class.” and you’re like “so do i!!! i was just putting it back because i didn’t have enough money, but then i was like oH whatever ill put it on my card so if you could give me the book-”
  • before you can finish though the cashier takes the book from the guy and hands it to you and the guys like wtf? but jinyoung is like “would you rather i give you the pdf link? you can read it on your laptop and it’s cheaper-” and the guys like oh sweet sure 
  • and you’re holding the book looking at jinyoung who tells the guy how to get the book on his laptop and that’s when it hits you
  • if anyone could have been having a conversation with you through notes in a book,,,,then it has to be someone that works there who wouldn’t have any reason to buy the book
  • and so when jinyoung comes back he’s like “do you want me to ring you up for that?”
  • but you just smile and shake your head and you’re like “im going to put it back.”
  • and you turn to leave but jinyoung is like “wait, let me first check something.” and as expected when you hand the book back he takes the note out, reads your answer and again chuckles
  • turning to look up at you , you notice the pretty curve of his lips and the deep set brown of his eyes and he says
  • “too much can happen and change? i like that.”
  • and you kind of feel your face grow hot and you’re like,,,,,,,, “so it is you….” and jinyoung is like “yes, it’s me.”
  • and you don’t know what but maybe you were expecting something to happen when it was finally revealed but jinyoung is just so casual about it and you’re like 
  • “can we keep doing it?”
  • and he looks startled for a second, but then he adjusts the glasses he wears only to work and he’s like “of course, but here - this is my number it’ll be easier this way.”
  • and you’re like looking down at the paper he scribbled his number on and it’s on the paper you wrote your answer on and you take it and tell him you’ll contact him soon
  • and jinyoung is like “oh, give me the book by the way.”
  • and you do and he rings it up and takes out his own credit card to swipe and then hands the book back to you and is like
  • “keep it. it’s a memory.”
  • and honestly you’re too scared to text jinyoung and you’re too scared to go back to the bookstore because what if he asks you about not texting him until one day you see an envelope tapped to the front of your door and when you open it it’s a handwritten letter from jinyoung
  • and it goes; “you’re right, giving you my number was too easy. let’s hand write letters. i have a question; “if the future is impossible - what do you wish you were doing now?” 
  • and at the bottom it says that he’s in the north dorm room 007 
  • and you write out this whole thing about how you wish you were doing better in school, how you wish you were on better terms with more people, all these worries and when you head to the north dorm, with trembling hands you write ‘for jinyoung’ and slide it under
  • and only two days later you find the envelope on your door as well and when you open it you have to cover your mouth because it says;
  • “ah…..if it’s ok, i will tell the truth: i wish i was holding you.”
  • but let’s be honest jinyoung has seen you for months coming into the bookstore, smiling to yourself over your favorite novel, looking picturesque agains the sunlight coming through the window
  • and your glow, like it’d be hard for him /not/ to fall for you
  • and even though got7 thinks jinyoung has no game, like c’mon the boy reads, he listens, he observes, he knows how to capture someones heart
  • aND BoY oh B OY  did he capture yours
  • and you think the whole night on how to respond to him but instead you pick up the courage and on an evening when you know the bookstore closes early you go down to dorm 007, knock
  • and when jinyoung opens the door, plain white t-shirt and messy hair you’re like i made. a . good. decision
  • and he’s like “oh-”
  • and you’re like “im here to make your wish come true.”
  • and im not gonna go into detail, but you know what jinyoung meant by hold you and like he’s overworked. always being relied upon, always studying, always trying to strive for the best. he needs to lay down and relax
  • and you know you help with that ,,,,,,,,,, let him lay down and,,,,,,help him relax
  • and wow who knew model ethics major jinyoung has a lil secret tattoo on his hipbone ,,,,,,,,,it’s a rose and you kiss it and jinyoung goes from poker face to,,,,,,,,,,,,open mouthed maybe biting his knuckles to quiet himself down face
  • ok im getting way too into this moving on
  • afterwords jinyoung realizes that ok. first off everyone was right putting studying aside for a bit and,,,,getting intimate really does cure stress pretty well
  • also when you sit up and reach over to thumb through the book on philosophy after your done jinyoung is like: this is my dream person
  • but see you assume that this is a hookup, like you don’t stay the night because you know jinyoung is busy and you just tell him that you’ll be waiting for his letter with a giggle
  • and you don’t expect one, but a couple days later there’s a letter on your door and it goes;
  • “thanks for making my wish come true, come over tonight and ill grant you a wish of your own.”
  • best believe park jinyoung Goes Down to Town this blessed night and for the children im not telling you what that means and entails
  • and this exchanging letters, hooking up, staying up till the morning talking about books and about the moral lessons of life
  • like it becomes a thing
  • and whenever jackson or yugyeom is like “jinyoung, just get laid” jinyoung just calmly flips the page of his notes and is like “done that, any other advice?”
  • aND everyone wants to know who it is jinyoung’s with and you’re just like im Not Gonna Say Anything because like,,,,,,,you don’t even know if you and jinyoung are a ‘thing’
  • like you’re both too busy to go on dates and neither of you has ever asked the other one out 
  • like yes you tell each other your secrets and your opinions ,,,, but you’re like is that dating??? we don’t hold hands, we don’t take photos together, does jinyoung even want that??
  • and so it’s all a sweet secret until. you’re over at jinyoung’s dorm getting dressed and you’re done and about to say goodbye when there’s a knock on the door and it’s jinyoung’s friend bambam who’ve youve seen once or twice
  • and you want to slip by him but he tilts his head toward jinyoung and he’s like “is he tutoring you?” and LIKE you and jinyoung have told no one about what’s been going on so you’re like “um yeah~!! he’s my ethics tutor!!” and bambam smiles and he’s like “good, so it’s cool if i ask you out right?”
  • and you can feel the temperature in the room grow cold and you’re like “w-what?” and bambam’s like “i see you all the time around campus, you’re cute and it’s lucky jinyoung knows you. i was just wondering, are you free any time soon?”
  • and you don’t know what to say because this is a decisive moment, should you say no because of whats going on with you and jinyoung? should you say yes just because youve never been good at letting someone down???
  • and like your head legit might start spinning but it’s when bambam leans his hand over, seemingly to pinch your cheek to see if you’re going to respond that jinyoung gets up and grabs him by the wrist
  • and bambam looks over and you’re like 
  • and bambam is like ??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!!?!?!
  • and you’re like g;fdfhivew jINYOuNG and jinyoung is like “don’t touch them”
  • and like bambam is like “hyung,,,,oh my god hyung you’re not tutoring them are you.” and jinyoung rolls his eyes like
  • “no bambam. im not tutoring them.”
  • and bambam goes as red as a damn cherry and he’s like o h  OH  WELL I SEE HOW IT IS OK ILL BE GOING BYE
  • and he zooms the hell out of there and you’re looking at jinyoung with wide eyes and he’s like sighing like “it was going to come out some day..”
  • and you’re like “….what was gonna come out…..” and jinyoung ruffles your hair and he’s like
  • “that we’re dating, of course.”
  • and you can’t help the blossoming feeling of happiness that spreads through your stomach because like,,,,,while yes you liked the physical intimacy of being with jinyoung,,,,,,you also fell in love with his mind and how he speaks and how much he knows
  • and he never cuts you off of your opinion and he lets you reason things outloud and it’s so comfortable yet you learn so much from him
  • and you can’t help but be proud to be able to say someone like him is your boyfriend, like he is very much the type that you want to take back home to mom
  • and like jinyoung notices how giddy you are and he laughs and is like ‘come here’
  • and you go over and he takes your hand and kisses your fingertips and is like 
  • “im sorry we didn’t make it clear between us, but would you like to date?”
  • and you’re like “,,,,yes of course!!!!” and he keeps kissing your fingertips till he’s kissing up your arm and then pulls you down on him
  • only five minutes later to be like cRAP i NEED to prepare my speech for tomorrows protest
  • and you’re like should i go??? and he’s like “you can sleep in my bed if you want or help me go over my speech?”
  • and like im telling you right now: jinyoung only lets people that he holds  up to really high standards critique his work so when he lets you read over his speech he’s showing you that he really trusts you and values what you have to say
  • like he never in his damn life would let yugyeom edit his speech. he’d first sell his right toe
  • like bambam finds out first, and you and jinyoung are both like /: he might tell others but to your surprised he doesnt????? and jinyoung finally is just like 
  • like he grabs your hand and is like “im dating them” as he’s sitting at a table full of all his friends
  • and jackson’s the first to drop his chopsticks followed by a very long yell from yugyeom and a slow clap from mark
  • it’s very eventful
  • jb for a second thinks he’s hallucinating but you’re like hi im real. i love jinyoung
  • and everyone’s like hE Y WELCOME TO THE FAMILY 
  • remember how i said jinyoung is the sensible friend? well now you and jinyoung are the sensible couple. the sensible parents. you now hold the life of 6 young men in your hands because without you and jinyoung. they’d probably die
  • and jinyoung actually worries that you might cave under the work, but soon enough you’re like “i should pack lunches for everyone!!” or you’re like bringing extra water bottles when you hang out with them and you always have a napkin to give bambam and an extra pen to give to jb
  • and long story short all of got7 is heart eyes for you because you’re so caring and jinyoung is like coughs they were never this soft and thankful when it was just me
  • but jinyoung of course you know his plate is full of work, school, rowing team (no wonder his upper body is so strong, you noticed when he was holding your waist while you were ontop and you were like wait his arms. they’re toned. they’re toned AS HELL), and of course all the social activism he’s doing so you’re fine that you guys can’t go on a lot of dates
  • because even though you’re dating, every now and then jinyoung fold up a piece of paper and leaves it in an envelope on your dorm door and it’s nothing too long or too serious
  • just reminders that he thinks he’s the luckiest man on earth to have found you
  • you treasure the book jinyoung bought you, the copy of your favorite novel where you first exchanged notes and for the longest time you try to figure out what his favorite book is so you can buy him it back as a gift on your anniversary 
  • but jinyoung reads so many books……that it has you at a loss so in the end you get him a set of fancy bookmarks and blush because you admit you couldn’t figure out his favorite book
  • and jinyoung thinks it’s adorable he chuckles and put his hand on the back of your neck so he can pull you in for a kiss
  • you best believe jinyoung wants to meet your parents but you’re living on campus so all you get to do is skype with them and when you bring jinyoung onto the screen your mom is just like WOW! is that a MODEL! WOW! HANDSOME! and jinyoung charms her even more with sweet talk and casually dropping the fact that he has a 4.0 gpa and like
  • wow, i said this before but: this ! one ! you ! bring ! home ! to ! mom !
  • jinyoung never disappoints, he’s a gentleman through and through always offering to carry your things, always thumbing the corner of your mouth if you have a crumb stuck, pulls out chairs for you, pays on all your dates
  • and even when you’re like jinYOung let me take care of you- he’s like no no i have to take care of you
  • but im just gonna put it out here: that’s not always the case in the bedroom 
  • me: digs a hole and stays in it im soRRY
  • but yes the only glimpses of un-gentleman like jinyoung you see are if you stay the night and in the morning you see his toothbrush fall out of his mouth because you’re just wearing his shirt
  • or when he snaps at yugyeom or bambam and hisses for them to piss off and let him study (this only happens if they’re being eXTRemely loud. or if bambam is trying to fake ask you out to get a reaction out of jinyoung. which he always does and it’s so funny like jinyoung you know he’s playing why are you so jealous???)
  • jinyoung probably: i can’t risk losing my most precious person
  • you: oh my god i love you
  • yugyeom: oh my god that’s so romantic im gonna thROW UP
  • except lbr yugyeom would love it and be like hYUNG let me take a pic of you and them for my insta so i can tag it ‘true love is beautiful. jinyoung would know since he was always ugly bef- plEASE DONT HIT Me WITH THE TEXTBOOK”
  • jinyoung always has his hand on your lower back to steady you, it’s like a reflex of his and it’s warm and makes you feel safe
  • you always take his glasses off for him and clean them even when he insists he can do it himself and you’re like no!!! let me!!!
  • jinyoungs heart just shattering when you lean up to put them back on for him and he can’t resist the urge to lean in and kiss you
  • you see photos of jinyoung in the news from when he went to one of his protests and it makes you so proud and you tag along to some with him and his passion fires you up to be passionate too 
  • when jb told you jinyoung used to dream of being the prime minister when he was younger, you can’t help but think that that would be amazing. jinyoung’s so bright and well spoken, you tell jinyoung that he was basically born the be a public figure and jinyoung just melts because stop jb don’t tell them that they’re gonna compliment me and im gonna D I E 
  • lmfao you: hey, what’s that rose tattoo on your hip even mean jinyoung?
  • jackson, spitting out his coffee: TATTOO? HIP TATTOO? WHAT NOW?
  • jinyoung: good god, look what you’ve done
  • you: oops 

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First Comes Love Pt. 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Thank you @agentkenziecaptainamerica​ for wanting a sequel to begin with, and for waiting this long. I hope that despite my negative view on it, that you still like it. Anywho, enjoy, Munchkins!

Summary: Two months later, your friendship with Peter couldn’t be stronger, but as he helps you for upcoming auditions, you begin to realize, maybe you don’t want to be just friends. (My Hamilton obsession is showing)

Warnings: Maybe swearing. Definitely teasing. No smut, as Peter is literally 15. (Let me know if there is anything you need to be tagged. I want you to feel comfortable reading my work.)

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Broken - Liam Dunbar Prompt

Prompt: can u do a liam imagine where he breaks up with you because he’s scared to fall in love. his friends tease you but he does nothing and everyone seems to hate you. you stop going to school, rebelling, drinking, running away and giving attitude to teachers until Liam talks to and says why he broke up and that he’s worried about you and you two make up?

Note: I changed the ‘his friends teased you’ part because I don’t think Scott and his pack would tease Liam’s ex-girlfriend. They’re not mean. Instead, I came up with something else with her friends. I hope you don’t mind.

Warning: This prompt contains signs of depression, reckless behavior, and signs of a suicide attempt.

My Teen Wolf Master List

It’s been so long since the break-up with Liam, Y/N had lostcount of the days that had passed. She constantly asked herself ‘what went wrong?’ throughout the entire day, daily. It sounded like a broken record. She had no idea what happened. Liam and Y/N were great together. Everyone thought they were perfect for each other and they would last forever. The high school sweethearts that would still be happily married with kids at their 10-year reunion. She thought the same thing, but clearly Liam didn’t it.

As soon as everyone in school found out Liam dumped Y/N, everyone would all stare at Y/N as she walked in the hallways. She would pretend she didn’t notice, or ignored the whispers they shared with each other behind her back as she walked by. Some of them would ask her what went wrong, and she lied by saying they just grew apart. 

The gawking and murmurs never went away; in fact, they grew more each day. It’s like they knew she was lying and they started disliking her for it. Her own best friends started teasing her for constantly crying, the sudden weight loss, being depressed, and never wanting to go out with them anymore. Eventually, they joined the people who whispered behind her back and spread terrible rumors about her. 

She couldn’t sleep so she started drinking to help her fall asleep. She took pills to numb the pain, and she rarely ate anything. Ultimately, this led to skipping school, giving disrespectful attitude towards her teachers, and her grades were slipping due to not doing any of her schoolwork. Y/N’s mother noticed the sudden change in her own daughter and often brought it up. Y/N acted out, rebelled against her rules, and ran away at night to different places. Sometimes she’d sneak into bars and clubs, where she often met older guys to try to forget Liam, but constantly failed. 

Gradually, she lost all her friends, her mother didn’t understand what she was going through, and an ex-boyfriend who didn’t care about her anymore. She tried to shallow her pride but eventually it got the best of her. She had no one. She felt alone.

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School Essentials for you Newborn High Schoolers. Part One

It’s almost time for school to begin, and I’m sure you may be FREAKING OUT about what to bring to school. Fear not, little ones, for I have some knowledge to share. (And you really are just a baby. Trust me, when you graduate you will look back and think, “Oh God, why was I allowed out of the house?” 

Coincidentally, my little sister is starting high school this year! 

Our high school is a bit different than most American high schools however, because we take 8 classes a year; 4 in the fall (August to December), and 4 in the spring (January to June). Furthermore, freshman have 6 required classes they MUST take their first year, and 2 free choice courses. My sister’s two free choices are Fall Band and Spring Band, and the rest are all pre-determined by her school.

Here is what my brother (who is now a senior) and I (just graduated) determined was essential for her: 

The Basics

  1. A Scientific Calculator: Every high school student should buy one. They are about $15 dollars at Walmart and Target, and they will last you all four years if you treat it right. In fact, my sister’s is a hand-me-down from myself. (NOTE: higher level math courses like AP Calculus will require an expensive graphing calculator, but if you don’t see yourself going past pre-calculus, you should be fine. Most freshmen start at Algebra 1, so don’t worry if you think you are behind now: you are exactly normal.) 
  2. A ruler: this is more of a luxury than anything. But my school’s biology classes (required for freshmen) do make graphs every once and a while, and they’re nice to have. Plus they get used up in geometry, too, although some teachers are cool and will have a class set you can borrow from during the period. 
  3. Index Cards: even if you are not the type to make and study from flash cards, I recommend buying a cheap pack now. Some classes assign oral presentations, and usually teachers allow note cards to aid you. Other teachers let us fill a side (sometimes both, if they were nice) of a 3x5 card with notes to use as a “cheat sheet” for test and quizzes. Another reason to buy these: my Spanish teacher actually REQUIRED flash cards to be made, and would grade them. I’ve heard of this happening elsewhere, too, even AP classes, so it doesn’t hurt to buy a pack or two, 
  4. Pencils: for the love of god, have a pencil. Even if you prefer pen, always have a pencil for Scantron tests and math, because some teachers get PISSED when you are that one kid who says “Um… I don’t have a pencil” at the last minute. This isn’t middle school, The teacher wont have a cup of freshly sharpened pencils on her desk for you to borrow. It stinks I have to say this, but kids will seriously forget pencils. They’ll have a $50 backpack and a new phone but NO PENCILS. You know the kids I’m talking about. (PS, don’t believe that shit that mechanical pencils are not #2 pencils or whatever. They work just fine on Scantrons) 
  5. Highlighters; I recommend at least one or two. Sometimes English teachers have little exercises to do in class that involve highlighting. They’re always good to have. (NOTE: if you do like using highlighters for notes, DON’T USE THEM WHILE YOU ARE NOTE TAKING! Wait until your study time and before starting homework and other assignments, go over your notes and highlight key points.) 
  6. Binder Dividers: a commonly forgotten essential, these are a really good thing to have. When I was in high school, I would organize my English binders with dividers, and it was great. (you get a lot of papers handed to you in high school, its best to stay organized so you don’t lose your homework/scrambling to dig through your binder to find an assignment.) A cheaper alternative to dividers (although I got mine at Walmart this year for 30 cents) is to get some colored construction paper and hole-punch it. You can even decorate some printer paper! You do you. 
  7. Colored Pencils (Not Pictured): Just buy the cheap crayola pack of colored pencils when you are shopping. Just throw them in the cart. You WILL have that one teacher who likes doing weird group activities that require a lot of coloring, or something like that (my World Studies class required a “picture book” made for each chapter in the textbook. ??????) You would rather have your own than dig through the teacher’s bin of weird, broken colored pencils where all the good colors have slowly disappeared over the years. 
  8. An Eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a mini stapler (also not pictured): the stapler and the pencil sharpener are more luxuries, but nice to have. You will get a dick teacher who makes you wait FOREVER to get up and staple or use the big loud sharpener, and by the time they are done talking, EVERYONE needs those things and there are big clusters of sweaty kids around the coveted sharpener and stapler. Avoid the fuss and bring your own. (Note: don’t be loud and obnoxious and get up and do stuff while the teacher is teaching, especially if the sharpener/stapler is right where  they are standing. Have some self awareness and don’t be a dick) 

Part Two here

An Old Johnlock/Teenlock Roleplay Log

I found this in my email drafts and it was done in like, May last year? Blegh, I’m so bad about hoarding great RPS. Bless eggs-benedict-cumberbatch who did this with me. Like, I think it was the first run of this prompt idea and it went SO WELL. ^-^

You’re chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

You and the stranger both like johnlock, and teen!lock.

You: Sherlock, did I forget a black notebook in your dorm yesterday? JW (17)

Stranger: Perhaps. Describe what would be written in it. -SH (17)

You: It’s just the stupid poetry notebook we’re supposed to keep for lit class. JW

Stranger: Liar. -SH

Stranger: You keep it for yourself. -SH

Stranger: We’re in the same literature class, John. -SH

You: Okay, fine. It’s my stupid poetry notebook I’ve had since my da left. Is it there? JW

Stranger: Yes. -SH

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“I Was Getting To That Part” (Requested Liam/Overprotective Brett Imagine)

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You had no idea how you ended up in this situation. You had simply decided that you needed air and went for a walk in the woods. You, of course, were not watching where you were going and ended up falling down into a dark hole. Now usually, werewolves could get themselves out of situations like this but you were fairly new and not all that strong. You had only been turned by Satomi a little over a week ago.

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Fanfiction: MFW guys camping as teenagers

“Well, that certainly doesn’t look good.” Saeki sighed.
“You got to be kidding me, right?” Yamato snapped. “This is terrible.” He gestures to the broken gas stove. “Which genius DIDN’T test the stove before he brought it along?”
Kunihiko gave an apologetic chuckle and raised his hand. Yuta laughed. Drawing in a deep breath, Yamato was about to say something when Takao cut in.
“Well, we still have the fire pit.”
“We’re gonna spit roast like a bunch of cavemen?” Yamato groaned.
“If you want to go hungry, I have no problem with that.” Kunihiko shrugs. “So, how we gonna do this?”
“We get firewood, duh!” Yuta spits out a last few giggles before pulling himself together. “Come on, Saeki! Let’s go get some branches!” The black haired youth followed him away from the campsite into the trees. Yamato grumbled and threw himself down on the picnic table seat. Kunihiko gave him a shove.
“Let’s go.”
“Ahhhhhhh.” Yamato rolled his eyes. “Just when I got comfortable too.”
“Come on, come on!” Kunihiko pushes him off the picnic table and into the tree line.

Ren and Takao were bent over the fire pit.
“So, we build the teepee formation if we want a taller, roasting fire.” Takao was rearranging a few of the logs previous campers left behind. The blond boy was listening intently, and helping him stack the wood. “How does that look?
“We could have a bit more kindling.” Ren ducks his head and peers into the hole they left in the side for air. “This stuff looks pretty solid and hard to catch.” His friend picks up the knife and starts stripping away the bark of another branch, slicing curls of wood into a small pile.
“We’re back!” Yuta grins as he waddles up to Ren and dumps an armful of wood into his arms. “How’s this?”
Ren drops the heap of wood with a grimace and he quickly brushes dirt off himself.
“It feels really wet.”
“What does that mean?” Yuta glances down at his own shirt, smudged with a bit of mud and green. “Oh that’s kinda yucky.”
“I mean,” Ren sighed. “It’s not going to burn well. Wet things don’t burn.” He lifts a sagging branch and gives it a sniff. “This smells too fresh.”
Saeki groaned.
“Do we have to find new ones?”
“Not exactly.” Takao peers at the wood. “If we can start it up, we can dry these over the fire and they’ll come in handy later?”
“Leave it to Takao to come up with solutions.” Kunihiko laughs as he rejoins the group. “How’s this? Crisp and dry.” He drops firewood onto the ground. Yamato comes up behind him with more of the dry and burnable material.
Ren steps in to inspect the wood, while Takao sits back down to shave more kindling off his branch.
“Does this help?” Saeki holds out a stack of paper. “For fire starting?” Without looking up, Takao takes the papers.
“What is this?” He puts down the knife and looks at the top sheet. “M231.01 Great Literature?” He looks up at Saeki with grey eyes. “You’re burning your homework?”
“Well, I don’t need it anymore.” His friend grins. “And it will help our fire, right?”
“Oh, I got some too!” Yuta claps his hands and runs off. He staggers back with two binders stuffed with worksheets and essays.
“You really should keep these for future reference.” Takao flips through the stacks of papers. “Both of you.”
“Not like they’ll ever use it again.” Kunihiko shrugged. “If they want to burn that stuff, let them.”
“Gosh, get on with it, book boy.” Yamato snatches the papers from Takao and crumples one into a loose ball and chucks it at Ren. It bounces off his head. Ren glares at his friend and stuffs the scrunched paper under the logs.

The fire was an excellent roar now after dinner, the boys sitting on folding chairs around it. Each one had a branch and marshmallows roasting over the flame.
“Ahhh!” Yuta cries out when his puff catches fire and draws his branch close to him to blow on it. Beside him, Saeki grabs his water bottle and empties half its contents over it. “EW! SAEKI! Now it’s all wet!” Yuta complained and pouted at his black lump.
“That’s what she s-“
Takao elbowed Yamato hard in the side, a blush flooding over his face, visible even with the fire glowing upon their features.
Stifling a laugh, Kunihiko tossed the bag of marshmallows at Yuta. He caught it with a grin and plunked two more fresh puffs onto his branch.
“We should tell scary stories.” Saeki sat back onto his chair and blew on his lightly singed marshmallows, picking away the black part with his fingertips.
“That’s so childish.” Yamato rolled his eyes. “Who still does that?”
“What do you suggest we do then?” Saeki flung Yuta’s discarded burnt marshmallow at his friend, who dodged nimbly and glared back.
“Discuss life, the universe, and everything.”
“Wow, Kuni, leave it up to you to be deep.” Yamato huffed and squished one of his marshmallows into a s’more.
“Well, what do you want to talk about?”
“Gosh, Saeki, seriously?!”
“Shhh, Ren’s sleeping.”
“What, already?”
“He’s sleeping his life away again.”
“Let him be. I bet he’s tired.”
“He didn’t do anything different than the rest of us!”
Takao sighed at his friends and went over to Ren, easing the branch out of his hands and wrapping Ren’s jacket around his shoulders.
“Look at big brother Takao being the mature one again.”

With the fire put out and the food packed away safely in the minivan, they managed to heave Ren into the tent and tuck him into his sleeping bag.
“He owes me big time for carrying him.” Saeki muttered quietly with a faintly amused look.
“He owes all of us big time. We should have done what I said and just left him there as bear bait-“
“Fine, fine, I wasn’t gonna leave him out there anyway! Just kidding!” He kicked out his sleeping bag and snuggled deeper into it.
“Just settle down and sleep.” Kunihiko mumbled. “We still have lots of stuff tomorrow. Hiking and swimming and all that jazz.”
“I’m so excited!” Yuta’s voice peeped up from the corner. “Guys, we gotta do this more often.”
“Shhhh.” Kunihiko sighed and rolled away from Yuta.
“Ow, Kuni, you’re on my foot!” Saeki yelped and the calming aura in the tent sparked up with alertness again.
“Saeki, shut up.” Ren grumbled from the side, having been woken by the commotion.
“Good night, guys.” Takao’s voice sounded in the dimness as everything settled back down.
“Good night.”
“Night night!”
“Don’t let the camp bugs bite!”
“Shut up, y’all kids.”

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kitter  asked:

Imagine your OTP are next door neighbors and from there bedroom person A can see part of person B roof and person B is just laying on the roof in the "paint me like one of your french girls" pose staring at person A (for the prompt thing, sorry not sorry)

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU. I’m super sorry this took so long, and it’s probably not even exactly what you asked for, but this was fun and you are wonderful (Lucas came and visited me last week, if you get the chance, you should too <3 Also forgive me I didn’t go back and edit this and it’s also hella long YOLO)

“I’m telling you, Tiffany, it’s just a little weird.”

Pacifica lets out a sharp exhale, blowing her bangs out of her eyes. Tiffany nods dutifully next to her as they walk home in the fading Fall light. Cheerleading practice had run late that evening, and with Tiffany’s brother picking up the evening shift downtown, they’d been forced to walk the mile or so home in their gym shorts and sweaty tees.

“I dunno, Paz, it sounds kind of cute!”

At her glare, Tiffany starts to backtrack, “I mean, in a weird, sort of stalkerish way.”

Shrugging, Pacifica shifts the books and binder in her weary arms. She’s felt her phone buzz, once, twice, but she’d been unable to answer it. It’s not like she needed to see her phone to know her parents would be out, late, once again. Having the house to herself was good and all… When one didn’t have a brand new neighbor with a weird tendency to get caught staring through his window to hers.

“It’s too convenient to be a coincidence though,” she says, “First his family moves in next door, then he’s at the mall at the same time, and *then* it *just so happens* that he’s either in my class or has the one right after mine? It’s like having some gawky, 6'0”, dubiously pubescent shadow.“

Tiffany lets loose a low whistle.

“Whoever this kid is, he’s probably wondering when the eclipse started, because you’re throwing some serious shade, girl,” Tiffany says, face scrunching up into the start of a laugh.

The two immediately tumble into laughter. They stagger down the sidewalk, clutching their books to their stomachs until they reach the edge of Pacifica’s driveway.

“Oh, uh, hi, Pacifica.”

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Google search results for "Alcor"

If you click this link, you’ll notice that the first result is the Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Now I want to see fic based off of this

Ask and you shall receive!


Sabrina’s eyes started to glaze over as she skimmed through the Alcor Life Extension Foundation company e-mails. Spam, spam, spam… Man, they really needed to get better spam filters. And who fell for those spam messages in this day and age, anyway? Were there really still people out there who were ignorant enough to blindly trust that somebody who e-mailed them out of the blue could help enlarge their penis or set them up on a hot date? Or were spammers so dedicated to their cause that they never considered spending their time and effort in a more productive way?

After deleting a dozen e-mails without opening them, the woman hesitated, her cursor hovering over another one. PLEASE HELP ME ALCOR!!! read the subject line.

On the one hand, that subject line read along the lines of several e-mails that she had already deleted just a few moments earlier… but on the other hand, the e-mail lacked other markers of a typical spam e-mail. There was no attachment that threatened to be a virus in disguise, the sender’s e-mail address was not some grotesquely misspelled version of a real company’s name or a jumble of random words vaguely related to the e-mail’s subject but instead the surprisingly normal (if unprofessional) “yankeepixie”, and it even mentioned the company name in the header.

After some deliberation, curiosity got the better of her. Sabrina opened the e-mail.

The e-mail’s contents only served to further increase the mystery behind the message’s arrival.

Please please PLEASE help me Alcor!!! I have leukemia and the doctors say I only have a few months longer to live and I don’t want to die I’m only 13!!! Please make a deal with me, I’ll give you anything you want, just DON’T LET ME DIE!!!!!! T_T

Sabrina sighed. The e-mail might not have been spam, but given how little sense it made and how irrelevant it appeared to be for the company, it might as well have been. Still, she figured it couldn’t hurt to send a reply message.

Dear YankeePixie,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, Alcor Life Extension Foundation is unable to accept minors as members at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Sabrina Rivera

Front Office Administrator

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

She sent the e-mail off, and her mind soon drifted towards other things… until, a few hours later, the next e-mail came.

This one was entitled Alcor please help my husband:


My husband and I were recently in a car accident, and while I escaped with only a broken leg, he’s been in and out of a coma since. Please, if there’s any way you could extend his life, even by just a few more months, I would be incredibly grateful. Our daughter’s wedding is in six weeks, and I know we would all be heartbroken if he passed away before then! Whatever the cost, I know it would be worth it.


Even then, Sabrina didn’t quite make the connection. It sounded like somebody had just gotten the meaning of “life extension” confused again. Didn’t anybody read the FAQ these days? Seriously, people were getting dumber and lazier by the day…

Over the next few weeks, the front office received an ever-increasing number of messages, letters soon becoming almost as numerous as the e-mails, all from people who asked not about future cryogenic freezing but about having longer lifespans right now. The woman soon realized that something was wrong, but she first assumed it was some misstep in their latest marketing campaign, something that she would have to bring up to Carl when he came back from his vacation to Aruba. Sabrina began to treat the messages as spam when she was able to identify them right off the bat, because they provided equally nonexistent value to their company, but it was harder to identify the letters at a glance, so she still had to open each and every one just in case this one contained an actual inquiry.

It was the letters, therefore, that tipped her off to the actual problem.

Few of them had used the full title of their organization, “Alcor Life Extension Foundation”, when addressing them, but Sabrina had initially assumed that their being referred to as simply “Alcor” was just a misguided attempt at familiarity. But then other messages, far from using the organization’s proper name, referenced what sounded like a different entity altogether.

Alcor the demon. Alcor the Dreambender.

On a whim, the woman decided to Google the name “Alcor”, to see whether she could find the source of the odd messages that way.

Sabrina smiled as she saw that the front page of the website for their organization still topped the list of the Google search results. A couple of others referenced the organization, while the Wikipedia page for the star which was the foundation’s namesake remained in the top ten. (The star Alcor was supposedly “a test for clear vision”, as the foundation’s mission page phrased it, though the woman sometimes wondered if its other moniker of “the forgotten one” wasn’t more appropriate given how the media had been overlooking their work in the years since the Transcendence.) But in between… there were several demonology pages referencing an entirely different Alcor. An Alcor who was a demon, an Alcor who called himself Alcor the Dreambender.

Sabrina’s heart raced as she read through the information about this other, new Alcor and realized who the strange messages had been meant to reach all along. She began printing out page after page, her usual concern about Paul’s lambasting her for using up too much of the company’s paper and ink now far from her mind, gathering them up together and stuffing them into a dirty black binder that had been gathering dust in the corner of Sabrina’s desk ever since she could remember. She ran across the building, clutching the binder to her chest as if it were her child, and banged on the door of the foundation president’s office, barely noticing the white flecks of paint that fell off with every hit.

The door slowly squeezed open, revealing a rotund figure in a brown business suit.

“Sabrina, what’s going on?”

The woman thrust the binder into the president’s hands. “This. This is what’s going on.”

The man sat back in his plush chair while Sabrina remained standing, absentmindedly tapping out a pattern with her foot. With every page he flipped, his face grew paler and paler, and by the time he shut the binder again, he resembled a caricature of a ghost more than a living, breathing human being.

“Oh my.” He breathed.

“So. Max. What should we do about this?”

The two locked eyes. “Well, since you discovered… all this, I suppose you might have some ideas for me.”

Sabrina broke into a thin, nervous smile. “Actually, yes. As I see it, you have three main options here.”

The president waved his hand around lazily. “Go on.”

The woman held up one finger. “The first option is, we pretend like we never noticed this and go on as we have been. Dealing with all those messages might be frustrating, but it’d certainly be the easiest and most straightforward option for us to implement.”

He cleared his throat. “Right, right.”

She held up a second finger. “The second option is, we change our company name to something else, something that avoids us being associated with this new demon figure. I know that would require a lot of work on our part, and it might lead to some confusion among members and non-members alike, but it might be the only way of establishing ourselves as separate from this other Alcor for good.”

The president nodded slightly. “I understand. It’s certainly a lot to think about. But then… what, pray tell, is the third option?”

Sabrina held up another finger, and her foot tapping grew louder and faster. “The third option is…” The woman silenced her foot and flashed the president a wide, though still thin, smile. “We find this demon who calls himself Alcor, and we make ourselves a deal.”