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Hi! I was wondering where you bought the baby skeletons from?

ahhhh these guys?? <3

you can get them from Re-Ment on Amazon! they’re adorable and also surprisingly cheap?? the company is japanese and they ship out periodically so it’s a bit up in the air when you’ll get them (for example, my sister @jolie-in-the-underground and i got lil skeletons within four days or so, but the props and that bigger demon skel took nearly three weeks TvT) - but seriously, they are so worth it  ( o` v ’o)b

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I'm starting to seriously loose hope that I'll ever meet her and that makes me so sad.

PLEASE don’t lose hope!!! i literally said to someone in late september that this era was a little bit of a relief because i recognized that it wasn’t worth trying anymore and i got my DM like a week later. she is always watching and she wants to hug every single person but it takes time. 

also this sounds so cliche, but i promise she will show up when you need it most. a couple weeks ago i literally felt like i had hit rock bottom. like sobbing on the phone with my mom in the middle of the night for four hours rock bottom. and then this happened and it was literally right in the nick of time. i could not be more grateful 

Thank you for your sweet and kind messages, I really needed that, a little nice kick.
Real life likes to kick me, but also I see who is worth of any of my time and feelings.

BUT there is a good stuff! 
My new tablet is here! I can finally work, like… WORK at home.
And I finished my star wars drawing from last year, finally :)
Gonna post it in a few.

I am so grateful to have such lovely people here, thank you so much, I love you all very, very much ❤ ❤ ❤
You all are precious, seriously!

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28 and 40 :)

28. any scene/line you wrote that you didn’t expect to write/that surprised you once it was written?

This entire fic?

“Clarke swallows her bite victoriously, grabbing Lexa by the shirt to bring her closer. Kissing her again, holding her there and making it worth the wait. And that tension inside of Clarke, that dissonance she felt for the past few days, dissipates. “Where’d you disappear to,” she whispers.”

40. chapter you’re most proud of in this verse?

hmmm…i mean, again, this entire fic? i’m very partial to 10, 11 and 13. Like, damn, seriously, all of it. it’s been my favorite to write. i’m proud of this entire thing. it happened so unexpectedly.

Cutest After Story I’ve seen so far, I almost melted away whenever I saw Yunoha and Takahira being so adorable. This route was really worth it, and such a great timing to come back to as well, after putting it down for like 8 months or so. 

The interaction between Yunoha and Takahira is one of the most funniest, and the most sassiest thing I’ve seen. I seriously loved Yunoha being so sassy, it just made me feel so content with everything. I think Yunoha is just amazing handling so much of her own things, but also handling things related to Takahira.

I also liked the fact that there weren’t anything that had to be let go, or just give up on in the story. The story in my opinion was pure and funny. 

Takahira’s route was worth every moment, every second. 

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

Edit: Seriously wish I knew I could edit sooner! 1. “How is it racist?” It’s racist due to white supremacist policies. POC make significantly less than white people. It’s a big wage gap. Redlining. Gentrification. The New Jim Crow. Systemic and institutional racism. Discrimination in hiring and promoting, housing, loans, and so forth. Whites in general owe a lot to generational wealth, something POC were long excluded from. POC often don’t get the same recognition or compensation for their work. School to prison pipeline, racist policing, unfair sentencing, the much higher percentage of Black, Indigenous, and other POC in prisons compared to their resourcing respective general population percents is a huge problem. It makes it much harder for POC to “move up the ladder,” more likely to live in poverty, and have a harder time escaping poverty. 2. Why liberalism? Because liberalism has become neoliberalism, moved farther right, become less interested in effective measures and actual justice. 3. But communism kills people and anarchism doesn’t work! Okay, I’m not going to debate this point, only say that there is enough food, housing, and other basic needs to take care of everyone. To be continued…

I love how performative wokeness on the internet has taken the concept of cultural appropriation from being about exploiting, harming, and/or misrepresenting societies, and bastardized it into this white nationalist style bullshit about “culture is about tradition and heritage and family n and is never ever ever ever to be shared or mixed in any way, even respectfully, because mixing muddies and destroys pristine cultures, which are only truly authentic if they are quarantined away from any outside influence or people.” Seriously, Richard Spencer himself has said that he likes this shit, because it’s “racial consciousnesses" for sjw cucks. Also, this bastardization of the concept does fuck all to actually, you know, help communities who are affected by actual appropriation.

But hey, as long as you win that sweet sweet #woke cred for screeching up and down on Twitter and Tumblr because some teenager wore a yukata that their host family in Japan gave them as a gift, or getting into slapfights about whether or not flower crowns are cultural appropriation (and if so, then from which culture!?) then it’s totally worth it!


An afternoon date~

and a bonus

Back to School/Uni Tips!

I’m headed into my 3rd year of uni, so I thought I’d make a post sharing my tips on how to do well in school, not burn out, and keep your mental health relatively stable.

1. Snacks - seriously, don’t leave home without at least 2 substantial snacks in your bag. If you’re go-go-going all day and suddenly your sitting in a lecture about to crash cause you haven’t eaten anything all day, you’re gonna want snacks. Some suggestions: Cashews (they’re not super loud/crunchy, so they’re perfect for lecture snackin’), a granola bar, an apple, cherry tomatoes, trail mix.

2. Don’t buy the textbook before you go to your first class - I’ve worked at a university bookstore for 2 years, and every year, people end up buying 700$ worth of first year text books, and then they don’t even use them. Wait. and then wait some more. If there are required readings, then get the textbook, if your prof says there will be questions from the textbook on the exam, then get the textbook, but trust me, for 90% of first year classes (and a lot of other ones) you don’t need the textbook. SAVE YOUR WALLETS

3. Take notes efficiently - honestly the best way to take notes, is type up the lecture notes that are provided, BEFOREHAND, and then during lecture, fill in the blanks/add information/take down any important things your prof is saying as you go through the lecture on your laptop in a different color. This way you’re much less likely to miss any important information, you won’t be confused about what to take down, and you won’t fall into the trap of taking down notes that are already being provided to you. After class, or while making study notes, copy these notes out by hand to remember what you learned.

4. Keep it simple - pretty notes are GREAT if you have the time, but once you get to upper level uni, and you have 100 slides of notes to turn into study notes, you will not have the time to make your notes look aesthetically pleasing. Just get the info down so you can focus on learning it.

5. Have a designated study space - i did all of my highschool homework and studying in my bed, and 90% of the time, I ended up falling asleep. My bed wasn’t going to cut it for uni, so I got a cheap ikea desk, and it’s made me so much more organized and productive.

6. Take as much ‘you time’ as possible - take a bath. light candles. binge watch a tv show. veg out with a book for 4 hours if you have the time. do your makeup super special one day. get yourself that venti pumpkin spice latte with extra whip whenever you feel like it. Uni is a shitty time I’m not gonna lie. It’s stressful as f*ck, and whenever you can spare a couple hours or a couple dollars to TREAT YO SELF, do it.

7.  If you have anxiety, CUT THE COFFEE. caffeine is a huge trigger for anxiety. Caffeine takes away from your sleep, messes with your adrenalin systems, and can make you super paranoid and anxious all the time. 

8. If you think your in the wrong major, change it - I started in geology, and I HATED IT. Now I’m in psych and I love it. It is never too late for a change of program. If you think you’re doing something you don’t wanna do, or your not enjoying it, don’t do it.

9. For mornings you have to be ready and out the door, or if you’re a person who always runs late, have a getting-ready routine and get it down pat. Have a mental list of things you need to do, and things you need to remember, and find out how much time it takes you. Get up at 8am, shower, wash face/brush teeth, get dressed, do makeup, pack bag, remember keys, wallet, laptop, notebook, pen and train pass, have breakfast, put on shoes, leave by 9am.

10. Utilize your time in transit. - finish a reading, go over flashcards, read study notes, listen to an album you’ve been meaning to listen to, read a book, read some fanfic, idk but don’t just sit there unless just sitting there is what you need.

11. Find a hobby or passion that is separate from your school/uni life. Whether its playing sports, or running, reading, collecting plants, making scrapbooks, curating a refined taste in tea, having baths, writing in a journal, find something that if you’re bored with watching shows or studying, you can go do it, and enjoy it, and get your mind off all the other shit that’s going on in your life for awhile.

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Making their crazy psycho villians

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So hot with their hair down


lance and keith get put into a mission together and keith sorta confesses that he values lance on the team more than himself, and lance can’t comprehend that bc he believes keith is super important too, so they are both rlly confused??

y’all… i tried…. i rlly did

dialogue under cut (my handwriting sucks)

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The whole mess about difficulty modes in video games is so weird to me, because I’ve seen it before. The tabletop roleplaying hobby went through exactly the same thing decades earlier.

I remember the flamewars about how games where you didn’t die instantly at zero hit points were coddling unskilled players and bringing about the downfall of “real” gaming.

I remember it being seriously debated whether making games more mathematically accessible was worth the potential loss of granularity - and, indeed, whether people who were bad at math “deserved” to play at all!

Heck, even a lot of reasoning was word-for-word identical. Folks used to argue with a straight face that of course your new character should start at level 1 when your old character died, no matter what the party’s average level was, because you had to earn the right to enjoy the game “properly” by slogging through multiple sessions with a character who’s bad at everything first.

It’s that noxious combination of “all games should be difficult to play because I’ve invested my entire identity in having mastered that difficulty” and “I want games that don’t cater to the exact mode of play that I prefer to fail, and I want the exact things that I dislike about them to be the reason that they fail“ - well, it’s awful familiar, is what I’m saying.

I won’t say that the tabletop roleplaying hobby ever entirely got over it - the “games that don’t cater exactly to me should fail” attitude still strongly informs the “Edition Warrior” mindset in D&D circles, for example - but the broader community basically came to a consensus that people who think like this are assholes decades ago, so watching video games describe the same trajectory evokes a strange mix of nostalgia and exasperation.

Welp, I guess I know who will smile at me everyday. It’s you, @markiplier! ^^

Happy 28th Birthday, Mark Edward Fischbach!

I made this cross-stitch in a month, and boi! That was worth it! I hope you like it! ^_^
Thank you so much for making me and my sister happy. I wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of your life. Have a great birthday, Markiplier.

And also artwork for this cross-stitch made by @simpleagle (seriously she’s amazing)




so this user comes into my messages and says this shit. Which 1. I don’t believe a word of and 2. If I tell you I don’t care about your opinion Leave Me The Fuck Alone.

But then.

She rolls into @pantton-sandacers messages too (last photo). And an Anonymous third party’s messages too. Which means she’s going around harassing accounts. Thankfully, I had already talked with @pantton-sandacers and she and the third party were aware of this user.

So if she messages you. Block her. It’s not worth dealing with her. Seriously. Be aware please.

I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this


instant gratification 02 (m)

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➾11.6k words
➾ lots of smut, some fluff, a little angst (just like this gif)
➾ warnings: pregnancy mention
➾ summary: the rules of becoming fuck buddies are as follows: no strings attached, don’t play jealousy games, and strictly no cuddling after sex. On a scale of how-fucked-are-you from one to ten, Jeon Jeongguk has you on a 9, in more ways than one.

Jeon Jeongguk, on top of being the nastiest fuckboy who just happens to have some good dick, is a childish brat. 

Parties are so not your thing, and you feel like a fish out of water in the midst of so many scantily clad girls and barely sober frat boys. You’ve been grabbed at least 5 times now, only managing to narrowly escape their clutches the last time, and you have to fight to keep your patience as you try and spot his big head in the overcrowded frat house. You wouldn’t be here if not for his not so thinly veiled threat over text.

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i feel like a lot of the ‘girls can be awful too!!!!!’ discourse kind of ignores a key difference that is…even though girls can and are mean on interpersonal basis theres not that feeling of being undervalued bcus im a girl…like when i say that i want to be in an all girls school bcus itd be a more positive environment i dont mean everyone will be nice bcus that’s absolutely not the case i mean i wont have that feeling that no matter what i say it’s stupid and not worth sharing and i wont be ignored by teachers in favor of men…academics with men or taught by men is so humiliating and exhausting you constantly are undermined and have to prove urself and no one takes u seriously and thats definitely harmful to ur self esteem

you know how we all collectively thought as a fandom that even’s always been very sure about his sexuality and what he liked and what he wanted 

and now we’re sitting here trying to process the fact that he wasn’t, and he hated himself so much he tried to “cure” himself and then tried to take his own life because he was being told he was going to hell for liking boys

we have seriously never toed the waters we’re being forcefully thrown into right now. even bech næsheim had a similar struggle to isak’s concerning religion and homosexuality, and he still pursued isak – he still saw this boy and said, maybe he’s worth it. maybe this one’s different. maybe it’s not wrong.

and now they’re both living together and are happy with who they are and don’t touch me

if i could have one wish, it would be to look at Ten’s camera roll because i just know that he has a ton of super cute pictures with himself and Johnny

like cute pictures of them eating food together

pictures of Johnny sleeping and Ten pretending to sleep next to him

pictures where they are just looking at each other and you just know how much they love each other, 

probably a bunch of Johnny spam pics

videos of them dancing or doing something stupid or slightly illegal 

and probably a lot more pictures like the ones they are taking here

sm do us all a favor and please release their pictures