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Hey previous asker, if you want to do an Old School(TM) Western dragon, take a look at the skull of a rhino. Classic heraldic dragons are based off of woolly rhino fossils. No, seriously. Look up the history of the Klagenfurt Dragon Fountain.

Hey, just looked that up and that’s really cool! By the sound of it it was he klagenfurt dragon specifically was a “reconstruction” of the rhino skull, but that’s an excellent example of the diversity in early dragon depictions. I’ve seen a lot of Old style dragons with doglike heads or hooked beaks too
Folklore seems to be full of people finding mysterious skulls and making up what they might have came from (elephant -> cyclops or protoceratops -> gryphon) and the good ol theory that dragons in general were just misidentified dinosaur bones……….

I seriously hope people don’t think I’m creepy when I like their post about being sad or having a bad day or something. Like, I don’t know them, I just wish them the best, but I don’t want to mess up by sending a message or something and I hate the idea of giving no support at all. So. Yeah, uh.
I just hope they don’t take me liking their post as creepy or something, yeah.

The freaking heart-shape confuses my feelings alright? it feels like I’m sending a hug or something but that’s just a freaking like and me being super awkward as usual.
I don’t know how to deal with others being down okay, I can only and barely deal with me being down okay.

I’m so sorry.


Seriously though… Why aren’t you a Covergirl @buckys-fossil ?

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I’m extra and instead of paying attention in AP Lang, I’m making edits 😂.

Nah but my teacher is chill and I have a good grade in this class.

But still, Happy Birthday my friend and hope your 18th is fun. (You’re 18 right? 😂. I forget lmaoo)

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I wanted to ask you about what you think of Rowlet's evo and of what he's based off? I heard he was based on a bird from hawaii that went extinct and so he gets the ghost type from that, do you think that's it? It sounds pretty cool

OK lets back it up, I am going to sort this out once and for all.  I think the rowlet line has many owl inspirations, but there are some main ones that stand out, and yes an extinct one is involved BUT that is not why Decidueye is a ghost type (seriously, when have we had anything remotely to do with an extinct animal or fossil that was a ghost.) 

First of all, and i have said this from the start, there is primarily barn owl (I’m talking about the whole barn owl family Tytonidae) inspiration going on here. 

Barn owls are a separate family from the true owls, the Strigidae. Barn owls are characterised by their long legs (particulary decidueyes), heart shaped facial disk ( particularly in dartrix), and distinctive black eyes (particularly in rowlet), with a ridge of feathers above the beak, somewhat like a nose (most prominent in rowlet and dartrix). Typically, they are tan/orangey-brown in colour, and paler on the underside, though colours can vary from dark brown to near white (though rowlet and decidueye certainly have the typical colouration of the most well known barn owl, THE barn owl, Tyto alba). 

Tytonidae are almost everywhere, and the common barn owl is in fact one of the most widespread land birds, living on every continent except Antarctica. Barn owls are even abundant on Hawaii (though are not native). What is key is that, all over the world, barn owls have associations with death, and the supernatural. Barn owls cannot hoot, and instead make incredibly eerie and blood-curdling, drawn out screeches (seriously, have a listen here, it’s why they are often called screech owls), and that, plus their pale ghostly appearance, completely silent flight, and nocturnal habits, they have attracted many colloquial names such as “death bird”, “ghost bird” and “demon bird” and are often considered to be birds of evil omens and the supernatural (and thus were often persecuted, despite the huge benefit of their rodent pest control). Even the Ancient Greek word for owl, strix, also means screecher, and in ancient roman and greek mythology, Strix were vampiristic birds of bad omens, that fed on human flesh and blood. 

Thus I believe that this spooky mythology surrounding these owls are one of the main reasons for Decidueye’s ghost typing.

Another inspiration could be from Hawaii’s only native owl, the Pueo

The Pueo is a true owl, one of the Strigidae, and whilst aesthetically I do not feel it has given as much inspiration as barn owls (though perhaps some of it’s facial features for decidueye), it too has supernatural associations, as it is one of the various physical forms assumed by ʻaumākua (ancestor spirits) in Hawaiian culture.

Finally, let’s talk extinct owls. There is a post going around already with a picture of this 

This is not the extinct hawaiian owl! This is Ornimegalonyx, an extinct flightless giant owl (up to 1.1m tall!) from Cuba (126,000 to 11,700 years ago).

The long legged Hawaiian owls were a lot more recent. There were four species within the genus Grallistrix, and we know very little about them (there is only a partial skeleton of each) and they were about tawny owl size, 30 - 45cm long, but with quite long legs and probably reduced wings. We know very little about them, except that they ate other birds, and may have hunted mainly on foot (the below drawing was one of the only ones I could find - remember, i’t’s based only on partial fossils).

They are thought to have lived on Hawaii until around the first millennium AD, when the first humans colonised, and the birds were probably driven out by hunting, and the possible introduction of pigs and rats. 

Could their relatively recent extinction be the reason for their ghostly typing? I think it’s a lot more likely that the ghostly folklore surrounding barn owls and the Pueo, and surrounding owls in general -  is the reason for the change in type. 

To sum up, most pokemon have multiple inspirations. Aesthetically, and also in terms of behaviour and folklore, barn owls play a big part. However, I think the Pueo has an influence too, and there may also be a nod to the long legged extinct owls too. 


*Sherman’s room appreciation post*

Ok, can we just talk for a minute about how unbelievably cool Sherman’s room is? It’s only in the movie for a few minutes, but it is so amazing! Seriously, this is a nerdy kid’s dream room!!! He’s got a telescope, geodes, fossils, a chemistry set, an easel, a model of the solar system, a space rocket, a bunk bed, and ALL OF THOSE BOOKS!!!!!!! Has he read all of those?! I can’t even begin to fathom what this child’s reading level is…

I also just love looking at all the little details that reflect Sherman’s vibrant and creative personality: the artwork on the walls, the chaotic way things are strewn about, the adorable paper letters spelling his name over the bed! Gah!!! It’s just so… AWESOME!!!!

*takes a minute to catch her breath*

The modellers on this movie worked really hard on this set and it shows! If they don’t have a fly-through of this room on the Blu-ray I will be seriously disappointed…

The one thing I took away from university about geologists is that they harbour a secret resentment for biologists and fossils as though it’s my fault those fossils are in there ruining their perfect rocks

While most people in TPP are worshipping Lord Omanyte / Helix as a god/saviour; I have this strange headcanon that little Omanyte is just a happy fangirl/fanboy/kohai that people finally started to be interested in/take notice of Omanytes as a species of pokemon-

//coz seriously, I am guilty for always selecting Dome Fossil in Gen 1 COZ C'MON ON KABUTOPS IS SRSLY BAMF WITH ITS CLAW_BLADE THINGS–

plan for super-utopia:

we carry on using fossil fuels and seriously kick the shit out of the ozone layer.

earth will be defenseless against being pelted with solar radiation, which will make solar panels 500x more effective.

we will have limitless energy to power the domes that we’ll live in due to the surface world being rendered completely uninhabitable, but we will all live as kings.