seriously this has gone too far

It destroys me to know that Robert doesn’t realize just how much Aaron loves him? Like Robert Sugden does not realize after all this fucking time, after all they have been through, after everything that has been said and done, that Aaron Dingle loves him and would do fucking anything for him.

I think Robert sometimes forgets, or maybe doesn’t realize, what Aaron has done, the lengths he has gone to be with Robert. To love him and stay with him and keep him with him.

Robert thinks (with good reason mind you) that this is the thing that will push Aaron too far. That Aaron will leave him and he cannot handle that. He can’t live his life without him. But he doesn’t realize that Aaron just wants Robert to be happy? That Aaron would weather any storm for Robert. He already fucking has and he took those vows seriously.

But Aaron just wants Robert to be honest with himself, he always has, and to face his feelings and this reality. Because Aaron can’t move forward if Robert doesn’t.

And as usual, Aaron is being the strongest person both Robert and I know, and facing up to what’s happening and pushing Robert to do so as well. And Robert just doesn’t realize how much Aaron loves him. He just doesn’t. I hope this helps him finally get it.

If Robert had truly known, or more like believed, just how much Aaron loves him, just what lengths Aaron would go for him…I don’t think any of this would’ve happened.

Gone too far...

The Harry Potter fandom has officially gone too far! Was looking through fanfics on and found one where Hogwarts, the entire castle itself, was sentient and alive. And got fucked by the giant squid that lives in the lake. 🤤😵😷🤒🤕🤢☠️ (Seriously. What the fuck people?)


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for the minific ask thing, could you do ransom and holster and v? <3

V: An abandoned or empty place

thank u for the prompt sweet anon! <3 ima try not to cry writing this :”)

Justin is standing in the middle of the room, looking around and amazed at how large it feels. Without any furniture in it, the attic feels cavernous.

Their stuff has all been packed away in a U-Haul, and seeing it stuffed to the brim in the back of that truck felt surreal too. You’d almost never know the bunk that’s in pieces in that trailer used to take up almost the entire far wall, or that the desk which almost crushed Holster’s dad going down the stairs was once the smallest thing in this room.

Rearranging things is such a strange process - it challenges your perceptions and makes you adapt to a new perspective. At this point, Justin isn’t sure how he feels about that part.

Footsteps on the stairs warn him that someone’s coming, and his chest feels tight and warm all at once when Holster crosses the threshold.

“Hey bro, everyone’s ready,” he says, pointing his thumb over his shoulder. “You good to go?”

“Mm, yah,” Justin says, smiling as he glances back around the room. “Just needed another moment.”

He hears Holster move further into the room and feels him come to a stop beside him.

“Yeah,” he says. “I feel you, bro.”

They stand together in silence for a bit, just taking it all in.

This room has seen so much of them, has housed them and warmed them and supported them through some questionable times, some hard times, some fun times. This room, with its too low ceiling and stuffy heat and creaky floorboards - this room was the safest place Justin’s ever been.

“Remember when we first moved in?” Holster asks.

Justin laughs softly. “I remember fighting over the top bunk.”

“Yeah well, the bottom bunk ended up a better spot anyway didn’t it?”

“Easy access for hook ups, man.”


“I’m gonna miss this place,” Justin says, sighing heavily.

Holster sighs too. “Yeah bro. Me too.”

“Holtzy,” Justin says, turning toward him and grabbing his arm. He slides his hand down and takes Holster’s hand in his, squeezing slightly.

Holster’s looking at him with wide eyes. “What is it, Rans?”

“Holtzy, I just wanna say that I - that we - I’m not… Fuck. Look, it’s just… it’s like…” Justin casts his eyes away from Holster’s face, the other man growing more uncomfortable the more Justin trips over his words.

He glances around the room, trying to find the words for what’s balled up in his throat and welling in his eyes.

The single window has been cracked open and there’s a breeze coming through that doesn’t quite cool anything, in that familiar way only a Samwell Summer Breeze can’t. Justin’s surprised to find he’s gonna miss the feeling of that humid air on his face.

“It’s like this room, right?” he says finally, looking back to see Holster still staring at him with wide eyes and mouth slightly open.

“It’s like this room was just some empty place before we got here, right? And then we moved all our shit in and hung stuff on the walls and scraped the floor boards with the furniture and put a hole in the fuckin’ wall, right?”

“Hey, we patched that hole,” Holster says, lips quirking as he starts swinging their clasped hands. “We put putty in that hole, bro.”

“I know, bro, we totally did that. But like, it’s still so obvious bro, it’s not even the same color as the rest of the wall!”

Holster laughs and Justin feels something settle in his chest, the emotion no longer threatening to choke him.

“But my point is that it was our home, yeah? And now we’ve extracted every last piece of what made it ours and we’re leaving it this bare thing again for someone else to come in, right, but we’re still leaving these marks on the floor and these holes in the walls, and our souls in this air -”

“And the ghosts in the dark.”

“Don’t fuckin’ joke, Holtzy.”

Holster laughs and Justin has to try hard not to. He’s trying to make a point, dammit.

“My point, Adam, is that I don’t ever wanna - I’m never gonna - we’re always gonna be home for each other.”

Holster’s smile is gone now, and Justin can see his eyes starting to water and it’s far too late for Justin to pretend his haven’t been doing the same this entire time. He’s glad Holster is taking him seriously again though.

“I just want you to know, man, I don’t ever wanna leave you empty and bare except for the scars I leave in my wake, bro. I’m always gonna be here. It’s always gonna be you and me. Forever.”

“Ransom…” Holster’s voice is as soft as Justin’s ever heard it, and just as he sees a tear start to spill from his eyes he’s pulled into the other man’s body.

Justin wraps his arms around Holster’s waist, and Holster wraps his around Justin’s shoulders and they stand in the middle of the room embracing each other.

“I know, Justin,” Holster says, pressing his cheek into the side of Justin’s head and squeezing him tight. “I know, bro. You and me forever, ok, for always.”

And Justin knows that rearranging their lives is gonna be a lot more difficult than rearranging their belongings has been, but at the moment he’s got a heart full of love and arms full of Holster, so he’s gonna be ok. He’s sure of it.

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Hi! Can you make a headcanon about how the boys would act if they'd had a girlfriend already but they'd start having feelings towards Candy? :> I'd be really grateful. I love your works.

Castiel would be a little mad at himself in the first place because I see him as a very faithful guy, so he’d be irritated that he even had the audacity to find another girl attractive.

He tries to ignore her at first, especially when his current girlfriend is around but when you and him are alone together he can’t help but find himself joking around and wanting to spend time with you.

I feel like if the feelings were strong enough he’d be in a huge dilemma with himself. He doesn’t want to be a douche bag and dump the other girl but he also doesn’t want to make you think he’s a player if he tries to go after you when he breaks it off. 

Eventually if he felt that his feelings were serious he’d break it off with whomever and start talking to you, slowly but surely. But this only happens when he just can’t get you out of his head.

Lysander is extremely loyal and devoted in my opinion so it would take a lot for him to even think about the fact that he finds you attractive in the first place. Y’all would have to be the best f buds before all of this cause there’s no way someone else would come  between his relationship.

He’d immediately try to distance himself from you and would kind of beat himself up about it because he’d feel guilty.

If he feels like it’s a small crush he won’t say anything but honestly if he felt it were something more he’d just come clean about his feelings to his current partner. He’d feel pretty bad about it and it’d take a lot of courage but he’d feel even worse if he didn’t say anything. He feels that honesty is #1 when you’re with somebody.

If it was bad enough that he had to end the current relationship he’d sit back and think long and hard about his feelings before he made a decision to end things with whomever. But the relationship was probably not that serious to begin with because I don’t see him out there breaking hearts like that.

He would probably confess to you at that point because if he’s gonna take a chance, he’s gonna go full force with it, ya know?

Armin is pretty chill and I see him being the same way with dating. He doesn’t take it too seriously, and he doesn’t invest into them unless he sees a lot of potential.

Chances are you guys were probably already really close before he started liking you; he just always kept the friend barrier up. But one day something in his head just clicked and he started seeing you in a different light.

At first he would deny it. He’d deny his ass of if he could. It’s not until even Alexy starts to notice that he’s like “oh shit this has gone too far, rekt.” He starts to clam up around you because he doesn’t want to be that jerk who ends up cheating. He’s gonna settle things first.

He’d just straight up end things with the current person he’s with, and he might unintentionally come off as a little douche baggy when he does. He’s trying to find the right words but he just doesn’t know how.

After that you would notice that he’s around you a lot more than before, always wanting to hang out and whatnot. Eventually he tells you about his feelings.

Nathaniel isn’t going to date anyone if he isn’t truly invested in them; he thinks it’s a waste of time. He may have a fling here and there but if he’s with someone then he’s with them so chances are he and his partner were just casually dating.

He’d have to know you for a while and quite well. He doesn’t just have feelings for random people just because.

When he starts to like you he’ll try to figure out his feelings for sure before he comes to a conclusion. He asks himself, “do I really like this person or is it just a phase??” He looks really deep into all of it and if he concludes that it’s just a small crush he can make himself get over it no biggy. It’s when he realizes he might actually have legit feelings for you that he gets confused.

He knows how to handle his current relationship. Nathaniel isn’t good with confrontation so he’d be nervous and feel really bad but he’d just end it with them. He doesn’t say he has feelings for someone else though, he says he just doesn’t feel the same.

He may or may not try to pursue you depending on the vibes you give him. It all depends on if he thinks it’s actually worth his time to try to get into another relationship.

Kentin has probably always had a thing for you but he just never acted on it. He decided, he’s older and different, so he shouldn’t be stuck on you right?

His current partner is great and all, but they just don’t really spark anything in him the way you did? He’d noticed that before but he tried really hard to get over his crush on you so he ignores that detail for the longest.

It’s not until you guys have a conversation and start to really bond again that he just knows there’s no turning back. His feelings for you never actually died, they were just buried deep down.

He finds it hard to end things with his partner. He debates on if he should take a chance with you or keep trying to get  over things. He’ll pick the first option if he doesn’t feel that spark with them. He’s very sweet and gentle about it and honestly feels like a dick but he’d rather them know about it now than to find out on their own. They go their separate ways but there’s no hard feelings.

He confesses to you and hopes for the best. He’s probably a nervous wreck when doing it but he just to do this.


I think the reason I have no friends is bc I just spend the day singing and dancing to Lazytown songs.

Probably what happens:

Person: “Hey what’s up-”
Person: *starts to back up slowly*
Me: *bites into apple, aggressively* “nO ONES LAZY IN LAZYTOWN.”

Skam month, Week 3 - Day 1 (Fluffy fics)

Yousef gives Sana a compilation of songs that remind him of her and their relationship (based on a prompt)

“Honestly, Yousef. What do you need your laptop for? We’re on our honeymoon.”

Yousef looks at his wife from across the hotel room and just smiles. 

“Yousef! Come on. Tell me, what are you doing?”, Sana says, jumping up and down on the bed. 

Her husband has been rummaging through his suitcase for about ten minutes now and before that he had put his laptop right in front of Sana and told her to wait a second. 

This damn USB-stick should be here somewhere, he definitely made sure to pack it and he knows it’s there somewhere. 

“AHA! Found it!”, he says triumphantly, raising it into the air.

Sana narrows her eyes at his hand and tries to see what he is so happy about. He quickly goes back to the bed and jumps on it, almost landing on Sana. While Sana looks at him suspiciously but with a smile creeping up on her face Yousef can only grin at her. He wraps his arm around her and kisses the top of her head.

Putting in the USB-stick and choosing the right file Yousef ignores Sana’s questions. Instead of answering her individual questions Yousef puts the laptop on his wife’s lap. 

His wife, still in her comfortable clothes because they’ve spent all morning in bed, looks at him with questioning eyes. Seeing Sana with her face bare of any make up, her hair a bit messily falling over her shoulder and a loving look directed towards Yousef, he can’t grasp how lucky he got to marry this amazing woman. 

“Okay, so I prepared something. But don’t make fun of me right away!”, Yousef says laughingly. 

Sana acts like she’s offended with a fake gasp but ends up laughing with Yousef. “I’ll try, I can’t promise.”, looking at the screen she thinks of possible things he could’ve prepared. “So what is it?”

Yousef rolls his eyes at Sana and settles right next to her. Sana rests her chin on his shoulder and looks at him. He can’t help himself and places a short, soft kiss on her lips before explaining.

“I .. prepared a video with songs that reminded me of you or of our relationship. Whenever I heard something that made me think of you I wrote it down. And I wrote down the lyrics that were  most fitting in this video.”, Yousef explains with a smile. 

A big smile grows on Sana’s lips and all she can say is: “Awww.”

Yousef looks at her, shaking his head. “Sana, don’t aww me.”

“But it’s so cute!”, Sana pouts.

“You haven’t even seen it, yet.”, he answers to that, drawing little circles on Sana’s shoulder absentmindedly.

Sana sits up a little and kisses Yousef’s cheek, wrapping her arms around him. “The fact that you even did this is cute.” Then she settles in back next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder, waiting for him to press play.

“Be warned. Some of these are really cheesy.”, Yousef says, a second before he starts the video, “And maybe don’t comment on my explanations right away because … you know I get awkward.”, he says laughingly and Sana agrees.

She gets really excited and can’t wait to hear the songs. 

The first one is an upbeat song Sana doesn’t recognize. But she likes it. Then the lyrics Yousef chose appear on the screen.

 Never seen someone so natural 
and I don’t know I can explain it
Cause you know that you just knock me off my feet
and I know I can’t deny it                                                  

Sana smiles and buries her face in Yousef’s chest. She feels him chuckle and looks at him. 

“Well, this is pretty obvious. You know, you had me mesmerized with you for a long time even before we even had a proper conversation so this is really fitting.”, Yousef explains. 

He sees that Sana is about to make another comment like ‘awww’ so he directs her back to the video in which the song is about to change. 

The next song is calmer, just a guitar in the background. Not even noticing that she does it Sana cuddles closer to her husband. Sana likes this song as well and when the lyrics appear on the screen again she feels like crying. Not because it’s so sad but because that’s something Yousef would really say to her and it’s something Sana would say to him, too.

 So will you know
 When to hold me
 And not let me be lonely
 When I won’t let you in
 And sometimes when I’m angry
 Will you know how to face me
 Put me together again                          

Yousef looks at Sana who is facing him now, nodding to him. 

“I know that we had our differences before and we will have our differences and fights in our marriage but I know that neither of us will let those get out of hand. We’ll be there, whatever happens and I thought this song kind of summed that up.”, Yousef says, all while looking at Sana with such intensity in his look that Sana falls even more in love with him. 

She knows that he doesn’t want her to comment much, at least not now. So the only thing she say before turning her attention back to the video is 'I love you’.

Sana is so happy.  She’s on her honeymoon with her husband whom she loves so much and he took the time to prepare something like this for her. 

The next song starts slow but gets a bit more upbeat later. This time Yousef says something before the lyrics he wrote down are to be seen.

“These lyrics sound a bit.. different, but I’ll explain.”

The secrets you tell me I’ll take to my grave
There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway
And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed
I know that you love me, love me
Even when I lose my head  

“Okay, I hope I interpreted that correctly, otherwise this is very weird but basically: I know you love me even when I lose track of what’s important and maybe start drifting away, whatever the reason may be. There are things we don’t agree on but despite that you love me and I love you and whatever happens we’ll work through it together.”, Yousef doesn’t know if he makes any sense at all right now, if that explanation actually explained anything. 

But he takes Sana’s left hand in his and lifts it to his mouth. He places a kiss on her knuckles and then looks at Sana. She smiles at him, her eyes glistening with tears, none of them spilling. She doesn’t know how to react without commenting too much so she doesn’t. Not yet, at least. 

Yousef leans over to her and places a big kiss on her cheek which makes her scrunch up her nose and laugh. Right in time for the next song.

Sana feels Yousef laugh but she doesn’t know why he laughs. Probably because he remembers why he picked the next song. 

Oh God I miss you too
It’s all I ever do
I’m coming back to you
and I won’t let go oh          

“Any specific moment for these lyrics?”, Sana asks remembering the times she missed Yousef a lot.

Yousef chuckles, nodding. “Yeah, the first summer we had something … something that could be called something. When I went on vacation I missed you like crazy and honestly, I thought when I get back and you still want to be with me, then I would never let you go again because those weeks of not seeing you in person made me really miss you so much.”

Sana smiles at him, showing her dimples. Yousef can’t resist and leans down and places a kiss on each dimple, making Sana blush. He loves that he can have this kind of effect on her.

“And you never did.”, Sana says, “Let me go, I mean.”

Yousef laughs. “I’d be awfully stupid if I let someone as amazing as you go.”

The next song Sana immediately recognizes. Vilde and Eva had a few weeks in which they only ever listened and shouted along to this song.

While I was out, I found myself alone just thinking
If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it
Would you wanna run away too?

“Did you ever think that?”, Sana finds herself asking as she reads the words on the screen. The she looks to Yousef.

He looks at her lovingly and nods. 

“When we first started dating, actually. I … I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and while walking home from work one day I couldn’t stop thinking about you and thought: If I asked her now, right this moment, would she say yes? Would she go with me? Or would she just laugh and not take me seriously?”

“Well, just so you know. I would probably have said yes, even in the beginning. I was too far gone for you even before we started dating.”, Sana confesses and Yousef can’t even be annoyed that she didn’t listen to the rest of the song. 

This time it’s Yousef that says 'I love you’ before they both look at the screen again. It has gone black but it doesn’t stay like that for long. 

Sana presses play, wraps her arms around her husband and listens to the songs again.


Songs in the order they’re mentioned:

Knock Me Off My Feet- Dan Talevski
Love Me Again - Katelyn Tarver
Guillotine – Jon Bellion
Miss You- Gabrielle Aplin
She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer

what ive learnt from this streaming… and especially the timegap since i last took an interest in this show (coming up to 3 years)..  its given me a new perspective on adventure time’s greatest strengths and weaknesses

the shows a visual feast for the senses. its imagination-bending world allows for literally anything to happen. the dialogue is hilarious and, most significantly, everything feels alive. the characters dont stop doing stuff when theyre offscreen, theyre all aging and going on wacky adventures of their own. while other shows like SU hint to this  they lack the same potential for just how much has changed that AT has, cos SU’s world just isn’t as wild. it’s more grounded.

the interactions the chars have are a treat. i think my favourite character dynamic is, quite easily, finn and jake themselves. their relationship is the show’s heart and it remains with us even across finn’s darkest times. but you also get surprising relations. ice king and everyone, lsp and marceline, pb struggling to teach her freespirited grandson while jake also neglects to relate to his own kids.

and the way adventure time’s depth sort of balloons out over time… yep, it DEFINITELY had traces of this in season 1, but its amazing to see justhow much has changed. i really doubt any show on air has gone through an evolution as stark yet natural as adventure time’s. 

then we come to its flaws, which are highlighted in later seasons. it can often feel that adventure time fails to take itself seriously in critical moments, and takes itself too seriously in moments where it shouldnt. 
what i found was season 5 and 6 were by far the most boring and frustrating to rewatch. i thought it was going to be season 2, but as it turned out i’d forgiven season 2 for its sins long ago. with season 5 and 6 i was begining to make sense of different flaws.

AT season 5 and 6 felt off because the characters were a lot darker than before. we have a newly characterised princess bubblegum who gets up to some really dark stuff, and watching the whole season gives the perspective that its not just moral ambiguity at play, its real dickishness. this is somewhat entertaining though. i remember being engaged back durig this time period whe we were finding out her mysteries. as a whole its a lot less sympathetic than it felt at the time… yet it still serves a grander purpose.

FINN THE HUMAN, however, was written AWFULLY in these two seasons. i dont know how else to describe it. either he was getting obsessed w girls in a super creepy way that was uncomfortable to watch, or he was saying/doing something so philosophically up its own ass that i got bored out of my mind. and this is when the show would take itself too seriously - characters would be used as mouthpieces for writers’ philosophy without there being any believable emotional expression or investment from the character themselves. 

and emotion, or lack thereof, even follows the show into early season  7. theres many parts of Stakes that could have been drawn way more expressive like the brilliant Varmints. checkmate is a wonderful episode but the first couple of minutes look so… dull, like it could have looked so much better and the voice actors were struggling to make up for it.

most of these complaints die off in later seasons, where a certain writer’s influence is less obvious. i think it would be absolutely inaccurate to describe season 8 as having the same emotional expression issues as the seasons preceeding it; everything feels far more natural and nuanced. it’s a rollercoaster! its almost got some of the nostalgia from the early scenes coated in the depth of later on. the season finale is the height of season 8′s tension; we get a scene that has been building up since, perhaps, season 5.

i really hope season 9 manages to deliver the same emotional weight that many episodes in season 8 did. if so, adventure time might just have one of the greatest sendoffs ever.

Major fucking PSA

Kin genders are bullshit. It’s like people using “gloomgender”, “stargender”, and yes, even musicgender. Hobbies =/= gender. Interests =/= gender. It’s like me saying that I’m nonbinary, and because my hair is red, that makes me “redgender”. That isn’t how this works.
Just because you like cats or your kin type is a cat, doesn’t make you catgender/felisgender
Sure, your kin type may be something that wouldn’t have a gender, say a plant, or something like that, and you may not feel either male or female. But that does not make you plantgender.

This is something I shouldn’t even have to say.
And don’t tell me I’m invalidating nonbinary people. I’m agender myself and I understand what it feels like for people to invalidate my identity and any dysphoria I have because “you cant have dysphoria if you’re nb” (yes, someone has told me this).
However I feel like the nonbinary community has gone a bit too far as well (but that deserves it’s own post altogether)

I’m not invalidating things that exist. I’m bringing the truth about things that don’t exist. Kinda like the Loch Ness Monster except transtrenders aren’t elusive creatures, they’re kids who seem to think that me and other adult people will take them seriously because they say they’re trans but seem perfectly comfortable with what they are assigned at birth.

Fellow Maul fans, it’s been one heckuva ride (so far..) And no matter what happens by the end of season 3 I just want to take a look at Maul through the years because…. feels.

TPM Maul:
-and strangely seductive???
-horrible dental hygiene
-murders your baes and steals your heart

-messed up
-I mean wtf
-broken in every sense of the word
-needs help
-and food
-you just want to hold him

Galactic Domination Maul:
-still hot
-(hot damn)
-v-neck shirt 👌
-has dreams to monologue about
-literally is 100% aesthetic
-murders your baes but you’re too far gone to hate him

Destroy the Sith™ Maul:
-sass grandpa
-no legs no shirt no problems
-finally seen the light??? Hahaha no
-magically perfect teeth
-still hot like how even
-Lady Tano

Destroy the Sith™ (more like Kenobi) Maul 2.0:
-polo shirt
-literally never shuts up
-seriously he has no filter
-still doesn’t succeed at anything
-tries so hard
-can’t take a hint
-you think he just needs a hug

While jack’s video was really great creatively and stylistically, and edited extremely well, I’m pretty tired of the hype of anti and dark. I’m all for all the creativity that has stemmed from the whole thing, and even I play along sometimes, but when it gets to the point where I genuinely am concerned that people are blurring reality and fantasy, it’s gone a bit too far.

Go Go Zack Sabre Jr

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#119 - “Can you shut up for five minutes, please?”


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Drugs And Arts

Jimmy is perfectly aware that this is not how things should go.

In normal circumstances, he would stand in Dean’s shop now, demanding that the mechanic treat his brother right.

Instead, he’s banging on the door of his brother’s studio during his very own lunch break.

Who cares if he doesn’t get to eat. This is important.

His brother opens with his usually lazy grin, hair askew, eyes ablaze, his painting clothes invariably stained with so many colours it almost hurts to look.

He’s not smelling like weed for once, at least.

Without a word, Jimmy pushes past him.

“Hello to you too, dearest brother.”

“Castiel, this has gone too far.”

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So remember when

Chief Bang mentioned he used to be a detective while he was fighting Jung Hyun Soo? According to the character description on the drama website Chief Bang and Ji Wook are 15 years apart… If Ji Wook was 7 or 8 when the fire happened….

Maybe Chief Bang was a detective working on the investigation back then? And that’s how they met? And Chief Bang stuck with him so he could watch over Ji Wook precious bean? And later even became his investigator so he could keep helping him? Because he knew it was fishy but nothing could be done about dirty rotten prosecutor Jang?

Put your hands up if you’re with me!

Originally posted by keyramel

(even hee joon agrees lol)

EDIT: I keep wondering why Ji Wook always looks surprised and even kinda confused every time chief bang shows deep concern or does something to take care of him… if the above theory is true could it mean he might not know/remember chief bang is connected to his past yet?! And now I’m getting all paranoid… like chief bang better not have some twist in his plot like he’s the one prosecutor jang used to start the fire or destroy/hide evidence and that’s why chief bang stuck around Wook because he feels guilty or some crazy shet like that. Omg somebody help. This has gone too far and started from seriously nothing. The last marble has officially been lost. Ignore my ranting because it was late and I’m actually crazy.

Arya to the North or South?



Spoilers!!! Don’t read if you haven’t watched 7x01 yet. Or do if you don’t mind reading about stuffs from the episode and cast pictures

this is a loooong text post.


Oookay so in the opening scene we have Arya at the Twins taking Walder Frey’s place at the feast she has organised for the men involved with the Red Wedding (something which is explicitly stated).

Arya being the little badass she is calls a toast and gets them all to drink the poison she’s serving them then watches them die. One thing I love is when she tells the girl not to drink. For people who say that Arya is too far gone, this episode as well as her scenes with Lady Crane prove all too well that that’s not true.

Her next scene when she stumbles across a group of Lannister soldiers (they were Lannister weren’t they?) had me really fidgety at first. I wasn’t expecting to see Ed Sheeran so it was a bit jarring and when Arya sat down the way she was eyeing their cloaks and their weapons had me concerned that D&D were going to have one of their magical “let’s fuck shit up for Arya” scenes and have her kill them.

After all, Jon earlier states in the episode that he will not punish people just because they are related to traitors and especially not if they come to pledge their loyalty to him, and then Arya condemns the men in her first scene for murdering people they had invited into their home. These two seemed to be right on the same page when it came to justice with these scenes that for Arya to kill the soldiers who invited her to eat with them and showed her kindness would be a major screw up on D&D’s part.

But I’m not worried. Going back to my earlier point about Arya not being too far gone, her facial expressions in the campfire scene are everything. When the soldiers talk about their families; the baby daughter who hasn’t been seen by her father yet, the mother who taught her son “be kind to strangers, strangers be kind to you.” All of this to me is very important in Arya’s narrative as the running theme seems to scream out; family. These are soldiers who openly say they miss their families and they want to go home. This isn’t just a throwaway scene designed to have Maisie in a shot with Ed Sheeran. This is about reminding Arya of the things she herself misses the most. Maisie doesn’t actually have quite as much dialogue as other characters so she has to rely on expressing her character’s mood and thoughts through her face a lot more than anyone else (which she does beautifully btw, seriously give the girl allll the awards!) But I love these scenes where we get to see her interact with others and we see the part of Arya that seems to be constantly overshadowed and forgotten in favour of the more prominent vengeful aspects of her personality.

Arya is kind.

Arya feels compassion.

Arya makes friends easily.

Arya misses her father.

Arya believes in justice.

In fact, her sense of justice being that the punishment should fit the crime aligns perfectly with Daenerys’ views which is why it makes me laugh when I see Dany stans proclaiming their special snowflake to be pure and wholly good and the most deserving of being Queen then slam Arya’s actions as being too vicious, too much like her enemies, and say that she’s evil and too far gone to be considered a protagonist when she basically does the same thing in similar circumstances. Seriously, it’s like they’re threatened or smt 😂😋

Arya states that she intends to go to King’s Landing to kill the Queen and a lot of people are panicking about it. I thought it very clever myself; at the end of last season Arya tells Jaquen she is “going home” which everyone inferred as her meaning Winterfell. But there’s one important factor everyone’s forgotten; Arya believe that Winterfell was burned to the ground and doesn’t know it has been reclaimed by Jon and Sansa. She saw the play which would have told her that Sansa had to marry Tyrion and was probably able to deduce that Sansa is no longer at King’s Landing but if I were her I’d assume Sansa was dead. As far as Arya’s concerned she has no reason to go to Winterfell. Yet. It could be her intention to go there after King’s Landing. Perhaps she’d want to pull the same trick that she did at the Twins to get rid of whoever has taken over her family’s home. But I digress.

The Riverlands is central Westeros; she is literally at the fork in the road in her current position. She can go go North for Winterfell or South for King’s Landing. North for family or South for bloodshed. Arya isn’t even aware that she has a choice rn. But we’ve seen cast photos of Maisie onset dressed in the typical clothing of a Northerner. Different from her current attire so she has to have a costume change and the only place she’ll be able to clean up that much to wear those type of clothes? The North! I believe that something will happen next episode or the one following that sheds light on the choice Arya has. I believe it will come down to her having to choose; travel to Winterfell and be reunited with her family or South for King’s Landing to kill the Queen.

Arya will choose her family. I’m certain of it. She’ll miss Jon unfortunately since it appears he’ll be going to Dragonstone next episode or the one after that. But hopefully we’ll still get them reuniting this season. But the point is that Arya isn’t a monster; she’s not too far gone, she’s not evil. Maisie Williams herself said in her interview that Arya would probably be surprised at the monstrous things she’s capable of but I think her show of compassion and kindness and remembering her family will win out over her desire to kill Cersei. And while I’d like them to have a scene together (Cersei vs Arya would be badass!) I think that Nymeria returning will be a wake up call for Arya in terms of her remembering her original goal, finding her family.

While I’m very outspoken about how much I adore lethalninjaassassin'Black Widow of Westeros’!Arya, I think it would be really well done if D&D intended to let us see some of her humanity shine back through this season.

Anyways this is really just my throwing theories around. We’re only one episode in after all. I like discussing theories more throughout the season rather than before or after bc then I have material from the most recent episode to work from.

Anyone with any Arya theories feel free to drop me a line I love seeing what other people think.