seriously they were awesome

Currently obsessed with the idea that Jon and Davos have teamed up to play Dany and Co for her dragons

Current mood: The one and only teen who chose to be mentored by Griffin and was ushered into a world of terror and confusion.


🌅 Cosmos by @cosmos-crossing 🌿

The moment I opened my eyes in this dream, I was literally blown away! I have fallen so in love with this town that I spent an hour just walking around in the calm afternoon, enjoying the scenery. I am definitely dreaming of Cosmos again very soon!



petvengers: bucky and steve get sucked into the Grid and meet Tron and Quorra, also in pet style?

Like there was any remote chance I wouldn’t be tempted by this prompt :D 

As for animals of choice (as far as animals work for technically aliens from world with no animals in it, but who cares for logic when it comes to petvengers. rule of cute overrules everything else)  Quorra with her bob-cut ended up as bob-cat because I’m an idiot. besides cat theme fits her. With added bonus of wild animals for ISOs and domesticated ones for Programs. Kinda makes sense to me?

With that line of thought Tron would be obviously guard dog. First default guard dog thought was German Sheppard but upon further review that could suggest solid police work and Tron, honey, you did your best but just no

Hot Potato

This is for everyone in the awesome Sterek writing group 4. And especially to @seanconneraille  whose initial prompt: Potato, led to this ridiculousness. Seriously. There were tons of awesome prompts, but the heart wants what it wants.  Also a special shout out to @artemis69 who said they should plant the potato. I wrote this in about half an hour and it’s completely unbetaed. So all mistakes are mine. A cleaned up version is now on AO3

They’ve been together about three years now, living together for one, and Stiles thinks they’re  okay. He has a job as a freelance programmer, which involves a little bit of travelling, and a lot of working from home in his underpants, only putting a shirt on for skype calls. Derek is a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, which should not be as hot as it is. Fortunately it turns out that Stiles finds 28yr old teacher!Derek with sweater vests and  blazers with elbow patches even more attractive than the leather wearing Alpha!werewolf badass that first caught his eye in the preserve all those years ago.

The thing is, Derek doesn’t need to be a badass anymore, at least, not in the way he used to. The Nemeton has been dealt with, and the pack is flourishing, Beacon Hills is no longer a hell hole and so now he’s a badass in other, more subtle ways. He’s a badass gardner, who has lovingly nurtured a little plot of fruits and vegetables in their backyard. Then there are his badass knitting skills, (he made Stiles a kickass pair of mittens last winter) and don’t get Stiles started on the cooking, okay? No. Really. Don’t get him started. The cooking isn’t actually that great, Stiles does all the cooking, but Derek can mix a mean cocktail, which means their powers combined result in some truly awesome, if slightly blurry, mealtime memories.

Anyway, it isn’t often that Stiles is forced to work the weekend, but today the shit has hit the fan, and he doesn’t have any other choice. When Derek gets home on Friday evening, wearing the blue sweater vest that brings out his eyes and the charcoal blazer with the elbow patches, Stiles can only stare up at him from his desk tragically and mourn the loss of what could have been.

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  • Most ARMYs when watching the new dance practice: Oh wow BTS looks so cool, their backup dancers are also so in sync. Wow.
  • Me as a multi-fandom piece of trash: Wow. Someone should introduce Seventeen to this gym.
A show of nerdiness. The Finale.

I wasn’t expecting it. Caught off guard by that first glance, I involuntarily debated breathing. My next inhale was orgasmic. Several people looked my way, but I only saw them peripherally and I didn’t care because I was overwhelmed. It was too much. I had to turn away and look at something else.

When I had come round that corner, I recognised the Beowulf Manuscript immediately. Despite this being the first time I had ever set eyes on it, I knew this was it. I’ve read it many times and I felt the words speak to me through the glass and across the letters that formed the Old English in which it was written 1000 years ago. But I wasn’t ready to see the story I love so much. I needed time to prepare myself for such an event.

So I turned and walked around the room, trying desperately to pay attention the other magnificent manuscripts. Nizami’s Khamsah, the Guthlac Roll, Sultan Baybar’s Qur’an, the Gutenberg Bible, and the Golden Haggadah were all there along with many more wonderful things. I could hardly look at them. Beowulf, Grendel, and especially Grendel’s mother were all I could think about.

I took a moment and sat on the small couch. Then I went and stood in front of that display for at least thirty minutes. Pretty sure I ticked off at least four people. Screw them. This was my life’s dream.

Oh. And I saw the Magna Carta too. It was kinda cool.

Where have all these wonderful and seemingly new (to me anyway) UK based meta writers been hiding all this time?!?

Here me thinking that I am alone in the UK based SPN meta community (except you Lizzy of course) and suddenly everyone seems to be from around here!

Hello all UK based supernatural meta writers! I don’t know where you all cropped up from but I am very very happy to see you all floating around my dash. 


Solitary Effort (sickfic, flu)

Notes: Guys this is one of my favorites. I’m kind of wading through hundreds of pages of GingerSnap fic to see what’s worthy of posting and I’m really excited to share this one. In which Liam is miserable and basically does all the work on a “group” project.
(This one was also born of a prompt, but I have no idea where to find the list…I wrote it months ago, so…)

Liam had known from the beginning that he would be doing the group project singlehandedly. His other three groupmates had saddled him with the largest portion of the research for their Anthropology class, and at some point along the way, he’d gotten stuck with all of it when no one else showed up with their own.

Ordinarily this would have been little more than an inconvenience. After all, he wanted the project done right, and the only way to ensure that was to do it himself. What he had not counted on was coming down with flu the week before the presentation.

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Playing with random panel panel sketching before bed, flat brushes are really fun

My thoughts about the when the world's collide

Oh my gosh I absoulotly love this two eps !!!!
We see mona and Sal commander again yay !!!🤓
Lol I can’t stop laughing at that monas face !😂
Utroms are so kind they helped the poor guy ….☺
Dang newtrolizer!!!!😤
Awwww….poor Raph he misses mona but he won’t admit it  ….😔
Donnie and april are just so cute , girl admit it you love Donnie is so obvious….😉
My OTP!!!! I always imagined that Leo and karai train togather in the dojo and it finally happened!!! Thanks tmnt crew!!!🙏
Wow karai said she likes Leo !!! Am I dreaming ??? Is this heaven wha…..😇
That smile of Leo you dork😍
Is that renet ??? I love her hair so much !!!😍
But what about shini???😔
Mikey just gathered all the hot girls around him self!!He has the best taste in girls among all the turts !!!😏
Raph actually plays so good with drums !! Nice !!
Holy space apples!!!
Awww he is so happy
Demotion x !!!
Yaaaaay Romana!!!😍
Leorai is pure gold !!! 😍Just look at this two dorks😍😍😍 karai said the exact same thing that Leo did before lol 😂Leo looks at karai at put his arms like her  Lol karai founds out that she has a hot for Leo as well😏
Monas blushing 😍😍😍
I can’t stop laughing at them lol 😂
okay we get it you guys are so in peace 😂✋
And…..newtrolizer ruins everything…😐
Raph and Mona again 😍
Lord dreg attacked them ???😐
Nooooo Mikey!!!!! Oh yeah and Sal commander sorry 😅
We are friends….yo (my stomach hurts 😂😂😂)
Newtrolizer again 😑
Karai climb down at the wall like a boss 😎
I never get tired of watching these two togather 😍😍😍
Leeeeeo!!!🤓 She loves him is confirmed 😋
April being badass 😎
Relax have a drink!!! Love that line!!!
Yeah Mona please stay on earth 🙏
Good timing bishop !!!
Poor karai she doesn’t know a thing about this places lol 😂
I thought that april gonna be jealous that Donnie and utrom Irma working together…😆
Somebody stops this guy he is everywhere😲
Waterbender april !!! Mae Whitman loves voicing character’s that have cool powers!!   
Nooo Mikey my baby😢
Everything is missed up and Lord dreg attackes great timing!!!!😐✋
Karai screams for Leo love love love love 😍
And Sal commander is gone too…
I never really liked you bishop so if you talk to my woman like that again Iam gonna….(I love Raph so much 😍)
Well said my girl 😘
Leo being badass as always 😍😍😍
Raphs plan lol 😂
Jeez april mona was just supporting of him😕 no need to bring up Mikey 😒in fact mikeys plans are very good sometimes 😊
Mona and karai being badass togather 😍
Yayyyy Mikey is back 😄😄😄
And he has some cool electric powers !!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Donnie tells karai to be careful is my favourite moment❤ (siblings time😍)
April screams for donnie😍😍😍
Chompy you are so cute😍
Again jeez april give mona some break 😑
Love karai lines so much😍
Yayyyyy turtle mech returns to the action ! 🤓
Mikey is just so awesome !😍
Weak is your face rocka rocka looooool😂😂😂😂
Karai and april (friendly moments 😍)
Mikey is sacrificing himself my poor baby😢
Leo and karaiiiiiii😍😍😍😍
April and Donnie!!!😍😍😍😍
Seriously my shipper heart can’t take it anymore😍
Mikey is back !!!you were awesome in this episode  😍
Awwww don’t get his powers man !😐
Leo and karai love parties lol😂
Yeeeees mona is staying on earth with the mighty mutanimals!!! So that means she gonna stay with karai and shini too !!!!😲😲😲😲😲
Lol Mikey takes Leo hands to cover his eyes😂 april fangirling😍 and Donnie is like 😕 and karai is like Iam done with you sh*t guys 😂
Thanks for reading all of this !😅
I apologize for my bad English 😆
I hope you enjoyed it ❤

anonymous asked:

i wasn't sure about worshipping Hades and Persephone even though i've felt the calling, since i've been raised Catholic all my life. but last night i had an extremely vivid dream that some dark force was chasing me, and Hades and Persephone appeared to protect me! i woke up feeling so relaxed and safe and sure of myself, i feel so honored and blessed that They revealed Themselves to me in that way.

That sounds so awesome!!! I can seriously imagine that!! They proved They were there to protect you … that’s so touching (T▽T)

Revenge, Interrupted (Part 6)

[Ch 1] [Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5]

The first movie had ended and Bonnie and Caroline, huddled together in a blanket, had used up an entire box of tissues. Then Bonnie got a Facetime from Enzo and hurried off to another room, leaving Stefan and Caroline alone together once more.

Caroline wiped her cheeks again before turning to look at Stefan. She looked beautiful even after crying through the last hour of the movie. What the hell.

“Did you cry, or are you a robot?” she demanded.

Stefan had to admit he had gotten a little misty-eyed during many points in the movie. “It was sad.”

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I don’t think the “King” at the end of ch 127 is actually Kaneki, it’s probably someone pretending to be the King while Kaneki pulls the strings in the background. Since Furuta “Killed” Kaneki, I think they are trying to take advantage of that and pretend he’s dead. This would explain why no one says “One Eyed King” and why Touka and Kaneki aren’t present underground. 

As for who this “King” is, it’s most likely Ayato, Enji or Kaya because they have had experience leading ghouls and Kaneki trusts them. It would be AWESOME if it were Amon but I seriously doubt if that will happen because of his beliefs.