seriously they were awesome

Current mood: The one and only teen who chose to be mentored by Griffin and was ushered into a world of terror and confusion.


🌅 Cosmos by @cosmos-crossing 🌿

The moment I opened my eyes in this dream, I was literally blown away! I have fallen so in love with this town that I spent an hour just walking around in the calm afternoon, enjoying the scenery. I am definitely dreaming of Cosmos again very soon!

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you were one of the first daily blogs i ever followed, i loved your account so much that i looked for other daily accounts and the other day i finally decided to make my own! thank you for being a huge inspiration to me, therefore here's a huge hello from elm the bayleef { daily-bayleef }

I INSPIRED SOMEONE?!?!?! OMG IM SO HAPPY! I hope you have lots of fun with your blog, @daily-bayleef!

Playing with random panel panel sketching before bed, flat brushes are really fun

Sunday Shoutout

Shoutout to all the artist out there, drawing is tough stuff and I can hardly ever find the time 

BTW my little project im working on is coming along okay so far but i’ll give a little hint about it: it sort of goes with the modern day AU but in a different way.

I feel like I should write down a list of possible AU ideas that i could use in the future so if you got some cool AU ideas just pop them in my inbox and I’ll add them to the list. Also, that being said, I find a lot of stuff on tumblr (like quotes from books or scenes from movies) that I think would inspire a good AU ideas so I’m probably going to start reblogging those and tagging them as  #AUprompt. so if you see me reblogging anything questionable, check the tags or ask me about what kind of AU I’m thinking of.

ALSO totally not trying to throw @blobbeary into the spotlight but the twins AU they had is really cool spin on the J&H story and the way it was described to me immediately reminded me of this really dramatic scene from a horror movie called My Soul To Take (there’s some cursing and a little blood in this video) This doesn’t happen in the AU and probably never will but it’s a good example of siblings hating each other which I imagine would happen a lot between Henry and Edward

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Wait, Sam has called out Steve on being racist? I would LOVE to see this! Where does this happen?

He does it a couple of times throughout his friendship with Steve, as late as 2004 or 2005. This is the one that was easiest for me to find (I had handily titled it “Falcon calls racism”). I don’t think it’s necessarily Falcon calling Steve out on racism directly, more like calling racism out in general, but I think it’s demonstrative of how the comic was written, and how far we haven’t come with regards to racism both in the country and in the comics. This is from Captain America and the Falcon #194, dated to 1976: 

Also: yes, they ARE sharing a bedroom fifties-married-couple-in-a-sitcom style. This time it’s because they’re undergoing scientific testing, but they did this kind of thing all the time. They’d just…hang out together. In a hotel room. Talkin’ about politics while one of them bathed. 

Seriously you guys, the early Captain America And The Falcon comics were awesome

Me, an asexual: *plays Huniecam Studios and loves the characters so much she feels guilty for half the shit I put them through*


Thank you again, BrainBubbleGum! I knew you would make the most perfect Pokemon parties for Nacho and Saulsa! I’m especially happy that Jimmy gets Meowth, who happens to be my favorite of the cats! Also, Nacho is awesome enough to get two poses.

And yes, this all began because I realized that Jimmy would naturally have a Trubbish. But BrainBubbleGum came up with the other members of the teams! Perfect choices!


Request: Could you do another part to the flashed series were grant the reader and the cast watch the supernatural parody by hillywood idk I think it would be funny

“You guys are such idiots!” you laughed as notification after notification appeared on your phone, signalling the tweets from your friends you were mentioned in. You were still clutching your stomach from the last laughing fit, and watching your best friends interact with your boyfriend only brought back the pain from laughing too much.

Just a few minutes ago Jared told you how he had trouble zipping up his jacket at a take, showing us how desperately he tried to close it without making too much of a fool of himself. After laughing about Misha’s funny dance moves, his story caused every one of you to literally tear up from laughing until your phone vibrated with Grant’s tweet.

You were comfortably sitting on his lap as he tweeted you, which you didn’t even realise due to all your laughing. As the Winchesters little sister the Hillywood show also asked you to dance at the end of the Supernatural parody, where you now showed that you were not blessed with the talent of dancing. Hilly and Hannah nicely showed you some easy moves you could do, which caused you to get even more insecure about your dancing.

Their talent was indescribable and you were glad as you got to walk out that door again, hiding your red cheeks from their crew.

“No seriously, your dance moves were awesome (Y/N)!” Misha joined Grant’s laughter now and even if you wanted to pretend to be angry, you couldn’t. You couldn’t stop the laughter from bursting out of you after seeing Jensen re-enacting your dance moves.

Jensen pretending to throw his hair over his shoulders and copying your failed Gangnam style dance was most probably the funniest thing you had seen in your life. He hopped from one leg to the other, moving his arms awkwardly in front of him until you asked yourself if you too looked that stupid.

Grant’s voice roared in your ears and your whole body shook over him as his chest vibrated with laughter.

“I’d like to see you dance on commando, babe. Your charming smile and pretty face won’t help you if it comes down to that!” You grinned over your shoulder at your boyfriend, seeing how he shook his head still laughing. He wrapped his muscular arms around your stomach and hid his face in your hair as he calmed down from his laughing fit.

As he regained his breath after a few seconds he pressed a soft kiss to the side of your neck before he moved his lips up and toward your ear.

“I don’t think I could I’d be able to pull those moves off as sexy as you did.”