seriously they look like a couple here


LIKE SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THEM. and there has to be someone in rooster teeth thats read the heroes of olympus and percy jackson, their looks are uncanny.

and if not then can we just appreciate the adorableness of this presumably gay couple right here? 

(but i swear they’re solangelo undercover in a web series)


I’m not into dick riding celebrity couples like i did when i was younger for the simple fact that I can’t take them seriously cuz they’re here today, gone tomorrow & some even look like they do it for the fame . However if I will dick ride any couple it’s gonna be Ice Cube and his wife. They emulate what I want. 4 kids and 23 years of marriage later and they still want each other. Cube said it and you can see it when u look at them they have a good partnership, they respect each other. She been down for him and he’s still holding it down for her, he tries to keep her happy, and even tho we have no idea what may go on behind closed doors when u see them out what they show you is that they’re still and will always be good just like it should be. I love how he always has his arm around Kim or he’s holding her hand when they’re in public. For that they are the only famous pair that will have me sayin “relationship goals”……..23 years of marriage that’s amazing

But seriously...

Look at that face.  

Who else do we know who looks at his male bro-pal that way?

Like, literally exactly that way? 

With the same cheeky smile and everything?

Complete with eye-crinkles?

*Hint:  these pictures all have one thing in common.*

Similarly, which other couple (of best buds), one of whom is fond of wearing plaid, do we know who expresses affection through shoulder touches?

Seriously, WHO?

It’s even the same shoulder and everything.  Jesus Christ. 

But hey, just bros bein’ bros.  Nothing to see here.

Who is Xiumin?

♡ Kim Minseok

♡ “Baozi”

♡ “Umin”

♡ Mom-friend who has better grades than a scientist

♡ He is really smart 

♡ Lots of knowledge

♡ He was going for his PhD when i can’t even pass my class

♡ He can do anything by working hard

♡ Coffee maniac

♡ The fact that his coffee tastes like heaven is the proof

I’m pretty sure he had coffee dates with chen

♡ Is the cutest

♡ Can kill you with his aegyo

♡ “Wolf aegyo version” by kim baozi

♡ seriously he’s so cute

Originally posted by oh-prankster

♡ He’s also the oldest

♡ *chokes*

♡ A 4-year-old trapped inside a 27-year-old’s body

♡ Went to a shinee concert with suho-also the oldest- and screamed while he was fanboying

♡ Needs to be protected 

♡ At all costs

♡ Wants to see little mermaid

♡ But is more beautiful than little mermaid

♡ He’s magnificent

♡ His eyes are important

♡ Only group member who doesn’t have double eyelid surgery

Originally posted by smol-bf

♡ He is truly handsome

♡ His photo shoots are art

♡ He was in top 15 when they listed most handsome korean idols

They all deserve to be n1

♡ Looks more like gd than gd

♡ jk jk

♡ He has his own unique colour

♡ Unfortunately,isn’t appreciated enough

♡ The “lost maknae”

♡ The “old maknae”

♡ He has the potential and the talent to be the maknae

All of them do tho

♡ But age matters only in korea

♡ He looks like a korean god

♡ Is a korean god indeed

Originally posted by xiu-love-min

♡ He’s smol in the group

♡ The “170cm line”

♡ Chen+xiumin+kyungsoo

♡ When they made fun of kyungsoo’s height he laughed his ass off

♡ Is married to chen after his first love luhan left him

♡ Luhan gets turned on and would buy anything if xiumin calls him “Lu-ge”

♡ Xiuhan was precious however

♡ Xiuchen is adorable

♡ Chen is like”his wife”

But we all know who’s the wife here

♡ Happy married couple

Originally posted by dayafterdae

♡ I seriously love their relationship

♡ They had a car date where Xiumin was driving

It was the biggest proof

♡ They also take part together in mvs most of the time

♡ —–>love me right

♡ Pls protect this couple at all costs

♡ “Kim bros”

♡ Suho+chen+xiumin+kai+lost brother sehun

♡ Is in a sub-unit along with chen and baekhyun

♡ Xiu pretends like he hates the beagle line

♡ but actually is a secret member of the beagle line

Originally posted by fychanxiu

♡ Has a love-hate relationship with baekhyun

♡ Will actually beat his ass

♡ also loves him a lot

their relationship is complicated

♡ The secret couple who fights all the time

♡ but actually love each other

Originally posted by jonginssoo

♡ A wise man once said “ do re mi fa sol la xiu min”

♡ Xiumin can dance really well  but

Originally posted by minseoxual

♡ U know what I mean

Don’t take drugs or hang out too much with baek

♡ He has the best voice ever

♡ calming and soothing

♡ Amazing smile

♡ Makes my heart flutter

♡ He looks good in any hair colour

♡ Dyed his hair blonde,green,pink,black,brunette and many more colours

♡ And was rocking each colour

♡ Was a cute baby

he is still our baby

♡ As well as being cute as fuck

♡ there’s a person called xiudaddy

♡ He is h0t

Everyone is a xiudaddy enthusiast indeed 

♡ His wink can kill anybody

He’s literally on fire

Originally posted by frezzepop


♡ He is either cute giggly aegyo king umin or fucking xiudaddy 

♡ There’s no in between

♡ He has abs of steel

♡ and face of a baby

♡ was criticised about his weight a lot when they debuted

I hate fucking haters

♡ So he lost weight

♡ We all miss our chubby xiumin

♡ Thank god Lay said

♡ “Weight isn’t a matter if you love someone”

♡ Is great with kids’

♡ Went to see his wife’s Chen’s look-a-like Da Eul and had fun with Eul’s sister

♡ Has a collab with AoA’s Jimin called “call me bae”

♡ Needs more collabs

♡ Was actually a quiet member but now he expresses himself more

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

♡ He is the perfect cute daddy husband material who needs more appreciation and recognition P R O T E C T  A N D  L O V E  H I M  P LS

Title: Dark Chocolate

Title: Dark Chocolate
Type: Slight angst, SecretAdmirer!Jaehyun
Characters: Reader X Jaehyun (ft. Johnny)
Word Count: 2,022

A/N: I don’t even know why I wrote this but please enjoy loves!

Summary: It’s definitely not your fault that you’re allergic to chocolates. But the problem is, he doesn’t know about it at all.

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Anonymous said: May I request a Jeff imagine where he’s been asking you out for a while now and you always turn him down? So one day you hear him talking to Clay and Tony about how it’s actually starting to hurt him a bit and he thinks something’s wrong with him because of constant rejection by the one girl he likes. The other jocks keep teasing him about Y/N’s rejection which upsets him, but you shock all of them by going up and kissing him which leads to a hot makeout session and ask him on a date.

Originally posted by cutie---kisses


You’re sitting in the bleachers, letting Sheri show you the newest cheer routine that she wanted to teach her girls. While you aren’t the cheer type, you don’t mind letting your best friend bounce any and all ideas off of you.

“Woo!” You obnoxiously shout as Sheri ends the routine in a split. “Now show me some spirit fingers and the routine will be perfect!”

Sheri laughs, shaking her head in amusement as she slowly stands to her feet. You feel the bleachers shaking because someone’s  either running on them or just acting a fool, and you turn your head just in time to see Jeff slide in next to you and wrap an arm around your shoulders.

“Smooth, Atkins. Very smooth,” you laugh.

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I will never be over this gif!!! I mean can we just take a moment!!! Sirius looks so happy like oh my goodness it’s my boyfriend!! just look at him!! he’s right here!! seriously I just hugged him!! it’s been 12 years and now he’s right in front of me!! he’s real!! look I’m touching him and everything!! and Remus is just really relieved and like Sirius it’s Sirius it’s really Sirius and I’m pretty sure he’s not a murderer even though I have no supporting evidence but there’s absolutely no way my Sirius can be guilty I’m 100% sure about it I need to hug him now and just wow!!! this reunion!!! it’s the best!!! perfect couple right here!!! I love these two gays!!!

Drunk (Bucky x reader)

Word choice:2,000

               You took Bucky out to a bar, seeing how you two were getting back from a tiring mission with HYDRA, and Bucky needed to loosen up. Steve and Natasha didn’t really approve, so you took him by yourself. He was your best friend after all, and if you couldn’t handle him in a bar, then what kind of friend were you? Since Bucky was a super soldier and had a high metabolism, he started off by drinking 6 shots in a row, and that’s when you knew it was going to be a long night.

               “Buck, how long does it take before you get drunk?” You asked, looking around the crowded bar and then back at him. Everyone was having a good time, but you had decided that Uber wasn’t the safest bet for the winter soldier.

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To 5 jealousy Jikook moments!!!!

ummmm okay so this was actually very hard bc i tend to try to not be swayed by my shipper heart and always stay with my feet on the ground so for me there’s actually very few “jikook jealousy” moments in which i think there’s actual jealousy involved but lets go (this is mainly by jk’s side bc i think his expressions are funny af and bc the only time i thought jimin was jealous he looked scary so i dont like it lmao)

1. that fansign where minjoon was being the cutest and touchy as hell but jungkook didn’t seem to be enjoying it

jk, probably: pretend ur not seeing

and then when jimin sensed the dark cloud above the younger’s head he kept on trying to create conversation by REPEATEDLY calling his name bc jungkook was >>>>blatantly ignoring him lmao look at his face

when he finally gave jimin attention he asked jungkook to do a heart for the fans

and he did

i seriously cant stop laughing asdjkfksh u can find the whole moment here to take ur own conclusions

2. listen this moment i love for various reasons that does not only involve jikook

first: jihope being an extra married gay couple


third: The Bitter Couple™

3. this isac was wild

tries not to look


looks away sulking in hopes they will stop

they dont

remains sulking w arms crossed like a five year old lmao

4. jm: “v-ssi came out looking handsome”


5. this im not sure if it was jealousy but that radio interview in which the mc asked hoseok which member he would like to present to his sister and he answered “jungkook” so jimin almost immediately shot “you cant, its illegal” (jk was a minor back then). everyone laughed and the mc asked how old she was and hoseok said she was a 90’ liner so jimin started doing siren noises asdjkajfk i lov this moment so much its so funny

aaaah this was fun to do, thank you for sending love !! and sorry for the delay asdjkljf i slept

O Mama Don't You Cry - Zach Werenski

Originally posted by goldanklebonecups

Notes: look its not a smut for once (and ima wait on a few smuts, write a few non-smuts for you all then post bc :) ) but yeah, here’s a sUPER cute Zach Werenski one and its a lil fluffy with a bit of a grumpy zach so be excited!! also i feel like my titles have nothing to do with the story and im sorry

Warnings: Mentions of underage drinking

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel, Auston Matthews, Noah Hanifin, Charlie McAvoy, a few more

Requested By @werenzki (also check out her imagines bc if you have time to binge-read, would definitely recommend!!): I’d love who when the reader is at some party or something and she’s interested in zach werenski but he thinks she’s into Dylan Larkin so he gets sort of awkward and jealous but by the end of the night she turns her attention to Zach and it’s all cute and stuff..

Up Next: idk its a surprise y’all

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Auston Matthews - Weird Kind of Family

Originally posted by willynylanders

Request: “  Can you do one where you and Auston Matthews go to Disney World? It can be just you 2, with family, or with the team…you can choose!! Thanks 💙😊 “

A/N : I just had to do this request. So many of my friends have been going to Disneyland recently and I’m so jealous. Anyway, here you go!

Warnings: One suggestive comment

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selenedarkbloom  asked:

Can we talk about the way Jon just stops to look at Dany and just exhales heavily? It's like he is happy, releaved that she feels the same, taking in the fact they are so intimately together, and also admiring this woman who is beautiful in so many different ways. I can talk about it for hours, and I need someone to discuss this scene with. Seriously, Jonerys will be the end of me.

Yes! Yes, let’s talk about that. I first talked about it here the day after the episode aired. Lol. Because I just couldn’t get over the way he stopped in the middle of everything and just took a couple of deep breaths and that last one just SHUDDERS out of him….. Yes like he can’t believe he’s there with her and that it’s possible she feels the same way about him because it’s so obvious Jon Snow has heart eyes for Daenerys Targaryen. He’s a smitten kitten and it’s written all over his face. And he’s feeling such passion and love and devotion towards her that he has to stop a minute and look deep into her eyes and he sees all the love he feels for her shining back in her lavender eyes and he can’t believe it, but he’s going for it.

And then he dives back in and kisses her and he’s making love to her. Make no mistake. This isn’t just sex for either of them. This isn’t just something to get pleasure out of (though you know they did 😉.) They have a deeper connection here than either of them have ever known.

That scene, and that moment, are EVERYTHING to me. So thank you for this lovely ask. Xoxoxo

The Hottie Next Door

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 2,521 

A/N : So i thought it’d be fun to rewrite my very first series!!! I hope you all enjoy!! 

Sounds of loud laughter coming from outside of your window, woke you from dead sleep. Almost startling you.

You huffed as you turned to your side, to glance at the clock on your night stand.

“7:30?!” You groaned to yourself, growing annoyed.

Today is Saturday. The only day you ever get to sleep in. But alas, your neighbors decided otherwise.

You tore herself out of bed, knowing damn well you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep.

“I can’t wait to move out.” You sighed.

Your phone lit up with a sound of an alert. A notification popping up from your best friend, Riley.

Good morning sleeping beauty! The boys and I are going to get some coffee, want to join?

Though, You would much rather stay in bed and chill, coffee did sound perfect right about now. Especially after the rude awakening you had.

I’m down. Starbucks, downtown?

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anonymous asked:

This isn't an inconsistency, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. During the Houston con in 2016, Jared launches into a story about eating sour lemons with Gen while visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy between European conventions, in response to a question about the most romantic thing he's ever taken his wife on. I've always been struck by Jensen's facial expressions during this story, almost like he's remembering it happening... It's on youtube, about 25 minutes into the panel.


first i gotta say that yeah jensen’s face is very sweet when jared tells the story, im sure it was a nice moment for them and he also gets that pensive face like he’s remembering, you’re right 

now i hope you’ll excuse me because im about to elaborate a bit more on this moment

so i found this vid and this one 

and basically jensen doesn’t give a fuck as usual and hets are the fucking worst as usual 

like literally, that girl asks her question “i was hoping that each of you can tell us about the most romantic date you’ve ever taken your wives on” and first we got the audience “awing”, just disgusting (where is that gif of jared gagging when you need it??) but the real IMPORTANT thing here is jensen’s reaction!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK

HE’S FUCKING EYEROLLING AS SOON AS THE HET ASKS HER QUESTION!!!!!!! OH MY GOD he’s so fucking DONE honestly just look at the video, you’ll see 

pics from the other angle (i couldn’t make a gif because the person is shaking, too bad) before and after the question is asked:

he’s so fucking done!!!!!

like what the actual fuck is wrong with hets, who the fuck comes at a convention about a show to ask actors about their personnal lives?????

and it’s even worse since you’re asking closeted gay guys to make up fake stories and making them even more uncomfortable because they have to lie!!


im also really annoyed because look at all those gifs, look at them!  all those gifs were taken from this video but it has been deleted!!! im so frustrated!! because it seemed like a better angle and with this vid i think we could have had a better look at jensen’s eyeroll!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!! if anyone has saved it, make gifs of this moment please!!! 


after the questions is asked jensen rolls his eyes but jared makes a joke so people laugh but jensen isn’t done showing he’s annoyed so it goes: 

jared: i can’t tell you the entire story

jensen: why not we’re already going down that road (while making this face)

he’s not joking there, he’s done with those hets 

and that reminds me of a video where someone asked them for a story about their kids (it was right after they had the first babies) and jensen already didn’t have time for this shit and he says something like “oh that’s it, there’s no more questions about the show, after 9 seasons, now the babies are more interesting” and people were laughing because those dumb hets can’t fucking see that jensen was seriously annoyed, they don’t understand his sarcarm, just like here in houston, they’re laughing without seeing he’s annoyed, just ugh

and then after that they don’t say anything for more than 10 seconds, nothing, just awkward silence because they have to make up some bullshit stories to answer 

so jared obviously uses a moment he had with jensen and says something very genuine which makes it look authentic, and notice how he starts by saying that his story applies to all types of couples and saying that the unscripted moments are the most important and he says that one day “gen” told him “if you buy me flowers on valentine’s day and then nothing till the next valentine’s day then you can shove your flowers up your ass” and excuse the fuck me but that’s jensen talking there (and you can see him nodding a lot while jared was saying it lol)

and then he talks about not wanting his personal life to be scripted like it is during work so what they do is that they go on walks. and excuse the fuck me but how could you go on walks regularly since you’re most of the time in vancouver and gen in the US?? oh i know because those walks are with jensen!! and i can totally see j2 going on walks after work together to relax and bound as a couple rather than just as coworkers just like that moment at the beginning of the show when jensen showed jared a nice spot to eat during wendigo or dead in the water. and then jared tells the story in italy because that’s the only place where gen could have also been, during those bearding trips, and just tell me how am i supposed to believe that gen would eat a lemon raw???? are you fucking kidding me jared???? if she had been there she would have rolled her eyes and dismiss him for stealing them just like she dismisses him when he’s being his goofy self. so yeah that’s a total j2 story and yeah see the gifs at the top for jensen’s sweet smiles

and jensen’s answer is amazing!!! because he doesn’t even bother to make something up, he’s like “yeah yeah the unscripted moments right” and then he just said that it was the honeymoon!!!! he says “we really hit it on the head with the honeymoon” “that was one of the best romantic times” and yeah jensen said the best romantic times he’s had with danneel was the “honeymoon” where FUCKING GINO was invited to and where jensen said at another con HE HAD READ A GOOD BOOK!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! IS HE EVEN TRYING????!!!! you guys remember that?? right?? that con where jensen remembered a book he had read during his honeymoon, that he had picked up because he was FUCKING BORED!!! DURING HIS FUCKING HONEYMOON!!!! where he had “the best romantic times”!!! oh my god jensen is not even trying i can’t believe this omg and meanwhile that dumb audience is howling and squealing like they’re wetting their panties because jensen shared a fake ass story about his fake ass honeymoon just….. it’s so fucking gross uuuuuuuuugh

and notice when he was done with the answer he IMMEDIATELY said a quick “thanks” and moved super fast to the next question!! he HATED that het question omg

it was like that other het question about knowing their “wives” were the ones, and jared was the one to fuck it up and jensen was the one to turn it into a gender neutral answer

so to end what i wanna say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart:


for putting jared and jensen in those uncomfortable situations all that so they can have their little fantasies and be comforted in their fake beliefs that j2 are straight and could be happy with women  

anonymous asked:

hi, do you write angst? if yes, would you mind doing a headcannon for RFA finding out MC has an emotionally abusive mother when said mother suddenly appears and throws a fit and humiliates MC in front of them? thank you

RFA+minor trio in protective mode is always good shit


  • When your mom went off the hinges in front of Zen
  • And Zen saw the fear in your eyes
  • Ohohohohoh
  • If this boy normally was a beast, right now he was the fucking Hulk
  • He shoved you behind his back and started yelling right back at your mom, because how dare she say such filthy things to his precious princess
  • His beautiful, brilliant, amazing, innocent, perfect princess
  • You hadn’t even heard the combinations of curse words flying out of Zen’s mouth before
  • When you saw his hands clenching into fists you had to hold him back
  • Eventually your mom left
  • “Don’t come near MC again unless you get your shit together” he spat before slamming the door on her face for good measure


  • You were watching your literal worst nightmare unfold as your mom went bonkers right before your sweet, kind, innocent boyfriend who only saw the good in people
  • You tried to bite down the tears but eventually it got too hard
  • He nervously stood beside you, trying hard to figure out a solution
  • “Umm…uhh…I just remembered…I left the oven on! SHIT!” he yelled desperately, with the fakest tone of surprise you’ve ever heard
  • “Yoosung we don’t even have an oven” you whispered to him, but he was already dragging you out
  • Once you got far enough away from your mom, he gave you the tightest hug
  • “Has your mom…always been like this?” you nodded into his chest
  • You went out for comfort ice cream and he offered to share his mom with you


  • Everything went to hell when your mom busted into the café and lost her shit in front of Jaehee and all the customers
  • Everyone was watching
  • Yeah Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak sounds good right now
  • You were about to self-inflict some third degree burns with boiling coffee for the sake of getting out
  • …when Jaehee sternly suggested you all come to the back room to talk it out over coffee
  • Once in the back room, she told your mom off for her immature actions and gave her the number of a local therapist
  • …and that frankly, she will not hesitate to press charges towards your mom, should the coffee business ever be disrupted again


  • Jumin was quiet for a second when your mom started throwing her tantrum
  • Without even flinching, he stood up, signaled for security, grabbed your hands and walked you out the room
  • You were about to say something when you realized he was already on the phone
  • “…This is Jumin Han speaking. I would like to file a restraining order…yes, as soon as possible…”
  • When he got off the phone, he informed you that he will personally draw you a bath
  • Apparently, he had read somewhere that a bath is good for people in distress


  • Seven knew the signs of someone about to throw a tantrum all too well, so when he recognized this on your mom, he instinctively dragged you out
  • Not just out, but into his car, which he drove, very fast, and got both of you into his 15-security-layered-house, where he buried you in honey buddha chips
  • This boy ain’t having no more of this bullshit
  • He had the power to protect you now so you sure as hell aren’t becoming a second Saeran
  • “But hey!” He said cheerfully, “now we got another thing to bond over! Abused children high five!” He said, as he held one hand up, ready for a high five
  • You gave him the high five as both of you dissolved into laughter

————–Minor trio——————————–


  • Your mom made a bad, b a d mistake by raising her voice at you in front of Saeran
  • She had just started screaming at you, when Saeran looked at her dead in the eyes, and said “I could kill her” to you, as if he was offering to wash the dishes
  • You hastily declined
  • Knowing Saeran, he was probably not kidding
  • He proceeded to explain that it would be “very easy” and that “no one would know” and “it’s not like it would be the first time”
  • You looked at your now petrified mom, and for a split second you considered accepting his offer
  • However, you quickly came to your senses and assured Saeran
  • That it’s OK, you are pretty sure your mom won’t be bothering you anymore


  • Poor, innocent, very much blind V
  • He actually believed he could talk sense into your mom
  • When she flipped out at you, he calmly suggested you leave the room, so he can handle your mom on his own
  • As you stood outside the door, you could hear a mix of V’s soothing voice and your mom’s increasingly obnoxious screaming
  • You lost it when you heard the words “…you’re just as useless, selfish and pathetic as my daughter!”
  • That was when you barged back into the room
  • Usually you would’ve stayed quiet during one of your mom’s rage storms
  • Because sometimes you believed those words to be true
  • But now that the same words were used on V, you weren’t having any of it
  • You charged at her, grabbed her by the collar, threw her out and slammed the door in her face
  • …then you went back to check on V
  • “I’m so sorry, I tried my best”, he said with a sad smile as he pulled you in for a hug
  • You thanked him for helping you stand up for yourself, and honestly you were pretty proud


  • When your mom started screaming at you, for some reason, Vanderwood just could not take this seriously
  • “You’re GARBAGE!” Your mom yelled, whilst Vanderwood raised his eyebrows questioningly
  • He looked disbelievingly from your mom to you, back and forth a couple times, paused for a second before asking your mom “seriously? You’re calling her garbage? I mean, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?”
  • He laughed a bit, but he wasn’t done “Ok first of all, you look like garbage”
  • “Second of all, you act like garbage…”
  • “…Third of all…if you open the dictionary and look up the word garbage, there would be a picture of you”
  • He gestured your mom vaguely to the door, “um, so what are you doing standing here? Don’t you have anywhere better to go? Cos I don’t remember sending invitations to…” he lowered his voice dramatically, then whispered “…garbage
  • You stared in disbelief as your mom actually turned around and left, looking evidently defeated
  • You were about to thank Vanderwood, when you heard him question under his breath when he signed up to be a part of a soap opera

Bonus: if your mom screamed at you when the entire crew were in the room

  • Zen is yelling shit at your mom while Yoosung attempts to hold him back
  • Yoosung tries teary eyed to distract everyone by weakly asking if anyone wants to go for ice cream
  • Jaehee’s trying to make coffee so everyone can calm down and talk it out
  • …Saeran’s somewhere in the background grabbing a knife
  • Jumin’s calling his lawyer while eyeing Saeran - “ok so how do you legally get away with murder”
  • Seven’s just standing on the side, eyes wide and whispering “déjà vu”
  • Vanderwood is halfway out the door, mumbling “nope not this shit again”
  • V’s tapping Seven on the head muttering calming words thinking it’s your mom

Plz can someone draw this


We live for your comments! Comments (even in tags!) make us really, really happy, so please comment :D

So this bitch just scrolled through Mikhail Pivnev’s social media

I screenshoted almost everything that was personal or columbine related, and let me just say a couple things I learned about the guy.

  • He was the biggest tcc hoe. Seriously. If this was on Tumblr, It would look like every other columbine page ever. Couldn’t even tell the difference
  • Homeboy loved Dylan klebold. Like holy shit, he really liked him.
  • He named himself “mike klebold” and if that sounds anything like girls on here calling themselves “mrs.dahmer69” you are right. It’s the exact same thing.
  • Guns. 90% of the page was just pictures of guns. It was super tedious to scroll through all those gun photoshoots to get to the good stuff
  • 90% of it was in Russian as, so I google translated most of the posts I found interesting

I’ll be making quite a few posts in the days to come, bear with me. Hopefully I got all the relevant stuff before the page gets deleted.

anonymous asked:

you ship snowbarry and karamel the most racist ships that sidelined two poc

I ship many interracial couples which you’d know if you just looked at my blog.

So the issue here is that I particularly do not ship YOUR favorite interracial couples, which is a ridiculous reason to send someone anon hate because how entitled can someone feel to demand from a complete stranger to like what they like. Seriously take a moment and think how absurd that is.

Anyway, not shipping an interracial couple does not equal racism. It could imply it, but it’s not enough reason to jump to this conclusion. At this point, I could go on and mention all my favorite PoC characters, but it feels wrong to use them that way, because it’s like showcasing them for their skin color, and to me they are so much more than that.

And to go into specifics…
I’ve already answered this for karamel, but anyway. People need to realize that “main love interest” is not just a title. Many leading love interests have failed to live up to the task because the writers did a poor job of writing them. Most people have admitted that they saw no chemistry between James and Kara, even before Mon-El was in the picture. So I’m sorry if you would rather see a forced relationship between a PoC and a white just and only because one of them is a PoC, rather than a PoC developing and earning his own voice and growing into himself. In the first season, James was literally just there to give pep talks to Kara. He had no story arc. Even his romance with Lucy was used as a plot device to make Kara jealous. Good representation is writing compelling stories involving PoC. And James’s story in S2 is far more compelling than in S1. He is a superhero and he speaks his mind instead of just being a love interest. He’s gotten to shine, rather than just be a Yes-man. They didn’t sideline him, they took a step back to write a better story for him.

And now let’s get to Snowbarry which to me is the funniest thing you said because when did snowbarry sideline Iris or WA? Are we watching the same show? Your ship is canon. Or is this about the few scenes that Barry and Cait got? Should Barry not interact with any other female but Iris? Is that what you’re saying? This, to me, is proof of just how lightly you guys will use the concept of racism to play the victim and get people to support your ship.

Also, again, your ship is canon, why can’t you just be happy with it and ignore people who do not ship it? The thing is I am ok with WA. My sister ships it, I don’t. I will keep watching the show. I do not expect SB to be endgame either, I’ll just quietly enjoy the few moments they get together. I have other ships that got endgame and I’m happy with them. So again, why can’t you?

I’ve stopped using the anti tags entirely, because you go search them and then claim “it got in the tag”. Do you understand how problematic that is? And fyi, there are actually PoC that ship SB and KM. So in the end, you don’t really fight for PoC, just your ideology, your ego and your ship.


hey my dear rq stan friends, i just wanted to say some words here about some issues i saw lately in this fandom. please don’t judge me, because this is a public space and everyone is free to say whatever they want and i don’t have intentions to hurt or offend anyone, just trying to say things from my pov as a lot of people here are doing ;) 

 first of them, the “ship war”;  

mareven couldn’t be more abusive, i mean… seriously?? i don’t wanna judge anyone, you guys could ship a rock and a cup of tea and i’ll be like “good for you buddy”. but when it turns to something abusive, there’s a little problem… 

 i guess you guys are against those couples which the men hits the women and all that, right? and why mareven would be diferent? LOOK AT THE WAY HE TREATED HER IN KC! he basically put a collar to have ‘control’ over her, he used mental abuse in her during GS, those letters? the dead baby? yeah….  

so y’all should look at these abusive relationships before wanting it to happen, what if it happens to a friend of yours? i hope it doesn’t come to that point, bc i’m sure you guys wouldn’t let it happen, right? 

 now i’ll say some things about the hate on cal; 

i saw some ppl here saying that he is a racist, and i mean…. if he really was that, do you think he would fall in love with a girl that is a red? he would obviously be mean to her and say that she is inferior or all of the other things that an actual racist says, and i’m sure he would leave or kill the scarlet guard as soon as he could. but guess what, he helped them, he trained them and they’re alive, or at least some of them. 

 cal isn’t perfect, he made mistakes as EVERYONE in the series, he is a human being like them and basically like us too. we all make mistakes, but we should look at those who really regret their mistakes and wants to change and do better. 

 now let’s go back to maven;

 he already made and still makes mistakes and cruel things, but i saw some people saying it’s not his fault and that it was all because of elara and bla bla bla. 

 ok when i read about the control elara had over him, i was a little sad for him, that wasn’t a healthy mom and son relationship. but i mean… all his actions in KC were HIS OWN ideas, elara wasn’t there to control him and make him do all those things anymore, and i have to say he is little bit (or maybe a lot) of a psycho too, he’s a wonderful villain, i must admit it, but let him as the bad guy only, at this point of the story he has no reasons to be good (and he was never good from the start, it was all a lie to make mare join his side, remember?) 

 and if cal is racist, wtf is maven then? 

 i am a cal stan who respect everyone who likes maven, but i can’t accept an abusive relationship or someone who tries to make everything upside down to turn a bad person into a good one with no actual good actions coming from them. so don’t try to make maven seem less evil than he is when he already said himself that he knows what he’s done and doesn’t regret it. 

 no need to hate on anyone, vaveyard is an grown up woman and she definitely knows what she’s doing and what is best for her story, so please respect if you want to be respected. [i like maven ok?]

 that’s all folks. xoxo

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How do u draw bodies bc I am no good :^( ily 💕

ngl.. me neither xD idk why you’re asking me anyway cause I seriously doubt you’re worse than me (ALSO I LOVE YOU TOO ANON <3)

because im bad at explaining and constructing good proper advice.. here are a few tips/pointers from a bad anatomy artist ;P

there is so much more to ramble on about small details like how fat settles on the body, the bones and how it affects the curvature, and SO much more, but this is all I could fit in a simple and terrible tutorial (it isn’t even that) but hey!! here are a couple of links that might helpful and that I found useful:

also i thought I’d mention some artists that you might wanna look at for unique style for bodies!! (totally off of the top of my head rn):

@me-za-me-ro, @syrva, @thunderpot, @lackadaisycats!!

thanks for asking anon!! sorry im so late to replying tho haha ^^;

edit: don’t forget that bodies don’t have to stick to just one type of shape per body!! feel free to explore different shapes and sizes for the body ;P thanks again <3

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Speaking of ships, what do you ship anyway?? Like what're ur main ships??:0 ((aside from double b ofc (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ))

Ships? My favourite topic! Ok i will be brief because otherwise i will be here all day. Shall i just give couple of the ships, otherwise this post will be too long? This is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


ok but how can you not ship them. The way that they basically make out on stage. Also the way they look at each other is NSFW. Seriously look at them

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 this is adorable ship that is up and coming. I mean there constant awkward encounters and the confusion of how this awkwardness has emerged. I just love the fact Bobby has like the biggest crush on Junhoe. 

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His constant desire to get close to him or touch him.

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My next ship is something has been really drawing me in is Chanhwan.


I like their love hate relationship. Like the way that their quite sarcastic and quite brutal.

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But then they do stuff like this

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