seriously these are so creepy yet i was obsessed with them!

Stuck in the Middle (with You)/Awesome Crowley

[For a meta about Reservoir Dogs and Tarantino’s use of gay subtext, click here.]

I don’t want to be the person who ruins everyone’s fun, so I’m saving my one big criticism of this episode for last. This meta is completely positive, even saccharine, until the very last paragraph. Also, I’m borrowing one of my favourite AO3 tags as a title because, let’s face it, Crowley was the real hero of this episode and where the action was, and that’s perfectly okay and long overdue. Crowley’s been around for years now, and he’s gone through huge bouts of character development, and yet we still know next to nothing about him and he’s often treated like an afterthought, both by our heroes and by the writers. This episode finally (finally!) corrected that, because no matter how intriguing and plain beautiful everyone was, Crowley was magnificent - as I fully expected him to be.

After all, they’re good - but he’s Crowley.

Like anyone with eyes, I loved everything about this episode, and especially how it was filmed. I have to say - this is the first episode in a long time that actually had me in tenterhooks about a possible character death, because you never know, right? Theoretically, Crowley could die, and so could Cas. Theoretically. And also the music, did I mention the music? I think that scene of Cas crawling away from Ramiel and the shot of Ramiel stabbing him - that’s just become my favourite Supernatural scene ever, bar none. It was so powerful and dramatic and visually magnificent and that damn music - wow

I adored that symbolism, because Cas’ been a Christ figure for a while now, and seeing him like that, on his back, defeated and stabbed by a lance - you can’t get more Golgotha than that. Beautiful stuff.

I also loved that this episode was, in a way - off-centre. Sam and Dean were there, of course, but the story was not focused around them. The real protagonist was the supernatural world itself - Cas, Crowley, Ramiel; even Lucifer, to me, was more present than he’s been in a while, what with this vague threat of his child hanging over the world, and him taunting Crowley and flashing his red eyes at this most undemonic demon in the very last scene. The truth is, I love everything about Sam and Dean, and that includes the incredibly talented actors who play them, but I feel the show could benefit greatly from approaching their story from a different perspective every once in a while. I’d love to know more about their childhood, for instance, or about this world of monsters and hunters around them; and a completely Outsider POV episode is, at this point, something I’d probably sell half my soul for.

Anyway - lately, this show reads like very good fanfiction, and considering how engaged, loving and talented this fandom is, this is high praise. I particularly appreciate the fact they’re going back to important plot points and filling them in with completely new details - after all, we’ve been wondering for years what’s up with demonic eyes, or how Crowley became king in the first place (or, at least, I know I did). This new class of demons appearing out of nowhere - creatures powerful enough to wield an archangel’s weapon - that’s incredible stuff. I’m guessing we’ll see more about them, and I can’t freaking wait.

So, yes - Ramiel was spot-on. Jerry Trimble managed just the right mixture of underwhelmingly normal and terrifyingly amoral - so much so I’m sort of sad we didn’t get to see more of this character, even if everything about him, including his death, was handled just right - there was no room for anything more.

My one slight criticism there would be the fizzling nature of Cas’ abilities. For instance, didn’t we establish that Cas can smell lies? So why couldn’t he guess Mary was hiding something? And what about demons’ true forms? I always assumed Cas could see that (was it ever stated in canon? it must have been), and I was therefore almost disappointed that Cas couldn’t recognize Ramiel for what he was. Maybe it can be explained away by him slowly becoming closer and closer to a human being - I don’t know. In any case, I’m truly appreciating how obsessed everyone seems to be with him lately. After years of taking angels for granted, we’ve got two characters in short succession fangirling over angels (in a creepy, murderous and definitely non-con way, but still) - and, yeah, I know that basically everyone spent the entirety of Supernatural pointing out how different and unique Cas is, and I’m grateful for that, but it’s also nice to get a reminder that angels are awesome (in the other sense of the word) in and of themselves.

(I’m still loving Mr Ketch, by the way. Aaaaaw.)

Let’s now come to our unsung hero: Mr Crowley.

Crowley was magnificent in all this. And we’ve now learned he never seriously planned to become King of Hell - my headcanon, which I’m considering confirmed, is that Crowley simply wants control. He’s been tortured for a century or more as some demon tore his human soul out of him, and he’s never putting himself in that position again, which is very sensible of him, and also very Scarlett O’Hara.

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Free! vs Yuri!!! on Ice (or why Free! is so much better)

I’ve seen a lot of  people comparing Free! with Yuri!!! On ice so I’m just sharing my two cents.

This is entirely my opinion. It will be biased. I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I know most people will get offended.

Also, this will be really long. Like really, really long. So if you’re good with that…

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a callout post for kimmyko, shadzter, and all adults involved with encaged-au

This is a callout for a group of adults working on @encaged-au, a Sonic torture comic that features and centers around the torture of a character who is 15 years old, for working on such a concept and endangering minors in other ways as well. Particularly it centers on kimmyko and shadzter, two very prominent figures in the sonic tumblr scene, both of whom are 18+.

Again, this callout is only for the adults working on the comic.

Warnings for mentions of and images depicting the torture and sexualization of minors under the cut.

Update: shadzter and xyheir, another adult mod for encaged, have drawn incredibly sexualized pictures of characters who are minors

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#PLLENDGAME finale predictions

Please dont let marlene and friends “confirmations” keep u closed minded.

So they confirmed a time jump btwn 719 and 720.. bullshit
They also confirmed toby was “pure evil, bad intentions” and no they wont go the transgender route

They cant make a year later and the girls dont know who A is and Ezria still arent married.
It will most likely be after the reveal and answers then we get a time jump and see where the girls end up.

Mona is seriously ill. She ends up back in an institution face 2 face with A. Im so afraid she will die

Aria finds out something devastating about Ezra. Clearly she is the most distraught from all the girls. Even goes as far as to say they cant marry.
Too obvious to make him A. Could he be the sperm donor? Ie. Emisons baby daddy. He had a sick obsession with Alison, the book, the lair (with the creepy ass blown up photos), dating her. Mona was on track to find baby daddy and we know Ezra is tech savvy. Is this his sick way of fulfilling an even sicker Alison fantasy. After all his masters degree in American literature will help him with dead bodies (wtf was that about)

Melissa and Wren are back.

Wren.. sweet baby wren. I stand by my theory that he is Bethanys brother. He could know mona hit his sister and shoot mona. We know he plays a big part in the end. After all isnt bethany the basis of everything? It was her dead season 1 after all. Perhaps he knew about her drawings, jessica, mary, spencer, melissas involvement in ultimately killing her (dirt in lungs)

Melissa is here to please fans. Did she know about Mary? Spencer? ABSOLUTELY.
“I did this to protect u spencer, since before it started.”
Even garrett mentioned protecting Spencer on the train.

Jenna can see. We see that in the promo. But the question is, for how long?

Im all for a TWINCER storyline but how much more unrealistic can we get. There was already a hidden sibling (charles) a hidden  twin (mary) they cant do that again. Spencers moodswings addictions and odd behaviour could just be genetics. Her lineage has a history of mental illness. Take Ali for example, remember when she had a bloody lip? Crying and opening up then BAM back to bitchy Ali! Doesnt mean much except they have some issues.

If there is a twin i am all for it! I love Spencers character and Troians acting so i will take it… but i highly doubt it.

I feel like they went big, outside the box with charles… cece… charlotte. This reveal needs to be simple, clear, devastating.

Paige- no way. People will be pissed
Lucas- accused too many times. Cant be him
Melissa- already a killer and made to look like A too much already. Too obvi
Wren- will be involved in something but isnt A
Parents- is nothing sacred
Toby- we need spoby for endgame
Caleb- we need haleb for endgame
Ezra- too obvious from the promos
Charlotte- cant bring another person back from the dead
Bethany- same as charlotte
Who is left guys???


My sweet, gorgeous Jason. He is the center of all things major on pll.

- he is a dilaurentis (raised)
- he is a hastings
- NAT club
- odd scar possibly from Halloween train never explained.
- always travelling
- has the money to be A
- slept with Ashley Marin yet A never told Hanna that yet?
p.s. he slept with pastor teds girlfriend.. charlottes birth father, was it revenge??
- dated charlotte
- really close to charles.
- Jenna was almost killed in his house
- gave Spencer a bag he found of alis things (even though mayas family owned the house alis shit was still around)
- he likes Arias pink hair. In the dollhouse she was forced to dye it.
- liked aria. Notice A always tried to break Ezria up and Aria was not physically harmed by A (wilden and meredith hurt her)
- NAT was his idea.

- cece and jasons breakup was complicated… ya learning your girlfriend is your long lost brother/cousin is complicated. - he paid lucas to find out who stole the body and acted shady ever since that day. Possibly when he joined Charlottes game.

In the vault there were 2 ppl. One was watching Ali on screen the other stood there and looked at Emily when the girls burnt down the vault.
The prom scene?? Why the hell would a transgender female dress like a man??? Spencer even said something seemed familiar like a cousin. Lmfao jason is her brother and her cousin.

Think about it. AD wanted to know who killed Charlotte. Why? Archer loved her, Mary was her mom, why would AD care? Another family member

Cast members said fans from day 1 will be pleased, it answers a lot of questions, you can go back to thr beginning and see hiw it happenned. Even if he joined Charlottes game. He has always been shady from day 1! If i had to guess right now. It would be Jason . Just putting him in the hoodie answers so many questions without actually answering them. Did he learn something back in his NAT days to fuel this? He started having people film for him watching these girls… over the years it escalated to this sick game of life or death with people working for him… watching and playing with these girls

“I never would’ve guessed it was you”

I would be very happy with this. Tell me what you guys think!!

Should’ve taken the A1

a ‘we’re both stuck in stand still traffic and i’m bored as all hell, please entertain me’ au 

for @letthepeoplesay-oh love ya, girl <3 
(follower milestone thingy, send me rebelcaptain + a trope/au!

She should have taken the bloody A1.

“There’s not much traffic this weekend, it’ll be fine if I just take the M6!” Jyn practically growled at the traffic around her. “When are you going to learn, Jyn, never trust the bloody M6!”

Of course, the M6 was currently failing her. Only a few miles out of Birmingham, the northbound traffic had naturally come to a complete and utter standstill. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of the slow stops and starts of usual traffic congestion, which meant it was probably an event that was causing this particular jam. Sure enough, a quick Google search was able to tell her that there had apparently been an accident and that traffic was currently backed up for miles. 


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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 5

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


JUNE 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

“Hey, don’t worry about that. You’ll fit in just fine. I’ve told you this before: you’re the coolest girl I know, everyone would love to be your friend!!!

And if they don’t want to, then it’s their loss. I don’t really know what advice to give you. Just that you shouldn’t worry about what people say, you’re perfect just the way you are.

I’m sure that in a few months you will be writing me telling me about this awesome people you’ve met in your high school and I’ll be lowkey jealous because they have the chance to enjoy your company and I don’t. But well, I like to think that I enjoy your company in a whole different and more special way.

I’m looking forward to your answer on July! xx”


JULY 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 “Thank you for the advice and thank you for being so nice to me! I know I don’t say this too often but you’re also the coolest boy I know. And of course that what we have is special, no other friendship will be like this.

I‘m still amazed about how comfortable I feel while talking to you. As you may have guessed already I’m not a very opened person. But with you, I don’t know, it feels like I can tell you anything and it’s not because we’re anonymous anymore, it’s more than that.

Wow, I’m getting too sentimental here. I should say something rude to keep my façade. Uhm…your jokes suck and are lame.

Although, now that I think about it, it’s been awhile since you’ve made one of your lame jokes.

Anyway, I’ll read you in August xx”


AUGUST 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 Sana unlocked her phone to look at the time. She always used to wait until the afternoon to go to the book shop and check if her anonymous friend had answered her yet. But that day she was way too anxious.

As the months passed by she would look more and more forward to reading the letters. She knew that this would happen. That’s why she had asked him to keep the letters to just once a month because she knew that she would get too invested on it. But how wouldn’t she? That boy, whoever he was, made her feel something that she had never felt before. She was starting to doubt if those feelings were strict friendship feelings. She didn’t know what being in love felt like but she did know what friendship felt like and this wasn’t quite that. A part of her was worried that maybe she was a little bit obsessed with it. That part of her was mostly scared of what would happen if he decided to stop the letters. What if he got tired of her? What if he got a girlfriend or new friends and he just forgot about her?

She wasn’t stupid or naïve, she knew that eventually that would happen. They couldn’t keep this letter friendship forever, at some point they would have to either stop or agree to meet. She was hoping that it’d be the latter. And until then she was going to try to enjoy the letter as long as they’d last.

With those thoughts in her mind she got out of her room just in time to see her brother entering the house.

“Elias I’m going out, if mom asks where I am just tell her that I’ll be back soon” she said as she put her jacket on without noticing that her brother wasn’t alone.

“Okay, uh, Sana? I want you to meet someone” Elias said pointing at the boy next to him “This is Yousef, we’ve been friends for awhile now but it’s the first time he comes to our house”

“Hi” Yousef said shyly as he looked at her

“Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you. I’m leaving”

Sana walked past by the boys without even looking at Yousef and left the house. She didn’t have time to lose, she needed to get to that book shop and read the letter.

“Your sister is…interesting…very friendly” Yousef told Elias faking a smile

“She’s usually nicer than that, I promise” Elias said still frowning because of Sana’s behavior

“Yeah…I’m sure she is” his friend said not convinced.

In any other moment, Yousef would’ve minded about his friend’s sister not liking him, but his mind was elsewhere, in a book shop where the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about was going to go during that day to read his letter.

They had been talking for four years now but especially this last year Yousef’s mind had been on that mysterious girl almost every day. He would count the days left to read her answers, then reread them several times until he practically knew them by heart. He hadn’t told anyone, he knew his friends would tease him about being in love with a girl he didn’t know. In love…was that what he was feeling? Love? He had never been in love, he didn’t know how that felt like, but he did know one thing…there was something in that girl that made him want to be more than just friends.


Sana entered the book shop almost running. She greeted the seller with a shy smile and walked to the young adult section. She wondered if the seller knew why she came so often to that shop. Maybe she knew who the boy was, maybe she could ask her how he looked like. Sana shook her head, there were rules, she had been the one to make the rules in the first place, she couldn’t be the one breaking them.

She reached their hidden spot and took the paper, her heart beating fast.

“Hahaha!! You really made me laugh with that comment about my jokes. But come on, let’s be real here, you LOVE my jokes. You even admitted you miss them (I know you didn’t say exactly those words but it was implied)

And I’m glad that you feel like you can talk to me. That’s how I feel too. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. I think that I feel more comfortable with you than with people I see every day.

And this is embarrassing but I’ve always sucked at talking to girls. Not that I’ve really tried talking to many girls but yeah, I always get awkward and say things that make no sense. But with you, I don’t feel awkward at all. You make me feel confident enough to be myself (now is when you tell me that you do think I’m awkward)

I mean, I’m a dork, I’ve accepted that, I’ll never change that but with you it’s like I’m allowed to be a dork and that’s nice.

Now I’m the one getting emotional.

Uhm…I’m a 40 years old creepy man ha! Ha!….wow that was too lame even coming from me.

Yeah, I’m going to stop writing right now…Bye!! ♥”

SEPTEMBER 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

 “Oh god I should stop writing to you right now after that joke because a) that was so lame and b) you know I have a thing for 40 years old creepy men (a thing as in I think they’re creepy, you don’t have to make another joke about that saying that I have a “love” thing for them). So I guess all I can do now is leave you to think about what you’ve said. I don’t think we can be friends anymore…

Just kidding! I know you’re a dork, I’ve accepted it and to be honest I really like your dorkiness. There, I said it, don’t expect me to say it again though.

But seriously I really like the way you are and I’m glad you feel like you can be yourself with me ♥”


OCTOBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 “Awww look at my girl getting soft! You’re not as tough as you were a few years ago huh? Now you’re all soft and saying nice things to me. That’s so cute!

Please don’t get mad, I’m just kidding haha.

But seriously your answer made me really happy, although you ruined my joke…yes…I was going to make a joke about you having a thing for old men. But I’ll forgive you because you’re you.

Hey in your next answer you should tell me about all of the amazing friends you’ll make during this month since you’re starting high school. I can’t wait to hear about it! ♥”


‘My girl’. Sana kept repeating those two words in her mind on her way home. What did he mean with that? He called her ‘his girl’. Did he mean it as ‘my girl who is my friend’ or ‘my girl who is more than my friend’? Did he mean anything with that at all? With those thoughts in her mind she entered her house and went straight to the kitchen, not noticing that there was someone already there getting out of it.

She bumped into him and almost fell backwards but he was fast enough to grab her placing his hands on her elbows. She looked up and frowned at the unknown face.

“I’m sorry Sana, I didn’t see you” he said

“Who are you?” she asked

“Okay, wow…I’m Yousef…Elias’ friend? We met two months ago?”

She looked at the boy confused. She couldn’t remember seeing him, she would remember that face. He was really handsome and attractive and hot and…stop staring Sana! She shook her head and tried to focus. Then it hit her, she did remember Elias saying something about her meeting a friend but she left the house before even looking at him. Now she felt embarrassed about her behavior but she remembered that she was going the book shop that day and she was in a rush.

“I’m sorry” she said “Yeah, yeah, I remember you now. I was just distracted”

“Yeah, I could tell” he chuckled

Was he mocking her? She frowned once more trying to decipher that boy. Her task was interrupted by her brother entering the room

“Oh I see you two have met again. You remember Yousef, right Sana?”

“She does now” he said

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head

“Yeah well, I tend to forget thinks that aren’t important” she said shrugging

“Wow, you were right Elias, your sister is super kind” Yousef said half bitter half amused

“The kindest” she said faking a smile “Well, see you around, I guess”



NOVEMBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 “Hi!!!! I’ve actually made some great friends during this month!!

Especially there’s one girl I met in my German class and she’s super cool. She introduced me to these other girls and they’re really cool. We’re like the losers of the school but we’re the coolest losers so there’s that.

There’s this other group of girls though…they’re pretty mean. They’re like the popular girls that think that they own the place or something. I’m worried about one particular friend, she’s the best, she’s really strong but at the same time she’s fragile. I think that she’s very impressionable, she always wants everyone to love her and to fit in and I’m scared that she’s going to end up being hurt. She kind of reminds me of me in middle school. How I wanted to be popular and fit in and instead I started to sink because of other people’s comments? I really hope that she trusts us enough to tell us when something is wrong, not everyone can have a anonymous friend to tell them about their problems you know? :)♥”


DECEMBER 2015 (15 and 18 years old)

 As every 1st day of every month Sana was walking to the book shop ready to find a new letter waiting for her. As she was about to enter the shop she bumped into someone and almost fell backwards but two hands held her to prevent her from falling.

“We really need to stop meeting like this” she heard a voice saying

She looked up and there he was, Yousef, Elias’ friend once again blocking her way.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see you” she apologized

“Do you ever see me?” he joked

Sana frowned at him not sure if he meant it or not.

“I’m just joking, relax Sana” he said chuckling, god she really had perfect teeth.

Perfect teeth, Sana? What?

“So, what are you doing here?” he asked, he seemed pretty keen on having a conversation with her

“Well, this is a book shop, what do you think?” she said glaring at him

“Yeah, definitely the kindest”  he said under his breath

Sana pressed her lips together trying not to smile, she had to admit that she wasn’t being the nicest person to him and still he was polite towards her.

“I’m sorry, I’m just…”

“In a rush? As always? Yeah, don’t worry about it, I’ll see you around. Hope you find what you’re looking for” he said walking past by her

She frowned confused

“What do you mean with that?” she asked him

He turned around and looked at her for a moment as if he didn’t understand the question.

“This is a book shop, I guess you’re looking for a book? I just hope you find it…I was just trying to be nice, I guess that the concept is foreign to you”

“Ha ha” she said rolling her eyes

“Bye Sana” he turned around once again and this time he finally left.


This time she didn’t read the answer until she got home, she didn’t want to be interrupted.

“I’m really happy you hear that you’re making friends, it’s what you deserve.

And about your friend…please take care of her. She may seem okay and you may think that she’s doing just fine but maybe she’s not. Maybe she’s going through a rough patch. Maybe she’s thinking that she has no one and she just wants life to stop. And then you’ll be left wondering what you could’ve done for her. And this isn’t only about your friend but also about you. I know you’ve been through a lot in middle school and I’m afraid that being around those kind of girls again you’ll feel bad again. Please, PLEASE if you ever feel like life is too much PLEASE talk to someone, anyone. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Please always remember that. Everything will be alright.

I’m sorry I just…something happened to a friend this year and…I don’t really want to talk about it, I hope you understand but…I just wanted to let you know that I’m here okay?”

Sana’s stomach sank as she ended the letter. The fact that he had gone through that with his friend and he was worrying about her made her heart ache. That situation, even if she didn’t know the details, reminded her of something that had recently happened with one of Elias’ friends. She wasn’t supposed to know but she had heard her brother talking about it once.

As she was about to write her answer to leave it on the book shop the next month an image came to her mind. A boy, Yousef, coming out of the book shop just as she was going in…the similarities between that last letter and what had happened to one of her friends…could it be?

She shook her head, no, it couldn’t. Then she started to write.

JANUARY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I completely understand that you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t pressure you. Just know that I’m here for you too okay? ALWAYS. And thank you for caring about me, it really means a lot. I really hope that things get better with you and your friend soon.

I’ve been wondering something…do you ever think about the possibility of us knowing each other? Like what if we’ve already met? What if we’re friends? What if we’re school mates? What if we’re neighbors? What if we are acquaintances? What if we just bumped into each other once? Have you ever thought about that? Because lately I have. Do you think we would know if we met each other? Do you think that we would feel something?

I don’t know…I’m just rambling here right now.

But hey, it’ll be new year’s day when you read this so HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥”


FEBRUARY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “Thanks. I haven’t heard from my friend since it happened, I guess he needs time but yeah I hope that eventually things will get better.

And about your question…I’ve actually thought about it several times but I like to think that we don’t know each other. Because I think that I’d know it, you know? I’d feel it. Like I want to believe that if I ever saw you, if I ever saw the girl I like in person I’d know. At least that’s what I want to believe. I really, really want to. So I’m choosing to think that we don’t know each other and that if we ever meet we’ll feel it. ♥”


‘The girl I like’…her anonymous friend again with the cryptic messages. Maybe it was time for her to hint something too.

MARCH 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

“I want to believe that too. I want to believe that if I ever met you I’d know. I mean, we’re supposed to feel something special when we see the person we like right? So I guess that yeah, we’ll definitely feel it if we ever met. Unless we’re too focused on the letters that we don’t see what’s in front of us? I’ve actually thought about that too. But I like the first theory better to be honest.

I’ll read you in April! ♥”


APRIL 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

“I was planning on acting cool about it but who am I kidding? I’m not cool.

What do you mean with “the person we like”? Do you mean as a general thing or did you mean…well, me? Because when I said the girl I like I meant you. I still mean it, I know this is weird because we’ve never seen each other but I like you. Like really like you,  not just as a friend, I like like you. What about you? Do you like me? But like really like me? Like you like like me? And now the word “like” is starting to sound weird. Ugh, I’m sorry this is embarrassing. Now is when you tell me you don’t like me at all and I feel stupid. But no pressure, just be honest…do you…well, like me? ♥”


MAY 2016 (16 and 18 years old)

 “I like you. I really like you. I like like you. ♥”


Weeeeell! this is it! Things are starting to get interesting!

I really hope you’ve liked this chapter, I was super excited for you to read this one!

Thank you all so much for reading!!!♥♥ 

(In case isn’t clear this is set during Sana’s frist year at Nissen and Yousef’s last year at Bakka)

Summer 2017 Watchlist First Taste (Sunday to Wednesday Edition)

Summer is here and so is a new season of anime, woohoo! I was initially super excited about several of the shows, but after watching the first episodes of them, I’m still… somewhat on the fence about them. Still anticipating “Welcome to the Ballroom” and “Project Altair” though!

If you’re looking for something in the spring season to watch, I also wrote some not-so-serious reviews here and here. I’ve actually either dropped or am super behind on most of the shows I wrote about, but I highly recommend “The King’s Avatar/Quan Zhi Gao Shou” (technically a donghua), “The Royal Tutor”, and “Kado: The Right Answer” for a new series to start. 

Listing from shows that have the most potential:

Nana Maru San Batsu (aka. 7O3X) | Fastest Finger First 

A sports anime about quiz shows! It’s actually better than it sounds, I promise (except for that frustratingly cliché panties scene but I think it’s just a one-time gag so I’ll forgive them). The first episode introduces us to protagonist Pidge Koshiyama, who’s a bookworm, is super shy/anxious and has no friends. Upon entering his first year of senior high, he was introduced to the school’s Quiz Circle during club presentations, and he realizes that all the books he’s read as a child and teenager can finally be put to good use because as it turns out, even though he’s slow on the buzzer, he can answer some of the most difficult questions. There’s also the weird/over-enthusiastic megane club president, the takes-quizzes-super-seriously girl whose voice sounds like a young boy (I think the seiyuu is new, so I can’t tell whether she’s just really bad at voice-acting or they just… mis-cast her). The first half is protag intro, blah blah, lots of self narrative, but the second half, which is like a sample quiz show, is quite exciting. I think I like where the show’s going, so I’ll definitely keep watching this.

Knight’s & Magic

If you want to watch giant fighting robots, you might want to give this show a shot, though definitely don’t expect it to be anything like Gundam. Protag Kuroda, who’s obsessed with mecha and is a computer engineer working in modern day Japan, got into a car accident and is reincarnated into this fantasy world in which people can pilot giant robots called Silhouette Knights through magic fuel. I’m hoping the protag will grow up soon cuz I don’t know if I can stand watching a show that’s entirely about a robot-obsessed 12-year-old boy (yes, he’s a boy), even if he is kind of a genius. The plot is nicely paced so far and the action scenes are nicely animated. I don’t really care about any of the characters yet (which is usually a bad sign for me LOL), but we’ll see. 

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun | Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun

Sort of reminds me of “Sakamoto Desu Ga”, but I’m hoping it’ll be better because the gags in “Sakamoto” got boring and repetitive after about 4 episodes in. Aoyama is a genius soccer player who plays for Japan in the U-16 tournament and has lots of passion for the sport; he’s also a bit of a germaphobic and will not come in contact with other players during a game or move around the field when it’s rainy and dirty because eww mud on shoes/clothes, no thanks. Not quite sure whether this will be entirely comedy with some sports elements or an equal mixture of both; I’m hoping it’ll at least have a good plot to go with the laughs. 

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Why I hate Orihime Inoue.

She’s utterly useless for starters. Her powers have only ever saved one person in the start of the series and that was Tatsuki the one time she actually managed to toughen up and kill a hollow. Her shields are jokingly small and much too easy to break whenever a new enemy comes, examples being Yammy and Ulquiorra, they both broke it instantly after getting over the initial surprise of it being there. As for her healing, really what’s so great?

She can heal cuts and wounds? So can the whole fourth Division as well as anyone else who has been trained in medical Kido, Isshin and Urahara are two good examples.

She can restore lost limbs? So can Kurotsichi, even if his way is much more crude, he can still do so.

She can reject death? No, she actually can’t. If she could there would have been no character death in the series and she would have been able to heal Ichigo on the roof of Las Noches, but she didn’t because she couldn’t. It was Zangetsu that saved him there, not Inoue. The only people who actually believe Aizen’s line about her powers encroaching on Gods territory are the ones delusional enough to think she was a good character, like seriously, wake up already. Aizen only said that to play head games with everyone! He has always been a manipulative bastard, what’s so hard to get this time?!

As for her personality? She never grew into anything other than the girl that had a crush on Ichigo, and by the end of the series she was reduced to nothing more then fan service for all the fat chest lovers out there. She portrays a very obsessive woman on the verge of being a stalker, and somehow it isn’t considered creepy or invasive but intended to be ‘cute’. If the roles were reversed and it was a male acting like she did then everyone would be up in arms about the creepy stalker however just because the character is good looking and has a large chest it is okay? Great role model for all the woman reading Kubo, if you want your crush to like you, just show his some cleavage and stalk him!

She doesn’t deserve Ichigo, she never truly loved him, the only things she actually knows about him were learnt from someone else – mostly Tatsuki and you guessed it, Rukia – she never made an attempt to know the guy she supposedly loved by actually asking him, she went behind his back and invaded his privacy.

The thing I hate most about her is the fact that she could never accept Ichigo as what he is, part hollow, she never could. Even at the end of the series during the Yhwach fight when Ichigo used his new hollowfication she froze in fear again, Ichigo had to assure her that he was still him just for her to calm down, he shouldn’t have to do that.

The only other person who showed real fear at Ichigo’s hollow side was Ishida during the fight on Las Noches, and do you know how he responded? By saying “Stop Kurosaki, you’ve done enough Kurosaki, if you go any further than this then you won’t be you anymore,” he didn’t say “stop hollow” or “stop you monster” he said “stop Kurosaki” he knew that no matter how terrifying he looked on the outside that it was still Ichigo and he just needed someone to help bring him back to the light. Inoue could never look past his appearance, her love for him was superficial, she loved him as a night in shining armour, nothing else.

Another thing, she always had to be saved, and every time she was she would always say “I’m going to improve so that I won’t be a burden on anyone anymore.” yet where was this improvement? No matter how many times her precious Kurosaki-kun had to come save her she never once improved herself, Only one time she actually tried and it was a half ass effort at best which resulted in her being taken to Hueco Mundo and guess what? Needing to be saved again!

And can we talk about that for a moment? What an absolute pile of scum she is, the only reason she went to Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra was not to ‘try and protect’ her friends, no, it was nothing glamorous like that, the only she went to Hueco Mundo was because she wanted to see if Ichigo would come and save her like he did Rukia. Instead of telling them about Ulquiorra’s conversation with her, instead of believing in her friends, her comrades, trusting in them to win, she ran off to Hueco Mundo making them chase her into enemy fucking territory because she is an immature and selfish bitch who was jealous of Rukia.

Inoue is a horrible person and Kubo should be ashamed for not only creating scum like her but for pairing her with someone as incredible as Ichigo.

Gruvia and how to fix it


Okay, as you all should know, Gruvia is my former OTP die hard ship. In recent months, I’ve realized that it’s not that great after all. I realized that the gruvia I love is not the one in Fairy Tail, but rather the one depicted in fanfics and fanart. I realized that the ship in canon is extremely one sided, damages ½ of the characters involved and is very forced.  A part of me will probably take this ship to the grave since I still can’t keep a straight face whenever they have a moment.

See, about 80% of Juvia’s current character is developed to gruvia or Gray in general which is not good for such a major character. Levy can get by with being attached to Gajeel because she’s not a major character, but not Juvia. AND practically all of the ship seems to favor her and only her in story. There isn’t any indication that Gray is getting anything from their close companionship besides discomfort in story for a long while. All of that equals a forced ship.

Before you read further, keep in mind that I’m not trying to bash gruvia or its supporters. I’m bashing Mashima’s writing and stating what I think would have made the progression of this ship smoother. In no way is this trying to disregard what happened in canon, I already know its too late to change anything. 

Now about how to improve it.

  • Give Juvia back her personality, relationships and character from Fantasia and Tower of Heaven arc. Have her function without Gray being in the equation somewhere. Show her having close relationships besides Gray, so that her crush on him is more of a character quirk rather than most of her character. (I would say that she has Meredy, but they get so little screen time together I don’t even know what their relationship is. ESPECIALLY Meredy because Mashima dedicated like 150 pages to jerza but couldn’t have more than 2 panels of Meredy and Juvia interacting??? Ditto for Gajeel. This is an element of Mashima’s poor writing style, unfortunately. It’s like how Lucy and Levy are supposedly best friends but almost never talk.) In turn, this will scale back the creep factor that’s ever present in this ship and will balance it out with character weight. You know when she was all shy and embarrassed to give him that lunch she made for him? That was the perfect balance. 
  • Scale down the obsessiveness and have it develop more like a relationship upgrade rather than Gray just giving up and settling because Juvia won’t leave him alone. If it’s supposed to be that Gray is slowly warming up to Juvia, then show it. Have him go from a blunt “no thanks, not interested” to a more tsundere attitude. Him bluntly telling her no then her persisting anyway is just her not having enough respect to listen to his opinions despite being in love which makes her affection seem a whole lot more shallow and ,surprise, one sided.
  • Go into detail about the relationship. Have them reflect on how the other person has helped them. Here, I’ll even give an example on the fly; Juvia loves and appreciates Gray for being her prince charming for taking her rain away because it made her depressed and isolated for the rest of her life. Gray appreciates Juvia because he knows she’s one of the people he can fall back on, she can lighten his mood when his thoughts get too morbid or he’s going through a tough time and generally makes him more cheerful/quirky. Seeing as Mashima has put so much effort into the ball of sexual tension and angst that is Jerza, he’s clearly capable of developing these things for relationships. He just…doesn’t for his other pairings.
  • Just let them talk. Have Juvia chill out for like 5 minutes and genuinely listen to what Gray thinks of her and her tendencies. And have Juvia explain exactly why she’s so devoted to Gray and how much it means to her. Because he has no idea what her thought process is and to him she’s just been this creepy stalker who won’t leave him alone and “loves” him. If she would do this, then that would explain why he could grow more receptive towards her affection.
  • When she starts getting close to him (say, Tenrou), have Juvia calm down with her obsession. Seriously. Tone it down from “obsessive and unable to function without him in her life” to “clingy” .
  • Honestly, Juvia’s character is like 75% of the problem with this ship. She’s like Sakura Haruno gone horribly wrong. Yes, Sakura chased Sasuke to the ends of the Earth despite him literally trying to kill her, but at least she 1) grew out of the puppy love stage and eventually genuinely wanted to save him from himself like Naruto and it showed 2) Had her own personality and relationships and was able to function without him there 3) Made an effort to search for him when he went missing //cough cough did it ever occur to her to go to sabertooth and ask for help? or to look for any of her former FT guildmates at all to help her?? like, a group manhunt is the next logical step up from looking by yourself, cmon-
  • I mean, she’s not even a yandere. At least yanderes are known for the badass and crazy lengths they go to for their love. At least yanderes has psychological layers and depth that many authors explore. Yet she’s not the love sick puppy character either. I wish she was one or the other instead of being stuck in this barely thicker than cardboard state.
  • Gruvia just seems to be an unfortunate victim of bad writing of all things. I’m not sure if there are major ft ships that are safe from this tho. 

EDIT: OK, so it seems that my passiveness for Levy has been taken the wrong way. And yikes this post has blown up. 

If you must know, no I don’t support the way Levy’s character has gone because of Gajevy. As opposed to Juvia who’s character seemed to become more revolved around her ship, Levy just kinda…slowly merges her existence with her ship. This problem is just a product of Mashima’s bad writing more than anything else tbh. It’s like…she keeps her personality and all that but now all of her major appearances come with Gajeel like they’re a pair set? I also noticed the strange, unintentional implication that she seems to be actively rejecting her own team in favor of Gajeel? (Why didn’t she go with them during the one year timeskip? They just had 7 years apart too?? And how much screentime does she spent with them vs with Gajeel?) The whole thing is really weird, especially since all the ship tease for gajevy came way before the fact that their first meeting was Gajeel kicking her ass and pinning her to a tree(?) was addressed. I like that it was addressed, but it really should have been so WAY earlier. That said, I don’t have many fucks to give about Levy, so other than those obvious faults, I don’t really care. 

Also, I don’t think this is anti gruvia…? I’m not hating on it or anything? It’s more like constructive criticism which DOES NOT equal hate. 

KDramas, A review

Hi friends, I watch a lot of kdramas so I thought i would review them if anyone was interested in watching some. (These are my opinions plz don’t destroy me)

She Was Pretty

Main girl used to be pretty and knew a fat boi when they were younger. They meet up later in life when she is ugly and he’s hot, so she has her hot bff pretend to be her to meet him. Things get complicated. Love triangles everywhere.

Took like 9 fucking episodes to get main girl to not act like an idiot. Plot line and main girl was kinda annoying. Couldn’t finish it. Decent but not my fave.

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Chicago Typewriter

The plot alternates between modern day and the 1930s when Korea was colonized by Japan. It follows a group of liberation fighters in the 1930s, and in modern time a famous/grouchy writer, his number one fan and a hot ghost from the past. The modern day group is the reincarnation of the freedom fighter group. Travel through time with them as they discover their past together and how they died.

WOW this one was amazing. Has a lot of literary references, especially with Stephen King. Discusses the nuances of what it means to be a writer. Discusses plagiarism, censorship, mental health and freedom. Has a love triangle, but the love plot isn’t exactly the whole plot of the story. Main girl is kind of a call back to the other characters of the right thing to do and represents many things throughout the show. A must watch.

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Weightlifting Fairy

YAS QUEEN! A girl struggles with society’s ideals of what makes a woman beautiful, her career as a weightlifter, and a one-sided love affair. REALLY REALLY cute romance. A very healthy romantic relationship. A must watch. SO CUTE. SO GOOD. WATCH IT.

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The Man in our House

Vastly underrated. Main gurl comes home after her mother dies to find a dude younger than her saying he was married to her mom and owns the house/property. She must figure out his intentions. Cute story about redemption, grief, supporting loved ones and romance. Has action moments, romance and legal elements.

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Kill Me, Heal Me

A man struggling with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) tries to keep his mental health struggles a secret and meets a cute/smart Lady who happens to be a psychiatrist and has her help him. The history between these characters and personalities are more complex than any of them can imagine.

OMG this drama gave me so many feels. It made me laugh out loud and cry for days. It talks about mental health in a beautiful and intelligent way. All the little things in this drama matter and come back later on. Mystery, mental health, family, and love are the major themes of this one. A MUST WATCH.

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Fight My Way

A group of four friends slowly realize that they haven’t fought hard enough to realize their dreams, and work towards their life goals even though they are older now. Inspirational and cute. Some moments are a little annoying but a solid ok drama.

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You’re All Surrounded

Follows a group of detectives solving an old case that has to do with one of the detective’s dark childhood (mom got murdered in front of him). Great. Unpredictable in the best way. Keeps you on your toes. Cute romance. (The main girl is homeless???) but it’s chill. Would watch again. A solid drama. Crime thriller, romance, melodrama.

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Hyde Jekyll, Me

Another dissociative identity disorder one. Kill me heal me is better. A rich Boi was traumatized as a kid and has DID. A cute GURL falls in love with one of his personalities. Mystery, romance and such. I’d give it a 5 out of 10. I did cry.

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(Taiwanese) Dear baby Jesus this one was so cheesy and awful but I LOVE IT. Gender bender. Gurl has to pretend to be a boi and falls in love with her friend-bro (a rich BOI). But rich Boi isn’t a jerk in this one (surprising right? His fam is nice too). The side character plot story is REALLY REALLY good. Like they should have been their own show. Bff of rich boi falls in love with a girl with cancer in remission, you can see where this is going… Gender bender, cute, so cheesy that you’ll laugh, gets you with the feels, romance.

Absolute Boyfriend

(Taiwanese) HOLY HELL THIS ONE IS BAD. Like so bad. Gurl makes a robot boyfriend as a joke but ends up actually receiving the robot boyfriend. Neighbor boi is in love with her. She has to hide the fact that robot boyfriend is a robot. It’s bad fam. I still cried at the end though. If you’re looking for a gawd awful drama to watch to make you laugh at how bad it is, watch this one… but also I did cry…

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Coffee Prince

Oh man. Genderbender. Poor Gurl pretends to be a boi to get jobs that pay better (I feel you gurl), ends up working with a rich BOI in an all-male coffee shop. Rich BOI falls in love with male her and has a panic attack. Lots of love triangles. The beginning is slow, but worth it to get to the good stuff. Cheesy but really enjoyed this one. SOBBED LIKE A BABY at one point. Worth it watching.

(did i mention the main boi is in goblin??)

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Secret Garden

Jerky rich Boi and stunt woman Gurl switch bodies. Gurl is a badass bitch I love her. Takes a while to get to the main plot. Love triangles (what drama doesn’t have one). A solid drama. Cute.

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Descendants of the Sun

OMG SO SO SO GOOD. My absolute favorite!!! Doctor Lady and Special operations military Boi fall in love. Often separated b/c of their jobs. Both end up in a (fictional) war-torn place called Erk. Very seriously discusses what it means to be/the morality of a soldier and a doctor. CRIED SO HARD OMG. This drama will change your life. Really well made, writing was amazing. OST is amazing! One of those dramas where the little things come back later on. Everything has purpose and meaning. The two main characters got married in real life!!! 10/10. SO good.

(the main boi legit broke his arm during filming)

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Boys over Flowers

Why has everyone seen this one? This is a trash can disguised as a drama. Cheesy, stupid plots, poor communication between the characters that makes you want to scream at them. Yet I couldn’t stop watching it??

Four rich BOIs are the rich SKOOL hot bullies. Poor Gurl comes and ~changes everything~. Leader of the Bois is a jerk-face and of course they fall in love. Love triangles of course. A trash can. An actual trash can. Strangely really long. You must have will power to make it to the end. Watch it, it is a rite of passage.

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To the Beautiful You

Korean Hana Kimi for those familiar with the books. Doesn’t follow the books super well but still really good. (So much better than the mess that was the Japanese and Taiwanese versions). It’s really cute and lovely just like the books. Min Ho from Shinee is Sano. He’s a cutie.

Gurl pretends to be a boi and goes to an all bois (college I think? might be high school) to meet her high jumping idol. They end up being roommates and then good friends (and maybe more????). Love triangles. The real OG genderbender. Gay panics. Gay acceptance. An aloof doctor. A cute dog. One of my faves. Plz watch.

Originally posted by chimx2-taex2

You’re Beautiful

Both the Taiwanese and the Korean versions are literally the same scene for scene line for line so just pick one. Gender bender, love triangles. A nun (yes a fucking NUN) Gurl has to pretend to be her twin brother in a band with 3 bois. Can she keep her secret? Will she fall in love with the jerk leader boi and not the other nice boi? Watch to find out. Not the best. Cheesy. Watch if you have nothing else to do or want to laugh at something. Entertaining though.

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Moon River

I had such high hopes for this one but it was more of a trash can than Boys over Flowers. Basically the same plot as Boys over Flowers. SO SO BAD. A few redeeming scenes. Not even bad in the way that it’s funny to watch, just bad. Don’t waste your time. I couldn’t even finish this one. 3/10 don’t watch.

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Crossing Hero

(Taiwanese) I had a Jiro Wang phase and he directed this one. It’s quirky and cheesy and terrible but I love it. Main boi travels through time to modern day. The two side heroes follow after him into modern day and don’t know how to cope with modern day. The squad gets involved with a reporter and a detective and solve a ~huge~ crime plot. Jiro, our main BOI, just stops showing up in his own drama like halfway through it?? and the side characters become the main characters, which is weird but fine b/c they’re cool.

Horrendously cheesy. Weird. But still good, especially once Jiro stops showing up. Wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of the To Watch List though. Watch it if you want something totally out of the ordinary.

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Oh my Ghostess!

A young virgin ghost possess the body of an extremely shy chef girl to try to bang the head chef and go to Nirvana. The main Gurl getting possessed can actually see ghosts so things get complicated. What happens when main Gurl and main ghost gurl both get the feels for head chef? Will ghost gurl figure out how she died?

Has mystery/crime thriller, spoopy/supernatural, sweet, romance, family, grief and friendship element/themes. Thought this one would be bad but was really surprised at how good it was. Solid drama.

Originally posted by ramenandsoju

Bring it on Ghost! / Let’s Fight Ghost!

A friend-less boi can see ghosts and fights off ghosts for people for money. Meets a cute high schooler ghost that ends up helping him. Gains two weird ghost obsessed friends (against his will). Will the budding romance between a living boi and a cute ghost gurl ever work out?

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

YAS QUEEN! A gurl born with super strength is wary of losing her powers and hides them. A serial kidnapper/killer with a creepy baby mask. Crime and mystery drama. A really cute drama. A sweet romance, funny mixed with some sad, decently feministic drama. Great. Watch it.

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Suspicious Partner

A lawyer gurl is framed for murdering her ex. A cute prosecutor is caught between doing what is right and trying to not get fired. An unlikely alliance/romance between two people who understand how it feels to be cheated on. Discussion about when the justice system fails, at what point and extent should you take matters into your own hands. Crime thriller, mystery, revenge, law and justice, heartbreak, romance and forgiveness.This one is full of twists and turns. Really good one! Watch it!

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ok fam, that’s all of my reviews! Thanks for reading!!!

random ik but...

okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

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Audrey Jensen x Reader - I’m Fine

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood and death
Word Count: 1836
Note: I sort of got waaaaaaaay too carried away but I just really wanted to write about this episode.
Request: “
can you write an Audrey imagine where the reader sympathizes with stavo and after Audrey starts the fight on him they have a huge argument about it and Noah has to break it up when Audrey starts name calling the reader?” – anon


“Stop! Please! Just stop! There’s a fucking murdering psychopath on the loose and you’re all getting in a tiff over some fucking drawings! Stop! What the hell is wrong with you all?” I screamed over the yelling and insults being thrown at Gustavo. I mean yeah, he might creep the hell out of me, but he didn’t deserve to get beaten for a couple harmless, maybe slightly disturbing drawings.

I pushed through the roaring crowd, roughly shoving some douchebag yelling unnecessary obscenities to the floor as I made my way into the middle of the fight, trying to keep these clueless assholes from landing any more hits on Stavo. My head snapped to the side as an elbow caught the side of my jaw, sending my face straight in the path of an oncoming fist.

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anonymous asked:

why are there hardly any tribes (iirc) on the east coast compared to the west?

This question is probably more complicated than it looks.

The thing is, how do we define tribes and tribals? Most of us probably associate them with Zion, people like the Dead Horses and The Sorrows. Which isn’t exactly accurate, not in Fallout’s world.

When we look at this picture, what do we see? Raiders, or tribals?

My guess is that everyone’s first instinct was to say “raiders”. But in fact, these guys are the Vipers whom we meet in Fallout New Vegas. They look like the usual raider gang, yes. And yet, the Vipers see themselves as followers of an ancient religion that revolves solely around snakes. There is some seriously weird shit going on among their ranks, let me tell you; like creepy monthly ceremonies where they drink a mixture of alcohol and snake venom to enter a trance - and no, not everyone wakes. When they reach maturity they are given a certain mixture of viper venom and are sacrificed to the Children of the Great Snake if they die - which  means that they get thrown down a pit full of snakes. Their leader is called The Great Snakekeeper. In the first Fallout game they wore armor made of bones, not the trivial leather armor we see in the picture. Because of their dangerous experiments with viper venom they’ve developed an unnaturally good health.

So, nobody would deny that this is a description of a tribe, not a raider group but a literal and very real tribe. But by the time we meet them in Fallout New Vegas they’ve had a lot of time to change into the people pictured above (consequences of the Brotherhood almost completely wiping them out), and now, as stated by the game’s loading screen they are just a “(slightly) more organized Viper gang”.

It’s not like they haven’t been into slavery and robbery while they lived in California. So what makes the developers call them “gang” instead of “tribe” now?

The big question I ask in this post is: where is the line between tribes and raiders? Where does one stop and the other begin?

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A/N: I combined three prompts for this: Dean/Cas falling asleep on each other, pet names and fluffy haired Cas, and “oh no, there’s only one bed, guess we have to share”. SPN verse, fallen!Cas, post s8.

Of course Dean’s day would end in a cramped motel room with a surly (more so than usual) Castiel at his side and only one bed for the two of them to crash in.

“I thought you said a double,” Dean grumbles, tossing his duffle onto the bed and digging through its contents for something not covered in monster guts.

“I did,” Castiel confirms. There’s been a permanent frown etched into the contours of his face ever since they ganked their most recent nasty, and the expression has started to grate on Dean’s nerves. He needs the solstice of a shower like yesterday.

Dean shakes his head. “Yeah well they gave us a freaking double alright,” he mutters under his breath, “a double bed.”

As he pulls a fresh pair of sweatpants from his bag Castiel slides behind him - his front pressing briefly against Dean’s back, sending Dean’s brain into a fuzz - and into the bathroom.  

“Hey, Cas!” Dean shouts in protest a beat later. The effort is futile - the fallen angel has already pulled the door shut behind him and started the shower - but it’s not in Dean’s nature to go down without a fight. “You better save me some hot water, asshole!” he shouts at the door for good measure.  

When there’s no response, Dean falls into the nearest chair with a weary sigh and scrubs a hand over his face. It’s going to be a long night.

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Movies - [Isaac Lahey] [Requested]

* I’m sorry, it’s past 2am and I wanted to finish this but I’m tired so it’s really bad, I couldn’t find my words. I’m sorry :( . *

You tried to open the front door as silently as you possibly could since it was pretty late and you didn’t want to wake Melissa up if she could have a few hours of rest between two shifts at the hospital.

Scott and Isaac were supposed to be home too, you lived with them since you had no where else to go, Scott was one of your best friends. As for Isaac, well, you were starting to know him pretty well and you kind of liked him, but from what you had overheard while Scott and Isaac were arguing is that he spent (too much) time with Alison, Scott’s ex-girlfriend.

You closed the door behind yourself, the house was in the dark except from some flashing colors coming from the living room and some voices.

You stepped in and saw Isaac, lying on one of the couches, a blanket over him, watching TV.

“Hey” He said, when he saw you.

“Hey… Is everyone asleep already ?” You asked.

“Nah, Melissa went back at work and Scott is out with Stiles for some business that is obviously not mine and I apparently couldn’t help them with anything.” He answered, slightly upset.

You couldn’t help but smile at seeing him jealous like that.

“What are you watching?” You asked, looking at the TV.

“Nothing in particular… ” He answered, absently.

You walked to the other couch facing him, and sat down, taking your shoes off while you untied your hair.

“Can we watch a movie or something?” You asked, looking over at him.

He seemed to only notice that you were sitting there and jumped a little, quickly sitting back up.

“Ya, what do you want to watch?” He asked, scrolling the TV menu for some movie to rent.

You stayed silent, watching him scroll through the categories of movies.

“Oh, there’s the notebook.” He said, as he had found some kind of treasure.

“The Notebook?” You repeated, with an amused smile.

“Yeah, Lydia says every girl likes this movie.” He answered, looking back at you to check if she was right.

“Well, I like it but that’s not exactly what I had in mind…”

He seemed surprised.

“Can we watch something scary ?” You asked.

He looked at you again, as if he was trying to make sure you weren’t joking.

“Yeah, sure… What kind? Haunted house, crazy serial killer or giant spiders ?” He asked once he realized that you were serious.

“Whatever.” You answered and let him pick the movie.

He chose the crazy serial killer option, a group of teenagers going camping, telling each other horror stories around the fire before going to bed and everyone just ending up dying one by one, classical.

You shivered and somehow, Isaac’s supernatural senses caught you.

“Are you scared?” He asked, with a smirk as a girl started screaming on TV.

“No… Just cold” You answered, you looked around for another blanket but Isaac already had the only one.

“You can come here, we can share” He said.

“Actually, I’d rather have you come here.”

“Why?” He asked

“Because my couch is against a wall, yours is against nothing, it’s all dark and creepy behind you.” You admitted.

He laughed but he moved and came sit beside you, covering your legs and his with the blanket.

“You know that… If there was a psychopathic killer or anything like that in this house I would know it, and probably easily kill it, right?” He whispered.

“Would you fight it if all it wanted was me ?” You asked him.

“Of course. And it might actually happen, they always want the pretty girls first.”

You smiled and tried to focus your attention back on the TV but it was pretty hard to not look at Isaac instead. After all, you had never been that close to him before.

Your fascination for him was probably the reason why another girl screaming on TV made you jump, you didn’t see it coming.

Isaac didn’t take his eyes off the TV but you saw a smile on his face as he pulled the blanket over you.
His hand found yours under the cover. He didn’t take it but you felt his thumb tracing light circles over the top of your hand and it calmed you down for a while.

The movie kept going. You weren’t that scared anymore, or maybe you were, although everything happening on screen was so predictable.

The group of teenagers was up to four, all frightened in their tents in the woods, in the middle of nowhere as some had witnessed the death of their friends and some had only heard the screams. The killer wasn’t anywhere around and they were pretty sure they were saved now. Their was a boy and his girlfriend in one of the tents and they started making out, simply happy to be alive.

“Oh come on, who does that? Make out when you are scared ? When all your friends died in creepy ways around you ?” You exclaimed, making Isaac laugh.

“Making out when you are scared must help actually.”

“Yeah, well, to bad because that’s exactly how they are going to die.” You answered, as the girl on screen started taking her clothes off.

You watched them kiss, getting naked, always expecting for some killer to interrupt them and slash their throats but it kept going on without anything happening, it went pretty far, you could see a lot more than what you’d expected, horror movies aren’t for kids and obviously they took advantage of that while shooting it.
You saw a whole sex scene before the camera switched to the two other teenagers in another tent getting killed. You felt relieved, although them dying wasn’t that prettier to watch, but watching some people have sex on TV while sitting right beside the guy you had a crush on was quite embarrassing.

“Are you still scared?” Isaac asked you, in a whisper, with a smirk as the screen got back to the two teenagers kissing.

“Not really.” You answered, feeling his fingers brush against your arm.

“To bad… We could have tried their technique.” He said, with a grin.

This is when you realized that he knew exactly the effect that he had on you and how you felt about him. You felt outraged. He only wanted to tease you.

“Yeah, that’s to bad… But it was a good idea, I guess I’ll have to try it alone if I am scared during the night.” You replied, your eyes fixed on the TV as he turned to look at you with a shocked face.

“Yeah well, you know, my door is always open.” He answered, in all seriousness, staring at you.

You smiled but kept your eyes on the TV, knowing that you would give up that game if you saw the way that he was looking at you now,

“I’ll try to not be too loud then.”

“You can be as loud as you want” He answered right away, his eyes and all his attention fixed on you.

You stayed silent, watching the movie til the end while you knew Isaac was completely obsessing over you and you were enjoying that.

“Let’s watch something else” You said, switching through the channels until you found an old soap.

It was over dramatic and as predictable as an horror movie is, but it didn’t matter, you were the one teasing Isaac now.
You ran your hand up his thigh, stopping before touching the hard bulge he had under his jeans from thinking of you pleasing yourself alone.

He left out a groan when you took your hand away.

“Am I bringing the wolf out of you ?” You asked amused.

“That would take a little more…” He answered, looking at you with his eyes full of lust , slowly moving his face close to yours.

He got closer and closer, and just before his lips touched yours, you closed your eyes, expecting him to kiss you but all he did was lightly touch them before moving away, leaving you in need.
You climbed over him, your legs on each side of him and he looked at you with an already victorious smile.

You leaned down, pressing your lips against his neck but not kissing him, still refusing to be the one giving the first kiss, slowly moving up to his jaw. His eyes were closed and he started breathing heavily, always excepting a kiss but never getting it.

You felt his hands moving from your knees up your thighs, leaning towards you, his head against your chest, you could feel his warm breath going down your shirt, you thought that he was going to kiss your skin, just where your shirt ended, but he didn’t.

You moved your hands from his shoulders, one finding its way under his white shirt, pressing against his chest while the other only lightly pressed on the hump between his legs.

He sighed, his breath brushing your skin from your chest down your stomach.
You felt one of his hands slowly moving to your inner tight and you held your breath. It felt like you needed him so badly there but yet, he wasn’t even touching you.

You pressed on the hump harder and he moved his head away from you to face you, you kept your hand pressed there as you felt his thumb pushing against you, exactly where you wanted him and you finally started breathing again, your lips finding his, not even knowing who gave up first.

You closed your arms around his neck, pulling him in a deeper kiss, so eager to have him against you.
His hands moved under your shirt over your hips and he held your waist, kissing you harder.

You broke the kiss to get up, not even turning off the TV, you ran upstairs, knowing that Isaac was following you closely.

You pushed the door of your room, taking your shirt off and unbuttoning your pants. Isaac arrived, his hands on your waist from behind, he pulled you against his body and you could feel his naked chest against your back. He kissed your neck, moving his foot to close the door behind him.

You turned around in his arms, your hands reaching for his face to make him bend over so that your lips could reach his once again. He kissed you back, pushing you back until your back hit your wooden chest of drawers.
His hand brushed the surface, your jewelry and makeup falling from the top of the chest on the floor so that he could sit you up on it, you were at the perfect height for him that way.

He took your jeans off, kissing you again before unbuttoning his pants, freeing his erection. You moved yourself to the edge to give him better access. As he kissed your neck, he slowly took your panties off and without a warning, he rammed his dick in you.

You had wanted it so bad, it didn’t even seem painful. You were so eager to finally take him in that your body was more than ready for this.
He was thrusting in you and your eyes were fixed to his, he was sending waves of pleasure inside of you and you were looking at him, realizing that you probably had way more than a simple crush on him.

His thrusts got quicker, you closed your arms around his neck, holding yourself to him. His hands were holding your thighs, you weren’t even really sitting on the chest anymore, he was strong enough to hold you up against him.

You came, holding on to him even tighter as you heard him groan and come too. You pressed your lips against his temple, leaving a soft kiss as he took a few steps back with you in his arms to lay you down on your bed.

On the next morning, when Scott was supposed to wake you and Isaac up for school, he found you both deeply asleep in your bed. At first you were embarrassed but Scott seemed genuinely happy about it, probably because that meant he could have Alison back for himself now.


Lost in Translation (Chapter 2)

A million thank yous to Jessa, who took pity on me for completing my submission at 12:01am. You are a wonder, in so many ways. Thank you for hosting this amazing challenge.

Thought it only fitting that my submission be the next chapter for Lost in Translation, which is a follow up to my other PiP submission, Video Relay. Best to read up before checking this one out.

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22 Terrifying True Tales Of People Messing Around With Ouija Boards

22 Terrifying True Tales Of People Messing Around With Ouija Boards

1. My first mistake was calling a spirit a “coward”

My friend had mentioned that she had one, so I asked her to pull the board out so I could check it out. At first she said no, but then agreed to do it as long as she didn’t have to participate. After she had the board set up I asked “Is there anyone in here”….nothing. So, being a dumb teenager I said “If anything is in here and not talking, you’re a coward”. The board was put away after that.

Fast forward about a week later and have me sleeping upstairs on my couch. I wake up on a stereotypical “Stormy Night”. Thunder and lightning, wind and rain..the works. I look around to see why I woke up and couldn’t see a thing, and decide to try and fall back asleep. After laying there for about 30s I hear from downstairs “Get the boy” in a very raspy, wispy voice. I open my eyes and listen……nothing. Start to go back to sleep…”GET THE BOY”, it was MUCH louder this time. Then my downstairs door SLAMS shut. I freak the F*ck out because nobody slept down there and we had no drafts.

2. It spoke in Latin

Doing the board with six or seven people, only one of my friends knows Latin and he is not touching the oracle, the contact starts speaking to us in Latin. This same friend later pulled his hand back from the oracle having received what looked like a small scratch on his wrist, not bleeding but bright red as if fresh. His girlfriend at the time was plagued by a contact they had made and would wake with strange bruises on her legs.

3. A creepy doll

I have a terrifying story about an ouija board. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement. Prior to starting they took a large porcelain doll out of the room because it was creepy and placed it in an adjacent room face down on a pile of towels.

My cousin took a short break because the board was just spouting nonsense and he went to take a shit. His dad and brother and friend started asking the board questions without him, one of the questions was who is in the other room? It just started spouting random numbers and when my cousin came back into the room his brother said that it wasn’t working that they were going to put it away and he showed him the answer to the last question he asked and he said “dude that’s my social security number!, then they started to talk to whatever started spewing answers out, it told my cousin he would die in the air force. At this point they tell the entity they are communicating with to prove itself. It then spelled out the word “DOLL” and they were like wtf.

They opened the door to check on the porcelain doll they had laid in the other room and when they opened the door the doll was standing up right in front of the door staring right at them. Everyone freaked and ran out of the house. His best friend burned the ouija board and I think he temporarily went nuts for a few months. My cousin for some reason then joined the air force and is on a base in Europe now.

4. My dad was in the spirit world

It talked about my dead father. Spot on. It was just so freaky, and talking about my dad kind of makes me uncomfortable to begin with.

5. I asked it how long I had to live

We all asked it a question that only the person asking would know the answer too. It would answer the questions.

One question that somebody asked was “what was the name of the boat i went on a cruise on when i was 6?” it answered.

We played with this thing forever, we had coldspot experiences and would place a candle where the coldspot was and the candle would burn sideways not straight up and down. One night we all aksed it how long we had left to live and this is where it gets scary. Everybody asked and they had 50-60+ years left.

I go to ask and it says 10. I ask 10 years and it says days.

I pretty much shit a brick at this point. It said i was gonna be killed in a car accident by a girl named emma. We would ask it 3 days later and it would say I had 7 days left. Ask it 2 days later it said I would have 5 days left and so on.

Im freaking out at this point, carrying a bible in my pocket and wearing a big cross. I finally tell my dad and he doesnt believe me so I made one out of a piece of paper and used a cd to show him. It worked and he flipped out and told me that I didnt have to go to school the day I was supposed to die. I didn’t go to school and nothing happened.

6. Choked

I have no evidence, and I do not care if you don’t believe me. I’ve used a board with results, and let something into my home. And have been physically assaulted by this entity.

It started out with that feeling like you’re being watched, and doors closing, and footsteps on the hardwood when you were home alone. And progressed slowly into being kept awake by something shaking the bed, or pulling off your covers. Sometimes even whispering your name. The board would disappear for days on end, then show up in places you never would have put it. I became obsessed with it. Then it was a black mass in the corner of the room. Or the silhouette of a man watching you from the doorway. After that it escalated pretty quickly. I had my hair pulled. Fingers pricked. Scratched. Choked. Held down in bed while this thing whispered in my ear in what could have only been Latin….. We had our house blessed and the bad thing hasn’t shown back up. Just the normal occurrences now. But I will never again play with one of those boards.

7. “I can see you through the window”

I was about 12 or 13 spending the night at a friend’s house, goofing around with the Ouija board with him & his sister and we were getting all sorts of gibberish plus words spelled out, just kind of scaring ourselves for fun not taking it very seriously when we got the message “I can see you through the window” and then “I can see you through his eyes” or something like that…there was just a small window in the basement room where we were, and just the back yard and woods past the driveway visible through that window…we asked it more questions and it said “I’m under the car” so we somehow got up the nerve to go out with a flashlight and peer under the car, where we saw a huge black stray cat which was hissing.

We ran inside freaking out and at that exact moment the power failed and all the lights in the house went out. We just about actually shit ourselves. Few minutes later the power came back and we sat up till dawn that night scared and never played with the board again.

8. Our first mistake

My wife and I had some unexplained things going on in the house we were renting. So we got a board so we could try to figure out what we were dealing with. Bad idea. The board was just a standard plain board. We used it one night to speak with (hopefully) our spirit. What we didn’t realize is that Oujia boards open the door for anything to come through and speak. The looking piece flew off the board near the end of our session and we had no real answers to anything we were speaking with something, but it was very evasive with its answers. Things got worse in the house and we eventually broke our lease and moved…Radios and TVs going on by themselves water running, after the board though things got bad. Voices, moving objects, and my wife says I got possessed one night, but I can’t validate that as I was asleep.

9. OMG

My mum has warned me against using them due to her own experience: she used one at a friend’s house when she was young.

Nothing of consequence happened during the use of the board, yet she noted that whatever ghost they were ‘chatting’ with seemed to be violent and have it in for her. She shrugged it off and left in her car.

On the way home, she hit and gruesomely killed a horse which ‘appeared out of nowhere’, running at her car. In the middle of a city. In the afternoon.

10. “Woodchipper accident”

My great aunt has never married, and when I asked why, my dad told me the story. Apparently when she was sixteen she had a pretty serious boyfriend. When she used a board, she asked if they would get married, and it said no. She asked if they would break up… no… asked if one of them would die and it said yes, and when she asked which of them it said ‘goodbye’. A week later he was in a woodchipper accident at the mill where he worked.

11. We lost 10 hours

My friend and I were about 14 or 15. She had a Ouija board that we used quite often. (I always thought she was pushing it for the fun factor, I never took it to seriously) One night we started , and it was about 9 p.m we started getting very strange sayings,none of them i can remember 27 years later) and we got a name. although the name i have forgotten over the years, it said he was from Malaysia. He was here to protect us. (i do remember that much) The next thing we know its 7a.m! It was like we blinked and the sun was up. It was VERY freaky. we LOST 10 HOURS of our life. Neither of us remember anything about it. We were just sitting there at the table staring at each other like “WTF HAPPENED??” To bad we didn’t have a 3rd person there to tell us. She would never use it again, I did, but i never had that happen again.

12. Warning

The last experience I had with a quija board, the plachett flew across the room, smashing against the wall, of it’s own power. They ARE a doorway, and unless you know how to interigate the spirit, you have no idea what so ever who or what is communicating with you. You’ve opened a door, and called them through. oops.

13. Accurate death prediction

I was staying at a hotel with friends in northern Ontario for a chess tournament. Geeky I know. Can’t exactly remember the town. Anyway, we were looking for some thrills at night and someone busted out a board. One of those official ones you can get from toys’r’us. We asked a few questions I can’t remember but I will never forget when we asked if it knew if any of us was going to die. Yeah I know strange question to ask. Uh so it spelled out a persons name that was with us at the time. And then a date which was approximately a year later. My friend died a year later from cancer in his knee. He knew about it 6 months before he died. To this day I am still curious about the device but damned if I’ll ever touch it again.

14. I need proo–

Only did it once when I was like 17. In a roomful of people and one kid said something like “this is all fake, i need pr….” before he finished the word “proof” the lights in the entire house went off. If that was a coincidence, it was the oddest one i’ve ever seen. No one else was in the house and the fuse box was buried in the back of a closet. The kid’s dad had to come home and turn it back on, said it never happened before (entire circuit tripped).

15. It knew Arabic

I always thought these things were bs. However years ago this changed when I did it once with some random people at a get together. We were talking to all sorts of different “spirits” and I wasn’t taking any of it seriously. Then I thought of a way to put this to the test. I’m Kuwaiti American and was born in Kuwait. So I know arabic and knew of a friend of my brother that past away recently. So I asked to speak with him. Now only one person knew me at the get together and even then didn’t know that much about me. I was definitely the only one who could speak Arabic (I was in Oklahoma at the time). So I asked in Arabic how he died. The board spelled out car crash. I was a bit shocked but still didn’t buy it completely. So I asked a more detailed question. I asked in Arabic how old was he when he died. It pointed to 1 and then 3. That’s when I started really freaking out. No one would have ever known of these details let alone understood what I was asking. I asked for more details on the crash (he flew out of the sunroof) and after that I stopped. Haven’t touched a Ouija board since.

16. S-A-T-A-N

My grandma bans them from her house, because once when she was younger her and her friends messed with one. They asked who they were talking to, it spelled out satan and then her friend (who owned the board) started convulsing and from then on swore she felt a presence when she sleeps.

17. C-U-N-T

About two to three years ago my friend brought her Ouija board to my house so we could play with it. The first few times it was used, I just watched while some of my other friends used it. Then I decided I would join in on it. We asked if there was a spirit present and it went to yes. We asked it it’s name, but instead of just going to the letters to spell it out, it started going to random letters, not making out any specific word. I asked for it’s name again and it spelled out “B I T C H”. I started freaking out and then it spelled “C U N T”, then went right back to random letters again. I freaked out and left the room after that. whatever it was it either was just really mean or something other than a spirit. Probably never using one again after that.

18. Strange markings

My brother built a ouija board once and had some pretty weird encounters. Ill have to ask him for the details some time.
Anyways he shaved down his pointer thing once and found weird markings on it that only showed up under a black light. No markings found in the wood the pointer was cut from, and markers would show up as black under the black light while this showed red. Anyone else experience this?

19. “This is not a game anymore”

Perfect story. 100% true. About 15 years ago, My sister had some friends over one night. They were in the basement watching some scary movie. They had an Ouija board. They started cussing at it and calling it “shit” and “fucking fake”. It stopped responding so they began watching the movie again.

All of a sudden, all the lights and electricity goes out. They start screaming. Then the tv comes on all static and is blairing noisse. They were yelling and crying. Then, the tv shuts off and comes back on to just a black screen. The words, ” This is not a game anymore” roll across the screen in all white. After, the tv shuts off and and they are in complete darkness. They run out of the house.

Afterwards, they go back to the house and our dog hid and when they found it, all it did was bark and look very angry at them.

20. Figure 8s

a girl brought her authentic ouija board made out of maple straight from Salem. Ironically, she was very Catholic, but loved her board, it and was a very interesting few nights in the dorm with it. I think the second night we were playing with it, and it was going slow, not much movement, meh. I had my hand off the planchette because I still wasn’t so sure about the thing. Suddenly, it was like cold fingers grabbed into my shoulders ever so slightly, and this terrible feeling in the back of my mind just came to the surface. I looked to the board and the planchette started moving in a demonic pattern, I think figure 8s this time. I looked at the girl and said “I have a bad feeling about that” in time for her to realize what was happening. She stopped the movement and bid the spirit good bye. In that moment, the icy grip loosened and all was well.

Everyone was like “woaah” when the girl explained that the figure 8 meant that something was trying to get out of the board. (This is common lore that goes with Ouija usage.)

21. Max is always around

When I was about 14 my best friend had a sleep over birthday party. Being the silly little girls we were we decided to make a ouija board to use, not really knowing any of the rules like making it say goodbye. After an hour or so I wandered off to read some tarot cards and watch the rest of the Exorcist with the other couple of girls who didn’t want to commune with spirits. (Rereading that last sentence I sound like such a stereotype. I still use tarot cards though so I never grew out of this phase it seems.)

Here’s were it got weird. After I left the spirit talking to my friends changed. As in it switched to a different spirit altogether. His name was Max and he was looking for me. I’ve never known a Max in my life. My friends yelled out what he was saying as it moved and I was writing off as them teasing me until he started giving them information about me that no one at that party knew. Things about minor abuse I was facing and other little things.

That freaked me out right out. I begged for them to stop playing, even after Max tried to convince me that he was not trying to hurt me. My friends were awesome and stopped playing before I started crying and I thought that was the end of it.

The next time a Ouija board came out was the next year and only one girl from the original party was among the group. We were baking a cake so when the buzzer went off she and I headed up to take it out of the oven. When we got back to the group another girl turned to me and asked ‘Who’s Max?’ Apparently he’s stuck around after that first time. If my friends want to use a Ouija board they don’t invite me over unless they want to speak to Max. He’s always around.

A few times in my life I’ve heard a voice call out my name. it usually makes me stop for a minute, no more but at least twice had I not stopped I would have been in the path of a car going to fast to stop before it would have hit me. I strongly believe Max has stuck around to be helpful but had we not pulled out that Ouija board I would have never known about him.

22. June 24, 2987

My GF told me this story about an experience she had with a ouija board while in high school sometime in 1986. She had a friend named Johnny who was suffering from CF or some other debilitating illness, who had recently been hospitalized as a result. Both she and her friend Shelly visited Johnny regularly in the hopes of keeping his spirits up and for a quick recovery. One night after visiting Johnny, they were at Shelly’s when they decided to try out a ouija board. After a while, they started communicating with a spirit who seemed to know a lot about them that it really shouldn’t. After some banal questions about boys and general questions one would expect teenaged girls to ask, my GF decided to ask about Johnny and his condition. The board quickly spelled out “24 June 1987 Johnny wont have to worry anymore” and went to “goodbye”. My GF and Shelly were so convinced that board was giving them a date for recovery that they actually wrote the message down and sealed it in an envelope. The following year on 24 June, it turned out that Johnny indeed no longer needed to worry about his condition.

It was the day he died.

Some stories for sixpenceee creepypastaisrad fuckyeahspoopyshit and their followers

plus size series: ashton

He watched as she sat close to the mirror, mouth open, applying mascara. He always thought it was adorable, though she would argue. They argued a lot now a days, and he hated it. They argued about almost everything, she was distant when all he wanted was to have his arms wrapped around her. He stood there in the doorway of the small bedroom they shared, she didn’t know he was home yet, even though he felt quite creepy, he simply loved watching her, she was beautiful, in every thing she did. That’s what attracted him to her in the first place. The way she went about things was unlike any other girl he’d ever liked, she was lively, she smiled a lot, her laugh was like music to his goddamn ears. All Time Low was blaring through the room, she hummed along to Weightless, a sound that he was used to hearing in the morning when she’d make her breakfast. He missed the way she’d touch him, softy, but rough when he wanted it, they were sexual soulmates. At first she was scared to ride him, always worried about ‘crushing him’, he would simply laugh and tug her onto his lap. Her friends said that he corrupted her, since she’d been with him, she’d turned into an overly sexual being. She was the first big girl he’d ever been with, and more or less he was terrified of not being able to please her, but it only took him seconds to realize it was the best sex he’d ever had. People talked of course, they always talk. But she’d just giggle and say something along the lines of ‘well I’m dating you and they’re not, who’s the real winner here?’ That’s what he loved about her, she didn’t care, about the paps, the craziness, the jealously of fans, she just cared about him and nothing else. 

“You look more beautiful than the first time I met you, how is that possible?” Ashton said and she flinched. 

“Jesus Ash! I didn’t know you were standing there.” 

“Sorry baby.” He smiled and sat across from her on the floor. “I think we should talk.” He swallowed the lump in his throat and grabbed her hand. “Is something wrong? I feel so distant from you..I miss you..” 

“I’m sorry…I didn’t realize…” She frowned and inched closer to him, shifting so that she was sitting on her calves. “Okay.. so…I don’t know if you’ve noticed..I mean you probably have..but I’ve gained some weight..” She spoke slowly. “I kept over-analyzing it..thinking you were looking at me differently, touching me less, kissing me less, you were overall just here less. I just thought..” 

Ashton could hear her heart beating, he could see the look on her face and it broke him. Never in a million years would he treat her differently because of some weight. Never. He loved every inch of her skin, of her brain, of her. There was little to nothing she could do that could ever make him reject her.

“Y/N..” She looked away from him, wiping a tear that had fallen down her cheek. “Angel..I could never..I would never..I’m so sorry if I made you feel that way. Because trust me, I have never felt more attracted to you. You’re beautiful and you know that, I know you know. I’ve just been so busy with writing the new album..I didn’t realize it was me that was pushing you away to begin with.”

“It’s okay Ashton..just my old insecurities coming to bite me in the ass is all. I didn’t really think it was a problem, I’ve always had trouble with my weight fluctuating. You know that..” She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his chest.

“Honestly, I didn’t even notice a difference, you look radiant, you always have and you always will.” 

“Even if I had a unibrow?” She smirked and he giggled.

“You’d never have a unibrow, Luke wouldn’t let you. You know how obsessive he is about that.” 

“Ok what if I gained another 100 pounds?”

“More to love.”

“Cheesy.” She pushed his chest and he shrugged.

“I promised you forever when I gave you that ring didn’t I?” He grabbed her hand and fiddled with the silver engagement ring on her finger.

“Dweeb.” She leaned forward and kissed his nose. 

“Did you just call me a dweeb?” He gasped, pretending to sound offended. “Y/N! How could you!” She laughed and rested her forehead on his. 

“I love you so much Ashton sometimes it feels like my chest might explode.” He pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

“I love you more. Now, let’s go get some breakfast.” He helped her up. They got ready together, she threw on the shirt that he’d got her for christmas, the necklace he’d got her for their 2nd anniversary dangling from her neck. “My my, don’t you look delicious.” Ashton smirked and held her by the hips, pushing his obvious hard on against her. 

“Ashton..” She blushed and covered her face. 

“Your ass..looks so good..why have you never worn thse jeans before holy shit..” He grumbled against her shoulder, kissing up her neck. 

“I thought we were getting breakfast?” She grinned and spun around, placing a kiss on his lips and sauntering out into the living room, grabbing her purse and putting her engagement ring into the safe. The whole ‘engagement’ thing was a secret as of now, only family and the boys knew. The second they left the apartment they were surrounded by fans. 

“Oh my god Y/N!! You look amazing!! Where did you get your lipstick?” One fan asked and rushed over to her, they started to have a conversation while Ashton took selfies with some of the fans. 

“Y/N you’re seriously so beautiful, please share some of your beauty with me!” Another fan approached her.

“Can we take a selfie?” Another fan asked and her face lit up, smiling from ear to ear. This is what Ashton loved to see, he loved to see his fans treating her like this, he loved that they were starting to see her like he did. He watched as she giggled and took selfies with the girls, writing down some cosmetics that she used, following them on twitter and instagram, liking their pictures, making their days. A fan came up to Ashton and hugged him. 

“She’s so awesome. You two are honestly perfect, I’m so glad she makes you so happy.” The fan said, making Ashton’s heart swell.

“Yeah, she is pretty amazing isn’t she? Good thing I’m marrying her.” He blurted out, and just like that, the engagement secret was no more.  

“OH MY GOD WHAT? Y/N AND ASHTON ARE GETTING MARRIED!” The girl squealed, making all the other girls squeal. “Holy shit Y/N I’m gonna send you some dresses I think you could totally rock!” Then the girl talk continued while Ashton stood there, staring at his fiance and wondering how in gods name he got so damn lucky. 

In Sickness and In Health (Part 4 of 4, COMPLETE)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir, Marinette x Adrien
Rating: Teen
Words: 11153

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Part One  Part Two  Part Three

It is done. @outsidethecavern @arejayelle @panda013 and everyone else who is interested!

“Did you see the video from that akuma attack last night?”

Alya’s voice echoes down the hallway, loud enough to be heard before Adrien even reaches the classroom. He smiles at that - the infamous Ladyblogger didn’t seem to have an off switch, even at seven in the morning. It was as strange as it was heartening, having such a big fan of him and Ladybug sat right behind him in class.

“You know I didn’t, Alya,” a voice pipes up. Marinette.

Adrien can’t tell if he should speed up or slow down. Seeing Marinette’s face (always painted pink when she looks at him, Adrien) is a compelling reason to enter class, but at the same time, he’s curious to hear what the two girls have to say about Ladybug and (hopefully) her dashing partner. It’s early, the hallways mostly empty of anyone who might question why he’s lingering outside of the classroom. He waits.

“I still don’t get why you’re not all about Ladybug and Chat Noir,” Alya huffs, “They’re pretty much the two coolest people ever.”

Marinette laughs heartily. He can practically envision her rolling her eyes - she’s preternaturally good at amused indignance. “It’s not that I don’t care about them,” she says, “It’s just that I’ve got enough on my plate without obsessing over two spandex superhumans, unlikesomeone I know…”

There’s more laughter, and a brief scuffle Adrien can only assume is some kind of play fight. When their giggles die down, Marinette speaks again. “Okay, fine, show me the video.”

“I knew I’d win you over, girl,” Alya says.

“Yeah, yeah…”

At this point, Adrien’s looming is bordering on creepy, but he hasn’t gotten caught yet. As devoid of people as the school is, Adrien has to guess that the flu is still running rampant. It’s currently proving to work to his advantage. From the classroom drift the tinny sounds of screams and rumbling. Last night’s akuma hadn’t been particularly difficult for him and Ladybug to take down, but it had certainly put on quite the show.

“Did you see that?” Alya exclaims, “Look at Ladybug’s sick move there with the street sign! Her reflexes have got to be amazing.”

“But did you see Chat’s dodge there? He not only managed disarm the akuma, but open up an attack for Ladybug and avoid getting hit. That’s really impressive.”

The warmth and pride that radiates from her voice nearly does him in then and there. Adrien wants to see her face, see how she watches him on the screen of Alya’s phone. He makes up his mind and enters the classroom.

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