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I just saw your post about the house where they all live in and I'm in shock. FIVE FLOORS!!! all I could think while looking at the drawings was "THAT'S A HUGE BITCH" and now I just imagine Yuuri's reaction when he first saw the house, like he turns around slowly and proceeds to look in the eyes of each one of his mates and then says - I shouldn't be surprise but, WHAT THE HELL ? -

LOOOOOOOOOL YUP it is indeed a huge bitch LOL but seriously, have you SEEN rich people houses, they’re ridiculous. And they’re like, two hyper rich people and 7 financially contributing adults total, and also kids who bring in prize money so like, idk, I figured they’re more justified in having a legit mansion than some other rich families ^ ^;;

But yeah no, when Yuuri first saw the house he was just like…um. It’s stunning, but uh, which part are we living in? OF COURSE we’re only living in part of this, right? Like this is an apartment building and you’re lending out the rest of it??? *increasing desperation*

And Phichit and Victor are like NOPE the whole thing’s ours, happy wedding anniversary/engagement <3 And then Victor may have jokingly added an unnecessary extra comment like, Can’t wait to fill until we fill it with kids, and Yuuri may or may not have fallen in a dead faint…


Adorable(and so fashionable) Slawek belongs to @generacja(seriously, he is my dream man xD)

And i adopted this cute blondie on DA and gosh i love him so much!(I just decided to search the OTA tag on da and i found him and i just fell in love with his design xD)

Info about him:

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Privileged to preach again.
I led the worship awhile ago, But I was physically exhausted.
I couldn’t even sit before that because when I do, I might shut down. I kept on asking for prayer and was keeping that hype on me. But then, worship isn’t about me, but about the God we serve. I stood up and we began praising. I was able to jump around, dance, shout and even do the headbang.
But seriously, what happened awhile ago was absolutely God’s grace. It was His strength that did sustain me that time.
In every ministry we do, we just have to give what we ought to do and He will surely take care of what we can’t.
Worship leading is not just about singing. It’s more than that,
I’m just too blessed to experience it. Grace definitely.

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i've really been wanting to watch vltrn strictly bc of keith's character -- i haven't seen even 1 episode yet, but i really completely love him -- but the way the fandom characterises some of the characters has seriously put me off? i find it hard to detach myself from fanon when fandom has seriously made me greatly dislike some of the cast. i was wondering if you had any tips for getting past that? ;;

i have no tips for you because i’m a similar boat lmao…. never before have i hated a character more than i hate lance, and before the fandom ruined him for me i thought he was kinda cute even. def not my type since i’ve never been into the womanizing kinda jerkish character trope, but i could see the good parts of his character and could enjoy them

now i just… hate.

and that’s b/c of fandom and how they treat lance and tear down other characters in order to build him up as this perfect, sad, do-no-wrong golden boy while ignoring the flaws that make him interesting. i can’t stand that they mischaracterize not only lance but other characters around him horribly too, often in a degrading way. some of the keith hate i’ve seen has truly made me angry, especially since a majority of it has been from supposed k/l shippers. many of the more aggressive antis are lance stans. many of the more unreasonable members of the fandom are also lance or kl/ance stans. (remember when one k/l person held leaks hostage in order to threaten the studio into making k/l canon? remember when antis sent around rl child po/rnography and g/ore to shaladins inboxes? remember the anti sheith witch hunt that’s STILL HAPPENING despite getting the “they’re both adults” confirmation that we knew was the case all along?)

all it’s done is make me tired and associate his character with these kinds of people. i’m so glad the other parts of the fandom are so good and supportive and talented enough to make me stick around, cus goddamn.

all in all, i think if you really do struggle to enjoy a show without engaging in fandom (which i definitely understand, the first thing i do when i start a new series is dive head first into fic) then i would definitely try sticking to the good parts of it and block all anti nonsense you see. (and you will see it, no doubt. but the more you block the less you’ll continue to see lmao…)

voltron itself is a wonderful show with some amazing characters! it’s very heartwarming but also great for angst lovers, and also has a pretty active dev team who try their best to interact with fans when they can, which is nice! i would def recommend watching it, especially since a new season is dropping next month (get in on the hype!), but yeah…. for sure try to avoid some parts of the fandom. (keith stans are some of the best people i’ve met, they’re lovely!! also keith is great and dynamic and far from perfect but wonderful because of it. WATCH FOR KEITH!!! he’s a good boy.)

sehun | sctr | scorpio + aries

anonymous asked: If they’re open, could I request a tarot reading with exo’s sehun? I’m a Scorpio, he’s an aries

And ah, if you could keep it anonymous, that would be nice thank you!

**DISCLAIMER** This is strictly for fun! Not a professional reading!

Card #1 - Is there sexual chemistry between us?

Your Card - Three of Chalices


  • extreme pleasure
  • orgasmic fulfillment
  • sensual solace
  • victory over obstacles to sexual joy
  • in other words
  • hell fucking yeah
  • this is kind of a marriage card
  • but that could mean that he’s married
  • are you hunching with a married man??????
  • just kidding
  • but seriously

Card #2 - Would I enjoy it?

Your Card - Knight of Pentacles


  • maybe you’re a bit cautious in the bedroom
  • he may have to pull you out of your comfort zone
  • i think you’d be more focused on engaging him intimately as a lover than just sex by itself
  • you’re not ready to settle down….but you’re looking for that tell-tale stability
  • you’ll enjoy yourself but you may have to take it slow…as you may not be used to the same things he’s used to

Card #3 - Would he enjoy it?

Your Card - Ten of Wands - Reversed


  • there is need to create boundaries
  • perhaps he’s a bit put off by your….hmmmm….lack of assertiveness
  • he may be heavy with personal burdens
  • it’s important for you to come up with solutions so that he is not always carrying the load
  • when you get together it’s important to draw clear lines of what will and won’t be done
  • besides that…i think he would definitely enjoy ruining you~~~
  • -insert suggestive eyebrow waggle-

Card #4 - What would our sex be like?

Your Card - The Emperor - Reversed


  • i see him being a little stiff in bed
  • like he won’t groan, moan, grunt
  • but he’ll work hard to please you
  • he wants to be in charge
  • he wants you to bend to his authority
  • but if you challenge him…he might get a real thrill out of taming you
  • there are a few typical dom traits here
  • but he’d be super sweet to you afterwards…taking care to make sure you aren’t sore or that you’re comfortable
  • good cuddler alert

Card #5 - Will we end up having sex?

Your Card - Seven of Wands


  • when the attraction is high…anything can happen
  • i see a one night stand in the heat of the moment possibly happening
  • outer beauty will attract you
  • inner beauty will keep you together
  • i’d say yeah

Things They Might Say During Sex

  • “Dripping for me already?”
  • “Don’t be shy. Give it a kiss.”
  • “Squirt on my cock, babe.“
  • “Get on your hands and knees. I need to have you right now.“
  • “You look like you need to be gagged.“
  • “I should spank your ass until it’s bright red more often.“

Kinks They May Have

  • hair pulling
  • gripping your thighs
  • growling in your ear to get you in the mood
  • telling you what to do to please him
  • having you be a little bit of a brat
  • biting you
  • honestly he probably really loves oral (giving and receiving)

madchen replied to your post “ok the chapter where neogriffith’s heart starts going offvisible…”

yes im so confused by people who insist that it has to be the fetus bc we were told point blank like… are we reading the same character driven story? do you like interesting stories? how dumb would it be if the irony behind the cold evil villain was actually just a magic baby and not his own feelings bc lol he was a one dimensional evil sociopath all along like snoreeeee

omg right?

i seriously can’t wrap my mind around the concept of a writer spending about 70 chapters establishing the intense emotional connection between guts and griffith, showing us that griffith’s feelings for guts are even more powerful than his ridiculously epic dream, and then bringing griffith back as an antagonist while hinting that his feelings are still there in some form, the feelings that drove the plot of a huge important narrative arc that is basically the character foundation for everything that comes after…

only for those feelings to actually be fake now and coincidentally just the feelings of a fetus he absorbed one time.

like why would anyone want to either write or read that lmao

it’s been a good couple of months since i started this blog, which means it’s been a good couple of months since i beat the main msq of stormblood. so! i just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone i’ve met on this blog, mutual & non-mutual alike. seriously, you’ve reminded me how wonderful ffxiv is not just as a game, but as a community that has some of the most sweetest people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting. 

i’m very proud to say i’m apart of this community & i’m very proud of this blog too. i didn’t think it would take off as strongly as it has, & i’m so happy that it did because i love zenos as a character & a villain. i love writing him so so much. 

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Imagine being 'Candy', rocking up for a bit of ''ow's your father', and being met with the utter gorgeousness of Claire!!

Okay, YES, but let’s just reimagine the fawkward first meeting. I want more booze, I want more melodrama. In summary:

Let’s pretend Claire is a bit drunker (and a bit crueler) than she is. She opens the door. She bites her tongue and, very sweetly—seriously, your teeth could rot from this sweetness—invites Sandy into the house for the sole purpose of making her uncomfortable.

“So…Candy,” Claire says.

“It’s Sandy, actually.”

Claire rolls her eyes, and gently smacks her forehead. “Oh! Forgive me. Sandy.” She smiles over the rim of her martini glass, takes a long drink.

“So,” Claire begins again. “Candy. Tell me—what did you think of The Searchers?”

Sandy darts an anxious glance at Frank, who is standing in the corner. He is (of course) being of no help to either party, and you could cut the fucking tension with a knife.

“It was a very good film,” Sandy says quietly.

“You like John Wayne, do you?”

“He’s—yes, his films are always good fun.”

Claire nonchalantly starts pouring herself another drink and without looking up, she asks, “And do you like going to the cinema often?” 

Sandy fidgets. “Uh, yes. I—”

“With other women’s husbands, I mean.”

This shade is too much for one house, so we gotta move it to the restaurant. Let’s throw in more alcohol! Let’s drag Sandy along! Because dear Sandy—young, idealistic, feeling slightly guilty—hopes to win Claire over and make amends. 

She fails. By the end of the night, Claire is sick of everybody’s shit, and as she’s preparing to ditch the party, she pauses in the doorway and is like:

“I just graduated from medical school and…


Different kinds of fandom welcomes
  • Type 1: I am damaged. Far too damaged. But. You're not beyond repair

The Arkansas Sleep Experiments

by reddit user nazisharks

To Those Who Sleep

This happened a few years ago. You may have heard rumors if you’re on campus. Some even circulated online. Nobody knew what really happened. Because I’m the only one who knows and I kept quiet. For a multitude of reasons. None of them matter now. Here’s what really happened.

The four of us were handpicked for this experiment by Prof. Richardson because we’d all studied under him, worked under him, and, as much as anyone can, earned his confidence.

He said this one was different. We had to keep it quiet. He wanted to keep details to a minimum. All he would tell us before going in was that he required a month of our lives and that if he succeeded sleep would never again be a necessity.

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“117 countries is far from representing the whole world. “

my dude, there’s 195 countries in the world.

Another thing I’d like an explanation for…

OK, like this moment, that is often used as proof Shiro is a better leader than Keith, where Shiro is all acting like some wise authority figure trying to teach Keith some lesson about teamwork and leadership. 

And it’s just super funny to me.. (specially after season 2)

Cuz like…

Once again, Keith is actually right. He maybe doesn’t know how to express himself in a calmer nicer manner. But he is 100% right in what he’s saying.

And Shiro is making a horrible terrible leadership decision (again).

Because Shiro should have stopped Pidge, not Keith. He should have tried to calm her down, not Keith.

Cuz wtf are they gonna do without a pilot for the green lion??? 

Like yeah ok, Keith is acting harsh and impulsive, but Pidge is acting even more impulsive and irresponsible and selfish and also kinda stupid. She IS putting the entire team and the universe in danger. And Shiro is there just letting her do that being all “Well, if you dun wanna be here, we can’t force you, guess the universe will just have to be fucking destroyed, I just hope they kept my seat in Galra prison warm for me”.

And yeah obviously Pidge is not someone who can be forced to do anything, that’s why Keith’s way would have never worked, but isn’t Shiro supposed to know how to deal with rebellious teens who listen to no one? What happened to “patience yields focus”? Does it only work on Keith?? Why couldn’t he calm Pidge down?

Like No Shiro, what you’re doing is not how a team works!

He should have talked to her aside and said “You cant leave, we need you, I understand what you’re going through, but lets do this together, lets look for your family together. Your mother is still on earth, think about protecting her too. Matt and your dad are my friends also and I want to find them just as much as you do (which is a lie btw, cuz he seriously never seems to be too invested in looking for his former teammates for some reason??) We all want you to find your family aswell, but we all have to work together, for the sake of all our families. Patience yields focus yada yada”

I think Pidge would listen to logic..(if it’s like not said in the way Keith was saying it)

And the funniest thing is that not only does Shiro puts Voltron and the universe in danger by just letting Pidge go.

But he is also sending Pidge, on her own, with no lion, with no weapon, to go and get her family from some prison Galra ship out there in space somewhere. LIKE ??????SHIRO WTF MAN???

And you call him Space Dad..

As if any self respecting father would ever say anything other than “over my dead body” to something like this.

Like, “Shhh Keith, let her do this, this is gonna be interesting”

(And you can say maybe he was doing that thing where parents tell kids like “yeah go ahead run away from home” when they throw a tantrum, cuz they know the kid won’t actually do that. But thing is, I dun think this is like a reverse psychology thing where Pidge would understand what she’s doing is stupid once she’s sitting in the pod and decides to stay, I feel like she was really leaving to get her family. 

And you know, maybe she was a bit upset the rest just let her go by herself to do that, because seriously it’s not like they were doing anything super important there…. They were having a party and watching an Arusian play!! Maybe that’s exactly why Pidge decided to leave, because she felt like no one really cared..)

Also, Pidge is like starting a mutiny there, there are some stuff you can’t let even one person do even if it’s kinda ok, because then it would start this thing of “oh if they can do it why cant i” and then you’ll have a problem.

Shiro should have shut that BS down on the spot. (In a nicer way than Keith tried to, BUT ATLEAST KEITH TRIED)

And obviously not Keith or Shiro are dealing very good with this situation, but by all means Shiro should have sided with Keith on this one, and just explained him in a softer manner.

Again, for me, leader point goes to Keith in this case, not Shiro.

Who’s all like “Yeah sure Pidge go on go get ur brother and dad from a guarded Galra prison by yourself we just gonna wait around and hope Zarkon doesn’t attack us because we can’t form Voltron, no problem.”

Sendak fucking saved them!  

And you know what else is funny? When Keith tries to do the exact same shit in season two, Shiro is immediately “YOU GO BACK HERE RIGHT NOW YOU’RE PUTTING US ALL IN DANGER”

And yeah Allura left too, but he never really gives Allura shit about it after that…


“I need you to get focused.
When you and Allura ran off, it put us all in jeopardy.
If you’re going to be a leader, you’ve got to get your head on straight.”

I dunno if I was Keith I’d be like “EXCUSE ME?! umm didn’t you like let Pidge totally LEAVE the team that one time?? And then got mad at me for trying to stop her?? What happened to “if you don’t wanna be here I can’t force you”? It’s kinda hard to get focused when I have no idea what the hell you want from me, Shiro..”

And then Shiro would just break down in tears and be all “YOU’RE RIGHT. I have no fucking idea what I’m doing please help me, Keith. I dun want to lead Voltron anymore!!! I never wanted this!!! I just want to leave myself, but you all keep looking at me with those admiring eyes and I caaaaaaant, just please never leave me again, who will keep cleaning up my mess after me if you leave???”


“pardon my computer” from jughead’s double digest #102 or “the one where a computer is told to formulate a girl jughead would be attracted to and immediately explodes”

quite a few older stories involved “UGAJ” or “The United Girls Against Jughead” who made it their life’s mission to try to “fix” jughead often by harassing him or kidnapping him or attempting to brainwash him

it never worked 



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

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Heyyy so do you think you could give me a brief run down of basically everything that's happened related to Hiveswap since the beginning? Including announcement of characters and such? (In chronological order preferably please) Thanks ^_^;;

i mean, i’ll try but. that’s pretty much what this whole blog is. i’ll see if i can do a summary here, but this tag has all the really important bits, and if you just read the blog from the beginning (currently only 10 pages) you’ll get everything. ANYWAY BRIEF TIMELINE:

  1. 2012- homestuck is at it’s peak, hussie kickstarts the “homestuck adventure game” and raises $2.5 million
  2. 2013- a backers only update is released on kickstarter, revealing that the game will be a brand new story and showing some early concept art of joey (then-unnamed)
  3. June 2014- another backers only update is released, showing some concept art including dammek (then unnamed) and the developer is revealed as the The Odd Gentlemen
  4. Oct 2014- Hussie releases a massive kickstarter update that:
    1. announces that they’re moving development in-house, with some really vague explanation why.
    2. finally names the game hiveswap and explains that it will center around a human girl named joey who switches places with a troll boy (still unnamed).
    3. announces plans for a second game to follow the troll boy.
    4. announces that the games will each have about 4 episodes.
    5. released a crapton of concept art, that among other things revealed joey fighting with her flashlight and the troll we now know to be xefros.
  5. Feb 2015- WP sets up 2 websites, a twitter, a facebook, and a tumblr, all of which they basically do nothing with. Also there’s another update revealing the timeline is the 90s on earth, and somewhere between the ancestors and the beta trolls on alternia; and Joey has a brother. We also get early concept art of ms. second-best-at-memes herself (then unnamed).
  6. March to June 2015- we get a slew of interviews and updates and a teaser trailer that reveal most of what we now know of the plot and the rest of the characters. Xefros, Jude, and Trizza are named officially, and Cridea’s, Fiamat’s and Dammek’s names are revealed via concept art of prongle.
  7. June 2015- igpd posts, and then quickly deletes, the infamous update about how TOG screwed everyone over.
  8. July - Aug 2015- a few more interviews and updates, nothing major
  9. Dec 2015- after months of silence, a kickstarter update finally comes out saying the game is shifting from 3D to 2D, and most of the NYC employees were let go. more really nice art is released, including a picture of teenage mom lalonde that has confused the fandom into thinking the alphas are in the game ever since.
  10. May 2016- Homestuck 2.0 is announced, then promptly forgotten about forever.
  11. June 2016- Cohen Edenfield, in a mostly unrelated interview that only like 100 people know exists, reveals that the second game is called Hauntswitch.
  12. Oct 2016- after almost a year of more or less radio silence, a bunch of things happen all at once. the first trailer is released, the january release date is announced, the website is completely revamped, and an artist reveals that dammek and xefros are moirails. Hussie completely forgets to actually put any of this on kickstarter. (also someone updated the website for like an hour a week before everything else before immediately taking it down, and it was hilarious)
  13. Dec 2016- Hiveswap goes on steam greenlight and is approved in a week, and the “Broom Temperature” video is released, in a brand new alternian alphabet. no one knows how to spell grubbles.
  14. January 26, 2017- hiveswap is delayed for “several weeks” for “bug testing”
  15. the fandom cries
  16. April 13, 2017- the second trailer is released, and WP vows to actually communicate with us. again.
  17. May - Present- Cohen Edenfield, our lord and savior; and Ash Paulsen, ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH on that promise with weekly interviews with the development team.
  18. June 12, 2017- Frondly Warning was released. We still have no idea how to spell grubbels.

As embarrassing as this is for Star, you gotta admit those marionettes are adorable.

cute couple things — p.p.

summary : extended dating peter would include… ft. a bunch of random thoughts i had about peter being a cute soft boyfriend !!!

  • reads your favorite books and memorizes lines from them that he can sneak into conversations to make you smile :)
  • it’s v hard for him to not look at you when he’s with you he just always wants to be looking at your face
    • “it’s, like, really hard to stop staring at you”
    • “huh?”
    • “you’re so pretty i can’t stop looking wow”
  • lights up !!!! when you walk into a room even if he’s just seen you two minutes ago and you were only in the bathroom for like a second
  • kisses you all of your face whenever he can just infinite amounts of kisses pressed across your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids 
  • he doesn’t really do nicknames like he’s not a darling sort of person
  • if he’s gonna call you anything it’ll probably be babe/baby/pretty girl or something of that sort
  •  (i started the pretty girl trend on the low don’t @ me)
  • sometimes you call him bro and he gets so offended 
    • “listen,,, peter,,, bro,,,,”
    • y/NNNN i’m not bro!!!!!!”
    • “k bro”
    • “you’re the worst” 
  • his face resembles that of a disgruntled pouty kitten whenever you call him bro
  • in school he taps his cheek lightly while facing away from you until you give him a kiss there and does that periodically throughout the day until MJ throws a pencil at him
    • “peter enough she’s kissed you like fifty times in the past twenty minutes haven’t you had enough”
    • “it’s never enough”
  • hands down gives the best hugs ever!!!! sweetest, softest, warmest hugs that you never wanna leave and they leave you a blushy mess for hours
  • nerd who tells you that you’re prettier than any star in the sky
  • will fight for your honor even if it means getting punched in the nose by one of flash’s bigger friends because flash won’t take on peter himself
    • “fuck peter why would you even call flash a giant dick??? like i know he is one but why would you ever you know his friend is like some sort of mutant tree”
    • “he said your butt was nice i can’t just let that sort of comment slide babe it’s unacceptable”
  • always knows he can rant to you about science bc you actually listen!!! and you care!! and you ask questions and you make him SO HAPPy!!
  • asks for permission to do everything
    • “hey would it be cool if i held your hand right now”
    • “yes of course”
    • “oh awesome!”
  • you send him selfies and his replies vary but they’re usually along the lines of
    • “oh my gosh you’re so cute i’m coming over”
    • “i love you you angel let me kiss you tomorrow”
    • “wow i have a real liFE ethereal as the love of my life i love the world”
  • sends a goodnight/goodmorning text every day with each heart emoji he can find 
  • his entire recently used section is just different colored hearts and rainbows and sparkles because he uses emojis obnoxiously
  • he’s convinced that the worst thing in the world is having to leave you after a long day of hanging out on a saturday or something
  • will 10/10 complain for hours to may about going home because he’s not with you anymore and he’s clingy
  • you’re his best friend and he’s not afraid to scream about it
    • “my best friend is dating me!!!!!!! i’m so lucky i love them so much” 
    • “peter we know”
    • “well now you know just a little extra all right?”
  • wishes you were able to fall asleep in his arms more often but you’re still young and he’s like oh well we have forever to do that
  • you insult each other all the time basically but??? you both love it banter is everything
      • “penis parKER flash is clever tbh”
      • “you’re such a little shit i’m actually going to fight you”
      • “seriously i dare you put your fists up now”
  • if you post a selfie and he doesn’t like it right away you’ll text him seven times in a row hinting that he should go like and comment 
  • texts at four am about random conspiracy theories or weird facts that only you two would find interesting 
  • shoulders = pillows on the train/bus most of the time
  • he is such a slut for having his hair played with ngl
  • it makes him so happy n calm he could lie like that, with your fingers just raking through his hair, for hours on end
  • he’s never felt more at home than when you’re sitting with him at his kitchen table eating mushy mac and cheese that he tried to make himself because may wasn’t home to help him out as you playfully make fun of him for ruining pasta
  • listens to ed sheeran songs with you because he’s an ed lover honestly and every song makes him think of you
  • hand massages when you’re cramping up after long tests or in class essays that leave you super stressed n anxious (fuck u ruby thx for the idea that murdered me n my soft spirit)
  • knows how to settle you nerves better than anyone else and vice versa
  • puts his hands on your cheeks before he kisses you 
  • you always joke about spidey in class and no one gets what you’re saying but he does and freaks out
    • “that’s a sticky situation”
    • “y/n” 
    • “don’t worry i found that on the web
    • y/n
    • “do you think spiders are men
    • “oh my gOD”
  • he doesn’t care at all if you take one of his sweaters or all of his sweaters he just gives zero fucks you could take them all and he’d love you for it 
    • “here take this one too”
    • “peter i have too many and it’s almost april”
    • “but you’d look so cute in this one” then he pouts and you’re a goner
  • peter writes you tiny notes in class that are his weird thoughts and ramblings and feelings but you save them all and put them in a memory box
    • there was one and it said here’s a concept : you have a bright future ahead of you, and i’m there. i like that concept.
      • you did, too
  • watches every cheesy romantic movie on netflix with you not just because you want to, but because he does too and he can’t help it that’s just how it is 
  • matching ugly christmas sweaters at christmastime because peter parker is an annoying headass and refuseS to go anywhere without one during the holiday season and if he’s wearing one he’s making you match
  • super spidey strength allows him to give you piggy back rides all throughout manhattan when you guys head to the city 
  • makes you kiss him in the rain even though there’s water up your nose and your hair is matted to your forehead 
  • one text makes your heart go !!!!!!!!! because that’s your boy!!!!! and you love him so much because he’s a lovely beautiful person that deserves the world !!!!!
  • making out is rarely super fast n intense like it’s still intense but you go slowly and you can make out for hours without a c are in the world
  • makes sure his hair looks nice before he goes out on a date with you
  • tells you that he loves you and that he’s happy you’re a part of his life as often as he can manage 
  • just wants to love you unconditionally forever
  • texts you at 11:11 every night and says something cheesy as fuck like “you’re my wish tonight babe” or “11:11 is always for you” and sometimes he’ll @ you on snap and you’re like wow we’re That couple 
  • but honestly???? you don’t care that much he’s so cute
  • knows your order at every restaurant/fast food chain/coffee shop imaginable and if he happens to pass by a mcdonalds or dunkin donuts while he’s swinging around queens he tries to pick something up for you 
  • you love his eyes you could probably get lost in them they’re gorgeous
    • “peter your eyes are so lovely i hate you”
    • “aw i love you more babe you say the sweetest things to me”
  • you think his smile is the prettiest thing ever
  • and when his face scrunches up when he’s super happY???? amazing you kiss him immediately everywhere and he gets so flustered and he giggles and tries to squirm away but not really
  • cause he loves it
  • and he loveS YOU
  • i love my boyfriend goodnight to all

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