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Something Fishy this Way Comes!

So, I’ve been pondering and thinking some more about Shady Grady. And something that keeps coming up, besides the guinea pig, is the elevator shaft. 

Yes, this was a great way for Beth and Noah to escape, but that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about all the walkers down there feeding on dead corpses (morbid I know - what isn’t in this show). 

{The staff disposes of dead bodies by dumping them down an elevator shaft.} We know that the wards disposes of the dead bodies this way…but why? Obviously to make sure no one “turns,” or just maintain safety to not have to go outside to bury/burn the dead. 

But I don’t buy it. 

They have emphasized that damn elevator way too often. We saw countless images of this thing during the episodes, even Beth pondering over it before she met her demise. 

I think that Dawn and the others (Edwards), didn’t want the wards “guinea pigs” to know they were testing on them. If they didn’t think people would survive the injections, they would dump them…not even wasting time or energy. Who knows, maybe there was a process before elimination happened? I’m not sure. But maybe they knew who could possibly survive and who they thought was valuable. 

  • Noah was valuable to Grady
  • Beth was valuable to Grady

That much we know. I believe that C@rol was valuable as well, but maybe more for Beth’s happiness, because after all, Dawn figured out that they knew each other. She went to great lengths to save her…yet not a lot of others. WHY? Just to get Beth’s trust? Exactly. I think she wanted to do anything she could to make Beth want to stay and be with them. I think she was waiting for the perfect moment to tell Beth, when she truly trusted her, what exactly was going on at Grady and what scientists were trying to accomplish as well.

I think they found something and it ties with not only Noah, but Beth. There was a huge reason that Dawn wanted Noah back, which I’ve mentioned before. I don’t know if Noah knows the truth or not, but I doubt it. He was scared of the walkers enough to take C@rol and Daryl’s weapons away from them…but maybe he did. Maybe he wanted to get back to his family to tell them the truth to what was happening out there and what Grady found.

If the people were weak and shoved down the elevator shaft, the others would never truly find out what was going on. Because maybe they would investigate and see bites. I think the cops were purposely keeping those walkers around. I think they were just what they needed to do their tests. 

I still think that Beth has a bite on her arm. 

External image

She was “fighting off a walker and then everything went black.” Hmm..I wonder why. Oh, maybe because you quickly got hit by a car at the precise moment you were out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I’m sorry, but if you don’t think the whole black car with a cross on it in the middle of nowhere isn’t weird as all hell, then I think you need to re-evaluate the situation. 

  • Random weird ass car
  • Drives like a bat out of hell away from Daryl. Don’t tell me they didn’t hear him or see him running after them for days. Please. They leave the strong behind. 
  • How did they know that Beth was weak? Because they were watching her. 
  • Beth can’t remember anything
  • Huge gauge on face/bruises
  • Gorman creeper found her…stalker much. EXACTLY. 
  • What really happened under that cast? I don’t buy the “fracture” bit. Nah…something is under that cast, and the writers/producers made sure it didn’t come off, even when Beth was in normal clothes. 
  • Dawn, “You OWE us.” For what exactly? You saw she was bit and she turned into your guinea pig instantly. That’s why they left the walker still walking around (the one Daryl walks right past). But owe you…hmm…did they truly save her?
  • Is Beth immune now?
  • Did Beth know the truth when she stabbed Dawn? “I get it now." There is power in that statement, and people have been really trying to figure it out. Gimple never truly explained what that meant. Get what now? That there are bad people…not good? That Dawn was never going to let them go? Or that Beth took the chance of possibly getting herself and others hurt by doing something she thought was self-sacrificing for the "greater good” ? But what is the greater good? Noah? I know Noah was her friend, but she already sacrificed herself for him once to get out…I think this time it was something bigger. Part of me thinks that Beth caught on. 
    External image

    ^Trying to understand what’s down there. Escape route. 
    External image

    ^I feel like she knows something here. Something she didn’t know before. Some people say she gave up hope here, but I don’t see it that way. I think she’s getting the significance of this thing. That something doesn’t add up about this place. 

Was that why Beth was pondering as she looked down the elevator shaft? 

There are so many weird signs flashing before our eyes, and I’m trying to make sense of it. All I know is that they focused way too much on the elevator for it to mean just a dumping ground for dead bodies. There has to be a bigger purpose to it. It’s a sign. 

Just like Grady Memorial Hospital is actually a sign.

Beth's cast is a sign. 

Dr. Edwards is a sign I believe. He knows TOO much. And he’s killing other doctors? Not because he’s weak, nope…because he doesn’t want to let others in on the secrets of this shady place. 

Dawn going on and on about the “greater good." 

Wanting Noah back.

The clocks. 

Joan’s character and amputating her bitten arm…um…is that a coincidence that the cast is on the same arm as Joan’s bitten arm? Nope. I think it represents something. They made a point of showing it.

The fact that their shady about eating guinea pig…it’s weird, but I think it’s trying to show us that the real guinea pigs are the patients. 

*If someone is used as a guinea pig, new ideas or products are tested on them*

That’s what I think the whole point of telling us they were "eating” guinea pigs was all about…it was an egg. A hidden egg Gimple played out - a KEY WORD. THEY ARE THE GUINEA PIGS BEING TESTED ON.

So you might ask, what’s the point of Beth and the elevator and the guinea pigs? Well, there is a point. The point is that we don’t know half the story behind Grady Memorial Hospital. The point is that why would we focus 5a on a location if it was just to kill a character off and to have patients work for cops? I’m sorry, but that would be super lame writing on their part of that’s it. The point is that they kept showing us the elevator shaft for a reason. The point is we don’t know half the rooms in that hospital and what’s really in them. The point is Beth was healing. We still don’t know what truly happened at the funeral home…but it was something shady. We’re going to get a flashback of what really happened, I just know it! The point is I think Beth knew something…why else would she sacrifice seeing her sister again…or Daryl and the rest of her family for someone she barely knew? Scissors. Really? Is really immune? That’s the main point. What happened to Beth? What truly happened? Not some lame ass story that Dawn and Gorman told us. Why did Dawn look so shocked and distraught after Beth was shot. Dawn looked frantic…and I don’t believe it was just because she was scared for her life. Did someone else really shoot Beth? Why did Dawn want Noah back so bad? She sent people to go look for him. 

Keep your eyes open everyone! DETECTIVE TIME because we’re getting towards the end. I’m seriously. Quotes, pictures, images…everything starts overlapping. LOOK FOR THE SIGNS. They’re everywhere. And I don’t believe they’d show us certain scenes for no reason. Why waste the money of the shot? Everything has a purpose. 

That’s what I believe.