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I DIDNT KNOW U WERE IN THE HOSPITAL. super glad you are alive and out and I hope you feel better. Get lots of rest!!

(( OOC: Thanks Rhett!!! I’m definitely planning on it! XD 

Also, for those of you who don’t know Rhett, we had an art class together where I would sit and covet everything he put down on paper, and he is now one of my favorite artists. Seriously, his stuff is incredible. 

Also… nicest guy ever. 

You guys should check out Rhett’s work and send him some love! :D <3 )) 


This was my entry for the Pinstripe/Jacksepticeye fan art contest on Twitter and it actually won!! :D I’ll be getting a scarf like Jack’s in the mail soon! I am absolutely elated. Just taking part in this competition was wonderful and it was so incredibly nice of Thomas Brush to do. Both Jack and Thomas are seriously the nicest guys on the planet.

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, The Clash – photographed by Bob Gruen

Ochako getting jealous of hatsume while she was going through her “crush on deku” stage is so funny to me bc midoriya has never expressed interest in a girl ever and spends more time admiring the guys in his life than getting a crush on a girl. He doesn’t even feel romantic attraction at ALL towards Momo, who seems to be liked in some way or another by p much every single person in the class.

I mean, poor ochako bc seriously. You get feelings for p much the nicest guy in 1-A and he turns out to be massively gay for his other best friend.

How about a kiss for good luck?

I wanted to draw a little something to thank everyone who’s been leaving such nice comments and being so great and amazing thank you so much.  ;A;

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I just want to say... Please never stop writing for Captain Swan. Your stories are the only bright spot lately in my very very shitty day (week, month, year... Life...) well... Your stories and my dog. But seriously, you're an incredibly talented writer and I love the way you capture their nuances and you have amazing plot on top of all the little moments we wish we'd gotten on the show and seriously. So good. So I guess I mean, thank you. Truely. For sharing your gift with us.

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My heart just grew eighty-two sizes and then exploded into metaphorical rainbows. Thank you so much!!! I’m so sorry things aren’t going well, but I’m so glad I can help a bit. And if you ever want to talk or, you know, just show off photos of your dog, I’m totally down.

It honestly blows my mind that people have been so receptive to these stories and sports feelz and there’s so much Blue Line universe left (the Rangers keep playing like garbage and I keep wanting to fix that with fic) and another finished story and that Yankee!Killian story I promised @distant-rose and if you guys keep clicking, I’ll keep writing. 

Adam McQuaid - Accent

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Request: “  Holy poops the Adam Mcquaid one u just wrote is amazing!!!! I’m in actual awe by how awesome you are!! Can I request another Adam Mcquaid one where the reader is Bostonian and has the accent and Adam teases her about it but loves it as well?? Thanksss “

Seriously, you guys are the nicest?? Thank you, I’m really happy you loved it.

This one is a bit short, sorry about that!

Warnings: Poor portrayal of Bostonians because I am not, in fact, Bostonian 

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Let me tell you a thing about Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met. Seriously.

At the photo op the handlers were trying to keep it moving fast, but he kept stopping to talk to people and the convention workers were getting pissed but he didn’t care, he just kept talking to people while taking the pictures and had a giant smile on his face having the time of his life.

The person right before us was a man in a near perfect captain America cosplay with his daughter in the most adorable winter soldier outfit that you could tell was hand made to look perfect on her.

When they saw each other I swear their faces were identical. They both looked like it was the happiest moment of their lives and had looks of pure joy as they hugged. He posed with the two, then asked if she wanted another one just them for free, to much grumbling from the convention people. He picked her up and they hugged for a second picture and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. The sound he made was so adorable and he looked like a happy puppy on Christmas. He kissed her on her cheek before letting her down.

As they walked off with both picture voucher cards, I heard the convention workers complaining that he had to stop giving free pictures to kids. That means he does this for a lot of kids and I find that amazing.

Finally it’s time for my dad and I to take the picture. He sees my dad first and freaks out over his Star Trek costume, saying he’s a fan. Then he sees me and asks if I’m Lady Sif, the first person who has correctly gotten it. I nod yes just kinda shocked how tall and gorgeous he is up close, and he drapes his arms around us naturally to take the picture. He was just really nice and genuine. I had heard horror stories before of meeting your idols and I’m glad this wasn’t one!

As we grabbed are stuff I saw him do the same thing to everyone, just being so nice and sweet, and in a real way, not the fake kind you see all too often.

Jason Momoa is honestly the greatest!!!

So a couple years ago my sister and I went to a stargate convention in Chicago. I was so excited, Stargate has been my favorite show for pretty much my entire life! for a long time Michael Shanks was my favorite. I had a photo op for Michael Shanks, and that was exciting too, but what seriously made my trip was right after Jason Momoa’s panel, he was talking to a military officer and there was a crowd around him. I hadn’t seen that he was the cause of the crowd, my sister and I were just standing and waiting for it to disperse so we could go back to our room. Well as the crowd thinned I realized I was now face to face with Jason Momoa. He smiled at me and I said “this will sound like kissing up, but Ronan was always my favorite Atlantis character. You were amazing” and he smiled again and said “awe thanks beautiful” and shook my hand. My sister laughed at how giddy it made me, but he’s seriously amazing!

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I've been on Tumblr for quite a while now, and it was so boring until I found your account! You're definitely a great writer. Thanks for the stories and keep up the good work 💜 you have all my support

Dee take all the time you need! we all want you to be happy and well and healthy! Take care my love! Shy anon 💓 

I haven’t been on tumblr in a few weeks and I’m so sad to come back and see someone’s been bothering you about your stories🙁 I want you to know you are MY ONE AND ONLY fav writer. I have others I like but your my favorite. You have a capability to bring your characters to life. I love and respect that. Your so kind to your anons as well. You take time to update you stories in a timely manner. You honestly deserve the universe and more and Id gladly give them if I could. Luv you! Please be happy

Remember it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Some days we are strong enough to fight sometimes we’re not. And I’m gonna quote Miley Cyrus rn. (Yeah don’t judge) Remember only god can judge us, forget the haters cause somebody loves you. Take care Dee! We love you! 

Dee, I guess it’s about time you take yourself out on a date. I’d do it but I live too far. You owe nothing to anyone here. And those rude comments are not gonna do anything to you. Girl, you’re amazing. :3 Eat something nice, watch a few movies, write something that makes you happy, do stuff that make you happy because you deserve each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer! Take your time but snap out of it.

I just came across your blog and I really love your stories and writing. Sin city is amazing 🖤

You and your writing are awesome, don’t eeever forget that🙈💕💕💕💕

You are a blessing to this world I hope you know. 

you’re popular on here because you’re talented and incredibly nice. it’s not bad to have a lot of followers for good reasons like that.

I love and support you!

I love you!!!

oh no, that last anon couldn’t be any more WRONG, people support you because your work and you are both amazing

Hey x I’m a quiet followers of yours but since all that bullshit happened to u ~ I thought I might pinch in a love u and that I think your great !!! U really r amazing !!! 😊

Aaww sending love to you Dee <3 Love is all you deserve and people are just jealous. You have every right to be angry, but a reminder that we all love you and your wiriting and haters are just haters!

HEY NOW! People don’t just support you bc you’re popular! We love you because you’re you, an amazing, kind,caring, brilliant writer! Don’t let jealous anons get you down! I’ve been following you and reading your work and it is amazing! Like you’re so talented! Ignore the drama, those anons are jealous ! We love you ! -smol anon 💓💓

Omg, Dee, I'n so so sorry that you have to deal with those irrational posts :( just know that 99% of your followers love you and support from the bottom of their heart! Please ignore the haters, we ♡ you so much!

Aww dee I’m so sad to hear how toxic tumblr has become for you, it honestly makes me so upset that people would even say such nasty things on here and plagiarize your work:(( everyone that reads your stories can literally tell how much work you put into everything you write! I really hope everything gets better because you deserve all the love and happiness in world. And for the record I have read all your fics and never once thought it was similar to another fic yours are so original!! *hugs*

Hey Dee I just wanna say that I really feel for you. People are just jealous of how popular you have become and how your writing is just A+++, so they try to find ways to ruin your day and bring you down. Your stories have a completely different pace and style than the ones people have mentioned and you should really just delete people who send in rude asks. You are a wonderful, talented and witty writer who makes our days brighter! We love you and support you in everything you write :) <3

how are you today? are you feeling good? i hope you are🙇🏻‍♀️ you deserve it✨

I support you, we support you. I am so sorry to read about what’s going on and it’s sad to see you so upset. I am kinda scared to lose you because of negative people but I do understand if you’re having enough of this. Please take care of yourself, your happiness and your health is more important. Whatever you choose to do, I love you very much!

I LOVE YOU DEE!!! You write the characters so damn well. Love your stories and I look forward to reading your future ones ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I have no words, honestly. I don’t even know how to express what I’m feeling now. Thank you all for your support with everything, you guys are seriously the nicest people on this site and you always make me feel safe and welcome. I love you all and thank you for being here! <3

The Fandom Friends Tag

The rules are simple, list the people you consider friends that you have made on Tumblr and why you like that person, then tag some people to find out who they consider to be friends.

In no particular order:

@queenrosales Ok so she is one of the first friends i made on tumblr and i thank every star in the universe that i joined the fandom at the time i did cause it made me meet you I love you more than starlight you are amazing and such a fun person to talk to you always listen to my absolutely crazy theories i just love you wife so much!!

@catarinalosss you are the first person i talked to here and you made me feel so welcome in the fandom and i know that whenever something exciting happens i can always come and yell about it with you and we can freak out about it together  you are the nicest person ever seriously guys she is so nice!!

@cristinqrosales Ale you are the best seriously you are always there to talk about pretty much anything and i love that i don’t know what to say except that i love our weird friendship

@thepurplewarlock  Becca i love your writing and helping you whenever i can is a pleasure i love talking to you so much i enjoy every interaction we have and i hope sometime we can meet in person and watch movies and eat popcorn together and even though you are older than me i love how we totally ignore that and act like 3 year old’s on a sugar rush when we talk

@alessapenthorn my Love my other wife i don’t know what to say except that i love you and you are the greatest person ever you are just so nice!! how do you do it? i hope you get everything you want cause you deserve it

@mostawesomepineapple i love how much you love Julian and i know that whenever the feels hit i can talk to you about it cause you just understand how much it hurts to love him your blog is AMAZING one of my favorites here and you are just a great person to talk to

@ladyofroses we started talking not that long ago but i already consider you one of my friends (hope you don’t mind) every time i see that i have a message from you i get so happy and i also love that we love a lot of the same books and once i read Hunting Prince Dracula you are the first person im going to talk to so we can rant about Thomas (he is just so dreamy)

@alexandraherondaleblackthorn even though we only talked once about hair and pancakes it was a very nice conversation hope we have more love you blog

I tag every one i mentioned and whoever wants to do it!!

lost in translation (an antoine griezmann imagine)

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Summary: Antoine goes to a press conference and things don’t go entirely to plan

She cleared her throat and tapped her foot nervously before sipping from her coffee flask. Press conferences were always boring. Always awkward and uncomfortable with the constant flash of photographers’ cameras, full of repetitive questions and repetitive answers discussing “how exciting the next match was going to be” and the ways in which “international football was developing up in such a brilliant and exciting direction”. Boring, boring, so fucking boring.

When her boss had told her she’d be interpreting for the Antoine Griezmann in a press conference prior to a France v. Portugal international friendly, she’d been ecstatic. Not as an Atletico supporter, or as a football fan in general, but from a purely business-orientated point of view. Interpreting for one of the biggest names in football would do wonders for her (currently minute) clientele, and after getting fired from her last job teaching high school French, after a particularly embarrassing drunken episode at the end of term Christmas party, she was becoming increasingly desperate.

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any tips on drawing chubby characters?? its sad that larger chracters gets overlooked so much even in art. like i feel a lot of artists thinks that drawing chubby characs is not pretty or it will make their drawings ugly. sigh. whats your thoughts?

Sadly, I gotta agree with you, anon… a lot of people still have this idea that fat = ugly. While most of the prejudice can be blamed on our society - what with all those impossible beauty standarts - it comes down to each one to get over them in the end.

So there aren’t even that many larger characters to begin with. Most of the times, even when they’re supposed to be fat/chubby, their designs don’t convey the idea. And I feel it’s even worse for female characters, where being larger means having huge boobs and ass, because god forbid a woman has fat in any other body part (Hanayo, for example, is canonically chubby, she says so herself, the other girls agree with her, and yet look at her flat stomach in every damn official art).
Alternatively, when the character is fat, then it’s a joke, it won’t be taken seriously, it isn’t worth of being anyone’s love interest, it ends up losing weight, and so on..

But well, enough blabbering, or else I’ll never stop!! For the acual tips!!
I’m definitely not the best one to instruct anyone, so of course you should first and foremost look at references. Something I can say is: let your lines loose!! Make lots and lots of curves!! And mostly have fun I guess! ‘Cause it’s really nice to draw the chub~

Here, have some doodles of some body parts getting steadly fatter (idek why, but maybe it can help some)!

         “i have never understood people. i don’t know how many times i have told parents that it’s okay if their children wants to say hi to my puppy. they think he’s the devil, but he’s seriously the nicest little guy you’ll ever meet. why can’t people just trust you or believe in something you tell ‘em? ah, they are cheese nuts… people y’know. sigh is all i say”

Can I just say that Batjokes seems to be one of the nicest fandoms out there? Like seriously .. you guys are so awesome and kind. 

Especially considering how much shit we get from others for shipping a “problematic ship” (most people don’t get that the reason we ship it IS because of their fucked up dynamics - and we would never condone something like that in real life, but this is fiction where people are free to explore darker sides of a ship).

Anyway, this fandom just seems very non-judgmental and fun, and I like that. :)

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I just read your Alex/italian actress and now I can only think on them playing this amazing couple who deals with real life problems and are unbreakable!and Alex just pours his heart out for her in every interview!!!

I can also imagine them making a movie together and Alexander being unable to keep himself back from gushing at her and saying what a beautiful date and costar she actually is! Or- or him joking how he kept messing his lines either on purpose to get more kisses or by accident because Reader’s beauty is so distracting! 😁

Seriously that man is one of the nicest and sweetest guys I’ve seen, we just need more men like him!