seriously the nicest guy

So six months or so ago Ryan Reynolds was People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, which is a kind of empty title. And most people coming through my line were just kind of like ‘shrug’ when they saw it and like maybe one person said anything and it was mostly agreement. 

Well, now its Dwayne Johnson and all I can hear is ‘ew, I disagree’ and ‘who the hell decides these things?’

And I can only imagine that these people have never seen video of Dwayne Johnson just casually being a fucking goofball and generally just a good guy like… seriously he’s one of the nicest dudes in the media. And listen… have you heard the dude sing? Go see Moana. Listen to Dwayne Johnson sing. You’re Welcome. 

Seriously. I’m a lesbian and I would definitely agree: Dwayne Johnson confirmed for sexy as hell. 

How about a kiss for good luck?

I wanted to draw a little something to thank everyone who’s been leaving such nice comments and being so great and amazing thank you so much.  ;A;

anonymous asked:

any tips on drawing chubby characters?? its sad that larger chracters gets overlooked so much even in art. like i feel a lot of artists thinks that drawing chubby characs is not pretty or it will make their drawings ugly. sigh. whats your thoughts?

Sadly, I gotta agree with you, anon… a lot of people still have this idea that fat = ugly. While most of the prejudice can be blamed on our society - what with all those impossible beauty standarts - it comes down to each one to get over them in the end.

So there aren’t even that many larger characters to begin with. Most of the times, even when they’re supposed to be fat/chubby, their designs don’t convey the idea. And I feel it’s even worse for female characters, where being larger means having huge boobs and ass, because god forbid a woman has fat in any other body part (Hanayo, for example, is canonically chubby, she says so herself, the other girls agree with her, and yet look at her flat stomach in every damn official art).
Alternatively, when the character is fat, then it’s a joke, it won’t be taken seriously, it isn’t worth of being anyone’s love interest, it ends up losing weight, and so on..

But well, enough blabbering, or else I’ll never stop!! For the acual tips!!
I’m definitely not the best one to instruct anyone, so of course you should first and foremost look at references. Something I can say is: let your lines loose!! Make lots and lots of curves!! And mostly have fun I guess! ‘Cause it’s really nice to draw the chub~

Here, have some doodles of some body parts getting steadly fatter (idek why, but maybe it can help some)!


We got mentioned in Solo Travel Blog’s latest video!

If you’ve played through Animal Lover, you may remember Dustin from Solo Travel Blog as being Dustin of Solo Wizard Blog in the game! 

I’m not sure if we’ve related this before, but we spoke to Dustin before releasing the game to make sure he was cool with our using his image and he was seriously the nicest guy about it. So we’re even more stoked that he’d give us a mention too!

Check Dustin out if you didn’t get your fill in Animal Lover!

Can I just say that Batjokes seems to be one of the nicest fandoms out there? Like seriously .. you guys are so awesome and kind. 

Especially considering how much shit we get from others for shipping a “problematic ship” (most people don’t get that the reason we ship it IS because of their fucked up dynamics - and we would never condone something like that in real life, but this is fiction where people are free to explore darker sides of a ship).

Anyway, this fandom just seems very non-judgmental and fun, and I like that. :)

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, The Clash – photographed by Bob Gruen