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Safe x Bellamy Blake

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requested by anon ; Hi, I would like to request a bellamy x reader image in which the reader gets kidnapped by grounders. you can choose what is happening. thx! ^^ ; i hope you like it! since i’m not really sure about it haha! 

When the night falls over Arkadia, everybody is immediately on their last nerve. Or that’s how it seems. [Y/N] hated to be on night watch, but unfortunately she had to from time to time.
‘You on night watch tonight?’ Bellamy asked her, when she walked past him in the hall.
‘Yeah, how do you know?’ [Y/N] frowned.
‘I see how nervous you get,’ he smiled. ‘It will be okay.’
‘Yeah, you’re not the one that has to stand there in the dark while you can get hit by an arrow any second. I seriously don’t get how we ever made an agreement with those grounders.’ She sighed, softly shaking her head.
[Y/N] didn’t really liked the grounders. They had killed her best friend in the first week they had landed on Earth, and she had loathed them ever since.
‘[Y/N], relax,’ Bellamy smiled again, softly placing his hand on her shoulder. ‘You won’t be alone. How about I join you tonight?’
‘You really don’t have to …’ [Y/N] started, but she didn’t want to say no.
‘I know I don’t, but I’ll be there, okay?’ Bellamy gave her one last smile and then walked away again.
[Y/N] took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a second and then started to walk again, too.

The dark surrounded [Y/N], while she held her gun close to her body, ready to shoot at any movement in the woods.
‘You’re so tense,’ Bellamy laughed, making [Y/N] jump up and aim the gun at him. But as soon as she saw it was him, she relaxed.
‘Sorry,’ she mumbled. ‘It’s just, I don’t want the same to happen to me like …’ She didn’t had to finish that sentence, because Bellamy knew what she meant.
‘I know,’ he whispered. ‘But it won’t, I promise. We can defense ourselves so much better now. We have guns, a wall, trained soldiers here with us.’
‘We do, but still …’ she sighed, and looked at the forest. ‘Did you see that?’ She quickly turned back around to Bellamy.
He looked behind her into the forest, but shook his head.
‘No, there’s nothing there.’
‘There is!’ She fired back, looking again. She swore she had seen a movement in the dark bushes. She held up her gun, ready to fire, but Bellamy stopped her.
‘Don’t fire if you don’t have to,’ he warned her. [Y/N] lowered her gun, still standing by her statement that she had seen something.
She was so sure, that she started to climb down the watch tower, so she could check for herself.
‘[Y/N], what are you doing?’ Bellamy whispered-shouted from up the watch tower. But she ignored him and kept on going towards the gate, where she was greeted by another guard. As soon as she reached for the gate, the guard stopped her.
‘What are you doing?’ He asked, firmly holding her wrist.
‘I saw something,’ [Y/N] said. ‘Someone’s out there, watching us.’
‘Then why didn’t any of the other guards say anything?’ He didn’t believe her, he made that clear by asking that question.
‘I don’t know!’ [Y/N] sighed in frustration. Just let me through so I can check for myself.’
‘I can’t let you through, you know that,’ the guard said back, shaking his head.
‘Just let her through, I’ll go with her,’ Bellamy said from behind them. [Y/N] refused to turn around and look at him, but kept eyeing the guard, who eventually gave in and opened up the gate. [Y/N] immediately walked out, her gun ready, while carefully scanning the area.
‘There’s nothing here, [Y/N]. Let’s just go back, c’mon.’
[Y/N] sighed, looked one last time and then turned around.
But that’s where she made a mistake. Well, maybe her first mistake had been going outside the gate.
Before she could yell or defend herself in anyway, someone grabbed her from behind, covering up her mouth, and pulling her arms back. She was pulled into the dark night, and the last thing she saw was Bellamy desperately trying to grab her, before he was pulled back by the guard at the gate.

It was a nightmare, being locked up in a dark hole, having no clue if it was day or night, how many hours, maybe even days had passed. She didn’t see anyone, had no idea where she was, what they wanted and even who took her. She wished she had listened to Bellamy, had said, ‘you’re right’, and who would’ve known what would have happened.
[Y/N] was on the edge of dehydration, and it felt like her stomach was glued to her back. How long had she been in here? Every time she opened her eyes again, she felt worse and worse, and was starting to fear that if she would close them again, it would be for the last time.
And right at the moment that she had lost all hope of her friends ever finding her, the door opened up, voices filling the room, her chains loosening up. She was pulled up, given a cup of water that she eagerly drank. But still her mind was fuzzy.
‘You’re safe.’ She heard him say, and she knew who had said it. Bellamy. He had found her after all.
He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her as close as possible, while he explained what had happened, how the grounders had took her, because they claimed we had broken their trust by crossing their land. It had been a stupid misunderstanding. Bellamy promised her it would be okay, that she was safe now.
And all [Y/N] could do was believe him, as she did feel safe in his arms.

Perfect (Part 2)

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request: Could you maybe make a part 2 of perfect were y/n does find someone and Harry regrets not fighting for her and giving up. Maybe like a happy ending??

i’m so glad people liked “perfect” enough to want a part two, here it is i hope you guys like it x (here’s part one in case you want to read it)

“Raine, stop messing in my flowers!” Gemma called out from the back porch, her and I laughing at how Raine quickly scampered away from the flower bed and started playing with a stick instead.

“I’m sorry, Gem. If he messed them up I’ll get you new ones.” I offered.

She waved me off. “Don’t worry about it, (y/n). I’ve been slacking on taking care of them anyways, so if he did it’s totally fine. They’re probably almost dead anyways.”

We were on Gemma’s back porch, drinking tea and enjoying the unusually nice London weather, watching Raine play in the yard.

“It’s still blows my mind how fast he’s grown,” I shook my head slowly. “I swear I could pick him up, like, a couple weeks ago.”

Gemma chuckled. “That was two months ago, before you came here. Since you’ve been here, he’s been huge.”

I laughed too, then sighed. It got quiet, then Gemma spoke up after a while.

“How long has it been?” She asked me.

“We haven’t talked in months,” I told her. “It’s not like it matters, anyways.”

She looked at me. “Why doesn’t it?”

“Gem, I’ve moved on. I’m with Beau now.” I shrugged.

She sighed. “You told Harry you’d always love him. Loving him includes caring enough to check on him every once in a while.”

“I know, but do you really think it’s fair to Beau for me to always be checking up on my ex? Because I don’t think it is,” I countered.

We were interrupted when we heard someone come into the house. I turned to see Beau walking out towards us.

“Hey, babe,” I smiled as he leaned down kissed me.

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” He asked.

“Just waiting on Michal to come back with lunch.” Gemma answered.

“Ah, gotcha.” He said, sitting in the chair next to me.

I grabbed his hand, interlacing our fingers. “So, how’d the meeting go?”

“It went great,” He grinned. “We start filming the movie in a month.”

“That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you,” I returned his smile.

“Thanks, I can’t wait for you–”

Raine barked, looking at Beau expectingly.

“Ah, looks like Raine wants me to go play,” He chuckled, standing up and kissing my cheek. He ran over and kneeled down in front of Raine, and Raine all but tackled him onto the ground.

I couldn’t help but smile. Beau was so good with Raine, and he was such a sweet guy. We’d been together for almost half a year, and ever since we got together I’ve been very happy. At one point, I felt like Harry was the one for me. But now, I realize that Beau is. With him, I don’t have to worry if he’s going to go get drunk and cheat on me. He rarely drinks, and if he does he’s always with me. He’s open and honest, and he tells me everything he’s thinking. Harry kept things to himself most of the time, so when he had a lot on his mind I could tell, because he wouldn’t open up to me and would avoid talking too much.

I did feel bad about not talking to him in a while, but when you’re in a relationship, keeping tabs on your ex isn’t something you’re supposed to do. So I chose not to.

Gemma and I watched as Beau and Raine ran around the yard, chasing after each other, when I heard a voice I didn’t expect to hear at all.

“Gem?” Harry called from inside the house.

My eyes got wide as I looked at Gemma, her shrugging as if she was saying she didn’t expect him to come. Eventually he came out to the back porch, getting wide eyes as well when he saw me sitting there.

“Oh, (y/n), I didn’t expect to see you here.” He said awkwardly.

I laughed slightly. “Yeah, I could say the same thing to you.”

“Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?” Gemma questioned.

He shrugged. “Just coming by to visit,”

Beau and Raine ran onto the porch, Raine rubbing his face on Beau’s leg as if to tell him to pet him. Beau obliged.

Harry looked between them and I, a sad look appearing on his face.

“It’s nice to meet you man,” Beau held out his hand to him, “I’m Beau, Beau Mirchoff.”

Harry shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, too. I see you’ve, uh, gotten close to Raine.”

Beau smiled, patting Raine’s head. “Yeah, you become really close in six months.”

Harry smiled at me sadly, messing with his hair. “Wow, six months…”

“Please don’t do this,” I pleaded.

Beau gave us a questioning look. “Did I miss something?”

“No,” I shook my head. “Harry, you told me to find someone better. Why are you acting surprised that I did?”

Harry chuckled sourly. “Ouch,”

I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t mean it as an insult.”

“Right,” He nodded.

“But she wasn’t wrong,” Beau spoke up, catching everyone’s attention.

Harry glared at him. “Excuse me?”

“I mean, technically I am better for (y/n).” Beau said firmly. “I’d never even dream of cheating on her like you did. And, if I remember correctly, she told me I make her the happiest she’s been in a long time, so.”

Harry chuckled smugly. “Really? Well, I made her happy for almost three years. And, quite frankly, I doubt you’ll be together a month or two from now.”

“How the hell would you know?” Beau glared. “I think we’ll be together for a very long time, considering I’m not an insecure, borderline alcoholic like you, who knows he’s not good enough for anyone, especially (y/n).”

“Enough!” I yelled. “Shut the hell up, both of you. Beau, you don’t have to stoop to his level, everyone knows you’re better than him anyway.” I stood up, walking over to hug Gemma. “I’m so sorry, we’ll have to do lunch another time, okay?”

“Alright,” She nodded.

“Beau, Raine, lets go,” I said, about to walk past Harry.

“So, you’re just going to treat me as if we don’t have past?” Harry questioned.

I looked at him. “Yes, Harry, because you insulted my boyfriend and our relationship just because you’re bitter and alone. And our past wasn’t exactly great, so I think you’d prefer me to treat you this way instead of based on that.”

And with that, we left.

Niall, Selena, Beau, and I arrived at Niall’s album release party, walking into the building as cameras flashed in our faces. I sighed in relief as we made it inside, Beau chuckling at me.

“You’ve been famous for how long now?” He teased.

I rolled my eyes. “You know just as well as we do that you never get used to it.”

We followed the bodyguards through the double doors and into the main room, seeing that it was filled to the brim with people already. And the room wasn’t small either. As we made our way through the crowd, people said their hellos to us. Selena, Beau and I stood off to the side of the stage, Niall going up after someone introduced him. Everyone applauded him as he did so, a big smile appearing on his face as he stepped up to the podium.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for comin’,” Niall spoke into the microphone. “This is a big night for me, as this is when all of my hard work, as well as everyone who helped me’s hard work pays off. I, uh, I put my all into this album and I’m thrilled that everyone gets to finally hear it. This is a big change from what I’m used to. If this was a couple years ago, I’d have three other lads up here with me. Who are all here, by the way.”

Everyone laughed, except for me. My heart dropped knowing that Harry was here. The last time I saw him didn’t end so well, and I didn’t want to run into him and risk ruining Niall’s big night because Harry and Beau might get into another argument.

We would just have to avoid him.

“But tonight, I stand up here on my own. And though it’ll still take some getting used to for me, I think it’s a good thing. I may miss being a part of something that was bigger than just the four or five of us, but now I’m ready to be a part of something bigger than myself. And, to quote a much younger me that had no idea what the next years would have in store, I hope it all works out. Thank you.”

Everyone applauded Niall, many of whom had wiped away a tear or two. I almost cried myself, being so proud of him and how far he had come, and how far he’d go.

He got down from the stage, hugging each of us. “I’m so glad I got to have you guys here with me for this.”

“We are so proud of you, you have no idea.” Selena teared up as she hugged him again.

Niall laughed as he pulled away. “No more cryin’, we’re supposed to be celebratin’.”

We all got drinks, Niall and Selena going off to mingle with people.

“So, what do we do if your ex tries to start shit with us?” Beau asked me.

I exhaled. “He can’t start shit with us if we avoid him.”

“You have a fair point,” He chuckled, kissing my head.

As if on cue, the one person we didn’t want to see walked up to us.

“Hey,” Harry said awkwardly.

“Look, we’re not going to let anything ruin Niall’s night. So just back off, alright?” Beau warned.

Harry put his hands up in defense. “I don’t want tonight to get ruined either. I was just going to ask if I could talk to (y/n). Alone.”

I looked at him in surprise. “Seriously?”

“Do you really think I’m going to let you talk to my girlfriend alone after how things went the last time?” Beau said incredulously. “Absolutely not,”

Harry sighed. “Just hear me out… I just feel an apology is due.”

“More like way overdue,” I muttered.

He gestured to me. “Very true,”

Beau hesitated, then rolled his eyes as he sighed. “Fine, whatever. But I’m keeping an eye on you, you got it?”

Harry put his hands back up. “I got it, mate.”

I followed Harry as he walked to the bar, both of us sitting on stools.

“Like I said, I owe you an apology,” Harry started. “I shouldn’t have started anything with Beau last time, and I’m sorry that I did. I’m also sorry for being bitter and not seeing how much better he is for you than I was. You look so happy with him, and I did tell you to find someone better, so I was out of line for doing what I did. But I couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry… because all I could think of is how you wanted me to fight for you, and I didn’t. And now that you’ve moved on, it’s too late. I’ve lost you, and all I can do is just hope that no one will ever break your heart the way I did. …So, yeah, I apologize. To both of you.”

I sighed. “I accept your apology. But, I also apologize. I shouldn’t have let Beau call you names or have treated you the way I did. I should’ve been checking up on you, not ignoring you and avoiding you. No matter what, I’ll always care about you, so I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us.”

“It’s fine,” He assured me. “You don’t have to apologize for that, I brought that onto myself. And I don’t blame you for not wanting anything to do with me. Besides, he was right.”

I gave him a confused look. “Right about what?”

“I was a ‘borderline alcoholic’.” He air quoted.

I gasped. “You were not.”

“I was,” He nodded. “I actually went to rehab for a bit after you left, though no one knows about it except my family and now you. I’d been drinking a lot behind your back when we were together, I hid it from you because I was ashamed. I didn’t want you to see just how much I didn’t deserve you, but in the end, I showed my true colors anyways.”

I looked at him for a bit. “I honestly had no idea. I’m so sorry, if I knew I could’ve helped or someth–”

“Forget it,” He waved me off. “You could’ve have helped me, (y/n). I needed a wake up call, so you leaving me was exactly what I needed in a sad, ironic way.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” I trailed off.

He smiled at me. “I’ve actually been sober since a month after you left.”

I smiled back. “That’s great, Harry.”

He nodded, sighing. “You should probably get back to your boyfriend. If I keep you any longer he might think something’s up.”

I laughed. “I never thought I’d ever hear you say that.”

“Neither did I, to be quite honest.” He chuckled. I got up from my stool, and he stayed put. “Tell Raine I said hi, alright?”

I gave him a look. “You know that you can come by and see him anytime, right?”

“I don’t know your address, so.” He said expectingly.

I rolled my eyes at him, causing him to laugh. “I’ll text it to you,”

He gasped dramatically. “You still have my number?”

“Oh, cut the shit,” I smacked his arm playfully.

“Hey, uh, one more thing,” He said.

“Yes?” I urged.

“Promise me you won’t write a song about me? I already have enough of those, as you know.” He smirked.

I groaned jokingly. “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m not writing anything about you.”

“Good,” He nodded.

I walked away, Beau coming up to me and putting his arm around me protectively, kissing my head as he looked at Harry. He just laughed, turning back around to the bar and ordering a water.

if you liked this and have ideas for other imagines feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Voicemails (a Zahra/Craig drabble)

Short Summary: not really a fic, just a collection of Voicemails delivered to Craig from Zahra… kind of wrote this instead if sleeping.


Sent October 25th, 2014, 14:22

“Hey Craig, uhm… can we talk?”

Sent November 13th, 2014, 10:54

“Hey Craiggers, call me I got something rad to tell ya”

Sent December 18th, 2014, 12:23

“Hey, wanted to thank you for last night, I enjoyed going on a… date, yeah… with you and I –chuckle– can’t believe we did it … anyway see ya in calc class.

Sent December 26th, 2014, 16:26

“Heard there was an explosion during the campus Christmas party ?! Are you okay? I am super worried , text me”

Sent March 14th, 2015, 15:25

“Sup, Craiggers, don’t forget we’re hanging out at my place tonight, you bailed on me last time so you owe me~”

Sent March 15th, 2015, 0:16

“You bailed on me… AGAIN! Seriously, dude what’s up with that , you didn’t even alert I was waiting the whole evening… just… call me when you can.”

Sent March 23rd, 2015, 13:25

“Is this real life? is this just fantasy? we actually hung out today, that’s new… anyway you’ve been missing more and more classes we can catch up later.

Sent April 17th, 2015, 19:00

"What the fuck, man? You haven’t called me in weeks, this getting ridiculous. Call. Back.”

Sent June 1st, 2015, 15:32

“Phew! Finals are DONE, can’t wait to hang out with you not once in thirty millennia!”

Sent June 18th, 2015, 18:55

“You lied to me… you told me you were visiting parents… instead you were hanging out with your stupid teammates and those pretty little cheerleaders, I saw the instagram pics… I have had enough take all your things from my place and leave me alone…”

Drafts, August 7th, 2015

“I hate you so much… I hate you I hate you I HATE you… fuck you, fuck everything you stand for… fuck your existence fuck you for making me feel this way, fuck you for making me cry myself to sleep, Fuck. You. You are the punishment of my life, Craig Hsiao.”

Drafts, August 20th, 2015

“I keep recording these to get my anger out… I seriously want to gouge your eyes out… but also hug your stupid self… fuck you, I hate you.”

Sent, September 3rd, 2015, 16:43

“What the fuck did I tell you about following me on campus, freak, get over yourself.”

Drafts, September 4th, 2015

“I am such a hypocrite…”

Drafts, March 5th, 2016

“I think I am over this… I think… I am blocking your number, you make me feel miserable and I never show that and it’s even worse. Goodbye, Craig…”

Sent January 6th, 2018

“Hey, Craig uhm… Can we talk?”

Take a Break (Lin x Reader)

Request: Could you possibly write a lin x reader where they are best friends and the reader has a test that they are super stressed about (like stressed to the point where nothing is sticking) and Lin decides that it would be good to pull his friend away from their work for awhile? Thanks :)

Summary: It’s finals week and the reader is stressed, so Lin shows up and decides to take their minds off things.

Warnings: Like one swear and exam stress ugh

i know this one was like just requested but i put it at the top of my list since it’s finals week and this may calm some people down hope no one minds

ps i didn’t proof read this either oops 

To: Y/N
From: Lin
whatcha doing?

You read the text you had just received from your best friend before flipping your phone over face down and focusing back on your textbook. The AP Economics exam was approaching quickly. You had two days to become an expert and needless to say, you were beyond stressed. No more then five minutes later, you received yet another text from Lin.

To: Y/N
From: Lin
you’re cramming, aren’t you?

You turned your phone back over once again, then reread the paragraph over aggregate supply and demand. Halfway through the page, your phone vibrated once again.

To: Y/N
From: Lin
didn’t I tell you to take a break?

You ignored it again, going back to figuring out how to graph the difference curves and what causes them to shift. Evidently Lin had yet to get the memo to quit blowing up your phone, for you received yet another text.

To: Y/N
From: Lin
that’s it, I’m coming over

To: Lin
From: Y/N
don’t you dare.

To: Y/N
From: Lin
a reply at last! too late, I’m on my way

You placed your phone down and groaned. How were you to become an expert economist if Lin was sitting beside you, yapping away about some historical figure he found extremely interesting? Sure, you absolutely loved Lin, but you could not afford to fail this exam. You redirected your attention back to your book, determined to retain some bit of information before Lin arrived.

Ten minutes later, you heard the jingle of keys and your front door unlock. Lin announced his presence, “Honey, I’m home!”

“I gave you that key for emergencies, you know,” you told him with a shake of your head, your eyes not daring to leave the page.

“It is an emergency! You, my good friend, are overworking. You need a break,” Lin said, perching himself on the desk at which you were attempting to study.

“No, what I need is for you to give me some peace and quiet so that I can study,” you told him.

He snatched your economics book from you, hiding it behind his back, “Let’s get a bite to eat.”

“Are you out of your mind?” you asked, trying to reach around him and retrieve your book from his grasp.

“Little bit,” he said with a grin before adding, “Come on, you’ve been working your ass off for the past two weeks, take a break.“

You groaned and told him, “I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation, Lin. I can’t afford to fail this exam.”

“When’s the last time you had an actual meal? Not just a bag of chips or a cup of noodles?” Lin asked.

You had to think about it, which cause Lin to lift his eyebrows at you. You sighed, “Okay, it’s been a minute. But I’m still eating, alright? Can I please have my book back?”

“Sure, after I treat you to dinner,” Lin answered.

“Lin, I don’t have the ti-”

“Then I guess you’re not getting this back,” he teased, waving the book around.

After a brief stare down between the two of you, you reluctantly gave in, “Fine! Let me get ready.”

“Table for two please,” Lin said to the hostess. You looked up from your phone and gave a slight smile to her before sneakily glancing back at your screen. Just because Lin had coaxed you into going out didn’t mean you couldn’t look over the notes you saved on your phone.

“Right this way,” the hostess said, escorting you and Lin to a table in the heart of the restaurant. The two of you took a seat and the hostess handed you both a menu. She said, “Your waiter will be with you shortly.”

You both gave your thanks as she walked away. Lin began looking over the menu while your focus remained on your electronic notes. He had taken you to your favorite place to eat, there was no need to read the menu when you knew what you wanted. Lin glanced up from his menu to look at you and he noticed the closed menu and how intensely you were looking at your screen. He inquired, “What are you doing?”

You looked from your screen to see his skeptical look on his face. You responded with a shrug, “Nothing.”

“Yeah right! I’ve never seen anyone look so perplexed at their phone screen, what are you looking at?” he said.

“It’s nothing,” you insisted.

Lin scoffed and quickly snatched your phone from your grasp. He looked at the screen and asked, “Economics notes? Really?”

“Yes, now give it back!” you said, watching your volume as you didn’t want to attract the attention of the whole restaurant.

“Only if you promise to forget about economics for the rest of the night,” Lin told you.

You rolled your eyes and said, “Lin, seriously, give it back.”

“I am serious, Y/N. You’re stressing yourself out way too much, you need to relax,” he said.

“I’m fine,” you assured him.

“When’s the last time you got a full eight hours of sleep?” Lin asked you. When he was given nothing by silence from you he said, “See? I’m just looking out for you.”

You sighed, realizing his point. You said to him, “Fine, no more economics tonight.”

“Pinky swear?” he asked.

"Really?” you asked in response with a chuckle.

“Really,” he said, holding out his pinky for you to link with.

You laughed at bit more and, as you linked pinkies, said, “Alright, I pinky promise, you dork.”

“Now, you can’t deny the fact that you a had a good time tonight,” Lin said with a smile as you two approached your front door.

You softly laughed and replied, “Yeah, yeah, I guess.”

“You’re welcome,” he said with a sing-song tone. You shook your head as you unlocked the door and stepped inside. Lin closed the door behind him and told you, “By the way, I’m staying over tonight.”

“Okay, but why?” You asked. It wasn’t uncommon for Lin to spend the night at your place or for you to spend the night at his place. Of course it caused several rumors about you two to spread around on campus, but neither of you cared.

“To make sure you sleep for an appropriate amount of time,” he told you.

You both entered your bedroom and asked, “What would you consider an appropriate amount of time?”

“At least eight hours,” he said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. 

You shook your head as you reached into one of your drawers. You grabbed one of the many pairs of sweats Lin kept at your apartment and tossed it towards him, aiming directly at his face. He sarcastically said, “Gee, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” you said with a grin, mimicking the little tune he did earlier with the same words. You grabbed a pair of pajamas and left to get dressed in your bathroom, Lin banging on the door five minutes later whining that he needed to brush his teeth. Moments later, you both settled into your bed. You whispered to your best friend who laid beside you, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Lin asked.

“For tonight. You were right, I really needed this,” you told him.

Lin faintly smiled and said, “It was my pleasure.”

“Goodnight, Lin.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

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Jungkook Scenario: Be Mine

Request: So can i request a Jungkook scenario where we are best friends and stuff,we spend time together,laugh,hug,just doing fun stuff..And then he just starts being distant with mee,and I get upset about it and angry about it,then after two days or so,in school he pulls me with him and I am still mad haha But he kisses me,and we make out on the hallway lmao :P ^^ And of course I am not mad anymore haha <3  

Genre: Romance / Drama

The road to your home was not an easy one to go by foot, your neighborhood was located on the top of a hill and even though you had already a couple of years living in this part of the town you were not entirely used to the steep road; and if it was tiring going by foot going on a bicycle was worse.

You were halfway to your destination and your thighs were already burning, each pedaling required a lot of effort but you knew you couldn’t stop, you had to push yourself and keep going, otherwise you would just end up falling down the hill and that wouldn’t be pretty, there was that and another reason.

-You still over there? Hurry up Y/N! - His voice made you look up from the handlebar to him. –Come on already! - He insisted, your eyes burning holes on his frame, he was already at the top, standing smugly next to his bicycle. –Or you want me to pick you up? -

-No way in hell! - You shouted not much like a lady but he laughed, his expression softening making you think about him in a way you shouldn’t.

Jeon Jungkook was his name, and right now he occupied so many spaces in your life you just didn’t know how to tag him anymore. He was you neighbor but also your classmate, he was your best friend and your assigned partner in science projects, he was the guy that made you run up hills on a bicycle on Saturday mornings, he was the guy you were secretly and irremediably in love with.

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Solangelo au fic

Inspired by: Teacher au where all their students ship it

Nico had begun to lecture his class when he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Come in… Will! What are you doing here?” he asked, his cool professional demeanour slipping under the unexpected presence of his flat mate in his class room. “I thought you had a shift this morning?”

Will grinned shiftily at him and presented a plastic bag in an embarrassed fashion. “You forgot your lunch so I thought I’d drop it off on my way to the hospital.”

“Will,” Nico sighed, exasperated “I could have just picked it up during my free period, you know.”

Will gave him a dopey grin, “I know, but I thought you’d want to save on petrol.”

“Right, well thanks, I guess. Now if you don’t mind.” He gave a pointed nod at his class, all of whom were watching the exchange in unnatural silence, and opened the door to see Will out.

“Right.” Will echoed, giving him a jaunty wave. “See ya tonight!”

“Have a good shift.” Nico called after him and shut the door on Will’s mock pained expression, an amused smirk tugging at the edge of his lips.

The class burst into a flurry of whispers the moment the door was closed and Nico marched back to his desk to find where he was in his notes. Clearing his throat he addressed the class again.

“As thrilling as you may or may not find thermal energy, it is part of the syllabus and does required your undivided attention…” 

The students fell silent again. Except…

“Sir? That was the first ever time I have seen you smile.”

“And it shall be the last time you see me smile, Alicia, if you fail your physics GCSE.”

The girl at the back lowered her hand but continued talking as if uninterrupted.

“Is he your boyfriend, Sir?” 

Nico gave a long suffering sigh. “No, Alicia, he is not. Now can we ple-”

“I think he wants to be, Sir.” Interrupted a boy in the 3rd row, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at his teacher.

“I seriously doubt it.” Nico replied dryly.

“So why are you seeing him tonight then?” Another student called out, and the class burst into stifled giggles.

“Because he is my flat mate, Samuel, and my friend.” Nico raised an eyebrow. “Surely even a teacher is permitted to have friends?” The rest of the class laughed at Sam. Sam bristled.

“Looked like he had a bit more than friendship on his mind…”

Nico rolled his eyes, “and what gave you that idea?”

“Sir,” piped up a girl in the front row, “He did just go out of his way to bring you your lunch. I mean, the hospital is on the other side of the city.”

“And look!” Cried the girl next to her, peering round the side of he desk at the fallen lunch bag. “He put a note in it too!”

The entire class cheered as the first girl sighed, “How romantic!”

Nico felt the tip of his ears heat up and looked to the TA for support, but she was stifling her guffaws behind her hand at the back of the room. Nico pinched the bridge of his nose as the class burst in chatter.

“Do you think he’s going to ask you out?”

“If he doesn’t, can I ask him out?!”

“He’s well hot, you should bags him while you can!”

“Sir, do you fancy him too?”

“Alright” Nico snapped. “You’ve had your fun, now can you please focus on the lesson?!”

He turned to the board and heard, “Looks like we hit a nerve…” muttered from somewhere behind him.

He blushed and smiled at his Thermodynamic notes. Maybe he would take the plunge tonight and ask Will out on a date, after all - what’s the worst that could happen?


Originally posted by emmawathson

Request: Will you do a smut imagine, where Derek and the reader don’t have something! And one day Derek has a sex dream with the reader and starting to see her differently and then he starts flirting with her and they end up together? 

Author’s Note: This probably sucks, so I apologize. I’ve just had terrible writer’s block lately, and I don’t know why :/ I hope you like it anyway. Enjoy

Warnings: Language; smutty stuff


“Alright, I think that’s everything,” I said, looking over at Derek with a smile. He put the last bowl away with a satisfied sigh, turning to face me. 

“Thank you again for this,” he said, leaning against the counter. I shook my head at him, grabbing my coat.

“It’s no problem, seriously. You know I love to cook for people. Call me any time you need a hand again, or if you just want a nice home cooked meal.” I shot him a playful wink, earning a chuckle. “I’ll see you later, Der.” 

“Bye,” he called as I walked out of the loft, pulling the door closed behind me.

Derek’s POV

I watched as Y/N left, smiling after her. She really came through tonight with helping me cook dinner for the pack when they came barging in, insisting we hole up and research this creature and try to form a plan. I had been in slight panic mode, but Y/N had come in to save the day.

Turning off the lights, I headed to pull on some sweats, climbing under the covers and flicking on my bedside lamp so I could read a bit before going to sleep. After awhile, my eyes started to droop and I couldn’t focus on the words on the page. I settled in, closing my eyes and letting sleep take me.

Smooth hands slid up by bare thighs, gripping the band of my boxers and pulling them away. I let out a shaky breath as I felt soft, lush lips make their way across my lower stomach, traveling down until-

“Fuck,” I gasped, pretty lips wrapping around me. My head tossed back a bit as her soft tongue swirled around my length. I let a small moan escape from my throat as I sank further into the wet heat of her mouth, pleasure moving through my body. Her pace increased until I was practically panting, my fingers tangled in soft locks. Just as I was about to come, I managed to open my eyes and look down.

“Y/N,” I moaned, my breath shaky. She winked up at me, pushing me over the edge. I came hard, and she took every drop before crawling back up my body, lips skimming and pressing against my skin.

“I love tasting you,” she whispered in my ear, nibbling on my earlobe. I couldn’t even speak. Something about this was off, but I didn’t care. I ran my calloused hands up her sides, feeling her shiver under my touch. Here she was, naked and glorious in front of me, and that was a sight I just couldn’t resist.

“Come here,” I growled, giving in and yanking her to my lips. I kissed  her hard, swallowing her moans as I flipped us over. Her nails dug into my shoulders, legs wrapping around my waist.

“Please, Der,” she whined, trying to pull me closer. “I need you inside me.” I let out a desperate sound, lining myself up to sink into her. As I did, she moaned my name, sending a shudder through me. I attached my lips her to neck, one of my hands massaging her breast as I slammed into her repeatedly. Fuck, she felt absolutely perfect wrapped around me. I couldn’t help myself, I had to pull back and see her as she came. Her beautiful face contorted into one of pleasure as she screamed my name, clenching around me-

My eyes flew open, frantically searching the room. I was covered in sweat, my breath coming in short, heaving gasps. 

“What the hell was that?” I mumbled to myself, running a hand through my damp hair. Arousal was still coursing through my veins, slowly ebbing away as I tried to process what had happened. A sex dream? About Y/N? 

With a sigh, I got up and headed to the kitchen for a drink of water. I couldn’t get the sight of her writhing under me as I slammed into her out of my head. I had no idea where this had come from. I had never been attracted to Y/N, ever. She was just a friend, nothing more. That is, until now.

Now I was wondering what she really would look like sprawled on my bed, all her clothes on the floor, my tongue dancing across her skin and tasting every inch-

Shaking my head, I let out a small groan of annoyance at myself. No, that could not happen. There was no way. I headed back to bed, situating myself under the covers yet again and ready to fall back to sleep and forget that this ever happened. I was sure that once I saw her in person, everything would go back to how it was before: normal.

Oh, how wrong I was.

The pack came over the next day for a meeting and brainstorming session about this recent threat. The minute I laid eyes on Y/N, I felt my breath hitch in my throat. God, she looked gorgeous, her hair beautifully framing her face, a smile lighting up her features.

What the hell are you thinking? I scolded myself, trying to shake the thoughts from my head. I tried to avoid eye contact with her, but it was impossible. The second she grinned at me, offering a tiny wave, I was done for.

“Hey, Der,” she said, squeezing my arm gently as she walked by me. I inhaled sharply at the contact, images from my dream invading my brain. Oh, God, this was not good. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the sway of her hips as she walked, and I couldn’t help but watch her perfect lips curve into a smile, her tongue occasionally daring out to wet them. I groaned inwardly, feeling like a hormonal teenager with a severe crush.

What was I going to do?


Something was off with Derek. Way off.

For the last two weeks he had been acting strange around me. At first when I talked to him, he would get all flustered and awkward and come up with some odd and off the wall response. Then, he started trying to flirt with me, which was even weirder. Especially since his flirting skills were not very…up to date.

He took every opportunity and excuse to touch me, whether it be he accidentally brushed by in the kitchen or he wanted to help me up from my spot on the floor, maybe walk me to my car to “make sure I was safe” and keep his arm pressed to mine as he did so. And he was always watching me, asking if I was alright, if I was comfortable, if I needed anything. Sometimes I caught him staring, meeting his eyes briefly before a pink tint rose to his cheeks and he looked away.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I was determined to find out.

After everybody left the meeting late one night, I stayed behind, turning to face Derek in the empty loft. My brows were raised, arms crossed over my chest as I zeroed in on him. He looked a bit taken aback, but nonetheless asked what was up.

“I want to know why you’ve been acting weird lately,” I said, not sugar coating anything. Derek tried to play innocent and act like he didn’t know what I was talking about, but I wasn’t having it. “Cut the shit, and be honest with me. What has gotten into you? You’re all…touchy and protective and flirty and just…weird!”

“Y/N, I think you’re just reading into things a little too much,” he mumbled, looking at the ground and clearing his throat.

“Oh, so you aren’t acting like you’re attracted to me then?” I challenged, walking closer to him. He swallowed visibly, but shook his head. I smirked, a devilish idea coming to mind. 

“So, then if I did this,” I said, my voice low and seductive as I stood in front of him, running a hand down his chest until my fingers hooked in the band of his jeans, pulling him flush against me. Derek gasped, his breathing becoming a bit labored. “You wouldn’t be affected?”

“Y/N…” he breathed, his eyes fluttering shut as he leaned closer. I took several steps back, pushing him away gently and giving him a pointed look.

“Tell me what’s going on, Derek.” My voice left no room for argument, and he sighed, his green eyes holding mine.

“You want the truth?” he asked. I nodded, folding my arms. “I know we haven’t ever had anything between us, but recently, something has changed…on my end at least,” Derek admitted, rubbing the back of his neck a bit.

“I’m flattered, really,” I told him, trying to be gentle. “But I just don’t understand why. I mean, it was all of a sudden.”

“I- I had a…dream. About you…and- me,” he stuttered. “It got me thinking, I guess.” He was dancing around the subject, I could tell. Derek’s face was beat red and he wouldn’t meet my eyes, not fully anyway. I stood there, analyzing him, until it finally clicked.

“Oh my god,” I breathed, a smile gracing my lips. I tried to hold in my laughter, but a few giggles broke loose. “You had a sex dream about me!” He sighed loudly, bringing a hand to cover his face. “Was it good? Did the sex blow your mind-”

“Y/N, please stop,” he begged, regret in his eyes. I chuckled, walking up to him and placing a hand on his arm affectionately.

“Der, it’s alright,” I told him. “You don’t need to be embarrassed. I’ve had some steamy dreams about you, too.”

“What, really?” he asked, surprised. I nodded, smiling up at him. 

“Yeah,” I laughed. “You’re attractive, I’m attractive, we’re good friends. Seems natural.”

“I..guess so?” Derek chuckled. “I don’t know why, but it got me seeing you…differently.” I wiggled my brows at him playfully, earning a glare. “Not necessarily like that. But, I mean, are you…attracted to me?”

“Who wouldn’t be?” I deadpanned, giving him a look. Derek laughed lightly, a nice sound to my ears. 

“Would you maybe want to…give something a try? We could just see how it goes. I’d like to take you up on that offer of dinner,” he said, smiling shyly. 

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt,” I agreed, grinning up at him. Derek pulled me into a hug, one that I returned gladly.

EXO wants children but you don't

Thanks for the request. Hope you like it x)


Baekhyun: Jagi, you know what would be really cute? Children. Wouldn’t they be cute? *snuggles up to you*

You: *scoff* What? You like the idea of little rascals running around and causing chaos? Not happening Baek. I don’t think I ever want children

Baekhyun: *whispers so you don’t hear* But I really want kids…. I want to be a father…with you as my wife…

Luhan: *runs up to you in the store* Look what I found!

You: Hm? What do you need that for?

Luhan: It’s for our future children!!

You: *you give him an uncomfortable smile* Luhan….I have no plans of having children… I hope you understand….

Luhan: *says nothing and walks away looking upset*

Sehun: *cuddles his doll joyfully*

You: What is that? It looks ratty

Sehun: It’s my doll pinkeu pinkeu. I’m gonna pass it down to my child

You: Sehun we’ve talked about this before….

Sehun: Who said it was gonna be our child


Tao: You: I found your diary last night…and I accidentally read your last entry……

You: I’m sorry….it’s just not something I see in my future…

D.O: Let’s make babies tonight

You: God I know you’re horny, but do you seriously have to bring that up?

D.O: What? Is it wrong to hope the condom breaks? I want children…

Chen: *walks in with a playful smile and clawed hands* Rawr

You: What are you doing?

Chen: Practicing how I would walk in to my baby’s room

You: How many times do I have to say that I don’t want kids?

Chen: Well I don’t want baby goats either, geez


Lay: I know you’ve told me you don’t want children….but can’t you please think about it again? For me? I want to be a father who teaches my children about life….I want to teach them how to cook, how to dance, how to play the piano and guitar…please think about it again…

Kris: I will paint our future family and you tell me then that you still don’t want children. I know you’ll change your mind once you see it

Chanyeol: *smiles cutely* Look at the baby…jagi…? *turns and sees you walking away*

Kai: I wonder if our baby will have the same beautiful hair as me

*you turn away and he notices what he just said*

Kai: Well if you don’t want to have babies then what’s the point of having sex?

*you turn around in disbelief and see him crying behind a piece of paper*

Xiumin: *after having the talk about babies he goes to the kitchen and eats his heart out* Well, I guess…..there would be more food for me…..

Suho: *listens to you and sighs*

Suho: I really wanted to be a father….but if its what you want….then I’ll be fine with it

anonymous asked:

Wooow the new prompts look good! Could you do #32 for naruhina please? Your writing is brilliant! <3

32. friends with benefits au



The phone buzzes not even five minutes after she gets home.

Face pressed to her pillow, Hinata blindly reaches out for her phone, which she had carelessly tossed upon the bedside table. She turns her head a little and lazily opens one eye to look at the screen. As expected, it is him.

already miss u :(

Heaving a sigh, she sits up on the bed and types a reply.

I miss you too, but I’m tired right now. Talk to you later. <3

Without waiting for an answer, she throws the phone away, lies back down, and cries herself to sleep.

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Christmas Party Embarrassment

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Genevieve, Mark
Words: 1308
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader has a huge crush on Jensen. At the Supernatural cast and crew Christmas party, she gets nervous just seeing Jensen, and has a bit too much to drink.

Originally posted by yaelstiel

           You were never one to really drink very much. So, you didn’t plan on it at the annual Christmas party for the show you were on, Supernatural. But then you saw Jensen and you grabbed your first drink.

           “Hi, Y/N,” Jensen greeted you. You had been on the show for a while and had become really good friends with everyone, including Jensen. But you also had a huge crush on him and couldn’t figure out how to actually be around him without making a fool out of yourself when you talked to him.

           “Oh, hey, Jensen,” you said, taking a bigger drink of your drink than you meant to, immediately wincing at the sudden intrusion of alcohol on your throat.

           “You okay?” he asked.

           “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” you nodded, “Umm … can you just excuse me? I need to talk to Genevieve,” you said, pointing to Jared’s wife.

           “Sure,” Jensen said, “See you later.”

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✧ family ✧

✧ daredevil // mcu

✧ pairing: matt murdock x reader

✧ request: in that case, could i request more fluffy parents with matt/reader? <3

✧ word count: 1213  words

 “Stop bouncing your leg!” You scolded Matt, your eyes focused on the road. You found it pretty cute that Matt was so nervous about meeting your dad, but you needed your focus on the road.

 “I’m nervous,” Matt sighed, playing with his fingers. He felt like your dad was going to hate him. Hey Mr. Y/L/N, I’m your daughter’s boyfriend and I’m a blind orphan who had a really shitty childhood. Not the perfect boyfriend.

 “And I’m driving!” You replied, stopping at a red light.

 “Your dad knows that I’m blind, right?” Matt asked, turning his head to you. You didn’t tell your mum that he was blind before Matt met her, and things got a little awkward. Not that your mum thought blind people were bad or whatever, she was just shocked that you could miss such detail. Your dad was a little overprotective, so he approached the whole thing way different than your mum did. It was actually pretty funny.

 “Of course he does,” you chuckled. “I wouldn’t do the same mistake again, would I Murdock?”

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Three hunters and an angel walk into a bar, you think with a barely concealed smile as you and your friends enter the local pub. You’re greeted by the sounds of pleasant chatter, raucous laughter, and a man belting out his drunken rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Normally, you refused to join the brothers when they hit up the bar scene, but tonight you figure you could make an exception.

As you make your way further in, Dean places a hand on your back and leans in close so he could be heard over the din. “Sam and I will try and find a table.” His breath is warm against your ear. “Can you and Cas grab our drinks?”

“Sure,” you nod and then you split into pairs. Cas follows you up to the bar where you flag down the bartender and give your order.

“ID?” Feeling a little flattered that you didn’t look old enough to drink—even though most days you felt like the years keep piling up on you—you pull out your wallet and offer him your driver’s license, the only real piece of identification on you. He gives it a quick glance then hands it back to you. “Happy birthday.”

You meet Cas’s gaze and notice he looks upset. “Why didn’t you mention today was your birthday?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Birthdays are not nothing,” Cas says gravely. “It is a celebrated human milestone for having lived another year.”

“Yeah, well, for us, every day we survive is something to be celebrated so let’s just treat it like any other day, okay?” The conversation halts when the bartender returns with your drinks. As you both make your way back to the brothers, you weasel a promise out of Cas not to mention anything about it to them. You really didn’t want to make a big deal out of tonight; you just wanted to enjoy it for what it is.

Once you get to the table, you distribute the drinks. “Do we have food on the way?” you ask Dean eagerly.

“Got all the greasy, deep-fried items on the menu.”

“Awesome,” you grin. “I’m gonna hit the ladies’ room. Be right back.”

Just as you leave the table, a waitress arrives and hands out four complimentary birthday shots. The brothers give Cas a probing look, but Cas pointedly ignores them.

“Got something to tell us, buddy?” Dean prompts.

With a look that could rival Sam’s puppy dog eyes, Cas lifts his index finger and shows them the dried pink blob stuck to it. “I think I touched someone’s gum.” Dean nearly gags as he shoves the offending hand away.

Sam lifts his brows inquisitively. “It’s Y/N’s birthday today, isn’t it?”

As Cas wipes the gum off with a napkin, he gives a long sigh, like he’s trying to expel all the air from his lungs. “I promised I wouldn’t mention it but, as the saying goes, the cat has escaped the bag. It is her birthday, but she refuses to celebrate.”

“We can’t not celebrate her birthday,” Sam argues. Dean, who’s trying to push the used napkin off the table with the bottom of his beer bottle, voices his agreement.

Cas fidgets in his seat. “She was quite adamant about not informing you both. There were some implied threats against my life if you were to find out.”

“Then we’ll just have a good time without her knowing,” Sam decides. 

You make it back to the table and comment on the shots but don’t think too much of it. You figure Dean had just ordered a round. He raises a glass and the rest of you follow his lead. “To surviving another one,” he toasts. You think he’s referring to the case you’d just solved but they all know better. After clinking glasses, you all down the shots in one gulp. You exhale sharply as the liquid burns your throat.

“Let’s get this party started!” Dean cheers.

The rest of the evening passes by enjoyably as you talk, eat, and drink. The four of you play a couple rounds of pool and darts. Dean even manages to convince Sam to join him on stage to sing “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” Their performance is met with loud and enthusiastic applause, most of which come from you.

After that, women and men alike come up to your table, asking if they can buy drinks for one or two of you or a dance. You all accept the drinks, chugging an assortment of beer and fruity liquor. There was a leggy blonde whose invitation to dance Dean couldn’t refuse. He hardly ever dances, but it didn’t matter since what he and the blonde are doing doesn’t exactly qualify as dancing. He simply swayed in place, shifting his weight from one foot to the other while she pressed herself against him in a number of creative ways.

When he returns to your table at the end of the song, you don’t hide your surprise. “I thought for sure that would be the last I’d see of you tonight!”

He catches the eye of the blonde sitting back at the bar, and she gives him a “come hither” look. With a slightly regretful chuckle, he turns back to you. “Nah. Tonight, you’re the only girl I wanna spend time with.”

You know Dean is just flirting with you like he does sometimes, in that way that’s never meant to be taken seriously. But the comment still spreads warmth all over your body. “Hey, don’t let me stop you from having a good time,” you say instead. Sure, you’d be a little sad to see Dean go. But you know that sometimes he and Sam needed these things, needed that kind of release.

“Y/N, you ain’t stopping me from anything,” he assures you. “I’m having a great time right here. Are you?”

You don’t miss the affectionate smiles he, Sam, and Cas are giving you.

“The best.”

When you’re spending your special day surrounded by the people you loved more than anything in this world, how could you not?

Stydia 5x15 sneak peek appreciation post

Let’s start about how Lydia calls Stiles. Her voice sounds so broken. She’s so confused about him being there to rescue her. She’s standing there, with her hands tied up, and when he comes into the room, it’s like the sun came out.

(Then I’m pretty sure there’s a cut. Maybe Stiles says something to her, or maybe there is another scene in between. We’ll see tonight)

We can also see that  Stiles made a smiliar entrance as in 5x04 at the police station. 

But he didn’t stop there, paralyzed as in 5x04. He RUNS toward her. He’s there to SAVE HER.

Can we also appreciate how his hands are shaking as he reaches her head? He’s seen the blood. He knows she’s hurt. The love of her life is hurt. And he’s been there before, but he couldn’t do anything to save her. 

And now she’s hurt. But let’s see how scared she is because she might thing is an hallucination, like it happened with Aiden. But right when he toches her head, her face changes, she doesn’t look scared, she looks so worried, because she’s just realised that it’s real. He’s there. They are there to save her, and they’re in danger. They’re there because of her. They’re in danger because of her.

Oh wait, another cut! 

Her face and his hand barely move. In this interview you can hear her saying: “You can’t be here”

THERE WE HAVE IT. Stiles’ “what have they done to my wife” look. He was in shock when he saw her and he didn’t even realized he’s tied up. Stiles’ mouth open in complete shock. Stiles’ eyes wide open because he can’t belive what they did to her.

Oh no, here comes the heartbreaking moment!

Am I the only one who can see the tears on her eyes? I can’t get over this. Seriously, the last time they went to save Lydia, Allison died. I can’t deal with another death. 

He looks so confused omg. Are you saying that as a Banshee or you’re just being pessimistic?

But there’s no way we can get through this without you.

I don’t really know what is this. I mean, I had to talk about that sneak peek no matter what, and also I just didn’t feel like doing any homework. But seriously, I have no clue of how are we supposed to survive tonight episode tho.

I'm Just A Little Unwell (Luke Hemmings)

you’re on tour with your best friends and you get sick; all the other boys go out to a party while luke stays back with you in your hotel room. (i think i’m getting worse at these summaries)

(requested) (have a request?)

Charlie really hoped that she didn’t look anywhere near as bad as she felt because she felt like she’d been hit by a freight train and dead was not a fashion statement that she could pull off.

She might not care as much if not for the fact that she was on tour with her four best friends and she was supposed to be having a great time while also getting paid to be their guitar tech. Being sick was bad enough but having to be surrounded by a live band while she worked was doing nothing to help alleviate her head ache.

“Charlie, babe, you look rough.” Michael told her while handing over his guitar as the four boys ran off stage.

If Charlie hadn’t downed half a bottle of cough medicine earlier on she might have noticed the glare Luke sent in the direction of the green haired boy at the mention of the pet name. In reality she was having a little trouble focusing on anything much for a long time without it all getting a bit fuzzy.

She tried to glare at him herself but it was a pretty piss poor effort and it just made her head hurt even more.

“I’m sick you asshole.” She responded, setting the guitar down with the others that she’d already put away that night. “Don’t be mean to me.”

“Yeah, don’t be mean to our wittle Charlie.” Ashton cooed as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. All the boys laughed as she scrunched up her nose and stepped away from the sweaty boy.

“Guess we’re not going to that party then.” Calum put in after taking a long pull from his water bottle.

“I think I’m just going to head back to the hotel, try and sleep it off you know.” She paused looking around at their somewhat concerned faces. “You guys should go though; I know how much you were looking forward to it.”

“We can stay, really we don’t mind.” Luke piped up.

“No, I’m not going to be much fun anyway. I’ll probably just sleep most of the time.” She waved them off but they continued to send her worried glances.

With a roll of her eyes she leaned forward and gave Luke and Michael a small shove before raising her eyebrows at all of them.

“Seriously, I’ll be fine.” She shook her head at them and immediately regretted it. “Now hurry up and shower or none of you are going to be getting laid tonight.”

The boys walked off with waves and promises to see her later. Luke was the last one to leave and he pulled her into a short hug before heading off in the direction of the dressing room, a small smile on his face.

Charlie quickly finished packing up the equipment she was in charge of before making her way back to the hotel that everyone was staying in for the next few dates of the tour. The only thing that was good about her getting sick was that it while they were in the same city for a few days so at least she wouldn’t have to be cramped onto a bus.

She couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she let herself into the hotel room she was sharing with Calum and Ashton. As much as she’d wanted her own room the budget hadn’t allowed for it; she was alternating between Calum and Ashton and Luke and Michael’s rooms just so she didn’t have to share with one of the other crew members that she didn’t know as well.

Just as she’d got settled in bed, now dressed in her pyjamas and almost ready to start watching whatever Disney movie she could find, Charlie heard a light knock at the door. For a few seconds she considered just ignoring it and pretending that she didn’t hear whoever it was, but in the end her curiosity and good manners won and she dragged herself from the bed and over to the door.

Without even bothering to look through the peep hole to check who it was she yanked it open. She’d considered most of the possibilities on the way over to the door, but she was still shocked to see Luke standing on the other side of the threshold with a wide smile and a tub of ice cream.

“Luke, what are you doing here?” She asked, eyebrows furrowed and confusion lacing her tone. “Why didn’t you go with the boys?”

Luke flinched slightly at her words and it was then that she realised that she had probably made it sound like she wished he wasn’t there.

“I can go if you wanted?” He offered, the statement sounding more like a question than he’d intended.

“No.” Her eyes went wide as she frantically gestured for him to come into the room. “It’s just I thought you were going to the party and I wasn’t expecting company.”

“I can tell.” He told her as he walked past her into the room. “Cute pyjamas.”

He sent a playful wink in her direction which caused Charlie to blush. She quickly shut the door as a way to distract herself before she turned around to see Luke rummaging through one of the cabinets. A few moments later he emerged with two spoons and a triumphant smile.

“To answer your question about why I didn’t go with the boys,” He sat down and made himself comfortable on Charlie’s bed and after a few seconds she went and joined him. “I know you hate being alone when you’re sick. Besides, what are best friends for if not to comfort you when you feel like crap? Which is why I’ve come bearing ice cream and my cuddling services.”

A wide smile made its way onto Charlie’s face because Luke actually was the best friend anyone could ask for. The thought of cuddling with him sent her stomach into a frenzy that had nothing to do with her illness; it wasn’t like they hadn’t done it before, but Charlie’s slight crush on the blonde boy made her think that it meant more to her than it did to him.

“You definitely know the way to a girl’s heart Luke Hemmings.” She joked, taking the ice cream from him and opening it.

“Yours is the only girl’s heart I’d ever want to be in.” He told her with a cheesy grin before they both started laughing at how inappropriate that could have sounded if it was taken the wrong way.

It took less than ten minutes for the two of them to finish off the whole tub of ice cream (and honestly it was amazing that it took that long because if Charlie hadn’t been sick it probably would’ve been gone in just under five minutes). When they were finished Luke tried to throw the empty container in the bin that was across the room and failed miserably. With a groan he got off the bed to go and actually put it in the bin and while he was up Charlie took the chance to crawl under the covers again.

“You look so adorable right now.” Luke told her with a chuckle when he turned back around before he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

She heard the shutter of the camera and a few seconds later a notification flashed up on the screen of her phone. Unlocking the device she opened Twitter to see that Luke had tweeted the photo with the caption ‘spending my night with this cutie’ followed by her username and a ridiculous amount of emoji’s. She rolled her eyes and threw her phone back on the bedside table as Luke climbed onto the bed and pulled the covers over himself.

“I’m probably going to fall asleep really soon.” She told him with a yawn, the medicine obviously taking effect and making her feel drowsy.

He nodded and opened his arms to allow her to cuddle into his side, her head resting on his chest. The two of them sat in silence and the steady rise and fall of Luke’s chest and the rhythmic way he was running his fingers through her hair was slowly lulling Charlie to sleep.

“Hey, you still awake?” He asked quietly as he moved his hand out of her hair and started to run it up and down her arm gently.

She was barely keeping her eyes open so instead of speaking she just nodded her head and nuzzled further into his chest. He pulled her closer to him and gave her a sort of awkward one armed hug. She could feel his heart beat start to pick up and it made her want to lift her head and look at him but she just couldn’t muster the strength.

“You know that I really care about you, right?” She nodded again. “I think I like you more than a best friend should.” He admitted with a sigh, his heart beating impossibly fast.

Charlie wondered if he could hear the way her heart was pounding in her chest because of his confession, surely at the least he’d be able to feel it. She wanted to be able to answer him but talking just seemed to be way too difficult. Hesitantly she reached out her hand and tangled her fingers with his, hoping that he’d understand what she was trying to say without her actually having to say it.

“I really want to kiss you right now.” His voice was barely audible and she might not have heard him at all if they weren’t so close.

“I’m sick Luke, that’s gross.” She managed to get out which caused him to laugh softly. “Besides then you’d get sick and you’re such a baby when you’re sick.”

“Does this mean you like me back?” He asked raising their entwined hands. Yet again Charlie nodded and Luke thought that his heart was about to burst because he was so happy. “You sure? Because if you change your mind in the morning I’m going to tell you that you dreamed this whole thing.”

“Yes I’m sure Luke.” She mumbled and squeezed his hand lightly. “And I give you permission to kiss me when I get better.”

Luke leant down and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “You should get some sleep.” He muttered. “I’ll be here when you wake up and hopefully you’ll feel a bit better.” 

Let us in. part 2

Part 1 is here 

John Laurens x reader 

ft: hamilsquad (they were in part 1 so they sorta have to be here too :p) 

John woke up in the middle of the night. His head was on Alexanders lap. Alexander was taking up a small part of the sofa , he was sleeping on the side with his legs curled up. John had slept in the same position and used Alexander as a pillow. Lafayette had used John as a pillow but he was taking up much more space his legs were spread over the rest of the sofa and Hercules’s legs. Hercules seemed to be sleeping in a sitting position. there were blankets on the floor they must have kicked them off in their sleep. John got up pushing Lafayette off him and he didn’t wake up from it. His neck was a little sore from sleeping like this. John was still extremely tired but he really didn’t wanna cuddle with his friends in uncomfortable positions. He wondered where (Y/N) was and walked into her room. She looked so peaceful when asleep, he was sure you wouldn’t mind if he slept in your bed. After all he was still pretty drunk and it was 3 am and cold. He got into your bed and used the extra pillow but there was no extra duvet and he didn’t want to wake you up by trying to share it so he fell asleep

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Love Me or Leave Me [L.H.]

This is pretty trash, I’m trying not to rush but I ended up doing it, still, I hope you enjoy! Inspinred by Love Me or Leave Me by Little Mix~Alex


You looked at your phone, seeing Luke’s picture come across the screen you immediately answered.

“Hey Luke,” you smiled. “are we still on for tonight?”

“Uh, about that,” he started. “I can’t tonight, sorry.”

“Why not?” you frowned, he had cancelled last week, and the week before.

“We’re struggling to get everything put together for the tour, I’m really sorry.”

“Luke this is the third time.” you stated.

“I know, but I’m sure the guys won’t mind if you-”

“Luke I wanted to spend time with you, alone.” you stressed, seriously, it was nothing against the others but you and Luke hadn’t been alone in the longest.

“Well I’m sorry we can’t tonight.”

“This sucks, you know that?” you felt like you were going to burst, honestly, you were sick of it.

“This isn’t something I can’t just blow off, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry if you’re not.” you blurted, he just didn’t sound like he was being genuine.

“I am sorry! Do you really think I’m thinking ‘you know what would be fun? If I blew off y/n’?”

“Honestly,wouldn’t be surprised at this point.” you sighed.

“Are you kidding me?” he scoffed.

As you thought about it, it did sound ridiculous, but at this point you were too angry to be rational.

“Well that’s what it feels like!” you argued. “we can’t keep doing this, you know that?”

“I know, but I just can’t help that this is what I have to do.”

“I’m not even going to make you choose, that would be a bitch move.”

“It would.” he agreed, but even he knew this conversation wasn’t over.

“But I need to see you more than what I am,” you said. “and that has to change.”

“And what does that mean?” he huffed.

“We either need to try harder, or end this.” you stated plainly.

Luke got quiet, wasn’t he already trying his hardest?

“Luke?” you asked hoping for an answer, but you didn’t get one so you hung up.

A part of you was hoping he would’ve said something but at the same time, you didn’t feel like wasting your energy on something that wasn’t going to work out.


That night you spent most of your time tossing and turning, you couldn’t get your mind off the conversation you had hours ago. It was currently 2:09 and you couldn’t even get yourself to sleep at this point. Then your phone went off.

Luke: I’m outside your door, let’s talk

Y/n: can it wait?

Luke: nope

You reluctantly got up and answered the door.

“Hey.” he said once you were face-to-face.


“Bad time?” he asked trying to get a laugh from you.

“What is it Luke? I was trying to sleep.”

“I just want to cut to the chase, I don’t want to give up on us.”

“Luke, I-”

“Hear me out on this, I love you.” he said. “More than I love anyone, I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately, but you know you mean so much to me.”


“I’m not finished, tomorrow, just you and me, no one else, no responsibilities, all day, please?”

He stayed silent, waiting for your answer.

“You really want this?” you didn’t want to get your hopes up, but he did seem serious about this.

“Yes, I swear.”

“All day for us?” you asked with a smile.

“All day, just us.” he confirmed.

Zankie in NYC, Part 2

The rest of the morning after Zach gets picked up from the airport by AJ and Frankie. Pretty much just fluff set in NYC. 

I hope you like it! Thanks for reading! 💕

Part 1

Zankie in NYC (Continued)

The three of them drove through the city in the morning. The city was just waking up. It was overcast and there were groups of small children in school uniforms walking down the street or climbing into buses. A few people dressed against the stinging cold of the morning were making their way to the subway and taxis were hanging out by hotels or driving in the opposite direction. All of the local coffee shops were packed with people. Steam rose from the hot liquid as strangers braved the cold again on their way to unknown destinations. Frankie watched them all. He loved this city. There was no way around that. He hoped that Zach would come to love it as he did.

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