seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen

  • reasons to love andy mientus:
  • • his tweet game is very strong
  • • like seriously imagine twitter without him
  • • not to mention his killer voice
  • • can he sing me to sleep
  • • amazing acting
  • • he plays kyle bishop who's kind of the cutest fictional characters with a great arc
  • • his marius is one of the cutest things i've ever seen
  • • he really has that dorky touch of pontmercy to him
  • • also his hanschen tho omg
  • • he has v pretty blue eyes
  • • and his shy smile is the most adorable thing to exist
  • • like his instagram selfies are the cutest
  • • he really cares about his fans and basically everyone ever
  • • he's super sweet and heartfelt
  • • he supports lgbt rights (being bi himself)
  • • he's a major geek (especially when it comes to pokemon)
  • • his fashion sense is the cutest (can basically rock anything from a floral shirt to mustard bottoms to a blue suit)
  • • he can make you smile in like .2 seconds
  • • his dedication to everything he does is amazing
  • • he's andy mientus
  • • how could you not love andy mientus

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've seen those /rare/ pictures of seb with curly hair but is his hair naturally curly? Because if it is I'm just wondering why that boy doesn't wear it like that more often when it's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen?? I need more curly haired seb in my life lmao

I’m pretty sure when he doesn’t do anything to it, yeah his hair is at least naturally wavy, and you right, it’s adorable and I love it

big-plans-for-that-fish  asked:

your love for janet jackson is actually the cutest fucking thing i've ever seen. also you're completely right. she deserves way more respect than she's given.

Honestly, I seriously owe that woman my life. At a time when I was coming out and figuring out who I was, she released The Velvet Rope and that album helped me understand who I was. There were so many emotions that were running through my head and I just couldn’t get a grip on it all. It was overwhelming, but that album, man, that album got me. 

Knowing that Janet herself had things she was dealing with, similar to me just made me feel that it was okay. That I was normal to feel like this and it really connected me with her. Here’s this HUGE superstar struggling with her own depression and body issues like I was. I knew then that if Janet could overcome them, I could. 

I was 15 when I came out. I was young and still a bit naive about how the world worked, but I knew who I was. I knew I was loved and I knew that I could beat whatever was holding me back. It was that album that did that. It was those lyrics, those notes, that woman who saved my life. 

So when I see things like that and see that she’s left out, yet again. It bugs me. I get a bit overzealous, I’m sure, but when she means that much to me, I can’t help it. 

Sorry, I went on a word-vomit induced spazz there, but the woman just gets me. 

This is so cute! Just look at Sasuke! Seriously though, just zoom in on his little chubby face and stroke the screen of your phone or tablet or whatever. What da heck happened to the little guy???

Thanks for this adorable picture! ^ ^