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170502- Ennana with Jaehyun and Johnny (part 1)

Here’s the video of Jaehyun reading a cute story by his hoobae. This is seriously the cutest thing ever. Part 2 here. 

video and translation credit: JayTheater and jaehyunbom


college!astro au ~ jinjin

Jinjin: photography & music tech double major

  •  Campus radio station DJ 
    • constantly tries to invite Walking on Sunshine 
    • Other DJ: “they came on literally last week" 
    • Jinjin: "ok bUt" 
  • Takes photos of the Squad 
    • Photo in point
      • Jinjin: "u know what would be nice" 
      • Everyone: "what" 
      • Jinjin: "if we took a photo of ourselves" 
      • Jinjin: "taking a selfie
    • Takes half the photos of Eunwoo that aren’t selfies 
    • Also takes all of the photos used on Walking on Sunshine’s cover art 
    • Also films all of Walking on Sunshine’s covers 
  • Runs an aesthetic Instagram 
    • Mostly photos he’s taken but also some of the squad bc he’s using it as an unofficial portfolio 
    • Runs an aesthetic Twitter too 
    • Also runs a dog spotting account but that doesn’t really matter 
  • Tried taking on a dance minor but MJ dissuaded him because "with the amount you’re taking on you might actually kill yourself then where would I be without someone to promote my music on campus radio??”

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But what if Present Mic was Izuku’s father ;) That could be pretty fun if not too overly serious? Present Mic & Inko are both pretty dramatic people, they could have a pretty cute relationship :P Imagine them either still being together or now amicably parted and Izuku growing up with Mic as his father :) Mic gushing about his adorable son on his show, bringing Izuku along to school, sulking about All-Might still being the favourite... it could actually be a pretty cute idea if you wanted - Cy

Okay listen. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I have literally not been able to think about anything other than bnha these past few days, so I’ve been spending a LOT of time in the bnha tags and like, there are like five characters I’ve become completely enthralled with. Present Mic is one of them.

And I’d just like to thank you for making me think of this idea seriously because it is literally one of the cutest things ever. So here, have a hastily thrown together AU because I couldn’t resist the cuteness:

Inko and Mic divorce each other on friendly terms when they both realize that they just want different things in life. Izuku is 2 when it happens, and he’s a little confused, but he’s the apple of his parents’ eyes, so they work hard to make sure the separation is as stress-free as possible.

They have a joint custody agreement where they both have equal time with him, and they alternate holidays every year so that he can spend them with both sides of his family, and they occasionally take vacations together, so that Izuku can have both of them around for a while.

When he’s young, he switches between them pretty often, but once he gets older and doesn’t need to see both parents as frequently, he lives with each parent for a week at a time.

Izuku is a super well-behaved baby, so until he starts school himself, Mic actually brings him along to school pretty often. His students completely fall in love with little Izuku.

The girls coo and give him chocolates and let him sit in their laps while they listen to Mic’s lecture. Occasionally the boys teach him horribly inappropriate words that get them detention for a week.

Izuku hears Mic’s english lessons so often that he picks up on a few things, and sometimes is able to answer the question before the students can. This ends up pushing the students to learn better.

Mic becomes one of the most popular teachers in school.

Izuku also sometimes goes to Mic’s radio show.

And one night, Mic decides to start “Izuku’s Advice Corner” as a joke.

But thanks to Izuku’s bluntness and his childishly simple (yet surprisingly insightful) way of looking at the world, it ends up becoming one of his most popular segments.

Izuku grows up with UA as his playground, and the radio as his stage.

He grows up with loving parents who will do anything to make sure he’s happy, and a childhood friend who often likes to tease him about how annoying his voice quirk can be.

And many years later, when he jumps into the sludge guy incident to save his best friend, his uncle All Might will look at him and think, “Yes. This is the boy that will become my successor.”

Mic probably gets a little insecure when Izuku starts spending so much time around All Might, when their relationship gets closer and closer.

But Izuku is still an affectionate cuddle monster who looks at his dad as if he hung the stars himself, and over time, Mic comes to see that the parental relationship Izuku has with All Might doesn’t mean less love for him. It means more love for Izuku (yes I did just steal that from Kung Fu panda, shhhh).

And when Izuku accidentally calls All Might “dad” one day and All Might starts crying, Mic isn’t bothered in the least. Because it means that there’s just one more person now who loves his little Izuku to the moon and back, and who would do anything to keep his son safe.

It means that Izuku has one more parent to look to up to, and learn from.

And it means that Mic can rest easy, knowing that if anything were to ever happen to him, his little Izuku would be in good hands.

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i was watching this video where a guy undergoes minor surgery and when he comes round from the anesthesia, he briefly forgets he's married and so naturally it made me think of how that'd go if it happened to victor and how he'd probably start to hit on yuuri all loopy telling him he's really pretty and if he's some sort of sexy doctor, getting pumped when after asking him if he's single yuuri tells him he's actually married to him (wow). yuuri finds it all endearing because how could he not

THERE IS A FIC BASED OFF OF THIS!!! It’s right here and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever! (s/o to @ebenroot for finding the link for me)

I have only 41 followers here and seriously, you are the 41 cutest people on this planet. You don’t even know me and you offer me so much support. I fucking love you and wish you could never unfollow me.

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okay so u and kaitlyn are seriously the CUTEST together!! like from ur pics to ur conversations here...u guys are just serious goals af. like can yall stop being so damn cute??

Lol thank you. I don’t think we mean to be…cute? Lol we are just friends that interact on here, but it’s fun lmao. 😝

Armin Is Allergic To Cats

This comes from an anon!

Anonymous said: I have an EreMin/EreAru request ^-^. Eren completely flipping out at how adorable Armin is when he’s violently sneezing around cats. I dont know, does that even make sense?


Aaaaand…Welcome to my humble abode!

Wow, Eren…this place is actually…really nice. How did you manage this?

A family friend owns this house, so the rent is really cheap. The bathroom is up that way, and the bedrooms are upstairs.

*Getting somewhat stuffy* You got really lucky, this place is a *sneezes* amazing.

Bless you.

Thank you. *Sneezes again* You…you don’t have any cats, do you?

Two, actually, I’ll go grab them. One’s name is snuffles, and the other is mayhem.

*sneezes again* Please don’t get them, I’m really allergic to *sneezes again* cats.

Oh my god you’re absolutely adorable.

*sneezes again* shut up, loser.

Can I just bottle this moment up forever? Seriously Armin, you’re the cutest. Come here and give me and my cat a hug.

I’ll kill you.

Come on, you know you want to.

Eren, I swear to *Sneezes*

A breach in the defense! Tickle time!

Wait – no, Eren! *Giggles like a maniac* Eren stop it!

Will a kiss make things better?

No. *Moment*  Maybe.

*Le Kiss* Better?

Better. *Sneezes*

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Any chances you'll ever get to dtaw Harps/Bluebird?? I really really really want to see her on your style, you are gonna do an amazing job for sure. It's okay if you don't want to, or can't tho. Thanks anyways. =)

Ahhh, I can’t believe I haven’t drawn Harper and Cullen they are seriously the cutest siblings ever I just????

Here ya go! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Im the anon about the comic, but heres the picture. I think visalia is in California? Idk I might be wrong - @pearlshithyst

This comic cover is seriously the cutest thing. I need to check the Hot Topics around here to see if they have it because I need it.

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I just want to say I ADORE the way you draw Keith. He's so. Fluffy. I just wanna get my hands in his hair and ruffle it all up. Or Lance can do that that's fine too (seriously your art is the cutest and fluffiest and I'm so here for more romantic dorky Klance it's beautiful)