seriously that's us

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!


#what kind of accidental slow burn endgame romance

Look, it’s either that or an unholy amount of caffeine and praying to Satan. How do you spend your empty afternoons, Haruhii?

When people buy your hatchlings and give them lore and apparel.  

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Like basically what these “gay fetishising” crusaders are saying is that I am not allowed to think a gay couple is adorable and I’m not allowed to enjoy seeing them be cute and intimate with each other because that means I’m fetishising them. How is /THAT/ not offensive???

Happy new year!!

I’m very sorry I’ve been quite busy lately, but I had to take the time to say thank you. This quick doodle does not do any of you justice. Every single one of you, your tags, your comments, your asks, everything, have been a massive support pillar in my life thus far. 

This year has been full of ups and downs, many many stressful pitholes, all of which I have recovered from thanks to all of you. And many others, but all of you definitely played a major role in my life this year and I really, really wanted to just thank all of you.

For everything.

and now, to a brand new start.

Seventeen As Text Messages From Carats 2.0

S. Coups:













//admin cora//

Mini Matchmaker Part 3 in 30 minutes!!!

Oh hey guys, guess what I stayed up until 1:30am and finished part 3 so here it comes! 🎉I’m running on maybe 4 hours sleep and I’m in charge at work so that’s awesome. My life choices are excellent and there are never any negative consequences ever. 🙃🙃🙃🙃Actually I’m functioning pretty well, considering. BUT ANYWAY. I’m rambling. So yeah!! Daddy!Steve and Justice at 2pm EST! Whoooo!!

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  • Germans: At crossroads
  • Easy: In ditch
  • Dukeman: Down

When you randomly remember that your Chinese zodiac is Monkey and you kinda get excited because you feel like Iain De Caestecker has a reason to like you 

But then you realize that you’re really just a huge dork

Gently drops this off like 3 weeks later… ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Final version of my gift for @nixiad !!

line work & soft color version + extras

This is 100% intended for them to be romantic/dating, please do not tag/comment with “bro” or “no homo” related terms/phrases, thank you!!