seriously that's so annoying

Bitty is short. There’s nothing wrong with calling him short. I keep seeing posts acting like calling him short is offensive in some way and my 5′1″ ass is like ??? let him be short?? 

He’s 3″ shorter than the American average for white males. He’s particularly short for the sport he plays. He’s far shorter than anyone else on his team/in his friend group except Lardo. Considering his environment, he’s short. It doesn’t matter that he’s half a foot taller than me, saying “I’m shorter than Bitty and I can reach things” doesn’t change the fact that he is significantly smaller than would be expected in his sport or the fact that he’s significantly smaller than most of his friends

like yeah the “he can’t reach stuff” jokes get old but really people there’s no harm in calling him short, y’all need to calm down and just enjoy the glory of the Jack/Bitty height difference

((What are you all doing here! xD I had a happy attack in McDonald’s. And accidentally spit out my McFrappe(?) all over my girlfriend. Like, seriously these are like, all my favorite blogs rn. Also lilgreencaffine too but they aren’t in the picture. And some of this happened yesterday/two days ago? How did I not notice?! Imma go to sleep now. Min is too tired for this. xD))