seriously that's me right now

Some fanart of one of Scott’s older games, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. A pretty good game with a pretty interesting disturbing lore that I wish had gotten more attention

Bonus (messy) sketch:

what an incredible thing to be studying creative writing at the same time as i get to consistently post work for practice in a public forum and even have an entire documentation of work via the internet 


The love of my life (Inspiration-kun) finally decided to come back so this happened. Kinda like an alternate version of this.

Edit: Why the fuck did i spell sasuke’s name wrong?! UGH

I really like drawing crazy and I haven’t gotten a chance to draw Arthur yet so this was the natural conclusion. 

Somewhat inspired by Best Served Cold which is an amazing fanfic by hecallsmehischild (and is proof that I am seriously obsessed with this fandom by now seriously help me)

anonymous asked:

spideypool though (i'm so happy you got dragged into this ship) how did you start shipping it?


honestly I don’t know what happened?? I saw one of the posts going around with examples of Wade bein pan, I casually tweeted a thing… then not even a full day later I see spideypool art on my tl and suddenly I was like………… huh. HUH.

then I asked for fic recs, read this and then THIS AND NOW I’M IN SO DEEP?? I DONT KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM, I’M A NOVICE FAN TO BOTH PETER AND WADE??????????

send help.


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to everyone who’s sent a message i haven’t responded to yet:

  • i’m sorry
  • oh god
  • so so sorry
  • i swear i’m going to soon
  • (seriously i’m so sorry)
  • i didn’t mean to leave it this long
  • i always tell myself i’m going to get to them right away
  • (i am such trash please forgive me)
  • i am sO SORRY

When you’re crocheting and making tons of progress and everything looks great, it’s one of the happiest feelings in the world.

When you’re crocheting and all of a sudden the pattern doesn’t make sense, you’re splitting the yarn, and you ribbit more than you actually make progress, the only thing that will ever bring you happiness again is seeing the yarn go up in a pile of flames.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t. My mum and dad never wanted me to be an actress. They didn’t want me to be in acting at all. In fact, I remember telling them I wanted to go to college for theatre and my mum cried and said, “There’s no way,” and my dad sat me down very calmly one day and he said, “Why don’t you just go into broadcasting, and you can be a journalist. That’s acting, you’re reading your lines,” and I was like, “No dad, it’s not. That’s so sweet of you, but it’s not.” I had to overcome many things, many people telling me no. If you want it, and you believe in it, you have to do it.

Me after today’s DR3 episode:

MY BLOG IS A YEAR (and a day) OLD

Thank you all for an amazing year! Thank you all for following me! I have over 900 followers, and it makes so happy to know that 900 people are following me for my drawings and story! I really can’t thank you enough!

In case you didn’t know, the day I started the blog was: January 27th, 2015.

Unnecessary comments about my upcoming trip...

Two male coworkers right outside my office:

“She’s much prettier than you so she can spend her money on a whole bunch a shit like that. You know that’s just how it is.”
“That’s bullshit is what it is…”

(This went on for a while but I just can’t even repeat that mess.)

Really? Really?!? 

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