seriously that's all i could hear

Ok but some people weird me out so much?? Like, today I went to buy snacks and on my way home I noticed a little kid sitting on the sidewalk and crying his eyes out. What surprised me the most that there were people walking past him (including mature women and men) and not even looking at him, NO ONE EVEN STOPPED. Like, boy, I don’t like kids, I don’t want kids. Yeah, they are annoying and can cry from any reason at all. But that kid could have been SERIOUSLY HURT OR LOST or any other bad bad thing! Of course I run to him, asked whats the problem and ended up hearing that he just fell a bit and bruised his knee. I put a band ai for him and gave him my chocolate bar (as thats the best medicine, right?). Luckily it wasn’t anything serious but ayy people. Please don’t become any more cold-hearted. Asking whats the matter a crying kid won’t hurt you.