seriously that was a bit spooky actually

#181 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “Van is upset and maybe a bit angry with you because you walked home late by yourself from a night out with friends. And he keeps saying how dangerous it was of you. But you’re not really taking him seriously and keep kissing his neck and tracing his features. But he eventually makes you promise to never do it again.” and “What about Halloween with Van and the lids and you pinning him down to do his makeup all dark and spooky and at first he tries to fight you off but he actually just loves it” and “fic about you seeing van drunk for the first time and he is just completely all over you and has eyes only for you?”

Van hardly slept, so he existed on a timeline all of his own. 1 am wasn’t late for him. It was about the time the night really kicked into gear after a long and easy dinner and a few drinks. When he was still replying to your messages after midnight then, it wasn’t a surprise. You were out with your friends, but they wanted to go to that new club in the city with the two block line and $20 entry fee. Not exactly your cup of tea. It was Halloween, and you were dressed to bust ghosts. You wanted fun, not shitty techno music and overpriced drinks. Van told you to get in a taxi and go to him.

You were only a little drunk and the walk to his would sober you up. He was staying in a hotel across town and you’d always loved the city at night. It was even better with all the animated joy of costumes and novelty. When you got to the hotel, Van was waiting out the front. You happily jumped into his arms.

“Babe, did you fuckin’ walk here?” he asked. You nodded and grinned. There was no smile in return. “By yourself? Through the city?”


“What if you got mugged? Or something else? I told you to get a taxi,” he said, stepping back and leaving you unhugged.

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