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Wait Up!

Request: I’ve got a request!! You could do one where the reader is tony starks daughter and she meets Peter at Civil War (she’s on caps side) and stark makes Peter promise to look out for her, Peter didn’t realize she’d be so attractive!!😉 just an idea!!☺️             

Warnings: None

A/N: I have almost ten requests in my inbox, so if I haven’t gotten to yours yet… that’s why.


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One week earlier.

“Okay kid,” Tony looked at Peter seriously, “One last thing.”

Peter shifted uncomfortably under Tony’s gaze, fiddling with his fingers.’

“My daughter’s going to be out there. And I don’t- look; she chose the wrong side, but at this point, I don’t really have any say in what she does. So just promise me that you wont let her get hurt, Keep her occupied.”

Peter’s mind was going a mile a minute. A daughter? What’s her name? She’s on team cap? How come he’d never seen her before? “Y-yes sir.” He finally answered.
Tony nodded, “Good. She’s um, she’s not here right now, so you probably won’t see her until we get to the airport. Her name is Y/N.” He added quickly.

Peter shrugged, trying to paint a picture of Y/N Stark in his mind.

Present time.

Well, let’s just say the real Y/N Stark was much better than anything Peter had imagined.

“There’s the Black Widow! And there’s Captain America! Whoa! Who’s that new guy?!” Peter exclaimed, holding his phone title in his hands.

“I wonder where Mr. Stark’s daughter is,” He looked around quickly.


“I gotta go, that’s me!” Peter set his phone down and rushed off to fight, almost completely forgetting about Y/N.

Peter breathed heavily, turning around the corner. He almost shrieked when he felt someone tap gently on his shoulder.

“Hi there!”

He whipped his head around, only to be met with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

“Oh, you’re Y/N!” He exclaimed as he dogged a punch.

“In the flesh,” Y/N responded, winking. She could feel him bushing under his mask.

“You’re awfully brave, picking the wrong side.” He tried to make sense of the fact that she had chosen the other side.

“Excuse me?” She punched him right in the gut.

“I mean like-” He stopped himself mid sentence to shoot out a web. Successfully sticking her to the wall.

His eyes widened when he saw that she was dissolving the web material, with her bare hands.

“Y/N!” Sam called from the other side.

“Gotta go!” She smirked. “See ya later!”

“Wait up!” He chased after her.



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I thought I’d take a moment to talk about one of my favorite minor rogues in the Batman canon.  It’s not Clock King, it’s not Condiment King, it’s not even Killer Moth…

This is A.S. Scarlet, AKA The Bookworm, a character that was introduced in the 1966 Adam West TV series.  The creators came up with the idea for him in honor of National Reading week, so no points for guessing what his shtick is.  But it’s the details that makes me really love him.

First of all, the costume and gadgets.  I love this costume so much—it hits the sweet spot between goofy and kind of awesome.  The brown pleather jacket is meant to echo “rare old book bindings” (because books are bound with leather…?) and while it looks more than a bit uncomfortable (it seriously creaks whenever he moves!), the tailoring on it is great.  Plus it manages to look rather dapper.

The reading lamp on the fedora is pretty neat, but what I really love are the glasses.  When he turns a knob on the side of the left frame, it opens a radio frequency that allows him to communicate with his henchmen. A few years later, the Green Hornet TV show would come up with a similar device, but I love the fact that a one-off Batman villain came up with it first.

Second of all, the henchmen themselves.  Typically the henchmen on the ‘66 show, even moreso than in modern Batman media, were big dumb galoots who had to be led around by their nose to obvious answers by their bosses.  But these guys didn’t really fit that stereotype.  Yeah, they were crappy fighters and got their butts handed to them by Batman easily, but they were miles more intelligent than your average goons. They were articulate, kind of snobby, and always thinking on the same wavelength as their boss.  That, and they were efficient—every scheme they wanted to pull went off without a hitch. Plus they’ve got some awesome codenames (Pressman, Typesetter, and my favorite, Printer’s Devil).

And of course, there was the moll—Lydia Limpet (Francine York).  Most of the time the ‘66 molls were there just to be empty-headed eye-candy, but not this girl.  Not only does she have some genuinely adorable chemistry with Bookworm—

(I ship these two like freaking FedEx.)

–but she is also darn intelligent in her own right. When she’s taken into the Batcave and hypnotized to try to weasel out her boss’s ultimate plan, she immediately twigs to the fact that the Dynamic Duo know more than they should and feeds them false information.  She also tricks Robin into gassing himself into unconsciousness.  All while literally having her hands tied.  She also has quite a bit in common with Bookworm, sharing his love of literature.  And then at the end, while most molls try to weasel their way out by pleading with Batman and claiming they were just innocent girls who tangled with the wrong crowd, Lydia accepts her fate and allows herself to be arrested.  She’s completely unapologetic about the entire scheme, and I love that about her.

And third of all, the character of the Bookworm himself.  He’s played by one of the great character actors, Roddy McDowall—

(whom you might know better as this little scamp)

–who makes Bookworm into much more than a one-note baddie.  He’s intelligent, certainly, with high standards and an eidetic memory; and he’s also very theatrical and cheerfully practically in a Riddler sort of way.  But he’s also freaking scary.  Most of the time, he has a very genteel, calm demeanor with this constant smile of slight “you poor simple fools”-style amusement on his face.  But when things don’t go his way, or when someone even says a wrong thing, he completely flips his gourd.  In the beginning of his two-parter, Lydia asks him why, with his brain and enthusiasm, he hasn’t written his own book.  And he blows up at her, admitting that for all his brilliance he doesn’t actually have any originality, resorting to “stolen plots” from other books, and accuses her of insulting him further.  He then picks up the heaviest book in his lair and attempts to bash her brains in with it…all over an honest mistake.  

Of course, he’s back in perfect control within minutes, but for the rest of the episode you’re on edge every time he so much as snaps at anyone.  And it’s not the only time he flies off the handle like that, either—after Batman and Robin escape one of his deathtraps, he has another brief freakout before getting back to business.  He’s a fascinating character to watch and played by a fantastic actor to boot.

The two-part 1966 episode he’s in is a wild ride from start to finish, including a possible assassination attempt, the first window cameo ever, and some truly outrageous and convoluted deathtraps (appropriate for a rogue who “like any struggling novelist, overcomplicates the plot!”).  One of which involves a giant cookbook.  I am not making that up.  All the expected ‘60s weird is there, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, that was the only appearance he made in Batman media for a long time.  McDowall wanted to come back for another two-parter, but his busy schedule got in the way.  He didn’t show up again until a 1989 Huntress arc that gave him a new grim ‘n’ gritty backstory.

“A victim of child abuse, his mother would lock him in a closet while she worked on puzzles. (Alexander) Wyvern once started a fire in the closet in a desperate attempt to get his mother to release him – only to wind up badly burned and, after he got his mother’s attention, badly beaten. Psychologically damaged, the boy grew into a serial killer.  Though the violent character bore little resemblance to the literature-obsessed felon of the 1960s, this version did still leave Riddler-style clues for the police to hunt him down.  Bookworm ultimately met his demise when he set a deadly trap for the Huntress. Huntress dressed as his mother, frightening him into running away and tripping his own contraption, killing him.”

(From the Batman wiki)

It was lame, and we don’t talk about it anymore.

He made a few cameos in Deathstroke the Terminators and Teen Titans comics in the 90s, as well as a itty bitty nonspeaking appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

But in 2013 he made a glorious debut to comics in 2013 in the Batman ’66 line, setting new deathtraps and dropping new literary hints. In one of his best appearances, he sets himself up as an adversary to Batgirl, which is just perfect.  Who better to oppose Barbara Gordon, a librarian, than a book-themed supervillain?

(Yes, that is a giant bug demon.  Long story.)

And in 2014 he reappeared in Gotham Academy, this time as the school’s English and theater professor, which is even more perfect.

He’s a good teacher, if strict and a bit overdramatic.  And let’s be honest, what isn’t cool about having an ex-supervillain as a professor?

Also, this scene. This scene is awesome.

Yes, that is Egghead as played by Vincent Price.  Gotham Academy is just the best.

TL;DR, the Bookworm is an awesome, oft-overlooked Batman baddie whom I highly recommend every fan check out.  You won’t regret it!

Here’s a link to an episode of the Batcave Podcast discussing his ’66 two-parter:

(All images courtesy of Google Stock.)

the only reason people are saying my human shlav is basically shance is cause my human Slav design looks like Lance and honestly if y'all think Lance is the only person allowed to have dark hair and skin then y'all need to seriously rethink your priorities

Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 20

Words: 4000+
Warnings: Cursing, blood mentions
A/N: This is it!!! Thank you for the long journey, it was splendid! I’m happy to finally throw in my towel and say that this is complete.

Previous Chapter // Epilogue


Alexander was speed-walking, navigating all of you around the debris and other nonsense that was spewed about. You were trying to hold on, but your wound was making you struggle to keep up. Thomas and Lafayette held you, but it still was hard. Thomas saw the sweat pouring down your cheeks, and stopped everyone.

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes. You licked your lips, tasting the bitter salt. Thomas crouched down, looking at you. Lafayette did the same, a hand still supporting you.

“We can take a break, Y/N, we’re not in a rush. Just take your time,” Thomas said, smiling at you. You shook your head, looking at Laf.

“No, we have to keep moving, we have to-” Your vision was getting spotty, your head pounding. You felt your legs give way under you, and you fell face first into Thomas’ arms. He held you up, shaking his head.

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Snap Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Comedy; Exorcist!AU

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader; Hoseok X Reader (As of now)

Word Count: 1.1k

Note: The smut will be coming in later parts, I promise. Additionally, any connections to Ao No Exorcist are purely coincidental, but I guess you could say this is lightly based off it? I’m not sure about the end-game pair yet, but we’ll see :)

It’s silent, save for the sound of ragged breathing. There’s something else mixed in there too; something that screams raw, bloodthirsty—something primal.
“You dare return?” An imperial voice, dark with promises of fire.

A groan, then:

“I do.”

There’s the sound of metal shrieking and everything fades to black.

“You know,” You look up when you hear someone clear their throat, “It’s basic manners to know that when someone greets you, you’re supposed to greet them back.”

“Right, I’m sorry, how could I forget?” You roll your eyes, words biting, “Hello, Your Highness.”

The boy in question sneers down at you, making you raise a defiant eyebrow in response to his haughtiness; seeing no reaction, he exaggeratedly runs his hand through his tresses of pitch black hair and shakes his head.

“I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else from you.” He sighs in mock bemusement, before he’s walking away, “I hope, for your own sake, you learn to treat your betters with respect.”

Your hands curl into fists at the jibe, obviously not in good humor, and it’s only the slight feel of a hand on your shoulder that knocks you out of your rage.

“Ugh, why is he so annoying, Tae?” You whine quietly, turning to face the redhead sitting beside you, “Like, does he honest to god walk around with a stick up his ass or something?”

“Yah, Y/N, don’t be so mean!” Taehyung smiles, as always, eyes scrunching up cutely, “I mean, Kookie’s trying, isn’t he?”

“Whatever.” You turn away, not even the sight of Kim Taehyung’s ever beaming face able to distract your thoughts from the self-entitled little prick, “I hate that dipshit. How on earth does Jimin even stand him?”

“It’s true love, Y/N.” Taehyung sighs almost dreamily, and you give him your most judgmental stare ever, “What? It is!”

“Sure, Tae.” You snort, hands reaching over the side of your desk to zip open your backpack and pull your notebook out, setting on your desk, “If that’s what you’d like to think.”

You continue to occasionally glare murderously into Jungkook’s back, until your professor walks in.

“Alright, kids!” Jin beams, radiant, “I’m pretty excited to announce your final projects today!”

He looks around, as though expecting applause, and with the severe lack of response, his smile drops, immediately replaced by a frown.

“Alright, fine,” He huffs, rearranging his blond strands in a show of completely fake nonchalance, “Whatever. The point here is,”

He pauses there, taking in your disinterested expressions, before clapping his hands together.

“The point here is, you’re going to be summoning a demon for a time period of five days, before you send them back. Doing so successfully, without any hiccups, would reward you the highest possible marks.”

There’s a wave of silence.

“Wait, what?” Jungkook is the first to break it, and that seems to open up the dam, so to speak, because the other students begin to mutter amongst themselves as well, “I don’t know, that doesn’t sound very safe!”

Loathe as you are to admit it, you’ve got to agree with the pompous ass there. Summoning a demon is like inviting trouble for yourselves. You might be practicing exorcists, but you’re nowhere near prepared enough to handle this on your own.

“I KNOW!” The sudden shout from the normally demure professor gets you all quietened down, and he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I’m aware of that, Jeon. That’s why you need to let me finish my entire explanation.”

He looks up then, broad shoulder straight.

“For this assignment, all of you are going to be assigned with a mentor, of sorts; basically, you’ll be receiving guidance from your seniors. They’re all accomplished with these summons, so they’ll be able to help you out, capisce?”

You immediately look to Taehyung, expecting to find a similarly horrified expression. Of course, this is Kim Taehyung. Of course, he looks excited, of all things.

“Uh, sir!” He waves excitedly, making the blonde sigh and nod in his direction. He beams, propping his head on the palm of his hand, “When do we get assigned to them?”

“That’s a very good question,” Jin admits, “I’ve got the list right here with me. I’ll be reading it out towards the end of class, because I’d like you all to actually concentrate here, thanks.”

There’s a general sigh of disappointment from the rest of the class, and you disbelievingly drop your head against your table with a soft thunk.

“I give up,” You murmur to yourself, “I…I don’t even know anymore.”

Everyone else seems happy enough, though. You hear some girls behind you giggling dizzily about hoping to be with Hoseok oppa.

As if.

You snort, propping your elbows on the table. Jung Hoseok is that typical senpai from those anime; always kind, and surrounded by tons of fangirls, but never really interested in them. It doesn’t help that he’s actually pretty good looking…not that you’ve noticed or anything. Definitely not.

As it turns out, though, Jin fails at capturing your attention, unlike how he hoped, and you and Taehyung take immense pleasure in passing around tiny notes with the weirdest things scribbled into them. Eventually though, Jin has to concede defeat, and he does so with flair.

“Alright,” He slams his book down, flipping it open and extracting a thin sheet of paper, “I’ll give you kids the names, seriously! Why can’t you ever focus?!”

There’s no response, but everyone looks vaguely uncomfortable, even Jungkook: the supreme asshat.

“I’m going to announcing your goddamn partners,” His eyes twitches rather dramatically, but it’s not as funny as it ought to be, “Once you hear your names, you better get out of my class, or I will get you detention with Professor Kim, don’t try me.”

“P-Professor,” Taehyung looks vaguely green, and you pat his back comfortably, “N-not him!”

Professor Kim Heechul is notorious for his…rather interesting disciplinary actions and sense of humor. Well, no one really understands the latter, but that’s part of his ‘appeal’, supposedly. You’re not exactly sure, since you’ve never run into him before, but Taehyung has, quite a few times, in fact.

Jin begins listing off names, seemingly immune to Taehyung’s sadness, and people are hardly given the chance to react, hurriedly listening for their names and leaving. You can faintly hear their cries of shock and delight, which blend into an interesting cacophony of noise from outside, and you strain your ears for yours. Despite all your talk of not caring, you actually want a nice senior who you can handle.

“Y/N!” Jin calls, eventually, finally, and you look at him, eagerly awaiting, “You’re with Jung Hoseok.”

Your smile drops.

Well fuck.

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Written By: (The immensely talented) Admin Midnight~ (Sangria loves to exaggerate)


#CAN I JUST SAY#i love this scene#from chrono’s completely understandable and human reaction#aichi also looking dubious about the whole explanation#kamui snickering into his hand#ibuki being annoyed/slightly ashamed of himself#chrono starting to get worked up into a temper#ibuki knowing full well#that chrono was going to start ranting and cutting him off before he could hit his stride#(no pun intended)#and chrono quickly pulling back all panicked#looking sheepishly at a very uncomfortable aichi#(and seriously the difference between their temperaments couldn’t be more clear than it is here)#and poor kamui freaking out because his favourite protegee is going to be thrown out of the car#i just loved this little scene ok#gimme more like this


We are gonna make it, the sound that only we can beat !

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"How would Shownu, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M react to another guy flirting with their gf and not letting up despite her saying that she's not interested/has a bf?" For Wonho, Kihyun and Jooheon please

Random guy won’t leave you alone (Wonho, Kihyun & Jooheon)

Wonho; He’d watch the guy trying to ask you out, thinking the guy was silly. He’d smirk to himself, watching the whole scene, but when the guy wouldn’t leave you alone and you seriously looked uncomfortable, he’d stand up and walk over to you. 

Baby! There you are~” 

He’d grin and kiss you straight on the lips, wanting to shove this in that guys face. He’d pull away and smile at you, “Let’s go, i want to show you something.” He’d wrap his arm around you and kiss your forehead, giving the guy a sorry-not-sorry look before walking away. 

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Kihyun; He’d be a bit like Changkyun, thinking you got this by yourself and can handle yourself in this situation, though he’d keep his eyes on you the whole time. He’d get pissed off when the guy wouldn’t leave you alone and he’d make his way over to you, taking your hand in his. 

Sweetie, come here, sit with me.

He’d smile a little and you and lean in to peck your lips before pulling you away from the guy and sitting down with you on his lap, his arms wrapped around you. He wouldn’t even look at the guy, completely ignoring him. 

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Jooheon; He wouldn’t like that. He’d want to show everyone that you were his and only his, so no one would even think they had any chance with you. Before you know it, he’d be behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your cheek.

Babe, let’s go have some coffee? Or bubble tea?

He’d smile a little at you, and glance at the guy, “We have a date to go on, so it would be nice that you stopped bothering her.” He’d mumble to the guy before pulling you away, holding your hand in his tightly. 

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Chances Part 2

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed, re-blogged or commented! You sure know how to make someone’s comeback feel like a good one. Not sure how many parts this little series may have, but we’re not done yet!

Part 1

She was two people ahead of her, there were two bides standing in front of her and letting Owen’s missing sister walk away forever. She quickly shoved through them both, apologizing as she ran to catch up with the red head right as she entered the terminal.


The woman turned around, her smile still intact but looking questioningly at Amelia. She shifted her bag to her shoulder.

“Did I forget something on the plane?”

“No… I. I need to show you something.”

Megan looked at her confused, as Amelia whipped out her phone and quickly clearing to her home screen, a picture of her and Owen from their wedding. She held the phone and leaned towards Megan to show her. Megan’s smile immediately dropped at the picture, looking like she had seen a ghost.

Amelia hit her pictures quickly and pulled up a picture of Owen and Nathan at the wedding, watching as Megan paled even more.

“I… I have to go.”

She watched as the woman tried to bolt, Amelia grabbing her arm quickly and pulling her towards a quieter corner.

“Please let go of me.”

“They think you’re dead. Both of them. They both searched for you.”

Megan pulled away from her, holding her bag tight to her body. She tucked a curl nervously behind her ear.

“They have no idea you’re alive. What have you been doing for the last 9 years? Hiding?”

“Look they don’t need to know where I am. It’s better this way.” she replied as she turned to walk away. “And I’d really appreciate if you don’t mention that you ever saw me.”

“Megan your mother thinks you’re dead.”

She watched as Megan stopped in her tracks, clearly hesitating. She went to move again, this time clearly walking away.

“Fine. You know what, screw you.”

Amelia watched as she disappeared into a group of people waiting to board their flight. She sighed as she juggled her bag, throwing her phone back in, looking for wallet, every intent of turning around and going back to Seattle.

“She’s alive?”

Amelia nearly jumped at Megan’s sudden presence. Megan looked uneasy staring self-consciously at her feet before looking back at Amelia. Amelia nodded, as Megan let out what seemed to be a small breath of relief.

“Are you going back to Seattle?”

Amelia nodded. “You should come with me.”

“I… I can’t. What am I supposed to do just show up on her doorstep? I am just supposed to be like “Hey mom I know you thought I was dead, turns out I’ve been alive this whole time.”

Amelia went to open her mouth to argue, Megan abruptly cutting her off.

“And what about Owen? “Hi big brother. Sorry I faked my own death. Hey gee what ever happened to Beth?”


Megan’s cheeks flushed, clearly realizing her new sister-in-law had no idea who Beth was. Amelia shrugged her shoulders.

“No it’s fine.  He’s been married already.”

“What? To who? Okay, not the point.”

Amelia chuckled slightly, at Megan’s need to constantly talk, the habit seemed strangely familiar. She watched as Megan’s body tensed up again.

“What about Nathan? Am I just supposed to forget the fact that he cheated on me? That our relationship was destroyed the last time I saw him. How did he even end up in Seattle?”

“Maybe he was looking for you. I don’t really know… he’s only been here about a year. Owen and he are just now on five worded conversations.”

Megan sighed, knowing how stubborn they both could be. She shifted uneasily.

“Can I see that picture again?”

Amelia nodded as she pulled out her phone, pulling up the picture of the two men. Meghan smiled slightly as Amelia watched her eyes fill up with tears. Amelia swiped to the next picture, a picture of Owen and her with his mom.

Megan’s eyes closed in defeat at seeing her mother. Amelia put her hand on her forearm as she put the phone back in her bag.

“Come with me to Seattle.”

Megan opened her eyes again, trying to find another excuse as to not go her, mouth opening in exasperation but nothing coming out.

“You said it before. He wouldn’t want you to feel this guilty.”

Megan eyed Amelia, her own previous words of advice being used out of context and against her. She watched as Amelia stood, staring at her waiting for a response. Finally, for whatever her reasoning was, she caved.

“Great. Let’s go find a flight.”

Both women took off towards the ticket counter, Amelia glancing over as Megan kept up with her pace, but still looked visibly nervous.

“We’re going to Seattle.”

Megan nodded, her eyes wide, as she nervously cleared her throat.

“We’re going to Seattle.”


Amelia knocked on the door of her house, shifting uneasily. Both her and Megan had agreed that they probably both shouldn’t just show up at the door, so Megan was in a coffee shop downtown, waiting for a text from Amelia to take a cab.

Amelia should be worried that she would bolt, take off and never look back. But she had to believe in her a little.

She waited and then watched as the door opened and there stood Owen, who upon realizing it was Amelia at the door, looked visibly taken aback.


She watched as Owen continued to stare at her, her heart feeling like it was in throat. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“I know you’re probably really mad. And I’m sorry. But I had to leave and I know I shouldn’t have just left a note but I didn’t want you to-”

She was cut off as Owen enveloped her in a near bone crushing hug. She sighed as she relaxed in his embrace. She felt a hand go to cup the back of her head, his fingers raking through her curls to almost make sure it was her.

“You don’t want to throw me out?”

Owen sighed as he pressed a kiss to her temple before pulling away slightly so they were more loosely wrapped in each other.

“I didn’t know where you were. Or if you were safe. I was worried.”

Amelia felt her hand go to his cheek as Owen let out a pained sigh, as she truly saw the emotional impact her sudden disappearance had left on him.

“We need to talk. I know we do. About us and… everything. But there’s something else we need to talk about first.”

Owen hesitantly looked at her before nodding. She pulled away as they stepped into the house.

“But I’m going to need you to call someone first.”

Amelia paced nervously in front of her coffee table as Owen and Nathan watched her.

“Okay I’m just going to come out and ask- are the two of you trying to tell me you’re having an affair?”

Amelia and Nathan immediately responded with a chorus of “Owen! No.” and “Seriously mate?”.

Owen shrugged in confusion as Amelia shot him a dirty look, Nathan looking just visibly uncomfortable at this point.

“Seriously Shepherd, why did you need to speak with the both of us? If this is you trying to meddle…. we’re good. Right mate?”

Owen nodded in agreement as Amelia smiled lightly at how the two men finally seemed to be getting along.

The door bell rang as Amelia immediately ran to answer it.  Both Owen and Nathan looked at each other equally as lost.

They both turned as the door closed, neither of them prepared for the person who was standing behind it.


ok dream sg episode pt. 2

ext. shot - somewhat dingy alleyway, evening

maggie is leaning against the alley wall in her cute too big police jacket. she’s looking at her phone & only puts it away when we hear a quiet thump. the shot pans out to include supergirl

maggie: “everything alright?”

kara: “shes in, well, quarantine? she’s fine though”

maggie: “i actually meant you. you sounded weird on the phone earlier and you don’t look so good.”

Kara: “im alright.”

maggie looks like she wants to question it but she switches over to a more professional demeanour when supergirl hands her a small bag & a folder.

maggie: “i can’t make any promises about the tests but I’ll go over the photos tonight.”

kara nods. she looks uncomfortable again.

maggie: “seriously, hey, are you alright?”

kara: “this may seem like a weird question but did alex mention anything about mon el?”

maggie: “sure some. said you seemed really happy with him. he’s the guy at the bar, right? was it just me or did he kinda say he’s not homophobic because he likes orgies?”

kara: “did he?”

maggie shrugs

kara: “well for what it’s worth im thrilled. alex is the happiest i have ever seen her.”

maggie: “except for being in quarantine. can i take her anything? clothes, food, vegan icecream?”

kara: “gross! sure, i’ll make sure she gets it.”

kara takes several steps away, looks like she’s about to fly away.

kara: “maggie? thank you for doing this. i know it doesn’t feel right doing it off the record but,”

maggie: “i trust you. we do it this way until you can figure out what’s going on. and if you need backup,”

maggie pats her side & Kara nods. she flies away.

maggie waits for a moment before leaving the alley. the screen flickers like static. the same buzzing noise from earlier can be heard & the shot exits the alley & flies in the direction supergirl went.


ext. shot - night
j'onn & supergirl are flying over the city

j'onn: “do you know where we are going?”

kara: “nope!”

j'onn: “do you know what we are looking for?”

kara, flying circles around him: “no!”

j'onn stops flying & hovers in the air. kara stops next to him.

j'onn: “what are you looking for? what are we doing out here?”

kara looks like she is listening for something. very faintly, a buzzing sound can be heard & she flies off faster than j'onn can follow. we focus on kara who looks determined & she crashes into an invisible machine & throws it down into the desert. she follows, j'onn in the distance follows them both.

kara yanks on something that reveals the machine. it is vaguely alien glowing shit & looks kryptonian but…menacing.

j'onn: “what is that?”

kara, angry: “a daxamite drone”

j'onn: “we need to get this back to the DEO. winn can-”

kara: “hes been exposed, remember?”

j'onn nods, crosses his arms. he looks thoughtful.

j'onn: “what do you recommend supergirl?”

kara: “we need to find the hive, & we need to destroy it.”

j'onn: “and mon el?”

kara, determined. “let me deal with him.”


int. shot - krypton.

a grand hall. alura stands at the podium & the hall is packed with aliens. when she raises her hands, they fall silent & turn to face her.

alura: “dignitaires, envoys, i welcome you once more to krypton. today marks a very special day, one that will change the our course forever. for the better.”

several kryptonians stand at her sides. they look concerned. alura clutches at the side of the podium. she does not look well.

alura: “some time ago i was approached to consider an alliance with our great brother planet of daxam. i have had the privilege of speaking with the king and queen and their council.”

the shot turns to a noble & rich couple toward the front of the hall. they look very smug & satisfied. the shot remains on them as alura continues.

alura: “i have been treated to their unique hospitality during my stay there. i have been convinced quite thoroughly to agree to the merge.”

the shot returns to alura & her kryptonian companions as sounds of distress & confusion move through the crowd.

alura seems to be sweating & her voice is strained.

alura: “their methods of persuasion are quite successful.”

daxam king: “the merit of the alliance is persuasion enough, is it not?”

he moves to stand closer to her. alura braces herself against the podium.

daxam king, sounding concerned: “you don’t look well at all. perhaps we should make this quick and save the revelry for another day?”

alura moves stiffly to pull up a alien device. the daxam king places his hand inside the homoimage that appears. he stares at alura who makes no gesture to do the same.

daxam king: “won’t you agree to the alliance?”

alura says nothing.

daxam king: “agree to it! what are you waiting for?”

alura: “for my guard to return with proof”

she sounds & looks very ill but also triumphant. the daxam king pulls his hand away from the holoimage & yanks one of her hands towards him. she is holding a small device that he recognises. he pretends he does not.

daxam king: “what kind of game are you playing, alura? we came in peace because you offered an alliance.”

he looks disappointed & hurt. he motions for his people to leave & they begin to exit the hall.

they are stopped when guards begin to march in. alura looks horrified when kara is with them. she is holding in her hands a small box & she carries it up the steps toward alura.

little kara: “father said this is what you were looking for. i found it in our rooms. did i help, mother?”

alura strokes kara’s hair out of her eyes & nods. she takes the box from Kara & opens it to show the same machine james had taken photos of.

she disables the machine & looks much better instantly. she stands taller & her voice is strong.

“arrest the daxam dignitaries and their king and queen, for the crime of coercion against krypton.”


int. shot - DEO city headquarters

kara walks with mon el down the hallways. they are holding hands & she is listening to him discuss something new he has learned about earth. it’s almost correct in an amusing way & she laughs.

mon el: “so, you said you had something important to talk about?”

kara stops where she is next to a doorway & nods.

kara: “there’s something i have been meaning to talk to you about.”

mon el: “if this is about breaking up then i forgive you”

kara smiles but she doesn’t look happy.

kara: “thank you.”

mon el nods.

kara continues like the boss she is: “for making this so easy.”

she slams her hand on the button next to her & opens the cell door. in another second she absolutely fucking smashed mon el into the cell & closes it before he can recover. kara slaps a picture of the alien device against the glass.

kara: “where is it?”

mon el stands & crosses his arms.

kara looks like she wants to ask again but she crumples the photo in her hand & storms out instead.

mon el: “you could have just asked me.”

kara pauses in the doorway: “i already know you’re brainwashing my friends. my family. i don’t have to be nice to you just because you have information i want.”

kara stands in that fuckin boss supergirl stance yas girl!!!

kara: “i will find it, with or without your help. you should start thinking about how to make that easier for me.”

mon el: “why? so you’ll forgive me?”

kara: “no, i won’t. Ever. you want to make this easier so i don’t let my sister put lead in your leg again. and this time? my mothers on vacation so she can’t save you.”

kara exits the room.

she joins j'onn who is standing at the end of the hall.

j'onn: “my mothers on vacation?”

kara, crossing her arms, sighs. “I couldn’t think of a cool line. do you think it sounded enough like a threat?”

j'onn: “you should’ve left it at alex”

kara nods.

Break My Heart: Chapter 2 (A Solangelo Fanfiction)

Consider this Hour 1 of the “Three Days”: In which Will and Nico are both awkward, but I love that about them. And neither of them know how to interact, like at all. But somehow I find that to be ceaselessly charming. And they are both gigantic nerds. Enjoy!

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Will wasn’t sure what exactly he was expecting when Nico di Angelo showed up in the infirmary. Maybe a procession of evil and dark spirits, maybe his Stygian Iron blade glinting and ready for battle, maybe a foreboding scowl. But instead Will got none of those things. Instead he got a kid who looked seriously uncomfortable in his own skin, who was swimming in pair of ratty grey sweat pants and a black tee shirt both two sizes too big for him, and Chiron looking back at Will and down at Nico with an expression that read something like: Now, you know what you’ve done is wrong, apologize to him young man or don’t be expecting to see much of your phone over this weekend because you are grounded.

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Overwhelming Smiles (sherlock x reader)

Imagine walking in on John and Sherlock while they’re drinking and Sherlock’s constant grinning and smiling making you uncomfortable.

   You had received a text message from John. The context had worried you since usually John was much more subtle with his messages, but this one was not one of them. It was more of those that indicated of trouble or danger. The message was straight forwards and simple if you won’t mind the typo.

Get tto bakrr street -JH

  It was pouring outside but luckily you didn’t need to walk. You took the first cab you could get and rushed to Baker Street. You texted John, informing him you were on your way and almost there which he replayed with one word. Good.

   You got out of the cab, landing your foot on a puddle. The water soaked your shoe and sock and you grimaced at the wet and cold feeling around your toes. Great. Now you probably had to fight crime with wet feet. You shook your head at the weather, waving at the cab and walked across the street. The evening was gloomy but not dark, it was more depressing than ominous. You pulled the collar of your jacket closer to your neck, trying to prevent the contact of water on your skin. You didn’t have a hat and your hair had already started to get wet. The strands over your face clued to your skin, trying to push them aside you walked up the stairs of the flat 221B. Your shoes were spitting drops of rainwater but before stepping inside you tried shaking the most of it off.
   You didn’t bother to knock on the door cause if there was an intruder of some sort in the house you didn’t want to draw attention. Besides the door rarely was locked anyways since Mrs. Hudson was most of the time home and if she wasn’t Sherlock would probably be there.
   You tip toed up the stairs, trying to listen for something, anything that might be odd and that you did. You heard laughter. And not just any laughter, it was Sherlock’s laugh. This was enough to put more speed to your steps and you rushed up the rest of the stairs. On the landing you gazed over the room, eyes wide, hair and clothes dripping wet. ”What’s going on?” You huffed. Your mind was racing and you were slightly out of breath. Your expression gave away that you were prepared for a fight.
   Your eyes traveled the room, there were clothes spread on the floor. Sherlock and John’s jackets, scarfs, gloves and so on. They were wet as well as yours, so they had been out just about hour ago. Your eyes landed on Sherlock, his curls were fuzzy but dry, he had his usual dress shirt on and straight black pants. He was sitting on his chair or more like slipping off of it. It took him some time to realize it was indeed you standing at the doorway to the stairs and when his brain registered it was you he let a wide smile spread on his face. Great, he was on drugs.
   ”(Y/n)!” He slurred happily. To this John reacted, he called your name and greeted you gazing over his shoulder. He smiled, his eyes as droopy as Sherlock’s and his smile reminding more of drunken grin. Drunk. Of course. Then Sherlock tried to fix his position, ”Good that you could make it.” but fell off the chair entirely, making himself and John giggle.
   ”I thought something had happened!” you snapped.
   ”Oh!” Sherlock gasped suddenly, remembering what was going on. ”Something is happening, or should happen! No… I mean, you need to help me. John is of no use for me at this state.” Sherlock stood up, his whole body sway from side to side. You were sure he’d stumble and fall at any second now. He took a step closer. Any second now. ”That is why you’re here.” He pointed at you, his body moving from left to right so wantonly that he nearly fell, but taking crossed steps he was able to compose himself.
   ”Aha.” You didn’t even try to hide your unimpressed state from the drunken detective. You crossed your arms over your chest and stared at the tall man in front of you with uninterested expression.
   ”Yes. You see I told John I was as capable as ever to solve a case at this ’state’ as he called it, but he doesn’t want to be any part of it.” His eyes narrowed and he looked at John, disappointed that his partner was doubting him. ”So, I can’t go alone, you know everyone knows I have someone always following on my tail, its like my thing now,” he rolled his eyes but smiled. ”also I need assistance.” You gave him a look encouraging him to go on. ”Do I have any cases to solve?” He knit his eyebrows together in disbelief.
   ”Really?” You almost gasped. ”This is why you called me over? To help you FIND a case! And then solve it? While the two of you are drunk, no almost passing out! You honestly look like you two have been smoking marijuana!” Sherlock gave you a suspicious look. ”How do you know how people look like-” you didn’t let him finish ”Not important,” You snapped and took your jacket off, leaving it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs and sat on the couch on the side of the room. ”besides you can’t go solve murders when your in that state.” You reminded, crossing your arms again.
   ”Told you.” John chuckled and turned in his chair to an uncomfortably looking position. His grey jumper looked like he had just put it on, it was nearly covering the white shirt under it while the hem of the jumper was wrinkled.
   ”Oh, come on you two!” Sherlock whined. ”It will be fun!” He turned on his heel, he had still been standing near the door and now headed towards you again. He sat down next to you on the couch but to your surprise his head was towards you. ”Come now, (Y/n).” He whined with a smile. You turned your away, not noticing a sly smile on Sherlock’s face and the wink he sent to John. His hand landed on your thigh and he scooted closer. ”I know you want to.” He said with a deep, husky voice, almost whispering it to your ear.
   You whipped your head back to face Sherlock, looking at him in disbelief. Eyes wide and lips parted. Why was he so close? He was touching you. Did he know he was touching you? This was not the time to get flirty!
Sherlock’s gaze deepened and he stared at you, his fingers gently and ghost like caressed your skin. ”Don’t you wanna play murder with us?” His voice seducing, purring the words into your ear.
   ”Okay that’s it!” You freaked out and shot up from the couch. ”You two are seriously wasted!” You heard John snicker and then start laughing uncomfortably. You looked at Sherlock who was grinning. ”What is so funny all the sudden?” You snapped at the boys and put your arms on your waist. Your fingers gripped the thin fabric of your shirt and dig into your skin. You turned side ways, your eyes dancing between John and Sherlock who were now both laughing.
   ”You should’ve seen your face!” John giggled. Sherlock nodded and laughed. ”It was priceless!”
You shook your head, not bothering to say another word. It took about a minute before John and Sherlock stopped laughing.
   ”But seriously, I told you she had a thing for you.” John snickered. What?
   ”Oh, don’t make it sound like I didn’t already know.” Sherlock smiled. He got up and walked next to you. He put his hand on your waist and pulled you rather fast and roughly right against him.
   ”Don’t you make it sound like you don’t feel anything towards her.” John added with a smile, his eyelids growing heavy.
   ”I never did.” Sherlock smiled back.
   ”Okay, very nice guys, but you’re starting to sound like to be ready for bed. Seriously John, you can barely keep your eyes open, and Sherlock, you can barely stand.” you noticed as he leaned closer, putting some of his weight on you. When you looked back to John you saw he had already fell asleep.
   ”Well, now we won’t need to kick him out.” Sherlock slurred. His eyes were dull and looking into nothingness. ”I’ve always wanted to take you to my room.” He smirked and leaned his face closer to yours.
   ”Oh no you won’t.” You declined and put your hand on his chest, keeping him away. His breath reeked of beer and alcohol in general, he also had smoked.
   ”Are you rejecting me?” Sherlock wondered, his eyes narrowing even more.
   ”Yes, for now. You need to go to bed and clear your head.” Sherlock almost lost his balance, but you were there to keep him up. ”Not ’to bed’ in that way.” You clarify. Sherlock chuckled.
   ”Well I can’t get there without your help so you need to come with anyway.” Sherlock smiled and leaned on you while you helped him to get to his room. ”And I might need some tending on the morning.”
   You rolled your eyes. ”Are you saying that now I have to pay for your stupid idea of getting wasted?” You asked.
   ”Well, you didn’t leave when you had the chance, so yes. I think it’s just fair.” Sherlock looked at you with a sly smile and then leaned closer, planting a kiss on your cheek. ”Besides I’m not letting go of you now that I have my hands on you.” He said with a more serious tone, but still smiled warmly at you. You couldn’t but smile back at him.

lizzystillbelieves  asked:

Funny how we can't see m in any of the pics inside of the event, did u get lost inside? Did u even get in or did u just show up for this pic? On DEH she made sure we all knew she was with him "all night", before, during and after but here we have just one pic!? And the the way he's touching her waist? That's not lovely is like "behave". Seriously how can people not see how uncomfortable and painful he looks!? That's not relaxed is tired of this bs!

I too have noticed her post red carpet absence.

Was she not invited backstage? Maybe? Perhaps she meet up with the real bf who I am quickly loosing all respect for?

Darren was in full daisy mood hanging out with openly gay men and fashion designers. That much is obvious. “Casually copping a feel from the handsomest man on the planet.”

It’s baffling people don’t see the contrast between Darren with her and Darren with practically any other human on the planet. It’s night and day.

The whole thing is a joke. Don’t think Darren isn’t aware. For whatever reason. He agreed to take her. I’m guessing under duress. I don’t think he was given a choice. But once again. He did not play nicely. He made his feeling well known. And as always. It’s up to us to pay attention. Because he’s still talking loudly.

Meanwhile his idiot manager is doing an excellent job of making an already disastrous situation a million times worse by creating a new fake PR couple that is utterly transparent and that we called weeks ago. And in the process. Humiliating everyone involved. How he gets paid to do this is beyond comprehension.

No one will walk away from this with their dignity in tack. Thankfully Darren has his talent. So he will win. But he needs to run soon before this gets worse.

Plagg’s Day Out 6: A Tale of 12 Souls

Also on Ao3

Day 5 << Day 6 >> Day 7

The akuma had eight hands.


“What the fresh hell is this?” Queen Bee screamed. “Seriously! What is this?”

“A spider?” Ladybug looked distinctly uncomfortable. “A lady spider riding a tiger. Holding…things? I’m confused.”

The akuma was indeed holding things. And was also riding a tiger. And her powers were seemingly completely random.

“I am Karma!” The woman screamed. “And I will show you divinity!”

“If that is seriously a lady spider riding a tiger, I’m just gonna go ahead and nope on outta here.” Rena Rouge muttered from next to Chat.

“Karma?” Chat frowned. Eight hands…riding a tiger… He felt like he should know this, but he was completely distracted by the effects of this akuma. Some people fell to their knees, or prostrated themselves, and started fervently praying. some dropped and started meditating. Some people simply acted happy. Others started babbling. The rest just dropped. In fact, the tiger seemed to be the only normal thing - it’s claws were tearing things to shreds as the akuma rampaged.

“This is not ‘karma’,” Chat muttered, “this is chaos.”

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