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What’s up, it’s Alexei!

When Ngozi posted this picture yesterday of young post-draft Tater “trying his darnedest to answer press questions in English,” I thought, “You know, I could make a play fic out of that.” Which is what led to the following 2700+ words about Tater and his ESL tutor.

Many, many thanks to @ktheunready for being my Russian authenticity consultant and beta!

Georgia Martin stood at the back of the media scrum and watched Alexei Mashkov stumble his way through his post-draft interview, saw the way his fingers kneaded the brim of the brand-new Falconers’ cap he’d been handed for the initial official photos, saw the way his eyes widened and stayed intently glued to whoever was asking him a question, like he was afraid he’d miss some key bit of meaning if he blinked.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.


«No, Mama, I promise, my room is very nice. The family is very nice. Everything is very…»

«Let me guess, nice? »

Alexei sighed. «Yes.»

«You know I don’t doubt you, right, Alyosha? I’m not worried you can’t do this. You will be fine. But I know this is your first time to live in another country, with none of the boys from your teams here. It can be… hard, sometimes. I know.»

«Yeah, Mama, I know. You told me.»

«Are you telling me you’ve heard the stories of my youth too many times?» she asked in mock outrage.

«No, no!» he laughed. «Of course not.»

«Good. I should think not.» He could picture her face exactly, and it made him smile. «I’m glad your host family seems nice, Alyosha. I’m sure you will have many friends in no time.»

He flopped back on the bed again and stared at the ceiling. «I hope so.»

«We’ll talk again soon. Love you, son.»

«Love you, too.»

He hung up and let his phone rest on his chest. He’d been to America before. He’d thought he’d known what it would be like, that it wouldn’t be so bad. Different, yes, but there would be so many interesting new things to see, and new teammates, and he certainly knew how to play hockey. What he had failed to take into account, apparently, was how exhausting it was to try to function in English all day. For a US hockey team, the Falconers’ roster was shockingly low on Russian players, so his host family was one of the French Canadian ones. To their credit, they did speak some Russian, but it was hardly enough to have a real conversation. Alexei felt like he’d been practically mute all day.

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Hi beautiful! u are my first fanfics writter, i love ur work. Now back to business, Can u write a YUTA fanfic, where he meets his childhood friend who he had a crush on since 4th grade, but at that time she moved so he couldn't confess to her but after all that time, and after NCT127 debuted, he meets her again as a professional dancer, and a choreographer for her latest comeback, and as we all know memories unite these two together in beautiful melty kiss while they were dancing ALONE.*hot plz*

Don’t forget me

Another friend requesting, let me just say, writing this brought so many different emotions <3



Genre: Hot with hints of angst and fluff

Word count: 2 697

Summary: After twelve years you finally meet him again….

12 years ago

The box I had been carrying that day was extremely heavy, filled to the brim with my father’s book collection. The sun had been gassing and I remember the box slowly slipping from my hands because of the sweat coating them. I would have dropped it, angering my father in that process, if not my best friend at the time had saved me, or rather the books, from dying. Nakamoto Yuta had been playing some football with his friends in the garden next to ours when he saw me struggle and, like the gentleman he was, he ran over to relieve me of the trouble.

“Hey, you have to be careful, what would we do if you hurt yourself carrying this.” I smiled at his concern while walking to the van with him taking care of the box for me. It was not until he placed the box in the van that he realised that something was happening. He turned to me, giving me a questioning look. “Why are you moving boxes?”

“Haven’t I told you? We’re moving to Hong Kong.” His face dropped within a matter of seconds. His twelve year old mind didn’t want to believe it and in all honesty, I wasn’t too thrilled about it either. “My mother got a job offer or something, I’m not sure, but in any case we have to move because of it.” Talking about it back then had made me tear up which had caused Yuta’s own tears to make an appearance and it didn’t take long before we stood in each other’s arms, crying our eyes out, sobbing.

“I don’t want you to move.” He choked out, refusing to let me go, not that I wanted to. “You can live with me, my family likes you, they won’t mind.” Even though I was tempted to actually ask I already knew that it wasn’t possible, I had to go with my own family, no matter how much it hurt. The voice of my father was what caused us to break apart.

“Yuta! You’re here to say goodbye? Don’t worry children, you can still keep in touch.” I wiped away the dried tears on my cheeks while Yuta tried not showing my dad that he had been crying, I was the only one allowed to see him cry. “Now that you’re here Yuta, do you mind helping us with the last boxes?” Yuta, happy to now have something to do, nodded and followed my father into the house. During the hour that followed the three of us moved all the other boxes from their place in the house to their place in the van, we also had to reorganize in the van in order for all the boxes to fit. The time flew by too fast for my liking and I was back in Yuta’s arms in no time, saying my goodbye. The tears were once again streaming down my cheeks as I squeezed the life out of my best friend. I heard him sniff and it caused me to cry even harder.

“Don’t forget about me, okay.” I shook my head as an answer, promising to never let him fall into oblivion. A hand was placed on my shoulder, informing me of our need to depart at that moment. Hesitantly, I pulled myself out of his embrace, wiping away the last trace of my tears and sniffed some more. I turned around, noticing that it was my mother who had pulled me out of my current sorrow. She gave me a comforting smile, silently telling me that everything will be okay, I would get through this. Then I turned towards Yuta again who looked awful because of our emotional hug.

“You’re my best friend.” I told him. “You will always be my best friend, don’t forget that.” The tears were threatening to show themselves again but I fought them of.

“Dito.” Was all I got in response which made me laugh. In all this seriousness he still knew how to be funny. “Who am I going to dance with when you’re not around?” He asked in a teasing manner as we exchanged another, much shorter hug before I jumped into the backseat of the van and closing the door. My father pressed his foot down on the gas pedal and the vehicle started moving. I waved to Yuta, who had started running beside the van, he ran and waved until he couldn’t keep up anymore, that’s when he disappeared from my sight.

I would not forget him.

We will keep in touch.

Present time

We didn’t.

That was the last day I saw Nakamoto Yuta, for twelve years. But who were we kidding, we were ten, ten year olds don’t understand the significance of friendship so they don’t make the effort, at least we didn’t.

I was now standing outside the SM Entertainment building, scared out of my mind. I’m here as a choreographer and I’m supposed to create the dance for the groups NCT’s new comeback. Never have I been interested in the newer groups within kpop which is why I had to look NCT up after accepting the job offer. Let me just say that I regretted it as soon as I did it. He may have changed a lot but it was no question; Yuta was in the group I was working with. That is the reason as to why I’m freaking out right now. I haven’t seen this kid for twelve years, will he even recognise me and if he did, will it be awkward?

After taking a deep breath to calm my nerves I entered the building and, walking up to the center desk, kept an eye out for Yuta. The worker at the desk directed me to the dance rooms on the third floor, she also handed me a USB drive which contained NCT 127’s new song Cherry Bomb, I had heard parts from it before in order to prepare at least a bit before coming here. The inside of the building was like a maze let me tell you, it took me ten minutes to find the room I was supposed to be working in. Once in there I plugged in the USB and started completing the dance. The door was opened after thirty minutes by a man whom I recognised to be NCT’s manager. I stopped the music and gave him my full attention.

“Y/N, good to see that your trip here went well.” The sound of people talking was heard from behind him. I said nothing but gave him a smile and bowed low, greeting him while doing so. “I expect you have enough figured out so that you can go through some steps.” I gave another nod. “Perfect, guys come on, behave now, okay.” I had to suppress the giggle that risked getting out.

The first one to enter was, if I recall correctly, Lee Taeyong, the leader and even though his hair now was light pink he was not difficult to recognise. Being the professional leader he is politely greeted me while trying to keep his members as calm as possible. Some of them didn’t have much problem with that, them being Taeil, Doyoung and Sicheng, while others, Donghyuk, Johnny and Mark, didn’t even know what calm meant. Taeyong sent me an apologizing look before marching over to them. The last one to enter, instantly walking in after Johnny, took my breath away as he closed the door and took in his surroundings.

Yuta had grown incredibly over the years, last time I saw him I was taller than him but it seems like the tables has turned. He also developed one hell of a jawline and a very intense dark eye colour.  I realised how much I was staring when we met eyes and immediately turned away towards the mirrors behind me which didn’t really help. The reflection of the mirror enabled us to still have eye contact and even though he kept looking at me I did not see any trace of recognition in his eyes. Eventually I ripped my gaze away and turned to the other instead.

“Okay everybody!” The clearness of my voice gained me everyone’s attention. “I’m Y/N L/N and I’m the choreographer for this song.” The group gathered and organized themselves before doing their signature greeting. “I have looked through your previous songs and dances in order to get the kind of feel you usually go for and I have been able to create something out of it. So, shall we get started?” Without waiting for a response I started playing the music. My plan was for everyone to learn the general dance before putting them into any kind of formation.

They were learning surprisingly quickly, which I did not expect considering the level of difficulty this dance had. Taeyong and Yuta were especially fast and soon they were both helping other members with steps they were struggling with. It made me smile, Yuta had found people he could call his family. Even though I was happy for him and his success I could not help but feel like I had been replaced in some kind of way. Pushing that thought to the back of my mind I stopped the music and told everyone to take a break. Walking over to my own water bottle and taking some sips someone decided to keep me company.

“I’m sorry for all of them, they run on a lot of energy.” I smiled at Jaehyun as he sat down beside me, water bottle in hand. “Especially Mark and Donghyuk, Donghyuk has a thing for teasing his hyung a lot. “ I laughed at that.

“That’s fine, I like the energy, it keeps things interesting.” He acknowledged my statement by nodding and then drinking some water. “Some of surprised me with your level of dancing, especially Yuta and….”

“Oh, someone has a thing for Yuta, I see.” Without my control, my cheeks heated up and I looked at him like he was crazy. He looked at me with a smirk. “It’s fine, some people just have an easy time settling for biases.” His smirk grew. I tried defending myself but he only winked at me, stood up and walked away. What was that about. I noted that Jaehyun walked over to Yuta, who then laughed at what he said. Why did I have a feeling they were talking about me?

After about ten minutes I gathered everyone again in order to continue the dance and showing them some of the other dance steps. We continued practice until eleven pm, at that time it was evident that everyone was tired and I was not about to overwork these boys so I sent them on their way. We bid our goodbyes and I told them that I’d see them tomorrow. Then I packed up my stuff and headed to the nearby hotel at which I was staying.

The following morning I arrived at the dance room one and a half hour before the boys were supposed to be there with the solemn intention of getting some new moves together for the dance. However, it didn’t take long before someone else entered the room in the middle of my dancing. Surprised, I turned around to be met by the familiar face of Yuta.

“Hi. I didn’t think you’d be here this early.” He said as he put down his training bag.

“I could say the same to you. What are you doing here?”

“I thought I should get some extra practice so I could impress the new choreographer.” I raised my eyebrows at his flirty comment and he just smirked at me, again. “I got a little worried when Jaehyun approached you yesterday but I realised that it probably was fine, you always liked the sporty kind anyways.” The smirk grew, if possible, even bigger at my shocked expression. So he did remember me after all. “How have you been Pumpkin.” I laughed at the old nickname he had for me and when he opened his arms as an invitation and threw myself at him, happy to have my best friend back.  We stood there for a while, just relishing in each other’s presence.

“I didn’t think you remembered me.” I said when we pulled away, my face hurting because of my big smile.

“Of course I remembered you, we promised not to forget each other, remember.” He ruffled my hair making me smack his hand away. He, being the overly dramatic person he is, grabbed his hand as if I amputated it.

“Ah, still so sensitive about your hair.” I poked my tongue out at him making him laugh at me.

“Anyways, I’m here to do my job, so if you’ll excuse me Mr Yuta, I’ll continue with choreo.” I turned around towards the stereo and crouched down beside it, about to turn on the music once again. Yuta’s presence behind me was what stopped me, his breath on my ear what was stopped my breathing. He leaned forwards and plugged out the USB, replacing it with his own phone.

“How about…” He whispered in my ear, his lips slightly brushing it. “…. we dance, just like old times?” He put on a song and grabbed my hand. I let him pull me to the middle of the dance floor where he then started guiding me around the room, following the slow beat of the song.

“I was really surprised to see you made it in the korean music industry.” I said, trying to catch up with him a bit.

“What, you thought I wasn’t talented enough?” He dipped me down while teasing me. I rolled my eyes at him, but let him continue dancing with me nonetheless. “What have you been up to though? I see you’ve come a far way within dancing.” He spinned me.

“Oh I’ve been a bit everywhere, some places in Europe, America and Asia, just making a career for myself.” Yuta was visibly impressed. Then the smirk was back.

“Now I see what everyone was talking about when we were kids.” He noticed my confused expression and continued. “Of course everyone wanted us to be together, we’d be a power couple.” I looked at him as he said this, almost in trance thanks to his features. He noticed my stare and locked eyes with me, observing me quietly, just like I did with him.

We had slowed to a stop in front of the mirrors, either of us being able to tear our gazes apart. Eventually, his gaze trailed down to my lips where they stayed for a couple of seconds before he finally made up his mind and carefully pressed his lips against mine and then they were gone, lingering in front of my own. He was waiting, ready to pull away in case I didn’t want to. Finally, I got enough of his waiting so I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in once again, pressing my lips against his in a rougher kiss than before. Our lips moved in sync, almost like they were made for each other. As the kiss got more intense he pushed against the cold surface of the mirrors before patting me on my thighs, signalling that I should jump which I did. My legs wrapped around his waist as his hands found my butt, giving it a light squeeze, which I giggled at. My giggle caused our lips to break apart but the little shit instantly trapped my lower lip in between his teeth making my breath hitch. We stared at each other for a bit, communicating through our eyes. I leaned towards him again, slowly placing my lips back on his more softly. He put me down and rubbed my sides in a soothing manner and soon enough we came to a stop and for a while we said nothing.

“You know the people shipping us when we were kids?” I nodded. “They were right.” The he pressed another kiss on my lips before the door burst open and the rest of the boys entered.

political talk show au, the thrilling conclusion.

Here is the whole story from the beginning.

This is 4.5 K. Also it is still liberal-leaning and anti-Trump. No Hillary angst in this one tho.

Dear lord, what have I become.


The name sounds, like a thunderclap, in Jack’s head.

It wasn’t a moment ago the name was a question. A doubt, even. Does Bits even exist? Bitty certainly does. Bitty is the name of the screener for Jack’s favorite radio show, his companion through the morning for a year and change now. Bitty is unfailingly pleasant, unerringly professional, and untouchable. He handles callers with a lilt, a friendly word, and a toss off onto the airwaves. Jack made his acquaintance several months back, and he’s enjoyed their every interaction.

But Bits. Now, that’s someone Jack isn’t sure he hasn’t conjured up in his head.

Bits exists in the soft cluck of Bitty’s tongue, the hitch of breath between words. The pause before he intones Jack’s name, leaning on the “a” like it’s a cushion. Bits is the person Jack imagines Bitty to be, behind the phones. He’s a friend, a confidant. A ray of light in Jack’s life. And in Jack’s mind, Bits is just a little more friendly with him with all his other callers. Maybe he even feels something at the sound of Jack’s voice, the way Jack does at every musical “Hallo!”

Jack has come here today half-terrified that he’d discover Bits doesn’t exist at all. That Bitty, as competent and admirable as he is, is all there is, and whatever relationship  he’d imagined they’d been nurturing has been a figment of his imagination this whole time.

Now Bitty comes into focus like a blue sky when the clouds have parted. He wasn’t there, and suddenly he is; he must have been in the room before, but it’s only now that Jack’s eyes land on him and recognize.

But when their eyes meet, and Bitty’s brown eyes widen and then dance, Jack knows Bits is real.

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Drabble idea: Alison having one glass of wine/champagne for dinner while she's pregnant because she read that it was okay and wouldn't harm the baby. And Emily sees her drinking it and gets mad at her. She's protective of there baby.

Changed it up a bit because I, myself, am protective of this baby, therefore I confiscate Alison’s written wine scenes – A.K.A. I shall not write them; safety first:

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ok, so it isnt pedophilia - but its still a really large age gap...? a 18yo dating a 25yo is not pedophilia but the age gap is still unhealthy and by shipping it you are condoning abusive relationships? like... its still a bad ship? also shiro has been talked about as being a brother to keith and being seen as a mentor, which both make a bad ship ? one would be incest & the other student/mentor realtionship which - again, abusive?

I…wow. You honestly ignored basically everything i said in my initial response and are seriously trying to hit me with that “fiction=reality” mess….

Okay so 1) Enjoying something in a fictional setting does not equate to actually condoning it in real life. Fiction does not equal reality, it is honestly that simple a concept to grasp, and I am bewildered by the sheer amount of discourse such a simple statement attracts on this site. Do I also condone violence and murder because I enjoy watching shows like Naruto?? No. Just because I might ship a pairing with abusive tendencies does not mean that I would ever encourage that same behavior or dynamic in a real life couple. Fiction is escapism, it is a means of exploring a plethora of both good and bad subjects; the beauty of it is literally that it’s not real

2) What is the actual point of you attacking me over a fictional pairing? First it was pedophilia (which the ship literally never was in the first place, I’ve been informed), now I’m supposed to believe your self righteous concern for my shipping preferences comes actually from your own belief that age gaps in relationships are inherently abusive, thus supporting your own preconceived idea that sheith, no matter what–whether it’s age, the fact that Keith looks up to Shiro as a brother/mentor/friend(??)/etc–is a “bad” ship?

Because I don’t care if you think sheith is bad tbh. That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it. 

But if you have to pull reasons out of your ass like this–(ngl the fact that you’re equating viewing someone as a brother figure to actual incest is as funny as it is confusing)–just to argue that a ship you don’t like is “abusive,” then your true reason for arguing so adamantly against it seems pretty transparent imo. Just blacklist the ship tag and avoid seeing it. sheith isn’t going to magically become abusive or problematic just because you happen to hate it.

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Yay! I'm so happy to see that there's someone just discovering the magic that is the Stargate series! I hope you're enjoying it!

Thank you! I am SO enjoying it! I love Sam, I love Teal'c, I love Jack, I love Daniel, I love the Stargate, I love everything!

Also, can I say that everyone in the Stargate fandom is amazing?  

Since I first posted on my main blog asking for help with where to start watching, I’ve received so many amazing responses (seriously, there were spreadsheets and it was glorious). And I’ve also received a bunch of messages from people who were excited for me to love the show as much as they do and I’m honestly so happy right now because everyone is amazing :)

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Don't listen to these weird fangirls, it will really just melt your brain on some shit they do in Kyman. After I found some of their AUs (example is the one you reblogged) I cannot understand the stupidity of some people and their disrespectful behavior towards jews. I am not Jewish, but I respect the people who are and I would not like to produce content which would offend them :/ I don't want you to think over them to much, pls have a nice day!!

This post is going to be really fucking long so hold onto your horses ladies, gentleman, and non-binary folks.

Here’s the thing that I really don’t understand. The biggest responses I get when expressing my distaste of Kyman is “it’s just a show!!!” or “this happened in an episode so how can you be mad!!!!” or “it’s south park!!!!!” like….okay I get that. I also get that South Park is satire. For those who clearly do not understand, satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. How Cartman is towards Kyle is a joke. It is not meant to be taken seriously. Cartman is a symbol of everything problematic with people. That is the entire point of his character. He is completely ignorant to most social issues, he is racist, sexist, and mostly prominently anti-semitic. That’s why I like watching South Park even as a Jew. Because I know it’s not serious. It’s all pointing out the flaws with our society by the use of comedy.

That’s why I hate Kyman as a ship. No matter what, Cartman will forever be the shitbag that he is because they need that kind of character. He will never understand why his actions are wrong, he will never change because the show needs that character. With all that being said, the fact that people ship Cartman with Kyle is very upsetting to me. As much as I feel like I shouldn’t have to use a comparison because I think all of the evidence I always present on this topic is valid and should be taken seriously on its own (the nazism, the slurs, ect) here’s one anyway because everyone seems to explain away those other things. Cartman is very openly racist towards Token. His he very ignorant towards race issues and has said and done horrible things to token (including shooting him). Say someone posted an AU where Token was a slave and Cartman was a slave driver or a plantation owner. Imagine people shipped them together in that way. Everyone would say how horrible that was. Everyone would shame the author/artist because it’s completely fucked up. People still justify these WWII AUs and other similar AUs and call it “hot” because no one gives a shit about Jews.

I will continue to beat this horse long after it’s dead, but no one cares if Jews get made fun of. We continue to be the butt of the joke in every sort of media. All minority groups get made fun of, but the true, disgusting hatred people project onto Jews is absolutely disgusting (i.e. Family Guy). People can say I’m blowing things out of proportion but until you live that life, having people constantly violently bringing down your religion, I’d think you understand. Jews only take up .2% of the world population. Point. Two. Not even a full percent. Not even a half of a percent because people hate us so much and actively try to wipe us out. However, over 62% of religion base hate crimes are towards Jews. Things have gotten to bad that my own synagogue has now added security guards and you have to be buzzed in just to be allowed to go to services. I’m sensitive. I’m angry. I hate that people don’t acknowledge how fucked up things are for us. And people actually ship someone who has tried to exterminate all Jews.

Let me make myself loud and clear; you are not fucking supposed to take Cartman seriously. He will never change. The fact that you care so little about Jewish people is disgusting and upsetting. The fact that you are so easy to brush off the fact that major storylines of your fandom include actual nazism is disturbing and upsetting. Cartman’s behavior towards Kyle is not meant to be romantic. It is meant to be satire of an ignorant little ten year old boy. Stop excusing his behavior as anything but what it is.

Let me state this again that I am still being very generous with my block button. The amount of slurs and other nasty names I get called on an almost daily basis because of this bullshit is truly disgusting so save your breath because I honestly don’t give a shit about your gross opinion.

(also to the anon who sent this I’m so sorry that it took me so long to reply to this but I wanted to make sure I had the time to sit down and write out an actual response which clearly I needed considering the length of this post lol)

For A Good Time, Call: Hold (by 4msg)

and y’all thought FAGTC was dead. HAH, YOU THOUGHT. 

@4msg wrote this Hobi oneshot as a part of an ongoing collab series being done by her, @hyacinth-ink, @sugasmut, @zeurin and i, making it oneshot 5/7, which means only 2 more left! thanks for being so patient with us, be sure to show these writers lots of love, and hope you enjoy~

You scrutinized your reflection. Hair cascading down your back, form-fitting cropped white sweater, baby blue high-waisted circle skirt. You had to admit, it was a beautiful outfit. But the goddamned price tag.

“Looks great on you,” came a voice from behind. You twirled around to locate the source of the sound. You noticed how whimsically the skirt fanned out as you did, almost feeling physical pain at the inverse relationship between the quality of the clothes and the price.

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do any of you remember that simsalabim sabrina episode where she wants to be an adult because she thinks everything will be better, and then when she actually is one she discovers that its basically just responsibility, paying for bills and stress? I should have listened to that and just… stayed a kid where my biggest responsibility was having all of my colored pencils with me at school

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Patsy I need an idea for a girl-impressing date that does not involve lock picking

Well, if lockpicking is out of the question, then I’m guessing you also aren’t interested in my TOP TEN MAGIC TRICKS GUARANTEED TO GET SMOKIN’ HOT BABES TO HOLD YOUR HAND or my latest dating guide, SHOW ‘EM WHAT THOSE FINGERS CAN DO: EROTIC ACCORDION SERENADES FOR BEGINNERS.

And hey, buddy, I get it. Not everyone is ready for true romance. Being a chick magnet is a ton of responsibility.

But seriously, don’t stress about impressing her. Focus more on making her comfortable! Ask what she’s into, and unless she explicitly states that she wants everything to be a surprise, make sure she’s cool with your plans. Especially if she’s a cutie who might need some special consideration when it comes to date stuff.

Like, if ya’ lady love uses a mobility aid, check the accessibility of the date location. Does this fly honey have social anxiety? Probably not the kind of girl who’s going to be into that double date with your friends she’s never met. Does she have sensory overload issues? She’s not going to have fun at a sporting event, you dingus!

I can’t really give you a cool, specific idea without knowing what she’s into or what she’s like, you know? Girls are complex and individual beings, friend. You gotta’ make sure your date feels like something you planned with her in mind, and not just the kind of date you’d take anybody on.

Trying Again


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Things were going well, some may have said too well and all it’s done is prove them right- we couldn’t do it. Two weeks ago the last place I pictured myself being was on a plane destined to take me back home, back to the reality I needed to reconnect with after this dream world turned against me, becoming my own worst nightmare. 

One day off, that was all we had whilst in the city and all he wanted to do was sleep and stay on the bus. Yet with the sun shining and the day looking so inviting I couldn’t help but go along with some of the crew to explore before the evening descended upon us. Harmless fun and laughs around the sights, nothing painful or the need for paranoia necessary yet it had to happen, someone had to spot us and question everything, ruin everything. 

Worst part of it was the fact that I was oblivious, none the wiser to the fans snapping photos of me with other guys, laughing with them as we drank coffee minding our own business for the afternoon. 

Getting back onto the bus and it was quiet, too quiet for these guys. Ashton appeared first and found it difficult to maintain eye contact with me before brushing past, Luke and Michael stayed away in their bunks as I passed until I found him. His brown hair that I ran my fingers through was a mess, it had been ruffled continuously and knowing him he does it more so out of frustration than anything else. The look that followed once he was aware of my presence remains a ghost in my mind, how much pain he held in his eyes- they were no longer soft and sweet, they’d turned hard and filled with regret, no remorse, no love just fire. 

Sighing I tried to cast the memory out of my mind as I played with the wrist band he had given me from their first show of this tour. It was supposed to be a complete dream, touring with my boyfriend and seeing the world, being young and in love doing things few our age had the opportunity to experience. Glancing outside I see fields upon fields of green that made me feel nostalgic and also homesick. Barely any time had passed since I’d been away, there’s always that fine line between being away too little or too long. If you’re away too long things change, people forget who you are or act with such delight when they see you again. Then if you’ve been away too little people ask questions, wonder what happened to the big adventure that was planned and hold that ‘I told you so’ look in their smiles. 

Getting used to the normality of life was easier than I wanted it to be, part of me had hoped that I could have a new outlook on living after the months I spent away except here I was just another person, there was nothing significant about me here, not without him. Sometimes as I passed by on my way to class I’d hear comments being made, people would look or point at me muttering words that I never wished anyone would use to describe me. 

“You cheated on me! I knew it!” He stormed up out of his seat, and I remained utterly dumbfounded, unable to process the accusation. Pacing up and down I tried to go towards him or attempt to stop him but as I lifted my arms up towards him he slapped them away dismissively. Scoffing in response I stayed still, unsure how to respond to this side of him I’ve never approached. 

“What the hell are you on about Cal?!” It was close to a yell as the tension between us continued to rise, he stopped pacing and faced me, the look on his face was one of pure disgust. 

He shook his head, pointing his finger to me like a teacher to a disruptive child. “Don’t Cal me.” A blunt statement, one he didn’t care to tell me. “You know exactly what you’ve done, I knew something was up when you kept going out without me.” 

Remaining completely confused I tried to piece things together but my lack of response made him more frustrated. He showed me his phone and pictures of me and other guys, drinking coffee at cafes, partying at clubs, backstage. Sighing I let out a dry laugh, unable to believe that he thought I would do such a thing. “You seriously think I would cheat? After everything?” I was in a phase of disbelief, seeing him with such disgust and rage towards me when only three hours ago we were lying uncomfortably together laughing. 

Walking to class and sitting down few smiled my way, others rolled their eyes and ignored my existence but I didn’t care, of all the people whose judgement bothers me theirs concerns me the least. As the teacher began to talk I zoned out, allowing my mind to go into a state of temporary bliss of us in Italy, how he managed to get us into a tour of the colosseum just like I dreamed of, the days when we would play stupid games until the early hours of the morning just to pass the time by stuck in traffic. All of the I love you’s and never let me go’s

Hours dragged by slowly, painfully. All I wished for was to be anywhere but here, with him, with his crazy band mates, with the crew, with all of them - just somewhere that is full of life and isn’t a void. Checking the time I had half an hour until I could leave, just half an hour until I return to the routine I used to make myself accustomed to as if it were all I could amount to in this life. I opened my book and began to read all about Aristotle, something I’d rather not have to endure as my eyes began to feel heavier with each word I read and re-read. 

“Fine! I get it! You can’t trust me, you can’t rely on me to tell you the truth.” Grabbing a hold of my bag I shoved past him, tears burning in my eyes as I saw three heads sticking out of their bunks, sad smiles etched into each of their heads with big eyes full of sympathy. He stood there, behind them watching me go, he didn’t say anything else, no goodbye, nothing; and I think this is what hurt the most. 

Abandoned, stuck, isolated. I was somewhere unfamiliar but quickly sorted a way home, one taxi ride and breakdown outside of an airport later I was sat on the plane having his words repeated like a vinyl on a loop, each time becoming more pain inducing than the last. 

Opening my eyes I gathered my wits, seeing I had rested against Virtue Ethics and the principles of it. Sighing and wiping my face I checked the time, an hour later than I had planned to leave but at least I could leave, I had the choice to. Feeling groggy I headed outside of school and walked the familiar route home, passing the bakery that is half empty at this point in the day, waving to the elderly lady who waters her flowers regardless of how much it’s rained, through the park where the children shriek with delight and by my grandpa’s old house, still having that same sense of nostalgia. In sight were the various attempts at gardening, the pots of flowers now absence of life, the unmowed grass and lack of cars, except one outside that I didn’t associate with. 

Hesitantly I walked by, observing my reflection in the windows as I grabbed onto my house keys and took the ten steps to the front door, greeting the warmth like an old friend. Putting my bag and folder down on the table in the hallway I got a hold of my phone and walked through to the kitchen hoping to find something sweet to eat. 

Waving to the figure sat down as my eyes remained glued to the screen and with little luck found nothing good to eat and went upstairs. Just as I reached the top of the stairs I froze on the spot, I turned around pulling my phone away and tried to process what had just happened. 

Keeping my phone close I apprehensively went down the stairs, being careful not to make them creak as I went. Reaching the wooden floors I kept my head to the side, wanting to be able to see them before they saw me - again that is. His back was turned but I felt my heart getting hitched in my throat, attempting to suppress it I struggled to make eye contact as he turned around, a small ashamed smile forming on his face. 

Shaking my head in pure astonishment I couldn’t focus on his soft face without seeing the anger that he held last time I saw him, the words he spat at me and how he just let me leave willingly, he didn’t even put up a fight for the one he supposedly loved. “What?” The only words that managed to make it through my thought process and out of my mouth without any profanities escaping along the way. 

I heard a dry laugh followed by a small groan, “I’m an ass.” Scoffing I folded my arms in front of my chest.

“Well you sure got that right.” Looking away I paused and silence resumed between the two of us, “How long ago did you realise that I wasn’t lying?” 

Now I fixated on his facial expressions, the twitch in his eyebrow as he thought immensely, “A few days after you left, then I realised how dumb I had been to let you go.” He took a step forward and I took a step back, still remaining defensive. 

“You let me go.” I started, “You let me walk off that bus in the middle of nowhere and didn’t mutter anything, no goodbye or apology. I haven’t heard from you in weeks and you think you can just come back in here and apologise and we’ll go back to being happy?” Wiping my face I felt drained, unable to even put this together and in what world this would resolve everything. 

He shifted his weight from one leg to the other, shrugging his shoulders. “You should at least know that I don’t hate you,” He muttered, “in fact, I love you.” Internally I sighed but externally remaining silent, wanting to hear the rest of what he had to say. “Waking up the next morning knowing you weren’t there hurt, it felt like some part of me had been pulled with all the force in the world out of my body. Yes, I said some awful things to you but in hindsight I was tired-”

“In what world is being tired the most viable reason to flip a switch at me?” He came forward and held his hands up defensively, and I backed away again, this time hitting the door frame. 

“It’s not that I was just tired.” He paused and looked me in the eyes, no longer hard and cold they resumed the warmth I loved about them, loved. “Things were just getting too much, tour was going well but the amount of pressure I felt you were my relief from it and finding out you had been cheating on me, well accused of cheating on me hurt. It felt as if every sense of comfort had been truly removed and I couldn’t bare it.” His shoulders lowered in defeat and his foot moved across the wooden floorboards repeatedly. 

“You called me things, awful names.” I stated, not letting him sink into me again. 

“I know, and I hate myself for saying that.” 

“You let me leave.”

“Why did I let you go?”

“I hated you.”

“I still love you.”

“Why bother coming back?”

“Because I need you.” 

My words clinged to my throat after he said that, I was tongue tied just looking at him. He took a small step forward and I reciprocated the act, reaching my hands out from my chest down to my sides. 

“Please.” He lowered his voice even in the quietness of an empty house he remained delicate. Looking down his hand brushed against mine before clinging onto my fingers, intertwining them effortlessly. “come back.” 

Locking eyes with mine it was almost like a trance, something I was trapped in but it wasn’t like a nightmare, it wasn’t like a fairy tale. This felt like reality, the reality I wanted. 

Leaning in I closed my eyes, his breath feeling hot against my lips and I paused, whispering into him one simple word. “Yes.” 

And now, My Reaction To The Apparent End of The TMNT 2012 SERIES—

Wait, wait, hold up here, I am lost. If they announce this as the end of the series, why the hell are they playing it out of order? Because I was previously under the impression that the other episodes that will be airing soon are the ones that will close the show! What idiot in programming is responsible for this?!

And yeah, I have got some questions because the finale SERIOUSLY contradicts not only everything Renett said in the series, but her existence in general. (I AM TRYING REAL HARD NOT TO PUT SPOILERS HERE) And it leaves certain questions hanging (except for one really…)

In basic summary…I need to watch the other episodes just so I can not focus on this.

How I converted my mom to TJLC and made her not a casual viewer and instead now she writes meta and makes train jokes, a tale by wellthengameover

It was my grandmother who originally made me watch Sherlock about 15 months ago because she watches the show and was always telling me to. I didn’t actually want to because I’m an obstinate snob, but I thought it would give me something to talk about with her besides her gardening committee, so I went for it.

At this same time, I made my parents watch Sherlock, too, so that they wouldn’t steer my grandmother back onto the garden committee topic. That was spring/summer 2014. (It should perhaps be noted that I am in college and thus had to long-distance force my parents to watch Sherlock on DVDs from the public library.)

It was almost exactly a year ago that I Convinced My Mother Of The Truth. Here’s how I did it:

I trapped her in a 4 ½ hour car ride so she couldn’t get away or pretend like she had more important things to be doing, which is of course a blatant lie as there is nothing more important than TJLC. My dad resisted learning this much about a television show but was forced to by being in the car at the same time, and thus has come to See The Truth but not truly to Care.

This car ride was, in fact, to visit my grandmother. Strange how these things play out. What do we say about coincidences?

I started with other aspects besides TJLC to get the idea of “the surface level narrative is tricking you and you are falling for it and Steven and Mark are probably laughing at you right now on their way to the bank.” I started with M-Theory. I started with what is, in my opinion, the least controversial point of M-Theory, and certainly the one that began the earliest: Mycroft is under Jim’s thumb.

She was initially skeptical of Mycroft being under Jim’s thumb, but willing to consider it after she had rewatched the points of the show I mentioned as evidence. At that point, I moved on to Mary is Moran. Once suggested to the fact that Mary was a villain who worked for Jim Moriarty, a sleeper agent planted on John based on the sniper Colonel Sebastian Moran, my mother felt this was obvious in hindsight, accepted it immediately, and in fact felt rather stupid for not noticing earlier.

(It should be noted that my mother is familiar with ACD and read the stories to me when I was a kiddo. The only point which I remembered of ACD when I began watching Sherlock was that The Hound of the Baskervilles was really scary and my whole family was going to be eaten by a giant dog, so you can see how old I was. Anyway, the point is that my mom knows ACD, and also that John cannot possibly stay permanently married to Sebastian Moran, so the “but John is married” argument was toast before it even began.)

This was the point at which I embarked upon TJLC. It should perhaps be noted that my parents live in a college town and work at the university, which is a major school for the hard sciences, in the state that was the second to legalize gay marriage in the US, and in fact their two closest friends that I know of are both not straight, and are thus perhaps already not your average viewers. If you think about this very much, you can probably figure out where my parents live. I must ask you not to attack their house; they have two cats.

But back to the tale.

I told her not to argue until I was done with my points. My first point was that this show is about the humanization of Sherlock Holmes, and a pretty obvious way to do that would be to have him in a committed romantic relationship, possibly with a kid. My second point was that there is no happy ending to this show that does not include John moving back into Baker Street, and having their relationship simply return to just exactly how it was in S2 at the end of the show is just not how stories work. Things and characters have to change and develop, and Sherlock and John are already about as close as you can platonically get. I then had her rewatch the tarmac scene, for which she soon admitted she could not think of another option for Sherlock’s aborted sentence than “I love you.”

At this point, my mom was skeptical not that they were in love, but that the show would “go there,” as I believe so many were initially. I then reminded her that this show is produced in Britain, not in the US, as liberal Americans have this idea of Britain as a haven where everyone is finally socialist and Pure, and that the BBC is not funded the way most American TV stations are.

Then I brought up “Softly, softly.” This was the beginning of the end, as it were. At which point we arrived at my grandmother’s, quite late, and went to bed. When I got up the next morning, my mother’s first words were: “If they don’t get involved, this show is the worst example of bashing gay people I can think of,” and thus she came up with Gay Or Trash all on her own and another joined the ranks of TJLC.

At which point I made her read The Train Meta and now my own mother makes train jokes every time we discuss this show. Which is daily because, since then, my mother has been solely responsible for:

And about half responsible for and totally on-board with everything else.

The moral of this story is, fair reader: like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, you should use TJLC carefully or it could change your life and your own mother will make jokes about Sherlock sucking John off. But in all seriousness, my mom is 100% TJLC, 100% this show is dirty as fuck, 100% John is bi, 100% Sherlock is smoll and John is trash, now has a tumblr to read TJLC meta (so she’s probably going to see this eventually and complain), was TBH shocked and confused to learn that there are other ships, and has, on at least one occasion that I know of, watched Johnlock fanvids in her free time. And I suspect bottomlock but I haven’t actually asked as she is my mother. Also when we were at my cousin’s wedding, one of the vows sounded a lot like “the problems of your past are your business; the problems of your future are my privilege” and my mom wouldn’t stop glancing sneakily at me until we were both laughing and trying to hide it and thus everyone in our family thinks we cried at my cousin’s wedding. Which TBH is better than the truth. So now you have two meta writers for the price of one.

The End.

#9 Prince!5SOS- Be My Queen [END]

[Requested: Yes, and thank you everyone :)]


You were dreaming about a memory, you were 15 and celebrating Michael’s 16th birthday. He didn’t like parties or celebrating and sat in his chair with his arms crossed as he was forced to have just a small celebration with you in the garden. “It’s not a ball, and there is barley anyone here to celebrate. It’s just a small celebration so please, smile and enjoy yourself Prince Michael.” You insisted while cutting his cake and placing it in front of him. “(Y/N), you go through a lot of trouble just for celebrating an ordinary day.” He says and picks up a fork to eat. You smile at him and sit on a chair to watch him, “I go through this trouble because I am proud of you for growing another year, I can’t afford anything extravagant so I do what I can with my hands.” You said. “This is your gift? A gift is something that a person gives you personally for them to keep. This gift of yours fades at the end of the day and it means nothing.” He says and licks the frosting off his fork and places it on the empty plate. “Then again, I don’t want any gift, this is enough, I have everything so what don’t I have?” He says and leans back in his chair. “I want to give you something then! This isn’t right Prince Michael, you must have something as a remembrance of this day.” You insisted again. “It’s unnecessary (Y/N).” “Please, for me?” You asked with a slight pout and he sighed giving in. “What kind of gift do you want from me? I’ll fetch it right away, I’ll give you something memorable.” You said. Michael chuckled, “what can you give me? You don’t have money to afford the things I could wish for… Hmmm… Okay, a picture, I want a picture.” He demanded. “Okay, I’ll get a photographer and he will take a picture of you-” “I want you with me in the picture.” He added and you stopped to look at him. “O-Oh no I shouldn’t…. I’m just a servant and I’m all tattered and….. You wouldn’t want me in the picture Prince Michael.” You said. “Didn’t you say you wanted to give me a gift? Wanted to make it memorable? Well I want to remember this day with you in it, so I order you to be in the picture with me.” He says and you gave him a small smile, “yes Prince Michael.” You said before heading into the castle to ask a servant to call in a photographer as soon as possible… He arrived 30 minutes later and prepped the camera in the garden. Michael stood there and you stood next to him with a small gap between the two of you. Your heart raced and you felt nervous, a picture with you was the last thing you thought Michael would want. The photographer counted down and the flash went off. It took him a few minutes for the picture to develop and when it did Michael kept it close to his chest and started walking towards the castle saying that he was tired and wanted to retire for the night.  “Prince Michael did the picture turn out okay?” You asked as you prepped his bath and started washing his hair. “It looks good.” “May I see it?” “No.” He answered quickly. “W-Why not? I want to see-” “It’s my gift and I could do what I want with it….” He says blushing slightly and refused to look at you, “but thank you for the gift….” He mumbled and you smiled before dumping water on his head to rinse him. You were happy that you eventually saw how the picture turned out. The way he looked at you in the photograph, you really wished to see that look on his face once more. Your eyes opened when the memory ended. For a moment you thought you were still dreaming when you saw Michael making that same face at you while sitting by your desk with his arms crossed. “It’s already afternoon and you are still sleeping? You always nag me awake and lecture on how that it’s bad to oversleep, my how the tables have turned.” He says and you slowly sat up trying to processes the fact that Michael was in your room and was waiting for you to wake up. “W-Why….. Why are you here? Prince Michael you should not be here– How did you even find this place? No, forget that, you should go back to the castle, you will get in trouble if they find out that you are here.” You said and stood up to try and get him out of your room and head back to the castle. He wouldn’t budge from the chair and he grabbed you by the wrist and loosened his grip when you stopped trying to make him get up. “I…. I quit being the prince.” He said and your eyes widened. “W-what?….. Prince Michael don’t be stupid!” You scolded and Michael was shocked on how you took his sacrifice for love. “I wanted to be with you so I just-” He tried to explain but you shut him up, “no! That is a dumb move Prince Michael! Seriously, all those rigorous studies and then this happens? One does not simply just quit from being a prince and you know that, and throwing away your title so casually and recklessly coming out here was reckless and stupid. You are a Prince and you have responsibilities, for all the years I’ve known you and taken care of you, this is the most reckless thing you’ve have done!” You lectured and Michael pouted like a child as you went on and on about how dumb it was for him to throw away his title so casually for her. You took a moment to breathe and Michael looked at you still pouting, “are you done? Jeez, this is like when I first met you. That day you lectured me about how improper and a mess I was for trying to be independent when I obviously needed you to assist me. You just went on and on, making me listen to you and give in to what you say…. Just….. Not this time.” He says and your expression softened when his hands reached for you and wrapped around your waist. “I seriously want to be with you…” he mumbled and you felt yourself giving in. “Your confession confuses me Prince Michael…. I’m just a person born into servitude, someone who isn’t fit to be with you, yet you still continue to choose me, to show me such kindness…. Why?” You wondered and he looked up from his hug and brushed your cheek with his hand, “because you are the only one who has made me care about anything… Responsibilities and being royal wasn’t as bad because you were by my side, and when you left I just started to let everything fall apart. (Y/N) I care about you, I want to protect you, and I want you to be by my side again…. Just not as my maid…” He says and kisses your forehead. You felt the tears fall down your cheeks, “I-I’m sorry I didn’t stay….” You said with your voice cracking. “I’m sorry I didn’t make you stay, and I won’t let it happen again.” He said before kissing away your tears. The moment was interrupted when your grandfather let himself in, “Prince Michael, a carriage is waiting for you, they demand that you return to the castle.” He says. “I refuse.” he said. “You will go Prince Michael or must I give you a lecture like when I used to care for you when you were young?” He wondered. Michael made a sour face and glanced at you, “you do get it from the old man…” He says before heading toward the door, knowing that if he didn’t leave quietly you would get in trouble, he wanted to protect you. “What are you doing?” Your grandfather asked and stopped him, “take (Y/N) with you of course.” he said and pulled you forward to Michael’s side…. You felt your chest tighten when you stepped foot on castle grounds once more. Michael kept you close to his side as the both of you were going to face the king and queen once more. When the doors opened it was silent for a moment before the Queen decided to speak. “Let’s see, our only son quit being the prince, his fiance just recently threw a tantrum and just started packing her bags…. Just what do we do now?” He wondered. “Mother…. Father, I want to take my title back…. On one condition, (Y/N) will be my queen.” He demanded and you looked at him with your face growing pink. “Son, you really want her to be by your side?” The King questioned. “…. Father, I said I wanted to do music right? To be honest, all these royal responsibilities I couldn’t care less, but if (Y/N) is with me I’ll do it. I’ll start sacrificing this time, I won’t give up music, but I will take your place and rule this kingdom since it is my responsibility. Not for you, not for mother, but for her, for (Y/N)….” Michael said and the family took a moment of silence. The King sighed and waved his hand before leaving the room. You wondered what that gesture could mean and the Queen stood up to confirm it, “well then (Y/N) you will have to work hard for the next few weeks. Being a Queen will be 10x more work than being a servant, but before you can be a Queen, you must be a bride…. Let’s see if that dress of mine will fit you. You see, the princess didn’t like the dress and ordered a new one, she has packed it along with her other valuables so I hope you don’t mind my handy down.” The Queen says and you smile. “It would be an honor.” You said smiling. The Queen took her leave and allowed you and Michael to have a moment to yourselves. His arms wrapped around you again and he swung happily with a grin. “It will be weird being in the castle but never picking up a broom or cleaning up after you…..” “You will get use to it, I’ll spoil you, just to show my thanks for those 6 years….” He says while resting his forehead against yours. “…. Pri-…. Michael?” You called out. “Yes?” He answered with his attention to you. “I love you.” You confessed with ease and he smiled. “I love you too (Y/N).” he confessed back and leaned in to press his lips against yours, then once more in front of everyone after saying “I do.” On your wedding day you took a moment to look at the guests who were attending. Familiar faces of people you served, your family, and your fellow servants. You smiled knowing that this wedding was real and this moment was your reality, a story of how a servant and prince fell in love.


When Calum told the princess of how he truly feels about her, it was no surprise that his parents took extra precautions to make sure he couldn’t see you. Days turned into weeks and with each sun rise and sun set, it started eat him alive knowing that he was being a sitting duck and not doing anything to try and be with you. All he did was bitterly do his royal duties and half interact with the princess when he was forced to. She looked at him with a sadden expression understanding that Calum wanted none of this, “I-I really can’t please you?” She asked averted her eyes. “I’m sorry…. You really don’t deserve such treatment I just….. My heart will yearn for no one but her…. This engagement will have no meaning if I cannot return your feelings, it won’t be fair to you, and I believe you wouldn’t want to spend your life with someone who could not return your feelings….” Calum said and looked at her with a sympathetic expression on his face. “I-I don’t mind, it’s my duty as the princess to just do what is right for the kingdom….” She said with her voice fading. “Really?” Calum questioned. “….. You are a very wise prince….” She complimented and looked at him, “I hear you are good at escaping from the castle, do you think you can manage? I can cover for you….” She offers. Calum smiled but it quickly faded, “all the exits are blocked and my parent’s made sure of it….” “T-Then….. I’ll help you escape, let’s visit the village.” She declared and Calum wondered what kind of plan she thought of. The princess ordered to have a carriage that would take them into town, Calum’s parent’s didn’t suspect a thing assuming that Calum gave in to being with the princess. Once into town the princess demanded to roam around with Calum for some alone time, as much as the servants insisted to keep watch, her order was absolute. The two of them turned sharp corners until they couldn’t be seen, she took out a bag of Calum’s peasant clothes and wished him luck to find you. Calum looked back at her and she gave him a sad smile, he gave a small smile back and bolted down the street to head to the bakery…. Since that order was made, you tried to go on your daily duties as usual. You started off the morning making cakes and bread, you went into town to restock on ingredients, you came back watch the shop and restock on the cakes and bread, lock up for the night, sleep, then repeat. For the first few days you had hopes that Calum would throw a pebble at your window and smile up at you when you would look out as a response, but your mornings were undisturbed, and eventually you gave up on that thought that he would come for you. “(Y/N) I’m going to take my early leave today, are you sure you can manage by yourself today?” The baker asked you and you nodded reassuringly, “it’s your girlfriend’s birthday right? Please, just go and have a wonderful time with her.” You insisted and he gave you a sympathetic smile. “(Y/N)?” “Yes?” “I believe he will visit you, I don’t know if it would be today, or tomorrow… But no man would stand to be separated from someone he loves.” He said. “I’m guessing you are saying this from experience?” You wondered and he nodded. You bid him farewell again and turned your attention to switching the stale bread with the freshly baked bread. You heard the front door ring and assumed it was the baker who came back. You chuckled to yourself, “back so soon? I told you I’m fine, don’t make your lady wait. Did you forget something?” You asked and turned around and dropped the stale bread on the floor while being stunned in your place. “Yeah, I forgot you.” Calum said before letting himself in and trying to catch his breath. the words couldn’t escape your mouth, you didn’t know what to say to him. Tears started to form in your eyes and cloud your vision, he walked closer to you and wrapped his arms tightly around your body. You could hear his heart beating fast and couldn’t tell if it was because he ran all the way to the shop or the fact that you were with him. Your heart felt the same way, it started to beat fast and for a moment you thought it would burst from happiness. “Calum…. I-I…. I thought you-” You stuttered and couldn’t find the words to explain how you felt. Calum didn’t need you to say anything, he just knew, and he responded with kissing you passionately, meaningfully, each kiss to get his feelings for you across. “…. How did you sneak out?” You asked looking at him and cupping his face, still trying to processes that he was real and that he was with you. “The princess…. She was kind enough to sneak me out.” He admitted and you felt guilt set in your heart. “She sacrificed her love for you?…. So you could be with me?” You questioned and he kissed your forehead reassuring you that her actions were justified. “We came to an understanding that neither of us would have been happy if the marriage agreement stayed…” He insisted and gave you another reassuring kiss while holding you in his arms. “So…. What do we do now?” You questioned and he took your hand in his and thought for a moment, “I didn’t think I would get this far…. What should we do? Run away perhaps?” He wondered and grinned. You smiled but it faltered when you realized that he was throwing away his name for you, “Calum, you’re a prince, you can’t just…” “I’ve already made up my mind to give up my name, to give up the throne… Just for you.” He said with his attention on you. You paused for a moment and gave his hand a squeeze, “y-you don’t mind the downsizing?” You asked. “I’d love to be the husband of a baker….” He said smiling at you. He pressed his forehead against yours and smiled genuinely, “I’m sorry I didn’t fight for you….” He mumbled with his smile wavering. You shook your head and enjoyed every moment you had with him before you heard the door burst open and the boots clacking around the two of you…. Again you were taken to the castle, the King and Queen looking tired and frustrated. Calum was ready to fight, he held you close and showed no weakness to facing his parent’s. The princess on the side with her head bowed, her role was silent. “You left the princess alone in town, disobeyed our ruling, all for a daughter of a baker….. A peasant.” The King said with his eyes only on Calum. “The princess wished to dismiss the marriage proposal.” The Queen added and still no response from Calum. “Are you really willing to give up your name for this girl?” The King asked and silence passed again. Calum pulled you closer to him, “I’ve never been so sure in my life.” He said confidently and his parents leaned back in their chairs. The Queen sighed and looked at you, at Calum, and then a small smile started to grow on her face, “I guess we should consider your alternative now that we know that you are no longer fit to rule the kingdom…. yet….” She said and stood up, “you are relived of your duty as the next in line for the crown, instead, your sister will take your place and you will be second in line.” She said waving her hand and Mali-Koa stood up straight. “W-what?” Calum questioned and asked for clarification. “We can no longer control what you do, you will take the crown, but only when your sister’s reign is over… During that time, you can do as you wish, in other words you can marry that girl, if you want…” The King says and looks away. Calum smiled and looked at you, “then as soon as possible, I want to be with her, as soon as possible.” He declared. “Then so be it.” His father says waving the matter away and giving a small smile knowing that his son was truly happy…. The wedding happened the same day as Mali-Koa’s coordination. After her ceremony her and Calum watched you walk down the isle draped in white. She gave the blessings, she told the both of you what to say and when to say, “I do.” She smiled and her little brother and at her new sister-in-law, “then, with the power vested in me, the Queen, I pronounce you husband and wife.” She declared and the church full of guests started to clap. Calum kissed you again to seal the deal and turned to your guests who where cheering for this happy wedding. “So, I wanted to ask if you wanted to continue to live at the bakery, it will be remodeled to be bigger to fit all of us and to your parents liking if that is okay.” He whispered to you and continued to wave to everyone. “Live at the bakery? Are you sure?” You wondered and continued to smile and wave as well. “Well, I did say I wanted to be the husband of a baker rather than a prince…. Or do you prefer the royal life?” He asked and grinned at you. “Anything is fine as long as I’m with you.” You admitted and kissed your cheek, “no matter what, you will always be my queen.” He said before taking your hand and running down the isle to the waiting carriage. The story about the prince and the baker’s daughter, now to a close.


3 days of reckless travel between Ashton’s kingdom and yours. He arrived in the early afternoon with no plan, no presents, but with his heart full of love and the ring that was specifically made for you. Though it was just three days, the news of his arrival and the failed wedding made it’s way to your kingdom in an instant. The villagers whispered as they saw the carriage make it’s way to the castle. You could see from your bedroom window that Ashton had a last minute change of heart and you didn’t know how to feel about that. You cried, you felt heart break, you made the strongest move to sacrifice your own love so someone else could be happy, and all of that sacrifice and pain was easily pushed aside because Ashton had a change of heart. “Princess, your mother and father wish for you to be beside them when the prince makes his visit.” One of the maids said while letting herself in. You nodded and closed the curtain before following the maid to the throne room… You sat on your father’s left side as Ashton entered the room and respectfully kneeled in the front of your family. His clothes were stripped down to a simple collared shirt and plants, his hair was slightly messy and scruff grew on his chin. “Traveled a long way Prince Ashton?” Your father questioned. “Yes I have your majesty, and I’m sorry to inform you but…. I’ve denied my title as prince.” He confessed and your eyes widened. Your father laughed thinking it was a joke, “denied your title as the prince? One does not simply stop being a prince… Ah, but if you say so, I will go along with your small declaration…. If you do not mind me saying this, I heard the news of your wedding day.” He said. “Yes your majesty, it seems the news spread quickly.” Ashton said with his head still bowed down. “Yes, you…. Ended that wedding with the girl who took over my daughter’s place as your future wife….” he said bitterly and you knew that your father was still angry about the matter. “… Y-Yes your majesty.” Ashton said and braced himself for your father’s wrath. “Not only did the news of your engagement travel, but so did your intentions, your reason as to why you are here today bowing down to me…. You come to seek my daughters hand in marriage again…. You kneel in front of me with no title, no status, no offerings and you expect me to reconsider you to be my daughter’s fiance?” He questioned with his voice rising. “Yes your majesty.” Ashton said with his voice wavering. “How daring of you, did you really think I would be happy to hear that you’ve changed your mind, how you sacrificed your family name just so you can win my daughter back? Well let me tell you something, ‘prince’ my daughter has sacrificed more than you ever did, she has wasted her tears on you, and you’ve build her feelings up all these years only to let her find out that you had another woman in your life. It was a mistake to let her stay with you for such a long period of time, I won’t stand for this anymore, not this time. As king, no, as her father, I would like to see you out of my kingdom as soon as possible.” He declared and Ashton knew that he couldn’t reason. He stood up straight and looked at the king standing his ground, “I’ll retire for the day, however, I do intend to try again tomorrow.” Ashton said confidently. “Excuse me?” Your father questioned. Ashton glanced at you and then back at your father and bowed his head, “I’ll be taking my leave now, I apologize for the inconvenience.” He said and was escorted back to his carriage. You were stunned in your seat and couldn’t move a finger after what has happened. You were overwhelmed with what you’ve heard and sunk into your throne trying to process the fact that Ashton did come all the way from his kingdom to yours just to get you back. You didn’t catch what your father said to you as he patted your shoulder and kissed your head. Your mother stood up and cupped your face, “we promise to protect you, your father and I will make sure that you don’t have to ever see him…” She said and kissed your forehead. “M-mother… What if I still…..” You said but was unable to finish your sentence. “Do you really like him even after the way he has treated you?” She questioned and you couldn’t find an answer to express how you felt. She left you to think and you sat in the room to contemplate your feelings…As promised Ashton visited again and went on one knee and bowed his head at your parents once more to ask for your hand in marriage. This time you were not present but peeked through the slight opening of the door. The scene was familiar, like that day the duchess and her family went on one knee and bowed their heads to the Queen, how sincere and determined they were to ask for the proposal. You remembered how much your heart hurt from that moment, how they announced such a request right in front of you. Your feelings wavered once more and you pulled your attention away from the door…. You waited for Ashton to retreat again, and when he left the room he paused when he saw you. He smiled fondly and you kept a poker face and took his hand and led him to the garden to speak with him. You were silent and tried to collect your thoughts, before you could speak he tucked a stray hair behind your ear and smiled, “you are so beautiful…” he said in a hushed and adoring tone. You felt your face grow warm ant and instant and you raised your hand to slap his face. “How dare you….. D-Don’t…. Don’t just casually say that to me you have no right.” You said and felt yourself losing your composure. He was un-phased from you striking him and he let you lash out. You felt your tears run down your cheeks, all the frustration you held in, your breathing starting to return back to normal, and your heart started to slow down and calm you. He took your hand and pressed it against his cheek, his attention only on you and no one else, “do you feel better?” He asked and you let out a sigh. “Please just leave….” You said with your voice cracking. “I know I am the last person you want to see but… I’ve realized how blind I was to let you leave, to let you slip from my fingers…. My sacrifices could not compare to what you gave up, but even if I have no name and nothing worth to please you, I want to ask you once more for your hand in marriage. I’ll stay here for as long as I need to until you believe that my feelings for you are as true as how you felt about me. If I have to settle here then fine, if I have to get a job and work with poultry then so be it, but I am in love with you (Y/N), my mind is no longer clouded, and my biggest mistake was not realizing my feelings sooner….” He said strongly and cupped your face to kiss you.  Your lips parted and you took a moment to look into his eyes before he closed them to kiss you once more, and then a third time. “When did you realize this?” You questioned and Ashton let you go and reached into his pocket to take out the small ring, “I realized the moment when I picked this up at the shop…. This ring belongs to you, it was made for you….” he said and placed the ring in your hand. You observed it and smiled knowing that it fit your tastes and style perfectly. “She knew that she could never wear that ring, it was never hers.” He said and you knew that he was referring to the duchess. “Can I ask you a question (Y/N)?” Ashton wondered and you gave a small nod. “Do you still love me?” He asked and you looked at him trying to find the answer yourself. You placed your hand over your heart and knew that the feeling never left, “I never stopped loving you….” You mumbled and looked up at him, “but this isn’t how the story is supposed to go…. It’s the first love that’s supposed to have the happy ending…” You said referring to the duchess and Ashton tilted his head slighty and rubbed your cheek, “maybe it was never her story after all, it was yours all along.” he said and you felt yourself smiling. The next time you kissed Ashton was in church after saying your vows. It was difficult to get the approval once more through your parents, but they knew how you really felt, and they were not going to ignore your feelings. Ashton’s mother was contacted as soon as the proposal was renewed once more. The wedding was planned as soon as possible to assure that the decision was final. You stood there and smiled at all your guests who traveled to see you get married. From the back of the church you saw the duchess genuinely smiling for the both of you.  Ashton held your hand and you looked at him, “what is it?” You questioned with your smile growing. “I guess this is happily ever after?” he questioned and you smiled nodding your head and ended your story with a kiss.


When you and Luke were 13 the question came up once out of curiosity. “(Y/N) do you like being a knight?” Young Luke asked and you couldn’t understand this simple question. “If it means having a role in life and having the honor to serve you, then yes I like being a knight.” You answered and Luke shook his head, “but what about being a lady?” “There is no escaping the fact that I was born female-” “No, I mean dressing up in wonderfully made dresses and falling in love like in the fairy tales.” Luke said and you paused to think, “I don’t think I have any interest in falling in love.” You said and looked at Luke who was not satisfied with your answer. You smiled, “I’d rather be by your side my Prince, that beats falling in love with the riches noble in the entire kingdom.” You said and he laughed. “What kind of answer is that?” he asked and clung to your side continuing to ask you such trivial questions to amuse him… The moment Luke stomped out of the castle he was filled with confidence to see you again. The image of the last time he saw you was burned into his memory, you were sad but still stood with pride and independence. That was the you he grew up admiring. He was happy that he would finally get to see you again, to show you how much he has grown, and to finally give back your sword that you were forced to part with. He imagined you to be in your training clothes that was worn out and and have your hair messily tied up from finishing a work out, but instead, the moment he walked into your house and out to the garden he saw something he was not used to seeing, a lady. You stood there startled by him calling for you, you were in a rather luxurious dress that you never had the time to wear and your hair was combed and put up nicely. Peach pink stained your lips and cheeks, and you stood tall with heels that your feet fitted perfectly in. Luke’s confidence depleted and instead was replaced with stuttering and awe. “Prince Luke…. What are you doing here?” You said frantically and hurried to his side. He tensed up when you placed your hand on his and demanded him to answer your question. “I wanted to see you.” He answered simply and you gave him a sad expression on your face. “I wanted to see you too, but you cannot do this, we were ordered to be separated, and I cannot stress the fact that you will get into trouble, please leave.” You insisted but Luke didn’t budge. “I’m not leaving without you.” he said. “Don’t be silly, Luke, please just leave and go back to the castle.” “No (Y/N), I want to be by your side, you even promised remember?” “Luke, that promise doesn’t mean anything anymore…. My knighthood was taken away from me, I can’t fulfill such a promise anymore.” You said. “I never said you had to be a knight to be by my side.” He said and you were starting to grow frustrated, “please, can you just make this easy for the both of us?” “But you said-” “I know what I said!” You yelled and tried to hide how you truly felt, “please Luke, just leave and let me keep my pride…. I messed up, I’ve made a mistake and I need to live with that fact… I’ve put my family’s status on the line and I don’t want to ever put them in that position again.” You said and cried into his chest. You felt his arms wrap around you and he started to sway side to side to try and comfort you, “do you regret everything?” He asked and you nodded. “So that means you regret loving me?” He asked and you paused to look up at him, “I-I… What?” You questioned. “You said you messed up…. Made a mistake… Regret what you have done, yet the only thing you did was fall in love with me… Do you regret loving me?” You questioned again and you felt the tears coat your cheeks. You shook your head and continued to reassure him that you really did love him with no regrets. Luke sighed and wiped your face with a spare handkerchief he had in his pocket. “I did not storm out of the castle just to visit and make you cry… You are so beautiful today and I made you ruin your make up by making you shed tears….” He said and kissed your face gingerly. “This was not the reaction I wanted.” he said and rubbed your cheek with his thumb. You started to realize how bold Luke was being, how he cupped your face and continued to wipe your tears with kisses. He gave you a small smile knowing that you were realizing his change, “what happened to the stuttering mess I’ve protected for 6 years?” You wondered and he chuckled, “he isn’t fully gone if that makes you happy. (Y/N) the day you were banished from castle grounds I decided to take matters in my own hands… I realized that I’ve depended on you for too long and if I was going to take the throne, I would have to change all that… The me back then said nothing while you took the punishment, what kind of man silently watches the love of his life slip through his fingers?” he said and you chuckled, “love of your life? Prince Luke, that is too great of a compliment, I don’t deserve such description.” You said. “Did we not just confess a few minutes ago? You don’t need to address me in such a way anymore…” He said while rubbing your cheek and giving you a fond look. Your heart started to beat faster, and your knees started to feel week by his gaze, “what are you talking about?” “I didn’t just visit to return the sword, I do have intentions of taking you back with me.” He said and you wondered if you were going to be a knight again, but your assumption faded when he tilted your chin up to make you face him. “ However, you will no longer serve as a knight, I want you by my side, but as my Queen…” he said with his words fading. Your eyes widened and you didn’t know if you wanted to reject the honor to rule the kingdom or cry tears of joy from his proposal. “Prin- Luke…. What about your fiance? You cannot just break the agreement because you want to… Your marriage was an agreement and what if this angers her kingdom?” “Then I’ll protect you… I’ll face all the consequences, I don’t care. No matter how dangerous the situation I will not run or hide behind you, not anymore…. For you, a thousand times over, I will protect you. I will repay for all those years, I’ll be the king that the kingdom needs as long as you are by my side.” He declared and you smiled… Luke kept his word about taking you back with him to the castle. It did take a while for him to convince his parents of this engagement but somehow they went through with it saying that the princess has dissolved the agreement the moment he stepped out to find you. The wedding was held at the end of the month, and instead of placing a traditional ring on your finger, Luke gave back your sword while saying his vows. Although you were honored with your new position of being Queen, being a knight was in your blood. “Didn’t I say I would protect you from now on?” He questioned. You smiled at him, “Yes but who would protect you my King?” You questioned back and faced the citizens of the kingdom while standing on the balcony. Luke raised his sword to declare his throne to the people. You smiled and kissed him feeling that your story was coming to an end. “Is she allowed to do that?” A fellow guard asked while looking at their fellow knight now a Queen and standing beside their new King. “Well, she is now.” The guard answered and they both nodded before continuing business as usual….

And they all lived happily ever after…. THE END.

A/N: It is 1 in the morning but I really wanted to get this posted because I was pretty excited to put this to an end and store it in the library with my other series… Thank you everyone who has supported this since the beginning and I hope that this was worth the wait…. I really want to go to sleep but before I do that I want to thank…

Thank you all for your feedback the last chapter :) (and I should have photoshopped all of this) Thank you and goodnight :D

Parts you may have missed 


#1- How You Meet The Prince
#2- Royal Duties
#3- Sneaking Out Of The Castle
#4- Royal Ball
#5- Jealous Prince Charming
#6- Arranged Marriage
#7- He Confesses Despite Your Social Status
#8- Forbidden From The Castle, Deny Thy Name

I know I seem kinda fickle about some stuff concerning RWBY but here’s my opinions and stuff I guess

  • I totally understand why people dislike Under the Schnee (Weiss/Neptune) from a writing standpoint. but I still ship it because at least Weiss is interested in Neptune (unlike Jaune)
    Plus, Under the Schnee is FUCKING HILARIOUS because Weiss is CANONICALLY shallow and I still firmly believe he only piqued her interest because he’d make a hot date for the dance that was coming up. I expect Weiss/Neptune to crash and burn, but I will be cackling at the train wreck along the way, so pls just let me have my fun.
  • I understand that the writers aren’t perfect, and I completely acknowledge that RWBY has SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP in some areas. Despite being a “forward” female driven show, it still has sexist and transphobic moments that are definitely the result of a lack of female perspective in the script.
  • Not everything is going to work out at the beginning of a series!!! HOWEVER, I think the writers still have a responsibility to convey the flaws with certain things that characters do as ACTUALLY BAD, rather than using the narrative to portray them as lovable.
    -Seriously, I wish the show would actually fucking address that Jaune trying to pursue Weiss was an issue, and is something that SO MANY GIRLS have experienced and are uncomfortable with on a regular basis! That’s why so many people (who happen to have experience with what Jaune did) HATE Jaune.
    -I wish the show would address that Weiss’s apology to Blake for being racist was shit. Absolute utter shit. Like, yeah, that’s Weiss, she’s a stubborn and proud character, but CALL HER OUT ON HER SHIT, INSTEAD OF LETTING BLAKE GET THROWN UNDER THE BUS?!
    -NEPTUNE BEING HORRIBLE ON THE BATTLEFIELD WITH HIS TEAMMATES. WHAT THE FUCK. Yes, Neptune is afraid of water, and his teammates appear to know that, and it was funny for like 5 seconds, but seriously, he seriously fucked up the match for his teammates when he should’ve been helping them, and MAYBE Sage and Scarlet wouldn’t have gotten fucked over if Neptune actually did his part covering more than Sun’s ass.
    It’s one thing to have flawed characters, but to not make it clear to the audience that those flaws are serious problems falls on part of the writers.
  • We as the audience of RWBY actually have a lot more power than we think. While I don’t think that forcing our ideas of what should be going on in the show on the writers is NOT a good idea, I think that they DO still keep their eyes and ears open as far as what we have to say. (Seriously how the fuck did ship names end up being Team RWBY’s formations??? THEY SEE US)
    Maybe those LGBT+ headcanons aren’t too far off from canon than we thought? So the best course is to keep portraying them, rather than kicking and screaming that something’s not canon (yet…)
  • I’m kinda defensive of the writers themselves when people take to insulting them rather than being critical of their actual writing because IDK I look up to them a lot? I’m not very much younger than Miles and Kerry, and they get to make a goddamn anime, like LMAO I’M JEALOUS??? THEY’RE LIVIN THE DREAM
    But at the same time, I can also objectively make assessments of their writing that are mutually exclusive of my adoration of them as people? IDK, just because I have a rwde opinion sometimes doesn’t mean I hate them
  • AS MUCH AS THEY TRY TO SHOVE BAD ROMANTIC SUBPLOTS IN OUR FACES, RWBY ISN’T JUST ABOUT SHIPPING. Both the writers and the fandom could use this reminder, tbh.
  • The nameless BG characters in the show are still sorely underused in worldbuilding. But they’re starting to listen!!! (Scarlet’s fanboy) So have some hope!

(Warning: Long post and possibly rant-ish?)


If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably read that open letter Shane Newville just recently posted on Tumblr.

Like you, I don’t know what to think. However, I am not choosing this time to pick sides. We still have yet to hear Rooster Teeth’s response (if they respond at all), and I am taking all this with a grain of salt. On one hand, we have noticed some changes in RWBY Volume 3 (which I did personally love, btw) which this letter could POSSIBLY explain. On the other hand – everything is just so extreme and places Monty Oum on an extremely high pedestal. Not that Monty wasn’t talented – seriously, I consider him as one of my heroes. But to introduce the concept that Monty was almost complete perfection and that most of RT’s prominent members and crew were mindless assholes who wanted to fuck up everything about the show he created is incomprehensible to me.

I realize that if Rooster Teeth responds to these allegations, they will most likely deny them. But Shane’s accusations seem too angry and spiteful for me to actually take them seriously. The doubts have been planted in my mind, yes; he did say he wasn’t pointing any fingers or lashing out at anyone, yes; but it all just seems like one huge conspiracy theory to me.

I’m not trying to cause another uproar (it’s already begun anyway). But let’s not point fingers ourselves, okay? As I have stated before, RWBY Volume 3 my personal favorite of the series and to be honest – just as an example – regarding Winter’s concept design, I was attracted to the official one more rather than the original. It seemed just like a more adult version of Weiss and I didn’t really feel the necessity of that.

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me and will label me as “not a true fan of RWBY”. Listen up – I have still had a few problems with V3. I’m not a fan of a couple of its animated fight scenes (the RWBY and JNPR team fights), and I feel like Pyrrha’s storyline could have been handled a bit more delicately, but overall, V3 was just a vast improvement story-wise over the last two volumes. I’m not trying to pay lip service to Rooster Teeth or anything like that, that’s just my personal opinion.

What I’m trying to say is I think the show should still be based on what Monty wanted, but that doesn’t mean everything he wanted is perfect. Again, I don’t really want to believe everything Shane’s letter says right away. But let’s not dishonor Monty by reacting out of pure anger and acting spitefully towards Rooster Teeth. Even if the allegations are true, I’m sure it’s the last thing he would’ve wanted.


I’ve been re-watching TWD series on Netflix. In the S2 episode where Daryl gets bucked off Nelly the horse, he sees visions of Merle. To understand Daryl we have to take everything Merle says very seriously, because it shows us how Daryl has been treated and what he’s been taught his whole life. With this being said one line stuck with me:

“You know they’re all laughing at you behind your back, you know that right?…
No one will ever love you except me…”

Now in my opinion this would affect Daryls response to Jesus’s advances towards him greatly. He not only would be shocked and confused but once he realized what he’s doing, he’s going to assume that Jesus is trying to embarrass him and make a joke of him. He won’t see it as playful flirting, he’s been programmed to think he’s trying to trick him into looking “gay” or just plain stupid( for all the others to get a laugh). I don’t think it will be easy convincing Daryl that a man is attracted to him.

Arrow Fic: I’m a Slave to the Wires Ch. 2

AU - Felicity is an entertainment reporter who just decided she’s quitting her job. Oliver is the star of a major network TV show who owes her a 15-minute phone interview. (Chapter 1)

A/N: Ok, seriously? I can’t thank you guys enough for the awesome response to this fic. I didn’t even know what it was when I started writing it and the comments and love everything else mean so much to me as a new-ish fic writer. I’m so psyched to be able to contribute my little bit of AU fluff in these dark canonical times.

That said, I realized that I had some pretty serious timeline issues in the first chapter that I needed to address if I was going to move forward with this, namely that there would be no baseball happening if it was supposed to be winter hiatus. Oops! Now, the easy fix would have been to take the baseball stuff out, but there was already some more baseball in this chapter when I realized my mistake, so I’m shifting things around a little bit and making it the summer break instead of winter break. I also went back and made some minor changes in the first chapter to make it all work a little better.

(Also, I’m sorry if you’re not into baseball, that’s where my head’s at right now, and I swear, it’s mostly in service of Felicity being adorable, and we’re all into that, right?)

Okay, sorry for the long and winding note, here’s chapter two! Please keep the feedback coming, it’s been so crazy awesome and I love you all. This fandom, I stg.

I’m a Slave to the Wires Ch. 2

AO3 /

Rated: T

Oliver’s still staring at Tommy’s phone, grinning like an idiot when his friend and publicist comes barging back into his trailer. He might have been able to school his features in time to fool almost anyone else, but there’s no hiding it from the guy who’s been his best friend since they were in diapers.

“And just what are you smiling at, Grumpy Cat?”

Tommy snatches the phone from his hand before he can close out of the browser window where he had googled Felicity’s name, taking one look at the screen and letting out an exaggerated catcall.

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