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A/N: Okay, quirk isn’t the word I would use for some of the headcanons I put down, but bear with me. Writing “interesting headcanon” didn’t have the same ring to it. Also the gif destroyed me for a good ten minutes and I’m still laughing as I post this. 


Quirk: His sock drawer is spick n’ span, despite the rest of his room being a complete mess (You know, genius mind)

Hobby: Has a secret love for playing nerdy card games/collecting card (He’d totally be a pokemon lover in a modern AU and have an extensive knowledge of how each card works and have a killer stategy. Seriously, don’t challenge him.)


Quirks: Doesn’t have a lot of hair, very smooth, babylike skin.

Hobby: Really good at singing, loves to rock out and perform songs at night in his room.


Quirk: Is actually blind, that’s why he always where’s his shades/glasses. His bugs see for him.

Hobby: He loves to go camping and exploring through the woods. It’s a peaceful atmosphere with little noises, which helps given the intensity of his four remaining senses.


Quirk: Has hidden tattoos on his body, all made of the same red paint that his fang markings are made of. They’re all coming-of-age-related, and are all mostly on his right upper arm.

Hobby: Loves to play frisbee on his off time. (Dog boy af)


Quirk: Has a food eating curfew. Although he won’t censor how much he eats through out the day, he’s a strong believer in not eating for three hours before bedtime, and so he’ll stop snacking at around six o'clock on a normal day.

Hobby: Loves any physical activities, but has a special love for hiking and swimming. This is why, when training, he is often stumbled across in the middle of forests and near bodies of water.


Quirk: He is such a cat person. You don’t even know.

Hobby: He likes to cook, and has a natural talent for it. It’s something productive he can do on his down time, which suits him, because he hates being lazy or unproductive.

Sticks and Stones

It was barely past breakfast and all ready Lance was busy working his way through Pidge’s patience. “Pidge you’re like… a twig with little smaller twigs sticking out. No way you’re gonna lift that crate. You couldn’t even lift me. Hell you couldn’t even lift Keith If you tired.” Lance broadly gestured over to the black haired man and laughed deeming himself heavier and presumed lay more buff than Keith.

“Twig? Seriously? Have you looked in a mirror lately? I could totally lift you or Keith. Get over here.” Pidge pointed to a spot in front of herself deploying a mild scowl bordered more on being a pout than a full on scowl..

“Nuh-uh, no way Jose. You’re gonna drop me.” Lance flailed his arms this way and that protesting animatedly.

“Keeeeeeeeith? Could I please borrow you for a minute?”

+ beatjxggle

“Urgh, would you please get comfortable already? You’ve been wiggling for the past twenty minutes.” Joel’s voice was a low mutter, and likely muffled by the pink of Nonon’s hair. Seriously, take her advice to let the track he was working on wait till morning and actually get some sleep, and it’s like she can’t do anything other than wiggle against him. The worst part? He totally believed it was on accident.

          ❝But it’s not myyyyy fault.❞

The pink haired girl whined back, once again switching sides of her body. It was worse with her — because she didn’t have much weight on her, she had to shift first her lower body && then her upper body. Therefore, her wiggling was much more abundant. She scratched her head, shimmied herself closer to him and laid her head on his chest. 

         ❝S’not my fault you sleep on a rock.❞