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Huang Zitao rumored to be in a relationship with American pop-star Hannah Montana! Below is the alleged proof of their relationship. Photos taken of the two reveal something interesting about their outfits.

Can someone say couple shirt goals?!

for all of y’all thinking about coming at me crazy, yes this is a joke.

EXO Reaction to you getting lost and calling them for help

I thought we had one like this but I only found “you getting lost with them” so I guess I’ll do xD Xoxo, Ara~
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*Goes insane and goes look for you* “I found you jagi… are you okay? Are you hurt?”


*Tracks down your phone* “Oh baobei… you are ten minutes away from here… I’m on my way, don’t move”


*Takes the squad to look for you* “I think that’s her… yes that’s her… Hello jagi, it’s us!” *Takes it very seriously*


*Gets lost while looking for you* “This girl… I bet she moved from where she was… I’ll call her again”


“My jagi needs me! Bye guys!” *Leaves everything he’s doing to find you*


*Walks through all the city looking for you* “Jagi…. Y/N! Where are you!?”


*Takes Chanyeol to look for you* “This is like a movie Chan… we are going to save the princess… while bad guys go after us… even if there’s no one following us tho..”


*Find you in no time* “Hey there baobei… come get in… it’s not like I had a tracker on you or anything…”


*Really anxious* “She isn’t here… I wonder where else she could be… I need to find her, she sounded really scared” *Eventually finds you*


*Worried* “Jagi I need you to calm down… please tell me what you see… ask someone the name of where you are. I’ll go looking for you okay? You’ll be okay”


“She’s lost and… and I don’t know what to do… help me hyung..” *Asks the boys for help. Eventually Suho’s people find you xD*


“Just ask one of my bodyguards that follow you, where you are…  I mean I’ll go looking for you don’t worry” *Daddy Suho always knows where you are*

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EXO (OT12) accidentally running into you in the shower?

aww thank you for requesting, @its-nk-darling ~

Suho: *was looking for his watch and realized he left it in the bathroom. He didn’t see you getting in so when he opened the door he turned into a giant tomato of embarrassment* OH MY..IM SORRY JAGI I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING 

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Chanyeol: *he heard something hitting the floor while you were in the bathroom so he bursted in freaked out…then he saw you and…* OH SHIT 

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Chen: *enters to the bathroom running cuz’ he had to pee really bad. He was trying to unzip his pants when you saw him and screamed scaring the living shit out of him* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JAGIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Baekhyun: Jagiyaa, where are you? *opens the door to the bathroom and sees you’re about to take a shower* you want company?

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D.O: *As soon as he steps in and sees you he turns around and leaves while being a blushing mess. He wasn’t able to look you in the eyes for a week*

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Xiumin: *he just woke up and was going to wash his face, then saw you were taking a shower* that looks like a better idea *he was already taking off his clothes*

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Kai: *at first stares at you wide eyed then leaves and stands against the door trying to catch his breath* omgomgomg Jonging calm down

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Lay: *he was asleep when he heard you were singing. He started looking for you until he heard you were in the bathroom. You left the door half-way open so he just pushed it and peaked through. Then he saw you were singing in the shower to his song Monodrama. He ended up sitting to a side of the shower listening to you sing until you came out and you saw him* oh well hello there huhu~ (i love this gif omfg)

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Sehun: *was looking at his phone as he entered to the bathroom to shower. As soon as he walked into the shower he saw you and you slipped because he scared you* seriously?…..again? 

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Tao: I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I dafdagf *is a crying mess*

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Luhan: what are you doing? *He literally opened the door to the shower and saw you completely. No shame. No regrets. He slept at Sehun’s place that night but it was still the best day ever*

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Kris: *He was trying to act cool but he was dying of embarrassment inside. It took him a while to assimilate things so he was acting cold with you even though you forgave him* I’m fine, really

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I’ve been listening to Jay Park for three days now. Those songs yo, they get you in a mood….woooooo

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