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There’s a bit in Wonder Woman that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s the part where she walks towards General Ludendorff at the gala. He see her and starts walking in her direction as if to attack, then surges towards her and grabs her in a kind of dance hold. She’s stunned, frozen. It’s probably the only time in the film where Diana looks afraid. 


Because she was attacked, but in a way she’s never encountered before. She’s been trained to handle “honest” attacks, where the attacker makes their intentions clear. But here she is attacked in the way women in this world are so often attacked. It’s an unwanted, unwelcome intrusion, a man putting his hands on her without her consent, intruding into her personal space in an aggressive, obtrusive, threatening manner. But to bystanders, they are simply dancing. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s trained her whole life to deal with honest, open attacks, but faced with the sneaky, faux-polite attack of this kind of man, she’s completely lost. 

I thought this was a great moment. It reflects the experiences of so many women so well. 

On a side note, I mentioned it to my (male) partner afterward, and he hadn’t even noticed Diana’s reaction in that moment. He’s a great guy and a good, kind person, but his obliviousness to her confusion and fear speaks volumes about the different experiences of men and women in our society. 

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”





Thanks Namjoon 😍💕

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Okay, so like I’m still bitter about Andrew but Spider-Man: Homecoming was actually really good.

• A film by Peter Parker - seriously that home movie was the cutest shit and it worked so well as a means to introduce Peter and his relationship with Happy. Like, he’s such a bouncy kid, so excited for his “Stark Internship.”

• Once again, excellent soundtrack. Marvel is really targeting their audiophiles this year and, like, I’m so here for it. Here, take ALL my money.

• Peter’s actually a motor-mouth (though not as much of a sarcastic little shit as I would have liked). Not to get too off topic here, but one of the reasons I love Spiderman and Deadpool, Spiderman & Deadpool teamups, and why I think Spiderman and Deadpool work so well together is because they’re both smart, sarcastic little shits who run their mouths off. I could go on and on about how much I love the Spiderman/Deapool dynamic and why it just *works.* But I’m focusing on Spider-Man: Homecoming here so I won’t. I guess my point is that it was really nice to hear Peter chatter away in Homecoming and to really see how smart this kid is. I mean, he and Ned HACKED A STARK SUIT. Successfully! Like, come on.

• Diversity - like real diversity. For the first time in a long time, the extras in a Marvel movie, in *any* movie, actually reflected real life (i.e., it wasn’t a sea of white people with one (1) poc). I really hope we keep seeing more movies that do this.

• Ned. Ned. NED. A true friend, the ride-or-die friend, a v precious v smart cinnamon roll who’s just really excited to be a part of this chapter in his best friend’s life, and who is a part of this chapter in Peter’s life - not a sidekick, Ned’s got a role and it’s one Peter legit values. Ned: the real MVP 👏👏👏👏

• Zendaya is a gift, A GIFT I TELL YOU. A+ casting I’m in love. She had the best comedic timing I think Just, the whole movie she’d occasionally drop a line or make a gesture and it killed me. She hardly spoke yet she stole the fuckin show, beautiful. Get it Zendaya, can’t wait to see more of you in future movies, Marvel and otherwise.

• I’m actually really happy with how they wrote Liz. Like, they totally could have made her a bitch, the stereotypical pretty popular girl who doesn’t even know Peter’s name. But they made her really down to Earth and grounded. She not only knows Peter’s name, she’s legit smart, and actually pays attention and notices that Peter’s acting strange and cares about what’s wrong! Like, well done Marvel. Nice job.

• Speaking of good characterization: Flash. Finally! A bully that looks and behaves like a bully. Not a muscled up, dumb, meat head who everyone in the audience can see coming a mile away, but just…. a normal, mean dude. You know, like the bullies in real life. 

• Okay, so I know the fandom keeps joking about how Aunt May keeps getting younger and soon she, too, will be a child. But I gotta say, Aunt May was awesome in this. She’s so cute, and I want her wardrobe, and omggggg the montage where she’s helping Peter get ready for the dance ❤❤ I like this Aunt May, good job.

• “If you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.” Hello Avengers callback wow. If you still think Tony Stark isn’t a hero unless he’s Iron Man, if you still think superpowers or a supersuit are what makes a hero after this you can unfollow me right tf now.

• ParentalFigure!Tony Stark. I am LIVING! 

• K.A.R.E.N. is lovely and I adore her. I love that Tony programmed a nurturing and encouraging personality into her. This whole movie dropped subtle hints at how hard Tony is working to be Not Howard™ for Peter and I love itttt.

• Happy!! We haven’t seen much, if any, of Happy since IM 3 and I’m so “happy” 😉 he’s back (plsdon'thurtme). And he’s sooo the cranky Uncle who cares deep down in his pinky toe. It’s wonderful. And! And!!!! He, an adult, openly and honestly admits he was wrong and apologizes to Peter, a teenager, who was right. Like, when’s the last time that happened in a film?

• “It’s been in my pocket since 2008” are you fucking kidding me Marvel??? Since Iron Man fricken ONE (1)??? Tony you’re WHIPPED and I love it.

• That Scene where Peter is trapped under the concrete holy shit. That was The Moment™ I was finally sold on Tom Holland and this new Spiderman, w-o-w. Acting. Wow. First Spiderman movie where we, the audience, are forced to acknowledge that Spiderman is a 15 year old CHILD. He’s still learning how to do this whole superhero thing, and in this moment he’s fucken terrified. 

He could have been at the dance, having a grand old time with his friends, you know, being a “normal” 15 year old. But no. He decided to go stop a bad guy, even without his suit, because it was the right thing to do and now he’s being crushed and he’s scared but goddamn if he doesn’t pick himself up and go because he’s Peter. Fucking. Parker. He still fights the villain, even after discovering who the villain is, AND fricken saves said villain because guess what?? He may be a 15 year old child but let’s not forget that he’s also a 15 year old fuckin HERO. I remain steadfast in my opinion that the only true difference between Spiderman and Deadpool is that Spidey actively tries NOT to kill people while DP doesn’t really care all that much and that’s why they get along so god damn well, they just complement each other man idek

• Poor Steve. Poor, poor Steve. Patience, is it really worth it? (Yes. Yes, it is Steve)
9.5/10 - yet another Peter Parker Spiderman film but, like, this was actually done really well?? So, yeah.

Anyways, if you’re hesitating to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters…. I get it. I do. I, too, was all: “Not another Peter Parker movie, ugh.” And yeah, go see Baby Driver or Wonder Woman (a smaller movie featuring characters with disabilities and a female-led diverse superhero movie respectively) first if you haven’t seen them already. Lord knows Spidey’ll be fine if you don’t see it in theaters right away. That being said, you should definitely go see Homecoming in theaters. It’s worth the money.

idk what everyone is up to this weekend but please please please, if you have time or the inclination or anything, please go see the movie Colossal with Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. It uses the whole godzilla-esque typical monster story as a very effective allegory/vehicle for a story about alcoholism, abusive and destructive relationships and control issues. I would put a tentative trigger warning on it for people who have been in abusive relationships because I found the portrayal to be somewhat confronting but ultimately the film is just? so good? it’s a bit odd and the acting is actually excellent and the storytelling and the message and the way it portrays the relationship is worth seeing 

So, I love both the Japanese and English dub of this movie to bits. Next to the entirety of Death Note and Azumanga Daioh, this is one of my favorite dub because of all the shippy feelz especially out of context screencaps .

But here’s one of the scenes I absolutely prefer in the original. The dub lines have Mokuba spewing some stuff about answering to his big brother in the typical kid fashion. But this here? Not gonna lie, but it feels very much like he’s the Vice President of Kaiba Corporation and he owns that scene even more than Seto Kaiba himself (and who else deserves to entirely upstage a Kaiba but another Kaiba? :p). No mention of needing Kaiba’s name to say “Yeah, we got you now, lol.”

Even if one is not entirely familiar with the manga backstory of Mokuba the Murder Gremlin™ (thank you @splinteredstar for that one!), this scene highlights how capable he is of taking care of himself, and honestly how much Seto trusts him. He’s not even on the same planet as Mokuba and he’s letting the kid read receipts on this guy.

I’m sure Isono is not too far away and the system is Kaiba Approved™ so he’s in no danger of being kidnapped as per usual harmed, but…still. This is all in the quest of Kaiba getting the Puzzle back and brother or not, if he didn’t think Mokuba wasn’t up for the task, he wouldn’t be involved. But he does, and obviously Mokuba won’t let Seto down.

Luckily for the bad guys of Domino City, Mokuba seems pretty happy with his lot in life. He’d make for one hell of an interrogator.


La Belle et la Bête (2014) - Official French Trailer 

At present the film is still available to watch on Netflix (with handy English subtitles, not a dub!), if anyone’s interested… ❤


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

male reviewer who takes letterboxd too seriously: this film lacks the substance of good spy action films 

me, a gay: give me those neon flashing bloody shots of hot women!!!!!! whomst is plot??? don’t know her!!! 

One time when I was 15 or 16, I showed my dad The Prince of Egypt which I was really looking forward to. About 15 minutes into the film he asks me “Seriously, you think THAT’S a good film?!“ For someone who loves animation and appreciates that film as much as I did, that comment really hurt me, and even several years later, I STILL get angry thinking about it since the only reason he said it is because it’s an animated film and he couldn’t see the great story past that or even pretend to like it for my sake.

You know what? I don’t care if we get stormpilot or finnrey or jedistormpilot all I want from episode viii is for Finn to be the romantic lead because John Boyega.

He needs to be the romantic lead with a happy ending for the new trilogy that’s literally all I care about being canon at this point please make sure it happens this is all I want for the rest of forever all the rest of my theories can go in the garbage can this is the only thing I genuinely care about.