seriously such a good film

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”





Thanks Namjoon 😍💕


let’s just say it’s my present for y’all because I love you <3

please don’t kick me out of this fandom

idk what everyone is up to this weekend but please please please, if you have time or the inclination or anything, please go see the movie Colossal with Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. It uses the whole godzilla-esque typical monster story as a very effective allegory/vehicle for a story about alcoholism, abusive and destructive relationships and control issues. I would put a tentative trigger warning on it for people who have been in abusive relationships because I found the portrayal to be somewhat confronting but ultimately the film is just? so good? it’s a bit odd and the acting is actually excellent and the storytelling and the message and the way it portrays the relationship is worth seeing 

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what is this listen in a heartbeat?

Actually, it’s just In a Heartbeat. “Listen” was me saying “hey guys listen to me!!” ahaha, sorry about that!

In a Heartbeat is an adorably adorable short film by these two lovely people (whose main tumblrs I don’t know) about a closeted middle school boy named Sherwin who has a crush on popular boy Jonathan! His heart ends up chasing Jonathan, so Sherwin has to chase his heart before it can reveal his feelings to both Jonathan and the entire school!

The trailer is already out and it should be released this summer! It seriously looks so cute!!!

One time when I was 15 or 16, I showed my dad The Prince of Egypt which I was really looking forward to. About 15 minutes into the film he asks me “Seriously, you think THAT’S a good film?!“ For someone who loves animation and appreciates that film as much as I did, that comment really hurt me, and even several years later, I STILL get angry thinking about it since the only reason he said it is because it’s an animated film and he couldn’t see the great story past that or even pretend to like it for my sake.

You know what? I don’t care if we get stormpilot or finnrey or jedistormpilot all I want from episode viii is for Finn to be the romantic lead because John Boyega.

He needs to be the romantic lead with a happy ending for the new trilogy that’s literally all I care about being canon at this point please make sure it happens this is all I want for the rest of forever all the rest of my theories can go in the garbage can this is the only thing I genuinely care about.


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

Bullied!Clay and Protective!Tony and Jeff + Taffy Oneshot

Heres ya Taffy oneshotย @sammyloves2writes I hope you like it

The prompt: Omg I love Taffy so much and your post about them give me life! I was wondering if you could write something about Clay being bullied for being w/ them and how Tony and Jeff would react to the bruises and what they would do to the people. Please and Thank you! (P.S the movie one was great! :))

Clay has recently been getting shit for his relationship with Jeff and Tony. He hasnโ€™t told either of them yet, not wanting them to worry about him, he was fine. At least thatโ€™s what he told himself.

However recently it had been getting worse and so Clay felt the urge to talk to someone about this and so it all came spilling out to Alex at their weekly Friday Monet meetup.

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Week 1: Night 5

It’s finally Friday! Have some blooper gifs to celebrate!

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“Does this really feel like home?”

Painted with special thought for @immerwennesdunkelwird - thank you dear for directing me to the excellent film Raise the Red Lantern. The aesthetic of this painting is largely inspired by said film.

Anonymous said: Mephistopheles baking cookies for a neighborhood potluck?

He bakes a set of chocolate chip and a set of oatmeal raisin and mixes the cookies together in the jar and watches as some people walk away happily and others walk away with a look of pure betrayal on their face.