seriously such a good film

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”




You know I ain’t wrote a post about it, but Moana was fabulous and such an amazing movie. EVERONE should see it at least once, support this film so we can have more. I was impressed by so many things but these are a few in point form:

  1. Moana has a boys narrative.
    She is the chosen one.
    She has a grand adventure.
    She is the ONLY one to do this impossible task.
    She has a real coming of age story.
    She is a chief of her village.
  2. She doesn’t have a forced romance narrative / she has no romantic interest. This is HUGE her story was never overshadowed, taken over, or revolves around a BOY!
  3. BUT her story is still about / is driven by love! Love for her people, her grandmother, her family, love of the ocean, of sailing. The whole damn story is about love, caring, support. It’s AMAZING.
  4. She isn’t overshadowed by Maui, he is there and he supports her adventure and her story, but he doesn’t impose on her narrative. He even grows, develops and becomes this better person because of her (not the other way around).
  5. NOT A SINGLE WOMAN IN HER LIFE IS EVIL, HATEFUL, MEAN. EVERY WOMAN IN HER LIFE SUPPORTS HER AND HER DECISIONS. From the random tribes women who praise her skills, to her grandmother who lovingly encourages her desire to go to the ocean, to her Mother who instead of stopping or discouraging her quest HELPS HER GET READY TO GO. It’s so amazing there are no evil step mothers, no evil sisters, no village bitches who hate the main character because she’s pretty. ALL THE WOMEN SUPPORT AND LOVE. FUCKING YES PLEASE.
  6. She is given the chance to understand her Father. She is given time in her narrative to know her fathers fear intimately, and from it she doesn’t hate her father for his desire to keep her safe and away from the ocean. She doesn’t leave her island hating her parents, or have any negative feelings. She UNDERSTANDS AND KNOWS her father fear, she doesn’t resent him for it. IT IS SO POWERFUL.
  7. THE MOVIE IS FUNNY. OKAY. Yeah some of it is slap stick for the kids, but I laughed so hard at the stupid jokes. THE CHICKEN I need not say more. Just enjoy and laugh and be a kid okay.
  8. The music is lovely, the songs are great, I really enjoy them.
  9. The antagonist doesn’t have to die a horrid death, nor is the antagonist brutally punished in some way. The ending is so PURE and full of love and caring. I mean the song she sings, OH SLAY ME I HAVE EMOTIONAL FEELS ABOUT THIS.

So those are some of the things I really loved. I just enjoyed this movie it felt really good watching it and I plan to see it again (if not more). A good adventure, coming of age story full of love!


let’s just say it’s my present for y’all because I love you <3

please don’t kick me out of this fandom


Thanks Namjoon 😍💕

You know what? I don’t care if we get stormpilot or finnrey or jedistormpilot all I want from episode viii is for Finn to be the romantic lead because John Boyega.

He needs to be the romantic lead with a happy ending for the new trilogy that’s literally all I care about being canon at this point please make sure it happens this is all I want for the rest of forever all the rest of my theories can go in the garbage can this is the only thing I genuinely care about.


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

Saw the Lego Batman Movie, and it’s probably the best Batman film since the Dark Knight… which is really, really sad.

Seriously though, the film is pretty great, managing to strike a good balance between pointing out the stuff worth parodying (lotta material from how this version of Batman primarily beats up poor people and doesn’t really contribute to policing in the long term) and the homaging the stuff which makes Batman awesome (lots of villain cameos… could have done with the extended hero cast but considering the film was about how Batman’s lonely it makes sense plotwise for why they wouldn’t show up).

My main fault with the film is that it relies heavily on the stuff Batman didn’t in the Lego Movie, and then building on that to a ridiculous degree. So if you didn’t like Will Arnett’s portrayal in the prior film, chances are this film won’t do it for you either.

The cast were good, Rosario Dawson’s Barbara Gordon (thankfully not a love interest) was particularly good. Points for not having the ultra competant woman fall for the doofy protagonist like in the last film (though Batman isn’t doofy so much as he’s self-centred and socially maladjusted).

“Does this really feel like home?”

Painted with special thought for @immerwennesdunkelwird - thank you dear for directing me to the excellent film Raise the Red Lantern. The aesthetic of this painting is largely inspired by said film.

Anonymous said: Mephistopheles baking cookies for a neighborhood potluck?

He bakes a set of chocolate chip and a set of oatmeal raisin and mixes the cookies together in the jar and watches as some people walk away happily and others walk away with a look of pure betrayal on their face.

If you haven’t watched Severus Snape and the Marauders (by Broad Strokes Productions on YouTube), go watch it now.

Not only is the writing, acting, and directing amazing, but the idea behind it is awesome.

Justin Zagri, the writer and director, said that he wanted it to show that James and Snape both had something to learn, and Lily was a huge part of both of their lessons.

He didn’t want it to be obvious, or, as he said, “here’s what you learned today”. He definitely did it.

(Yes, I’m obsessed with it, why do you ask?)

The film shows that both the Marauders AND Snape were not the best people in the world.

Besides Remus, who said, “We’re not gonna hurt him, we’re just gonna scare him”, which immediately went out the window.

While James started the whole thing, Snape agreed to duel him, knowing that it probably wouldn’t end well.

“Fine, I’ll give you what you want.” -Actual quote from Snape in the film.

The moral (to me, anyway) was that this was not meant to fuel the “James vs. Snape” debate, but show that they BOTH had to realize that they were wrong.

Although, that did end with Snape telling some mysterious man in a cloak what happened at the pub.


Just re-watched Jupiter Ascending again for the umpteenth time and fell in love all over again ❤️ Like Jupiter is such a good heroine like she is just this amazing person full of fire and wonderfulness like she is NOT your damn mother okay and she has her own will and totally saves the world. I love her.

She stood her own against these ancient siblings with malicious agendas while they literally kidnapped her and dragged her throughout the entire Universe trying to manipulate her to be the perfect dagger with which they could stab each other with.

Honestly Jupiter Jones has no time for your space opera dramatics and mommy issues thank you very much. Like what a Queen. Actually.


J U P I T E R. J O N E S.