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Ok so me and my best friend were talking about what might happen in Trolls 2 and found some clips from the first trailer and found Poppy on one of those bugs that r used as skateboards (There is a word for them but I just can’t rmbr 😖) . Anyways, I also noticed there was a figure of Branch riding on the same bug with a helmet and knee pads.
So it got me wondering, what if Branch decided to take an interest in this sport and does it with Poppy for a fun thing they do together? I mean, it can be possible! And this is both canon (the doll and scene itself).

I can imagine them like-
B: Poppy, I told you that we need to be more safe around here! Especially when we’re doing this! *Wears Helmet*
P: and I told you to have a good time.
B: *sighs* okay.
P: Y A Y! *claps hands*

Then they start to do it and at first Branch is like “POPPY THIS ISN’T SAFE U LIED TO ME!” And Poppy’s like “O CMON BRANCH! YOU JUST GOTTA LOOSEN UP A LITTLE AND HAVE SOME FUN!” So then Branch tried to do it and HE NAILED IT and THEN THESE TWO JUST GO THROUGH THESE OBSTACLES AND STUFF AS CSTF IS PLAYING OR SOME OTHER SONG AND THEY FELL ON THE GRASS AND BRANCH IS LIKE “Now THAT, was fun!” And Poppy’s like “*Laughs* See? What’d I tell ya?”

@dreamworksanimation I swear I’m normal-

(I also want Branch to do hair stunts since it’s canon in the game
- My best friend)

Mickey waffles from the Pepper Market located in Disney’s Coronado Springs.

Sick Demigods

This is kinda shit but whatever

  • So I saw a headcanon about sick demigods losing control of their powers when they got sick and I couldn’t resist
  • But seriously think about it
  • The strawberry patch withering and dying when the flu that’s going around camp finally hits the Demeter cabin
  • Skeletons popping up randoming here and there when Nico gets hay fever
  • The Dionysus kids accidentally turning every drinking source into wine when they get a fever
  • Everyone in camp is sleepy for a few weeks until the stomach bug plaguing the Hypnos’ cabin finally moves on
  • But the worst, the absolute worst is when Percy gets sick
  • because even if it’s just a cold or something small like that everything gets thrown out of whack
  • When Percy’s sick the lake is absolutely unusable; the waves treacherous for even the most experienced swimmers
  • And one summer he gets pretty sick
  • it’s just a little cold but it lasts for weeks
  • and everyone’s just a little sick of ducking for cover every time he sneezes
  • Besides it’s hot and everyone wants to go swimming in a lake that’s currently out-of-bounds by order of Chiron
  • And they’re walking back from lunch one day, kids milling around before the afternoon activities begin when Percy stops dead, nose scrunched up
  • Everyone braces in anticipation knowing it’s got to be a big one based on the look on his face
  • and Annabeth whips an umbrella seemingly out of nowhere and thanks the Gods that she’d taken to wearing a swimsuit under her clothes
  • The whole camp waits with bated breath as Percy sneezes
  • And the Lake just about explodes
  • The wave breaks over the entire camp, water rushing between cabins, drenching everything from the entrance to the borders as the water slowly dribbles back into the lake
  • No one is particularly hurt 
  • although a couple of campers would be coughing up Lake water for a bit
  • And everything’s just a little wet for days, wringing out clothes, tipping water from their shoes, the Athena cabin lining up their books in the sun so they can dry
  • But thankfully that sneeze seemed to have blown the cold right out of Percy’s body and they were all safe until next time

20 questions meme, thanks so much for tagging me @dartheames !

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: Ginny

Nickname: Well, Ginny is actually my nickname |ω・`)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′2″, I’m tinyyyy

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: ¾ths Bulgarian, ¼th Greek, but grandpa taught me nothing about my Greek heritage, so basically Bulgarian.

Favorite fruit: I’m torn between strawberries and grapefruit, I like them both a lot. 

Favorite season: Strawberry season! Seriously, we’d grow them in the garden when I was little and my favorite time of the year was when we harvest the strawberries, I would eat nothing else for days. 

Favorite book series: Discworld.

Favorite flower: Lilly-of-the-valley

Favorite scent: Not sure, I like most scents. I rarely put on perfume but the one I have is J’adore by Dior, I haven’t used anything else for years. But I like all scents EXCEPT for Lavender, I can’t stand the scent of Lavender. 

Favorite color: I really like the combination of deep purple, teal, and desaturated orange. I definitely use more purples in drawing than I should because I love the color so much.

Favorite animal: All the baby mammals, 10/10 would cuddle any of them. 

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Coffee. Black bitter coffee. 

Average sleep hours: Only 4-5 usually. There’s no way this can be related to the answer of the previous question :P

Cat or dog person: Cat.

Favorite fictional characters: Liara, Garrus, Joker (ME), Felassan (DA), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

Number of blankets you sleep with: One very soft warm balnket. 

Dream trip: Greenland.

Blog created: A few months ago, I’m a tumblr baby. 

Number of followers: 330-ish, thanks so much everyone, it’s great to be able to share the stuff I like, and I wan’t to get to know you all better! 

I tag @willreignite , @tssoni , @daravakarian , @nathbella , @envy-kitty , @verhexen , @the-sieve , @sanguinespire , that’s as many as I can bug right now, no pressure, but if anyone wants to do it, go ahead, and tag me so I can check it out!

evilsapphyre  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity

Thanks <3

Five things that make me happy?

1. Video games: they are probably the only thing that keeps me sane at this point. I started playing on my dad’s Commodore 64 when I was like… 5? and haven’t stopped in 27 years. Chances are I’ll be 80 years old in a retirement home going: “No, I don’t want to sit in the sunroom, nurse! I’m trying to play Elder Scroll 10: Return to Daggerfall!”

2. Strawberries: Seriously, probably the quickest way to my heart is to give me a bowl of big ripe strawberries. Bonus points if they are chocolate covered.

3. Jumping Spiders with water hats: Take something that a lot of people are afraid of, but then make two of its eyes really big and give it a ridiculous hat.

4. Books: I mean in general and also to read. My life goals isn’t so much to one day have a house but to one day have a room I can dedicate to a library (and also with enough money to fill it with books. Haha… oh man books get expensive.) 

5. Artwork: I guess I probably should include it on this list. I do very much like looking at art. As for making art myself; I think it’s a love/hate relationships. I love to creating art and being proud of it. I get frustrated at myself that I haven’t dedicated enough of my time to improving my skill. And whenever I finish a piece I go into this weird, almost manic state where I don’t know what to do with myself afterwards. So much of my heart, mind, and focus goes into something and for it to suddenly not be what has my attention can be jarring. 

I might not send this to all of the last 10 people on my activity. Someone reblogged something from me this morning and added a link to a porn site. Don’t get me wrong; I love porn as much as the next person but unsolicited porn is like unsolicited dick pics. Ya gotta warm up to that bruh. 

Pros and Cons about Senpai Higuchi

((Get called out SENPAI! @higuchisuggestions))

Easily takes up an assistant if you meet the needs
Will worry about you
Cares a lot
Helps you with work
Understandings of a gun
Understandings of how to scare people away with a gun real or fake.
Awesome suit choices
Tends to be cuddly at times
You can cover this woman in strawberries like, seriously I needed maybe twenty please take the rest!
Adorable hair to braid at the time
Supportive as well
Hella gay

Shot your friend on accident thinking it was just an asshole student
Tends to go a bit trigger happy at times
If given strawberries you cannot talk to her for the next ten hours
Often worries a lot
She needs sleep


PART ONE (a.u)

or’: in which dumb7 like to think they’re the new local gang and should be considered badass just because they got a bunch of bikes off ebay that were on sale and now they pretend to take beatdown requests. careful though, hyung line doesn’t mess around,…or at least they hope so.

warnings: mentions of bars/paid violence, vulgar language, lots of crack, super brief mention of dead ppl but it’s indirect no worries, mentions of needles and tattoos? 

special thanks to @bangtanbrochachos​ once again for helping out w some of the ideas my angle and my devil 

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Originally posted by mayfifolle

•  signature items: gold ring 
                            + 24k gold chain 

• never reveals his gold chain because he doesn’t want to be deemed as the richy rich half of the tryhards™
• the type to quietly whisper ‘ay’ in the background while someone’s getting dragged
•  is actually the one with the highest credibility because he doesn’t really talk he’s just tall there are ready to stare everyone down saying nothing for like an eternity 
•  and he’s just staring them down like ‘are you really gonna do anything about it? are you’ and the person either backs off or gets into an existential crisis
• but listen if he starts talking it’s all fkin gone his vocabulary is way too eloquent for like fake bar fights and places in where broke ass people are giving leaves as gifts and
•  please stop this boy he’s too polite and cares about morals over money and all the fake shit they’re trying to sell like you could honestly go to him, slap some bills right on the table and be like ‘yo beat me up’ and he’d just look at you like you told him apples grow on trees and be like ‘now why would i do such a thing?’
•  not the one for conflict like ever and if his mates are trying to start shit he just stares @ them too and it’s game over 
•  him and yugyeom can’t always stand in the same room as the rest of the group if they’re having some closed off confrontation bc they’ll block all the light and there’ll be just weird ass smoke and darkness in the room while jackson is trying to hype everyone up and get the goddamn smoking machine to turn off 
• he’s sometimes getting shit like ‘please stop you’re scaring me’ while he was just standing there when he’s a walking puppy question mark pls (((ay)))))
•  the one who lowkey makes the group bow full 90 degrees by nudging their knees before they actually punch someone in the face and told everyone it was jaebum’s idea 
•  was told once that the reason the group wears sunglasses at night is because he’s too bright for them and that they keep him around bc his beauty is their ticket to heaven and actually made ppl reconsider their terrible intentions rip
• cue jackson getting #BornForTheSky trending #1 on twitter after that  n nobody was the same  
• also he is the one who usually appears in bambam’s pictures for ig which consist of him lying against a window w jaebum’s studded leather jacket looking at the lamp in the kitchen w the caption ‘the moonlight shines beautifully’ 
• even though it’s 4pm and the hashtag next to the caption is #happywednesday


Originally posted by kpoppabo

• signature items: fake piercings 
                           + hair gelled to the gods above

•*sigh*, this bitch
the half which is not a half but more like 85% of the tryhards™ or whole group if you will 
i don’t really care about this whole biker thing, says im jaebum at 3am searching fake septums on amazon and printing a whole how to look tough without real tattoos cause needles are scary wikihow article 
used to have a pretty hard time with speaking w strangers like he has his shit together but got more comfortable over the time  especially bc they let him be the leader
 so now everytime he’s speaking to some dude and he gives a good comeback the rest of got7 clap and aggressively holler & headbang while youngjae is filming everything w his nokia and jinyoung whispers to him ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’
 usually moves p quietly and makes slides instead of steps when he’s in that  mood he’s just feeling smooth bro and he’ll suddenly hear ‘sappunsappun georeoga~~’ slouch and die inside a little when will im jaebum live tbh 
•  got a discount for lace chokers from the ebay guy he got the motorcycles off and got the middle aged mom mentality like ‘wow this is 3% off maybe it will come in handy i must have it ‘
the reason everyone gets to go even to the grocery store down the block on the motorcycle bc girls literally pay him to take them two streets to college and take selfies with him
you might think he doesn’t care for how they appear on social media either but he’s the one who changes bambam’s ig descriptions to my chemical romance
got shook when he first accidentally punched someone and apologised & told them that they can punch him back if they wanted + had regretful thoughts for like a week after
•  doesn’t let the members to make deals after 10 bc sleep is more important than punching ppl in the face 
catch tsundere bum who totally doesn’t care about anything getting his jacket manually studded and adding silver chains to his jeans because he wants to be one step ahead of his enemies mhm we see you boi
• when they first formed their ‘gang’ and he got picked the leader bc he paid for everything jackson suggested the name ‘hell dogs’ and jb wanted to censor it bc it wasn’t appropriate so he wanted to call it infernal poodles and almost put that on a jacket w neon purple writing and flames around it at yj’s prayers 
• he changed his mind though when he got hospitalised bc he was accidentally almost hit 
• by his members
 multiple times
 with a car


Originally posted by jypnior

• signature items: abercrombie and fitch cologne
                            + the honda he drives

• the one ‘assigned’ to beat ppl up but wow listen violence is the only thing he hates more than clothes
•  has v strong morals and absolutely refuses to even attempt to touch badly someone who has a child or 
•  ‘the wild in wild and sexy man doesn’t mean acting like a fool that’s just wrong man’ like listen do not do that to jackson bc he’ll turn to jackdaddy and give u the scolding of ur lifetime +  gets offended if u give attitude after so one should rlly prepare themselves if they wanna fight with that
• otherwise he’s like ‘yeah man no worries i’ll take care of it - jackson like a puma!!!’ 
•  wears abercrombie cologne not because he is extremely aware that the members don’t like it, but because ‘only good looking people can wear abercrombie’
•  is known as the bad man to the kids around the neighbourhood he lives in even tho he literally loves them all and wants to protect everyone (’why is he bad again?’ ‘shh son he drives a honda’) basically no one lets him live bc of that but he likes it so it’s all a-ok 
• accuses the members of trying to sabotage him if they tell him to slow it down w the cologne and tells them how ‘the rich musk will attract all the attention they need to make this work you guys are just haters’ 
• a dress code was made for this whole thing believe it or not but he never follows it he just randomly shows up in coats and insists they have ‘a meeting’ to decide if this is a problem when all the members are standing there in their ripped denim and leather jackets like ffs
• pleads to the victim to just walk funnily out of the location or something bc he rlly doesn’t want to do this 
• if the person says ok let’s so this he’s all giddy like omg!!! thank you so much you just made my life so much easier i’d totally treat you to ice cream if we weren’t in some shady ass bar place
• but if they don’t agree he’s like well son do you see tHESE GUNS HMMM  and he gets in their face and aggressively flexes and you know what he can do with them HMMM 
• he prides himself on his honda and is the only one who drives one but listen,,, he doesn’t know anything about motorcycles 
• like he could honestly tell you about a quad core 16 inch motor and to the person it might totally sound fancy but lisTEN,,,,,,
• either the mood setter w his intimidatingly arched furrowed brows or the mood ruiner
• cue jackson saying ‘to defeat the huns’ immediately after jb says ‘let’s get down to business’ like all the time
•  yet jaebum and literally everyone ELSE never learn


Originally posted by d-efsoul

• signature items: pear chapstick 
                            +  hubba bubba bubble tape 

• he was the one who rlly came up with the dresscode like he literally pulled all  the members aside and was like ‘now listen here if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this the right way’ hence why there were seven pairs of jeans and leather jackets checked on jaebum’s card
• also he’s the one who takes the jackets and ripped jeans to the washer once a week and they’re not allowed to wear normal clothes while riding (it’s the dress code yugyeom shut the fk up)
• catch dumb7 riding their motorcycles to buy garlic sauce for jinyoung and his ma during that time
•  his street name used to be junior until the group got a group call from jinyoung’s parents and told them they won’t let jinny play gangsters w the boys unless they call him by his real name
• a straight up bitch and who knows whether that might be the only straight he is 
• the only violent thing about him is the death glare he has which can 100% box with the actual dead trust me on this this,,,is,, science 
• the real savage, the one you should really fear the most like 96% of the time and he doesn’t even try to fight he just smiles @ you and u suddenly have the desire to run to church and beg for forgiveness,,, that is ,, a thing
• never allows the members to go past the speeding limit so they always end up late to any ‘business’ they have, blames it on the red lights and no one dares to correct him 
• has a ‘seriously strawberry’ bubble tape pack which he takes out of his pocket and opens it like he’s about to throw a damn grenade and literally bites off the roll (jackson: that man is a savage) after he parks his yamaha sr500 to feel more badass 
• except that one time when he bit onto empty air bc youngjae ate all his bubblegum the day before and stuffed it back into jy’s pocket and tbh everyone should pray for whoever dared to anger him that day (yg: so should he run or should he run now)
• the one who makes all the deals, was supposed to meet with two dudes who requested their services in some bar in the middle of nowhere but only one arrived in time and jinyoung was discussing wtv was needed w the dude and when jinyoung makes deals boi does he get into it 
• and the other dude arrived some time later and opened the door and jinyoung’s head turned almost 180 degrees w the most bitter look and was like ‘that was really fkin rude was i speaking or was i speaking’ 
• sometimes mark or jaebum accompany hin to these kinda meetings and sit in the back to guard 
•  but they’re not guarding jinyoung. they are guarding said people. from jinyoung

hope you enjoyed reading and please look forward to the part II of this au which will highlight maknae line and will be posted as soon as possible!

Shitty’s Strawberry Chill

Hey Ya’ll! It’s me! Back with more pies for the “Check Please!” favorite pies series. This week, SHITTY! Shitty’s Strawberry Chill to be exact. I highly recommend that you make this pie, invite over your closest friends, mix up some Moscow Mules (or crack a Natty ice), crank up the 90′s pop/hip hop, and dance your hearts out, whilst eating this pie. That’s what we did, and that’s what Shitty would do. Well, maybe Shitty would dance to current pop, but I am in my 30s and our beloved Shitty is not.

Jack’s Pie

Lardo’s Pie

Bitty’s ‘Eat More Protein” cookies

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March 27, 2016  - “I woke up at 6 am!!”

If you know me well, you know how much of a victory that is. I didn’t really have to do it, but I knew it was best for me to start getting into a good sleep schedule. But besides the waking up part it was great! I did Heme Onc Uworld and then I went for a morning workout while I listened to Goljan (yawn). I don’t know what the big deal about Goljan audio is. I kind of like the book better, but I keep hearing that the audio is the way to go.

Anyways, after that I made the best smoothie in the world. Seriously, mango + strawberry + a slice of ginger and protein powder = heaven!

Then I did some Anatomy and Embryology UWorld. I have 2% of UWorld left. I can’t believe it. ISP is coming so fast. I’m still split about the decision of resetting UWorld vs. doing the incorrects, but I’ll just follow my gut when the time comes. 

I got some classwork done. I’m getting really good at the 50 min ON 10 min OFF thing. I’m using my stop watch instead of my phone, because I have no self control and I know I’ll start looking at social media the second I unlock my iPhone. 

I was supposed to see Boyf tonight, but he got called in. So instead I went to my program’s interview dinner and helped some of the interviewees calm their nerves. It’s always such a great experience and it ended with me sharing stories about Step 1 with my advisor and some 4th years. Ah!!! They make it sound so easy, and like I’m worrying too much. But who are we kidding I probably am. 

Here’s a funny screenshot from one of my lectures today. He is from Boston I think and was poking fun at the Boston accent!

Fuuka's Christmas Corner: Day 2

Oh my, how time flies! Already we are opening the calender’s second door!

Oh… How did you know I was going to bring that up, Elizabeth-san? I thought explaining the wreath yesterday, explaining the calender today would only be fitting… And then, there are also the submissions we got…

…Oh, never mind me, I am just talking to myself! I’d like to begin now.

Today’s session stands under the sign of the Magician Arcana!

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You know you're a fan of Fairy Tail when...

-You say “aye” more than “yes”.
-You don’t change for gym class, you requip.
-The spelling “ fairytale” just looks wrong to you.
-After eating, you feel all revved up!
-When using the ice machine on your fridge, you yell “ICE MAKE!!!” in your best Japanese accent.
-You have convinced yourself that all identical twins are just thought-projections.
-You can’t think about zodiac signs without picturing them all as the celestial spirits.
-Your friends ask: “What should we do today?” And you reply: “Let’s… WONDERING” 0_0
-Gajeel is your favorite musician.
-Your friend says they are happy, but you know that’s a lie because they don’t have blue fur or wings.
-It starts to rain and you think “Dammit, Juvia…”
-When you agree with someone you say “Fro thinks so, too!”
-Everyone was watching the Olympics and you were watching the Grand Magic Games arc
-You realize someone is wearing perfume and suddenly picture them with Ichiya’s face
-You take picnics extremely seriously.
-You take strawberry cake extremely seriously.