seriously stop being adorable

Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.


Look at these lazy little buggers. Like omg, get a job, or go clean the kitchen. Seriously do something to earn your keep and kibble around here!! What’s that?? Being cute is your job?? Well A+ effort then guys!!!

Okay, I’m not really sure if the Lincoln Park Zoo understands this or not, but seriously not joking when I say that the baby ducks need to seriously stop being so adorable. Part of me was totally tempted to try and break in and steal one and put it in my camera bag and carry my camera home. It’s probably do-able too. #BucketList, definitely.
Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have publiclly announced I wanted to steal a baby duck. Umm, forget you read that.