seriously someone get these two an adult

I’m watching Hogfather because some brilliant someone put Diskworld on my dash, and I’m remembering how much I absolutely love Pratchett.

I want to throw just this one little story element out there.

Susan is a governess to two young children.  They’re supposed to be asleep, but the little girl comes into her room and says, “I’m scared that the monster in the cellar is going to eat me.”

And Susan takes her seriously.  Susan takes her fear seriously.

She gets up, grabs a fire poker, and marches off to the cellar.  The adults in the house see the two going past, and they think it’s a lark; it might actually work, they say, pretending to go into the cellar and making noise, so the little girl thinks the monster has been vanquished.  Very psychological.

We get a scene with the girl waiting patiently on the stairs and the adults not quite knowing what to make of all the noise, and then Susan comes out of the cellar, fire poker bent horrendously out of shape.  The adults say, ‘good touch that’ and head back to their dinner party.

And then Susan goes back into the cellar and drags the very real monster out by the tail, and she throws it out of the house.

Can we all just soak that in for a minute?  Okay good.

You should always take kids seriously when they’re scared.  Because sometimes, the monsters are real.  And sometimes, no one else is listening.

Terry Pratchett is just awesome.

In defence of SonTails

I was going to try to post some other stuff on my new blog before I got into this, but recent asshattery towards SonTails shippers - people actively posting their hate to the tag and including SonTails artists/writers in their mentions, verbally attacking them and accusing them of being paedophiles - prompted me to make this post now.

So, here we go.

First up, it is absolutely not cool to accuse people of being paedophiles (and trying to get them reported/run them off Tumblr) simply because you don’t like a fictional pairing that they like. It’s a bottom-of-the-barrel low move, and it belittles the awfulness of actual child sex abuse. Go make an actual difference in the world instead of creating strawmen on Tumblr to stroke your morality boner.

With that out of the way, and even though no one should have to justify their love of a fictional/game character pairing to strangers who are seeking THEM out to harass them, I’m going to put forward some points about the characters in question and my stance on why there is nothing ‘morally’ wrong with shipping Sonic and Tails together.

- SEGA doesn’t consider Tails too young/immature to have romantic interests. In fact, he might even be the ‘main character’ with the most canonical romantic interests throughout the entire franchise. Without looking anything up, here are just a few characters that Tails has either crushed on or shown to have a potential love interest with: Fiona bot/Fiona Fox (Archie), Mina Mongoose (Archie), Cosmo the Seedrian (Sonic X), Zooey (Sonic Boom). In almost every spin-off canon, he’s depicted as being old enough/mature enough to have romantic interests. In most of those canons, none of his friends seem weird about it or give him shit about it, either.

- Tails is not literally an analogue for an equivalent 8-year-old human child. For fuck’s sake. Have you met an actual 8-year-old? No one bats an eyelid about him flying a plane, building complex/dangerous technology, messing with Chaos energy, living by himself in his own house, or risking his life on a daily basis. But depict him holding hands/kissing someone and everyone loses their fucking minds. HAVING SAID THAT, it’s obviously not okay to keep him at 8 years old in a physical relationship, which is why pretty much all (certainly every one I’ve known) SonTails shippers choose to age him up. Nothing much changes with his personality in doing that, because he was never anything like an 8-year-old anyway, but the idea that people like this ship because they see him as a literal 8-year-old and want him to be like a child is such a strawman.

- Speaking of which, aging up in order to pair characters off romantically has happened in at least one canon! In Mobius: 25 Years Later, Tails had married Mina and had two kids, implying they must have… gasp… had sex. But the Archie writers are totally paedos for imagining that someone who was once a kid might one day have a romantic partner… right??

- The outrage is so disproportional to the content on the tags. Most SonTails fanworks are just pure fluff. Honestly, a lot of the stuff tagged as SonTails is literally stuff that happens in the games/shows/comics anyway. Hand-holding, hugs, watching the sunset together, smiling at each other, head fur ruffles, sleeping side-by-side… all of those things have happened in one official canon or another. If you’re offended by pictures/stories where Sonic and Tails are being ridiculous and fluffy with each other, then you probably should avoid all media with them in, too. Fluff stuff gets as much hate as hardcore stuff just because of the implication of it being romantic, which is really sad. Shippers and non-shippers alike should be able to enjoy pictures of Sonic and Tails being cute together, but instead it divides them, and that’s too bad.

- The idea of two people who are such close friends and eventually fall in love is really sweet and relatable. It’s not creepy, and it can be really comforting. I have always been a sucker for best-friends-become-lovers romantic arcs. That is what drew me to the ship. And in most Sonic canons, Sonic and Tails are undeniably the best of friends. They are extremely close. Does that mean they have to be a romantic item? Of course not. No one is forcing anyone to take it to that end. It’s not canon. But for young people still figuring themselves out, it’s just such a warm fuzzy fluffy ship to identify with. Having someone like that in your life - a best friend, someone you feel safe with, who you can tease and rile up but also trust with your life, who knows you better than anyone else, and you just have so much fun hanging out with them - relationship GOALS, man.

- Nonsensical/unrealistic canon ages aside, age gaps really aren’t a big deal as you get older. Seriously. 7 years between two people is not a generational chasm, especially once you’re an adult. (Worth also noting that Tails has been 11, 12 and even 40-something, canonically! I’m sure that people who see it as a paedophilic ship would still see it that way, even with Tails the same canon age as Amy - which is interesting). The younger person in a couple doesn’t remain a perpetual child just because they are younger. That’s some patronizing shit right there.

- Finally, and most importantly, shipping Sonic and Tails together doesn’t hurt anyone. No one has to justify loving two characters and thinking that they work well together romantically and have the potential to fall in love as they grow older. If your mind goes to paedophilia when you see SonTails fanworks, even when the artist/writer has made it clear that there are no minors involved, that’s all you, friend. You’re the one thinking of it that way, not the artist/writer.

Btw, you are not hurting paedophiles when you attack artists/writers. I hate to pull out this card, but two can play the victimized game… You’re hurting young LGBT people who relate to/with the characters, depressed/anxious people who draw comfort from the thought of a best friends ship, people struggling to make a living on their art, and just Sonic fans in general - we are a divided enough community already without this hateful slanderous behaviour.

If you’re thinking of potentially trying to ruin someone’s life by labelling them a paedophile for liking SonTails, you need to take a good long look at your life choices. Think about what’s actually important in the fight against child abuse/exploitation. Volunteer at a crisis helpline, donate to a shelter, demand laws that prevent child trafficking and abusive ‘troubled teen’ therapies. Your energies are far more productive elsewhere.

And to everyone posting awesome SonTails art, fic and headcanons/rambles… please don’t stop. The SonTails tag needs more love. I love it all so much, and I’ve got your back :) Sorry for TL;DRing in this tag.

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Hi! Salty ask list numbers 1, 3, 5, 14, 19, and 20. Thanks xD

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

VK: I don’t understand Takuma x Ai. Like….why? I don’t really see the appeal. I think it’s because when Ai was a child, Takuma is a full-grown adult and I get reminded of another ship that shall not be named.

The 100: This Becho stuff confuses me. I know a lot of it is just crack but the people who actually ship it seriously have me scratching my head. Bellamy almost killed Echo with his own two hands for trying to kill his sister if he wasn’t stopped. I guess this is a kink? I just can’t see them together.

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

Yes LOL. Only because I thought they liked the same ship I did but then realized I was mistaken. It wasn’t personal, it’s just that I like to keep my dash a certain way :P

5. Has a fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?*

Almost, but I’ve always tried to remember that the fans should not totally define the ship or even the fandom. There will always be people out there that give something a bad name, but you shouldn’t let them ruin it for you and what you like.

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

VK: I actually don’t dislike or hate on Yuuki as much as I think a large part of the fandom does. I do get frustrated with her at times, but my feelings about her haven’t really changed.

The 100: I’m not that into Kabby :/ I love the Bellarke parallels but I personally can’t get into them as a ship. That’s just me.

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?

I think I can say this for both fandoms, but there are just some things people say to each other that are down right nasty, usually because of a ship. And I’m not talking about the usual harmless banter, but the personal attacks toward the individual. Crazy.

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

VK: My ride or die Zeki babies ofc.

The 100: My cinnamon-I will go down with this ship-Bellarke dork rolls.

What's Life Without a Few Dragons

So, I didn’t want to write a part two to Vodka Cannot Kill a Dragon but I did because I’m out of control. Someone needs to stop me. Seriously.

I blame people from Twitter again because I’m an adult and that means I can run away from my responsibilities if I want to.

Also available on Ao3.

“It’s your bachelor party and I’m your best man,” Jace had said. “You owe me to get drunk.”

Alec is pretty sure he’s heard those words before, or something close enough.

He also knows that two things came out of it. One, he got engaged to Magnus, which is a good thing. Two, he experienced the most embarrassing week, maybe month, of his life after that, which was a very, very bad thing. Simon, the living (or dead – or undead, damn this vampire business can be so confusing) proof that vampires cannot be trusted, had recorded him blathering about Magnus’ skills with his mouth (among other things) and forwarded it to all of their friends. For a while after Jace and Clary’s wedding, he had had to deal with knowing smirks and snickers behind his back every time he walked through the Institute. He is not going to make the same mistake again.

Except he already has because before he can register what happened, he’s hammered again.

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What is the anti-shipping movment’s deal with calling 18 and 19 year olds children?

I keep seeing them insist any ship with someone 18/19 with someone in their 20’s is pedophilia. And I just: ?????

Please stop using that word for dramatic effect. I can no longer take accusations of it seriously. Are yu accusing someone of hurting a child or of shipping two adults with an age gap?

A writer who choses to put a canon-16yr old in a college AU is not a child abuser. Nor is the artist who shows the same character as an adult getting married.

RPDR FANDOM TAKE A FUCKING CHILL PILL I was just minding my business and find out people are bashing Vicky vox on Twitter cause of an opinion she has on Katya, or something along those lines I ain’t getting. Like I get people adore Katya (I do myself, she’s my role model in a way) but take a step back and remember we do not know them like that in real life. They are adults that can handle things by themselfs and so far I don’t see Katya give a shit about the tweet. Stop blowing things out of proportion just cause you stan someone.

In the words of Alaska “it’s just fucking drag, don’t take it so seriously”
We already have enough shit with All stars 2

I am really tired of the hypocritical, juvenile mentality in fandoms here, especially in the Hannibal fandom. However this applies to all fandoms really, I just have experience with them. I have been sent death threats, been told to die, and been called a sexist/misogynist/woman hater for just asking a question/having an opinion. I have been a scapegoat for all of their problems and a huge source for their anon hate (even though I no longer run a Hannibal blog). Some of them have found enough information about me that is just to the creepy level. Leaving me anon messages with my full name, where I live, and telling me they won’t stop until I leave. This is all because I had an opinion that one character was poorly written, and then refused to believe she is alive after they clearly showed her death. They track me from blog to blog while at the same time claim I am not being stalked, I am just an attention whore, and that I’m the only hateful person in the fandom. No really I have been told by many of them that I ALONE AM THE 100% SOURCE OF HATE AND IF I JUST LEFT NO ONE WOULD BE HATEFUL.

This is FAR from only a problem with the Hannibal fandom. I have seen it in other fandoms too. I have talked to people this has happened to for SPN, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Anime Shows….you name it, fandoms will eat you alive if your opinion goes against the norm. I’m willing to bet if someone from the Hannibal fandom sees this and they happened to not like me they will reblog, use my former URL (or my name) and shit on me here as well. But WAKE UP PEOPLE. These are FICTIONAL TV SHOWS with FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. You don’t need to be harassing, stalking, doxxing, or sending death threats to others with an opinion. A question isn’t hate. Even if you think the question is STUPID a question is in no way anti-gay/anti-woman. You do not police the tags. You do not moderate tags. You do not get to control the content which is on a fandom blog. You don’t get to tell me what character it’s okay to like and okay to hate. You do not get to be huge babies over fictional characters.

All these little children on this site want to be taken seriously and act like they wear big girl panties and are mature. But lets face it, I wasn’t sending anon hate to myself, and I deleted two blogs to try to get away from them. They don’t care. They follow me wherever the hell I go. Once again this isn’t JUST Happening to me. Can you not all be mature adults and just LET someone have their opinion? One of my best friends thinks Mads Mikkelsen is the ugliest guy on the planet. SO WHAT? She’s still my best friend. Why does it become OKAY to HATE people for having an opinion that you don’t like? LET IT GO!

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I don't understand why anyone would think this is a PR stunt. SAMs not some big name star, a lot of people don't even know who he is. Why would his "people" or Starz go to all this trouble to make it look like he's dating someone other then Cait? And I'm sorry but it's pretty pathetic to think that 2 grown adults who want their privacy would go this far. I understand people wanting them to be together but for whatever reason they decided not to be. I don't think it's a big conspiracy

Seriously, after seeing those pics I am having trouble understanding how anybody could think it WASN’T! Even not so famous actors can feel the need to keep a relationship private. I kept up with the ship of two actors even less famous than Sam and Cait. After their first time getting papped together and speculation started that they were dating they actually went so far as have their publicists issue a press release that they had been dating but had ended it and the woman was seeing another man now and wished to keep the new relationship private. And for the next few years they never appeared together and walked red carpets just as costars etc. and issued denial after denial whenever the press got too close again. Well, as it turns out they eventually owned up to that they had been together all along. So here is an example of two grown adult not very famous actors who went even farther than Sam and Cait have to cover their relationship. So I can’t really see that the very low budget publicity romance that it seems Sam is currently pursuing would be considered too much trouble. They haven’t even had to pay a professional paparazzi, it’s a “fan” with an iPhone taking these shots. And a bar tab at the winery and some tickets for the corporate box at the stadium that nobody was using that day is really not a large amount of cash to outlay for a potentially large return on privacy. I don’t think it’s a big conspiracy either, anon, just a little misdirection. And a publicity romance is a sort of misdirection used all too often in Hollywood.

#001 He hears you sing (first time for Louis, Zayn and Harry, not first for Liam and Niall)

Hi! This i my first post on this blog, and my first preference. I hope it’s not too bad, please tell me if there’s something I need to think about while writing! (Also, it’s 2am as I’m writing this so it might not be that good). Also, send me some requests!

Harry: You were on the road after a weekend in Harry’s hometown. You were now on the way back to London, and traffic was a nightmare. You didn’t want to get irritated, it wasn’t such a big deal really, so to keep you mind off of things you turned on the radio. You didn’t recognise the song playing, but too lazy to find something good, you decided to listen to it. As the song ends, another one started, and both you and Harry froze and looked at each other before laughing your hearts out as Best Song Ever played loudly in the car. When the first chorus were over, you wanted to join, not thinking about your boyfriend sitting right next to you. So you belted out every word of the song, enjoying yourself for the first time in hours, and as the song ended, you looked at your boyfriend who was himself staring at you.

”What?” You say confused.

”That… That was amazing! Y/n why haven’t you told me you can sing?! Sing more, I want to hear more!” He was absolutely ecstatic.

”Wow there, calm down babe, it’s not that amazing, but if you want me to sing more, I will. One one condition though” You finished of with a smirk.

”Oh tell me my dear y/n, what’s your demands for me to hear your lovely voice?” Harry joked, trying to sound like a proper gentleman.

”I want you to sing with me!” You said smiling.

”I’d love to, we’ll sound amazing together. But you should know hun, you can really sing. Don’t knock yourself down. And trust me, I know what I’m talking about.” Harry finished of with his own smirk before pecking you on the mouth and joining in the song currently playing on the radio.

Niall: Some days, everything that possibly can go wrong just does, without you being able to do anything about it. This morning your alarm didn’t ring so you overslept, the car wouldn’t start so you had to catch the too crowded tube, your boss put even more work on you, and just as you stepped through the door to cuddle with your boyfriend Niall, you noticed a text saying that he’d have to work a few more hours at the studio. You were miserable, and decided to do what you always did when nothing else could comfort you. A long, warm shower with some good music playing. So you went to the bathroom and plugged your phone into the speakers before stepping into the shower. The playlist was the only thing that didn’t fail you today, only playing you favourite songs, and you couldn’t help but sing along. Before you knew it, you sang your heart out, believing you were alone. But as you drew back the shower-curtains, you nearly had a heart attack, seeing someone else sitting on the floor.

”Niall! When did you get home? And what are you doing in here? How did you even get in, the bathroom door was locked!” You nearly shouted, heart going a hundred miles/hour because of the shock. He only laughed at you.

”I’ll try to answer the questions in the correct order. One: We got off earlier than planned. Two: When I went home I heard such a beautiful voice from the bathroom that I just had to listen to it. And three: I’ve lived on a tour bus for months with four male young adults, when someone is in the shower, you have to figure out ways yo get through the door.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the last part, because you knew how true it was, seeing as you had joined the lads on their last tout.

”Seriously though babe, your voice is just so pure and clear, I could listen to it all day.” Niall added with a slight blush.

”Aaaw thank you hun!” You kissed him on the cheek before skipping into your bedroom.

Liam: Your fiancé Liam had had some horrible past weeks with management up their asses, pressing them closer and closer to the edge of mental collapses. The boys spent more time of their days in the studio than anywhere else, and it had been like this for about three weeks. The boys were exhausted, but they knew it was nothing they could really do. But Paul had talked to management and gotten the to agree to the boys going home at a reasonable time today, and you were so excited. Because these weeks, you had been asleep before Liam came home, only waking up as he cuddled next to you on the bed as he went to sleep, and when you woke up he had already left for the studio. It was almost as if he was on tour again, and you hated it. So when you found out about the evening off, you decided to cook Liam his favourite meal, something as simple as a lasagne. The radio was playing in the kitchen and you of course sing along, and as you were preparing the meat, you felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist. For a moment, you melted into Liam’s arms, just enjoying finally having him home with you, before you looked up at his face and grinned. He leaned forward and kissed you, and it was amazing. After five years together, you still hadn’t gotten used to his kisses. When you both pulled away to breath, he put his head on your shoulder and whispered:

”Don’t stop singing, you know how much I love coming home to your voice. I haven’t gotten to do that in a while, and you have to make up for it.”

You smiled and said: ”Well, I’m working on my own way of making up for lost time, but I’ll continue just for you.”

You saw Liam’s eyes wander over the counter and eyeing the ingredients, putting two and two together. When he finally realised what you were cooking, his face shone up like a sun and kissed you just bellow your ear before saying: ”I love you so much.”

Zayn: Zayn had the lads over for dinner, and you were so nervous, since it was the first time you met. They were like his brothers, and you really wanted them to like you, since they were a huge part of his life. You were almost more nervous now than when you were going to meet his family for the first time, since Doniya had told you that the group were a bit protective when it came to their mates and their lovelives.

”Relax y/n, it’ll be alright, they’ll love you.” Zayn tried to reassure you just minuted before they’d enter Zayn’s apartment. You had decided you wanted to cook for them, trying to make a good impression and show that you actually had some skills in some department too, even if it wasn’t in singing. Before you were able to tell Zayn why it wouldn’t be alright, the doorbell rang and Zayn went for the door. They all greeted you with pleasant smiles, and Niall even gave you a hug, before you sat down to eat and for them to get to know you. You couldn’t quite understand what Doniya had meant earlier, the boys seemed very easy-going and accepting from the start.

By the end of the meal, a couple of hours later, you felt like you had known the boys for years. It was better than you could’ve ever hoped for. As you went into Zayn’s living room later, the lads began the ”real” interrogation. Louis pretended to be a ”bad cop”, while Liam, Niall and Harry were themselves, and not doing the mean, classical interrogation - they seemed genuinely interested in what you had to share with them. After a while, the question; ‘what are your hobbies?’ was asked, and without even thinking, you answered with singing, which you had done since you were a little kid. This made the lads all extremely excited, but you didn’t feel ready to sing to them all yet - they were international pop stars for godness sake! - so you told them no. They wouldn’t stop nagging throughout the evening, but you wouldn’t budge. But the minute the lads had left the apartment - now as your friends, not just some well-known celebrities - Zayn cornered you and basically forced you to sing for him. You felt okay with it, I mean, it was Zayn, he’d love you even if you couldn’t sing, so you did. You sang a bit of ‘Chasing pavements’ by Adele, and by the time you were done, his chin was almost at the floor. You couldn’t help but to laugh at his gobsmacked expression, and this pulled him out of his thoughts. He closed the small distance between you, told you ”I’ve never loved you more than I do right now.” Before kissing you with a passion you’d never felt before, which eventually took you to his bedroom.

Louis: Louis had to go to a meeting with management this morning and you were bored out of your mind. It was never a quiet moment when your boyfriend was around, and now you were in his apartment, completely alone, lying in his bed. You’d spent most of the day in that very spot, catching up on the latest episodes of ‘Pretty little liars’, but now you had seen all the episodes, and you didn’t know what to do. You decided that nothing would possibly amuse you from his bed, so you got up and began to wander around the huge mid-London apartment.

As you entered the living room, your eyes immediately draw themselves to the grand piano in the far corner. You knew how much that piece of furniture meant to your boyfriend, but you just couldn’t help yourself. You hadn’t played in years, and your fingers itched at the very thought of it. You realised that you wouldn’t accidentally flip the entire thing open or kick out its legs, so you decided to give it a shot, to see if your fingers still remembered how to move. As you sat down, you realised they very much remembered how to play and your fingers flew over the keys. You even tried out the acoustic version of ‘Hurt’ by Christina Aguilera, and couldn’t help but to sing along, it’s just such a beautiful song. When the song was over, a one-man applause was heard from behind you, and you turned around to see Louis looking at you in awe.

”That was incredible y/n. So pure and so amazing. Why haven’t you told me you could sing?” Oh yeah, Louis already knew that you used to play the piano.

”I don’t know, I didn’t want you to compare me to you negatively I suppose.” You answered him, shrugging.

Louis’ eyebrows pulled together, creating a firm line above his eyes and he sat down beside you on the stool before pulling you in his lap and forcing you to look at him. ”Please don’t think like that babe. You don’t have to be an actual singer to be able to sing, and I can’t compare my voice to yours. We’re different genders, so it’s hard to do that, we’re supposed to sound different. But still, you can really sing. And I trust you to know that I’d love you even if you did, yeah?” You looked him in his eyes before nodding your head and kissing him.