seriously so happy for this win

imagine CEO namjoon.

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  • what’s there to say? we already know he’s a great leader.
  • heir to the country’s largest publishing/printing firm.
  • also the greenest publishing/printing company in the country, like top five in the world, all thanks to namjoon’s initiatives.
  • he takes the whole inheriting business thing very seriously, determined to deserve the company and to be the best boss ever.
  • graduates early from a prestiged business school abroad and shares the responsibilities at the company to give his ageing father a break.
  • he’s so !!!! invested !!! in the health and happiness of his employees !!!!
  • wins All The Awards, for his green initiatives, planting trees, and making jobs, and protecting the environment ect, but also for having the happiest employees in the country.
  • he’s always arranging conferences and seminars for his employees to educate and encourage health/happiness/safety/equal opportunity/respect/ect in the workplace.
  • he works so hard to make sure everyone even down to the lowest branches are insured and that there are daycares and mom’s get the paid leave they need and deserve and that everyone gets and equal and fair wage.
  • bless him.
  • unfortunately all this work on top of his official workload means he doesn’t have much time to look after himself.
  • but in his mind he’s suffering is worth the safety and health of so many others he doesn’t even mind tho he’s kinda sad.
  • so, you work in the HR department.
  • and the head of the department fucks off on maternity leave and by some miracle ???? you get a hasty promotion.
  • no, you’re not really the head of HR but your function is pretty much the same and you don’t mind because the pay is goOD.
  • part of your responsibilities as head is to keep namjoon briefed on the general mood and concern of the people in his branch, i.e the large building full of people he feels directly responsible for.
  • he even has a whole suggestion box system, so once a week you just have to go through the notes people leave you and present a list to namjoon with a few possible solutions etc.
  • piece of cake.
  • except he’s hot as all hell.
  • i mean, it’s not a problem, far from it, he’s just very distracting.
  • but your meetings with him are the highlight of your work week so you do a really good job or at least you try, and also wear something nice.
  • and you think he’s just kinda clumsy and awkward.
  • but actually he finds you really distracting as well.
  • and your meetings are A Mess for the first month or so, until you get into the swing of things and get your shit together.
  • and the complaints he gets are never a big deal because everyone is happy and has nothing to complain about like ???
  • his secretary complaining that him playing smooth jazz all day in his office is getting kinda annoying and please would he play some classical or maybe bossa nova for a change.
  • or that his wacky ties and other questionable fashion choices are giving them a headache.
  • or jeon jungkook complaining about someone’s coffee breath again.
  • an anonymous submission says jimin is apparently??? too??? cute???
  • jung hoseok won’t stop moonwalking to the photocopier while humming thriller and it’s not even october and michael jackson doesn’t even moonwalk to thriller ugh ???????
  • yoongi keeps falling asleep at his desk and forgetting to go home at the end of the day.
  • harmless stuff like that. 
  • (namjoon stays late so he starts driving yoongi home because that’s just the kind of Great boss he is.)
  • and most of the time you two spend these meeting gossiping about drama between the departments and rolling on the floor laughing.
  • and you’re so in awe that someone can be so wonderful and selfless, making use of his privilege to protect people less fortune than him.
  • and your meeting are usually after lunch, so you come back from lunch to find him buried in paperwork and you begin to wonder, who takes care of him?
  • you ask if he had lunch and he’s like lol of course not have you met me
  • and you suggest postponing the meeting because there’s nothing urgent going on and you can take care of “kim taehyung keeps sneaking his dog into the office” on your own.
  • but he’s like “nO!!! please, our meetings are the only break i get, they keep me sane, they’re kinda the highlight of my week.”
  • and you sputter like ????? “im,,,what??? me ?? too?”
  • from that day on he starts taking you out for lunch every week and that way your meetings get twice as long.
  • and eventually you have to ask him, since nothing is going on in the office, “what about you, namjoon? how are you doing?”
  • and he thinks for a moment and he’s like “you know what, i feel kinda shitty actually.”
  • so you let him vent all his sadness and weird existential thoughts and angst for a few weeks and eventually suggest maybe he takes responsibility for his own health and happiness and maybe a good step would be to see a therapist?
  • and he does because he values your opinion and honestly it’s the only selfish thing he’s done in years and it makes him feel 1000001x better to have his concerns and ideas affirmed and listened to by a professional. therapy is cool, kids.
  • and one day shy joonie hands you a little poem he wrote you on a post-it, describing all the little detail he’s observed about him that makes his heart race and his head go all slow and foggy.
  • because he really,,,,,,,,,,,,, really likes you, and hopes this isn’t weird or anything if you don’t feel the same way that’s cool but he’s felt this way for a while and you’re the best thing that’s happened to him since this company and he just thought you deserved to know and he’s sorry.
  • and you have to like glue yourself to that dining chair so you don’t climb that dang table and throw yourself at him because namjoon is the most wonderful man on earth you treasure him and you want to keep him safe and happy because he deserves as much kindness as he’s prepared to give and he has nothing to be sorry for and you love him.
  • and he loves you too.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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The Paladins Reacting To You Getting Hurt In Battle Would Include..


PROMPT?:  hello! i friggin love your blog. do you think you could do a would include for the voltron paladins, how they would react to you getting hurt in battle/captured?? sorry if it’s a bad explanation, i haven’t really requested for much ahah. thank you so much!

A/N: An option for allura lovers! yay! And hell yeh i added dad Coran. Also this is my first one in this format so be kind? and these all surround the same kind of injury! 

WARNINGS: gender neutral!! pain mention?? cursing

SHIRO: When he hears your body hit the alien dirt, Shiro loses all patience. He orders all the other paladins to start kicking ass and runs to your noodle body. Although he knows it’s probably bad, he would start cradling your neck and wrap his other available arm around your midsection and nervously smile down at you. He would laugh and brush away any dirt or stray hairs. And once you got back to the castle, he would attend to your every need, even the smallest pillow fluff. Lots of “Shiro, I can walk-” “Nope, crutches.” and “Shiro, I’m breathing. You can go to bed.” but he would stay there anyway. He would keep you from fighting for at least a week. And lots of nose kisses once he feels your ‘frail and fragile’ body could handle it.

PIDGE: Once you’re taken out of battle, Pidge’s fighting power like.. triples. She finishes it for you. She will make sure that whatever hurts you, pays for it. Most of the paladins get out of the way once the news gets over the com that you’re hurt. And once she’s pulled away from kicking the enemy and berating it, she runs endless medical tests on you. Space CAT Scans and going into the castle healing pods for at least three hours a day until even the pod rejects you. She will hang out with you and make you soup and bring you water if you even look the least bit dehydrated. She will block off a good portion of the lounge so Lance and Keith have to sit on the last three feet of the couch. No one says anything. They’re afraid. 

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Maybe instead of getting mad that Zootopia won the Oscar, we should all be happy that we had such a great year for animation.

Seriously, there are no losers here. Zootopia was fantastic, and absolutely deserved to win. They ALL had their merits. Lets just be happy that we got so many good animated films this year, that ALL deserved praise.


Have you ever read Max’s text exchange with Chloe in the San Francisco reality (during the Dark Room sequence)? I missed it the first time around and it’s lovely.

It also pisses me off, though, because it’s basically the happy ending we wanted: Max and Chloe are together again; Chloe and David make up; Chloe is going to college; Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest.

It’s the perfect end and and Don’t Nod basically said “FU, players, you can’t have a happy ending!” They insist on making us pay a price. There are so many things wrong with both endings and I won’t rehash them here but seriously did they have to show us a good ending and then snatch it away? 

((Pillow fights are gr8. ))


-Hana is all for it, she takes it extremely serious.

-Actually secretly streams it for all of her fans to watch.

-She will not let you win, unless of course you pout.

-She’ll then give up after hitting you with the pillow one last time.

-Wants to build a pillow fort afterwards.


-He doesn’t expect it at first, but he was more than happy to attempt revenge for your sneak pillow attack.

-He puts on really good music to set the pillow fighting mood.

-He loses but takes it in stride after all seeing you laugh is the most important thing.

-He grabs some ice cream for you two to share after your hard battle.


-She definitely starts the pillow fight.

-Will use her blink and recall abilities to her advantage.

-After a little while she isn’t even taking it seriously so you start to gain the upper-hand.

-She eventually decides it should be a tied.

Gabriel Reyes:

-Just looks at you after you hit him with the pillow like ‘Wtf??’.

-Does join in though to make you happy.

-He starts having a lot of fun before he knows it; it never ceases to amaze him how you can make everything interesting.

-He lets you win, claims if it was a serious pillow fight that he’d crush you.

Jack Morrison:

-He starts the pillow “war”.

-Knock him down, and he keeps getting back up… much to your annoyance.

-Using actual battle tactics to win.

-You give up, you’re too wiped out. However you plot your revenge and a rematch.

sdmn vs. ytas #2

so many emotions from the match today:

1. congratulations to the youtube allstars, they absolutely deserved it in my book. they played well and at the end of the day it was an amazing cause to play for.

2. chris finally got the goal that he deserved 

3. motm for me is easily josh pieters; i had no idea how good he was until today. 

4. everyone played so well. it was such a toss up, for me at least, on who would win this year and i was happy with it going either way. congrats to the youtube allstars and a job phenomenally done for sidemen fc

but on a much more angry and upset note:

1. to those that ran on the pitch: have some respect please. people have worked so hard for this day to come to fruition and running on the pitch ruins it for everyone, especially those that have worked for it to come true. it does nothing for you, it cuts off the ceremony and the game for the crowd and the people watching at home, it puts everyone on the pitch in danger, it ruins their chances of having a game next year, and it overall is simply disrespectful and a shame. so well done hope you’re happy you did that. 

2. the youtube allstars absolutely did not deserve to get booed. i get it you want the sidemen to win, but seriously? it’s a friendly match for charity and every single person on that pitch is playing for charity; that is not something to boo and never will be something to boo about. 

that’s my takeaway from the match this year, and hopefully another one is in the cards for next year 

also shouts to @sidewomanxix for skyping and screaming with me throughout the entire match…love ya girly

~ karren xx

in all seriousness though how incredible must the girls feel right now after losing their first nomination???? like they weren’t being humble when jade said they truly didn’t think they weren’t gonna win cause they never ! fucking ! win ! despite how hard they work year after year breaking record after record to finally be recognized for everything they do has to be mind blowing and i’m so ridiculously happy and proud and they deserve the world

マジで!! Seriously!??

Let’s learn Japanese with phrase, today’s phrase is マジで!! (maji de!!)
We use it when we saw something unbelievable happened. Like what we saw today when Trump win the presidential election…

It’s interchangeable with 本当に!? (hontou ni). They both mean
• is that the truth!?
• Seriously !!?
• Really !??

And here’s a Japanese トランプ commercial video for you, so you can practice our phrase today!!

マジで!! マジで!!!!! Σ(+Oдo;艸;)

Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。


Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Words: 953

Warnings: none

Request: Hi! I’m sorry for the bother ^^ Are you still taking fic requests? There was a story for a ship you made with Charles Xavier where the reader is absolutely clueless in romance and doesn’t get his approaches and constantly asks about the girl he likes (not realising that it’s her) and he finally tells her the truth straight. Would you please please write this ship like a fanfiction? - for beautiful anon

A/N: aaahhh my second fic is here!! I’m really sorry it took me so long and I hope it won’t happen again! I loved writing this one. Enjoy!

“Hey, y/n,” you heard from behind. As you turned around you saw Charles coming closer to you, with an excited look on his face.

“Hey!” you greeted him, with a broad smile you weren’t able to suppress. Yes, you had a crush on him. You’re not a kid anymore, why do you still have silly crushes? you thought constantly. It was a question that popped on your mind quite often. You never thought he would like you back and, honestly, you never saw any sign of it either so you never confessed this to him. “What’s up?”

“I’m going for a walk around the gardens and I wanted to know if you wanted to come,” he said, an innocent smile showing on his face. You didn’t know this, but he liked you back. A lot. The only problem was you didn’t seem to get the hints he sent you. Charles would usually invite you to go for walks where you would talk non-stop about everything and anything. More than once, he bought you flowers hoping for you to realize about his true feelings.

You, on the other hand, were totally oblivious of the true purpose behind his plans and always viewed this small, though meaningful, gestures as no more than friendly. You were so clueless, so blinded by your own feelings, you didn’t notice someone else’s.

“I’d love to,” you replied showing him a kind smile; the type of smile that made Charles melt in the insides and fall for you even harder.

The gardens were especially beautiful that day. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, the sun shined through the trees’ brunches and the welcoming atmosphere relaxed you. While you were strolling, Charles was telling one of his many stories, the ones you never got tired of listening. Once he finished, you fell into a comfortable silence.

“So,” he said, “I noticed you started spending more time with Hank. Is there something going on between you two?” He did his best to hide the sadness in his voice, but hiding feelings was never one of his best talents. You didn’t realize this, of course.

“No, we’re just friends. He’d been helping me with something this week,” you replied innocently. “And what about you? Is there a special someone?” You figured if you weren’t going to be with Charles, the least you could do was make sure he chose the right person. You wouldn’t want him to end up hurt.

“Actually, there is. A girl I’ve liked for a long time.”

You heard the noise of something breaking. It was your heart. Your stupid heart that liked people that weren’t going to like you back. Your stupid heart that already expected this, but broke anyways. Your stupid heart that loved Charles Xavier.

“Really? And who’s she?” you asked smirking, hiding your feelings completely from the outer world. “Do I know her?”

“Yes, you do. But I’m not telling who she is,” Charles chuckled. He was so relieved that you weren’t interested in Hank that he felt like he could jump around the place. “I don’t think she realized I like her yet, though I’ve been pretty obvious. She’s clueless with this kind of things,” he grinned at the thought.

“Just tell me who she is and I’ll investigate for you,” you insisted, trying to convince him to confess.

“No, I won’t fall for that, y/n. You’ll have to do better,” the mutant answered, praying he wasn’t blushing in front of you.

“Oh c'mon! Seriously?” You weren’t giving up, but your persuasive resources were running out. 

“If only you could read minds…” he said faking sadness as a way to make you laugh and forget about it. Charles didn’t feel ready to confess his feelings for you.

You tried insisting again, but failed miserably. However, before giving up you had one more weapon in your arsenal. Puppy dog eyes. It was the one thing you knew he wouldn’t resist. More than once you’d get away with something because of them. Other mutants in the school would joke saying it was another of your abilities. You knew it’d work.

“No, y/n, that’s not fair. No! Don’t!” he tried to avoid it, but when his expression softened, you acknowledged your win. “Ugh, fine. It’s you. Happy? I like you. A lot, by the way.” His smile faded away and now seriousness invaded his eyes. Charles avoided your gaze, looking at the ground like if he was embarrassed.

What?! was all that came to your mind at the moment. Was it really happening? Was it just a hallucination? No. It wasn’t. You heard him very clearly. And did he say he’s been obvious about it? You knew you weren’t the best at picking up signs but it still surprised you how clueless you could be sometimes. You were so immersed into these thoughts you didn’t realize your outside didn’t show the happiness you felt in the inside.

“I knew it. You don’t like me,” he deduced from your face. “Look, I don’t want you to feel pity or anything, okay? I just don’t want to stop being friends with you,” Charles was starting to get worried, but then he spotted a smile growing on your face. “Why are you smi-”

But you didn’t give him the chance to finish his question as you interrupt him with a kiss. You couldn’t believe it. Neither of you could. You run your hands through his hair while his hands were gently placed on the small of your back. Slowly, you pulled away, gazing at him. He was grinning widely with no intention of hiding it. You were too.

Guess you were really clueless when it came to love.

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(After the most recent Mafia AU update) OH BOY!!! He tried though. Probably a good thing Yuuri didn't take him seriously. BTW I love this AU and would love to become a patreon, but I am, unfortunately, quite poor. Notification squad for the win, though!

He did try o3o
even if it wasn’t the smartest thing to do XD
or like…a really serious attempt even ^^;
Probably a good thing, yeah :D
And no worries at all!!! OuO
I’m just happy you are enjoying the AU so much >u<

Dealing With Werewolves by foolish_mortal

[2565w | General]

In which Stiles runs away to live with the dragons and meets a werewolf.

Note: This is apparently an AU involving a book series I’ve never heard of, and something like that would usually put me off. But since embracing this blog’s mindset of giving every fic a chance no matter what, I gave it a read. And I’m so glad I did. It’s seriously good. I never wanted it to end.

Basically, Stiles has gone to live with a dragon (perfectly cast as Lydia) and an unending string of knights turn up at the door planning to slay the beast and win his hand, no matter that Stiles is happy exactly where he is. And then along comes Derek.

I really cannot stress enough how wonderful this fic is ;v; Give it a go!

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@sommarmiraklet​ some fluff for you and all the hugs <3

[[no one can convince me that Lance wouldn’t take this rivalry all the way along into a developing relationship.]]

Keith saved him from being sucked out into space and in the heat of the moment Lance may or may not have gone for a full on hug? And then Keith squeezed back with so much force and his heart totally out-racing Lance’s? Like he actually had to show off his strength right now? Oh it is on.

The kitchen is completely empty at whatever time it is when Lance wants nothing but a nice packet of juice, but when he turns around Keith stands there. And he brought his stupid hair. They end up talking under one of the windows in the corridor which can be excused because no one is there to see it. It only gets weird when Keith goes quiet without doing the polite thing of staring literally into space. Nope, instead he’s looking at Lance with this expression of wonder on his face that really shouldn’t be there after an extensive summary of the Die Hard franchise. Maybe Keith thinks Lance made all of that up. Maybe Keith thinks he’s a genius. In any case, he must have done something impressive because Keith’s face is super close and then he’s kissing Lance. By the time Lance gets the hang of it it’s already over and Keith pulls back, but not before he’s making this small sound against Lance’s lips as if Lance’s repeated failure actually does something to him. What a jerk.

The whole hands and mouths stuff a few weeks later is pretty awesome, no doubt about that. And it’s almost cute how dazzled/focused Keith looks during it. Almost. Not like Lance is going to forget that he’s in this to win. But then Keith gasps out his name and does something with his wrist and suddenly Lance is coming, toes curling on the sheets and his head ringing with it. When he stops seeing stars and his vision un-blurs, the first thing he sees is Keith’s smile. Typical. He’s also doing it wrong because his face is way too soft and happy. At least Lance can do being smug so much better.

The first time they sleep together, Lance has got a pretty solid plan on how to win the upper hand. Because seriously, this has been going on way too long and so far Keith has a better score which just isn’t right. So he’s going to romance the shit out Keith and see how he likes that. No expenses spared, Lance is going the whole nine yards with candles and flower petals and atmospheric music. Only the ship seems to consider fire in close quarters a not so romantic thing and wet flower petals tend to stick everywhere and the music turns out to be a recording of whale noises. Not like it really stops them. It’s all looking pretty good for team Lance until Keith has to go and start crying. Not like actual sobbing, but his eyes are all wet while he’s looking at Lance like the whole rest of the universe has just stopped existing and it makes Lance’s stomach drop with emotions. Quiznak.

Lance just knows Keith’s going to say it and it’s so lame. They’re not even getting ready for battle or doing anything that’s even remotely an epic setting for something like this. They’re on cleaning duty for crying out loud. How could he ever be fooled into thinking Keith was better at romance than him?

“I love you!” Lance says as quickly as he can get it out and then drops his broom to throw his fists into the air. “Haha, check and mate, my friend.”

Keith has the decency to look completely floored by being beaten for once, mouth still open: “You do?” Then he starts smiling. “I love you too.”

Lance collects his broom, feeling very pleased with himself: “You can say what you want, but this victory is mine.”


“I didn’t say anything.”

“Right.” Keith goes back to sweeping. “I actually wanted to ask if you’d like to move into my room.”

Oh it is so on.

Speeches- Sidney Crosby (Mom and Dad Part 4)

Originally posted by piesandpucks

Ok so my posting schedule was messed up today. It’s been one of those days, ya know? But anyway here’s part 4 of Mom and Dad! One more part then this mini-series will be over! But I do have other Sid imagines to get to (see queue!)! So enjoy guys!

Warning: a few bad words


              You smoothed out the white dress out as you sat down, Sid sliding your chair closer to the table before he sat beside you.

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Let's sum this up: Gullruten

1) Tarjei didn’t win the best male actor award.

I don’t get this. Tarjei deserved to win more than ANYONE. I personally think that for an actor who’s only 17, he just should’ve gotten that award. Like its not fair. If there’s this “he’s still too young” bullshit going on, I’m SUING

2) skam didn’t win the best drama

Again, what is this? Skam managed to become incredibly popular not in just Norway, but in the WORLD. The various scenes mostly from s3, are the moments that make me cry everytime I watch them, I’m sure you guys can relate. No joke. That’s something that deserves this award.

3) Henjei won people’s choice awards!

Ahh now the good news! #Henjei won and they presented a beautiful speech where they basically thanked the fans, Julie and the skam ‘boys and girls’. I’ve never been more proud of them. BABES.

4) o Helga natt won!

It really is the best scene, isn’t it? ♡
O Helga natt seriously deserves every award in the world. It’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen. It’s heartbreaking and happy at the same time. IM crying again jahsgsgg

5) THE INTERVIEWS(takk Twitter for the translations)
For the the fellow Henjei shippers, or people who love them both as friends, here’s some very important information from the interviews. Ur welcm alt er Henjei’s interviews

1. Both of them confirmed that the other person is a good kisser.
2. Apparently kissing each other/kissing a male is just like kissing a girl¿?
3. They show up in the s4 to do some background kissing.
4. Tarjei isnt on the social media because It’s best for him(but definitely not best for us jskshsg).


6) THE KISS|the afterparty

If you hate the idea of Henjei and you’re one of those ppl who like to protect henl*a to the death, then you should probably stop reading and leave this post ♡ thank you.

So both of them appeared in the 'kiss cam’. They didn’t even seem surprised nor uncomfortable. Neither of them hesitated and just like that, Tarjei’s tongue appeared in Henrik’s mouth. Then i nearly cried and died inside at least 84 times. I’m sure you’ve all seen the video yourself, they just made out for like a few seconds and then acted like it was the most natural thing ever. Bc natural connection.
David literally acted like Magnus(and me) during the kiss. Like that was legit Magnus’ fangirling.

They had a little party afterwards. Or should I say afterAwards. I’m sorry jsksjskgag MOVING ON.
Tarjei screamed. Henrik screamed. I screamed. Ice cream.

Siv liked some Henjei pics on insta. Same mother, same.

7) poor me
Just writing this(from hell) so you can relate and feel a little more at peace knowing that you’re not the only one who almost jumped out of the window bc of two grown up men kissed each other.
I was literally and unmistakably LAYING on the floor until my family tried to explain that the floor was dirty.
We had guests And I started explaining the situation to them with this huge enthusiasm and I was screaming in the process. My mum’s close friend thought I was just messing with them and joking around.

A seven year old friend was trying his best to calm me down and honestly didn’t understand why I was yelling at the laptop.

I nearly dropped the said laptop.

And that was Gullruten!
I’m more than happy right now. The stuff that happened was so.. real, not staged nor fake, and the cameras clearly managed to show us that. Tarjei seemed more confident than ever. Henjei was happy with the cast. What else does the skamily need?
More awards to win so we can get more henjei content HAHAHA
But seriously though, it might actually be one of the best fredags ever. I love life.
I’d seriously expect ANYTHING but the kiss. Can you believe Henjei. I lUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. ILUV-

Birthday Dinner

Title: Birthday Dinner

Pairing: Gabriel x female!Winchester!Reader

Word Count: ~1.3k

Warnings: fluff, Michael and Lucifer being assholes for a minute (probably not even a warning since its normal for them I guess)

Summary: For once in your hunters life you want a normal birthday dinner with both you family and your boyfriends. Since you’re a Winchester dating an archangel that turns out to be quite an interesting affair to handle.

(A/n: Happy Birthday @cas-backwards-tie! This is for you. I hope you have an amazing day and that all your (birthday) wishes may come true!!! <3 )

Originally posted by bucky-hackneyed

“Ready for dinner love?” Gabriel stood behind you making eye contact through your mirror reflection. Your favourite archangel had a loose smile when his whiskey colour eyes met yours lovingly. For a moment you both held eye contact, before he straightened his shoulders his soft eyes turning determined. “You sure you want this?”

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anonymous asked:

hi sis! im loving your posts of underrated kpop queens could u please post some more?

Hello sis! ❤️.

Glad you like them!, and since you asked for it, here are another underrated kpop kweens:

This time we’ll get to know Laboum whom have been around since 2014 and slept on since their debut HOWEVER koreans and the world need to wake up and give these girls some love since THEY DID THAT and released the kbop of the summer 2k17.

Hwi Hwi (most commonly and mistakenly known as Miss This Kiss -which is actually the name of the mini-album featuring this song- ) is Laboum’s latest release and it has instantly become their most successful release to date outselling all six of their previous mini-albums in just one day.

This sudden success has caught everyone by surprise (their company and the girls themselves) especially when they had to turn to crowdfunding to fund this release (link for their makestar campaign here).

Laboum were really struggling (this is actually their second time having to use crowdfunding to make a comeback) so it’s really awesome that they’re getting more recognition and revenue (this means more releases in the future).

They even got their first win ever since they debuted.

It really warms my heart and makes me really happy when I see underrated girlbands finally seeing their hard work and efforts pay off. Seriously, these girls work their asses off (not only Laboum but basically every girl in every girlband especially if they’re not that well-known) and this hard work is not always appreciated or rewarded so it makes me really happy that they’re finally getting some recognition. Kudos to you kweens! 💖.

However not everything about this sudden success is ~all happiness~ since they’ve been accused of sajaegi (sajaegi is when companies buy albums to boost sales). Also, their first win has also been criticized for being fixed (they beat IU, a solo singer who is far more famous and established).

Fortunately the music show released a statement confirming that their win is legit and valid and also their company has shut down the rumours of sajaegi so everything’s is fine and valid for our new underrated kweens.


Am I the only one who enjoys the ~performance/dance version~ of the music videos more than the actual ones?.

Anyway, let’s bop sis.

More of the underrated kween series:

🌟 Fiestar
🌟 Brave Girls
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 10 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 22415 -> Chapter 10 word count: 2743

Chapter 10 summary:

Iktsuarpok (Inuit)- the anticipation you feel when you’re waiting for someone to come over to your house

This chapter gave me some trouble, honestly. But I’m happy with how it turned out in the end! 

There won’t be a chapter next week, unfortunately :( I’m home for spring break so I don’t have time to write. Also, just so you guys know, the final two chapters are linked meaning chapter 12 picks up directly where chapter 11 ends. And then we’re done!

Thank you all for your support and love for this story, I can’t tell you how much it means to me <3 I’ll see you all again the weekend of 4/22!

“- it’s just dumb, y’know?” Killua’s annoyed huff made static crackle out of the speaker on Gon’s cell phone. “I don’t get it. Why would you even bother trying to leave Zevil Island? I mean, he knows he needs six points to pass onto the next phase of the Exam.”

Gon hummed thoughtfully, watching golden sunbeams filter through the stained-glass window above the kitchen sink. The refined sunlight hit the granite counter in swirling shades of emerald green and sapphire blue.

“Maybe he’s looking for shortcuts?” he suggested.

“Ha, probably. I don’t think Milluki’s ever finished a game without finding some crazy trick to cheat his way through to the end. What a lazy bastard, huh? Can’t even win fairly at the one thing he’s actually good at.”

Gon’s lips tugged upwards into a crooked grin. It didn’t matter that Killua couldn’t see it- Killua always made him smile. It was a reflexive action, like breathing.

Switching the phone to his opposite hand, Gon said, “Not everyone is as good with video games as you are, Killua.” He carefully gripped the glass cup in his hand as he lifted it out of the dishwasher and placed it on the proper shelf. He had promised to finish his chores before Aunt Mito got back from shopping, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t talk to Killua at the same time.

“That is not my problem. Milluki’s the one who- SHIT!”

Gon’s stomach lurched. “What?! Killua, are you okay?!”

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Dayinrussiavictuuri’s Recc Fics Masterpost!

THIS TOOK ME AWHILE TO PUT TOGETHER AND IT’S NOT EVEN ALL OF THEM. They’re in no particular order, they’re all amazing ok? Also please let me know if I made any typos or if I linked anything incorrectly. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND KUDOS PLEASE, IT HELPS FIC AUTHORS INCREDIBLY. ALSO FEEL FREE TO COME SCREAM IN MY CHAT BOX AFTER YOU READ SOME OR ALL OF THEM.

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every year it’s hella people complaining about the grammys cheating an artist while simultaneously giving off this “im not surprised” attitude which really bugs me cuz…you care or you don’t but don’t complain and say you don’t care.

grammys have never been credible and should already stop being taken like a serious award when the winner will always be under the lamest circumstances.

every year they leave out dozens of artists who deserve to be nominated but without album sales/safe sounds, you will never so much as even hear from them unless their sound is friendly enough to cosign.

danny brown had the best rap album last year (imo) and even if you disagree he wasn’t so much as even nominated???

the award is not credible you’re more productive appreciating and spreading the artist to other people yourself instead of acting like they ever had a chance to win votes from a predominately white committee.