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Problem Solved

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Problem Solved
[When your problem has a simple solution. Christian is more than happy to help you solve it│Christian Yu.]
Rated: Mature

Christian was editing a new video as per usual. These days if he wasn’t in the field filming, he was hauled up in his room editing for hours on end. You found yourself cuddled on his bed with his dog Lori by your side as you read. It was probably a solid two hours before either of you had said a word. Just working in the comfortable silence and welcoming the atmosphere.

You’d known Christian for practically your whole life. You moved to Sydney as a kid and grew up on the same block as him. A few years later he moved to Seoul to become an idol, and you didn’t hesitate to pick a college there.

Here you were years after graduation and still living in this beautiful city with your best friend.

“Hey what are you doing tonight?” you asked, absently flipping the page of the magazine, while scratching the back of Lori’s ear.

“Hm? Probably hitting up a Pub or a club tonight with Scott and the guys” he clicked away on his mouse, splicing the video.

“…Is Dabin going?”

“Dunno, why?”

“Just curious, that’s all.”

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6.5 mile run I just watched the new BNHA episode subbed then dubbed back to back because i crave that mineral that new BNHA content conclusions are as follows:

  • the music they play while Deku is possessed is really really creepy give the composer a raise
  • knowing Ojiro warned Deku AHEAD OF TIME that answering Shinso is what activates the quirk makes it 18 times funnier because it’s literally: Ojiro: “Dont answer him.” Deku: “Got it.” Shinso: “Ojiro sucks.” Deku: “whAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST FUCKING SAY”
  • Aizawa holding thin, individual sheets of paper in his completely bandaged ovenmitt mutton fists continues to be hilarious im so sorry aizawa
  • the diversity of quirks is also hilarious because you might have the wrath of two elemental gods facing off in the ring or you might, in this case, have two prepubescent boys slapping each other
  • seriously since Deku cant use his quirk and he broke outta Shinso’s this match is literally the equivalent of sitting in the lunchroom sipping your juice box while two beanpole freshman boys pick a fight on chocolate milk day
  • reminder that Mama Midoriya just watched her son get decked in the face, broadcast to millions around the world
  • Deku, pile-driving Shinso into the ground, “bad. stay there.”
  • Izuku “was literally warned about Shinso’s quirk ahead of time” Midoriya fell for it three times hes just too Anime Protagonist™ to stop answering Shinso’s declarations are we sure this boy’s cut out to be a hero
  • Present Mic needs to stop dragging everyone Sero did nothing wrong
  • Actually new rule just leave Sero alone everyone he did nothing wrong
  • Speaking of wrath of the elemental gods, “You can’t tell me what to do Dad” *summons the next ice age*
  • For real im glad Todoroki is quiet and tired and awkward because if you gave him Bakugou’s personality i think the world woulda frozen over by now

dub specific shout outs

  • Present Mic using the phrase “Could this be a quirk at work~~~?” when Deku just fucking froze
  • Iida’s “Classic Midoriya maneuver” 
  • All Might’s “Spooky!!! I’m a ghost?!” save this nerd
  • “Shut your face, Sparky.”
  • No seriously Shinso and Sero mighta lost those fights but no one got quite as destroyed as Kaminari
  • I mean it there are two shots when we see the audience set up, once before and once after “Shut your face Sparky” and Kaminari completely moves seats away from Bakugou I think he might have even left pray for him

Jughead Jones x Reader #1

Warnings: ANGST that comes with unrequited love

Word Count: 2.6k+

Requested: nope but i’ve had this idea for a while

Note: honestly i’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks and i love this idea so much?? also i wrote this backwards. hope you guys love it, if so maybe part 2?? ~K

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When his feud with Archie began that cursed summer, Jughead had even feigned going to Pop’s and instead took solace in the Riverdale Public Library. He would spend his days typing away there instead of his usual booth in Pop’s for only a couple of days, but it was enough for him to meet you. During the summer you worked shifts in the rather empty library and found yourself wondering about the boy in the corner who only looked up from his computer screen when it was time for him to leave.

“You know for someone that spends time in the library so often, you’ve never once even checked out a book or even looked at one for that matter,” you said approaching the table that the boy sat at.

“That’s a lie, I’ve looked at a couple Shakespeare collections…well maybe one collection…once,” he said not even looking up from his computer, but ceasing his hands from typing.

You raised your eyebrow at the curious boy as he turned to look at you. “Sorry I’m just hiding out from Pop’s right now,” he had admitted to you after you stayed for answers.

“Why would you be hiding out from the greatest diner in all of Riverdale?”

“It’s a long story…”

“Lucky for you I have plenty of time and you seem to be great at telling stories,” you confidently replied, pulling the chair next to him out for you to sit in and nodding towards his open document.

For the both of you, it was supposed to be a harmless one time conversation, but one turned to two, turned to five, and before you knew it Jughead Jones was accompanying you with every library shift you had and in turn you would sit reading in his booth at Pop’s while he typed away on his laptop. Oddly it wasn’t your love for reading and his love for writing that truly bonded you; it was the uncanny love you shared for Shakespeare. And so the nickname Juliet had formed for you as he would teasingly say, “hey there Juliet” and “until next time Juliet” each time you sat down and left Pop’s. Jughead had become your best and only friend, so when the school year started you could only hope it would remain the same.

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Wrong Person- Alex Nylander

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Ok so there’s a lot of the brothers Nylander today so I’m breaking it up a little with switching the second Willy one with a second Mitch one tomorrow (I’m terrible with planning sue me). So enjoy Alex!

Warning: mentions of nudes and mentions of sexting (NOTHING IS OVER PG PROMISE)

Anon Request: Im here requesting all the time imagines about the nylanders 😂 anyway could you do one where youre dating Alex and then Will accidentally sees a Nude you sent ? Love your blog❤️❤️


              You couldn’t take that back.

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That one morning argument which they don't speak of:
  • Prompto: Noctis, shut that sexy face of yours, or I will seriously slap you!
  • Noctis: Wait did you say "sexy"?
  • Prompto: What did I just fucking tell you??
  • Prompto: *Slaps Noctis's ass* you know it

Tucker: Graying at the base, covered in scars–he even likes cats! Wash he is seriously your nicer twin

Wash: shut up Tucker

I used @powerfulpomegranate face cannons because omg just look at them they’re just wonderful ;w; but in all seriousness Shiro is literally just a laid back kid friendly version of Wash and I won’t be convinced otherwise ewe

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Do you still take prompts? How about Creek and a first kiss? :D

(Yes!! And now only 30 more to goo FML)

Tweek and I have been dating for three months now and the novelty still has yet to wear off on people. Seriously though, like what the fuck. It’s really no one’s business so I don’t understand why people can’t get over it.

It’s all “So Craig, you and Tweek, huh?” or, “Craig! Get some!”, or “You and Tweek do the kissy kissy yet?”

All anyone asks about these days is Tweek this and Tweek that. I mean I really like Tweek and stuff, and I’m glad we’re dating now I just can’t stand people budding into our private life left and right.

Especially because people keep asking about our first kiss. The big problem with this whole thing is the fact that this whole ‘first kiss’ thing still has yet to happen. For god’s sake I’m seventeen and have yet to had my first fucking kiss.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees a lot wrong with that?

Even Scott Malkinson kissed Kelly during Truth or Dare last year.

People are even asking if Tweek and I have had sex yet but, nope, we still haven’t even kissed. Just fuck. I can’t stop thinking about it too. Tweek has some nice looking lips man. He’s such a twitchy fuck too, who knows what it’d be like to kiss him.

“-and that’s my problem.”

“Holy shit Craig, I never thought I’d say this but you have like middle school problems.” I flip off my ditzy brunette friend and throw a piece of popcorn at his face.

“Shut the fuck up, fuck face.”

“No, seriously dude, he’s like your boyfriend. I’m sure he wants to suck face with you too. Just go up to him, sweep him off his feet, and plant him a good one!”

“Fuck you Clyde, seriously, fuck you.”

“Hey! I’m just trying to help a brother out!”

“Nah, I agree with Craig. Tweek isn’t a girl and I doubt he wants to be treated like one. I don’t know man, maybe just like take him out to dinner or to the movies or something. What do you guys usually do on dates?” Token asks, suddenly joining in on our conversation.

“Uh, go to my house and watch movies or some shit.”

“B-But Craaaaig, that’s what you guys did before you started dating!” Clyde whines.

“Uh, yeah, so?”

“So you guys are boyfriends now. You gotta do dating stuff. Seriously, what’s even changed since you’ve started dating?”

“I don’t know, we hold hands and shit. That’s pretty gay. See? We’re doing coupley shit.”

“Craig, for the love of god, you guys held hands even before you started dating.” Token groans and shakes his head. He lets his forehead fall until it’s pressed against the table.

“Yeah but not every day.”

“Dude, Tweek is gonna be here soon. Just take him out and try to kiss him!” Clyde exclaims eagerly. He starts trying to make up shitty ass cheerleader chants so I chose to ignore him.

“What the fuck, but what if he doesn’t want to kiss me?”

“Craig!” Token sits up and throws his hands up in the air. “He wants to kiss you. You guys are dating. Seriously take him out and be the romantic jackass you are.”

“But that’s gay as fuck.”

“You’re gay as fuck.”


Footsteps sound across Token’s giant ass house and then the subject of this entire conversation arrives. Tweek is holding his coffee thermos in one hand and playing with his hair with the other hand. His eyes dart around the room before they meet mine with a shy smile.

“Hey Tweekers,” Token greets.

“Oh, Tweeky, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Tweeky! Hey Tweeky!”

“Ngh! H-Hi Clyde.” Tweek starts to make his way to the unoccupied chair but I stop him before he can sit down.

“Dude, let’s get outta here.” Tweek makes a signature Tweek noise then glances around at our friends with wide, confused eyes.

“W-What! Jesus! Uh, okay?” I grab Tweeks hand, flip off Clyde and Token, and pull my boyfriend out of the Black Residence.

Alright, I’m determined. I’m gonna get this stupid kiss no matter what happens today. So first things first, a lunch date! Hell fuck yeah. I’m gonna woo the fuck out of Tweek.

“Hey Tweek, you hungry?” I glance over at Tweek who’s staring at me with a furrowed brow.

“Uh, I j-just ate?”

Well shit. Step two then, coffee! I mean Tweek goes by coffee so fucking quickly, he has to be almost out.

“Hey Tweek, you need some more coffee?” When I look over at Tweek again he’s frowning.

“Um, Craig? I-I just filled up my thermos.”


Okay, uh, step four? “Hey Tweek, how about some ice cream? Wanna go get some ice cream?”

“Jesus! Craig, it’s f-freaking snowing out, man! Do y-you want me to freeze to death?” Tweek tugs on my hand and shakes his head. “W-Why don’t we just go to y-your house and watch Red Racer?”

“We do that every day though. Don’t you want to do something new?” Tweek glances at me and frowns.

“Well, not really? I l-like watching stuff with y-you. It’s our thing, right?” Tweek is acting adorable as fuck right now. Holy shit. He looks all shy and kind of red. Fuck.

“Uh, y-yeah! That’s our thing man. I just thought maybe you’d want to go on an actual date, ya know?” Tweek lets out a little gasp. He starts to slip on a patch of ice but luckily since I’m still holding his hand I help him regain his balance.

“A d-date? That sounds like a l-lot of pressure, man! I don’t wana m-mess it up or anything!”

“You can’t mess up a date.”

“Y-Yes I can!”

“Well, how about we just go on a walk at Starks pond?” Tweek hums lightly and nods.

“O-Okay, sure. Is that r-really a date though?”

“Hell yeah it is. If we want to call it a date it’s a date.” Tweek laughs and we continue our trek to the pond in relative peace.

As we walk I go over every situation imaginable on how I’ll kiss Tweek motherfucking Tweak. I mean it can’t even be that hard, right?


We arrive at our destination and start our way on the snow covered path that looped around the miniature lake. I start to try to lean towards my silent boyfriend to get this thing over with but he abruptly turns to look at me. “Hey Craig, d-did you do the English homework?” Tweek suddenly asks. Wow, leave it to my sweet ass boyfriend to talk about school on our first ‘date and interrupt my attempt at a first kiss.

“Uh, yeah, sure Tweek.” Okay now the real question here is how the fuck do I be romantic? Fuck. “Hey Tweek, look at how nice looking the lake is. It’s all white and stuff.” That’s romantic-ish, right?

Tweek glances out into the distance with a confused frown. “Uh yeah, it’s n-nice?”

Okay, time to do it! I start to lean in to kiss him but he suddenly turns his head to look back at me and flinches in surprise. “C-Craig! W-What are you doing?”

Shit. Um, wow. “There’s, uh, just a bug. In your hair.” Tweek shudders and I reach out to pluck out the invisible bug.

“Oh, thanks.” Tweek starts rambling on about how there’s probably some yeti hiding out in this forest or whatever. I try to pay attention but I’m so goddamn distracted by this whole ‘kiss’ thing.

Finally he lulls into silence. Tweek looks over at me with a shy smile. “Do you t-think I’m just crazy?”

“Nah, Tweek, your chill.” Now! Now’s the moment. I lean in to kiss him but Tweek gives me a confused look. “C-Craig you look constipated or s-something?” Aw, shit. Way to ruin the moment Tweek.

“Bug,” I lie. I pretend to pull something out of his hair.

“Jesus! T-They’re all after me!”

I sigh and admit my defeat. It’s obvious by now this is not happening.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect ya Tweekers.” Tweek squeaks and groans. He starts rambling over how it’s not fair to tease him. I tug on his hand and start heading us back towards my house.

As we near the end of the path Tweek ‘eeps’ in surprise as he starts to gyrate towards the ground. I try to catch him but instead I find myself falling too. I’m heading towards the ground, right over Tweek and bam.

That’s how our first kiss happens.

We fucking slip on ice and I crash land on Tweek and slam our teeth together in a shitty ass kiss.

How fucking romantic.

“J-Jesus Christ! Oh shit man!” I push myself off of Tweek quickly and the blonde sits up to press his hand against his lips. “I-I’m bleeding!”

“Oh fuck, shit! Sorry Tweek. Fuck.” I pull off one of my gloves and press it against Tweek’s lip as some shitty substitute for a tissue.

“Ngh! Fuck. It’s o-okay Craig.” Tweek pushes my hand away and touches his swollen lip carefully. It’s already stopped bleeding. Tweek glances up at me with a shy little smile. “Craig, you’re a-all red.”

“Shit, am I?” Tweek nods with a giggle.

“W-Well, we had our first k-kiss.” Tweek points out. Tweek looks like a sly little fuck. Oh god. I groan and shake my head. Yeah, I’m a real romantic.

“Yeah, we did.” I sound kind of bitter and Tweek giggles. I start to stand up but Tweek snatches my wrist and tugs me down. Then there’s two warm heat sources pressing against my cheeks and soft flesh pressing against my lips.

Tweek kissed me. Tweek fucking kissed me. Holy shit. This time I can finally appreciate it too. I mean it’s kind of awkward, and weird but also strangely nice. Really fucking nice.

Tweek pulls away after a moment all smiley and shit.

“C’mon l-let’s go watch Red Racer!”

Whiskers and Whiskey

For lovely anon! 

His dimples are the best 


Dean Ambrose x Reader


You and your boyfriend of a few months, Dean Ambrose, decided to stay in and have a good time tonight. It was a day off for the both of you and you wanted to have fun and enjoy it. He suggested to go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of whiskey. You agreed knowing you both were going to be staying in, so there wasn’t much harm in it. Dean had gone out to go buy the liquor and came back within a half an hour.
It was 8 at night so you decided you would get comfortable and just relax with your boyfriend. He followed in your footsteps and did the same. He placed the bottle on the living room floor and went to change into a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. As he was changing you went into the kitchen and grabbed two shot glasses. You sat down on the living room floor and leaned against the couch. As you waited for Dean to return to you, you put on a movie and grabbed a blanket. It wasn’t long before you heard his loud footsteps coming down the stairs. You looked in his direction and smiled.
“Hey beautiful.” He sat down next to you and adjusted the blanket so it was on the both of you. He grabbed the liquor bottle and the two shot glasses. He poured the whiskey and handed you a shot glass. He held up his shot glass, “To us.” You smiled and did the same.
“To us.” He gave you a kiss before downing the shot glass. You soon followed, shivering at the strong feeling. You instantly felt your body relax next to his. He grabbed your hand and laced his fingers with yours. He poured the both of you shot after shot and you started to feel it in your head. After a few more shots, the two of you started laughing at everything.
You hadn’t realized how many shots you both took, but you knew you weren’t just a little gone. The both of you were drunk. When you and Dean drank, you laughed at everything and told each other random things. You weren’t watching the movie anymore and you laid on his lap and looked up at him. He held up the bottle and laughed.
“No more!” He slurred setting the bottle aside. You giggled and hiccupped causing Dean to laugh again. He stroked your hair and you looked up at him with your eyes low.  
“Guess what doll” You tried not to laugh at his slurred words.
“You know your kitten? It’s not so bad! It’s actually pretty fucking cute.”
“You’re pretty fucking cute.” Dean leaned down and bit your nose. “No i’m not! I’m not cute (Y/N).”
You struggled a bit to sit up and look at Dean. You tried to give him a serious face but it didn’t last long. Dean laughed and grabbed your face kissing your nose. You kissed his dimples.
“Nice try Dean, you barely like my cat! and you’re adorable so shut your face”
“No! Seriously! I pretend! He’s like a little cotton ball and he loves me!” You climbed on to his lap and laughed again. You put your head in the crook of his neck and he wrapped his arms around your waist,  trying his best to hold you in place.
“Whatever you say babe.. but he does love you!” He leaned his head on your chest and you ran your fingers through his hair. You felt light and Dean was slurring everything he was saying.
“He does love me! You know who else loves me?”
He looked up at you and smiled wide. You decided to play along.
“No, who?”
“YOU DO! But seriously doll, the cat loves me.” You laughed and stumbled up to stand. You grabbed Dean’s hand and attempted to help him up off the floor but the both of you were off balance. Just then your kitten walked into the living room and Dean ran after it. The cat ran upstairs and Dean tripped and landed on the stairs. He got up and looked at you. You were laughing hard and Dean looked defeated.
“Dean he doesn’t wanna play right now, it’s okay he still loves you.” You swayed over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He put his hands on your hips and gave you a kiss. You pulled away and gave him a smile. You knew he really wasn’t a fan of cats but you were going to hold him to everything he said tonight. There was no escaping what he said.  A bottle of whiskey made Dean say things he never thought he would.

Your first Kiss with Mark

A request for an anon who asked for what your first kiss with Mark would be like. I’m a huge Mark fan so please enjoy this J

“Everyone,  I want to introduce you to your new choreographer straight from L.A. This is Park Min Young” their manager said introducing you to the seven boys standing infront of you.

“Annyeong,  I’m Park Min Young but people in America call me Mimi, I’ll be your new choreographer as of today” you said bowing to them with a smile and eyed everyone of them and your eyes widened quickly realizing you recognized one of the members standing infront of you and apparently, he realized who you were too.

JB who was the leader stepped up, “On behalf of all of the GOT7 crew, I welcome you to the team Min Young Noona” he bowed.

Chuckling you shook your head, you had already done your research on JB and JR since you were a JJ project fan, “I’m actually a few months younger then you JB-oppa” you said bowing to him.

He looked surprised for a moment before you nodded, “I’m looking forward to working with all of you. Especially you Mark” you said with a small smirk.

The six boys infront of you had looks of shock on their faces looking between you and Mark.

You were hired by JYP himself, when he discovered you working with one of Korea’s top dance crews and he wanted you to help choreograph for his next up and coming rookie group and the contract you couldn’t say no to. So now you were here, standing infront of your first love, first and only boyfriend, Mark Tuan which you forgot left L.A to train with JYP Ent and you weren’t surprised he made it big already.

“Min Young-shi, JYP would like you to see him in his office regarding your home and a few other things” an agency manager said coming into the room.

“Neh” you bowed to him and looked over to the boys, “I’ll be seeing you early tomorrow for practice and some new choreo got it?” you waved at them.

“Wait! You still haven’t explained to use how you know Mark-Hyung!” the one you guessed as Bambam yelled after you as you left.

You turned back and looked at him, “the guy that’s involved is standing right next to you” you deadpanned before walking out, the necklace you were wearing shone in the sun as you walked out.

The next day you walked in bright and early and did a quick warm up with the boys before getting started.

“Five six seven eight and one two three four five six seven eight” you counted as the boys followed or tried to follow your every move. About two hours in all seven boys got the choreo and you called for a break.

Sitting in a circle, the boys started to ask questions about you as to where you came from , how you started dancing and the biggest question was, How did you start martial art tricking?

“I learned from this guy right here” you nodded your head to Mark who was sitting next to you and he choked mid drink.

“Ah hyung! You taught Min Young-noona how to trick?” Bambam asked wide eyed. This didn’t make sense to him since you were a choreographer and he was an idol already.

Coughing a few times he said in a deep voice, “Ah..neh”

Ever so curious, “Ah Noona, how do you know Mark-hyung? He wouldn’t tell us anything last night.”

You eyed him, “Ever so secretive are you?"  your eye brow raised, "Ashamed of me?”

Mark shook his head quickly, “You know why”  he said in English as he put his head in his arms and raised his own eyebrow.

You nodded slowly, knowing exactly why.

You and Mark got together the day he left for JYP

He asked if you were willing to wait for him while he trained and debuted. You made that promise, on the beach in Santa Monica.

(Flashback [the whole convos in english])

“You’re going to be a star!” you laughed as the two of you walked along the beach after a full day of just dancing and flipping and having fun. It was Mark’s last day in California before he was going to leave for Korea to train with JYP and he had planned this full day, starting from the morning where he took you to breakfast, and then you two had spent a few hours at the studio martial arts tricking before the two of you just ended up walking along the beach.

“I know!” he said laughing shyly and suddenly he stopped, “Hey…Mimi, I actually asked you to come out today cause I wanted to ask you something” he said nervously.

You tilted your head to the side, “What is it? You know you can tell me anything”

“You know how I’m leaving tonight right?” he asked.

You  nodded slowly not knowing what he was getting at.

“Uhh..I..Uhh well…” he started hesitating but he let out a breath before finally saying, “I’ve had a thing for you for quite sometime now…hence why I asked you to come out today and I love spending time with you…and this is a really bad time to be asking this but….wow this is REALLY a bad time to ask this but would know…be my girlfriend?” he  asked and you just stared at him wide eyed.

“Mark Tuan…you’re leaving for Korea…TONIGHT” you said and put your head down, “You’re timing is terrible” you muttered cause in reality, you had a thing for Mark for a while too.

“I’m sorry…” he trailed off, “I totally get it if you don’t want to but here” he dug into his pocket and took out a necklace that was circular and had rose gold wings at the top and a heart in the middle.

Your eyes widened as you looked at it, “ for me?” you asked.

He nodded, “I have a similar looking one"  he pulled it out from under his shirt, "So..will you be my girlfriend?”

“Dude…you don’t need to buy me jewelry you know that right?” you said looking at the necklace.

“I know..,but you know…I’m leaving tonight…so…will you wait for me?” he asked with hope in his eyes.

You thought for a moment and you realized, you liked him too much to not say no. Nodding you asked him to put the necklace on for you and you two hugged before continuing walking down the beach, hand in hand.

“Another thing” he said as he turned to face you, he leaned his face close to yours “Don’t stop tricking while I’m gone got it?”

(End of flashback)

All the boys in the room nodded, “So that’s why Hyung never takes off that necklace” JR said and you turned to Mark who was holding the necklace and only gave you a small smile.

You smiled back at him and leaned slightly into him chuckling softly to yourself.

“Well you know what?” JB said slowly getting up, “ I’m sure Mark-hyungs slightly off practice with his tricking, maybe Min Young-noona can show him a few tricks” he got up and motioned for the rest of the boys to follow him.

Once the door was shut, you turned to Mark with a seriously? Look on your face.

“Your group…” you started in English.

“They’re interesting” he said smirking at you, “I cant believe you’re here, working with us…” he said quietly.

“Still the ever so shy Mark huh?” you said smirking.

He shrugged, “I missed you”

A small blush appeared on your cheeks, “I missed you too”

After a moment of silence he said, “So…there was something I forgot to do before I left for Korea all those years ago…”

You raised an eye brow at him, “And that is..”

Mark leaned over and pressed his lips against yours, and just as quickly pulled away. “That” he said his head buried in his arms.

Your face was as red as a tomato and you slightly nudged him with your elbow, “You freaking stole my first kiss you dweeb”

“That better have been your first kiss” he said stealing one from you again before getting up. “So let’s see how much practice you’ve gotten in” he did a tumble.

“Oh you’re on Mark Tuan” you said standing up and did a flip.

“First one to give up has to kiss the other” he said standing right up against you with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t mind” you leaned up and pressed your lips against his before doing a backwards flip.

And that is the end! I actually had fun writing this (Mark is my bias and his deep voice…arahgkjsahgkjsahga ) but I hope you enjoyed it and sorry it took so long!

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