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Dancing With The Devil In Pale Moonlight Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

Part 1 

AN: Due to the high amount of requests, here it is!!! Also just a bit of a warning, there’s some triggers ( i think) in there. Mentions of knife use, and blood and kidnapping. Sorry about that! 

(Y/n)’s eyes fluttered open as she was greeted by darkness. She attempted to move but realised her hands were tied to a pole. She groaned and pulled against it, trying to free her hands. The coldness of the room hit her and she began to shiver, realising she was in her pyjama shorts (which came down to her knees and a short sleeve tshirt). She curled up against the wall and tears began to fall out of her eyes.

What did I ever do to deserve this? She thought.

Just then, she could hear the door open, quickly wiping her tears, because she didn’t want anyone to see her weak. The door opened, bright light flooded through the room, blinding into her. Loud footsteps made their way up to her and an unwanted shiver of fear went through her body. The person went over to the pole and untied the rope that tied her hands. As soon as the ropes were lose, (y/n) quickly got up, sprinting towards the door.

She saw a long hallway and then stairs leading up wards and began to run towards the stairs with the man from before following hot on her trail. She mentally thanked herself for regularly going to the gym and keeping fit. She got up the stairs and looked around, there was only one door, taking her chances, she ran towards it. Since the door was already open, she slipped through it but regretted her decision as soon as she saw who was in the room.

“Couldn’t stay away from me doll?” He laughed, taking off his purple jacket and green vest. He took his gloves off as well as (y/n) stood there, frozen, eyeing the stack of knives of varying sizes on the table. The man that had been following her burst into the room.

“Ahh, Jake, I have you one job and yet you failed it.” He spoke, seriously.

“I’m sorry boss, she just ran!” He defended himself, looking terribly frightened.

“Leave, I’ll deal with her myself.” The Joker ordered and the man left, he turned towards (y/n), grinning. He leaned over, grabbing her wrist and pulled her onto the bed and laid down besides her.

“You know you hold the record, one does and you were out for 3 days.” He said, leaning over her, tracing her jawline.

“Please let me go.” She said, cursing herself for sound weak and pathetic.

“Oh doll, I can’t, you see, ever since I saw you, I’ve, let’s just say, become obsessed!” He smiled, placing a kiss on her jaw, the makeup from his face running on to hers. (Y/n) closed her eyes and turned her head away from him, feeling dirty and used. He roughly grabbed her chin and yanked her face back.

“Don’t give me that attitude.” He growled, almost sounding deadly. He began to lean in, and (y/n) began to panic, no matter what, she was not going to let him kiss her. A knock on the door caused him to lean back and pull away. He made his way over to the door, opening it. (Y/n) quickly sat up, and got of the bed, and began to move out of the window that was open. It was pretty high up, possibly the second floor. She carefully placed open leg out the window, preparing herself to jump.

“J, we need to move, the cops are on their way.” The man said.

“Move everything, I will follow and she’ll stay with me.” He replied, closing the door. He turned around and saw (y/n) attempting to run away. He quickly ran over and grabbed her from her hair and pulled her back in.

“Wrong move doll.” He said, pinning her against the wall and grabbing the knife off the desk. (Y/n) closed her eyes not wanting to witness what he was going to do next.

He used the edge of the knife and began to trace over her cheek with it. Bolts of electricity shot through (y/n)’s body as he did so. Her body shivered from fear as he traced it down to her neck, tilting her head sideways using her hair. Suddenly, the knife dug in, drawing blood. (Y/n) moaned in pain, tears fell out of her eyes as she clenched her fists to distract herself from the pain.

The Joker pulled the knife away from her and leaned down to her neck, licking the blood away.
(Y/n)’s body began to tremble, as soon as his mouth made contact with her neck.

“Please,s-stop.” She begged as he kissed her neck. The faint sound of sirens approaching stopped him, he looked up at her, his dark eyes full of an unusual emotion. He glanced at her, before letting go of her hair and grabbing her wrist, leading them both out of the building. He threw (not literally) her into the car, before getting in the driver’s side and he sped off, using one hand to drive and the other was holding (y/n)’s hand in a death grip. (Y/n) stayed glued to her seat throughout the whole ride due to the Joker’s mad driving skills.


After the deathly ride, they reached an old building in the middle of nowhere, literally nowhere. He led her out of the car, moving through the maze of the corridors before stopping in front of a door. He opened the door and pushed (y/n) inside, and locked the door behind her. (Y/n) scanned the room, there was a small bed in the corner and a small lamp that dimly illuminated the room. (Y/n) sat down on the bed tried to get her neck to stop bleeding by using her shirt. She felt tired, weak and most of all, dirty.

However, deep down in her heart, she couldn’t deny the sparks of electricity that shot through her when he had touched her and now, her body craved his touch. It felt so, so familiar.She closed her eyes and feel in to a deep slumber, effects of the drug was still affecting her body.

Suddenly, the door opened, a man walked in, he crouched down and tilted her head to the side, before placing antiseptic on her neck with some cotton. He wiped away the blood and placed a band-aid on her neck. He placed a bottle of water and some food down on the table where the lamp was and kissed her forehead, before murmuring something to her.

“I’ll get you out (y/n), just hold on.” He said and left.

(Y/n) woke up not too long after that, feeling hungry and tired. She glanced at the table and saw a bottle of water and some food. She instantly began to pig down the food, not caring about anything else. After a while, she finally finished, feeling energy being restored into her body. She got up, making her way to the door, and tried to open it but sadly it was locked. She sighed and sat back down on the bed, feeling cold, no, freezing. It felt as if the temperature had dropped more than 20 degrees suddenly. She shivered as she brought her knees up to her chest, using the thin sheet and wrapping it around herself.


“Alfred, we need to find her!” Bruce exclaimed as he entered the bat cave.

“Master Bruce, the entire GCPD is searching, they’ll find her.” Alfred reassured.

“She’s the girl from the car crash four years ago.” Bruce said, the air around them tensed up. Alfred also had a shocked look on his face.

“I thought she had no memories.” Alfred replied.

“She doesn’t, but he does.” Bruce replied.

“They searched his previous hideout, there is proof that he’d been planning this. The night I went after him just have him an excuse to execute it earlier since he didn’t know where she was living.” Bruce explained.


(Y/n)’s eyes went up as the door opened, the Joker himself walked in. He was carrying something in his hands.

“Oh pumpkin, I apologise for before, I just, just couldn’t help my self!” He said, sitting down on the bed as (y/n) shuffled away from him.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise.” He said, sounding serious and holding up his hands as if he was surrendering.

“Here, you must be cold.” He said, placing a thicker blanket over her. (Y/n) instantly wrapped it around her and felt warmth spread throughout her body.

“Now, I’m going to ask you for two things, first, I’m going to take you out of this place if you agree not to attempt to run away again, do you agree?” He asked, staring into her eyes. (Y/n) just nodded in response.

“Second, you’re goi- well forget it, let’s go.” He said, getting up. (Y/n) quickly got up, feeling slightly scared. She followed him as he made his way down a maze of hallways. Finally he stopped in front a large room. He opened the door, and waited for her to go in. (Y/n) went in and he closed the door behind her. (Y/n) looked around the room, there definitely were no windows, a large bed in the middle and a desk and a sofa in the opposite corner. A small door on the side lead to a bathroom.

“Please let me go, why are you holding me here?” She asked quietly, hoping he hadn’t even heard her. He grabbed her hand and sat her down on the the bed, kneeling in front of her.

“Sweet, it’s simple, you, you…….complete me.” He said, his eyes full of truth.

“I don’t even know you!” She replied, tears began to fall out of her eyes. Hurt was evident on his face before his expression changed to anger. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him, startling (y/n), who curled up in the bed, sobbing.