seriously she is queen

  • Raja whenever Manila shows up on Photo Ruview : that's manila. I love manila. I was actually there when this photo was taken. I actually took this photo. I know exactly where this photo was taken. I actually made that outfit for her and gave it to her as a present. I actually did her hair and makeup too. Here's an anecdote about this picture. I love this look. I love manila. Toot.

Lana replied to some fans on ig regarding to the photos she shared from their night out in NY with Jensen and Danneel. The fact that she saw some of the rude comments about Danneel and felt the need to remove those photos makes me sick. Those so called fans make me sick. 

If you don’t love Danneel, that’s fine but don’t go leaving nasty comments under her friends’ posts. It’s a disrespect not only to Danneel and Jensen but also to their friend who just wants to share their night out on her own personal instagram.

I just don’t get it. I mean, you can see it. My hand is forcing his face, which is what the movie’s about. He’s in love with Letty, Michelle Rodriguez’s character. I’m the crazy chick that’s doing this horrible thing to him and, as he should’ve, his character is just standing there frozen, like a dead fish.

That’s what I was kissing, and he’s literally going around, saying that I had the best time of my life…. It’s insane! I like a little bit more movement in my men…. We’re confusing reality with fiction…. It looks like I’m assaulting his face with my mouth.

—  ♛Charlize Theron about that awkward kiss and Vin Diesel’s overblown reaction

y’all really expecting every queen to be perfect … nit picking everything they do



Based on the conclusion that since Erebor and the Greenwood have been on good(-ish) terms pre-Dragonsickness/Fall of Erebor there must have been diplomatic relations and delegations between those two, so here’s Frís, mother of Thorin and wife of Thrain, Princess Under the Mountain.(I’m just going with @determamfidd‘s naming here (⌐■‿■) Though seriously she carries herself like a true queen, something we can see at the very least in her eldest son…)

I guess we now know where Thorin got his flair for dramatic entrances :D

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If they make Victoria into this wonderful excited and doting mother or something I’m going to tear my hair out in frustration.

She was a TERRIBLE awful shitty mother. Did she like sexytimes with Albert? NO shit. But did she like that said sexytimes led to babies? NOPE.

She called them ugly froglike creatures, hated children in general, and wasn’t much better to them as adults.

The rigid, repressed Victoria was never a particularly cozy mum, candidly acknowledging early on that she derived “no especial pleasure or compensation” from her large brood of children. Even when they were tiny babies, Victoria regarded them as distasteful little creatures. “I have no tendre for them,” she once remarked, “til they have become a little human; an ugly baby is a very nasty object…..and the prettiest is frightful when undressed… long as they have their big body and little limbs and that terrible frog-like action.”

A Treasury of Royal Scandals - Michael Farquhar

Just ONE specific example is her daughter, Pricess Alice, chose to breastfeed and Victoria had a COW in the royal dairy named Alice! There’s literally TONNES of examples of this everywhere and I really wish more people knew she was the absolute pits as a mom.


L O V E 

(the word that can’t stop making regina mills smile)

21/365 Days of Outlaw Queen