seriously people who don't ship this are wrong

*that happy embarrassed feeling you get when people give you positive notes about your ship*

Also, next time someone gives you weird looks for having a crush on a fictional character, say this:

“Okay, so its wrong of me to be attracted to a fictional character, who doesn’t actually exist outside of my mind and said book/movie/show/etc.

BUT, its perfectly okay to fantasize over a REAL, LIVING, human being and make up shit about our lives together, just as long as their famous and the possibility of that realtionship actually happening is zero?”



Do you know what I’m honestly tired of in this fandom?

The main focus on the ships, and literally nothing else.
I know a show with such popularity as Riverdale is bound to have a large fanbase filled with shippers, but it’s gone too far.
Everybody seems to be obsessed with who ends up with who, even dragging the actors/actresses into it, and are even threatening to not continue watching the show if their ship doesn’t end up together. It’s everything people talks about, paying no mind to the characters (except for, of course, the components of their ship) or the storyline. It’s gone to the point where it’s the only thing the cast is asked about, and when they’re not, people shame the interwiever and even calls them out for doing a poor job. This is certainly not okay.
I’m honestly embarrassed of this fandom, and the shippers who seem to think the whole show is circulating around their ship. It’s not. And it never will.
The name of the show is Riverdale. Not Bughead, Varchie, or any other ship.
It’s an amazing show with complex characters and a well thought-out storyline. It’s not fan service. So please, stop treating it like that.
You can ship whatever you want, but don’t let it take over everything else.
Again, it’s a show, not a damn fanfic.

anonymous asked:

What you said about ship is just wrong. Seriously, just let people ship who they want. You can't hope not to be judged if you judge others. Do not do what you don't want to be done to you. Do you want people coming at your door, telling you your ship is BS ? I don't think so, so don't do it for others. Let's respect other people, shall we ? For someone who ship a lot of gay pairing, I thought you were more open minded, and not so much into bullying.

uh…when did I bully someone…?

I said it was different, I didn’t say it was wrong. These words are different. Nor that I told anyone their ship sucked. 

Nor I said that someone CAN’T ship Nico with a girl, if someone feels like shipping it it’s their right to do so. I was only saying that, in my opinion it’s different when you put straight characters into queer relationships comparing to queer-to-straight. Because the cases are different, since the representation of straight relationships is much more common.

Honestly, I said it before and I just say it again, I don’t mind people shipping whatever they like as long as their actions aren’t harmful to anyone. You can ship Nico with a boy, you can ship Nico with a girl, (you can ship him with both or not ship Nico with anyone at all) as long as you don’t erase the fact that he’s queer (I’m sorry for using this word here but Nico’s case might still be a bit unclear and also sorry if I used it wrong. I don’t mean it in any offensive way and this part of English and what’s allowed and what’s not is just tricky for me);

I’ll tell you what I think would be /wrong/ thing to do, in my opinion. To put Nico with a girl while completely erasing and forgetting his feelings for Percy, therefore making the /straight/ relationship you’d put him in the only one. I think it would not be right to just forget about his crush for Percy and never mention it again. If you happen to have a girl you ship with Nico, just…do it the right way. Don’t change him for your own ship. BUILD your ship over the character, and not vice versa.

Also I think you’re contradicting your words, while saying that other people should be respected, because you don’t seem to be able to take my opinion, even though not exactly mine since you’ve understand it the wrong way at first.