seriously people on here also make it so negative

Exo reaction to their gf having an eating disorder

Now I wasn’t gonna do this one, because this could affect people in an negative way and it’s also a touchy subject, but I thought I would just do it and get it over with.

*ALERT* (if your not comfortable with stuff like this don’t read)


*sits you down you seriously*
“this needs to stop, I know it’s gonna be hard, but I’m gonna be here for you”


“But food is so good?!”


“But cake?… how can you not like cake?”


*always making sure your eating and bringing you extra food*


*leaves you cute notes and text reminding you to eat, helping you slowly grow out of your bad habits*


*sassy queen*
“gurl if you think your fat, then I must be a whale.. now! eat”


*would stop being his goofy self when he realized it was serious*
“(y/n) you really need to start eating”


“why wouldn’t you eat.. that’s unhealthy”


*internally screaming when you refuse to eat*


“but food?”


*worried for your health*
“(y/n) you should really start eating”


*was always confused why you never ate when he did, but when you tell him he realizes it*
“It makes sense now”

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I am so SICK of the fucking negativity that goes on here in this fandom or any type of fandom at that. We are suppose to be able to come here to escape from the harsh world we call reality that we face day in and day out. Not to bring it here and make others more miserable and depressed. Also I am so sick and tired of people making threats or vicious comments to the two most important people in my life. The two that I’m talking about is my girlfriend (who’s name i will not mention because I wanna keep her safe), and my best friend who is like a sister to me. You people that are making these two girls upset by threatening them need to grow the FUCK UP and keep you negative not-called-for opinions to yourself. I mean seriously enough is enough.

Art is not a waste of time

As I sit here in the early morning hours drawing I got to thinking about this and wanted to write a bit. 

I have been drawing or making art my whole life essentially my parents always gave me pencils and paper to keep me occupied and encouraged me to make something tangible. Looking back it seemed to be more of a tactic to keep me quiet and to myself.

 Though they always were aware I was creating, As I got older and took art much more seriously they never held a lot of interest. My mother would never ask to see any of my drawings,never really tried to participate past a few sentimental words roughly translating to “ohh that’s interesting” So over time I just stopped showing her because I knew there would be no time taken, no thoughts on what she was looking at or listening to.

My father on the other hand always asked to see them and did take the time, saved the pictures and prints I’d given him. Although he always had a negative remark to say about them or would make jokes at something I took quite seriously and honestly would just be offensive. So it was a backhanded compliment I also just slowly stopped sharing with those who genuinely didn’t want to take the time. I’m tired of being compared or crowded with judgement and mockery.

To all the other artists on here appreciated and unappreciated your art is unique and special even if people don’t give you the response you desire take pride in knowing you accomplished something wonderful. All those minor details,backstories,influences,thoughts,dreams they are all there in your work and you don’t need validation from your family or friends to know you are great. Keep creating even if its just for your eyes to see. You nor your creations are insignificant.

To those whom are just observers please take the time to look and listen genuinely with openness & understanding. 

Tumblr can be such a toxic environment to be in sometimes. We pride ourselves on being accepting and understanding, but the minute someone/something doesn’t tick every single box, we freak out and call them “gross” or “problematic” or “horrible.” Like, can we please try to be nicer people? I know sometimes people or things are so problematic that they/it DESERVES to be called out. (*cough* 50 Shades *cough cough*) But not all of the time. And we can try to be nicer about it. I see this a lot with movies and TV shows. If a TV show doesn’t represent every single minority out there, then all of a sudden it’s problematic. I get how important representation is, I do. SERIOUSLY I DO LIKE IT’S A BIG DEAL WITH ME. But we really need to stop this “instant gratification” sort of viewing. Would you rather have well-developed, amazing characters or just a bunch of random characters from different groups thrown in and half-assed done? (Which everyone would get pissed at, btw.) This has been bugging me about Agent Carter recently. It’s such a great show and great for feminist representation but people are complaining. I saw someone say, after the FIRST EPISODE, that they refused to watch it because the writers hadn’t included something. I mean, IT’S THE FIRST EPISODE. Calm down. Again, it’s the instant gratification kind of thing. I know queer people, POC, disabled people, etc have waited so long for good representation and it sucks but we are making such big strides in it and again it’s better to have well-developed characters than ones just thrown in. People are the same way. Like, give them a chance to grow. Don’t call them horrible people just because they make a mistake. Give them a chance to learn from it. We all make mistakes. People aren’t perfect, so why do we expect them to be? (And yes, celebrities are people too.) I remember seeing people bash Emma Watson for her stance on feminism and it just made me so angry. They said her feminism “wasn’t good enough.” Look, SHE IS TRYING. Which is a lot more than so many other people are doing. She is a UN Ambassador and has called international attention to feminism. This is something we desperately need. Y'all are doing the exact same thing to her that my mom used to do to me when I’d come home with a B+ or A- on a report card and she’d say, “Why isn’t it an A+?” If we never think something is good enough, then eventually people may stop trying and that is awful. A step forward is a step forward. Period. People aren’t perfect. The things they create aren’t perfect. But if we celebrate the positive and the victories we do get, I think we will get more positive out of it. Try to encourage people and educate them in a friendly manner. Stop being assholes about it. For example, when I first started working at my job, I got really angry at my male coworker for a comment he made about feminism. But after I educated him on it, he realized he was a feminist too. He just didn’t understand the definition clearly or the stances of feminism. He’s a really great guy. He’s also very Christian and upfront about it but after I got to know him, I realized he is one of the most non-judgmental people I’ve ever met. If I would have just got mad at him and called him a horrible person, I would never have known this. And I would have hurt his feelings and made him feel even more negatively about things that he should feel positively about. But a lot can be accomplished with civil conversation and friendly education. I know I’m covering quite a few things here and this is basically one giant stream of consciousness, but also wanted to say that people should stop shitting on other people for what they like. So what if someone likes Frozen? It’s a Disney movie. Let them like Frozen. It’s not really problematic. There seems to be this thing with Tumblr that if something becomes wildly popular, there must immediately be some kind of counter-attack to find everything wrong with it and make it a mission to destroy it. Seriously? Unless it’s unredeemingly problematic like 50 Shades of Grey, let people have their fun. There’s so much negativity in the world. So what if people want to sing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs? It makes them happy. Let them have their happiness. It’s not hurting anyone else. Okay yeah I’m going to get off the soapbox here but I just wanted to get his message out there. And I hope it’s not too much to ask people to reblog the shit out of this if you agree because I really want people to start being more positive and happy on this site and in life in general.