seriously people attack her because of this scene

Something to keep in mind:

Amaru is not Kate Fuller. Even if she has her memories she is NOT Kate in any way shape or form. She doesn’t have her emotions or her morals. Amaru is an evil demonic entity without a conscience. She is currently keeping Kate a prisoner in her own body while she destroys countless of innocent lives including hurting all the people she loves most. Kate has no voice. She has no control whatsoever over her actions. She can’t even warn the people who care about her in any way the destruction that Amaru is planning. Can you just imagine for a second how much she is suffering right now?

Kate literally had to watch and feel all the people Amaru has either hurt or killed. And the worst part about all this is that this demon is violating her. She’s violating Kate’s body in every way. Using her to commit murder and chaos. So many things have already been taken away from Kate; her parents, her innocence, her faith and now possibly her virtue. And this demon is not only violating her she’s violating the relationships of which she holds dear. Just imagine what that is like. To be completely trapped and vulnerable. Kate is in so much pain to the point where she will never be the same again. Even if she is saved in the end whats left will be a fracture of who she used to be.

So when I see some people in this fandom completely okay with the possibility of Amaru seducing Seth that worries me. Mostly because this is happening against Kate’s will. And Seth cares about Kate not the demon who has taken control of her. He cares about Kate like family. Why the hell would he be okay with taking advantage of a young girl’s body possessed by a demon? So if you’re totally fine with seeing a demon violate Kate like this just so you can have an intimate scene between your ship there is something seriously wrong with you. This is not a personal attack its something to really think about.

And while we’re on the topic of who is in pain Seth IS NOT the only person affected by what is happening to Kate. Richie is visibly suffering internally and riddled with guilt due to the fact that unlike his brother he literally had to watch Kate die while hating his guts. Then six months later had a violent encounter with the thing possessing her body [which was resurrected] in 3x02 while he tried and failed to protect an innocent woman that Amaru eventually killed. Also there’s Kate’s brother Scott who has no idea what the hell is going on. He doesn’t even know his sister has been taken over by a demon hell bent to destroy the world. Do you have any idea what its going to do to him when he sees her like this? And Scott was with Richie at the time of her death as well.

Needed to get this off my chest.