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someone in my class: my god this is so easy why are we going over it in class



Guy’s. There’s not many things in life that make me this frustrated, however this Ty/Lauren “relationship” bullshit is an exception. I found myself browsing on these ‘Tyren Updates’ accounts and actually saw the extent of how blinded people actually are by all this. One of my favourite ever comments I read was a Harmonizer calling Ty a “feminist” insisting he was an “activist to different communities” Are people for real? Like seriously, do people genuinely believe this? Do they see his online presence or listen to his lyrics? He is known throughout the music industry specifically for his misogynistic attitudes. Articles and interviewers have labelled him “arguably the most misogynistic rapper in music’. That’s NOT a title to be proud of. In fact, It’s quite disgusting. 

When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way Ty does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t. This is my issue.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

I know a lot of fans are struggling to see this is PR, but I’m sure this will help you out. 

I clicked on Ty’s twitter a few days ago (I know, I’m disappointed in me too) and just look at this. The accounts tweeting him aren’t just L stans, they’re Harmonizers. Whatever management are doing, its fucking working. These Harmonizers have fully jumped ship (literally lol). They’re listening, streaming and buying Ty’s new music. 

Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other HAS to post some sort of proof to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts can confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way (ooops I just triggered myself back into the 7/27 era) she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over social media. It’s not real guys, wake up. 

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the 2 Tys?

So first we’ve got Ty insisting he’s against slut shaming, posting pro feminist images about the female body and telling us girls to love our insecurities (sounds familiar)

I’ll call this one the “Media Pleaser Ty”:

Then we’ve got the other version. The one who degrades women to a sex act putting undermining their worth and power

So, then I’ll call this one the “Real Ty”:

I don’t know about you guys, but this is pretty degrading isn’t it? But, isn’t this slut shaming? As fans, it’s no secret this is Lauren’s habit? Is this the image he’s reducing Lauren to?

When Ty’s album finally drops and Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki is released (Steve has already confirmed this will be his next single, there’s just no release date as of yet), this Ty/Lauren “romance” will end. Period. Both parties will say “nothing was confirmed”, “we were just vining” or “we never dated” something along those lines.

And while all this shit is going on, we can always rely on Camila coming through, confirming EVERYTHING to us on social media.

Open your eyes, listen to the lyrics in ‘Somebody Else’ and always remember:

“Fuck that, get money, I can’t give you my soul ‘cause we’re never alone”


friendly reminder: none of my ocs are straight.  none of them.  if you think they are, you’re wrong.

also a reminder: if you are transphobic, they’re also all trans.  those are the rules i made them up.


I don’t take the red carpet seriously. Actors are not models. We have to be real people and look quirky and imperfect. Telling stories is a celebration of human nature, which means you’re not perfect inside or outside. That’s the beauty of Katniss Everdeen [of The Hunger Games]. She’s a reluctant woman struggling with a sense of identity. These are the characters that need to be presented so young women can stop beating themselves up.

Can you imagine being so ridiculously distanced from and so willfully obtuse regarding what’s actually happening in the series that you think Yuuri Katsuki of all people is mean to and mistreats Yuri Plisetsky and is an ugly and rotten person because of it. /just YOI salt squad things.

Serious question

Should I make another blog specifically for Ninjago? Because judging by people’s asks I get. I don’t think some peeps r happy here with what I do.

Lauren & Ty Dolla?

I’d rather do theories about Camren, but something in this story makes me intrigued…so let’s go!

This anon sent to @teoriascamren the “ask” below…

Let’s take a look at some of Ty’s tweets…

The Cuban flag…

So, he tweeted “8 More days” *Lauren liked BTW* and the last concert of Fifth Harmony was April 08…

Lauren arrived at Los Angeles April 10… (their guitarist tweet…)

Seriously??? Amor??? Who calls people “amor” or “mi amor”?


If this shit is real…. neither do I…

The anon said he/she saw Lauren with Ty yesterday and someone had a birthday… and yes, was his birthday!

Oh…and a day after he tweeted that “8 More days”, he tweeted this but then he deleted.

Video from last night… Lauren with Ty…

So…. what do you guys think about it? Lauren with Ty? 

I’m really confused rn tho…but If she’s happy, that’s okay!