seriously one of the best dlcs

  • Bull: So, you and the bard. You know most bards are spies, right?
  • Krem: You were a spy, chief.
  • Bull: *sighs* Look, I just don't want you to get.... burned.
  • Krem: Don't say it...
  • Bull: Because then you'd be...
  • Krem: *sighs*
  • Bull: KREM BRÛLÉE!

i just got done playing the citadel dlc for me3 a couple of days ago and I’m pretty sure it’s the best piece of bonus content I’ve ever played but I do have one gripe

why tf do they let you have this big ass apartment with heaps of cool shit in it for the rest of the game but they don’t? let you do anything with it?

seriously you get a hot tub you can’t use, a workout area you can’t use, a bar and kitchen you can’t use, poker table, tv, hell even the beds and chairs only ever get used during the party or when you invite a crewmate over the one time you’re allowed to

and on that note why can I still not invite my in-game love interest to come hang out in this giant fuckin apartment what even is the point

FFXV Favorite Meme

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To celebrate a year of FFXV and the end of the first year of updates, let’s spread the FFXV love! I haven’t seen a tag meme like this for FFXV yet, so I decided to make one. If you see this and want to, copy/paste this list and share what your favorite things about FFXV are.

Favorite Chocobro: Ignis. Ignis is best boy.

Favorite Guest Party Member (including Ravus and Libertus from DLC): Aranea.

Favorite Minor Character(s): Crowe, Talcott, Wiz.

Favorite Villain: Clearly Ardyn. Most dimensional FF villain I’ve encountered yet. Plus Darin De Paul’s voice is just…sigh. I loved that he was so patient and manipulative, yet oddly endearing. Plus he’s just hella sexy and I cannot. Seriously don’t get me started on listing the reasons I love him.

Favorite Kingsglaive Character: Nyx. He felt so real, so relatable.

Favorite Astral/Divine Being: Bahamut. Yeah, he’s a dick, but I’ve always loved Bahamut.

Favorite Character Overall: It’s honestly a tie between Ignis and Ardyn. They’re both sassy and fabulous, but one’s good and one’s clearly evil.

Favorite Weapon: Swords of the Wanderer (the one that becomes two blades from a Klingon-like weapon).

Favorite location: Duscae. The wetlands in particular. It’s beautiful and reminds me of a true camping experience.

Favorite Quest/Questline/Hunt: I love when a chocobo steals Ignis’ glasses and you have to help retrieve them. That and the legendary fish hunt. Man that took me forever at first! OH and the final dungeons after you beat the game. NOT PITIOSS THOUGH.

Favorite Boss: Ardyn. In the main game AND Episode Ignis. His banter is just too fun. And he’s difficult to beat in Ep.Ig.

Favorite Daemon/Monster/Monster Family/etc: Iron giants or the Zhu.

Favorite Song: I absolutely love Valse di Fantastica. It totally encapsulates the first half of the game to me (hope, horizons, exploration). A close second is Choosing Hope from Comrades. But I also love Melancholia, Ardyn’s theme, and Magna Insomnia (Ardyn battle theme).

Favorite Boss Theme: Apocalypsis Noctis.

Favorite Non-Episode DLC/Update/Event: Assassin’s Festival was super fun. I mean, hiding in dumpsters and having Prompto call Noct the King of Garbage? C'mon. Hands down.

Favorite Episode DLC: Ignis. OMG the feels. Ignis’ fighting style is so fluid and natural—I think I enjoy it more than Noct’s?? Plus Ignis sans glasses = good times. The way Ignis loves Noct is too much for me. In a good way.

Other Favorites of Note: All the Kenny Crow / Noct scenes, especially when he’s sitting like a statue on a bench and comes to life next to Noct XD. The campfire scene at the end of the game. The way Ignis sassily wipes his brow now when you play as him and he gets rescued.

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Things I Enjoy About the FFXV/AC DLC

- Everything I loved about the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival was retained! +the option to leap off a wooden tower into a small, hay-filled wagon.

- The skewers you can get the recipeh for are Galahdian! They also come with a pic of the mini-malboro!

- Ignis being super embarrassed about wearing the assassin outfit… he doesn’t think it’s dorky, but it is too revealing.

- Every time you run into Gladio he’s hitting on a different girl.

- Noctis trying to contain his fanboy-ness before leap-of-faithing off into the deep end and even weirding out Prompto.

- Just Noctis and Prompto bro-ing it up.

- Like Noctis is just as close to Iggy and Gladio, but while his relationship with them is more familial, his bff is Prompto. So it’s nice to see them hang out together without their chaperones.

- Also Cindy and Holly bffs; their friendship was one of the things I had wanted the game to stress more, and here it was, unexpectedly!

- Return of the best boss battle theme: Invidia!

- “Requiescat in pace”

- Seriously Assassin’s Creed II is my fave AC game; I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy Noctis saying that lol

 And the banter and a lot of other stuff too

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I love what you said about Johann and its very possible you are correct but my reaction to his reveal was to laugh so hard i had to go back and rewatch cuz i lost it and there is just no way i can take him seriously as a villain when i never even took him seriously as a character! like it wouldnt matter to me if they only thought this up this season or if it had been planed from the get go the problem is that quiet simply he was built upon in such a certain way i just cannot take it seriously!!

To be honest, I believe that some of the greatest villains come out of characters we never suspected, characters that we dismissed as comedic relief or background individuals. To give some other examples of unexpected villains we underestimated (see the Evil All Along trope), we’ve got characters like Bellwether from Zootopia, Lotso from Toy Story 3, or King Candy from Wreck-It-Ralph. 

One of the best comparisons I can make is to Mass Effect 3′s Citadel DLC. You meet this incompetent, dorky, bumbling, nervous, comedic-relief Alliance Officer named Maya Brooks. She gets high on her medications and even talks about how she named her hacking software “Project Biscuits” after her cat. You think she’s someone not to take seriously… until she turns out to be one of the major antagonist bosses you have to defeat in the end! By the time you realize she’s been faking her stupidity all along, you’re trapped in a vault that has maybe two hours’ supply of air in it before you suffocate. Yet despite Brooks being hilariously inadequate throughout the majority of the DLC… she really is a badass by the end, and you can realize and respect it. The comic book series “Foundations” goes further to show how good of an actress and how dangerous of a person she actually is. So a bumbling idiot really can become an amazing villain, despite our first impressions and early dismissal of them!

Haha, and for what it’s worth, lots of people love the idea of clumsy, hard-to-take-serious Jar Jar Binks returning in Star Wars as a Sith Lord. These theorists take Jar Jar Binks very seriously as a Dark Master of the Force. So while I can understand you laughing, my personal reaction was completely different. XD I stood up straighter in my chair and I felt an excited chill run through my spine. I basically ran around my apartment for five minutes jumping up and down because I loved the scene so much. Frankly, I already take him seriously as a villain, and I love the thrill of it.

The entire point to me is that Johann has been built up in a certain way that he was supposed to be comedic, wimpy, and looked aside. The entire point is that someone who is good at espionage is going to be someone who might be considered inadequate or laughable instead of serious and dangerous. It’s what makes the twist unexpected and it’s what has made him successful so far in his endeavors. We weren’t supposed to take him seriously. 

But I honestly do think that going back through Race to the Edge (or even earlier), one can see him in a suddenly different light. He won’t seem as naively silly a second time through because there will be hints everywhere. As you saw me say in my previous post, there honestly are hints throughout the series starting with the first episode suggesting that Johann is more than he seems. And the entire episode in S5 leading up to Johann’s reveal showed that something very fishy was going on… it didn’t come out of nowhere, and to think that Johann was only comedic relief in that episode would have been to not pay close attention to that entire episode.

You don’t have to take him seriously at the moment - that’s chill. We all have different reactions. But I do take him seriously and I love him so much more for this moment in RTTE S5. It was one of the greatest highlights of my morning and I think that the excitement is going to keep coursing through me all week!

Basically: villain!Johann is my jam and nobody is gonna take that away from me. B-)

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Do you frequently play video games? If you do what titles are your favorites?

Yes I do! The most frequent games I’ve played this month are,

League of Legends, forever Miss Fortune but, saving up for Zoe. I really want to try and master her! Her abilities look amazing. 

my Sims file where I made the gang from “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”       (Seriously, I’m dying from laughter whenever I open this one up, I gave them the worst personality traits that fit with the show so it’s always CHAOS! 

Made a new character in Dark Souls II recently, still need to find the time to invest in III’s DLC. I mostly go for dex or strength built’s, I’m trying magic for the first time now. 

Playing Mario Odyssey since Christmas with my best friend, it’s so much fun. It’s what I always wanted from video games. My favorite game of all time is Banjo Kazooie and this game is just a blessing, thank you Nintendo :”) 

Oh and a weird one, been playing Pokemon Go again.. but there aren’t enough people playing where I live to catch legendaries…

But this is it for now, not very exciting but that’s because I only have so much time in a day I can spend on gaming. I miss being 10, running out of school to play on my Nintendo 64 or Playstation 2 I had at the time, good days..