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I started this blog nearly two months ago, and I’m already over 1,000 followers. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Actually, I think I can.

See, for the last two posts showing my gratitude to the number of you, I basically highlighted the number and said my thanks. But now that I’ve reached the big four-digit count? I don’t think mere words can express my gratitude to you people.

You are all so amazing, so you deserve something amazing.

So… I’ve got a reward for you all.

For the first time, on Sunlight, I will show you Sunset Shimmer and Twilight ‘Sci-Twi’ Sparkle…



100% uncensored…


You heard me. A full NSFW image for you guys as a show of thanks. Because I know for all you romantics out there, there are PLENTY of pervs who’ll enjoy this sort of thing.

For those of you who don’t take to that sort of thing, then let me at least offer my sincere thanks to you for being such amazing people, and take note that this is the one and ONLY warning you’ll get before we reach NSFW territory.

It’s okay, I’ll wait.

… Are they gone?

Excellent. Then for your viewing eyes only…

Your absolute nude-shot of your favourite lesbian couple!

In 3…



but seriously.

Finally Finished watching the Kill La Kill Blu-Ray’s 😋

* it’s great to finally own my favourite anime
* kinda bummed that “All the anime” split a 24 episode plus 1 OVA series over 3 separate boxes
* cost about £65 for the whole series
* though it’s worse for Americans I believe, 5 separate purchases all together
* the English dub was superb, really gave me a sense of genuine fun and some really touching moments
* really is amazingly animated
* story is simple but I personally think that it plays to the shows strength
* it’s great to see shows with strong females leads
* the nudity can make it a difficult sale for some but personally I was raised to never shame the naked body no matter what size, shape or colour
* phenomenal soundtrack
* genuinely made you have emotions for a sailor uniform
*Great villains ( seriously we need more sensual badass Ragyo’s)
* from the people who brought you Gurran Lagann, panty and stocking with garter belt & would go on to make little witch Academia
* has the blessing/curse of being one of the “super” popular anime of its airing season, leading to inevitable ultra hype that no show can really live up to/bashing that it’s popular trash
* it’s my personal favourite anime, because it reintroduced me to anime in general after a long break from the medium & it the first I ever watched as it was airing from beginning to end

* ANIMATION 9/10 (a beautiful mix of styles and gorgeous imagery)
* STORY 7/10 (simple but it allows a great mix of action and comedy)
* CHARACTERS 10/10 ( an insane mix of personalities that I will remember and love for all my days)

OVERALL 9/10 not perfect but very few shows are, definitely gets a recommendation from me as a must watch/definitely buy

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Okay op, I doubt this is what you wanted but here we go.


Look, no matter what some people (aka everybody) said about Marinette she wasn’t hot headed. Seriously, she wasn’t! It was just quick reacting. Yeah, totally quick reacting. Marinette was generally a very patient person, thank you very much. But there were times when Chloe was too much. The blonde huffed and put a hand on her hip while gesticulating wildily with the other while still holding a pair of pink panties.

“Well, excuse me for trying to give you fashion advice.”

“Why in the world are you giving me fashion advice on my underwear? Also, you insulted my favourite matching pink one with the black lace, so I won’t give you any sweets for the rest of the week.”

“Seriously, why are you so into lace and why is almost everything in here pink, Mari, sweetheart I love you, but… what did you just say?”

“No sweets,” Marinette announced calmly while scrolling through her phone and feigning disinterest. “For the rest of the week. Because you apparently seem to hate every piece of underwear I own.”

Chloe immediately threw the pink panties behind her back and leaned against the wall in a pose that was supposed to be seductive. Supposed being the key word. 

“You know why I did that?” Marinette finally turned her attention to her and raised an eyebrow. “Because I prefer you in nothing babe.”

Chloe gave an awkward smile as Marinette’s expression changed into something between entirely unimpressed and about to give the longest sigh ever. Fuck. She should have known better than take flirting advice from Adrien.

Marinette sighed. “Remind me, why am I dating you?”

“Um, because we are two individuals who love and trust each other, have complementing personalities, are very sassy and serve the best burns ever together and also have some insane sexual tension because of our still present rivality?”

Marinette got up from her chair and gave Chloe a honest smile. “That’s true.”

She went to put her phone to charge between turning to her girlfriend and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. 

“You are still not getting any sweets for the rest of the week.”



Q. Phone lock screen

JM: Mine is a picture of BTS. I like pictures of everyone together. But now its a picture of when we recorded a video for the Korean fansign. I recently changed it
V: (while showing the screen) Tada~ Chet Baker!
JK: mine is black
JM&V: black?
JK: ye, wait a minute (pulls out his phone to show it) look
JM&V: It really is!

SG: (shows his phone) here
JH: wow its black!!
SG: I don’t really care about the screensaver
JH: mine is my favourite artist!
SG: who?
JH: who is it…(laughs)
SG: Isn’t it your favourite artist?
JH: I completely forgot who it is (laughs) ah, It’s Frank Ocean (R&B singer). But it’s been the same for half a year so I want to change it
SG: But isn’t it your favourite artist?
JH: It just have a feeling (to do it).. and a selca is a little embarrassing

Q. A song you would sing to a woman you’re interested in

V: I would’t sing but…I would recommend “I Fall In Love Too Easily” By trumpet player Chet Baker. There is also a movie based on it (BORN TO BE BLUE) so then I would talk to her about it.
JM: Cool~ I would make a song for her.
JK: Me too! I have never written lyrics for a girl but even if I don’t know I can do it if i like that person.
JM: The song would depend on the kind of person they are, and I wouldn’t know if I haven’t made any right. My ideal type is somone I have become to fall in love with. A person who makes me feel I want to stay with them.

JH: I would sing Otsukai’s “Sakuranbo”. I liked the song from long ago. I think the lyrics are full of love and because the tune id bright it matches my personalty. I want a trailer that becomes a stage and say “this is an even” then sing it to her
SG: I would say “can’t you come to the concert”
JH: huh?
SG: since I don’t do karaoke and I don’t sing when I’m off stage, as I’m someone who makes music
JH: Heh~~

J: wouldn’t she be pleased if i sang “Awake”. sing “Wide awake~~” in front of her eyes
RM: Pfft (laughs)
J: why are you laughing
RM: you chose your own song (laughs)
J: Then what would I sing?
RM: Ask her to a park or by a rive with a natural feeling then sit on a bench and hum
J: (looking at RM regretfully) and sing “Reflection”?
RM: I’m a little embarrassed to sing my own song (laughs) I will sing “Girl” (from Korean drama Reply 1988)
J: What if she runs away?
RM: then.. If I shared my love then I’m satisfied

Q. Something you want to try in 2017

V: Actor. The Korean drama I appeared in will air in Japan too. Please watch it!! Only look at me!
JM: “Only look at me” (laughs) I want to travel with my family or friends~
JK: That’s good too. But I want to debut as a pro bowler!!
JKSince November last year I have been learning from a teacher and now my score can go up to 240
JM: Three months ago you were worse than me
JK: huh!? was I?

JH: I want to travel to Japan
SG: go to the gym. Because right now I’m not doing anything. I shouldn’t do that (nothing)
JH: Musically, this year I want to release my mix tape, so I can grow as a rapper
SG: And have an overseas tour. I have to work hard to get BTS to be loved by more people

Q. Favourite place

RM: workroom in the office because on one side of the wall I displayed my favourite bear bricks. Nowadays I have nowhere to display them in my room
J: There’s a lot (laughs)
RM: In the past I couldn’t understand why people collecting things but now I..
RM: There seriously is a lot (laughs) My favourite place is the meat restaurant near our dorm. I really like the beef!
RM: come to think of it, when we went to eat all together, they were all out of Beef Brisket
J: Beef platter. You at it all!
RM: Jin hyung grilled it

jp to kr; RN & 감자밭할매
kr to en; @hobuing

It honestly annoys me so much that anti-shippers are so insistent that shipping something problematic somehow encourages behavior.

Like. They rally so hard against abusive/age gap/problematic ships, saying shipping it makes you an abusive and/or pedophelic person.

That’s honestly so disgusting? Let me break this shit down.

1) Calling people abusers and pedophiles for being interested in a fictional thing, severely downplays the severity of actual abusers and pedophiles.

2) it’s emotional abuse to harass people and suicide bait and put people down. It’s bullying. Suicide baiting is illegal. Its toxic and it’s hypocritical.

3) you’re putting all this effort into calling out internet bloggers. Every anti I’ve seen devotes all their time to tearing down people who ship problematic ships, but can’t be bothered to talk about the actual real life abuse/pedophelia. Does it only matter to you if it’s fictional?

4) You completely disregard actual abuse survivors who use these fictions to cope. You’re calling abuse survivors abusers, you’re calling csa survivors pedophiles, you’re calling sexual assault survivors rapists. That is emotional abuse, that is manipulation, that is gaslighting.

5) idk if anyone agrees (I’m sure someone does), but hearing all these people say shippers and artists and fanfiction writers are responsible for abuse and assault occurring is so horrifyingly offensive to me as a multiple abuse and csa survivor. The idea that my ships, fanart, fanfictions, my favourite characters, has ANYTHING to do with my abuse is so offensive and I’m tired of hearing it.

My abuse has had nothing to do with fandoms. My abuse came from ACTUAL pedophiles, ACTUAL people taking advantage of me, ACTUAL people feeling entitled to me. It’s been a result of misogyny, untreated mental illnesses, male entitlement, people excusing damaging behaviors, people not taking me seriously. It’s come from a lot of things, and not a single one of those reasons had anything to do with Steven Universe villains or Gravity Falls ships or some noncon fanfiction on Ao3 or a smutty drawing on Tumblr.

6) Even if an abuser used fandom as a tool to achieve the abuse, fandom was not a reason it happened. In case you guys forgot, but this shit has been going on since the beginning of time. Abusers will find tools in anything. They don’t need tools though. Abusers will abuse no matter what.

Stop trying to strip people of their ships/favs/art just because an abuser might be using it. Fight the CAUSE of the problem. You can take away every problematic part of fiction and there will STILL be abusers, because fiction is not the CAUSE.

7) Separate fiction and reality. Separate Tumblr from the real world. Fiction doesn’t represent what the creator condones in real life settings. If you truly want to combat these problems, fight the real life problems and stop harassing survivors and shippers and writers and artists. Your ‘social justice’ helps no one, all it’s doing is hurting people.

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i dont actually follow overwatch but sometimes i think about symmetra having a hard time befriending people her own age because of her autism (like me) and she ends up great at connecting with kids

Oh my gosh, yarra, that’s such a friggin cute idea??

I can see one of things she’s really likes about children is how straight forward they are. Especially in the very competitive, corporate circles she tends to move in, interactions are very high stakes, tightly controlled, and nuanced. Satya has studied the communication for a long time – she probably spent more time memorizing facial expressions and tonal shifts than she ever did reading, which came easily to her. She’d get in trouble by the professors at the Academy for reading comics, thinking she was slacking, but the assigned classwork was too easy for her and she was actually using the stylized expressions in the comics to help her learn. So much is left unsaid during “grown up” conversations and she’s constantly on edge for that, so even when she’s not in a business sort of meeting she can find herself getting exhausted very easily. Making friends can be hard for a number of reasons, but definitely a prominent one is the fact that she feels like she can never let her guard down, can never fully trust them not to be secretly mocking or challenging her without her knowing. Even just being able to tell that someone wants to be her friend is baffling – more than once she has walked away from an interaction feeling mournful because she’d thought that person was quite enjoyable but sure that they weren’t interested in pursuing a friendship or relationship, while the other person is also feeling disappointed because apparently this charming intelligent woman wasn’t interested in them after all. Miscommunications are a bitch, and it’s a bitch Satya lives with all the time.

Children are so easy in comparison.  Satya never spent a lot of time with children growing up – she was taken from her family at a young age, and though she did see younger children in the Academy as she climbed through the ranks, she had little to do with them since they were in different classes and dorms than her and her more advanced classes. So the first time she was really forced to interact with a child she was very nervous – how are you supposed to take care of a child?? what if it cries?? do they talk the same, what if it wants to “play” with her?? she had no idea.

So she was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to understand this small human.  They were so emotive, and so honest about what they were thinking.  Satya found it unspeakably refreshing and enjoyable. (And she grows rather offended when people act like their child is inscrutable and bizarre, like an incomprehensible alien rather than a human with their own agency and thoughts – all you have to do is listen.)

And the children really adore her as well!  Satya treats them differently than a lot of adults – she treats them very seriously and honestly, she’s keen to share what she knows and is always happy to learn more – “I will correct my mistakes” is one of my favourite quotes of hers, she is willing to acknowledge when she’s wrong about something and improve. So often I see adults that refuse to admit they’re wrong and that the child who corrected them is right, like it’s somehow a hit on their pride for a ~kid~ to know something better than them, and it’s a really gross way to teach kids who are still excited about learning, it should be encouraged and Satya definitely does that. If the child knows more about a certain subject than her, you can bet your ass she will be interested and accepting of this new information.  And if the child wants to learn things from her?  She can engage them in the “but why” game for ages and honestly quite enjoy herself.  She’ll also sit and listen with absolutely sincerity when the children are talking about whatever they’re interested in… even if she doesn’t get it at all.  She so completely understands being so passionately and wholly in love with something and not being able to talk about it (even in Vishkar, people get glassy eyed and annoyed if she starts trying to talk too excitedly about the complex mechanics and theories of hard-light manipulation) that she will happily sit and let their words wash over her as they tell her about a game, a show, a friend, a toy, a school subject. (Children, she has discovered, tend to be remarkably well-versed in subjects like dinosaurs, space, locomotion, and horses. Fascinating. She had never known so much about construction vehicles before meeting children.)

She might not always understand when someone is subtly trying to signal that they’d like to get drinks with her, but she absolutely understands when a child walks up, takes her hand, and tells her that they want to draw with her.

She’ll draw intricate pictures of castles and pirate ships and towers and cities, with the sort of effortlessness that comes from years and years of training, and then give them to the children she’s with and let them populate the buildings with princesses and heroes and dragons and monsters and heroes and omnics and familes all drawn in crayon over her sharp, neatly inked lines.

Plus, how would a child not be amazed by a lady who can create toys with a wave of her hand?? And she loves seeing children exercising their creative abilities – if they can draw her a “blueprint” (she’ll explain how professionals draw pictures of what things should look like before they’re made) and describe it to her, she’ll make it for them. And if it doesn’t work, if it’s not strong enough to support itself, or won’t move properly, she shows them why it doesn’t work and lets the child try again.  Adults so often underestimate the joy children get by being confronted by puzzles and challenges when they aren’t being graded but Satya understands.

I can imagine one Vishkar dinner.  I sort of feel like Vishkar (the bastards) are always leery about bringing Satya to social functions because they never quite know what sort of impression she’ll make and Vishkar is not the sort of business that likes things to behave with anything less than strict regularity.  But Satya is their prodigy and the head architect of many projects, and it would seem unprofessional of them for her not to be present.  As it happens, Satya isn’t overly fond of these functions either because of the strain that level of noise and bustle put on her as well as the stress from so much socializing, but Vishkar doesn’t give a damn about that, so she learns to cope.

So this one dinner is meant to be a big one hosted by Vishkar during one of the holidays for all sorts of clients and potential clients. It was encouraged to bring family – wives, husbands, and children – because they’re trying to emphasize a sense of warmth and love and community – a sort of yeah we’re totally the good guys, big old wholesome family values sort of corporation, let us bring this into your city with our beautiful designs.  All bullshit, but pretty bullshit.  A beautiful lie.

Anyways, most of the children are mingling in a specific room, “out of the grown-ups’ way” and Satya ends up wandering that way when she feels like she’s about to drown in a sea of mixing, conflicting voices and the increasingly sharp clatter of crystal and silverware. There she finds the children, some interacting with each other, but mostly bored out of their minds, stuffed in tight, fancy clothes and deprived of all forms of entertainment. Their parents brought them for the “look” of things, but they know its all business and has nothing to do with them, they could be in a hotel room watching tv right now.  Satya gravitates into their room, feeling the former tension gradually slide off and the need to stim fade until it was only a background longing rather than a crushing need that must be suppressed before her supervisors and superiors see her.

At the end of the evening, a considerable time after her superiors began to realize it had been a while since they’d seen her around the cocktails, she was found with the children, the room in disarray. All the children are shrieking, laughing – playing.  All of them have little blue hard-light toys.  Satya is there in the middle of it all, finally looking at peace, showing a small group of particularly building-oriented children how to use a projected wire frame to create three-dimensional designs. (Which is everything she wants from an evening – childhood curiosity and ingenuity, her special interest, and the ability to subtly stim with hard-light without being caught out.)

The Vishkar executives are mortified.  To see one of their top agents acting in such a way is unspeakable. Never have they been so embarrassed.

And yet – and yet – Vishkar receives several rather hefty offers of work in the following days.  It seems a number of important executives were impressed by how happy the children were at the end of a long business evening, and were even more impressed by the intricacy of the toys they brought home.  If this level of craft can be achieved on the fly, we look forward to seeing more work done by you in the future, Vishkar is told.  Satya isn’t punished, and she remembers it as being one of the most enjoyable evenings she had had in a very long time.

(She’s still in contact with one of the little girls who had been so intrigued by the wireframe – Satya might recommend her as a candidate for the Academy if her interest holds, and it seems very likely it will.)

Yeah, I dunno, I’m having a lot of feelings about this now. Imagine once she joins Overwatch and after a mission they end up with a bunch of distressed, traumatized children while they try to relocate parents. Everyone’s scrambling, trying to figure out how to calm them down, look for Ana because, hey, she’s a mom, how do you child???? Only to find a moment later that Symmetra of all people has gotten right into the centre of the children’s cluster and they’re all… surprising… calmer. (Everyone on the team is Baffled because they’ve know Symmetra mostly as a very rigid, professional, and cold sort of person, and yet her she seems to be all gentleness and sweetness – they start to realize maybe there’s more to the Vishkar retainer than meets the eye.)  Or heck, even just let her meet Törbjorn’s mob of kids! Give Satya kids!!

and while we’re on the subject, let her meet this child again, give me that angst I need it


- consider the training camp being on at the same time as an important karasuno match, and kageyama having to choose between his team and his goal
- consider hinata being heartbroken and terrified that kageyama is going to leave him behind and that he’s going to lose his setter
- consider oikawa’s reaction to his kouhai getting this opportunity before him

that is all

unpopular opinion: my all time favourite thing about H2O Delirious is the fact that no matter how frustrating games get, he literally never gets mad and he just laughs everything off and makes a joke out of it. he keeps the fun in games and doesn’t take them too seriously like 99% of people do and I have no idea how he keeps such a positive figure, even when he’s frustrated, but I love him so much for that one thing.

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Can people commenting on stories submitted to this blog please stop describing every shitty manager as abusive holy fuck. Showing favouritism isn't abuse. Physically or verbally attacking someone is but favouritism is not. Please stop throwing the word abuse around it stops people taking a real issue seriously when its misapplied like this!! (Mods, this is totally not your fault, I know you have no control over what people comment on submissions/asks)

Let me set up a scenario for you. I’m a mom of three kids. Let’s say I just suddenly start favoring one of my children, kind of paying attention to one, and completely treating one like shit. You don’t think that’s abusive? Sure, it may be different when it’s a family situation, but in a work place environment the power of a manager is pretty similar to that of a parent. “Do what you’re told”. “Listen to the adults”. It’s pretty much the same as obeying a manager. They’re the “adult”. So what happens when that adult with power over you suddenly starts treating you like shit no matter what you do? It’s an analogy, yes, and perhaps a bit of a reach, but I do hope that it can convey that favoritism is definitely abuse. I don’t mean to downplay child abuse by any means, it’s just the closest thing I could think of on a personal level to how it feels to be treated like less than dirt at work. Abuse takes many forms and is not limited to certain situations or people. -Abby

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what do you think of the homophobic undertones in swdbs? i really like the drama but this part kind of bothers me

I know there probably will be people who will disagree with me but I don’t think SWDBS is homophobic in any way.

The drama isn’t making fun of homosexuality, it’s making fun of prejudices and how people tend to perceive how homosexuals behave. The writer doesn’t give us these unbelievably enlightened, politically correct people you usually see in the US TV shows, she gives us flawed, normal characters. Bong Soon and her family aren’t homophobic; homosexuality is not something that people are open about in SK - just notice how there are no kpop stars who would actually come out - it would ruin their careers. Even when BS thinks MH is gay she doesn’t judge him, she doesn’t think he is sick or gross; she simply assumes he is gay because there is this rumour and he doesn’t behave the usual macho way a man of his position normally would. Yes, she has certain misconceptions about how gay behaves  and MH a couple of times jokingly acts in that way to tease her; he is basically making fun of her misconceptions, not of homosexuality. People are not always politically correct, but that doesn’t mean they are haters or homophobes.

From what I’ve gathered there are basically 3 scenes which are criticized by some people. First, MH’s comment on GD’s butt - which I don’t really see as something which would offend because BS’s best friend basically makes the exact same comment and no one finds that strange.

The second, and probably most discussed scene is BS’s dream. The thing is, IT IS A FREAKING DREAM AND DREAMS CAN’T BE CONROLLED AND NEITHER ARE THEY POLITICALLY CORRECT. Sometimes they are downright uncomfortable that it makes you wake up in cold sweat and you wonder if there isn’t something wrong with you. And that’s exactly the reaction, BS had after that dream.

Finally, the scene with drunken MH and GD in the bar. THEY ARE COMPLETELY WANKERED! People do all sorts of crazy things when they are drunk; BS ripped out a dancing pole from the floor. I’ve never been drunk myself, but I’ve seen a lot of wankered people and seriously, two men cuddling and sexy dancing with each other is one of the least offensive things that can happen.

Some of my classmates and university teachers are gay and some of my favourite movies features LGBT themes, so I don’t have any prejudices. Personally, I think some of the discontent stems from the fact that somehow prior to the premiere people got the idea that MH will be bisexual and accused the drama of queerbating. However, every description and synopsis mentioned that it’s all a simply misunderstanding, which is true. It kind of reminds me of the way JohnLock fans went crazy with rage when John and Sherlock didn’t kiss in the final episode, even though there was absolutely nothing which would suggest the relationship was anything more than friendship.

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i think im going to stop writing phanfic. my writing sucks and i have no inspiration. i might just delete my entire account on ao3.

Seeing this really makes me sad. 

I guess if it makes you happy, then do whatever you need to do. Maybe don’t delete everything though - just take a step back for a break. Your stories make a lot of people very happy, because they are written well and are completely enthralling (and I seriously could not put down Pretty Odd and I’ve read it about four times now). I don’t want to tell you what to do with your life, but I know I would be very sad if you deleted everything you’ve work so hard to create. 

You are one of my favourite authors - not just for phanfic, but for writing in general. I know I’ve told you this many times in the past - and maybe my opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of your life, but I’ll just tell you again - you have a literary gift and your words bless the world. 

Stay strong friend <3

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I think my least favourite character is Diana Allers, I especially dislike how she flirts with you, regardless of gender, and if you're even in a relationship with someone... Like "bitch, you stay in your room unless if you're called for".

Straight-up, Allers is one of the few characters I actively loathe in the Mass Effect series. I can’t take her seriously because all I see when she talks is “Hi! I’m Jessica Chobot, I’m in this game for marketing purposes only.” I think she can work in fanon and I like what people do with her character, just unfortunately in the actual game she’s terrible.

I think I’ve mentioned this before because I feel like I complain about her a lot, but she just frustrates me so much because she’s not a character. Even Kelly, who is comparable because of the limited content in their romance, is still a fully-realized person. She’s optimistic, she’s empathetic, she’s idealistic…we know who Kelly is. Allers is…I don’t know, plucky? We get some snippets of dialogue that show she’s not afraid and wants to report on the truth. But that’s like the generic traits reporter characters usually get, because if you’re a wartime reporter you have to willing to put yourself in danger by the nature of your job. So what does that leave us? The best I can say beyond that is she’s a bit sarcastic, based on some of her lines in the interviews/romance and the email she sends Shep. I suppose we could also say she’s hard-working, because most of her dialogue revolves around her job, she’s glued to her datapad and her room on the Normandy is stuffed full of monitors and papers. But neither of these are really clear, I feel like I’m an archeologist piecing together her character from different shards I’ve dug through the game to find.

It also doesn’t help that she feels SO ISOLATED from every other member of the ship. To go back to Kelly for a minute, Kelly also never really interacts with the other squadmates but she does comment on them repeatedly, which helps her feel like she does interact with someone other than Shepard. Allers has a few dialogue interactions with other crew members, but mostly just Traynor and her one argument with Ensign Copeland.


Why I Hate Hook (As a Hook Fan)

Hi. Thank you for creating this blog. It’s very cool.

I’m typing this thing up because I have some…feelings. I don’t know, this feels awkward but I wanna say it.

I’m a Hook fan (not a stan, get out). I think he’s super attractive and a great villain. He doesn’t have magic and I don’t think he’s a great manipulator, but he’s compelling in his own right, entertaining, and I think he has awesome chemistry with a lot of characters. I loved the idea of a pirate bastard who looks out for number 1 being in the cast, even for a little while. I was excited.

That isn’t to say I approve of his behaviour and attitudes. I think they’re gross as fuck and not romantic or appropriate (I feel like shit I have to make this clear, but I’ll get to that). I do not think he’s interesting as a romantic character, he’s a walking poster boy for toxic masculinity, he ignores consent and feels justified in chasing women like they’re some kind of conquest, etc. When he’s treated like a villain, all of this is fine and dandy, because a bad person is perpetuating these attitudes, so hopefully people realize that bad people do this shit.

Not the case now. I hate this Hook. Or, rather, how his character is written and framed. If you’re going to treat a character as redeemed and heroic, fucking show it instead of telling us over and over again with nothing to show for it. Stop trying to make me feel bad for him when he gets beat up by Hades for no reason. If he’s going to die 3 times, have him stay fucking dead. If he wants to be a better person, show him doing good things without the expectation of a reward!!! It’s not fucking hard!!!

I hate CS. It destroyed both Emma and Hook. All of a sudden Hook’s links to Rumple, Belle, and Neal essentially evaporated because suddenly he was madly in love with the blonde pair of legs that happened to walk by. I found him most compelling when he really played the Captain Hook to Rumple’s crocodile, and I was looking forward to a Hookfire relationship where Neal and Hook potentially patch things up because, I would think, Hook feels guilty about what he did to him in Neverland. Like the foundation was there! There was so much to work with!

And if he had to be a love interest for someone, you could put him with literally anyone that wasn’t Emma because he seems to have great chemistry with everyone but Jennifer Morrison (seriously, how). I love Hooked Queen and Golden Hook and Tinkerhook and Captain Charming and pretty much every ship having to do with Hook, and almost all of them could have happened in the show. (Note: I love SQ with every fibre of my being, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Swanfire and didn’t want them to happen. They were great, and will be forever superior to CS.)

Hook stans make me hate one of my favourite characters. I hate that. They can’t stay in their own fucking lane and enjoy their fave character/ship without bothering other people, and I’m tired of it. They can’t even offer good arguments, and instead shit all over other characters because all they can do is deflect (Regina is an evil murdering rapist! Rumple is evil and abusive! What about justice for their victims!!! Ugh, shut up. We already discussed this). They can’t answer why Hook can get away with killing Merlin, or why he almost killed Emma and her entire family, why he deserved to be brought back to life when he did nothing to contribute to Hades’ defeat, or why Hook took the shears and hid them from Emma. Like…this is shitty behaviour. Why can’t these people admit that without trying to explain it away???

Being the Dark One doesn’t excuse bad decisions, or else Rumple can’t be held responsible for the things he’s done. A bad childhood doesn’t excuse bad decisions, or else Regina and Rumple can’t be blamed for what they’ve done either. Deciding not to kill someone at the last second doesn’t make you a hero when you orchestrated their death and the deaths of their entire family out of revenge. Being rewarded for doing nothing doesn’t make  a hero; it makes a loser who is willing to let everyone else do the work and reap the rewards. It’s ludicrous that people say he’s redeemed when he’s lazy and weak and still does shitty things because he believed his own hand possessed him!!!Stop this!!!

Anyway, that’s just my little vent. I love Hook. I really do. There’s a lot of great things they could have done with the character, including a proper redemption (if they wanted to go that route), and he has some very interesting relationship dynamics with a lot of characters. I also love the idea of him being an “Homme Fatale” (shoutout to @mathildia for that awesome meta), or a closeted queer man stuck in this idea of performing toxic masculinity and heterosexuality because that’s what’s expected of him. There’s so much potential!!! Instead he’s the designated white fuckboy who is slowly taking over a show about women and destroying an amazing female character from the inside out. I’m tired of it.

Thank you.

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I don’t think this needs any added commentary. 

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how do you feel about trans people that pick very obscure or unusual names? i chose my name simply because it was the name of a favourite character and i tried that out and a few other names and it was the only one that i liked and felt comfortable with and thought it fit me and i was really happy and thought it was a cool name. but then when i told some friends and family they told me it was too weird and i should pick a normal name to be taken seriously and now im rethinking everything.

Name yourself whatever you like. Your name is for you, not other people.

I knew a cis guy who legally changed his name to Tony Stark so like. It’s not a trans thing. Don’t worry about it.

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Can you do a fic where Mon-el sees Kara with someone else's baby but than realizes how much he wants to have a child with her?

Done! sorry this got a bit dark but I made it all fluffy at the end.

Title: Parent Material

“Auntie Kara!”

Kara prepared herself as her three year old nephew threw himself into her arms with full strength.

Considering his father was Superman, if it had been his mother or another normal human being they would have been seriously injured with at least one cracked rib. However, Jon knew that Kara was one of the few people in his life (which included Clark, J’onn and Mon-El), that could take his full hugs and he didn’t need to hold back with.

“Jonny! How’s my favourite little Super Boy?” she cooed as she lifted the small boy up into her arms and walked him back inside her cousin’s apartment with her fiancé trailing right behind her, a goofy smile on his face as he observed Kara with her ‘nephew’. “Now where’s Daddy got to?”

“Daddy is off saving Japan from an Earthquake” came the voice of Clark’s wife Lois as she entered the living area, greeting Kara with a warm smile and a hug. “And you were supposed to be cleaning your room Mister!”

“I did it already”, Jon replied rolling his eyes. “I can move as fast as Daddy and Auntie Kara remember?”

“Yeah it’s hard to forget when I turn around for one second and you’ve disappeared out of sight”, his mother scolded him as he vanished at the speed of light before turning back to the other adults in the room. “So what brings Supergirl and Valour to these neck of the woods? Is National City too crime free for you?”

“Well I kind of wanted to ask Clark if he had something from the fortress that I was hoping to use in our wedding ceremony at some point – nothing a human would wonder about don’t worry – but I also wanted to see how Jon was doing after the whole kidnapping thing last week”.

Kara still felt furious as she remembered how her barely three year old ‘nephew’ had been snatched right out of school by Gotham’s worst criminal – the Joker - who had been hoping to lure both Batman and Superman to a scene full of Kryptonite laced booby traps.

After Clark almost died and Mon-El went in to help seeing as Kryptonite wasn’t an issue for him, the Joker was finally taken away to Arkham but she knew the scars would stay with little Jon despite his super biology.

“He has a few nightmares and wet the bed a couple of times”, Lois sighed as she sat down on a sofa. “But I think he’s doing better. He’s not acting any differently otherwise”.

“Hey do you mind if I talk to him?” Kara questioned and Lois looked at her surprised.

“Sure, if you think you can help him then feel free”.

Kara immediately shot off to Jon’s bedroom while Mon-El followed behind her with Lois. They stood in the doorway and watched as Kara joined the three year old on the floor with his toys that he had out and playing with. “Hey Jonny, mind if I join you?”

“Sure!” he agreed and passed her a red fire truck.

“Jonny, can I tell you a secret?” she asked after a few minutes of driving the truck around and making ‘vroom, vroom’ noises.

The little brunette boy looked up at her with wide blue eyes that were a perfect match for her cousin’s and her own. His Kryptonian heritage was as strong as theirs despite being part human.


“I get scared”, she whispered as though it was a top DEO secret. “I’ve been kidnapped by bad people and seen them do terrible things to the people I love. I’ve been forced to watch and felt so helpless despite being super strong and having heat and x-ray vision. Even Supergirl has nightmares and gets so terrified that she’s scared to close her eyes and sleep at night”.

“You do?” Jon whispered back, his eyes widening as though he could hardly believe what she was saying could be true but it was. Kara couldn’t count the amount of times she’d lost sleep because of nightmares or fear.                

“I do. Even Superman gets terrified and scared and needs help sometimes. We all do, no matter how strong we are or how many powers we have”.

The child turned back to his toys and Kara wondered for a moment if he was going to open up to her. “I…I was scared…last week when the nasty clown took me”.

“I can’t blame you. That clown was super scary. We were all scared”, Kara assured him.

“Not because he said he would hurt me”, Jon continued. “But because he said he was gonna kill Mommy and then Daddy came and he hurt him and Uncle Bruce. I was scared that they’d go away like Grandma and Grandpa Kent”.

“Oh sweetie”, Kara pulled the boy up onto her lap, trying to ignore the sting of tears that was steadily building in the back of her eyes. “You know that as long as the Earth is moving and the Sun is spinning your daddy is not going to let some lame clown or evil person take him away from you. And neither will I or your uncle Mon-El or Auntie Alex let that happen. You will grow up with a Mommy and a Daddy that loves you very much so you don’t need to be scared, alright? Auntie Kara will always protect your Daddy if he can’t protect himself”.

“Do you promise?”

“I promise”, Kara vowed and cuddled Jon to her chest.

Mon-El watched the scene in front of him with his own eyes glazing over slightly. He could just imagine Kara holding their child who looked like a perfect mix of both of them and giving them reassurances when they got scared or had nightmares. It never really occurred to him until that moment how much he wanted for him and Kara to have a child of their own someday. He just hoped that she wanted that too.

After their visit, when they were back in National City and walking towards their apartment complex, Mon-El told her, “You’ll make a great mom someday, Kara”.

The reporter looked at him with startled blue eyes, her mind having been on something completely different. “What?”

Mon-El blushed as she stared at him, the back of his ears reddening slightly. “I just mean that if you ever want to have children…with me…you know…you’d make a good mom. You’re great with Jon”.

“That’s just because I can give him back afterwards”, she chuckled lamely, her eyes flickering to the ground.

“No I’ve seen you with all kids and you’re incredible. I think any child would be lucky to have you for its mom…unless you don’t want kids with me and I can totally understand why, I mean I’d be a lousy father. I mean look at the examples my parents set? Yeah I couldn’t blame you for thinking that”.

“What?! No!” Kara exclaimed, sensing that Mon-El was being serious. “I’d love to have kids eventually, you just took me off guard. And you would be a wonderful father, Mon-El.

“You’re parents weren’t good people but they didn’t turn you into a bad person just through being related to them. You’re more than they ever were. Besides from being an actual hero, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and you’re brave.

“Jon thinks of you as his hero especially since he saw you charge in to rescue him last week. Not to mention you have a way with kids, you’re almost one yourself”, she added with a laugh. “If I am to have kids with anybody on Earth then I’d want it to be with you”.

As soon as she finished speaking, her fiancé swooped in and kissed her, unable to hold back his surge of love for this woman. After they pulled away, Kara joked affectionately “well I don’t think we should try to make one right now in the middle of National City. I like to write the news, not make it”.

Ruriiro no Toki (Moon Troupe 2017)

I saw the play on 5/6 in Umeda Theater Drama City, and it happened to be a very memorable show full of firsts: first solo lead for Miyaruri, first solo heroine for Umi, first show as a member of Tsukigumi for Reiko, and first live zuka small theater show for me. :’D It was also my first time seeing a live show by a troupe other than yuki or hoshi (i have my favourites and also the luck for my trips to coincide specifically with my favourites, apparently). I wasn’t planning on seeing it at first, but I am very glad I managed to. Plot summary for Act 1 (to not spoil it completely since the show is getting a dvd release) and my thoughts under the cut:

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First of all, I ADORE your art, I've only been following you a few weeks and have yet to look through your archive, but you give me such a picture of all my favourite characters, thank you!!! Random image for you: think of Lily happily braiding Harry's hair into pigtailed ones, but gets called into work. He a) would not care and b) would totally rock it with the beard. Thank you for such lovely content! :)

Thank you! And I think beard makes everything better even pigtails so yes, Harry would totally rock it. And people would still take him seriously.

Josh Dun Imagine Gush

Requested by Anon: Can you do an josh dun imagine where he’s gushing over his partner (AKA reader) and Tyler has to end the interview because it was getting annoying

“Good luck today.” You pecked Josh’s lips and he grinned, before pulling you closer, which made you roll your eyes. Josh looked out the window and you followed his gaze.

“You should get going.” You mumbled and his attention returned to you. 

“Tyler isn’t here yet, I’ve got time.” You shook your head, but couldn’t help smiling as he kissed you again. Your kissing was interrupted by a car horn from outside and you pulled apart. Josh sighed and grabbed his things, before turning back to kiss you again.

“You’ll be watching, right?” Josh asked, despite Tyler calling to him from the car. You kissed him quickly and nodded.

“You know I always watch. Now go.” You laughed, as he jogged down to the car and got in, waving at you as the car drove away.

You flipped through the channels, before you found the one the boys were on. The interviewer was introducing them and you settled back, smiling a the kind words. The boys appeared and you listened to the generic questions about their music.

“So, you’re both in committed relationships. Tyler you’re married to Jenna and Josh you’re engaged to (Y/N). Do they inspire your music?” You sat up and waited for the answer. Tyler talked about Jenna and you grinned, but stopped when Josh started talking. 

“(Y/N) inspires me in everything I do. We’re really in love and that sounds cheesy, but it means that (Y/N) occupies most of my thoughts, so any inspiration comes naturally.” You were surprised by his words and Tyler nodded, but Josh didn’t seem to want to stop.

“(Y/N)’s one of the best people I know. Gives me unwavering support, but still questions me when I need it. We look after each other. (Y/N) understands me and accepts everything about me-”

“As adorable as this is, this interview isn’t about (Y/N).” Tyler joked, but there was some seriousness in his tone. Josh bit his lip and nodded, sending a smile to the camera, that you knew was meant for you.

You stood in the doorway, as Josh walked up to the house. He gave you a smirk and you returned it, shaking your head at him. Josh stopped in front of you and you pulled him close.

“So, that interview was something.” Josh chuckled.

“You liked it?”

“I did. I don’t know what my favourite part was. Maybe the fact that I’m one of the best people you know, or that I occupy most of your thoughts.” You couldn’t keep the wide smile off of your face as you spoke and Josh grinned at how happy you were.

“I love you.” He mumbled and kissed you.

“Really, I’d never have guessed.” Josh laughed at your comment and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry I love you too.” You leaned in and kissed him again.

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