seriously one of my favourite movies

  • seriously one of my favourite things in the poa movie was this
  • remus: be quiet, sirius
  • sirius: be quiet yourself, remus
  • snape: oh, look at you two, quarrelling like an old married couple
  • whoever wrote this CLEARLY knows what they're doing like this is exactly how sassy sirius would be 99.9% of the time stg
Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry cheering (Y/N) up as she overheard his conversation with Iris.

Word count: 984

A/N: A scene like this happened to me last Monday and I seriously felt so bad. I was so happy, because I was with my boyfriend, then I overheard his conversation with his grandmum through the phone and I was so disappointed. I really felt bad that I cried until I fell asleep, even though he defended me.
I hope that no one makes you feel in this way, because no one deserves to do that to a person. Unluckily, it happened to me and I had to chew her negative words and swallow them.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/M) is Your Favourite Movie and (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

It was your free day and Barry asked you to spend the day with him in the West household. You didn’t want to go at first, because you were always in their house and you thought that you were a hindrance for his family, but Barry assured you that his adoptive family was always happy to welcome you, until you proved him wrong.

“Is (Y/N) here once again?” You heard Iris complaining as you were about to follow Barry in the kitchen. You hid yourself behind the doorway and, even though you thought that it was wrong, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Uhm,” You heard Barry respond. “yup. Any problem, Iris?”

“Actually, yes!” You heard Iris say harshly, there you started to feel bad about it.

“She’s always here, always with you and I don’t even have enough time to spend some moments with you.” You bit your lip as you felt your eyes starting to water, you fiddled with your sleeves as you tried to swallow down her words.

“It’s not (Y/N)’s fault, Iris.” Barry defended you as you saw him slamming the fridge’s door. “I want to spend time with her, whenever I want. You’re not in any right position to accuse her. I’m grown up, Iris.”

“What the hell, Barry?” Iris shouted as she heard Barry’s answer. You looked at the kitchen as you started to feel a weight on your chest. “I am still your sister, don’t ever talk to me in that way.”

“I am your brother and I think that you need to respect my decisions!” He got the plate full of food from the marble kitchen counter and he turned himself from Iris. “Please think before you speak, Iris. You’re big enough to realize things. I said nothing when you left me out for Eddie, now be coherent enough. Okay?”

“I can’t believe that this is happening.” You heard Iris sighing and Barry started to walk away.

“Believe it.” Barry said, annoyed. “Now excuse me, thank you.” Barry walked towards the doorway and you quickly wiped the tears streaming down your face using your sleeves.

You were obviously disappointed, because she was part of Barry’s family and you’ve never thought that she would say something like that. She has always showed you kindness, but this time you knew that she has always talked shit behind your back.

“Hey,” Barry greeted you with a big smile on his face, shaking off his angry face. “why didn’t you follow me?”

“Oh,” You flashed him a smile. “I just got out from the restroom.”

“So, were you here for a long time?” Barry curiously asked as he handed you a bottle full of your favourite soda.

“No, don’t worry.” You tried to cover your disappointment with a happy tone, but you almost failed it when you saw Iris leaving the kitchen. “What did you talk about?”

“Oh, Iris was just being paranoid and annoying. Don’t mind her.” He smiled at you as he held your hand and squeezed it to assure you that everything was fine.

“Alright.” You nodded. You both sat on the couch as soon as you reached the living room. You decided to watch (Y/F/M) during a lazy afternoon.

“Enjoy, baby!” You smiled after Barry kissed you on your forehead.

“Same to you, babe.” You responded happily, but your smile faded as soon as you saw Iris, watching you from afar. She was giving you a glare, until she saw you looking at her and she flashed you a sweet smile. You felt uncomfortable, but you smiled at her, although it was a fake one.

“Are you okay?” Barry noticed that you were looking at Iris and you just nodded your head, trying to swallow the knot in your throat. Iris shook her head as she went back to the kitchen.

“I,” You bit your lip as you tried not to think of it. “I am fine.”

“No, you’re not.” Barry paused the movie and faced you. He looked sad and worried as he saw your eyes. You knew that he remembered his conversation with Iris and he shook your head, looking disappointed too.

“It’s nothing, Bar.” You shook your head as your tears started to stream down your face.

“Liar!” He rolled his eyes and he wrapped his arms around you to comfort you. “Iris can say everything, but she will never make me change my mind. I love you and I will always welcome you here, you’re my girlfriend, the love of my life.” You started to sob and he rubbed your back to prevent you from doing it. “She can say whatever she wants, but I will always defend you because you are my happiness. I promise you that.”

“Really?” You said in between your sobs.

“Really, babe.” He played with your (Y/H/C) hair and he left a kiss on your forehead. “I love you so much and don’t ever listen to what she has to say.”

“I love you too, Bar.” You wrapped your arms around him tightly and he hugged you tighter.

“Everything’s fine, stop crying.” He kissed you once again and you nodded your head as you started to calm yourself down. “I love you more, my sensible and susceptible baby girl.” He giggled as he teased you.

“Shut up,” You pulled away from the hug and you pouted. “but thank you.”

“It was nothing, I will always defend you. Okay? No matter who it is or no matter what it is.” You both smiled and he leant in to leave a gentle kiss on your lips.

You bit your lip as you realized how lucky you are to have Barry. You knew that he loved you so much and you were thankful that he defended you from Iris. You might have been disappointed, but you knew that your boyfriend was always by your side to protect you and to defend you. 

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Hey, you're German, right? I've got a huge favour to ask of you. I've been studying German for a few years, and I plan on studying there for a year. Before that, I wanna improve my language skills, so I've been wondering if you could tell me about some good original German movies? I don't want to watch dubbed ones, I've heard they're horrible. Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way.

Dubbed movies aren’t actually half bad - at least to movies dubbed in other languages. Trust me, I’ve watched both Spanish and French dubbed movies, they were way worse. This is what we like to call “Jammern auf hohem Niveau” - complaining even though everything is pretty good. You’ll find that Germans are a people of complainers; we like to complain about everything. We are never content :) 

Still, I’m really really excited that you’re interested in my culture and HELL YES THERE ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME GERMAN MOVIES. Here are some highly acclaimed ones and some of my favourites, I hope all links work. 

  • 12 Meter ohne Kopf (a movie about a German pirate, who allegedly walked 12 meters after being beheaded in order to save his crew)
  • Auf der anderen Seite (a really bautiful sort of episodic movie connecting the lives of three families, both German and Turkish)
  • Barfuss (a movie about a girl suffering from PTSD, who is saved mostly accidentally from committing suicide by a dude cleaning the clinic she is in, and then follows him around everywhere, and they fall in love. Seriously, onely one of two movies by Til Schweiger worth watching)
  • Buddenbrooks (the story of a very rich merchant family and their downfall…a really famour book adaptation)
  • Das Boot (a movie about a German submarine and its crew during World War II. 100& must-see)
  • Das Experiment (A movie about a psychology experiment in prison, and how people react when given free reign over others. This should come with a huge trigger warning. It’s awesome, but also really super disturbing)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (You might’ve heard of that one, since it received an Oscar. It deals with surveillance in East Germany, and is, also, a must-see).
  • Das weiße Band (A movie about the oppressive and rigid society pre-World War I children grew up in.)
  • Das Wunder von Bern (This movie mixes the football world championships of 1954 (soccer for heathens who call other stuff football) and the story of a family that has to re-learn to live with each other when the father comes home after being a war captive for like…12 years MUST SEE)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (movie about famous German left extremists, the RAF and their terrorist attacks)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (THE single best German comedy to ever exist. It makes fun of Cowboy movies/books that are super popular in Germany. You’ll cry of laughter seeing Native Americans with a Bavarian accent - which also means your language level should be really high, or you won’t understand a thing. Uh, obviously don’t watch if you think white comedians playing Native Americans is racist even when it’s satire)
  • Der Untergang (the last days in thr life of Adolf Hitler. You’ll probably have heard of that one, too. MUST SEE)
  • Die Blechtrommel (God, I don’t know how to describe this one. Basically, a movie about a child who decides he doesn’t want to grow anymore and observes the world of the adults around him?)
  • Die Fälscher (again, dealing with World War II, and people in concentration camps who were tasked with copying money of other countries)
  • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (a movie about three rebels who break into rich people’s houses only to rearrange their furniture and tell them to revise their morals - until one of them catches them in the act and they abduct him for a weekend. MUST SEE)
  • Die Feuerzangenbowle (THE classic movie. about the German school system. An older guy pretending to be a student at an elite high school. Also gave the name to a drink you will find a lot on Christmas markets)
  • Effie Briest (another novel adaptation about a young woman whose marriage is arranged and who loses everything when she cheats on her husband)
  • Ein Freund von mir (two guys who are completely different building a very strange friendship)
  • Elementarteilchen (about the lives of two brothers who were separated after birth, and the completely different lives they lead)
  • Fack Ju Göhte (no links yet, it only came out last year, a new comedy about the German school system, and absolute must-see, if you happen to find a link one day)
  • Gegen die Wand (a Turkish girl fake-marrying a German addict in an attempt to escae her family. MUST SEE)
  • Goodbye Lenin (a beautiful movie/comedy about a family and the German reunification. MUST SEE)
  • Im Winter ein Jahr (a family dealing with the loss of their son/brother)
  • Kabale und Liebe (a superb adaptation of Schiller’s play. bsjdhkdjk)
  • Kebab Connection (…I don’t even know how to describe this movie. Just watch it. Very multi/transcultural and hilarious)
  • Keinohrhasen (a douche has to do community service at a kindergarten - and finds that the girl he used to bully as a kid is now his superior. uh-oh. It’s super funny)
  • Kirschblüten - Hanami  (a dude travelling to Japan to understand and be close to his late wife) 
  • Lola rennt ( a movie about a couple in a dangerous situation - and three possible outcomes)
  • Schiller (ah boy, this was a TV production, so I couldn’t find a link. A brilliant movie about the life of Germany’s best playwright, if you ask me)
  • Soul Kitchen (a comedy about a guy trying to keep his restaurant afloat and keeping his brother out of a life of petty crime)
  • Sophie Scholl - die letzten Tage (a movie about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl and her brother, who were part of the resistance against the Nazis)
  • Vincent will Meer (a guy with tourette syndrom, a girl with an eating disorder and a guy with OCD break out of their psychiatric clinic to go to the sea. MUST SEE)
  • Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken? ( a movie based on a real story, about a group of teenagers vowing to commit suicide once they do not feel any love anymore)
  • Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (a comedy about a kid who does a lot of nonsense and when told that he is the reason his mother dies, blames himself, feares that he has to go to hell, and tries to make up for his sins by finding his dad a new wife. Hilarious. Again, tho, super strong Bavarian accent, beware!)

And if you want to watch a few good German TV-shows:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE TV SERIES OMG WATCH IT!!! It deals with a German-Turkish patchwork family and it is hilarious)
  • Tatort Münster (basically a procedural crime show. There are a lot of Tatorts, but this is the only one that is always good. you’ll find a lot of the episodes on youtube)
  • Der letzte Zeuge (a show about a coroner solving crimes)

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Hell yeah, you love Lego Batman, too? Both Lego movies so far are among my favorite films ever tbh they are genuinely well made and clever postmodern joys and the Lego Batman Movie is also really gay


legit when me and @itsbeanefun came out of it we were like “I can’t believe Lego Batman invented cinema”

I’ve seen it twice at the cinema and now thanks to you making the gifset turn up on my dash I’m now going to go again on Friday because my best friend still hasn’t seen it

  • entirely around the importance of found family
  • genuinely hilarious like we were laughing out loud the whole fucking time, I’ve seen it once in a cinema of mostly adults and once with a cinema of mostly kids and the adults were laughing more, this movie is not juvenile in any way that isn’t wonderful
  • Batman sings a song while beating people up and that sounds like it should suck but it’s the best thing ever somehow
  • Excellent running jokes
  • Badass female character
  • the entire plot is…. literally a gay best enemies romance like the entire dialogue is cliched romantic dialogue with reversed language for hero/villain dynamic
  • it makes you emo about an emotionally constipated piece of Lego like, fuck, how did it do that
  • 100% my favourite Batman movie, like, I love Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises but like… yeah. this one is my fave. 
  • it’s so fucking gay oh my god how did they get away with it were they all just pissing themselves laughing in the writer’s room
  • Jemaine Clement aka half of Flight of the Conchords and your fave shiny crab from Moana is the one who voices Sauron
  • “I don’t have [feelings], I’ve never seen one”
  • *while flopping up some stairs* “no no no no no no no no no” what a fucking mood 
  • seriously how is Lego Batman the most relatable character I’ve ever seen

I have one complaint and it’s… if Ralph Fiennes was already in the cast playing Alfred, why the fuck doesn’t he also voice Voldemort?!

“Dear Vista,

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a long time but as you know I’m not very good at expressing myself so I’ll just say this: I miss your smile. I would say I hope this note finds you well but as these things go - that won’t be the case… 
The world is a cold and lonely place without you in it, Vista. I just miss you. And since you’ve been gone, I’ve been accused of being an observer, a user, a loner, a cleaner, a failure and a fool but never a participant. No, no one’s ever accused me of that. Anyway, I decided it’s time to call it quits. The drugs no longer work. I’m coming home to see you and there ain’t nothing gonna stop me this time.”


Message me the number and which character you want it for. Marvel or TVD/The Originals characters allowed.

1. How did THIS end up happening??!!
2. I can’t believe you’d do this to me.
3. What about me?! You ever think about that?!
4. What the fuck am I even looking at?
5. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?
6. “I’m going to skip the “how?” and the “why?” and go straight to “you’re cleaning this up”.“
7. “You look…wow, I can’t even describe it. Wait. Did I just say that out loud?”
8. “why did you lie?”
9. “I don’t know man, all I know is that Tony’s gonna be pissed”
10. “how do you want your death, easy or painful?”
11. “Oh doll, now you’ve done it.”
12. “Evil is everywhere and his female familiars are too beautiful to refuse”
13. “It’s 11:00 pm…why are you making cupcakes?”
14. “Aphrodite aint got nothing on your beauty, trust me.”
15. “I loved him with a love that tore the world apart.”
16. “Sorry, I’m rambling.” “S'okay, I like hearing you talk.”
17. “You were supposed to be my forever.”
18. “He had the kind of smile that promised mischief and mayhem were in the near future.”
19. “Have you been reading my diary?”
20. “I wasn’t expecting to see you again.”
21. “I only came in here because I forgot my jacket”
22. “You know, until recently, I thought spiders were insects sent from Hell that must be murdered on sight. Now that I’m dating one though, I think that spiders are actually really, really cute.”
23. “Pffft. The stars have nothing on your eyes, doll.”
24. “My date canceled on me … Would you like to go to the movies with me? If it’s not too much to ask.”
25. “What the hell is that doing here? I told you not to bring it!”
26. “Seriously? You had to go and bleed on my favourite shirt?”
27. “If you could just stop being a giant turd, that’d be great thanks.”
28. “You know, I can actually tolerate you. That’s a big accomplishment. Be proud.”
29. “Trust me babydoll, this is only the beginning”
30. “But how could you?! He’s my best friend.”
31. “STOP DOING CUTE THINGS, WE’RE ARGUING!!” “I thought we were talking about it …. aND DON’T YELL AT ME”
32. “No, put it back- I don’t care if it’s on sale or not we don’t need it.”
33. “Where’d you learn to do that?”
34. “I’m a big fan of ice cream cones”
35. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”
36. “It wasn’t me, I swear. It was (Insert Certain Person’s name).”
37. “If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should’ve just asked.”
38. “I hate the way you make me feel. I hate the way I can’t hate you.” “Why?” “Because…. Well, I’m in love with you.”
39. “I’m mad at you because I love you.”
40. “I know I’m your therapist but right now I’m gonna finger gun away from all my problems like an adult.”
41. I came to this city to mend my broken heart. Never imagined I would find you to help me piece it back together.“
42. I baked at cake but I sat on it so I just picked you a flower instead.
43. “You’ve been staring at me for a while now. You oka-” “I love you.” “…Really?”
44. “And then he straddled me like he did that motorcycle.”
45. Person A: “Do you know any kind and cute person who might be interested in me?” Person B: *point to self* “question is, do you want gimme a chance?”
46. “Doll , I’m sorry I- I -I” , “Shhh,you gave me all the love I could ever ask” “ I-I-I love you ” “I know, It’s ok, everything is gonna be okay.”
47. “Stop making that creepy face and make a move.”
48. “You and I see him/her very differently. She/He clearly looked ready to kill someone to me.
49. "You have to stop me sarge/doll, I can’t get enough kissing you.”
50. “Can I lick it? Please…I’ll be good I won’t let any spill… I’ll be satisfied with only the top.” “Doll, doctors orders, no ice cream.”
51. “huh, Didn’t know you love me that much.”
52. set in the very far away future. “I vaguely remember a time when I was a weapon.” “What happened then grandpa?” “Steve saved me” bucky to his grandchildren.
53. “You’re creative, you’ll figure it out.”
54. “Is that a turtle?”
55. “I’m sorry.. I just didn’t want you to find out-” “Doll, stop apologizing.”
56. “I want you to have my babies because there’s no one else I would want to make them with ..”
57. “How about we make our own cake?” “You cook? Since when?” …. “How do I know you’re not going to kill me?”
58. “Well how do you expect me to react when you’re dressed like that?”
59. “I thought I told you, you didn’t have to worry about this.” “…Did you really think I would listen?” “…Fair point.”
60. “Just let me explain!” “And what? Listen to you lie?!”

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what do you think of the homophobic undertones in swdbs? i really like the drama but this part kind of bothers me

I know there probably will be people who will disagree with me but I don’t think SWDBS is homophobic in any way.

The drama isn’t making fun of homosexuality, it’s making fun of prejudices and how people tend to perceive how homosexuals behave. The writer doesn’t give us these unbelievably enlightened, politically correct people you usually see in the US TV shows, she gives us flawed, normal characters. Bong Soon and her family aren’t homophobic; homosexuality is not something that people are open about in SK - just notice how there are no kpop stars who would actually come out - it would ruin their careers. Even when BS thinks MH is gay she doesn’t judge him, she doesn’t think he is sick or gross; she simply assumes he is gay because there is this rumour and he doesn’t behave the usual macho way a man of his position normally would. Yes, she has certain misconceptions about how gay behaves  and MH a couple of times jokingly acts in that way to tease her; he is basically making fun of her misconceptions, not of homosexuality. People are not always politically correct, but that doesn’t mean they are haters or homophobes.

From what I’ve gathered there are basically 3 scenes which are criticized by some people. First, MH’s comment on GD’s butt - which I don’t really see as something which would offend because BS’s best friend basically makes the exact same comment and no one finds that strange.

The second, and probably most discussed scene is BS’s dream. The thing is, IT IS A FREAKING DREAM AND DREAMS CAN’T BE CONROLLED AND NEITHER ARE THEY POLITICALLY CORRECT. Sometimes they are downright uncomfortable that it makes you wake up in cold sweat and you wonder if there isn’t something wrong with you. And that’s exactly the reaction, BS had after that dream.

Finally, the scene with drunken MH and GD in the bar. THEY ARE COMPLETELY WANKERED! People do all sorts of crazy things when they are drunk; BS ripped out a dancing pole from the floor. I’ve never been drunk myself, but I’ve seen a lot of wankered people and seriously, two men cuddling and sexy dancing with each other is one of the least offensive things that can happen.

Some of my classmates and university teachers are gay and some of my favourite movies features LGBT themes, so I don’t have any prejudices. Personally, I think some of the discontent stems from the fact that somehow prior to the premiere people got the idea that MH will be bisexual and accused the drama of queerbating. However, every description and synopsis mentioned that it’s all a simply misunderstanding, which is true. It kind of reminds me of the way JohnLock fans went crazy with rage when John and Sherlock didn’t kiss in the final episode, even though there was absolutely nothing which would suggest the relationship was anything more than friendship.


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

my favourite part in all of the poa movie is seriously

Remus: Sirius, be quiet!
Sirius: be quiet yourself, Remus!
Snape: listen to you two, quarrelling like an old married couple

like this is so accurate whoever wrote this clearly knows what they’re doing


“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

Stand by Me is seriously one of the best films about friendship, and growing up. The film came out in the late 80s, 1987 to be exact, and is one of the earlier films by Rob Reiner, who went on to direct The Princess Bride, Misery and When Harry Met Sally. This was before he forgot how to direct, of course. The film is based on the novella The Body by Steven King, who I adore. And this film is hands down my favourite adaption of what Steven King has written, he even said so himself. 

“After director Rob Reiner screened the movie for Stephen King, Reiner noticed that King was visibly shaking and wasn’t speaking. King left the room and upon his return, he told Reiner that the movie was the best adaptation of his work he had ever seen.” 

Sure The Shawshank Redemption is good, beyond good, but this film and the novella hit me hard, and it is in graved in my heart forever. I know that sounds rather sappy but it is the truth.

The film is about four, 12-year-old best friends, Gordie (Wil Wheaton), Chris (River Phoenix), Teddy (Corey Feldman) and Vern (Jerry O’Connell). The story plays out in the late 1950’s in the town of Castlerock, Oregon. They find out that the body of a missing boy is located in the woods, by the railroad, and they set out to find him before anyone else does. Gordie and his friends decided to lie about going camping and by foot, they make the journey to find the boy. Meanwhile, the bad kids in town set out to do the same, when learning about the boy’s whereabouts. This journey they make unlocks emotions within the four boys, that they usually don’t face head on, but now they must. The film is basically a story about how an event can unexpectedly change lives.

I saw this film way too late in life (mind you, I’m only 18) but this film would have put many things in perspective if I had seen it when I was 12-13. It would have changed my life I reckon, and it did to some degree change how I felt about friendship and what really matters in life when I saw it at age 16. I do still have a nostalgic feeling towards the film, although I shouldn’t have. I wished that I had friends like that when I was younger, that I had a life-changing adventure like that when I was young, but I didn’t.  

The acting in this film is really what makes it, everyone is absolutely lovely, but some standout. River Phoenix is one of them, his sincerity and poignancy that he added to his role made my heart cry. Such a true talent, and I miss him, although I wasn’t born when he passed. One of my favourite scenes in film history ever is the milk-money scene, and if you watch that you will understand my eternal love for River. The other lads were also very good, and for their young age, I applaud them forever. One of my favourite villains is also in this film, Ace Merril (Kiefer Sutherland), and he is ruthless and sadistic, but so dashing all the same. Rob Reiner directed this film brilliantly, he pushed the four young boys to their limits and it paid off.

The ending will forever be one of my favourite endings in a film, I know I have said ‘favourite’ a lot in this review but I owe my love for film to this masterpiece of emotion. I won’t spoil the ending for you but I sobbed and I smiled and sobbed some more, just like in The Dead Poet’s Society (another favourite). You will find pieces of yourself in these four boys, and if you haven’t seen it you are missing such a gem.

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You guys had some fantastic questions. We’re actually filling this out for each other so our answers are going to be exactly as we say them out loud. Thought you’d like that. Super excited… let’s see how this goes!

About the Admin

Name: Lydia

Nickname: Dia, Zee (like the end of crazy)

Between the Age of: 18-24

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*Orientation: Straight, golly whoever asked this was nosy… then again, I asked for that…

MBTI: INTJ obviously

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, but like, a good one

*Style of Clothing: Um… typically black leggings and a fandom shirt, or big heavy sweater… all in shades of black, grey, and charcoal… okay fine… sometimes really soft pink. But don’ t put that on there Drew.

*Three Positive Things About You: Augh!!! I’m so bad at these things (ENFP: what? bragging about yourself?) haha, fine… I love learning and do it well, I run a blog that people like… It does to count… and I’m an excellent violinist.

*Three Negative Things About You: When I’m not working on it I’m overly harsh, I tend to over analyze things to the point of annoyance of others, I get overwhelmed easily.

*One Really Odd Thing About You: Um…I’m a bee keeper… You didn’t know that? I thought I told you. Yeah, those are hives in my yard…

*Life Motto: Oh goodness this is hard… Um… probably “To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.“ Theodore H. White Not exactly a motto but definitely words to live by.

*Number of Siblings: Two! One younger sister and a twin brother who doesn’t live around here.

Number of Pets: Okay… so do you think they want me to include my farm animals? I’ll just put them all. These are mine by the way, this doesn’t include my family’s livestock. I have… 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 20 ducks, 10 chickens, 3 goats, a pond of Koi, and 3 hives of bees.

*Number of Friends: 3… maybe 4. If you count my family then 7 including you guys.

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Food: Tomato basil soup… yep…

Hot Beverage: Tea! Tea! Always ALWAYS tea…

Color: Silver, black, and light light pink… SHUT UP Chris! I can be an INTJ who likes pink.

Number: 21

Book: Seriously? Nope… Can’t choose one.

Movie: This isn’t really any better… um… maybe the Imitation Game. Oh! the King’s Speech with Colin Firth is really good too… 

TV Show: Sherlock and Downton Abbey… and maybe some others… but I haven’t watched them yet so I don’t know for sure…

Song: This is just as hard as the others! I’ll just do my favourite type. I like Jazz a lot, and also Chopin… and Celtic Violin Music…

Actor: Actor? Benedict Cumberbatch, Geoffrey Rush, Eddie Redmayne, and Hough Jackman… maybe… the order tends to differ and names typically get replaced but Cumberbatch will always stay… Actress? Audrey Hepburn. Easily.

Movie Character: Euros Holmes and Sherlock… and Mycroft… except sometimes not him…

Book Character: Sirius Black, Sherlock Holmes, and Mr. Darcy… What?

Villain: TV? Moriarty in BBC Sherlock. Movie? Victoria Vinciguerra from Man from Uncle and Book? Ooh… Too many good ones.

Animal: Kestrels

*MBTI Type: What? Um… INTJ’s and maybe ENTJ’s and INTP’s, and ENFP’s and… you know what? I can’t choose they all have their benefits and I’m not going to post that I like one person over another on my blog!

*Sound: This is fun one! Um… I love the sound that bricks make when you drag them across each other. It sounds like opening an ancient door or something. You should try it sometime!

*Smell: Freshly baked peach cobbler. Yeah that’s what you smelled coming in. You want some? Let me finish this and we can get some. Wait. Drew… Don’t put this on there! What on earth!

*Flower: Oh goodness… you know roses are going to sound so typical but they are. They have to be the real, full, old English variety though… and they have to have the thorns in tact.

*Memory: Don’t have quite enough to choose from yet.

*Place: Home

This or That

*Marvel or DC: Ooh… this could potentially start a battle here. I’m actually equally fond of both.

Tea or Coffee: Uh… TEA! Duh!

Salty or Sweet: Salty

Dog or Cat: Cat

Dark or Light: Dark

Black or White: Black

*Home or Out: Home

*School or Work: School

Sleep or Awake: Well… I’d like to sleep but I’m always stuck awake.

Mind or Heart: Mind

*Logic or Love: Logic

Book or TV: Book

*Fruit or Vegetable: What the? Um… Fruit?

Random Choices

*Kill one of your group: Parker(ESFJ) No… I’m not going to! Yes, you can eat the cobbler. I wouldn’t waste a whole cobbler if I was going to try to kill you…

*Become a Mythical Creature: Dragon or Vampire… probably Vampire… You know what… I’m already a Vampire so we’re good…

Never watch this movie again: Interstellar… Sorry but I wouldn’t

*Get a Super Power: Flight… or the ability to become a kestrel at will…

*Deserted Island, choose your companion: Mycroft Holmes… we probably wouldn’t be deserted for too long.

*Live this Characters life: Hermione Granger’s

*Eat only this food: Soup… what? I like soup…

*Never leave this room: My room

*Who are you closest to in your group: This is getting tricky… Uh… to be honest Drew(ENFP)

*Three positive things about those in your group: Let’s see… Chris is clever, hard working, and rich… haha… it’s true though. Drew is kind, caring, and good at keeping the peace. Parker is… um… I’m kidding! Parker has a good sense of humor, no sense of fear, and good at making us do stupid things! That’s a GOOD thing!!!

*Three negative things about those in your group: Ooh… okay um… Chis is a bit prideful, too harsh sometimes, and kind of distant. Drew is overly sensitive, a bit over bearing, and tends to lose who he is in trying to please others. Parker is arrogant, and not always the brightest, I’m sure you tr- you’re actually spilling cobbler on your… yeah… there. Haha… that was funny… um and a bit too much for sometimes. Over all I really like you guys though!

That was really fun actually. ENFP is next but we’re going to take a break to finish the cobbler… So… Yay!

The Party (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1190

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: If I haven’t been posting everyday it’s because i’m at my grandparents for a while, so I don’t get as much time to write as i’d like.

You were spending your Friday night at one of Tony Stark’s parties that he held for the Avengers and the staff of Stark industries. So why were you here?Well, your parents had been working for Tony ever since you can remember and you’d been successfully avoiding these parties since, however this time your parents practically dragged you here.

You never really got dressed up, so it felt weird wearing a dress and heels, but you went with it. All these people around you, it made you feel out of place. I mean, freaking Thor was just standing in the corner laughing with Captain America! What the hell were you doing here? You have literally nothing in common with any of these people, you were only here because of your parents. You weren’t super smart or a superhero, you were just Y/N. 

Your parents had left you alone at the snack table so long ago now that you’d eaten basically half of the appetizers. You were halfway through eating a tiny sandwich when you heard someone not far behind you having a conversation with Mr Stark.

“Mr. Stark, I really shouldn’t be here. I don’t belong here, well I do, but I’m Spider-man! My identity’s secret and i’m not even an official Avenger yet!” Tony patted his shoulder awkwardly. “Just relax kid, i’m sure you’ll be fine. Just tell people that you’re an intern like you do at school.” Secret identity? Spider-man? You had a feeling you weren’t supposed to hear any of that. 

Finishing the tiny sandwich, you got bored and decided to walk out to the balcony. You grabbed your coat and headed outside, leaning against the railing with your chin resting on the palm of your hand, gazing at the sight in front of you. The view of the city up here was amazing! You didn’t know how long you were lost in thought, gazing at the bright lights, but the door to the balcony opened with a click, causing you to look over your shoulder. It was the boy from before, the boy who is supposedly Spider-man. 

Damn he was attractive. His brown curly hair, dark eyes and that suit he was wearing-just wow. Your thoughts were interrupted by his voice. “Um, hey. I’m Peter Parker.I didn’t realize anyone else was out here. Not that you being out here is a bad thing or anything I just, I’m just going to stop talking now.” He was mumbling, looking extremely nervous, putting his hands in his pockets. You chuckle and send him a friendly smile, he was really cute. “Hey, I’m Y/N. It’s okay, I think i’ll enjoy your company. 

“So, what are you doing at an Avengers party?”

“Ugh, my parents work for Mr.Stark. They’ve been trying to get me to come to one of these parties for ages and unfortunately they succeeded this time. This really isn’t my type of scene.”

“Tell me about it.” He moves next to you, leaning against the railing.

“So, tell me about yourself Parker.”

“There’s not much to tell honestly. I live with my aunt May and go to midtown high school with my best friend Ned. I have an internship with Mr.Stark, that’s why I’m here.”

“What’s your favourite movie? I find you can tell a lot about a person by what their favourite movie is.” You questioned him, eager to know more about Peter Parker. “That’s easy. Star Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.” Your jaw dropped, no freaking way. “Seriously?! I love Star Wars.” You leaned closer towards him, even more intrigued by this boy now, wanting to learn everything about him.

Hours passed by in which you both spent talking and learning about one another, making you start to like him, a lot, you were possibly developing a crush on him-on Spider-man! You almost forgot about that.

“I need to ask you something. Before, I was at the snack table and I overheard you talking to Mr.Stark about something.” His face instantly paled and his eyes widened.

“Oh yeah, what did you hear?” His voice wavered a little, he sounded so nervous now.

“Don’t freak out. If it’s true I promise not to tell anyone, I just thought you should know that I know. I feel terrible for listening to your conversation, I was bored and then I heard you say that you were Spider-man-”,

This doesn’t stop him from freaking out at all, he was pacing back in forth in front of you. He stops his pacing to put his hands on your shoulder. “You’re not gonna tell anyone are you? Please, you don’t understand. No one can know my real identity?! My aunt, my friends, anyone I’ve ever cared about, they’d all be in danger.” 

“So it’s true then. You’re Spider-man?” You were honestly shocked.

He let’s go of your shoulders to resume his pacing. You feel guilty now, for listening to his conversation and learning his secret, you shouldn’t have been eavesdropping. “Hey-hey.”, you grab his shoulders to stop his pacing, turning him towards you. “I won’t tell anyone I swear on it! I know we literally just met but you have to trust me on this, I won’t tell anyone. I-I pinky promise you.” You give him a reassuring smile and hold out your pinky towards him.

 Peter finds this action adorable and he could tell by the tone of your voice that you were telling the truth, so he decided to trust you and wrapped his pinky around yours. “Pinky promise?” he questioned, still unsure. “I swear on it Peter.” He nodded his head and mumbled a thank you, still confused as to why you were being so nice to him.

“You could have easily told the media about my identity and made money, why are you helping me?” 

“Because it’s the right thing to do. Why would I want to put you and the people you care about in danger? I honestly think i’m just being a decent person.” You chuckled out the last line, looking down at the ground. “Also, I think Peter Parker is a sweet guy and I want to see him again.” You said shyly, turning your attention towards the ground.

Your conversation was interrupted by your phone receiving a message from your mum saying that it was time to leave. You sighed, you honestly didn’t want to stop talking to him. “Well, I’ve got to go now, but it was really great meeting you Peter.” You smiled up at him and start walking towards the door.

Peter somehow finds the courage to do something he’d wanted to do since he first laid his eyes on you. “Wait! Do you want to go see a movie sometime? Like, on a date?” You steps halted at this question, did he actually just ask you out or are you imagining things.You turned your body towards his and shyly nod, your cheeks burning red.”I’d like that.”

You both exchange numbers and agree to message each other later. You lean up towards him and bravely plant a kiss on his cheek, causing him to blush. “Night Peter.”

“Goodnight Y/N.”

Ok so i just finished reading Howl’s Moving Castle and I’m so ridiculously IN LOVE with it like it was so good guys seriously it was amazing and it’s so different from the movie you can barelly compare them because they are two completely different stories and both are amazing but i…. Yeah I have to admit i did like the book better, mostly because it’s just so damn HILARIOUS and everything is so GOLD and and, dude, fucking WALES LMAOOO

Gosh now i just. I really really need to read the sequels. Like,,,,,,,,,rn.

crimsonsims replied to your post “crimsonsims replied to your post:why are some things just so…”

I agree 100%. The characters are so well put together and the storyline is freaking great. I haven’t seen the older version or read the manga, but that anime is seriously one of my most favourite things ever

crimsonsims replied to your post “crimsonsims replied to your post:why are some things just so…”

Also, any show that makes me bawl my eyes out is good in my book

exactly this, haha. i finished it last night and i forgot how much it makes me ugly sob? like it isn’t one-tear-movie-aesthetic-crying it’s full on heaving and curling into a ball. which, i agree, if a show can make me feel that much it’s definitely good. 


Keywords: dawn, relationship, side road

Q: What kind of movie will EXO be if EXO were to be a kind of movie genre? What about the movie genre based on your life?

Sehun: Fantasy. If I were to boast, I would say we did things that were not realistic, and we are going to do the same for the future. The members are all very different from one another too. If we were to be made into a genre, it wouldn’t be comedy but fantasy action? The main leads would be our team, EXO. 
If I were to seriously express my personal life, it would be a very sad movie that turns happy. Why happy, firstly because our members are doing so well and I, too, have widened my working field. I think it’s because of those two things.

Q: When and where is your favourite time and place? 

Sehun: I like midnight. About 1 or 2AM. The very mid of night. I think the feeling of tranquility and silence that one will only get at midnight suits me well, and I also really like the feelings that I am only able to feel at that time. I can also think more then.
As for my favourite place, I don’t really like being cooped up. If I was locked up, I’ll become gloomy. Or should I say that I get lost in my sadness. I have friends whom I always go out with. Though I like being with them indoors, I don’t really like it when I’m alone. 

Q: What do you mostly think of at midnight?

Sehun: Everyone might not think the same but, worries for my future, my expectations, my excitement, don’t we all have thoughts like these? Thoughts of our lives.

Q: Between something familiar and something unfamiliar, which do you enjoy more?

Sehun: I enjoy unfamiliar things. We’re comfortable with familiar things, aren’t we. But we have to adapt to unfamiliar places. Just like how we have to follow the Roman law when we go to Rome, I think the process of adapting to a new place is fun. New people, new things, getting to experience those kinds of things for the first time while there will be many eye-opening and challenging things too. That is why I think I can enjoy unfamiliar things more.

Q: Where do you think you will make your home if you were to travel your entire life? 

Sehun: I hope to have my home in Seoul. I think it would be great if my ordinary day is in the city, living with many people in a place where the air isn’t good and then sometimes going to somewhere that doesn’t have anyone and where the air is good. 

Q: How was your very first travelling trip?

Sehun: I can’t remember my first trip because I travel a lot. I obviously had my first trip but I just can’t remember. 

Q: Then can you talk more about a trip you’re thinking about now?

Sehun: With travelling, I should organise the trip and then travel. But I like travelling whenever I feel like it. I don’t ever plan it and I just go spontaneously. I won’t even bring my clothes, I won’t even book a place, I will just go carrying only my wallet. It’s fun going with my friends and doing things there. I don’t know what will happen but the people that I match well with all like that kind of things. So I think our relationship will last for a long time. If there is a baseball game when we get to a rest stop, we’d do that and then leave, and when we get to Daegu, we eat something. Those kind of unpredictable trips. It makes you excited. When I see others making plans for their trips, I also wish to do the same. I really want to do that but I don’t follow my plans very well. Then I think that will screw up the planning even more. So I just travel comfortably with a “Okay, whatever!” mindset.

Q:  How would you explain something that you like because it’s been a long time with it, and something that you like because it’s new?

Sehun: I think of new things as something that I get to experience and be enlightened by. As for old things, what I learn from them will become feelings and memories and that way, I can remember them. To be specific, it would be human relationships. I think relationships are the most important in life. With humans, the more you see each other, the more you become fond of the other, don’t you? The process of getting close with someone is fun. It’s the same with new things. If you meet someone new, you will obviously have things to learn from them, there will be things you get to gain and on the other hand, you will have an influence on that person. I think those kind of things are fun. 

Q: The past, the present, and the future. Which one of them do you think is the most important?

Sehun: For me, I think the future is important. I think about 10 minutes has passed since the start of the interview but that’s still the past, isn’t it. And so, I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. The moment a minute and a second passes, those moments become the past and besides, we are walking in the direction of our future, aren’t we. I think the thing about the present is that it’s quite ambiguous. Are we able to talk about the present? I don’t think so. That is why I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. Can we even call it the present. Of course if we look at the big picture, we can call the time from just now until this moment the present but if you really consider it, isn’t the passing of 1 minute and 1 second history? Time is always moving so isn’t the the future important? I think of it that way. 

Q: When did you experience the broadening of your outlook on the world?

Sehun: I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

Q: What do you think is the most valuable among all visible things? 

Sehun: Firstly, I am unable to point out just one. Um, isn’t everything valuable? We use every little thing because we need them. Wherever we are, they are all essential and they are all important, are they not? It’s difficult coming up with an explanation right away but I think that even the things that we normally think is bad all have their own roles to play. 

Q: Among the things men made, what do you think is the most praiseworthy?

Sehun: It’s difficult just talking about one, so everything, all. Because wherever we are, they have their uses, and we need them. Isn’t it thanks to them, that we are able to live conveniently? 

Q: What is a moment that you wish to have in your life? 

Sehun: Um, I hope to have a very touching moment. I’m really looking forward to that moment. What it is specifically, I am also uncertain, but I wish to have a touching moment that renders me speechless. I think it is impossible to feel touched if you don’t like that person. When you think of someone you really like, when you were once touched by that person or because they did something that touched you, that is when you are able to come up with plans to make them feel touched. Surprise is also incorporated in the sentiment of feeling touched, isn’t it. Because if there is no element of surprise, you cannot feel touched. 

Q: If you have a twin or a doppelganger, what kind of person do you wish they would be? 

Sehun: We have to be similar. Ah, no. I hope they would be the complete opposite of me. Only that way we can learn from each other, and the way we think will be different too. I think it will be fun if their logic/reasoning is different from mine. I think only in that way, we can inform and enlighten each other. I like taking care of someone. I wish to become someone who strengthens the other. Among the many reasons why living is essential, I think that is one of it. That is my life’s joy. I believe that it is a really happy thing to be able to be of help. And I think that those things will come back to you. So if I die, who will be sad? I have those thoughts too. Among the people I sincerely interacted with, who would be sad? I occasionally have those thoughts too. 

Q: If you were born into a family with 9 brothers, which position would you like to be born as?

Sehun: The oldest one. Then I can take care of everyone. There is joy in busily living in a tough life. Of course I’d be extremely tired and I will need time for myself. But still, if I lived like that, I’ll have things to do and I think that having a life where you get to take care of things will be satisfying and interesting. 

Q: When have you felt that your life is perfect? 

Sehun: I think the greed of humans is never ending. Many a time I have thought that I don’t have more to wish for but because my field of work has widened, I want to know more, I want to do more, I want to experience things. By doing that, it seems like this is how I wish for more. Even now, I have something I am hoping for. 

Q: If you were to be invisible one day and only one person could see you, who would you pick that person to be?

Sehun: The woman I love. 

Q:  When do you feel that the day has gotten shorter? 

Sehun: When I’m happy. When I’m playing with people I love. Or when I go on trips. When I’m happy, I don’t think of what was difficult, or something that I am agonising over at that moment, or what I am stressed over, so it seems like time is passing so quickly. When you’re doing something you hate, you will keep thinking “when is it going to end” and you’ll keep waiting, when is it going to end. By doing that, you’ll become delusional. Then you will feel like time is taking too long. I think humans are mysterious in that aspect. When we do something we like, we go ‘I want to do this until I die.’ When we have that kind of mindset, we don’t have anything to wait upon and we have something we want to do and we do it. And when it happens, you won’t even know that time is passing. 

Q: If day or night was to keep going, which would you like better? 

Sehun: Night, midnight. The tranquil atmosphere of midnight. But day and night have to co-exist. Night is only nice because there is day. 

Q:  What time of the day do you think the sky looks the most beautiful? 

Sehun: Midnight. During that time. It’s very pretty. It’s dark but I like it. Even though we can’t really see the stars in Seoul, I don’t think that it is very important. I’m not the kind to feel moved when I see that kind of things. 

Q: Have you ever felt that someone is of great importance in your life? 

Sehun: I feel that way most of the time. If there is something yummy, I’ll say “let’s come together again.” When something bad happens, they’ll run to me. When something good happens, we share it together. People, though it doesn’t have to be the people I know, but I think that value that people have is amazing. And I can’t even measure their worth. Those people, are the first ones I think of. The ones I can’t live without. 

Q: What is the compass in your life?

Sehun: How should I explain this. If there is a road straight forward or backward, and if there is a road on my left and right as well as side roads, I will take the side roads. There are pros and cons of side roads. Side roads are fresh and they’re not complete. Also, there is something you can experience from it. As with the common straight roads ahead, because there are already many information on it, I know that there might not be things I want to try experiencing. However, as for the side roads, people who have not gone through them don’t know what they hold. And though it cannot be gauranteed, I might be able to be a bit more comfortable and be able to go faster, and it will be fun. The con is that there are many bends. Extremely many. And if you’re not careful, you might end up at the start and go the straight road ahead instead, you might not keep walking the same road too. So you need to be wise with your choice of roads. You’ll learn and experience many things, I think you need to rely on and go with people who make the the environment great. If I can only handle being wise, I will be able to safely and enjoyably cross that bend while living a dynamic life. I think being an EXO member isn’t all straight roads and within that, I want to have more dynamic experiences, do a lot more, know more things, help the people around me and learn from each other. I want to live that way.

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