seriously one of my favourite arcs

Emi & Mob: Kiss/Cuddle/Fight

*high pitched screaming* I LOVE MOBEMI!!! It’s one of the things I actually seriously ship, they are so adorably cute and her arc is one of my favourite parts of the entire comic. It was really at that point I sat there going “Wow, this comic is really something special.”

But ugh omg. Mob and Emi occasionally hanging out. Mob being supportive of Emi’s writing. Emi standing up for Mob the same way he stood up for her. Emi working up the nerve to confess again, for real this time. Even though she thinks she will be rejected, it’s what she wants and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks! Like sign me up!

I really, really like Emi in general, I would love to see more of her. I thought she was spectacularly written, like a really good depiction of a high school girl trying to figure out who she is and what she wants, dealing with peer pressure, trying to understand where she stands. I relate to all that through personal experience. Being a teenager is hard and I thought she was just an amazing representation of some of those things.

I wish there was more content for them *says the artist who is perfectly capable of drawing her own content*


MY TWO FAVOURITE  (ALSO HAPPEN TO BE THE HOTTEST) SWORDSMEN IN THE WHOLE ONE PIECE SERIES. Seriously I love how they are so calm and cool, the more mature crew members who don’t joke around.

Oooohoho how beautiful this chapter is. I love their new outfits too! It suits them well! :DD Quickly cleaned these scenes when I saw them! I love their swords. Basically, I.LOVE.THEM

I’m seriously so thankful that BNP decided to go back and adapt the skipped comedy arcs from the manga, I’m so thankful my favourite show will actually get the complete adaptation it deserves. I never read these parts, figuring that I’d save them for when the manga ends and I get truly desperate for new material, but now I’ll get to experience more Gintama stories as an anime only one more time, better make most of it.

This is the first time I’m actually watching a comedy arc from week to week, since I caught up in the middle of the SA arc, it’s gonna be hard waiting for all the punch lines etc. xD

But that aside, I loved this episode, this “Kagura’s boyfriend” arc was the one I was personally the most interested in out of the bunch, and it’s delivering so far. Dadtoki as always, him standing on equal grounds with Umibozu, Kagura’s biological father, is especially great to see. Shinpachi’s maturity also shined, I love him so much. Kagura doesn’t understand love at all as expected, it was really cute to see her talk about the love letter, being impressed at the effort put into it, wondering about her upcoming date etc. 

Of course the boyfriend turned out to be something completely ridiculous rather than just a regular boy, looking forward to seeing how this pans out~

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Hello, I love your blog and your views! Your art is so fantastic and even more awesome because of bottom!clark!!! I've always wanted to get into batman/superman comics, but I don't know where to start. Could you please suggest me some recommendations?

Hello! Thank you a lot ahhh seriously everytime someone tells me they like bottom!Clark I just start crying //wipe tears/

Okay, I have to admit I’m still beginner at comic and all (I’ve only been in the fandom for nearly a year) so I haven’t been able to read much, but these are my favourite:

-PreN52 + N52 Batman/Superman titles. Seriously it’s the easiest start.

-World’s Finest (1990). Ahh this one is very cute, it has Clark give Bruce a Christmas present in pink wrapping lol be still my heart.

-World’s Finest (1999). It sums up their relationship post-crisis pretty well. 10 years in 10 issues. I started weeping uncontrollably at the later parts SERIOUSLY.

-Superman Beyond vol 1. Hmmm a bit of old people love to warm the soul seriously how can they still be so cute after all those years. Plus, it has Bruce wearing the armour and shielding for Clark which is 1000% my weakness.

-52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen. The real question I have for this mini-series is did they just comfirm Bruce ‘taught’ Clark how to endure pain??

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Draco Malfoy

  • do I like them: He’s alright, but he’s not my favorite
  • 5 good qualities: He’s cunning, intelligent, attractive, witty, and shameless
  • 3 bad qualities: He’s rude, bigoted, and a nasty bully
  • favourite episode/etc: The part where Hermione punches him lol. Seriously though, the arc where he’s forced to become a Death Eater and to kill Dumbledore 
  • otp: I like Drarry (Draco x Harry), but other than that, no one
  • brotp: He seems to only get along with Crabbe and Goyle, and even then…
  • ot3: No one
  • notp: DRACO/VOLDEMORT Did you SEE how damn awkward that hug was?
  • best quote: “I didn’t know you could read…” (Tom Felton actually adlibbed this lmao)
  • head canon: I like to think that after the war, he tried to change himself and raised Scorpius to be a better person than he was when he was a teen
Fanfiction Recommendations

I read a lot of fanfiction, and it’s sometimes a chore to browse through hundreds of stories in AO3, and Tumblr to find the best ones.

So I did a thing, and compiled a list of some of my favourite fics to share with you guys. My preferences usually lie on the novel length stories, as I appreciate a good plot with well-written characters. I have also included some of my favourite one-shots/short fics.

Enjoy :)


- Bend Around the Wind by Scyllaya (Loki/Tony Stark): Brilliant FrostIron fic, where Loki and Tony need to team up to survive. Excellent character development and story arc with some seriously hot sexy times. Best (FrostIron) fic I have read. Rating: Explicit.

- A Morbid Taste for Ice by Sitehound (Loki/Darcy Lewis): Funny murder mystery with patented Darcy banter and brooding but funny Loki. One of the best versions of Loki I’ve read. Rating: Mature

- To Be Redeemed by my2browneyes (Loki/Captain America): Steve finds a new side to himself. Intriguing and heartbreaking look into Loki’s family situation. Very heavy on BDSM. Dark!Loki. Rating: Mature (Explicit)

- Tricks of the Trade by Like_a_Hurricane (Loki/Tony Stark): Banter, sexy times and mayhem ensue when Loki and Tony get together to save the day. Rating: Mature.

- Accepted by Arkada (Loki/Tony Stark): Loki wants sex, and who is Tony to say no to a hot God of Mischief. Not much plot, but plenty of banter and suitably horny FrostIron. Rating: Explicit.

Adventures in Babysitting, Mischief Managed, Trouble Lurking by startraveller776 / cimmerianwish (Loki/Jane): Hilarious one-shots of Jane trying to manage one God of Mischief. One of my favourite versions of Mischievous Loki. Rating: T.


- Bromance: a Hiddlesworth Story by though (Tom/Chris): Wonderfully awkward and hot story of what happens when Tom and Chris give it a try. Because Elsa told them to! Rating: Explicit.

- A Change of Honors by winterlive (Tom/Hadley Fraser): What happens when there is a hot man-kiss in Coriolanus and Tom is curious. “I have no boundaries”. Rating: Explicit.

- Don’t Try This at Home by PeachyLana (Tom/Kat): Tom and Kat revisit their sexy times. Banter during sex. Rating: Explicit.

- Stray Not From Me by furiedheart/mi-delirio-es-el (teen Tom/Chris): A surprise find for me, very AU. Superbly written story of BabyHiddles and equally young Chris. A love story with some sweet (and very hot) explorations into sex. Also some very dark stuff with non-con elements. Rating: Explicit.

- Masquerade, the Joy of (Writing) Sex by losille2000 (Tom/OFC): It’s complicated. Brilliant OFC and someone needs to knock some sense into Tom. What are you to do when hot Professor!Tom wants to help you with your writing. One of the best writers I’ve encountered so far. Rating: Mature

- The Table, The Secret Blowjob, Take Two by laterovaries (Tom/OFC): A set of one-shots, if you get hot and bothered with the idea of Tom having (semi)public sex. Rating: Mature.

Kakashi has come so far and seen so much.

He has so many stories that need to be told.

As any fan(or anyone who even went to go watch the show) knows, Naruto (plus Shippuden) is a freaking long show. As such, I’m going to have to skip over large chunks of story, otherwise we would be here all day.

There will be spoilers from this point on (including from the manga).

Read at your own risk.

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am i the only one who thinks that alluka changed the way we view killua too much? it gives him some kind of weakness. i mean at the beginning he was this cool kid up until the chimera ant arc began BUT the whole situation with gon was understandable. with alluka we didn't really get to see much i think. he cried soo many times, i can't take him seriously anymore. he was my favourite character but he lost a lot of his coolness with all that "i must care for my little sister because she is so weak

cont: and i need to rebuild my self-esteem” i don’t know, sorry i needed to get rid of my shitty opinion… thanks


I don’t think rescuing Alluka’s is a means to make him rebuild his self esteem. It’s likely he would have gone to save her at some point anyway, even if he didn’t need to heal Gon, because the needle that was preventing and controlling him from doing it before was gone. 

But Killua is particularly emotional and vulnerable at the moment. I mean it’s understandable, the tremendous pressures of the Chimera Ant Arc, having to save the world, and the whole rigmarole with Gon went down, but even after all that it wasn’t over. Gon’s now almost dead, and Killua has put it upon himself to save him because he knows a way how. But it’s not just a power he’s getting, it’s his little sister. And to save her and to save Gon he needs to go up against his entire family, in particular his brother who wants to control Killua, kill (and later control) Alluka. And Killua legitimately fears him. Of course the acts of the Ant arc are still prevalent too.

From the time Kite died to now, it’s only been a few months or so. The Invasion less than a month, a couple weeks tops probably shorter. I don’t think he shouldn’t be taken seriously because of all that’s happened. Yeah he’s lost his ‘cool’ at least for now, but with very good reason. Before he used killing as a means to relieve his emotions, but he doesn’t kill anymore, so they come in tears. It’s a very stressful situation. 

5 hugs, 5 stages- SS's blooming

Okay, this post is going to be long. So, sit back and grab some snacks or some delicious tea. I wrote this post on another site already but this time I wanted to write it in a cleaner form.

I’m still amazed by SS’s relationship. Sasuke and Sakura came so far, character-wise and power-wise. When I typed the post I saw once again how perfectly Kishi has build SS up!

I think, Sasuke began to fall for her from chapter 56 onwards. The first chapters, the Land of Wave- Arc and the beginning of the chuunin exams were there to build up and strenghten their bond as teammates indepently from Naruto. (As the whole Zabuza + Haku issue was to bond Team 7.) It was also a chance for Kishi to introduce those two as a possible couple later (e.g. Sasuke knows that something is wrong with her-> cheers her up). Then, as soon as the FoD chapters began Kishi separated Naruto from Sasuke and Sakura. It was to introduce Orochimaru, and more importantly (for SS) it was the crucial turning point: Kishi takes SS to the next level, that of precious friends/nakama.
All these small yet meaningful moments have their climax in the FoD hug. From here on Sasuke begins to see Sakura as a dear friend, someone important in his life and falls in love with her. At the same time, Team 7 becomes his new family. With this change there is also a change in Sasuke’s sensitivity. He becomes even more gentle towards her, his jealousy becomes more visible for the readers (aftermath of Gaara fight all along) to the point he doesn’t mind physical contact with Sakura at all. There is no barrier between them anymore (at that point). It was so visible that even Naruto could see it. Sasuke and Sakura weren’t no longer mere friends. Their relationship took a turn during the chuunin exams from teammates (Land of Wave- arc) to dear nakama (Gaara fight) to “almost lovers” (Hospital hug, Damn you, Kishi!) and finally at the end lovers. Sakura was and still is the only exception regarding physical contact for Sasuke, aside from Mikoto and Sarada of course. You can see the change when comparing the 5 hugs of SS:

1) Chapter 7:

-> Sasuke is super uncomfortable with Sakura hugging him yet he hears her scream. Regardless he stays until she wakes up, he makes sure that she is okay. And he isn’t exactly disgusted by her hug per se. It is uncomfortable but not disgusting as in other cases (you know, who I mean…) But Sasuke and Sakura are mere classmates at this point.

2) Chapter 33:

-> Sasuke recognizes Sakura’s voice. He says she is heavy but does not make an attempt to refuse her hardly

(Yes, I know that he was injured…)

. He simply accepts it. The Land of wave- Arc is the beginning point of SS. Sasuke becomes even more protective of her. Both SS and Team 7 became



(Oh, god! I love this arc! Good job, Zabuza and Haku!)

3) Chapter 56:

-> The chuunin exams are the ultimate turn in SS’s relationship. Both Sasuke and Sakura begin to see the true self of each other. Their perfect chemistry begins to form. Sasuke knows when something is wrong with her, knows how to cheer her up (Heck, her insecurity was given almost the whole chapter 36). Whereas Sakura begins to try to understand Sasuke, not as a fangirl but as friend, teammate. She seriously worries about him. But can also step over the fangirl line and stand up to him (chapter 49 “Coward”, one of my favourite SS quotes). This arc is so important for both Sasuke and Sakura in regards to SS but also in regards to their characters respectively. He is also greatly affected by her actions + words (chapter 66 “Not even you” + chapter 68 “flashback of 66”) Sasuke and Sakura are precious to each other now. (Oh, and the hot eyesmex begins here, too. THIS arc made me adore Sakura as a queen!)

4) Chapter 172:

-> The Gaara fight and the aftermath of it takes SS to another level in their relationship. Even Naruto can see that their relationship is something special. Kishimoto even went out of his way to show Naruto’s detailed reaction to this intimate moment. Both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s facial expressions are clearly emphasized and gives away the clear message to the readers. At this point Naruto gave up on his crush for Sakura if not in this chapter then definitely with the POAL.

They are basically almost lovers. Kishi described 181 as a parting scene between a couple. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know 。◕‿◕。

5) Chapter 685:

-> A hug initiated by Sasuke Tsundere Uchiha! There is no such discomfort anymore like chapter 7. They gaze into each others eyes. More so, the gaze is also initiated by Sasuke. The whole atmosphere is breathtaking. For this moment they are in their own world much like back in their Team 7 days once more. SS looks like lovers here. I’m not willing to change my opinion about it (◡‿◡✿). This words aren’t enough to express my love for this fanatstic scene! My eyes are still glued to this one page, absolutely gorgeous ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ!

So, yeah! I just love how Kishimoto handled SS. Sasuke and Sakura started basically as strangers who were classmates. The one was a fangirl, the other was a popular, cold-hearted boy. Very stereotypical, yes. But they grew out of these respective roles, especially Sakura. SS went through all stages. Honestly, that was the best thing Kishimoto could do. Because of this constantly development Sasuke and Sakura came to know each other so well.

In my opinion, Sasuke and Naruto doesn’t have this amazing chemistry others want to believe. Sakura could see his darkness in his heart (I mean, she was there to see it with her own eyes!), she did know that he was about to leave that day. Naruto was not the “I understand everything!” guy. He understood  neither Sasuke nor Sakura. The first thing Naruto asks after he wakes up in FoD is her hair’s condition although she was obviously heavily injured. He didn’t know of her insecurity before the chuunin exams, neither did Sasuke. Yet he did know that something was wrong thus attempted to cheer Sakura up. That’s what I call wonderful chemistry!