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august 21st aka fanfic writers appreciation day.

i saw this post going around and i’ve decided to make a post to a) recommend you some great stories and amazing writers, b) give some sort of feedback. i don’t really have that much time to read anymore, so this won’t be that long. as soon as i get more time, i’ll start reading again :) the list is in no specific order, i was going through my “following” list and through my fic recs blog.

@noona-la-la-la  — i recommend literally everything noona ever wrote. i love her style and her plots and the fact that she always manages to exceed my expectations. she’s one of those writers whose stories aren’t just about the smut, which i love. of course, the amazing smut is just a bonus. my favorite story of hers is either unexpected or conditioned (which is also one of my fave tae stories ever. e v e r.) and her vmin threesome the group project is amazing! i’m so far up her ass it’s not even funny, but i seriously love everything about her blog and her writing.

@ellieljade  — amazing plots! a m a z i n g. and the dirty talk! the smut scenes are just too good, and mr.min is my favorite yoongi series. i love the plot, i love the fact that the characters aren’t labeled as good or bad, there’s a lot of grey areas and you never know what to expect. if you want to cry, read her this is how you lose her series and come bitch about it with me. and did i mention sub namjoon? because damn, watch me is amazing.

@avveh — some of the best dirty talk and pwp ever. i enjoy reading her stories from the first one she posted, which is reveries. i don’t even watch the show it’s based on, but i love the series. emily can really suck you into the plot, regardless of the smut. of course, you know me, my favorite is jealousy games because jungkook AND jimin. you know.

@xhixtape — i could go on about lila forever. the flow in her stories is amazing, i love the slow build ups in some stories, and i love the smut in all of them. she’s a huge inspiration for me and her work has inspired a lot of mine, i think i might be her biggest fan. read everything! my favorites are kitten’s got his tongue, good mornings, and vibrations. vibrations, man!!!

@tayegi — lu is one of the OGs of bts fanfics, so i’m sure you’re all already reading her stories. i lover her ocs, i love that they know how to speak for themselves and that they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. my favorites are fuck, marry, kill (because JIMIN), the golden boy because T A E, and friendship goals because TAEGI.

@kimtrain — okay, one good purr had me hooked ! i loved the slow burn and tae′s character and everything about it, from the plot to her style. that’s also one of my favorite tae stories ever.  also, the wings of a devil? b o m b. she has a huge masterlist and i need to read all of her stories.

@floralseokjin — blessed is the day i found out about jordan’s blog. i love everything she writes, i don’t care what member the stories are about because they’re that good. i love her style because it makes me get into the story so much that i can’t stop reading. the first story i read was salt and shadow and i still love it. her jin stories are the best out there and i love reading them. show me might be my fave. also, playing with fire is bomb.

@gukvory —  can you feel it, sugar? is a masterpiece. actually, everything on this masterlist is a masterpiece. i love her writing style, i love the flow, i love the feeling i get when reading her stories. just read everything of hers, you won’t regret it.

@kittae — eva writes for other groups as well! i’ve only read most of her bts stories, and my faves are v-card because it’s the right amount of everything, and favourites and servants is so good! there’s still so many stories on her masterlist to read and i can’t wait to read more. 

@dailydoseofdia — i’m gonna recommend carousel because it’s one of the stories i’ve been meaning to read, but just didn’t have enough time for, even though everyone is praising it. i’ve read dia’s fics and they’re amazing, so i don’t doubt that carousel is just as great. lick was amazing and it’s the first thing i’ve read on her blog.

@chinnychimchim — ah. ah! one of my favorite writers. i seriously love everything she posts, i don’t ever check who the story is about. my favorite has to be reset. it’s such a good story and i haven’t read anything similar, so i love it. cognitive dissonance is also a must read. just read the entire masterist while you’re at it, it’s worth it.

@kstopping  — who doesn’t want a good mmf threesome with vmon? that’s exactly what cinnamon sugar is and i LOVE IT. also tags that crack me up every time.

@jungkookfortunekookies  — for those who don’t read smut, there’s a ton of popular stories on her masterlist, including jungkook roommate series which is so fun and easy to read!

@jeylovestoblog — i’ve heard jey writes amazing reader/girl/member threesomes, so i need to check them out, and i recommend you do the same. she updates often, so i’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

@rapmonluv — all i’ve read so far is nightcall and it’s enough for me to know i’ll love everything else.

@jingukz — sarah’s stories are amazing and you know that i prefer smut, but her stories are that good. she doesn’t need smut to pull you in, but when it’s there, it’s great. bliss among sinners is probably my fave, but the first one i’ve read is cry me a river and i’m still not over it.

@emboyz — i still need to go through her masterlist, but i’ve read good catch and it’s great!

@pjxmin — i don’t get how everyone’s not talking about her writing. caught in a lie is amazing, proposals is such a good story, her writing is amazing and her stories are fun and they just pull you in. amazing writer!

@cosykims — merlot murders (the crimson killer, kisses of carmine) is the most underrated series i’ve ever read. it has everything and i can’t praise it enough, seriously. you need to read it!

@jiminniemouse — i think i’ve read everything of hers and there wasn’t a single story i didn’t like. i love her style, i love her plots, i just love everything about her writing. purple jewels is so well written and interesting, i can’t get enough. seriously, i recommend everything.

@wonhopes — amanda’s writing is amazing. i think you’ve all read not so honest, but i think my favorite might be cat got your tongue because TAEEEE.

@mindfullofcrazy — i absolutely loved give me love!!!

@hobibliophile — i think i’ve read everything on her masterlist and i loved it! my favorites are take a break (jihope threesome ftw), blue blooded (prince jin!!!), and don’t care about the presents (namjoon being a cutie).

@kainks — i love her writing style! my favorites are new guy and triplicity because damn, hoseok and yoongi threesome? i’m in. orange tulips is on my to read list, i’ve heard great things about it.

@versigny — if you haven’t read miss dial, i don’t know what you’re doing. read it. now. i love it!

@baeseoul  — protege is probably my favorite jungkook series ever. it’s so well written, i love the plot, i love the characters and their flaws, i just love everything about the story. destruction of a muse is on my to read list. just great writing in general, one of my favorite writers.

@protectaetae — i love her writing style! one night snap pt 1 and 2 saved me.

@taehyung-the-baehyung  — closer is amazing and so is the suit and tie series! amazing :)

@jheartseok — i still haven’t read nude, not flowers and i suck because i’ve heard it’s an amazing story. i need to read everything of hers.

@roseok — just read everything. amazing writing.

@drquinzelharleeni’m not a kid is a great series. there’s so much more i have to read from her masterlist, but i like her writing style!

there are a lot of writers who i still need to check out and i’m looking forward to it. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten someone! if i’ve ever given you a compliment about your writing, i truly meant it. i hope i’ve included everyone. if you go check out these writers, please don’t ask them about updates :)

drmuffinofdoom  asked:

I can't believe that I didn't ask this before now but- do you have any Drarry fic recs??? Pls tell me you do

CRACKS KNUCKLES, lemme go through ye ol archives of my favs >D

Running on Air



Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

(I’ve rec’d this one before but I will keep pushing it on everyone because its the bEST ITS MY FAVORITE ONE OK I live for the mood and the entire fic is like a walking aesthetic and the characters are portrayed pERFE C T LY goddang)

No Shadow Taller Than Our Souls



Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy team up to investigate a series of missing persons, and it soon becomes apparent that Dementors are involved. Despite their initial misgivings, Harry and Draco find that they need each other’s help, in more ways than one.

(I literally just finished reading this one like 10 minutes ago and it was a good good. A lot of interesting Dementor lore!!)




Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”

“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—

“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”

(I remember really liking this one and I thiiiiink this one has some good good ministry ball courtship-ing and stuff lmao

Actually looking now anything by astolat is good)

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice



Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.

(THE SUMMARY DOESNT LIE. I TREALLY IS SECRET IDENTITIES, CELEBS, aND SPIESsseSSEs. But really this one is so well written and I’m a sucker for spy/thriller types and this blends the wizarding world into the genre so well im cryinnngngg)

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes



Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy

(this one is just *clenches fist* so pure. The house has so much character I cant even believe. And Draco being the smartie mcsmartpants is my favorite thing ever.)

Open For Repairs



After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things.

feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary

(this one melted my heart and rebuilt it. Better. STrONGER. Seriously tho this has everything in it.)

 And basically anything Saras_girl on a03 writes is like a gold standard.~ I might make a more indepth list when I actually compile all the ones I’ve read (theres a lot oh god) but these are goods!

Reasons why Lilo & Stitch is a great movie:
  • Great POC representation with the main characters (most notably Lilo, Nani, and Bubbles) all being non-white
  • Accurate writing/understanding of how little kids think/act
  • No romance plot
    • But speaking of this David is literally one of the best Disney guys out there. 10/10 amazing best dude you’ll ever find
  • Everyone likes to quote the “ohana” part but seriously the family theme in this movie is top notch
  • Lilo and Nani are so damn #relateable
  • Some of my favorite comedic Disney moments are from this movie
    • “Oh good- my dog found the chainsaw.”
  • The movie’s first established villain (Jumba) is actually a giant fucking dork especially at the end when he basically becomes the weird uncle
  • The aliens’ leader is a boss ass space councilwoman with a cool design
  • The movie is literally about a broken family patching itself together with all these different but amazing people(+aliens).  I love it.

anonymous asked:

could you rec some wlw ya books? thanksss

this will be so long and it keeps getting longer!! so I hope you’re ready. I’ve read all of these, so ask me if you have any questions about them! If you’re looking for more masterposts, try @wlwbooksource

Genre Fic w Major WLW Couples

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us Duology by Emily Skrutskie: lesbian pirate x lesbian sea monster trainer in the future. Literally. One of my proudest achievements is giving this book hype. The author draws fanart of Swift and Cas kissing and posts it to her tumblr (again, not kidding, there’s some on my blog). Main character is asian. otp: equal footing
  • The Scorpion Rules Duology by Erin Bow: literally one of my fave books of all time, amazingly complex villain, super strong bi girl protag and her adorable bi gf, you will be genuinely confused which side is good and which side is bad, the three main characters are So Good, tw for an unhappy ending to this one but it’s… not any of the tropes. also a semi-hopeful end in the sequel which was?? good??
  • Jane Unlimited by Kristin Cashore!!! oh my god I love this book. it’s got a bi girl as the protagonist and it’s super atmospheric and interesting and references all these classics but is also modern and her romance plot is genuinely Iconic
  • The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: This book is such hopeful and interesting and character-driven scifi. 
  • In Ageless Sleep by Arden Ellis: if you want a sci-fi novella with some hella good romance. especially for being approximately 50 pages. 
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire!! if you want a wlw novella that talks about gender roles and is the sequel to A FUCKING HUGO AWARD WINNER. this series is super diverse in so many ways. 
  • That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston: wow can’t believe E.K. Johnston invented writing stories driven by women?? it’s about polyamory in a scifi futuristic victorian Canada. and yes, it is exactly as amazing as it sounds. 
  • Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardhoust: character driven wlw snow white retelling!!! 
  • Dreadnought Duology by April Daniels: okay it’s about a trans girl who becomes a superhero and dates another superhero girl and yes it IS amazing. 
  • Otherbound: f/f romance with a bi girl as main character. There’s literally not a single white character. It’s about body swapping and fantasy! talks frankly about the issues in the main relationship, suspenseful. Sense8 in a way.  
  • Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo: occur in the same world, although you don’t have to read both. Ash is lesbian cinderella. Huntress focuses more on character development and is my personal favorite, but tw for a bittersweet ending. Malinda Lo also wrote the Adaptation series, featuring a bisexual protag and her alien gf, but that one wasn’t my favorite. I know a lot of people who love it though!
  • The Dark Wife by Sara Diemer: girl Persephone / Hades. My gay classics student ass unabashedly loved this. I think you can get it free on the author'a blog? Attempted rape tw (not between the main couple, their relationship was entirely consensual)
  • The Accident Season and Spellbook of the Lost & Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle: 
  • Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda: Another Hugo Award winner but this time a graphic novel!! it’s complicated but it’s super worth it and all the mcs are morally ambiguous woc

Contemporary w Major WLW Couples

  • A & B by J.C. Lillis!! y'all have GOT to read this. it’s seriously the most delightful enemies-to-lovers filled-with-banter novel and maybe my fav romance book ever?? it’s fucking HILARIOUS.
  • Love Letters To The Dead: the wlw “side-romance” is honestly given just as much screentime as (if not more than) the main romance. literally one of my all-time favorite romances in anything ever, I read this book in my questioning phase and it changed my life
  • This Is Where It Ends: lesbians at a school shooting, primarily non-white characters, you will cry (spoilers: they both live and stay together)
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley: 1960s civil rights era lesbians, ends happily. It emphasizes all of the problematic tropes often used in “overcoming racism” stories and why they’re not okay. This was recced to me by a black person so I trust that assessment. I also really love her other books, which have a lot of wlw as well. 
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me: Basically: Girl #1 finds out her dead girlfriend was cheating on her with Girl #2. Girl #1 and Girl #2 fall in love. This book is so adorable. The author has several thousand other wlw books so knock yourselves out. 
  • Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan: a cheesefest with racial diversity. I love this book so much (it’s so good and PURE) even though it’s not hugely deep. 
  • You Know Me Well by David Levithan + Nina Lacour: The authors alone should be enough to make you want to read this. I still am lowkey bitter the two boys didn’t end up together, but they stay friends and all so it’s fine. Found family!
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld: Storyline between two girl authors in New York, ends happily!! also the protagonist was confirmed acearo spec on Twitter which is pretty obvious if you read the book. I’ve heard his other series Zeroes has lesbians too
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour: moviemaker wlw! cheesy as all hell, but adorable and really deep. very much recommended if you’re into moviemaking or acting
  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: I think everyone has read this already but it’s Pure and about fandom
  • Get It Together Delilah / the Flywheel by Erin Gough: read this if you want cute cheesy girls falling in love at a coffee shop!!
  • for some of my fav shorts!! the story How from Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women is one of my fav wlw short stories ever. Also try out Alyssa Wong’s Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, it’s free from tor and really fucking great!! and Nic Stone’s Happy Beginning from the Welcome Home anthology is a beautiful cinnamon roll of a story that I’ll never get over and I’d die for her

Some That Aren’t Love Stories Quite As Much: 

  • Far From You by Tess Sharpe: crime thriller with bi / recovering drug addict main character and major f/f romance. Not a happy ending for the couple bc the romance is in the past, but happy ending for the protagonist. This is one of my all time fave books not even lying
  • Exit Pursued By A Bear by EK Johnston: About the main character’s rape and her subsequent abortion. Main character does not have a romance plot, but her best friend (the second most important character) is a lesbian and falls in love with another friend. This one doesn’t belong quite as much, but it’s one of my all time favorite books ever and it’s all about female friendship / love and it’s?? pure?? (ALSO READ HER OTHER BOOK A THOUSAND NIGHTS ID DIE FOR EK JOHNSTON)
  • Cherry: About female friendships and relationships with sex, really feminist. There are four girls, one realizes she’s gay, and her friends are just so pure and supportive about it???? there’s a bit of romance but I still feel like it’s more about the friendships between the girls. 
  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: f/f romance, one lesbian one bi girl and one trans girl. Hilarious social commentary, very feminist, lots of woc. Libba Bray also has another hist fiction series that I’ve heard is gay (the first book is called A Great And Terrible Beauty) but I don’t know much about it. 
  • Kissing The Witch: Sometimes-gay versions of fairytales, really really interesting and pure and GREAT. 
  • Tricks and sequel Traffick by Ellen Hopkins: about kids forced into prositution, so all the tws. among main characters, there’s a gay guy and a bi girl!  Ignore the back that says “four straight one gay” because it’s a lie and publishers need to shut up. The bi girl is just?? such an amazing character and I love her with all my heart. 
  • If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan: realistic fiction about what wlw in Iran have to go through. tw for a not-great end for the couple, but there’s no death and the main character is happy. It’s more about the self-acceptance of the main character than about the romance. 
  • Ask The Passengers by A.S. King: magical realism kind of? more about coming out than about romance. Happy ending. 
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth: again, more about coming out, but wow this book is amazing. Happy ending for the girl, not for the couple. 

Fucked-Up Female Friendships Aesthetic

  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by: This book is so freaky and messed up and I’m still not exactly sure how it ended, but it still blew me away. The Mr and Mrs Smith wlw au you never knew you wanted, although I’m not going to spoil how. Fucked up ending but still happyish? 
  • Dare Me by Megan Abbot: This book is creepy as fuck and revolves around the relationship between two girls which is… really gay, like canonically gay. I liked this a lot, but be warned that it’s not a romance. Happy ending mostly?
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas: This one had a lot of wasted potential in the form of a well-built story about the craziness of rich kids partying, but it is a very good murder mystery focused around two girls. 

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Could you do what it would be like to be Jasper Hale’s mate? Thank you :))

A/N: Heya, lovely! Thanks so much for requesting! Jasper is truly one of my favorite characters, so I really loved writing this one! Sorry it took awhile to write, I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with and it’s what you expected! - Admin Kat 💟

Being Jasper Hale’s Mate Would Include:

- Obviously Jasper knowing what you’re constantly feeling, and due to that, having a deep bond.

- Tracing over all of Jasper’s battle scars, declaring that he’s still handsome, no matter what.

- Jasper explaining his past tensely and becoming very protective over you.

- Being Jasper’s mate won’t ever be boring.

- Constant teasing.

- Sex.

- Like seriously, the best sex ever!

- I believe beds and other objects shall be broken!

- Rough sex.

- Passionate sex.

- Hugs from behind.

- “Darlin’, I don’t know how I ever got by without you.” Jasper would hum attentively into your ear.

- He’s not really that into PDA, but you know, he gives off the vibe that says “Back off! They’re mine!

- Jasper won’t always be the type to say ‘I love you’, but he makes that heavily known in lot’s of other ways.

- The entire Cullen family loving you.

- Constant teasing from his adopted siblings.

- If someone upsets you, Jasper will be all over it! (And vice versa.)

- Despite Jasper’s experience and such, you’re very protective of him, which he finds really cute and hilarious.

- Little arguments or fights here and there, - unless called for, e.g. putting yourself in harms way, etc.).

- Definitely being a power couple.

- Turning heads when you walk by.

- Jasper would be ‘reluctant’ to cuddles, but let’s face it, he’d deeply love it. So he isn’t going to start it, but won’t stop you from initiating it.

- I think that when you’re at home, alone or in a comfortable setting, you’d face one another and playfully slip each other’s hands into the other’s back pockets.

- Jasper being too serious and you lighting up the mood, forcing him to smile.

- “Don’t worry, Jake! Ain’t nothin’ but a chicken wang!” you hollered after the chuckling wolf.

- “And I believe Emmett can come up with something better than that, darlin’.” Jasper would laugh.

- “What? Aren’t we meant to be comrades with them or something?” you’d inquire truly clueless of what you’d said.

- Having your own peculiar and useful gift that Jasper is totally fascinated by.

- Asking Jasper, - in the beginning of the relationship -, to make you feel different emotions/sensations because you think that his gift is cool.

- It’d eventually get a bit dirty because he’d start kissing you, then suddenly you’ll get into the mood (but obviously, if you’re adamant on not having sex, he’ll stop).

- When you’re “in that mood” Jasper feels EVERYTHING you do, so it EXCITES him more.

- You’d love each other wholly, devotedly and unconditionally.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow more.

The Best Part of Being A Fannibal:

OK, so I’ve had a few people ask me about what the Hannibal fandom is like from the inside. And while my first thought was that it was seriously awesome that the fannibals are so notorious that people ask those sorts of questions, it got me thinking. So I’ve compiled a nice list about my favouite aspects of being a fannibal.

  • Fannibals are fucking funny - like, seriously, our show is actually really serious (most of the time - think of it this way, the cannibal puns are cannon) but the hannibal fandom has like the most chillaxed, cracky sense of humor, but at the same time, we’re joking about the most horrible, gory, subjects. Here are a few examples of the fannibal humor: x, x
  • Our relationship with in the flesh. Seriously. We love those guys. They are our amazing sibling fandom. We will help them at any cost, unless they go against us in which case they’re going down.
  • Our relationship with the creators. Seriously, most creators sort of cringe about the fandom, but the creators of the fannibals are just like. “come here my precious babies can you give me links to your fics?”
  • Hannibal in and of itself. Hannibal is an amazing show. Like my absolute favorite show. It’s super dark and kinda gory it’s got wicked action scenes and amazing character and plot development. To top it all of it is the most visually stunning tv show I have ever watched.
  • I think one of my favorite things about being a fannibal, is our rep. Like, we’re the hannibal fandom, we’re those creepy people in the corner who practically worship a cannibalistic serial killer and are constantly giving out dinner invitations. It’s lovely to watch non-fannibals freak out about something we’ve done. Like, while I definitely don’t think we’re the weirdest fandom, we’re pretty high up there and it’s brilliant.

Now you know why the fannibals are amazing, you should totally join us for dinner! We’re having lamb!


So there’s not a lot of stuff in this particular internet corner, but somehow there is a higher proportion of That Good Shit, so since this seems to be going around, I thought I’d put together my own (not at all) brief list of things to read if you like The Adventure Zone Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Brought To You By Totino’s™.

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Luffy – A “Brief” look

Now, I’m going to be posting a series of short discussions on my own personal thoughts about each strawhat. I will start with Luffy and work my way towards Brook. These posts will just explain some of my thoughts regarding each character. The posts will vary in length though, because for some characters I will find more things to talk about.

Luffy – A Brief (yet not so brief) look

Luffy is my third favorite strawhat and in my opinion the perfect main character for One Piece. He’s funny and uniquely written and you can’t help but love his carefree nature. He’s stupid in the most adorable way without it ever feeling old or forced, and I think Oda has done an excellent job with balancing Luffy’s goofiness with seriousness properly showing that Luffy definitely deserves to be the captain.

Much more on Luffy and his relationships with his nakama under the cut.

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Screenshots from WHO WILL IT BE? | Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Part 6 (END)! :D

Oh my god I absolutely adored this series! Seriously though these have been my favorite videos that Seán has been uploading recently because they always made me smile or made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside even on days where I was feeling completely awful. These videos were really important to me because they they reminded me of how important it is to see the positive and why it’s important to enjoy yourself and what you do. I actually thought seeing his character and Craig together was really cute and it felt like the ending really fit for how Seán played the game. There was so many moments in all these videos that I loved and honestly I think this one of my favorite series that he’s ever done on his channel.:) 
This game was so heartwarming and funny. It was so my sense of humor and there was moments where I really related to the writing. I absolutely loved the characters in game and how they felt like real people and stereo-types. Amanda being my favorite out of all the characters! xD You can tell that the developers put so much love, passion and hard work into this game and it seriously really shows. Next time I get money for steam I definitely am going to buy this game not only because I want to play it and date Mat. But I want to support the developers too for putting so much into this game. I appreciate all the hard work and passion that they put into this and I 100% want to support that and I’d definitely love to see them make more games in the future. ^_^
But yeah like I said before I absolutely adore this game and Seán’s videos on it too. Even though it was a silly game about dating hot Dads and silly videos with Seán wearing a crop top they still meant so much to me. They kept me positive while I went through an extremely low moment with myself for a few weeks. But now I’m feeling much more like myself and I feel a lot better. I appreciate these videos for making me feel super happy even on some of the worst days. 

I loved this game! I loved watching Seán play this game! I LOVED THIS SERIES!!! :D 

Also because he didn’t wear this in this video it’s only fitting to end the post with this.

Crop top FTW! ;D

“The Darkest Part of the Forest” by Holly Black is such an underrated book, tbh.

Seriously, it’s one of my favorite books ever and has themes such as siblinghood, lgbt people whose characters’ storyline doesn’t revolve around their sexual orientation, neglectful parents, coming of age, etc.

And it has fairies! Really well-written fairies!

It’s such an awesome book and not many people have read it (it wasn’t even translated in my country); it makes me sad

swabsbloo  asked:

I heard you like danganronpa so I gotta ask. If the ii cast is in danganronpa, what would their ultimates be? Also on that note who is your favorite danganronpa character?

Yes, I loved Danganronpa! It was one of the first animes I ever watched. I’m all for murder mysteries, so I was always on the edge of my seat, especially with some of the rad characters.

I’ve never considered “ultimate titles” for II characters, but some would be easier to nail down than others. 
I’m just making these off the top of my head, these shouldn’t be taken seriously at all:

Cheesy - Ultimate Comedian
Soap - Ultimate Cleaner
Test Tube - Ultimate Scientist
Lightbulb - Ultimate Tomfool
Tissues - Ultimate Disease Patient
Cherries - Ultimate Pranksters
Fan - Ultimate Fanboy
Bow - Ultimate Chair Enthusiast
Dough - Ultimate Impersonator (but not really)
Trophy - Ultimate Athlete/Jock
Yin-Yang - Ultimate Combatives
Knife - Ultimate Bully
Paintbrush - Ultimate Artist
Taco - Ultimate Liar

Fic Rec Time <333

So, if you read fanfiction this post is most definitely for you. If you don’t read fanfiction, this post is also for you, because WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GO READ SOME FANFICS!!! Here’s a list of just a few of my Sailor Moon fanfic favs from nearly 20 years of reading them:

Ikigai and its sequel Yugen by @floraone : Am I biased about these because the author happens to be one of my dearest friends? Maybe. But that aside, Ikigai is a masterwork of fanfiction, and Yugen is following closely behind. FloraOne has created one of the most beautiful and authentic portrayals of Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship…and I just can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these. Plus, she’s written a couple of AMAZING one shots, and a 7 piece series about Mamoru’s life before canon that you should definitely check out here.

Jealousy and Rapture by Pearl Prynne: This is, quite possibly, my favorite one shot EVER. Sweet, sexy, cheeky and beautiful Usagi and Mamoru goodness. Set after episode 108, Usagi and Mamoru try to deal with their feelings of jealousy over Haruka and Michiru. Seriously. This is AMAZING. Well worth your time.

Anything ever written by @idesofnovember: Ok, Antigone2 is so crazy, ridiculously talented it’s not FAIR. She amazes me with every new story she puts out. They’re all SO different, but all SO amazingly in character, I’m constantly in awe of her. Just a few of my favs include It’s You (I Fell Into), Desperate & Divine, and Forget Me Not

Destiny Decision by LunaV-chan: This is an amazing rework of the first season, and how the girls + Mamoru regain their memories of their past lives. It’s not your typical Serenity & Endymion star-crossed lovers tale, as there are some interesting twists and turns, but it’s well worth the read, and it remains one of my absolute favorites.

Hunches by Senshi’s Bard: A series of connected one shots centered around Usagi and Mamoru, where each chapter takes place following an episode of Sailor Moon S. The series was never finished, but there’s still 28 chapters of bloody brilliant UsaMamo fluff.

And of course, I must take the time to shamelessly plug myself, and my little fanfic library of works. I’m nowhere NEAR as talented as the above named authors, but if you need a little Usagi & Mamoru pick me up, that’s what I specialize in! You can find my stories here, but check out the ones above first because they’re the reason I started writing in the first place <3 

Happy reading, lovelies!!!

OH, and take the time to make a fanfic author’s life and REVIEW!! You never know how much it might touch one of them!

at the end of our journey we meet

Because for a long time now I’ve been having a feeling that I’ve seen Nina and Charioce’s story before. It’s not that it’s vaguely familiar, that alone wouldn’t be surprising (I mean at the core of it it’s not a terribly unique story) but there are some very specific aspects of the plot that remind me of one of my favorite shows ever. That is, Gankutsuou, aka The Count of Monte Cristo IN SPACE AND ON LSD. 

Just a note: this is just for my own amusement. It’s not meant to be taken seriously or to fuel any sort of serious comparisons or speculations. The two shows, the stories and the characters/relationships are actually fairly different, it’s just the main beats that are really similar, I find that amusing, and I want to get this out of my system before Bahamut ends, haha. 

Needless to say this post has huge spoilers for Gankutsuou, obviously. Like, character death level spoilers. (lol, pretending that anyone even remembers/cares about Gankutsuou.)

Our heroes - let’s call them “A” and “B”.

A: a naive, sweet teenager with a romantic heart, lots of enthusiasm, not much in the way of using their head, but they have a decent moral code. 

B: an older*, jaded man with a fatalist, self-destructive streak. He is, for all intents and purposes, the antagonist in the story, willing and resigned to sacrifice everything for a purpose that he relentlessly pursues for Great Justice. He has some terrible-looking physical results of this that get progressively worse as the story goes on, and he gets closer to achieving his goal at the expense of his own heart and soul.
*Older is of course relative, considering that Charioce is in his early 20s, while the Count is around his 40s.

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anonymous asked:

which dc titles do u recommend? is for example king's batman good?

well.. i have very simple taste when it comes to comic book writing, so i’m saying yes. i’d definitely recommend it especially since they introduce gotham girl, who is growing to be one of my favorite comic book characters. also it has the batboys in batburger scene so!

 on other favorite dc titles to rec… bolded ones are absolute favorites

  • batman (n52)
  • cyborg (n52) (this one is super underrated imho)
  • midnighter (n52) / midnighter and apollo (rebirth)
  • detective comics (rebirth)
  • batwoman (n52) / batwoman (rebirth - ongoing, really good)
  • superman/batman (n52) 
  • green lanterns / hal jordan and the green lantern corps (rebirth)
  • constantine: the hellblazer (n52)
  • gotham central (pren52) (seriously one of my favorite comics. this one has a pretty cynical approach to everything tho, as comics used to have back then)
  • green arrow vol. 2 (pre52) (this is connor hawke’s run as green arrow)
  • earth 2 (n52) (reading order here)
  • blue beetle vol. 8 (pre52) (BEST BLUE BEETLE RUN TO EVER EXIST)
  • catwoman (n52) (the BEST catwoman run ever imho)
  • teen titans (rebirth) / super sons (rebirth)
  • omega men (n52)
  • the wild storm (rebirth)
  • trinity (rebirth)
  • mother panic (rebirth - young animal)
  • bunch of batfam related titles rec to get out of the way
    • batman eternal (n52) / batman and robin eternal (n52)
    • batwing (n52)
    • batgirl (all volumes right up until burnside) (i actually loved babs coming back as batgirl right up until the burnside arc. the writing was way more serious, darker, and introduced one of my favorite characters- alysia yeoh)
    • robin: son of batman
    • jason todd: under the red hood arc ( pre-52 batman #635 - #641 & #645 - #650 + batman annual #25) / red hood: the lost days / red hood and the outlaws ( n52 & rebirth - n52 is bad but i do it for them (joyfire) while rebirth is seriously good ) / red hood/arsenal / arkham knight - genesis (not part of the main continuity but arkhamverse, still the best jason comic to ever grace the earth)
    • duke thomas: batman (n52) / we are robin / robin war (reading order) / all-star batman (rebirth)

on “haven’t read but look fucking good”

  • gotham city sirens (pre52) 
  • doctor fate (n52)
  • earth one series
  • superman: american alien
  • nightwing vol 2 (pre52)
  • gotham knights
  • bombshells
  • birds of prey
  • shade, the changing girl (young animal)
  • gotham academy
  • doom patrol (young animal)
  • robin: year one / batgirl: year one

and special mention on stuff that just started

  • aquaman #25-onwards (rebirth) (the new writer + artist drew me back and honestly? it’s super so far)
  • dark matter event

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you have any book recommendations? I’m looking for a fantasy novel with a dark atmosphere and perhaps a protagonist that is not all that good (a little like Manon).

I am seriously drawing a blank which pisses me off because Manon is one of my favorite characters ever but I have:

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

As for Dark Fantasy Books I got:

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

The Wicked Lovely series  by Melissa Marr

Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Anyone else got some for Nonny?

Ranma ½ 30th anniversary challenge day 6

Favorite Pairing:

Look, we all know my real favorite pairing is Ranma and Akane but instead im going to say

Ryoga Hibiki and Akari Unryuu.

Why? Because there are more people doing Ranma and Akane that can explain why I like them better than in my own words AND when I originally read the manga I was a huge Ryoga fan and didn’t want to see him end up lonely.

Enter Akari Unryuu, the pig loving, sumo wrestling trainer (pig sumo wrestling), she is seriously one of Takahashi’s most adorable characters ever created and its a shame shes only in so little of the manga, she loves Ryoga so much (after he defeated her champion pig, Katsunishiki) and tries so hard for him and doesn’t care about his short-comings and curse, but Ryoga takes a while to warm up to her due to his feelings for Akane which is the main point of contention for this pairing (especially because of later chapters). Though to be fair, you cant just turn off your feelings for someone and Ryoga has also never had any real relationship that’s ever been shown, platonic or romantic, and whenever hes tried with Akane, Ranma and Co. has ruined it so really not knowing how to act is a viable excuse (not that I condone any stupid decision Ryoga makes and doesn’t get called out for), the trouble of being a comedic manga above all I suppose…


I’m kind of amazed that this writer doesn’t have even more recognition, that she isn’t an automatic name when reccing canon compliant works or works in general. Not only are her fics freaking amazing, well plotted, fantastically original, and expertly characterized, she’s incredibly prolific.

If you want some excellent canon divergent series that will give you days and days of enjoyment I highly recommend you check out her entire profile.

I’ve recently started reading basically everything available:

Adrift - infuckingcredible.

The Memory Keeper Series -reading this now.

Dreamscape series - read the first part and will definitely be reading the second.

Mr. Jones so so good.

I don’t even really feel like I’m doing this recommendation justice. These are like the perfect fics: highly original, LONG, great world building, in character, clever magical devices, exploration of background relationships, original characters you don’t loathe. Like it’s all so good and she is probably one of my top 5 favorites ever.